CORRECTION: Xhaka did apologise, but the substance still questionable

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The Arsenal official ‘no apology’ was actually inaccurate according to a Swiss Arsenal fan who spied the Insta story.

‘It’s badly translated by the way. The German version on his insta sounds more like an apology. He said “that was not my intention and I am sorry”. Not “I’m sorry if that’s what people thought” which is indeed not apologising…’

Via @amackenz1e

I think it’s important to fairly note, that after 3 days, Xhaka finally apologised, sort of.

Before I crack into this, just from a personal perspective, I understand what it’s like to have people hate you on the internet. If you’re well-liked in real life, but most people think you’re a massive whopper online, it’s quite hard to deal with the disconnect. It’s also mentally frying when you’re saying things the masses violently disagree with… logging onto, ‘cunt’, ‘attention seeker’, ‘liar’, ‘scum’ and ‘dog pervert’ is not fun.

I know what it feels like, because I’ve had it on and off for 13 years. I even had someone throw a bottle at me in a pub once when I was with Matt Scott.

So please, before I start dissecting this, understand this comes from a position of kind-of-experience, even if it’s not at the same volume as an actual famous person.

Here goes.

Social media is a cesspit. The internet took away hierarchy of opinion. Every single person in the world can have a view and if it gains enough traction, it holds a weird equal weight online regardless of who posts it. This is not real life. If a homeless person throws dogs mess at someone in the park, it’s not news. Someone of the equivalent level throws a dog shit comment and it can become news and hold authority because there’s no context to who is saying it. This is why disinformation online is so easy.

Back in the day, it was hard to access famous people, so superstars didn’t really feel the heat of the day to day dog shit throwers. That is not the case now.

It doesn’t matter how many times you complain that ‘the abusers should be held accountable’, the simple fact of the internet is that accountability is not achievable because of the scale of the issue. Abuse is here to stay. It’ll never go. Even if we had the powers to police it, in the grand scheme of local London issues, I think I’d prefer the police focus on real issues like knife crime and such.

The above commentary does not mean I am condoning abuse, far from it, I’m just saying it’s an immovable reality.

So this was Xhaka’s response:

“My feeling of not being understood by fans, and repeated abusive comments at matches and in social media over the last weeks and months have hurt me deeply. People have said things like ‘We will break your legs’, ‘Kill your wife’ and ‘Wish that your daughter gets cancer’. That has stirred me up and I reached boiling point when I felt the rejection in the stadium on Sunday.

“In this situation I let myself get carried away and reacted in a way that disrespected the group of fans that support our club, our team and myself with positive energy. That has not been my intention and I’m sorry if that’s what people thought. My wish is to get back to a place of mutual respect, remembering why we fell in love with this game in the first place. Let’s move forward positively together.”

There are two issues at play here.

  1. Arsenal fans booed and sarcastically jeered him after he walked off slowly when we were chasing a game. Booing, as YankeeGunner on Twitter pointed out, is part of the game. It is not abuse. Sure, it’s not pleasant, but let’s not roll boos in with wishing cancer on children.
  2. The internet is not real, nor is it tightly linked to fans that go to the ground. No one knows the people that made those comments, no one would condone them in the ground, no one even knows if the fans were linked to Arsenal.

Xhaka showed extremely bad judgement when he gesticulated to the fans last week. He is supposed to lead by example and for the 3rd time this season he let his guard down (‘we were scared + ‘it was the strikers’), he caved to his feelings and he told the fans to fuck off.

He should have apologised, he should have blamed being tired on the stress of a difficult newborn and he should have asked for forgiveness even if he didn’t mean it. Simple. We’d have all forgiven him.

The two comments he pulled out reminded me of being back at school.

‘Damian, I fucked your mum last night’

‘My mum’s dead. Died in a helicopter crash’

Xhaka found the two worst comments and spun a narrative from them. He went straight for the victim card. How can you knock a man that’s had his kids spoken about like that? It shut down rational conversation and diverted attention to the scourge of dim people online.

I can’t abide by that.  It’s the biggest shirk of responsibility going. A cowardly move.

I have two points on this.

People prone to stress complaining about the internet making them sad is an actual trend.

Here’s an idea. Turn off the comments to the general public. I did that on my Twitter last year and it stopped me feeling like my phone was a giant ball of molten hell in my pocket. What you can’t read doesn’t hurt you. Surround yourself with people that love you (Yo Twitter/LG fam, I literally love you) and it immediately makes you feel better.

If you REALLY can’t handle the abuse, delete the apps. Take them off your phone. Give the access codes to someone else. SUPER easy when you’re a rock star footballer. Most of them have agencies to take care of their feeds so the STARS don’t have to deal with it and can spend their time being RICH.

Another point that people need to remember here. PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALLERS ARE NOT NORMAL. Being in the top 1% of humans in the world comes with perks and not-so-much-perks. Huge money, fame, nice seats in Nandos… are the perks. The not-so-much-perks are pretty easy to deal with, don’t go on social media, don’t leave the game on the train, and don’t send 🍆 pics to models if you’re married.

As Tim Payton, expert in sports PR said yesterday:

‘Correct Pete. Of course it’s scumbags doing it. But professional athletes have to manage their lives to perform well. That includes insulating themselves from this sort of abuse. It’s literally day 1 of personal development/media training for sports people.’

People from the club have told me that the players are trained not to look at it, absolute basics. Some do, obviously, but as I said earlier, it’s often the media team doing it for them.

Toughen up, you are the captain of the club, there are no excuses

A lot of people are taking deep offence to the notion that you can ask someone to be tough in 2019.

This is elite sport. The captain is a warrior position. If you can be rattled by twats on the internet, lose your cool at the home fans, then take three days to drop a half-apology littered with excuses, are you really captain material?

People lose their cool, that’s life. Apologise fast, own up, show the team that you’re fallible but brave enough to own it.

Everyone takes abuse personally, it’s not nice, but it’s part of fame. If it stresses you out, take action and make changes to your habits that allow you to see it. Abuse has always been part of been part and parcel of leadership, the greatest absorb it like a lightning rod, the meek cave.

Rapinoe went against the President and hard right of America. She didn’t fade. She used it to her advantage. She channelled the rage of ugly America and raised the women’s game to new levels and brought the World Cup back home to America. Her bravery and leadership single-handedly landed her ENTIRE team a raise.

Unreal. She never caved. She never wavered. She absolutely owned it… and let’s be honest, she dealt with far worse because she was a woman.

That’s leadership. That’s inspirational. That’s being accountable.

That’s all I’ve got. Time to move on for the fans. The apology was there, I’m just not sure the circumstances were befitting of a leader and I’m not sure the substance showed he understood the gravity of his petulant actions. I don’t think he’s a leader, but that’s not my decision to make.

Tell me, what do you think? Don’t you dare call me a dog pervert…

P.S. Listen to my Pod with Matt on leadership.

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  1. Un na naai

    The very fact that Corbyn put his cock inside Diane Abbott tells you plenty about his judgement.

    The same people who want to ban public schools but all attended one and sent their kids. Abbott is fucking mongrel. Everything leads back to the windrush with her as well.
    Face like a bo selecta character

  2. Un na naai

    Marc I did indeed

    Politics of fantasy
    She didn’t like it. Just shows how deluded they are and how they surround themselves in an echo chamber
    Clearly it was the first time she’d been shit down like that. Her reaction told the whole story

  3. Redtruth

    “Did you see Jo Swinson on the Andrew Neil show on Wednesday?”

    Did you see the James Cleverly interview immediately after…lol……fucking retard …lol

  4. HillWood

    Anyone saying we are “only “ 4points adrift is deluded
    Those points will take a lot of clawing back and need Chelsea and Leicester to fuck up
    And Crystal fuckin Palace are right up our rectum

  5. Un na naai

    RedtruthNovember 1, 2019 20:19:56
    Farage and Johnson are America’s poodle.
    Bending over and going down on Trump is not Brexit…

    Really?? Rather that than poodles to the communist open border wankers in the EU

  6. Un na naai

    RedtruthNovember 1, 2019 20:24:33
    Trump is a terrorist sympathiser .
    He attended an IRA fundraiser in New York.


    Look up the word “irony”

  7. Cesc Appeal

    Guys, let’s not lay into Corbyn.

    One of his best mates was killed by US Special Forces just days ago.

    Little respect.

  8. Marc


    The front of the business section in the Telegraph today has an interesting piece on how the big financial players are pricing in a huge leap in the strength of Sterling and a huge amount of “on hold” investment flooding into the UK economy after the election.

    Of course they are expecting a comfortable Johnson win.

    A Corbyn win and the 2008 crash will look like a picnic in comparison to what’ll happen.

  9. Un na naai


    Corbyn has no chance. It’s why they kept turning down the offer of an election.
    Labour deserted their northern heartlands and sold them down the river to immigrants.
    They will never recover from it.

  10. Marc


    Had Corbyn been in charge in 2008 there wouldn’t have been an economy to crash.

    I would also point out that we have a Labour Government in power at the time. One that boasted about getting rid of boom and bust. They only managed not to fuck the economy in the late nineties because they stuck to Tory spending and taxation figures.

  11. Un na naai


    No mate
    I like priti too.

    Labour wade the recession worse by reckless borrowing and spending as they’ve have done for decades. The ONLY reason labour or the democrats get in at all only more is through a seismic demographic shift. They know it. Hence the open borders bull shit

  12. Marc


    Why did we go into the crash with a deficit when we’d had years of prosperity under a Labour Government?

    Surely if they were so good they’d have had the books at least balanced?

  13. Marc


    Israel doesn’t need spies over here – we give them relevant intelligence as they are an ally.

    I know that’s difficult to accept if you are antiemetic.

  14. Redtruth

    Un na naai

    Stop it….History shows Labour have always managed the Economy better than the Tories …If you continue to be a cunt, i’ll start copy and pasting facts that prove it…

  15. Un na naai

    RedtruthNovember 1, 2019 20:53:17
    Priti Patel besides having s fat arse is also an Israeli spy.

    You say this like they are negatives

  16. Redtruth

    “Why did we go into the crash with a deficit when we’d had years of prosperity under a Labour Government?”

    It was a Globsl crash…you numpty lol

  17. Left Testicle

    This may be controversial but why the fuss over the NHS? In my experience it’s dog shit. Can’t see your GP for weeks. You can wait hours for an ambulance. Get dumped in a corridor in AE. Enter hospital with one thing and get sepsis. Not to mention the shitty administration.

  18. Redtruth

    When facts do not change perception, we are firmly in the ground of ideology. The Tories themselves have clearly announced the break with business for the sake of another ideology they hold dearer – Brexit. Tory MPs and ministers say “fuck business”, hide from business leaders and insult the Bank of England governor. Their economic credibility, even literacy, is shot, promising £20bn for the NHS from a phantom “Brexit dividend”. The UK boss of ThyssenKrupp said only last month that the Conservatives have “failed business” by not making decisions to benefit the economy, but “to prevent an implosion in their own party”.

  19. bennydevito

    Fuck politics man. Let’s talk about Engerlaaaand in the WC final tomorrow.

    After beating Australia then New Zealand, we have to be the favourites surely?

  20. Un na naai

    Their economic credibility, even literacy, is shot, promising £20bn for the NHS from a phantom “Brexit dividend”.

    No such promises were made
    A slogan on a bus citing we could give £39b to the NHS.

  21. Marc


    Well as a global event the 2008 crash hit the UK and the US far harder than other countries as we have 2 of the biggest financial industries in the world.

    That aside you didn’t answer my question – Why did we go into the crash with a deficit when we’d had years of prosperity under a Labour Government?

    I’m not asking why we had the crash, I’m not asking where it affected I’m asking why we had a huge national debt after years of Labour’s brilliant economic leadership.

    Did you ignore the question because you don’t want to answer it?

  22. Redtruth

    UK economy would be 5% bigger under Labour than a Conservative government by 2022
    The report said Britain’s economic fortunes were tied up with the outcome of Brexit and a possible general election, leading to the conclusion that the outlook would be much brighter if Mr Corbyn led the next government rather than Mr Johnson.
    in Business & Economics, Economics
    The UK economy would be five per cent bigger under a Labour government than a Conservative government by 2022, according to Citi forecasts.

    Just months after it was reported that major banks had warmed to the idea of Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister, new economic forecasts suggest Britain could be significantly better off under his stewardship.

  23. Marc


    Actually the Guardian was loosely reporting some facts. What they don’t mention is the reason for the issues –


  24. Redtruth

    Government debt under Labour was a major factor in the elections of 2010 and 2015. But to what extent did the Labour government really plunge the economy into debt during 1997-2007?

    Usually, when people say ‘it’s debt that got us into this mess’. They tend to view all types of debt as the same – equating government debt to financial debt incurred from selling sub-prime mortgages in the US. However, this is deeply misleading. The consequence of bad debt defaults in the financial system is very different to government debt financed through selling bonds.

    Government debt

    In 1997, public sector debt as % of GDP:

    1997/98 – 40.4% of GDP
    2007/08 – 36.4% of GDP
    2010/11 – 60.0% of GDP.
    At the start of the great recession in 2007, public sector debt had fallen from 40.4% of GDP to 36.4% of GDP. This was despite increased real government spending. After the start of the crisis, public sector debt almost doubled in the space of three years.

    If we look at just actual government debt, there is a significant increase.

    In 1997, total public sector debt was:

    1997/98 – £352 bn
    2007/08 – £527 bn
    2010/11 – £902 bn
    Debt to GDP statistics were helped by the period of strong economic growth – a reminder that economic growth is as important at debt levels. It is also worth bearing in mind UK public sector debt in comparison to the post war period.

    UK national debt
    Even public sector debt of 60% of GDP is quite low compared to the historical average of public sector debt in the UK during the twentieth century. The very high period of debt in the 1950s was not a barrier to economic expansion.

    Budget Deficit
    The level of Net government borrowing at 2011/12 prices

    1997-98 – £ 7.8 bn
    2007-08 – £ 40.3 bn
    2010-11 – £ 145.1 bn

  25. Redtruth

    October 2015
    Labour governments: more fiscally “conservative” than Conservative ones?
    Jeremy Smith
    The current false “truth” endlessly repeated by those who would benefit from its propagation, and by those who should know better, is that Labour governments are fiscally profligate and/or incompetent compared to other parties’ governments.

    We have therefore looked at the respective records of both Conservative and Labour governments over the recent decades, and find that on several key indicators, including budget deficits and surpluses, Labour governments have been on balance more fiscally “conservative” than Conservative or Conservative-led governments.

    The financial crisis of 2008/9, with its consequent economic and fiscal fall-out, resulted not from fiscal profligacy but from foolish financial deregulation policies and over-reliance on the finance sector, for which all main political parties were responsible. And while the deficit resulting (and required) to deal with it was the highest as a share of GDP in the post-war period, the economic and fiscal policies of the Conservative-led Coalition also resulted in the slowest economic recovery from recession in that post-war period, allied to a snail-pace deficit reduction rate.

    Summary of key points:
    Public spending

    Within the UK, since 1972/3 (the start of the dataset) the highest three years for Total Managed Expenditure (TME) as a share of GDP were from 1974/5 to 1976/7. However, Mrs Thatcher’s early governments oversaw the highest sustained 5 year period of public spending as a share of GDP, with public spending that was 46% or more for a record 5 consecutive years, from 1980/81 to 1984/5.
    As regards UK public sector current spending (i.e. excluding capital spending), the highest figure as a percentage of GDP was 40.4% in 2009/10 under the Brown government. However, the highest sustained period of current spending was under the Thatcher government, from 1981/2 to 1984/5. Her government also saw a higher level of current spending as a share of GDP for 6 consecutive years than in any year of the 1974/9 Labour government.
    Budget deficits

    Looking at current budget deficits or surpluses (i.e. excluding public investment), for the period from 1956 to 2008, Conservative governments had an average annual surplus of 0.3% of GDP, while Labour governments had an average annual surplus of 1.1%.
    For the period starting 1970/1, In the case of Conservative governments, the average annual current deficit for this period is 0.6% of GDP, while for Labour governments over the same period, the average current budget deficit is 0.3% of GDP.
    Looking at overall budget deficits (i.e. including public investment) for the period 1970/1 to 2008, for Conservative governments, over this period the average annual overall deficit is 2.9% of GDP, while for Labour governments in the same period, the average overall deficit is 2.6% of GDP.
    Public investment

    Conservative governments, over the period 1971 to 2008, spent a higher percentage of GDP on average on public investment than did Labour governments (this excludes PFI), whether one looks at gross or net investment. Gross investment per year by Conservative governments was on average 5% of GDP, while that by Labour governments it was 4.3%.
    Public debt

    Taking the period 1974 to 2008, the level of net debt as a share of GDP has fluctuated sharply under both Conservative and Labour governments (with a bigger fall under the 1979-97 Conservative government), but net debt as a percentage of GDP was lower at the end than at the start under each government than at its start, including the 1997 Labour government up till 2008.
    But once the financial crisis hit, the ratio worsened greatly, so that by the end of the Labour government, the debt to GDP ratio was some 25 percentage points higher than at the outset in 1997. Under the 2010-2015 Coalition government, the debt to GDP ratio rose further by around 18 percentage points.
    Taking the amount of annual debt interest payments as a share of GDP since 1964, these peaked under the 1979-97 Conservative government at 3.5%, and were lowest under the 1997-2010 Labour government at 2.3% of GDP. With the increase in public debt since 2009, this increased to 2.9% of GDP under the Coalition government
    Unemployment rate

    Since 1970, the best average annual unemployment rate was achieved by the Heath Conservative government of 1970/4 with 3.4%, and by far the worst under the 1979/97 Conservative government, with an average annual rate of 9.3%, and exceeding 10% for 6 full years. The 1974/9 Labour government had an average rate of 4.9%, and the 1997-2010 government 5.6%. The 2010-15 Coalition government’s average rate was 7.6%.
    The challenge!
    On the BBC Radio 4 PM news programme last Friday, PRIME’s Ann Pettifor affirmed, in a debate on the “right size” of the state, that Labour governments have generally been more fiscally “conservative” than Conservative governments. David Smith, the Sunday Times’ economics correspondent, asked – fairly enough – on twitter what she meant by this, but seemed not to like the (wholly accurate) response that, for example, Labour governments since 1956 (the start of the ONS database) have on average had lower annual current budget deficits than Conservative governments. A big twitter debate ensued.

  26. Un na naai


    That’s exactly my point. Even the guardian is reporting economic growth.
    All the project yellow bollocks talk, all the fear mongering, all the phoney predictions.

    Oh and red
    I think you’re confusing forced austerity with mishandling the economy. How else do you expect to get national debt down? More borrowing? More immigration, forcing down wages and driving up house prices?

    There is a reason why labour are so low in the polls and don’t forget, those polls don’t take into account the silent conservative/brexit vote. No amount of cutting and pasting from left wing rags is going to compromise that

  27. Gentlebris

    “Last year we felt very strong with our supporters at the Emirates. This year we are not starting with the same strong (relationship).”
    -Unai Emery.

    Is this guy so dumb that he didn’t realize that there was a Wengexit festival going on last season?

  28. HillWood

    The NHS has it’s faults but 5 years ago I had brain cancer
    They saved my life man
    I had an appointment at Barts only today
    You saying it’s dog shit is just fucking ignorant

  29. Un na naai

    The Japanese health care system is considered the best in the world
    Its partly private and partly state funded and importantly is there for Japanese citizens and not to be abused by scores of healthcare tourists.

  30. Marc

    So we basically live in a UK where Old Labour didn’t work (great Tory election poster) and even the lefty scum realised that being lead by some ginger welsh moron was not going to work out so they morphed into New Labour and we got the worst crash in living memory and an illegal war – so that didn’t work out either so the lefty filth have moved to Corbyn a guy Old Labour dismissed as being a liability as the new version of Labour. This is a guy who’s politics were recently tried out in Venezuela and now we have mass starvation and hyper inflation.

    Can’t wait for Red to explain at length with many cut and pastes how the politics were right is was someone else’s fault.

    The battle cry of the left – it’s your fault we’re fucking useless and lazy.

  31. Left Testicle

    I’m pleased they saved your life but a private system would have also saved your life. In my experience it is dog shit.

  32. Left Testicle

    I was mistakenly put on a blood thining drug for 3 months due to a misdiagnosis. I know numerous stories of mistakes from friends and family.

  33. Left Testicle

    At some point the NHS will go the same way as Thomas Cook. You can’t keep throwing money at it without raising taxes.

  34. Redtruth

    How does this announcement compare to Labour’s health spending record?
    Healthcare spending rose in real terms every year that Labour was in government, except for 2009 and 2010 – that’s 12 out of 14 years.

    Over the course of their time in office, we estimate that the average annual growth rate in healthcare spending under Labour was 5.6 per cent – even accounting for inflation.

    Since 2010, annual growth in the health budget has been significantly slower than it was under most of Labour’s time in office. The IFS says: “UK public health spending grew in real terms by an average of 1.3 per cent per year between 2009-10 and 2015-16.”

    This doesn’t just put the Conservatives below Labour’s average spend – the IFS point out that this is “substantially below” the long-term trend growth between 1955 and 2016, when health budgets grew by 4.1 per cent a year on average.

  35. Marc

    The problem with the NHS is it’s become idolised to a point where any form of criticism is not allowed.

    There are things it does very well and there are things that are piss poor and it wastes a crazy amount of money.

    There is also an issue with it being free at the point of service – people don’t think there’s a cost so don’t give a shit about missing a doctor’s appointment. It therefore doesn’t have any “value” because people don’t associate having paid for a service.

    If someone had paid £2000 for a doctors appointment I’ll guarantee if they didn’t make it they would be in a worse shape than what the appointment was for! Or at least call and cancel it.

    Until people respect what it is and realise that looking to improve things doesn’t just mean throwing more money at it.

  36. Un na naai

    Don’t forget they lied to get us to Iraq
    Sexed yo the dossier
    Had dr David kelly murdered

    Opened the border to rub our noses in diversity and to deliberately change the demographics of Britain.
    Dragged us into the Lisbon treaty
    Lied to us for years about a referendum
    Increased the number of seats on labour strong holds to rig the elections
    Now we’ve had one they are doing everything and anything within their power to deny our vote

  37. Left Testicle

    According to you everything is the Tories fault. Are you named Red because of your love of Arsenal or communism?

  38. Marc


    Some years ago my mum had a doctors appointment on a routine check up on a regular prescription. 5 minutes in alarm bells are going off because the doctor is talking about all sorts of new treatments, she’s pushes the question and gets a condescending response, she pushes again and then the doctor realises he’s called up the wrong patient information on his PC.

  39. Peckobill

    You guys all well and good but go find a fucking blog on politics . We all got our views but I come on here for all things arsenal

  40. Left Testicle

    Similar with my mum. She receives a letter calling her in for her eye problem. She attends as. although confused, she had recently had a cataract removed. At the appointment the hospital realise they sent the letter to the wrong person. The stories are numerous. You’re right – you’re not allowed to criticise the NHS. A bit like Arsenal under Arsene.

  41. Redtruth

    Below is a list of every current MP that voted for the Iraq war:


    Adrian Bailey

    Kevin Barron

    Margaret Beckett

    Hilary Benn

    Clive Betts

    Ben Bradshaw

    Nick Brown

    Chris Bryant

    Andy Burnham

    Alan Campbell

    Ann Clwyd

    Vernon Coaker

    Ann Coffey

    Yvette Cooper

    Jon Cruddas

    Jim Cunningham

    Wayne David

    Geraint Davies

    Jim Dowd

    Angela Eagle

    Maria Eagle

    Louise Ellman

    Paul Farrelly

    Frank Field

    Jim Fitzpatrick

    Caroline Flint

    Mike Gapes

    Barry Gardiner

    Roger Godsiff

    David Hanson

    Harriet Harman

    John Healey

    Mark Hendrick

    Margaret Hodge

    George Howarth

    Lindsay Hoyle

    Alan Johnson

    Helen Jones

    Kevan Jones

    Gerald Kaufman

    David Lammy

    Chris Leslie

    Ivan Lewis

    Fiona Mactaggart

    John Mann

    Rob Marris

    Gordon Marsden

    Steve McCabe

    Siobhain McDonagh

    Steve Pound

    Geoffrey Robinson

    Joan Ryan

    Barry Sheerman

    Andrew Smith

    Angela Smith

    John Spellar

    Gisela Stuart

    Mark Tami

    Gareth Thomas

    Stephen Timms

    Derek Twigg

    Stephen Twigg

    Keith Vaz

    Tom Watson

    David Winnick

    Rosie Winterton


    David Amess

    Henry Bellingham

    John Bercow

    Paul Beresford

    Crispin Blunt

    Peter Bottomley

    Graham Brady

    Julian Brazier

    Simon Burns

    Alistair Burt

    David Cameron

    Bill Cash

    Christopher Chope

    Geoffrey Clifton-Brown

    David Davis

    Jonathan Djanogly

    Alan Duncan

    Iain Duncan Smith

    Nigel Evans

    Michael Fabricant

    Michael Fallon

    Mark Field

    Liam Fox

    Mark Francois

    Roger Gale

    Edward Garnier

    Nick Gibb

    Cheryl Gillan

    James Gray

    Chris Grayling

    Damian Green

    Dominic Grieve

    Philip Hammond

    John Hayes

    Oliver Heald

    Gerald Howarth

    Bernard Jenkin

    Boris Johnson

    Greg Knight

    Eleanor Laing

    Oliver Letwin

    Julian Lewis

    Ian Liddell-Grainger

    David Lidington

    Peter Lilley

    Tim Loughton

    Theresa May

    Patrick McLoughlin

    Andrew Mitchell

    George Osborne

    Owen Paterson

    Eric Pickles

    Mark Prisk

    John Redwood

    Laurence Robertson

    Andrew Rosindell

    Andrew Selous

    Keith Simpson

    Nicholas Soames

    Caroline Spelman

    Gary Streeter

    Desmond Swayne

    Hugo Swire

    Robert Syms

    David Tredinnick

    Andrew Tyrie

    Angela Watkinson

    John Whittingdale

    Bill Wiggin


    Gregory Campbell (DUP)

    Nigel Dodds (DUP)

    Jeffrey M. Donaldson (UUP then DUP)

    Sylvia Hermon (UUP then independent)

  42. Un na naai

    My Gran went to the nhs with chest pains for 3 months
    Was told she had Pleurisy.
    It was cancer.
    She was dead 2 months after that.

  43. Left Testicle

    All the while the Arsenal supporting Corbyn is Labour leader they won’t govern.

    Do you see what I did there?

  44. Left Testicle

    Would genuinely be interesting how to see how much we all contribute to the NHS. Would it be that much more expensive to have health insurance?

    Ian Selley.

  45. Nelson

    This storm is killing almost all cities in the east coast. We lost power the whole day. How I miss the civilization.

  46. HillWood

    Private health care uses NHS hospitals
    NHS doctors
    NHS equipment Ie radio therapy machines
    I’m sure my oncology consultant would offer his apologies to you for having to wait a couple days to see a doctor about your sore throat

  47. Peckobill

    Fair play , top marks for effort.
    Get back to defending emery or something, pack in those mile long messages , it’s not you and it’s not funny it’s like I entered the fucking twilight zone

  48. Marc


    No one would ever suggest that there aren’t and shouldn’t be priorities. It’s this view that the NHS is above analysis.

    I would also point out that the private health care providers using NHS equipment etc are putting extra cash in to the NHS whilst also removing patients from their workload.

    It’s a win win for the NHS.

  49. Peckobill

    For fuck sake put a new post up or something and make it controversial to get these shits on here back on track

  50. Marc


    There’s nothing stopping you putting up an interesting comment that sparks some debate.

    Pedro put’s a lot of time and effort into this (admittedly he works in marketing and they only do about 2 hours per day) it’s not fair to expect him to jump to attention.

  51. HillWood

    Believe me I’ve been through the system and have nothing but praise for the care I have recieved and am still receiving
    That’s all I’m going to say as I obviously won’t be changing your view

  52. Marc


    That’s so fucking stupid. Me not you -we’ve had weather warnings over here about high winds when you said the East Coast I thought you were going to come back with somewhere like Ipswich!

  53. Redtruth

    “Everything else aside I hope it all goes well.”

    But Marc will still vote Conservative despite them being responsible for Hillwood’s and many thousands of others plight.

  54. Left Testicle

    You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

    ..and in RTs case you can’t please RT at all because of the nasty tories.

  55. Luteo Guenreira

    Joke Friday

    Bamford takes his students on a field trip to a barn.

    Bamford: “Kids, what does the chicken give you?”
    Students: “Meat!”
    Bamford: “Very good! Now what does the sheep give you?”
    Students: “Wool!”
    Bamford: “Great! And what does the fat pig give you?”
    Students: “Homework!”

    Then there some dispute among the students about whether their teacher was really a pig, or actually a more of a cow because of the fact that he had tits and looked like he could milk himself. He listened and then cried while sitting on a bale of hay.

    The end.

  56. Nelson

    One thing I find that although both Ceballos and Ozil are both midfielder, Ceballos prefers to play on the left side while Ozil on the right side. Last game, AMN has benefited a lot playing with Ozil. I am looking forward to see how Ozil will interface with Pepe.

  57. Bojangles

    Auba does go missing during games but he is paid mainly to score goals which he does regularly. I doubt any player in world football has scored every game he has played in a season.

    A player has 2 or 3 good games he is world class, has a bad game he is shit. Just highlights the fickleness of fans and no need to look further than LG for the evidence.

  58. Bojangles

    Aresnal gentleman’s weekly review has coined Emerybollocks which for me sums up how we play much better than Emeryball.

  59. Terri Maaki

    It’s wasnt a majority though was it? So called ‘indigenous’ people pining to go back to the good ol days, jumpers for goal posts, Dr Martin p@k@ bashing, blankety blank on the tele, unions picketing, deserted streets like every Sunday is Christmas….such fond memories

  60. Tony

    As for the Wolves game? No doubt it will be an addition to Emery’s catalogue of errors in selection, tactics and poor management of the players.

    I thought the earlier posted Independent article summed the game, Emery and state of affairs at the club really well.

    We need a win but I’m not confident we’ll get it.

  61. China1

    Re health insurance as much as anything is how the system works, not whether or not it’s public/private

    For example in China it’s private but for low level concerns I’d say it’s vastly superior to the UK in many cases, such as speed and efficiency. However as with the American system, when it comes to serious health issues the costs literally become a joke

    There was that british couple that went to America a couple of years back and the woman prematurely gave birth. Kid was in an incubator for a month or something and they wanted to charge her something like $250k. Who seriously sits in an office making up these comedy prices? It’s frabkly disgusting

    In China as well the doctors get a cut from medical suppliers for everything they administer, so they have a vested interest to push medication that you don’t really need

    I think it’s good for the government to run it to avoid nonsense like that, but I don’t think the approach we use is necessarily very well designed or efficient

  62. China1

    Re xhaka and pep, let’s just offer him to them in January and see if they’re dumb enough to actually pay something for him

  63. China1

    In China you can have a fever, go straight to hospital, do a blood test, get the results, do an intravenous drip to cure it and be back home within an hour start to finish

    In the UK assuming you can even get a doctors appointment at your local surgery on the same day, how long will it take you get the results of your blood test? By the time you got the results you probably don’t even feel bad anymore half the time

  64. Graham62

    Nervous about the rugby.

    Feel it will be very tight.

    Hoping and praying England come out on top.

    Come on England!!

  65. Tony

    Bob I wondered about that because in the 6 Nations it pretty much was a Groundhog Day for England to win the toughest mach, such as Ireland away, and then lose to Scotland at Murryfield or similar.

    We just have to hope Jones has got their mind set right for the game.

    Also like you I would have preferred Nowell to be fit, and there are question marks over May’s hamstring.

    Graham; I think you’re right maybe only one tryin it at the end of the game.

    On paper we should win but this is a WC where anything can happen.

  66. Graham62

    As for the Wolves game, feel that could go either way.

    Wolves are a very good side and are quite capable of coming to the Emirates and beating us.

    Concerned about Traore who has come on leaps and bounds this season. Fudge, add these leaps and bounds to his incredible pace and you’ve got a hell of a player.

    Fancy either another score draw or a narrow 2-1 or 3-2 win.

    Aubamayang and Lacazette to score. Hopefully Pepe will come up with the winner.

  67. Useroz

    It may not be a surprise if Pep could make Xhara a great asset at City. Just pay 35m for that privilege….

    All hell would break loose if Emery fucks it up today., without Xhara.

    Saka should be rested seriously to avoid a burnout with this talent.

    Would rather start Martinelli to see how he responds to a PL start. I think Martinelli is a CF though Emery would use him on the wing if he starts.

    Ozil or not the MF is problematic even with Emery’s extensive video analyses!

  68. Samesong

    Wolves are ok team and will definitely score against us. Who doesn’t these days.

    The way to beat wolves is not to let them get into a rhythm in midfield. they are pretty shoddy at the back.

    Wolves like to press also so all thos playing out the back which Emery would.of learned the last time should be minimal.

  69. Graham62

    Not a day for politics but just a quickie before the rugby starts.

    England – population 56 million.
    Area- 130,000km2
    An infrastructure that really can’t cope.
    A society and culture that has allowed the PC brigade to take over.
    Law and order in turmoil.
    Still dishes out vast sums each year to countries around the world who we should not be giving a penny to.
    Easy access for all and sundry.
    Goes dark at 4 during the winter months.

    and yet amongst all of this crap we still manage to compete at the highest level in Sport.

    Stubborn little buggers!

    Come on England!

  70. TheBayingMob

    “ I’m pleased they saved your life but a private system would have also saved your life. In my experience it is dog shit.”

    Having lived in the US for the past four years I can tell you that a completely private system is also dog shit. It’s an absolute mess. All they are interested in is your insurance, what it’s worth and how much they can screw out of it.

    I’ve been deeply dismayed by the whole system. You can good treatment but man you have to work for it.

    I agreed with the comment earlier. A part private part state funded system for long term citizens only. It’s the only way forward.

  71. Vikram

    I was appalled to see that statement in the first place that too coming from a big club like Arsenal. Xhaka has auditioned to the entire football world that he is a pussy and not at all a captain material. A leader would never behave in such an immature manner and then just refuse to apologize. I agree he might have been mentally affected by some social media pricks taking a stab at him and his family but that doesn’t mean he can be a dick in front of the whole stadium at home game. This is a PR disaster for Arsenal. They shouldn’t have waited this long to publish the apology and just not allow this shit statement to be published at all.

  72. Samesong

    Wolves are more than just an “ok team

    How they lose to Villa then?

    They are a good team but they have their moments of shitiness just like us.

    I’ve been on record saying I rate Nuno the manager plenty of times.

  73. Valentin

    Commiseration to the England team, but today the best team won. South-Africa defense was immense.
    England has bet everything on the physical aspect of the game and they encountered a team bigger than them. What was disappointing what the fact they did not offload the ball after contact. When they did, there was always a knock-on.
    I have said before Eddie Jones is the best and worst thing of that England team. He will prepare them to the best of their ability, but he will also suck the unpredictability and ability to think on their feet of this team. When a tactic does not work, England did not have a player to decide to change tack.

  74. Valentin

    The UK health system is messed up, not so much because of public or private system but because of the shortage of human resources.

    UK has one of the lowest ratio of health practitioner (doctor, surgeon, nurse, physio, …) Per 100,000 person out of the major nations.

    In short UK Education system is so poor that it does not form enough doctors, nurses. 37% of hospital doctors gained their primary medical qualification outside the UK. 20% qualified in Asia and 9% qualified in the EU. For GPs, 4% qualified in the EU and 13% qualified in Asia.

    However if you take into account doctor who join the NHS within the last 10 years, them the proportion is much higher. Basically UK imports those from poorer nation. It does not plan anything.

    Failure to train nurses in sufficient numbers can be seen by the haphazard recruitment policy for nurse. Not enough nurse, set a system to have training nurse getting paid. Change the system so they have to work for free for a few hours. Change the system to pay them less than what is necessary for them to survive. Cancel the bursary system.