Emery has two excellent decisions forced on him

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So it would appear my hunch about Xhaka and the counselling thing being a nonsense was spot on, according to Arseblog the player was angry that Arsenal had packaged the blow-up like that. It really is grim that the club would use ‘mental health’ to deflect standard shitty behaviour and hurt feelings. 10 years ago, when someone famous would get caught with their pants down, they’d come out as a ‘sex addict.’ There would be a serious conversation about the seriousness of addiction, and we’d sympathise with person that simply couldn’t have night out without having to sleep with babes behind their partners back. In 2019, you can pretty much deflect anything by alluding to it being a little deeper, you know, a little more, ‘let’s not talk about this considering the current climate.’

It works as well. So many people calling bullshit on this story yesterday were being slammed for their insensitivity. So it’s a little amusing to find out that the player was annoyed that the narrative was incorrect, he was simply pissed at the fans.

The great thing about this revelation is it helps us cut faster to the clearest interpretation of this whole debacle: Xhaka ain’t captain material.

He couldn’t properly apologise.

He couldn’t formulate a response in good time.

He still doesn’t understand that his behaviour was wrong, regardless of the circumstances.

The manager isn’t going to play him this weekend, part one of Emery being boxed into better decisions by circumstance.

I think it’s absolutely hilarious to watch Emery dance around in tar over the ‘problem’ of Xhaka. Any manager that could read the situation would have seen this issue as a huge opportunity.

  1. Emery could have won respect of the fans and players by making a decision on Arsenal principles.
  2. He could have used the actions of a petulant player to cover for his HORRENDOUS mistake in giving the player the armband in the first place.

Best thing for him is he doesn’t have to start a player that’s a tactical weakness for us for the next month. Let’s be honest, Emery was coming around to the idea that his captain was shit. He subbed him off on 70 against Sheffield United, then on 64 against Palace.

By total fluke, we might start to see a midfield that’s more balanced and fit for the Premier League games.

That’s the good news.

On the bad news front, you can tell the beginnings of the end are upon us for the manager. The club has lost control of the media narrative. Players, agents and journos are not playing ball like the used to. Ultimately, it’s because the media don’t like Emery, I was hearing that last year, now fan sentiment has switched, watch them go for his jugular.

The Independent has a weird story about the players ripping the piss out of Emery behind his back.

There are some other stories about agents raising the ‘bad management’ to senior leadership. Last season, I wouldn’t have believed it, this season, we have mega agents involved and players like David Luiz. Players bring down managers when you’re in bed with super agents.

This isn’t just an attack on Emery, it’s also getting at Edu. Where is his leadership and sharp decision making in all this? It’s a total mess and he’s all over this.

To cap off the nightmare week for Arsenal, Mesut Ozil is posting happy tweets which allude to him starting this weekend.

Once again, Emery has made a public stance about the player, once again, he’s caved.

We all knew he would. But we’ve literally gone from, ‘Edu and Raul told me to do it’ last week, to Mesut starting two games in a row. Mesut has played his hand superbly.

I think it’s the right decision considering how little creativity we’ve had in the squad. We’ve also seen that the player still has it, Mesut dropping a blistering performance in midweek.

… it half looks bad, doesn’t it.

If you are ostracising someone, go all in or don’t go public with what you are doing. Emery is an amateur. He did the same last season with Aaron Ramsey (and Ozil). If you don’t have the guts to follow through, don’t make big statements about players. Very simple.

Still, it appears we’ve landed in two good positions by accident. Our midfield will be more dynamic, and our most creative player will get the chance to succeed or fail.

Right, that’s me done. See you in the comments. x

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779 Responses to “Emery has two excellent decisions forced on him”

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  1. Nelson

    This formation doesn’t work. The middle is still very open. Most of the time, Torr is not defending. Guen has to cover too much space.

  2. bennydevito

    Guenslowzy slowdozy is frustrating me. Slow, cumbersome and just making short nothing passes.

    Don’t like Ozil on the right. Take Slowdozy or Torreira off for Pepe and move Ozil into the middle.

    Chambers playing well.

  3. Valentin

    We are very narrow in defense. Nobody really tracks the outside players.
    However we have dealt with everything that reach the centre of our penalty box.
    I still don’t understand that formation.
    Maybe 4-3-1-2 with Özil and Torreira interswitching to be the further up. With that formation, I would have selected Willock ahead of Torreira. Better at arriving late in the box with a good shot.

  4. Micheal

    We should be using Tierney more for width. Chambers is not a full back but is heavily involved and doing OK considering his limitations. The other side is neglected. Tierney is quick and delivers a decent cross.

  5. Dream10

    Players running off Guendouzi fairly easy.
    Fortunate that Wolves don’t have a creative player who can play the final ball
    When Özil and Ceballos are taken off, it could turn into a track meet with more space for Traore and Jota.

    Pépé for Lacazette first change

  6. Brooklyn

    Willock can get into box but doesn’t cover for Chambers defensively, lad lacks stamina even more so than Torreira

  7. China1

    Ozil is in a free role

    He’s popped up left right behind the strikers, in front of the defense. Seems to be a floating role which I actually think has made him more involved and he’s done it pretty well

    But the rest of the midfield have been poor to average

  8. Brooklyn

    Traore is obvious counter attacking threat for Wolves so Tierney is sitting deep covering him so Chambers gets more freedom to go up. This also frustrates Jota as he had to track back against Chambers whole half

  9. Gonsterous

    Don’t get the chambers hate here. He’s had a decent half.
    Torr should play as a DM. And ceballos should play a bit forward.

  10. Brooklyn

    Bring on Bellerin for Ceballos and Pepe for Laca then we may look better in same formation.
    Chambers and Torreira either side of Guendouzi, Chambers is quicker than all our CM’s out there, doesn’t have tactical ability to play deepest CM but should provide stamina, physicality and decent technical ability as a runner outside CM

  11. China1

    Lol auba is Captain instead of ozil

    I’m not advocating for ozil to be captain but that makes no sense when ozil is xhaka’s deputy….

  12. China1

    Why do arsenal play so many high balls into the box when the only player who can head a cross is Martinelli who isn’t on the pitch

  13. Samesong

    The thing is no one is hating on Chambers though just giving an observation of some of his limitations. Right back is not the hardest position to play if you’ve played football before.

  14. MidwestGun

    We just give up way too many quality shots.. law of averages eventually one or 3 go in.. Our midfielders are terrible at closing down. and for me that’s something you can absolutely correct through formation and focus in training.

  15. Useroz

    How’s Luiz’ hair managed to not looking wet in the rain ?

    Laca can. Be frustrating Just find half a yard and take the ahot as CF does

  16. Just Another Customer

    haha he didn’t expect for that to go to him in the end he’s just a kid that’s been overplayed

  17. Useroz

    No Guen hasn’t done well since early in tthe March giving away two cheap balls in our own third. Not good passing / going forward either

  18. DaleDaGooner

    Guendouzi has no killer instinct in the opposition’s box, he’s having non of the scoring that needs to be done

  19. Just Another Customer

    ooof we’re getting more fluid at the top now

    cum on lads give me that orgasmic feeling of watching you again

  20. Just Another Customer

    seriously I pity Guen he’s not confident out of his depth right now too ingrained with Emeryball the urge to backpass can’t be contained

  21. Dissenter

    Emery had handled these academy players right
    That’s probably one of the few things I won’t stop[ praising him for. He’s elevated the ones that merited it.

  22. Useroz

    Thought so. Fuck.

    Simple isn’t it.

    1 – 1

    Ceballos and Chambers assist. Did fuck all in stopping the cross and the header. Weak.

  23. China1

    The only enjoyable thing is knowing that closeup of his turning and throat squeezing is going to be turned into a gif by tomorrow hahahaha

  24. TBone

    Emery is finished. I’ll have the patatas bravas, garlic mushrooms and serrano ham. Now pour me a large sangria and fuck off. You’ve been shite son.

  25. Leftsidesanch

    Pepe played through the ground in trickier times, when he looks to be getting up to speed doesn’t even get on the field.

  26. TR7

    We don’t dominate games against ANY team. Doesn’t matter whether we are playing against a club from Ajerbaijan in Europa or an EPL outfit, every game is a struggle under Unai.

  27. Wenker-wanger

    Emery”,we are improving a defensive….we only let a one goal lead slip,”.
    Fcking Liverpool going for invincibles…..

  28. Leftsidesanch

    Imagine trying to hold on for a 1 goal lead and taking off Lucas but keeping on Guen and Ceballos. We must have one of the worst managers in the division. Nothing he does makes sense. Just a timid, rambling coward who is making it so difficult to love or enjoy Arsenal at present

  29. Dissenter

    We can kiss top-4 goodbye unless we sack Emery by the international break.
    This is Emeryball, not going to get any better.

  30. Spanishdave

    Palace and Wolves at home = 2 points some team that.
    The teams shape and slow build up is terrible
    Emery has to go