Emery has two excellent decisions forced on him

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So it would appear my hunch about Xhaka and the counselling thing being a nonsense was spot on, according to Arseblog the player was angry that Arsenal had packaged the blow-up like that. It really is grim that the club would use ‘mental health’ to deflect standard shitty behaviour and hurt feelings. 10 years ago, when someone famous would get caught with their pants down, they’d come out as a ‘sex addict.’ There would be a serious conversation about the seriousness of addiction, and we’d sympathise with person that simply couldn’t have night out without having to sleep with babes behind their partners back. In 2019, you can pretty much deflect anything by alluding to it being a little deeper, you know, a little more, ‘let’s not talk about this considering the current climate.’

It works as well. So many people calling bullshit on this story yesterday were being slammed for their insensitivity. So it’s a little amusing to find out that the player was annoyed that the narrative was incorrect, he was simply pissed at the fans.

The great thing about this revelation is it helps us cut faster to the clearest interpretation of this whole debacle: Xhaka ain’t captain material.

He couldn’t properly apologise.

He couldn’t formulate a response in good time.

He still doesn’t understand that his behaviour was wrong, regardless of the circumstances.

The manager isn’t going to play him this weekend, part one of Emery being boxed into better decisions by circumstance.

I think it’s absolutely hilarious to watch Emery dance around in tar over the ‘problem’ of Xhaka. Any manager that could read the situation would have seen this issue as a huge opportunity.

  1. Emery could have won respect of the fans and players by making a decision on Arsenal principles.
  2. He could have used the actions of a petulant player to cover for his HORRENDOUS mistake in giving the player the armband in the first place.

Best thing for him is he doesn’t have to start a player that’s a tactical weakness for us for the next month. Let’s be honest, Emery was coming around to the idea that his captain was shit. He subbed him off on 70 against Sheffield United, then on 64 against Palace.

By total fluke, we might start to see a midfield that’s more balanced and fit for the Premier League games.

That’s the good news.

On the bad news front, you can tell the beginnings of the end are upon us for the manager. The club has lost control of the media narrative. Players, agents and journos are not playing ball like the used to. Ultimately, it’s because the media don’t like Emery, I was hearing that last year, now fan sentiment has switched, watch them go for his jugular.

The Independent has a weird story about the players ripping the piss out of Emery behind his back.

There are some other stories about agents raising the ‘bad management’ to senior leadership. Last season, I wouldn’t have believed it, this season, we have mega agents involved and players like David Luiz. Players bring down managers when you’re in bed with super agents.

This isn’t just an attack on Emery, it’s also getting at Edu. Where is his leadership and sharp decision making in all this? It’s a total mess and he’s all over this.

To cap off the nightmare week for Arsenal, Mesut Ozil is posting happy tweets which allude to him starting this weekend.

Once again, Emery has made a public stance about the player, once again, he’s caved.

We all knew he would. But we’ve literally gone from, ‘Edu and Raul told me to do it’ last week, to Mesut starting two games in a row. Mesut has played his hand superbly.

I think it’s the right decision considering how little creativity we’ve had in the squad. We’ve also seen that the player still has it, Mesut dropping a blistering performance in midweek.

… it half looks bad, doesn’t it.

If you are ostracising someone, go all in or don’t go public with what you are doing. Emery is an amateur. He did the same last season with Aaron Ramsey (and Ozil). If you don’t have the guts to follow through, don’t make big statements about players. Very simple.

Still, it appears we’ve landed in two good positions by accident. Our midfield will be more dynamic, and our most creative player will get the chance to succeed or fail.

Right, that’s me done. See you in the comments. x

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779 Responses to “Emery has two excellent decisions forced on him”

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  1. Useroz

    Emery needs to go.

    It’s like a rerun of. the end of last
    season embarrassment all over again.

    All boos at the whistle and Emery well deserves it

  2. China1

    Lol guys I know why he didn’t play Pepe

    It’s because he knew we’d not win andbthe crowd would boo so wanted to protect him! Maybe he learned from the xhaka debacle 🙂

  3. China1

    Guys don’t be too annoyed, it now looks increasingly possible that emery will get sacked soon. It’s not all bad

  4. Tee

    According to bam and his colleagues, we are getting better organized.

    Oh! The EPL is the most difficult league in the world. This explains why our video analyst, Emery is getting it right – golden nugget , Bamford

  5. Danny

    2 points from our last 9 against The Mighty Sheffield Utd, C.Palace and Wolves.
    That is relegation form.
    Emery Out Now.

  6. Leftsidesanch

    Raul and Edu are just as culpable in my view. Watching this clown drag us into the ground, its November and its clear for all that a change is essential. New Arsenal? Nothing has changed. In Wengers average era he wouldn’t be struggling with such teams.

  7. DaleDaGooner

    We could rub some of that Liverpool luck on our players. How they’re able to score that type of goal from a corner…..

  8. Peckobill

    Mr serge
    It’s been that long since a win I can’t remember not having a weekend ruined by emery’s bonkers team selections.

  9. China1

    Be careful what you wish for. The next manager might be even worse than ‘hopeless’

    They could be like REALLY hopeless. Be careful…

  10. Dream10

    Shots for vs against this season:

    Arsenal 8-9 Newcastle
    Arsenal 15-18 Burnley
    Arsenal 6-31 Watford
    Arsenal 10-10 Bournemouth
    Arsenal 9-10 Sheffield
    Arsenal 9-21 Wolves

  11. China1

    The whole thing is just bizarre

    Take of torreira was wrong but torreira was also playing in the wrong position and totally ineffective anyway so it’s like double wtf lol

  12. Spanishdave

    Mid table manager mid table team.
    Slow build up, no width, mid field a mess, no game plan.
    Edu wake up please

  13. S Asoa

    Torreira is removed because Emery played him where he is not effective, only because Emery thinks that’s his best position. Confused Arsehole

  14. SUGA3

    Fuck me, this squad of players is much better than this tripe. We need a coach to deliver at least the sum of its parts, which Emery is not doing. Nowhere near it.

  15. raptora

    Paulinho: “shit overrated squad”

    Sure brother.

    Bunley, Brighton, Sheffield United, Norwich, Newcastle, Aston Villa. All of these teams have won through dominating even if it was 1 game so far.

    We haven’t dominated even 1 single Prem game so far. 10th game in the Prem this season. 0/10. Their squad is better than ours I guess.

  16. TR7

    ‘Arsenal 8-9 Newcastle
    Arsenal 15-18 Burnley
    Arsenal 6-31 Watford
    Arsenal 10-10 Bournemouth
    Arsenal 9-10 Sheffield
    Arsenal 9-21 Wolves’

    The guy needed to be sacked last season. Even during our unbeaten run we were conceding more shots than we were creating. Things have gone downhill since then.

  17. Spanishdave

    Loose next week he has to go , the fans can’t take much more of this.
    Highest season tickets, and only half of then bother to turn up.

  18. Bamford10

    Emery got his set-up wrong, but I don’t think you can pin their goal on him. The goal was on Ceballos being slow and Chambers being a little soft. At the same time, a more astute manager would’ve gotten the set-up right from the get-go and would’ve given us a better chance to win. This is why Emery is not the man to lead us beyond May. This does not, however, mean that any of the unfair, unreasonable or overblown criticism of him from certain quarters has been correct.

    Have a good day, all.

  19. Guns of Brixton

    2 points from a possible 9 from vs Sheffield United Palace nd Wolves.

    That simply is no where near good enough.

  20. Ishola70

    Folks are calling these disappointing results before a ball is kicked.

    Wolves even fancied winning it themselves right near the end.

    This has to be the final nail in the coffin for Ceballos and any thoughts of taking him on from Real Madrid. Just awful, awful non-tracking of the Wolves player that got the cross in for their equaliser.

    Two weeks running the great white hope Chambers gets mugged off again against Jimenez for his headed goal . tbf the non-tracking of Ceballos is a bigger crime in their goal but still a better defender than Chambers deals better with it. Not good enough again from Chambers.

    And the non-defending near the end from David Luiz against Jota when he bypassed him like he was a child in the Arsenal penalty area was shocking. So many times Luiz gets done by players running at him and when he has to meet the player away from his own six yard box. Awful, awful signing Luiz.

    Doesn’t get any better for Arsenal with Leicester away next.

    People are calling these failures as simple as you like.

    The team are ready to fail against any sort of test and ultimately that has to be down to the manager/coach.

  21. Receding Hairline

    The man looks and acts confused,he isn’t dealing well with the pressure.

    Why saka? A kid with zero upper body strength against wolves. What’s with the Kola sub’s when we need goals? Chambers should be ashamed for their goal, flat footed.

    Its not getting better, they were there for the beating until we opened a door back in for them

  22. Chika

    Yet, we’ve got idiots like Bumford and Receding Brainline who still time to make up their miserable mind on Emery.

  23. Rambo Ramsey

    “Receding do you have any positives?”

    Absolutely. Receding gonna get angry sex tonight, Emery gonna bring his whip.

  24. Wenker-wanger

    More empty seats. Rubbish football..it cannot continue.
    21 shots at our goal???.
    Perhaps Xhaka should be given an apology….
    Sorry to have blamed you son….you’re not solely to blame…the others and particularly the manager are equally shit.

  25. Leftsidesanch

    When we lose next season the same thing will happen all season. Ceballos as a DM? Torr not in his natural position. Emery is without doubt one of the worst coaches plying his trade in the Premiership. Nobody apart from a few weird sorts who have this untold affinity toward him can see what he brings this football club.

  26. Tee

    The agents already are complaining

    Don’t be surprised when our better players start to drop transfer requests.

    Let’s have a gaffer in charge please before things completely go awol

  27. Dolomite

    First thing I noticed today BEFORE the Wolves equaliser…

    Ceballos and Ozil in the same midfield

    Epic mistake.

    Ozil was creating Ceballos was missing completely and at fault for losing his man


  28. Peckobill

    I don’t even know where our next win is coming from in the league . I’m not joking I actually think we go the rest of the season winless in the league .
    How can emery’s defenders tolerate this I mean is my memory fuzzy but I’m sure the senile old idiot even used to dominate at home even in his last season .
    Emery hasn’t got it guys and the sooner everyone accepts that then the sooner we might get back on track with someone else in charge
    I can’t keep watching this shit every weekend it’s fucking depressing man

  29. Just Another Customer

    be careful what you wish for
    be careful what you wish for
    be careful what you wish for

    fuck this as a gooner I’m going for gooning now just held my dick for some orgasmic play but this spanish pimp don’t have the goods to provide such entertainment

  30. London gunner

    Kind of hoping for another Arsenal loss we need rid of emery as soon as possible.

    Let freddie clean house for rest of the season then bring in a conte or naiglesman

  31. China1

    Bamford what is the point of waiting until May?

    He doesn’t look like getting us top 4 and if you don’t think he’s good enough long term and he’s failing short term then why keep him at all?

    The fans are booing every week. The results are bad. The performances suck. We probably won’t get top 4. What do we have to lose from firing him apart from a few million? We will lose 30+m when we miss the CL again.

    Cut your losses and just accept he’s now toxic for the club

  32. Dolomite

    Why saka? A kid with zero upper body strength against wolves. What’s with the Kola sub’s when we need goals? Chambers should be ashamed for their goal, flat footed.

    Saka created 2 goal chances = both not attacked
    Ceballos and Sokratis were the ones who lost their man, not Chambers it was Chambers attempt to cover Sokratis that gave that impression.

  33. raptora

    We have 4 wins, 5 draws and 1 loss so far. +1 goal difference. We haven’t won by 2 goals so far. 3rd month of football. Sheffied United have 1 point less than us. If Chelsea and Leicester win their games, we’re going to find ourselves trailing by 6 pts to top 4. Things are so bad, there is literally 0 hope in me that Emery can switch it around.

  34. Paulinho

    Our strength is having crack finishers up front.

    There is nothing remotely special about our personnel in midfield over the vast majority of teams in the league. We get done in terms of shots because we try and play an attacking game with blunt tools in midfield, so we don’t create much, and leave ourselves open. The quality of our chances is generally high versus quantity of speculative efforts x 10.

  35. Dream10

    Ishola70 – the sad part is Wolves were average today and they’ll feel disappointed not leaving with all three points

    Paulinho – Guendouzi has little awareness as the deep midfielder. Players run off him easily

  36. China1

    A lot of people on here mocked Brenda over the years so it’s ironic that he will quite potentially be the person who offs our manager

  37. Ishola70

    “I don’t even know where our next win is coming from in the league”

    This current team and coach are capable to beat Southampton and Brighton at home.

    Norwich are struggling so that away match probably 70 – 30 per cent in favour of Arsenal but Norwich were struggling before they beat Man City at home so as it’s an away game that is not guarantted.

    So Southampton and Brighton ay home onlt obvious looking wins.

    By that time of course other rivals for top four places may be over the hills.

  38. Tee

    Xhaka isn’t on the field today so it’s obvious ozil will be your battering ram

    I keep wondering if you are not an escapee of a sychiatric hospital

  39. Zfree

    Sacked in the morning?

    It’s already looking like Europa League or bust. We’ve tanked the league by first weekend of Nov

  40. Dolomite

    No pattern of play
    No forward build up play
    No discernible press
    No collective defending
    No utilisation of space
    No imprint to dominate or impose on opponents


  41. Luteo Guenreira

    It’s not gonna get any better next weekend away to Leicester. Not the worst but still a disjointed performance from Arsenal, as all of our league matches have been this season. You gotta think they would normally dig out 3 points from a game like today but this squad doesn’t have that kind of bottle. Where have we heard that before.

    Liverpool so fucking jammy but you don’t see that kind of shit happening for Arsenal, you make your own luck to a certain extent.

    Bamford I hope a bird shits on your head today. Maybe the impact will knock some sense into you.

  42. China1

    Bamford I don’t understand how you can be critical today but not of the rest of the season?

    What we did today wasn’t worse than the rest of our PL games. I’m not even joking what we just saw was standard. Bad selection, bad formation, bad tactics, bad football, bad result

    Why do you seem to be the only one here caught off guard by this game whilst everyone else expected another bs game before a ball was even kicked?

  43. Redtruth

    “Our strength is having crack finishers up front.”

    A powder puff shot and a shot blazed way over the bar was Lacazette’s contribution to the game

  44. Wenker-wanger

    Wengers memory,,,,: a shit sandwich that some recall as nice bread…the realists remember as a shit sandwich..

  45. Redtruth

    “No pattern of play
    No forward build up play
    No discernible press
    No collective defending
    No utilisation of space
    No imprint to dominate or impose on opponents”

    All this with the chosen one Ozil in the side!….

  46. Paulinho

    Redtruth – Yep, and even that strength isn’t that great. They’re billed as that anyway and Auba generally scores enough big goals to merit the tag.

  47. China1

    Why was Tierney, who actually played well, subbed for a worse player offensively and defensively for just 5 minutes when we’re chasing the game?

    What logic is this?

  48. Peckobill

    When a team is struggling you normally just go back to basics but in all honesty I think that’s the only thing emery can coach anyway . What else has he ever done with this team

  49. Dolomite

    Its simple really…..

    Ozil – midfield creator
    Aubameyang – wing or striker
    Lacazette – striker
    Torreira – defensive midfielder
    Guendozi -defensive midfielder
    Pepe – wing
    Saka -wing
    Martinelli – striker or wing
    Ceballos – midfield creator

    Any other attempt at positioning is just plain stupid

  50. China1

    Also what poor management of Pepe

    The guy is a quality player but has struggled to adapt (probably not helped by emery’s Confusing setup) and then when he just starts to find his feet he drops lower in the pecking order than two of our teenagers


  51. TR7

    No point in arguing with posters still crying squad poverty. Let us just hope Raul and Co are swung in to action by poor results and put Emery out of his misery.

  52. Batistuta

    Lolz why wait till May? We might as well give him a new deal while we’re at it… But not to worry, it’s just 5 points off 4th having played a game more….No other manager can get us playing better and our midfield is very very poor so we have to keep dropping points till the manager can sort out the midfield and lead us to league glory…

  53. Dolomite

    At one point we had a corner and instead of forward passes or keeeping the pressure up WE WENT ALL THE WAY BACK to Leno.


  54. Just Another Customer

    Wenger is a has been
    Emery is a fraud

    next manager will be?

    cam on Raul/Edu hire sam quality backroom staff

  55. China1

    Hey look I know we conceded 24 odd shots but didn’t we concede like 27 a month or so back?

    That’s what I call improved organization!

  56. Wenker-wanger

    Jeez still banging on about that arrogant tosser….
    Emery is useless…Wenger wasn’t much better….just that Wenger was a massive cnut….

  57. Tee

    Is this period even worth to be called a transition period?

    What are we transiting to?

    Raul and edu should please do the needful asap.

    Why would they continue to act like things are ok?

    Before, we usually crumbled in the league around February if I am not mistaking but it’s November fro crying out loud.

    Emery I will appreciate to if you can resign. Go and pick another team to win the Europa for.

    Red will surely follow and celebrate with you – king of Europa

  58. Ishola70

    We all know the midfield is understaffed in relation to senior players of a certain quality.

    This is regardless of Xhaka.

    We also have defenders out there today not good enough again.

    Chambers and Luiz.

    I really can’t get over how poor Luiz was in that play near the end against Jota. Embassingly poor in that play. Dreadful signing.

    Some weak poor players and the coach/manager not good enough which is the bigger problem as well.

    But this team doesn’t really improve until both Emery is moved on plus some weak shit players as well.

    Xhaka isn’t the only weak ass player around for Arsenal. There are a few others as well.

    And this is in relation to really improving. Forget the fourth place trophy angle.

  59. Graham62

    We can all moan and groan about yet another inept display but the bottom line is that we have to act now.

    How is it possible that any home team in the EPL can concede 25 shots on goal?

    I mean, what the fudge is Emery doing?

    That’s the problem.

    He doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    As for Pepe.

    Jesus H Christ!!

  60. TR7

    Luiz, Pepe,Ceballos,Leno, Tierney,Torreria, Guendouji,Martinelli,Sokratis -9 new players added to our first 11 since Wenger left and still people trying to shift the blame on to the players.

  61. Redtruth

    “Pepe should have come on in this game. Im pretty sure Ozil would have picked him out”

    I doubt it, he had 90 minutes to salvage his reputation and he flunked.

  62. Wenker-wanger

    £72 milion for Pepe,
    It’s like buying a Ferrari for a fortune and it can’t get out of 1st gear and only does left turns….

  63. Valentin

    Terrible substitution. I genuinely don’t understand the thinking behind some of them.

    Torreira misused as attacking midfield substituted when we needed to exert more defensive control.

    Lacazette who defended from the front and held up the ball substituted. Aubameyang kept on the field. I am not sure that he touched the ball in an offensive position after Lacazette departure.

    Martinelli is initially tasked to block Wolves right side and does it diligently while still bringing some threat. Introduce Saka on the left who could not block anybody. Move Martinelli on the right where he is clearly less comfortable.
    And to top up unless Tierney was on his last leg or seriously injured, Kolasinac is introduced.

  64. Peckobill

    I think at best we finish mid table say between 8th and 12 th if we continue with emery .
    He’s finished and that’s not just me angry with the result
    He’s lost the fan base you can tell by the empty stadium/ boos at the end
    He’s losing more and more of the dressing room going by reports
    No matter what changes he makes it’s not working as he got no pattern or discernible style
    He’s out of ideas and doesn’t know how to turn it around
    Raul and edu can persist as much as they like he’s not going to turn this around they should be able to see this , change now and we might get top 4 . Failure to get it and there’s more than the money to worry about as auba and laca will be gone . Try and get a world class striker with EL money

  65. Dolomite

    “Luiz, Pepe,Ceballos,Leno, Tierney,Torreria, Guendouji,Martinelli,Sokratis -9 new players added to our first 11 since Wenger left and still people trying to shift the blame on to the players.”

    100% Fact.

  66. Gentlebris

    ‘Red will surely follow and celebrate with you – king of Europa’

    King of Europa?
    He got beat 4-1 in the final.
    Ain’t king of anything.

  67. Graham62

    I would say that the Arsenal players are not playing for Emery.

    They all knew before they even went out to play that they weren’t going to win today.

    Don’t let Emery continue.

    To do so would be crazy.

  68. roaaary

    Has anyone else noticed how awful we are at throw ins.
    We are so exposed defensively yet from attacking sense, we lose the ball immediately.
    Same on the wings……we allow crosses yet struggle to get any in ourselves when attacking

  69. Luteo Guenreira

    “Why do you seem to be the only one here caught off guard by this game whilst everyone else expected another bs game before a ball was even kicked?”

    Because for some reason Yamford has convinced himself that he’s the only one still being objective while everyone else is forming judgments based on an agenda of some kind. At this point you can tell he feels he’s on some kind of crusade the way he keeps constantly signing off with shit like “This does not, however, mean that any of the unfair, unreasonable or overblown criticism of him from certain quarters has been correct.”

    It’s annoying because his stance has nothing to do with football, not really. It has everything to do his lack of self awareness, sensibility, and insistence on being such a pedantic bitch that he loses sight of himself. His replies to old comments when he so earnestly goes back and reviews a match pretty much show that he watches games with the intent of proving other people’s opinion wrong, not with any kind of acceptance of what is actually on the TV. But he somehow still thinks he’s the only one being objective. It’s fucking backwards.

  70. Chika

    Receding Brainline

    You keep shoving up your bald head whenever Emery’s performance is scrutinized.

    You spend all your time defending Emery while your new bride is shagged by yet another neighbour, lol fucking idiot!

  71. Spanishdave

    Our slow build up is killing us, we had a corner where three touches from our players it was in the hands of our goalie!
    Guendouzi runs around like a headless chicken, Torreira strolls back.
    Cellabos runs forward and then pirouettes up his arse a then passes it back.
    Where’s the midfield in that?

  72. Just Another Customer

    yeah those are quality additions but somehow oh still not enough we must persist with Emery who doesn’t know what to do with them anyway

    like some ungrateful kid who can’t appreciate the luxury that he has

  73. Tee

    Where are the Emery does tactics?

    So much for the video analyst.

    Emery has lost the dressing room.

    It’s obvious, the players don’t understand him

  74. Graham62


    You are 100% correct.

    That’s why we are giving teams so many opportunities.

    £6m a year and he can’t fathom it out.


  75. Dolomite

    I think you are right Graham

    Given the shambles of the Xhaka Ozil situations I think the players have lost all respect for him.

    Leicester will surely tell especially if they score first

  76. Chika

    Bumford, Redtruth and Receding Brainline are the buffons still willing to give Emery till May, the clowns claim they still need more time to assess him. What a bunch! 😂

  77. Pierre

    Enery needs a result , so what does he do ..

    He plays a MIDFIELD DIAMOND …and then to compound the error, he starts all the midfield players in the wrong position.

    He obviously has a death wish.

  78. Gentlebris

    ‘Lacazette who defended from the front and held up the ball substituted. Aubameyang kept on the field. I am not sure that he touched the ball in an offensive position after Lacazette departure.’

    He shot his own foot by taking Laca off, Laca was dropping deep and connecting the attacking dots, then off our man took him…..great match management.

  79. Wenker-wanger

    In all seriousness it’s obvious emery has lost the dressing room completely and the fan base has no confidence in him whatsoever. Those facts are more than enough to sack him.

  80. Leftsidesanch

    We need a goal and rather than bring on our £72m winger we bring on a fat defender whos best contribution to the club is protecting Ozil against criminals.

    Torreira was an attacking midfielder as a youngster and theres a reason why any serious manager wouldn’t play him there. Step in Unai…

    If playing in our way is to be shit and irritate the fanbase weekly then Emery is succeeding hugely.

  81. Peckobill

    Before the match started most was saying WTF is emery doing with his line up .
    To then put them in the wrong places in the diamond
    Saka for torr I mean what was he thinking

  82. Tee

    I feel like crying

    My Chelsea friend ain’t making it easy for.me
    He once told me we have hired an empty barrel as a coach but I made jest of him but now the reverse is the case.

    Emery is just all talk no action

    To hell with you gazidis the snake

  83. Gunnernet

    Please guys stop moaning. I dont think there is anyone left defending Emery. Poor results coupled to even poorer performances are bound to lead to him taking the sack..

    I actually believe that Wenger with this squad would ve managed much better.

    However, i dont think Raul and Edu are going to take any immediare action even if our demise continues. Another great opportunity this year goes begging…

  84. Ustyno

    This is completely late Wenger again,no direction,just bland sideway passing and then one counter we concede a goal and draw a game we should have won

    Why cant we be a bit lucky like Chelsea when they sack their manager before he messes things up like Emery is doing they have won something and sack the coach with some trophies,we ended up with Emery

    Who did this to us?