Emery has two excellent decisions forced on him

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So it would appear my hunch about Xhaka and the counselling thing being a nonsense was spot on, according to Arseblog the player was angry that Arsenal had packaged the blow-up like that. It really is grim that the club would use ‘mental health’ to deflect standard shitty behaviour and hurt feelings. 10 years ago, when someone famous would get caught with their pants down, they’d come out as a ‘sex addict.’ There would be a serious conversation about the seriousness of addiction, and we’d sympathise with person that simply couldn’t have night out without having to sleep with babes behind their partners back. In 2019, you can pretty much deflect anything by alluding to it being a little deeper, you know, a little more, ‘let’s not talk about this considering the current climate.’

It works as well. So many people calling bullshit on this story yesterday were being slammed for their insensitivity. So it’s a little amusing to find out that the player was annoyed that the narrative was incorrect, he was simply pissed at the fans.

The great thing about this revelation is it helps us cut faster to the clearest interpretation of this whole debacle: Xhaka ain’t captain material.

He couldn’t properly apologise.

He couldn’t formulate a response in good time.

He still doesn’t understand that his behaviour was wrong, regardless of the circumstances.

The manager isn’t going to play him this weekend, part one of Emery being boxed into better decisions by circumstance.

I think it’s absolutely hilarious to watch Emery dance around in tar over the ‘problem’ of Xhaka. Any manager that could read the situation would have seen this issue as a huge opportunity.

  1. Emery could have won respect of the fans and players by making a decision on Arsenal principles.
  2. He could have used the actions of a petulant player to cover for his HORRENDOUS mistake in giving the player the armband in the first place.

Best thing for him is he doesn’t have to start a player that’s a tactical weakness for us for the next month. Let’s be honest, Emery was coming around to the idea that his captain was shit. He subbed him off on 70 against Sheffield United, then on 64 against Palace.

By total fluke, we might start to see a midfield that’s more balanced and fit for the Premier League games.

That’s the good news.

On the bad news front, you can tell the beginnings of the end are upon us for the manager. The club has lost control of the media narrative. Players, agents and journos are not playing ball like the used to. Ultimately, it’s because the media don’t like Emery, I was hearing that last year, now fan sentiment has switched, watch them go for his jugular.

The Independent has a weird story about the players ripping the piss out of Emery behind his back.

There are some other stories about agents raising the ‘bad management’ to senior leadership. Last season, I wouldn’t have believed it, this season, we have mega agents involved and players like David Luiz. Players bring down managers when you’re in bed with super agents.

This isn’t just an attack on Emery, it’s also getting at Edu. Where is his leadership and sharp decision making in all this? It’s a total mess and he’s all over this.

To cap off the nightmare week for Arsenal, Mesut Ozil is posting happy tweets which allude to him starting this weekend.

Once again, Emery has made a public stance about the player, once again, he’s caved.

We all knew he would. But we’ve literally gone from, ‘Edu and Raul told me to do it’ last week, to Mesut starting two games in a row. Mesut has played his hand superbly.

I think it’s the right decision considering how little creativity we’ve had in the squad. We’ve also seen that the player still has it, Mesut dropping a blistering performance in midweek.

… it half looks bad, doesn’t it.

If you are ostracising someone, go all in or don’t go public with what you are doing. Emery is an amateur. He did the same last season with Aaron Ramsey (and Ozil). If you don’t have the guts to follow through, don’t make big statements about players. Very simple.

Still, it appears we’ve landed in two good positions by accident. Our midfield will be more dynamic, and our most creative player will get the chance to succeed or fail.

Right, that’s me done. See you in the comments. x

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  1. Pierre

    With regard to Chelsea , I’m not sure it is right to brring their recent history into the equation when assessing how well they are playing this season.

    They lost their most talented player in the summer and have a front line of 3 inexperienced English kids with pulisic recently getting starts.

    The midfield of jorginho and kovacic were not rated at all by many on here but under the guidance of Lampard they are proving a lot of people wrong. .

    Also Chelsea have been without Kante and Rudiger , who one would think would be irreplaceable at the start of the season.

    Lampard is showing how it should be done, he is brave in his selections and brave in his tactics .

  2. WrightIsGod

    And to think I was having a debate on here with the likes of Un na nai about how important Mané is over Firmino and even Salah (to a lesser extent) to Liverpool.

  3. WrightIsGod

    And to think I was having a debate on here with the likes of Un na nai about how important Mané is over Firmino and even Salah (to a lesser extent) to Liverpool.

    Mané is not only the all round star of Liverpool but he is criminally underrated. I call him the black Suarez because he never stops defensively and offensively.

  4. Un na naai

    Fuck off emery
    Enough is enough
    Just pull the trigger
    This man makes the worst version of wenger look like god
    Only we have no emotional tie
    No history
    Nothing to be grateful for

  5. China1

    Yeah how about we DONT insult another posters wife just because of their take on emery

    Also as much as people all like a heated debate, some of the nasty comments on here are straight up bullying. I argue with Bamford as much as most but people need to make the disagreements less personal. Saying shit about him as a teacher or whatever is really uncalled for

  6. China1

    David interesting take on josh maybe being compromised but I don’t think Stan would insists josh keeps emery if it’s costing his business just to prove a point

    Stan cares about money and wnerybis a clear drain on ours

  7. Un na naai


    Then focus on more worthwhile comments
    You’re breathing life into the very thing you’re protesting against
    Must be another “English” teacher in China pretending he’s cultured

  8. Gonsterous

    I’m all for emery out, but not at the expense of getting mourinho.
    Or it could just be ironic as the most toxic fan base gets the most toxic manager in the world.

    If it were up to me, get freddie to take over till the end of the season. I’m sure a lot of kids look up to him and we could see what he’s made of unlike the arteta signing.

  9. Luteo Guenreira

    With the amount of regular posters and the familiarity with each other around here, I would think people wouldn’t get so sensitive about the insults that fly around on occasion. It’s not like this place is some random Twitter comment feed.

    No one really knows anyone here beyond their points of views on a few topics anyway, so any insult will be theoretical moreso than personal regardless. For example, even if I were to call Bamford a virgin for fun, it doesn’t mean that I actually believe he’s a virgin. In reality I’m pretty certain he’s made some young man happy at least one night in his life. Let’s all lighten up a bit. It’s just some banter. We can only talk about the same cycle of shit matches/Wenger/Brexit/Emery/Ozil/Xhaka for so long.

  10. Un na naai

    Latest results

    Loss – Sheffield United
    Win -Vitoria (skin of our teeth)
    Draw – crystal palace
    Loss – Liverpool
    Draw – wolves

  11. Un na naai


    I’ll remind you of that post.

    Remember that time when you called for Le Grover commenters not to get offended?

  12. Un na naai

    A perception Emery has struggled to communicate effectively with his players due to a language barrier is believed to be a cause for concern behind the scenes.

    Called this over a year ago
    So did Pedro

    “I think we do well in our work and our way and we go to positions”

    Wtf backwards talk is this? Pull the trigger. Can this retard
    Send him back to Spain

  13. Un na naai

    After the game against Wolves, however, he surprisingly said he was happy with the performance, despite being outplayed.

    He said he felt it was an equal match, and that the players tried and worked hard, deserving more from the game.

    But ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno was perplexed by his comments and tore into the Gunners boss.
    What?! What are you talking about?!” he asked, stunned, in response to Emery’s comments.

    “You get out-shot at home, not just out-shot by a couple – double the amount of shots by Wolves.
    “They dominated the game in the second half, Arsenal were hanging on at home.
    “And you’re telling me this is exactly how we wanted to play the game? That tactically this is what we wanted to do?

    You lost points at home, you were hanging on, you were fortunate to escape with a point. And this is what you say?

    “Sometimes coaches have to get out of their own way.

    “They have to get out of the idea that they have all the ideas and everything they told the players, they executed.

    “He looks like an idiot saying something like this.

  14. Un na naai

    After the match, the odds that the Gunners’ head coach Unai Emery will end up getting the sack were slashed from 23/1 to 8/1.

    This one’s for you
    Tick tock

  15. Un na naai

    Travel agent Tony must have got on the single Malt again after the rugby
    He’s normally farting his views at this time

    China must have got burned with the engrish teacha comment

  16. Un na naai

    Emery made his first change on the hour mark, sending on Gabriel Martinelli for Lacazette. A bit odd, but not as odd as then throwing on Bukayo Saka for Torreira in the 73rd minute. Again the Uruguayan was deemed expendable by the manager, but with all due respect to Saka, who I like, why not Pepe? It felt a strange move, and it was hard to work out what our shape was at that point.

    Minutes later Wolves grabbed their equaliser when Ceballos let his man run off him from a throw in, and the cross was headed home when Jimenez out-jumped Calum Chambers. Arsenal conceding from a winning position, like night follows day. Still, there were 14 minutes plus injury time to find a winner. Throw on Pepe, see if he can make something happen. But nothing happened until Emery’s last throw of the dice which was Sead Kolasinac coming on for Kieran Tierney.

    Arseblog in the money as per

    I fucking detest him sending on kolasinac for tierney as his go to sub

    Fucking moron

  17. Un na naai

    At home, we desperately need a win, and he’s putting on a left back? What on earth? There was no mention of Pepe in the post-match press conference, which surprised me because it’s a legitimate question. Perhaps he was unfit, and it’s not uncommon for a player incapable of doing 90 minutes to be on the bench in case you need him. But if he wasn’t fit enough for the seven minutes he gave Kolasinac, why was he on there at all? If he was fit enough, why didn’t Emery use him? It’s baffling management, not least because with Chambers, Sokratis and Luiz it would have been very simple to shift to a back three and throw the kitchen sink at Wolves in the final stages.

  18. Un na naai

    If you look at the subs, it looks like Emery was more afraid of losing the game than he was interested in winning it, which wouldn’t be a surprise given the conservatism and cautiousness he’s displayed since he arrived at the club. Throwing on a couple of kids and then eschewing the club’s record signing when we so badly needed three points is either incompetence or something more pointed. Either way, in terms of game management it left a lot to be desired and it might well cost him his job.

    Afterwards, when the boos at the final whistle had died down and he met the press afterwards, he suggested rather bizarrely that the players had carried out his instructions on the day well:

    The result is a bad result, but tactically I think we worked how we wanted. The players tried, they worked, so now we need to finish that match and focus on the next one.

    What can you say? I could go through the list of post-game, post-miserable performance buzzwords and talk about the lack of cohesion, the lack of a real identity in the way we played, no fluency, no aggression or control for most of the game, but what is the point? You all saw it, you’ve seen it all season long, and last season too. This is not a new phenomenon, this is who Unai Emery is and the initial newness of him created a bit of momentum but it’s well and truly gone now. This Arsenal are team are shuddering to a halt under this manager.

    Here are some cold hard facts:

    Wolves had 25 shots yesterday, Arsenal had 10.
    Arsenal’s last shot on target came in the 32nd minute when Lacazette forced the keeper into a relatively decent save.
    Arsenal have taken just 2 points from the last 9 available.
    Arsenal have won just 2 of the last 9 Premier League games.
    Since beating Newcastle 2-0 on April 1st 2019, Arsenal have won just 6 of the subsequent 18 Premier League games (and also got battered in a European final).
    So, despite a summer which regenerated a lot of the goodwill which was lost by the appalling end to last season, and which refreshed the squad in a way that the majority of people were happy with, we’re just seeing more of the same from Emery. Nothing has improved, nothing looks like it’s getting better, there’s no defined style of play, defensively we’re a shambles (just two clean sheets from 11 Premier League games), and you cannot tell me that the players are on board with this. They’re struggling because of Emery, and I believe the squad we have is capable of a lot better than this.

    At this point, we’re just delaying the inevitable by not replacing him. He’s not going to turn this around, and while I realise a Twitter poll isn’t a fully accurate measure of fan sentiment, the results to the one I posted yesterday speak for themselves: