Emery has two excellent decisions forced on him

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So it would appear my hunch about Xhaka and the counselling thing being a nonsense was spot on, according to Arseblog the player was angry that Arsenal had packaged the blow-up like that. It really is grim that the club would use ‘mental health’ to deflect standard shitty behaviour and hurt feelings. 10 years ago, when someone famous would get caught with their pants down, they’d come out as a ‘sex addict.’ There would be a serious conversation about the seriousness of addiction, and we’d sympathise with person that simply couldn’t have night out without having to sleep with babes behind their partners back. In 2019, you can pretty much deflect anything by alluding to it being a little deeper, you know, a little more, ‘let’s not talk about this considering the current climate.’

It works as well. So many people calling bullshit on this story yesterday were being slammed for their insensitivity. So it’s a little amusing to find out that the player was annoyed that the narrative was incorrect, he was simply pissed at the fans.

The great thing about this revelation is it helps us cut faster to the clearest interpretation of this whole debacle: Xhaka ain’t captain material.

He couldn’t properly apologise.

He couldn’t formulate a response in good time.

He still doesn’t understand that his behaviour was wrong, regardless of the circumstances.

The manager isn’t going to play him this weekend, part one of Emery being boxed into better decisions by circumstance.

I think it’s absolutely hilarious to watch Emery dance around in tar over the ‘problem’ of Xhaka. Any manager that could read the situation would have seen this issue as a huge opportunity.

  1. Emery could have won respect of the fans and players by making a decision on Arsenal principles.
  2. He could have used the actions of a petulant player to cover for his HORRENDOUS mistake in giving the player the armband in the first place.

Best thing for him is he doesn’t have to start a player that’s a tactical weakness for us for the next month. Let’s be honest, Emery was coming around to the idea that his captain was shit. He subbed him off on 70 against Sheffield United, then on 64 against Palace.

By total fluke, we might start to see a midfield that’s more balanced and fit for the Premier League games.

That’s the good news.

On the bad news front, you can tell the beginnings of the end are upon us for the manager. The club has lost control of the media narrative. Players, agents and journos are not playing ball like the used to. Ultimately, it’s because the media don’t like Emery, I was hearing that last year, now fan sentiment has switched, watch them go for his jugular.

The Independent has a weird story about the players ripping the piss out of Emery behind his back.

There are some other stories about agents raising the ‘bad management’ to senior leadership. Last season, I wouldn’t have believed it, this season, we have mega agents involved and players like David Luiz. Players bring down managers when you’re in bed with super agents.

This isn’t just an attack on Emery, it’s also getting at Edu. Where is his leadership and sharp decision making in all this? It’s a total mess and he’s all over this.

To cap off the nightmare week for Arsenal, Mesut Ozil is posting happy tweets which allude to him starting this weekend.

Once again, Emery has made a public stance about the player, once again, he’s caved.

We all knew he would. But we’ve literally gone from, ‘Edu and Raul told me to do it’ last week, to Mesut starting two games in a row. Mesut has played his hand superbly.

I think it’s the right decision considering how little creativity we’ve had in the squad. We’ve also seen that the player still has it, Mesut dropping a blistering performance in midweek.

… it half looks bad, doesn’t it.

If you are ostracising someone, go all in or don’t go public with what you are doing. Emery is an amateur. He did the same last season with Aaron Ramsey (and Ozil). If you don’t have the guts to follow through, don’t make big statements about players. Very simple.

Still, it appears we’ve landed in two good positions by accident. Our midfield will be more dynamic, and our most creative player will get the chance to succeed or fail.

Right, that’s me done. See you in the comments. x

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  1. Bamford10


    Excellent. I hope you win — as I would like Arsenal to finish above United — but I suspect you won’t. Cheers.

  2. Edu me a favour


    When you say we are more disciplined organised , better defensively etc – are you talking from the start of this season , or since emery took over ?

  3. Bamford10


    Since Emery took over. I am simply saying that we are better organized and more disciplined under Emery than we were under late Wenger.

  4. Nelson

    Arsenal XI: Leno; Chambers, Luiz, Sokratis, Tierney; Guendouzi, Torreira, Ceballos, Ozil; Lacazette, Aubameyang

    Substitutes: Martinez, Bellerin, Pepe, Willock, Kolasinac, Martinelli, Saka

  5. Micheal


    Leno, Chambers, Sokratis, Luiz, Tierney, Guendouzi, Torreira, Ceballos, Ozil, Lacazette, Aubameyang.

    Subs: Martinez, Bellerin, Pepe, Willock, Kolasinac, Martinelli, Sako.

  6. Un na naai

    Now that’s a team
    If we don’t pulverise wolves then it’s down to tactics

    Unless Bamford and Hairbrain think bellerin is the difference

  7. Bamford10

    Two little Le Grove things, btw.

    One, while I was looking for something in past posts the other day, I saw a number of exchanges that suggest that “Un Na” is telling the truth and that he is not “Don.” While Un Na is just as wrong about everything, just as abusive, and just as retrograde in his social and political opinions, Don was a different apple. Don had a meltdown in which, among other things, he accused me of being gay and alleged (hilariously) that Pedro and I were the same person.

    Two, if Marko has been binned, I really think he should be allowed back. Yes, he can be a headache if he disagrees with you, and no, he has never been friendly to me, but he thinks for himself and offers something different and valuable here, IMO.

  8. Un na naai

    If the midfield sit back then the full backs push on and create width
    Tactically it can work but he has to set them up and coach it properly

    Torreira sits deep and destroys no matter what happens
    Guendouzi joins form deep when the full backs sit but when they go he sits with Torreira and protects the centre halves.

  9. WengerEagle

    UNN is good people for the most part, would be pretty dull if we all shared the same views on everything.

    He’s not for the thin-skinned but suppose I’m just used to piss-taking as I’m Irish.

  10. Edu me a favour


    But we have conceded more shots , more goals and have won less tackles – since emery took over – the stats are there for all to see

    I read what you post , and I’m still scratching my head as to how you’ve come to this conclusion – if I’m looking at statistics then I’m thinking well , he’s made us worse. And if I’m watching with my eyes , I’m thinking well we look the same if not worse then wengers worst period – I get that we finished a place higher and 7 points better off but I really don’t think that tells the whole story. 7 points is only 2 wins and a draw. So we spent 70 odd mill and pay emery 6 mil a year for an extra 2 wins and a draw and to finish one place higher ? Seems like we’re getting short changed …

  11. salparadisenyc

    Very Wenger starting XI when he was shoe horning all the ‘favorites’ in.

    Would of preferred Ozil thru middle in the mid w/Pepe on the right, Martinelli on left with either PEA or Laca thru the middle.

  12. Bamford10


    Yeah, I see that some of the stats suggest the opposite, but I also know that stats do not always tell the whole story.

    As for what one’s eyes tell one, I definitely see it differently: for me it’s clear and evident that we are better organized, have better structure and are more disciplined now than we were then.

    You seem a reasonable sort, though; I respect your view. Cheers.

  13. Pierre

    Looks like a diamond in midfield I would say ..Torreira at the base , ozil at the top, 2 up front ..full backs giving the width.

    Could be wrong though.

  14. Edu me a favour


    Are you going to be watching via a stream or do they show the game in the states ?

    I’m going to try and find a decent stream and really really study our structure and organisation !! Let’s reconvene afterward haha !

  15. Left Testicle

    I don’t like it but I think he’ll line up like this…

  16. Bamford10

    I think Emery has gotten this wrong. He should be sticking with 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3. Ozil + Auba + Laca will not give us enough in the attacking third, and unless Tierney and Chambers have stormers, I don’t see us creating enough to win.

  17. Samesong

    One, while I was looking for something in past posts the other day, I saw a number of exchanges that suggest that “Un Na” is telling the truth and that he is not “Don.” While Un Na is just as wrong about everything, just as abusive, and just as retrograde in his social and political opinions, Don was a different apple. Don had a meltdown in which, among other things, he accused me of being gay and alleged (hilariously) that Pedro and I were the same person.

    Un and Don are the same. You still get slated by him. Mention Wilshere and he comes to his staunch defence. Maybe you are fooled but I am not.

  18. Peckobill

    With you on that 4-2-3-1
    That’s what I was hoping

  19. Un na naai

    NelsonNovember 2, 2019 14:12:11
    UnIf we have Bellerin as RB, it would work better.

    Chambers can’t cross the ball?
    Mate!! Are you for real?? Bellerin can’t cross

    Chambers has assisted 5 goals this season

    Wenger eagle

    Thanks man. #imnotirishmydadis

  20. China1

    Odd lineup as usual

    We’re not playing top tier opposition, can we not just play our strongest, most balanced 11 rather than looking to set up as some kind of counter to the mighty Watford ffs

  21. Nelson

    Most of the EPL teams jam the middle. We need two fast wingers to open up the field. Now we select to play two strikers in the middle. I don’t like it. If he plays Auba as a LW, it would be a waste also.

  22. China1

    Why drop Pepe and why have no wingers on the pitch?

    Emery manages to make every game look like such a task. Not every match in the season should require us to do this reactionary style

    Against city or utd away or whatever sure. Be clever, surprise the opposition and get a result. I’m ok with that.

    But why must we treat pretty average and poor teams with so much respect? There are a few different ways we could set up but I think 80% of people would agree on a Pepe auba and Martinelli lineup to start the match. Ozil would probably make the cut at AM. Torreira at DM and alongside him is more open ended out of Ceballos guen willock etc.

    The back line picks itself.

    Why is it never simple?

  23. Peckobill

    Distant legrover
    Maybe just maybe we’ll get to to see it later in the game , though I fear he’ll sub ozil first and keep Martinelli for Wednesday

  24. China1

    I’m not even convinced emery could express whatever goes through his mind even in Spanish

    I’m not sure even he is sure about what he’s thinking

    Btw I just watched the joker and it was a fantastic movie. Really dark and brilliantly done. Just my kinda movie. Loved it

  25. China1

    Emery could turn Tossing a fucking coin into something confusing

    I think we’ll win today but if we don’t make no mistake the knives will be out

  26. Distant legrover

    Having both Lacazette and Aubameyang is a curse for Emery rather than a blessing. Too scared to leave one on the bench so he starts both and we end up looking disjointed. An attacking midfielder or Winger should be occupying that position instead.

  27. China1

    We shouldn’t have to wait until late in the game to see the most obvious shit

    You could give emery the invincibles squad and we’d have bergkamp on the right wing and Gilberto at AM I fucking guarantee it

  28. Peckobill

    I know defend emery a bit and that’s your choice but surely you can see he doesn’t help himself sometimes with his team selections

  29. shaun

    at home be bold
    bellarin , luiz, chambers,tierny
    Torreira , willock
    pepe laca auba

    torria sits but wilock is the b2b and can join ozil further up when the time is right but he should be more defensively disciplined as his priority in this kind of line up . laca can drops deep on occasion joining ozil puting Auba through the middle

    that’s the bold attacking selection I would like to see and if not
    bellarin , luiz, chambers,tierny
    Torreira, quendosi ,willock
    laca auba
    if ozil is on his game he will find Laca an auba at least one time each for a clear goal scoring opportunity it just weather they will take the opportunity

  30. Siddharth14

    The way our defence has been under Emery, i can see Wolves causing us all sorts of problems. If they score first then the negativity and desperation will quickly set in.

    Bam Ford, you do have a point when you say that the league has gotten more competitive. This is something which is not at all taken into consideration when discussing our struggles. But as regards to us being more organized and structured under Emery, this is very much debatable.

    Yes, we are definitely attempting to play in an organized and structured way but the ground reality is that we are far away from executing this. This can be partly attributed to the quality of players but it is also due to the players not able to collectively defend as a team. This is completely on Emery.

  31. China1

    Emery’s invincibles


    71 points, 4th placed trophy

  32. Valentin

    Likely to be a diamond formation.
    Torreira at the base. Guendouzi and Ceballos in the middle and Özil at the tip.
    Chambers – Sokratis – Luiz – Tierney
    ………..………… Torreira

  33. Peckobill

    Emery’s let down is he can see a problem with the team the same as us but he uses the wrong solution .
    He’s dropped the 1 forward and 2 wide men line up but their problem was a lack of service , he brings in a creator to solve this and drops the wide men and plays 2 up top . There’s no one for combinations with ozil just the option of ozil playing through balls to the two forwards .
    I’m intrigued to see ceballos and ozil in the same team though probably the closest we could manage to cazorla/ozil link up and that brought the best out of ozil ( ceballos not caz standard mind )

  34. Spanishdave

    It’s quite clear Emery has no plan for his style of football, but then he has no style.
    He must just pull the names out of a hat.

  35. MidwestGun

    Good morning ladies..ready for this? I would like to be optimistic.. but I just can’t be with the way we defend.. Should be enough to beat Wolves.. but…w ell you know.

    Hi Nelson.

  36. Just Another Customer

    primetime bullshit from Emery I just want some balls to the wall formation and lineup not another pussy meek shit that will fail either way

    sick of this boring bland guy

  37. S Asoa

    From the compulsive backpassing going on looks like Spanish Waiter promoted as cook of too many for the broth.

  38. Just Another Customer

    Don’t worry Blandford at least we’re organised right?

    Or whatever else buzzwords you want to defend the guy.

  39. Just Another Customer

    what’s the reason for not starting Pepe?

    I’m salivating for combination of Özil and Pepe but Emery keeps on blueballing me

  40. Just Another Customer

    boring boring failure of football all these sexy exciting players that we have only to be cockblocked by this oily sleazy fucker

  41. Useroz

    Too hesitant in MF and our players are too close to each other.

    What’s all these playing the short passes straight back …

    Lack of movements too.

  42. S Asoa

    The way the field is set up ,players finding it difficult to fashion anything.
    Don’t know why this Arsehole is continued.
    Individual brilliance of our forwards got a goal

  43. DaleDaGooner

    Wolves wouldn’t be too bothered when they remember Watford and Palace and evening Pool kids got back and drew games we we’re winning

  44. Valentin

    We play a diamond midfield, but Torreira is not at the base of that diamond.
    Looks like Guendouzi is at the base. Does not really make sense.

  45. Useroz

    Guen needs to be more decisive and snippy
    Ceballos too.

    C’mon. Torr shouldn’t have picked the pocket It s an Auba shot all day.

  46. DaleDaGooner

    The thing with Auba that frustrates me, Chambers was clear in looking for a finisher, no Auba, who was closest to their box, Torriera runs from deep ahead

  47. Just Another Customer

    Torr at base Guen further forward why is it so hard? I just want these players at their full potential please don’t suffocate and complicate this much further.

  48. Useroz

    Showed a 4 3 3 at beginning of the game. If they play a diamond not sure if Emery approves.

    Not the most fluent and dynamics as ft is whatever the shape of MF

  49. azed

    but Torreira is not at the base of that diamond


    Torriera is the only midfielder we have that makes those 3rd man runs into the box.

    Playing him at the base means we have no one that would arrive ala Ramsey.

  50. Dissenter

    Guendouzi needs to bring Tierney into the game more.
    It’s like he ‘s not seeing him or just ignores his runs.

  51. Useroz

    Lava drops too deep crowding things out. Yea he tries hard but should just look for runs and hopefully ozil Guen and ceballos would find him.

  52. MidwestGun

    LT is our new Ramsey.. looking to poach goals whenever he can. haha he is the furthest one forward often times. Would be fantastic if our defense was solid but it isn’t. Matty G.. screening our defense is just Bizarre.. and at times it’s Ceballos. I guess if we win.. I don’t care but it its weird.

  53. Just Another Customer

    Guen is not good enough at the base anyway so let him go further up I just want to see his runs charging runs through the middle the lad has it. Torreira won’t last in that role.

  54. Useroz

    Our boys need to think forward not.backward in what they do. Wouldn’t like if the Pool or City would make so many back passes sometimes all the way from last third to our own !!!?

  55. Dissenter

    Emery clearly sees something else in Torriera.
    Whereas people see the classical defensive mid, he sees a central midfielder that can make runs deep into the opposition half.

  56. Useroz

    May sound funny. but could torreira try figure out why he falls so much and fix it. Look embarrassing for a PL player

  57. Just Another Customer

    Just like China1 said square peg round hole players not used to their roles causing more confusion and no fluidity thus stunting our play.

    Does this looks fun to Emery? Is this his tactical genius? Hmmm maybe he need to tinker more put Leno upfront Auba as goalie.

  58. Paulinho

    I’ve been pointing this out about Torreira – and his forwards runs – since the start of the season.

    Guendouzi can’t make an off the ball run which is why he is being played deep.

  59. Valentin

    Sorry, I meant I don’t see anybody on the right.
    Looks like Aubameyang or Lacazette alternate in filling that position.
    Asking Torreira to be the further up the pitch midfielder when we have Özil and Ceballos on the pitch is just something I don’t understand.

  60. Dissenter

    “I think Pepe will replace Ozil in the 2nd half.”
    Yes, that sub is already written down
    Saka or Martinelli will come in for Lacazette

  61. Useroz

    Great shot cos it hit straight at Leno So bloody lucky.

    Geez can we play with some fucking urgency and desire. You don’t need to wait to turn it on after we got equalised?!

  62. Bamford10

    I think I now see what Emery is thinking with this, but it’s the wrong thought. His thought is that if he plays Ozil as the CAM, he needs three CMs behind him rather than two for defensive stability. However, the diamond only works if you have highly mobile CMs; we do not. This is why Wolves have so much space. Let’s hope he changes it at HT.

  63. Samesong

    Chambers is easy to get past. His style is really clumbersome. If he isn’t giving away cheap free kicks he’s getting turned easily.

    Fortunate to still be 1-0

  64. Spanishdave

    Watching Torrieria. he just wanders back and was on the right wing!
    We must have the Prem record for passing backwards

  65. China1

    Ozil has been pretty good in a free role as he’s got involved

    Ceballos didn’t seem to touch the ball until the 30tg min

    Guen not playing especially well

    Laca looking good and auba bright but probably should’ve nicked a second goal

    Torreira as n10 is just a joke.

    Chambers pretty good. Better than Bellerin