Emery has two excellent decisions forced on him

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So it would appear my hunch about Xhaka and the counselling thing being a nonsense was spot on, according to Arseblog the player was angry that Arsenal had packaged the blow-up like that. It really is grim that the club would use ‘mental health’ to deflect standard shitty behaviour and hurt feelings. 10 years ago, when someone famous would get caught with their pants down, they’d come out as a ‘sex addict.’ There would be a serious conversation about the seriousness of addiction, and we’d sympathise with person that simply couldn’t have night out without having to sleep with babes behind their partners back. In 2019, you can pretty much deflect anything by alluding to it being a little deeper, you know, a little more, ‘let’s not talk about this considering the current climate.’

It works as well. So many people calling bullshit on this story yesterday were being slammed for their insensitivity. So it’s a little amusing to find out that the player was annoyed that the narrative was incorrect, he was simply pissed at the fans.

The great thing about this revelation is it helps us cut faster to the clearest interpretation of this whole debacle: Xhaka ain’t captain material.

He couldn’t properly apologise.

He couldn’t formulate a response in good time.

He still doesn’t understand that his behaviour was wrong, regardless of the circumstances.

The manager isn’t going to play him this weekend, part one of Emery being boxed into better decisions by circumstance.

I think it’s absolutely hilarious to watch Emery dance around in tar over the ‘problem’ of Xhaka. Any manager that could read the situation would have seen this issue as a huge opportunity.

  1. Emery could have won respect of the fans and players by making a decision on Arsenal principles.
  2. He could have used the actions of a petulant player to cover for his HORRENDOUS mistake in giving the player the armband in the first place.

Best thing for him is he doesn’t have to start a player that’s a tactical weakness for us for the next month. Let’s be honest, Emery was coming around to the idea that his captain was shit. He subbed him off on 70 against Sheffield United, then on 64 against Palace.

By total fluke, we might start to see a midfield that’s more balanced and fit for the Premier League games.

That’s the good news.

On the bad news front, you can tell the beginnings of the end are upon us for the manager. The club has lost control of the media narrative. Players, agents and journos are not playing ball like the used to. Ultimately, it’s because the media don’t like Emery, I was hearing that last year, now fan sentiment has switched, watch them go for his jugular.

The Independent has a weird story about the players ripping the piss out of Emery behind his back.

There are some other stories about agents raising the ‘bad management’ to senior leadership. Last season, I wouldn’t have believed it, this season, we have mega agents involved and players like David Luiz. Players bring down managers when you’re in bed with super agents.

This isn’t just an attack on Emery, it’s also getting at Edu. Where is his leadership and sharp decision making in all this? It’s a total mess and he’s all over this.

To cap off the nightmare week for Arsenal, Mesut Ozil is posting happy tweets which allude to him starting this weekend.

Once again, Emery has made a public stance about the player, once again, he’s caved.

We all knew he would. But we’ve literally gone from, ‘Edu and Raul told me to do it’ last week, to Mesut starting two games in a row. Mesut has played his hand superbly.

I think it’s the right decision considering how little creativity we’ve had in the squad. We’ve also seen that the player still has it, Mesut dropping a blistering performance in midweek.

… it half looks bad, doesn’t it.

If you are ostracising someone, go all in or don’t go public with what you are doing. Emery is an amateur. He did the same last season with Aaron Ramsey (and Ozil). If you don’t have the guts to follow through, don’t make big statements about players. Very simple.

Still, it appears we’ve landed in two good positions by accident. Our midfield will be more dynamic, and our most creative player will get the chance to succeed or fail.

Right, that’s me done. See you in the comments. x

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    “Xhaka ain’t captain material.

    He couldn’t properly apologise.

    He couldn’t formulate a response in good time.

    He still doesn’t understand that his behaviour was wrong, regardless of the circumstances.”

    This is spot on and not only speaks to his limits as a captain but as a player also.

    This is why he makes repetitive mistakes. He cannot/will not recognise his failings. If you can’t recognise them you cannot learn from them. Very similar to Wenger and the whole 1346th time’s a charm approach.

    Xhaka is a rash, egocentric individual with stunted maturity who refuses to accept responsibility for his actions.

  2. Chika

    Torriera – CDM
    Ceballos – CM
    Ozil – CAM

    Martinelli – LW
    Aubameyang – CF
    Pepe – RW

    I’d like to see the above, let’s attempt some intricate passing and sharp movements. It’s really been so long. 🙁

  3. Bojangles

    Good read Pedro. This doesn’t look good for the club. They have been slow to respond all around; 3 days to give out a PR inspired apology, still no statement as to the captaincy. It’s as if they feel that if they say nothing the fans will forget.

  4. Graham62

    Xhaka has made an apology.

    Thanks Granit.

    The thing is, you’re no longer captain and you’re back in the team only as a last resort.

    Oh yeh, by the way, start packing your bags.

  5. Bamford10

    “We’re still a rudderless ship.”

    Actually, Sanllehi and Edu are steering the ship, and they are steering the ship just fine. We are in a transition period and any number of difficulties are to be expected.

  6. TheLegendaryDB10

    Goid morning Tony, Graham, Bob and ES.

    Really excited about the game.

    If they pull off a game like last week, we’ll win.

    Eddie will have drilled the team to not underestimate SA. But from watching SA’s games, they haven’t been all that. They have been error prone throughout all their games. They are definitively there for the taking.

    It will be, as ever, all about discipline and focus. As long as we don’t concede any cheap mistakes and play on the front foot we’ll do OK.

    Come on England!!!

  7. Bamford10

    For the moment, let’s just be happy that Xhaka is out of the XI. That is what needed doing, and that is now done. As for Ozil, we do need more creativity in the final third, so let’s hope he helps on this front and continues to put in good performances. He is still the player we have been criticizing for good reason for years here, but he is also our only #10, so needs must. Sanllehi and Edu should think about bringing in a CM and a CAM in January, though.

  8. bennydevito

    C’mon England!

    SA look stronger than us and more determined. Worrying. 😳

    Ffs we’re fumbling the ball, missplacing passes, it’s not looking good.

    Did we speak too early against NZ? Nothing left in the tank?

  9. Gentlebris

    Martinelli Auba Pepe
    Ozil Guen
    Tierney David Bellerin

    There you have it, that’s the way to get our flow back. This team would hold the ball, make good passes and create chances, like the old fluent Arsenal. We would blow Wolves away setting up like this.

    But you know our man would have none of that. He does not seem to have the courage. Arsene Wenger seemed to me a man who didn’t understand the importance of having a good defensive structure or like a man who didn’t know how to put such in place, but maybe he was just being bold with what he had, knowing to do otherwise would sacrifice our flow and render us insipid.

  10. Receding Hairline

    “Martinelli Auba Pepe
    Ozil Guen
    Tierney David Bellerin

    With all dues respect WTF is this!!

    Three at the back with Tierney and Bellerin as defenders?

    Yet some of you spend hours on here criticizing actual managers

    Yesterday one had AMN starting as a winger in a premier league game

  11. Champagne charlie


    “The situation with Xhaka is an unhappy scenario, but you have to say Emery contributed to it.“

    “He has spent £205 million in three transfer windows now, and he appears no closer to establishing an identity for his team.”

    “I thought Arsenal should have finished in the top four last season, when they blew it by losing at home to Palace on the run-in, and although they reached the Europa League final, their defeat by Chelsea in Baku was embarrassing.“

    You’ve argued in some part against literally all of these views in the last year.

    “My take is that Arsenal should stick with Emery – a proven winner at Sevilla – and that the supporters should be careful what they wish for.”

    Hahahaha so the Robbie Savage piece is good because he says Emery should stay until the end of the season as “be careful what you wish for”.

    Literally the exact same stance as the AKBs you waffled on about for an age. Cannot make it up. 😂😂🤡

  12. China1

    Let’s see if ozil and Martinelli play and xhaka doesn’t if we can see a clear improvement in the league.

    At least our attack should look a chunk better

    Not sure if emery will make the right calls defensively tho. I’d put torreira deep and either Ceballos or guen alongside him and see how it goes.

    I bet torreira will be b2b and guen will be dm though which makes no sense

  13. Chika


    “Actually, Sanllehi and Edu are steering the ship, and they are steering the ship just fine.”

    Yeah we’re doing “just fine”, nothing great or exceptional, only “just fine”.

  14. Tony

    Game of 2 halves where the Boks have won the first half.

    French ref isn’t having the best game overlooking too many Boks penalties.

    South Africa’s game to lose now.

    Over to Jones to earn his crust.

  15. TheLegendaryDB10

    We’re committing too many mistakes and paying hot them heavily.

    The loss of Sinckler has really weakened our scrum. We are finding it very difficult to dominate them.

    I really hope we can turn this around in the second half. Not feeling confident at all.

  16. Wenker-wanger

    Awful England show so far…favourites?.. they look like a team that’s just glad to be in the final… Totally negated by a well drilled determined non-flambouyant outfit.
    They could tire….it’s still have o for grabs.
    I see Xhaka is still the bogeyman to blame all the issues and woes some people appear to be carrying.
    Xhaka is a by product if a failing system organised and directed by Emery.
    All that has happened is due to Xhaka being put in a position he was never able to deliver on. He has no captain attributes and he has extreme shortcomings as a player.
    His frustration is justifiable, his slow exit from the pitch was his only fault.
    His retaliation to the mob mentality moron boo boys was ok in my book.
    Anyone that has been beset on by bully boys knows what I’m talking about.
    One on one is heaven after that.

  17. China1

    Gentle I’ve never seen a 3-1-2-1-3 before and that looks risky as hell with two attacking wing backs as part of a back 3 alongside an error prone CB

  18. China1

    I haven’t managed to get a stream for the rugby but regardless of performance, what matters is the score and the gap isn’t big atm.


  19. Nelson

    I prefer to play Martinelli and only one striker. The other can be subbed in at around the 70th mins. I doubt Emery will be brave enough to do it.

  20. Tony

    South Africa the better team and deserve their lead.

    England need something special now, but look ordinary .

    Same old performance after a brilliant display in their previous game

  21. TheLegendaryDB10

    Well that try by SA was the finishing punch. Unless Engksnd pull off a masterclass, I fear that we have let SA run away with it.

    Making up 13 points in 10 minutes is looking more like a mountain to climb as the clock ticks down.

  22. Graham62

    Excellent SA.

    Thoroughly deserve it.

    England’s limitations eventually surfaced, as I highlighted several weeks back.

    Nullify their forwards and power play and not enough natural skill to dig them out of trouble.

    Well done SA.

    You were brilliant.

  23. Peckobill

    Thank fook for that , wouldn’t heard the bastard end of it if England had one with the bloody media .
    Now go burn your ruddy chariot

  24. China1

    Nelson if you don’t know what rugby ‘cauliflower ears’ are there google image search it and you might sympathize with headgear haha

  25. Emiratesstroller

    The England v SA game got off with bad start with Sinckler getting concussed.
    Thereafter we were outplayed in scrum and conceded too many penalties.

    Personally I think that this was a bridge too far for England. There was not the
    same energy level as against NZ and we made far too many mistakes.

    Also I think that we made selection mistakes. Farrell should have been Fly
    Half and not Ford. We would have controlled game better.

    Overall this was a disappointing result but South Africa deserved their win.

  26. Dr Emil schauffhausen

    Really don’t understand this clamour for Ozil ? Arsenal fans in general must have very short memories, from what I recall from the the last 3 seasons is that he has played a handful of good games and was involved in many games where he went seriously missing ! We also had the numerous missed games through ‘sickness’ .
    Emery should be moved on , his decision to make Xhaka captain was a terrible one , Xhaka should be moved on also for his tantrum and in an ideal world Ozil should be moved on for his attitude , he’s either lazy , a hypercondriac, precious , uncaring or a combination of all these things.

  27. Emiratesstroller

    I think that Emery has very “cats lives” left in his career at Arsenal. He is fortunate that the owners and senior management at club are more patient than their counterparts at most other clubs.

    Previously I suggested that I thought that the club were unlikely to offload him before the end of season, but the way Arsenal have capitulated in last two games against both Crystal Palace and Liverpool when leading by clear two goal margin raises serious questions about his management and the current
    morale and tactical nous of team.

    If Arsenal continue in this fashion I think that a decision on Emery’s future could be made by Christmas. The question is do they promote Ljungberg as
    head coach until end of season, bring in interim manager or find someone
    else to do the job?

    One person that I would consider for the job is Patrick Vieira, because he is an
    intelligent guy and has had two management jobs albeit with unfashionable
    clubs. Recruiting Dennis Bergkamp as assistant coach alongside Freddy Ljungberg might make an excellent coaching team.

  28. Valentin

    Commiseration to the England team, but today the best team won. South-Africa defense was immense.
    England has bet everything on the physical aspect of the game and they encountered a team bigger than them. What was disappointing what the fact they did not offload the ball after contact. When they did, there was always a knock-on.
    I have said before Eddie Jones is the best and worst thing of that England team. He will prepare them to the best of their ability, but he will also suck the unpredictability and ability to think on their feet of this team. When a tactic does not work, England did not have a player to decide to change tack.

  29. Nelson

    A mature manager will use whatever is available to win a game. If Ozil or Xhaka can help the team NOW to win certain games, I am all for it. Raul and Edu should have a future plan though.

  30. Valentin

    I believe that the only reason Emery is still in the job is because the upper management are afraid. The same pusillanimity shown with the captaincy (say nothing) and Özil treatment (one step forward two steps back) is what keep Emery in his job.

    It should be clear that he is not the man to take Arsenal forward. He may chance a Champion’s League qualification but even with Messi, Ronaldo he would not win the EPL because of his inability to organise a defense. So rip the bandage and go for somebody who can.

  31. Bamford10


    “You’ve argued in some part against literally all of these views in the last year.”

    Right. You’re pointing to parts of his piece that I disagree with. I still think it’s a good piece, a reasonable piece, a balanced piece.

    “‘he says Emery should stay until the end of the season because … ‘be careful what you wish for’. [This is] literally the exact same stance as the AKBs you waffled on about for an age.”

    No, it’s not. Saying that Arsenal fans should be wary of how much negativity is being cultivated around the club and should probably stick with Emery through May is a million miles from what AKBs were saying when they said “be careful what you wish for”. The two situations are vastly different, and what Savage means and what the AKB meant are vastly different.

    So, nice try, but no.

  32. Bamford10


    Do not worry about them; they are only an annoyance. Truth always wins out in the end. Yes, they are creating unnecessary and unreasonable negativity around the club at the moment, but so too frankly are some people who were not AKBs.

  33. Valentin


    Why is that different?
    Is it like we are better organised and disciplined, you can’t explain it, but you can see it and we should take your word for it.

  34. Champagne charlie


    It’s magic 8-ball stuff for me atm mate, I could make a dozen feasible predictions.

    Wolves are a bit suspect, but they have the most draws in the league so far so maybe that’s the safe bet.

    I just think we should be turning them over at home given what’s went on the last ten days. Fully expect a reaction from us, table tennis at Anfield isn’t a reaction. Narrow win, usual disjointed stuff imo. Said with as much hope as expectation.

    What do you fancy?

  35. Graham62


    I agree with you.

    The thing is, I want Emery out as I wanted Wenger (from 08-09) out.

    Those that sat on their backsides all those years, accepting regression, are now gloating because they want Emery out.

    You couldn’t make it up.

  36. Champagne charlie


    That’s exactly what he’s saying. It’s different because now he’s saying it basically.

    Be careful what you wish for is a viable muttering where Emery is concerned, just not when Wenger was here.

    Another bamfact.

  37. Bamford10


    I’ve never actually said he’s doing “a good job”. The most I’ve said is that some of the criticism of him is unreasonable, unfair and wrong, and that he is a competent manager doing a competent job.

  38. Graham62


    When anyone says to me “Wenger definitely lost it at the end”, I just laugh and shake my head.

    What else is there to do?

  39. David Smith

    Pedro, interesting point about Edus lack of leadership.
    But, is it possible he is just giving Emery enough rope, perhaps in the face of board members who wanted to extend Emery last summer, and may lose face if they don’t back him now. Because they appointed him in the first place as a late candidate, clearly without doing any due diligence. Referring to Josh and Raul at a guess
    Whatever the truth, as the article says, surely not long for Emery. Now seems that he has lost perhaps one of the few players fully behind him with his mental fragility story

  40. Bamford10

    Yeah, Graham, I don’t see how finishing 7 points better and one place higher in the table with a poor squad and during a transition is “shite”. I also don’t see how being 5th and four points off of Chelsea with a still-inadequate squad is “shite”. He’s not pulling up trees, he’s not a genius, he’s getting certain things wrong, but he’s a competent manager doing a competent job. If anyone is mis-describing him or his work at Arsenal so far, I’d say it’s the folks calling him “shite,” not the folks saying he’s doing a competent job but probably isn’t the man for us beyond May.

  41. Emiratesstroller

    Graham 62

    I wanted Wenger offloaded over the 6 years before he departed.

    Also I was/am prepared to give Emery a proper opportunity to prove himself.
    Last week I suggested that it was highly unlikely that the Board/Senior Management would make a rash decision.

    That has never been Arsenal’s style in contrast to many other clubs.

    However, there are serious questions about Emery’s style of management,
    lack of communication skills and even morale within squad.

    The way that Arsenal have thrown way a 2 goal lead in last two games against
    CP and Liverpool raises serious questions about the team. That is not helped
    with what has been going on with Xhaka and Ozil.

    Most posters on Le Grove are not AKBs nor are the concerns about Emery based on any support or loyalty for our previous manager.

  42. Graham62


    If I’m not mistaken, I thought you said on here, a week or so back, that Emery has to go.

    Correct me if I’m wrong.

  43. David Smith

    This being Arsenal, emery really will have to do something spectacularly bad to go before the end of the season, but just hope Edu and indeed anyone on the board who know what a football looks like ensures Emery is not here next season

  44. Micheal

    The truth is that no one appears to be in control at Arsenal these days.
    Kroenke is not interested in football.
    Josh is daddy’s boy doing as he’s told
    Raul & Edu looks weak and indecisive
    Emery’s failure to impose himself is exemplifed in the botched handling of Xkaha.

    There is no authority,no control and no obvious direction or ambition. And as Pedro repeatedly asks: What’s the plan ?

    To me the present sitiuation looks like Wenger Mark 2.

  45. Words on a Blog

    Whether commenter X or Y wanted Wenger in or out, or at what point they wanted Wenger out is interesting, but only from an Arsenal-politics perspective.

    Logically speaking, it has no bearing on whether Emery should Emeremain or Emerexit.

    That view should only be informed by Emery’s decisions and the team’s performance.

    I don’t care whether or not Pierre or CC used to be hard-core AKBs, or at what point (if at all) they renounced the faith. We are discussing Emery, and it Emery and the team that counts.

  46. Samesong

    Charlie I think we will turn them over. I like Nuno as manager. Looks like a character.

    Still see us leaky at the back though. But that be down to the quality of the player’s and not the tactics 😆😆😆

  47. DaleDaGooner

    Emery = boring Rioch…… he’ll be gone and Freddie will take over and then booom we get reignited by a saucy manager

  48. Grant

    So how do we think the games going to go today? Start Ozil go 2 goals up, then sub Ozil on 65 minutes then finish on a loss or draw.

  49. Champagne charlie

    “Right, except for their beating City 2-0 at The Etihad.“

    They’ve won 2 of 10 PL games and have a goal difference of 0 you fucking lemon.

    Same bullshit you peddle with us being organised after 45 mins against Bournemouth, completely ignoring the masses of date around your one bamfact.

  50. Bob N16

    Some of us have been waiting for Xhaka to be unavailable, to see whether Emery can come up with a functioning midfield. Could today be the start of something good?

    Some people argue that our midfield options are poor and that no coach could get a serviceable tune out of them. I hope that this too negative a picture. That’s not to say that we couldn’t upgrade one or two of them next Summer and I would hope that a new coach would have some input on that.

    I still believe a midfield with LT at the base with Guendouzi (Willock) and Ozil (Ceballos) could be good enough to allow our attack opportunities and have the defensive work rate( certainly with LT and Guen) to give better protection to our back four.

  51. Bamford10


    Rodgers has a better XI available to him than Emery has had.

    And Rodgers may in fact be a better PL manager than Emery. That wouldn’t make Emery “shit” or mean that Emery was doing a “shit” job.

  52. Bamford10

    Churlish is getting frustrated. He doesn’t like the implications of Wolves having beaten City 2-0 at The Etihad. Not that he’s worried about Arsenal not getting a result today; he’s worried about his narrative.

  53. Bob N16

    Our most regular American contributor is arguing nonsense again.

    Emery is not doing a satisfactory job- there is no reasonable argument against this statement. To argue otherwise is pointless and ridiculous.

  54. Bamford10


    No, it’s not. It still correctly describes a certain fan from the Wenger years. And to the extent that some of these guys have held on to their conviction that Wenger was a great manager even in the later years, that he was wronged by WOBs, etc. — see Pierre for an example of this — it actually still describes some of them in the present moment.

  55. Graham62


    Yes, “Wenger is gone for ffs” but let’s not forget that we are where we are mainly because of him. Sorry, but no one can convince me otherwise.

    If he’d gone sooner, Emery wouldn’t be at the club. Blame the owners if you like but for me it’s always down to one thing, our fans.

    It’s also a totally different feel with Emery, because he’s only been here a short time and he’s clearly not up to scratch, we can and should act.

    The fans are restless and should we slip up against Wolves today, and/or against Leicester next week, he’ll be hanging by a thread.

  56. Bamford10


    I love how you say “there’s no way to argue this” when I’ve just explicitly argued this just above. If I said something unreasonable there, you should point that out. You haven’t and you won’t, though, because you know that what I’ve said is reasonable. “There is no way you can argue” is just your way of admitting you have no counter-argument. If you have one, make it.

  57. TR7

    ‘There is no way you can argue” is just your way of admitting you have no counter-argument. If you have one, make it.’

    Says the guy who couldn’t make one argument to prove Arsenal under Emery is an ‘organized and disciplined’ team despite numerous posters goading/challenging him.

  58. Bob N16

    The idea that someone who was devoted to Wenger then has to have a shared view on any new manager is flawed. I’ve read it on here so many times that there is some of embittered inconsistency when judging Emery.

    I’m really looking forward to this lazy, narrative- driven labelling coming to an end but I’ m not holding my breath.

  59. Champagne charlie

    “Churlish is getting frustrated. He doesn’t like the implications of Wolves having beaten City 2-0 at The Etihad. Not that he’s worried about Arsenal not getting a result today; he’s worried about his narrative.“

    Do you hear yourself sometimes?

    Wolves are suspect because they’ve won 2 games in 10 and have drawn the most games in the league. What’s hard to digest about that?

    One result in 10 doesn’t make a team, back to the classroom student of the game.

  60. Bamford10


    Says the guy who will soon enough be taking a three-month break from Le Grove.

    And I’ve made the case to support that assertion, to the extent that such a case can be made in this context.

  61. Distant legrover

    And please no Mourhino. I really think he signed a deal with Abrahamovic to go and fuck up Chelsea’s top 4 rivals. He’s already done it at Man Yoo. Now his people are trying to shove him down Arsenal throat. He’s gonna mess us up and move on to Tottenham. And then Liverpool.

  62. Bob N16

    Bamford, it appears your argument is that we got more points last season and this season, if you choose to package our first five games and compare them to our second five games, we’ve conceded less shots on goals and this represents an improvement.

    Anybody who uses there eyes and has any knowledge of football would be unable to see any improvement at all. In fact, with a stronger squad, we look equally uncertain of how to play effectively.. There has not been one game this season in the PL that you could argue that we’ve played really well. You just have to look at Emery’s gurning face as we haplessly lose a lead or control of a game, to conclude that he’s struggling.

  63. TR7

    ‘And I’ve made the case to support that assertion, to the extent that such a case can be made in this context.’

    What assertion ? The stock argument you have is those who don’t see any improvement can’t see the game which is quite ironic coming from you.

  64. TR7

    Unai Emery on Özil: “I spoke with him on Tuesday. I said to him every time what my plan is with him. When he’s available, when he’s training well, when he’s consistent, when he’s positive, he can help us a lot. Now, I am seeing him positive & consistent. With his performance in Liverpool, I think this is the way we want. I am helping him, supporting him, demanding of him. This is the Mesut everyone wants. He has big experience. When you talk about players who are ready to play under high pressure, one is Mesut.”

    Another volte-face from Unai

  65. Emiratesstroller


    I did say that Emery had to go but I also said that Arsenal’s owners and senior
    management were unlikely to make a hasty decision and would most probably defer it until end of season.

    Nevertheless there are serious problems at the club reflected in last two
    performances which raise more urgent questions, which I have suggested
    that there may have to be a decision taken at Xmas.

    Let’s see how they perform today.

  66. Tee

    Calling people akbs cos they wanted Emery out is like been beaten blue black but still surmorning your last courage because your friends are hailling and calling you Bruce Lee Bruce Lee.

    When you say we are here because of Wenger, my question is should we then be stuck in there in the darkness and continue to tell who cares to listen why we are here?

    If lampard could set such a blue print within a short period (though they still might not make the top 4), is visible improvement too much to ask our £6million a year manager for?

    Graham didn’t end well and Rioch did what he had to do before Wenger took over. I can’t recollect Wenger or the fans berating Graham or Rioch.

    It’s fans of these days, out of their hatred for him that keeps bringing Wenger into the picture to score cheap point.

    Wenger messed up and that is no more news,we have had like three transfer windows and it’s still difficult to say what our style or pattern of play is.

    That should also be on Wenger I guess?

    We are really improving – 7 more points and a spot higher than wenger’s last season clarify it. Happy now?

  67. Gentlebris

    ‘Gentle I’ve never seen a 3-1-2-1-3 before and that looks risky as hell with two attacking wing backs as part of a back 3 alongside an error prone CB’


    Believe me I know it’s risky and if I really wanna express the way I feel right now I would play Torrey, Ceba and Guen as my three defenders😐😐😐😐

    I’m just so so tired of our boring Emery football that doesn’t even get results.

    Play the attacking players!

    We were on our way to winning the cup game against Liverpool until Emery began to think defensive. What kinda coach actually leaks more goals when he’s trying to defend deeply?

  68. Tee

    It’s so painful to watch our games theses days.

    We attack, we concede

    We defend, we concede

    Is there presently any praiseworthy thing this present team and manger
    are known for?

    Let’s all keep mute because Wenger caused it.

    Some find it difficult to bring themselves down to the fact that transition or no transition, we should be this bad.

  69. Spanishdave

    If the management want EC qualification this season they have to act sooner rather than later as we will not be able to catch up.
    If we only get a point in the next two games it will mean two points out of a possible twelve from the last four games.
    That is relegation level football.
    Emery is not a builder of teams.

  70. G8

    If and it’s a big if…ozil starts to play consistently well ,wouldn’t that be because of the “tough love” the club and Emery showed toward him?

    The question is for all ozil enthusiasts there!?

  71. Gentlebris

    ‘The PL is so good, so competitive. Bournemouth could be up 2-0 here, maybe 3-0. A very, very difficult league.’

    Yeah anything to excuse Emery’s failure. ‘Very difficult league’ as if Klopp and Pep play in another league.

  72. Bamford10


    Glad you’re here. You’ve never replied to my offer re the wager. I revised your original to the loser of the wager must take three months off from Le Grove. TR7 has accepted this proposal. How about you? If “United are shit” and if you were willing to wager “never posting on Le Grove again,” surely you’ll accept my revised loser-takes-three-months-off-from-Le-Grove wager, no?

  73. WengerEagle

    Absolutely Bam count me in. No-brainer that.

    Emery is the only reason that I’m not one hundred percent confident on it but as long as OSG is at United, it’s a bet that I’m cashing in on.

  74. Bamford10


    Are you saying the PL is not a super competitive league, or that mid-table teams like Bournemouth are not better and trickier than some imagine or than they were twenty years ago? I think it is; I think they are.