Puppet Master Behind Mesut Ozil Strategy

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I thought I’d wait to see what the BIG DOG DAVE ORNSTEIN penned on The Athletic this morning before dropping a post on the aftermath of Xhaka-gate yesterday.

Predictably, the piece points towards a familiar story… a lack of leadership at Arsenal.

I’m not calling time on anyone yet, but my deep fear is fancy players aside, the direction of Arsenal is somewhat off-track again, or, more to the point, has never been on track. Rumblings I hear from the club around leadership have been far from positive, and the fact that there was a motion to offer Unai Emery a new deal last summer tells you that the expertise levels in some parts of the boardroom are well off.

The big talking point today was the list of managers that were under consideration in 2018. The shortlist was pretty much where we expected it to be. I was surprised Enrique / Jardim weren’t on the list. I was surprised Lopetigui was on there. Outside that, the shortlist had all the obvious candidates.

Arteta was the frontrunner, the point that is missing for me is that Unai Emery most certainly wasn’t on the original shortlist. From what I understand, he was a last-minute sub when Ivan lost his nerve on Mikael Arteta. I don’t think it’s hard to piece that together from the timeline of events, and I think even the staunchest Emery fan would be hard pushed to convince anyone that Unai was a better candidate than most of the names on the list. I know that his English was raised as a concern by people at interview stage, namely, that he couldn’t speak a word of it. I know from doing my own personal numbers and research he was a bad candidate, so I can’t imagine our number crunchers gave him a thumbs-up, most likely because no analysis was done due to the time crunch. Even a cursory look at Google would tell you he couldn’t organise a defence, he had trouble with egos and the football was overly negative.

So unless every single person on that list rejected the club, it really must have just been Arteta at the death before we switched attention to someone that had been freshly fired.

Arteta’s lack of a backroom team was apparently a problem. Again, it’s another contradiction for me. The club has gone out of its way to talk about the new modern infrastructure, then the first thing we do is let Unai Emery bring in 5 of his own coaching staff, completely unvetted after being fired by PSG? How is that due diligence? We literally bought in a strength and conditioning coach when we already had one that had won a World Cup with Germany and transformed our pitiful operation back in the day. We had an assistant. We had a keeping coach. We had video analysts. We could have just copied what PSG did for Thomas Tuchel, namely, gone out and purchased whoever the best assistant in world football was at the time. If the only problem you have with a candidate is they don’t have 2 additional coaching staff, that’s kind of ideal. It reduces the candidate’s power, gives leadership more control of the direction of the club, and gives everyone the assurance that quality control measures were in place.

Major point here: The club fired Wenger in April. They had time to work out all of these kinks. They had the opportunity to rebuild Arsenal around a vision. Fuck whether that was Arteta or not. The idea was correct. Bring in a young coach with big ideas. Set the bar low with the fans, tell them we’re building an exciting future around kids, and we’re going to build from the ground up, and we’re going to make The Emirates the most exciting place to watch football in the world. Exactly the approach Chelsea took this season.

How could last season have been any worse than what it was? We’d have had a style in place now, a City light. The players would have known what they’re doing. We’d be in year two now and we’d all know exactly where we were heading as a club.

Again, I have to return us to the original point. Some of our leadership team wanted to give Emery a new deal last summer, despite the mountain of evidence he was tanking the squad. This season, seeing that we’re in deep decline again, with fires literally everywhere, we’re being assured the manager will be given time.

Based on what? A lack of a replacement could be a fair point. Not surprisingly, there’s no contingency plan outside Freddie Ljungberg, which is a huge problem and a major red flag. How can no thought have gone into contingency after watching the insipid Europa League final? How can they not have a list of 5 candidates after travelling down to the training and seeing what’s going on? We should have someone waiting by the phone, studying our squad, making plans.

You know what happens when you don’t have a plan? Jose Mourinho. The lack of direction we have is similar to that of United. Because you don’t know where you’re going, you outsource your decisions to super agents. Make no mistake, Mourinho would feel good in the moment, but he’s an arsonist. He’d bury us in 2 seasons. OGS is taking a lot of stick at the moment, no one is out here pointing the finger at Jose for the wreckage he left him to fix.

Interestingly I was told that Edu has been the black hand behind the Mesut Ozil issue that’s going on. Questionable strategy against a player that has public sentiment on his side, not to mention the fact he’s consistently communicated to the media that he’s going nowhere. Again, is this what you’d call leadership? Creating a huge media fuss for what is essentially a losing battle that has in part, contributed to the break-neck speed in which public sentiment has turned against the manager. I would also bet that this inconsistent behaviour has led to some of the dressing room split that lots of papers are reporting on this morning.

Remember this: Arsenal pulled forward transfer budget from this upcoming summer to make last year happen. It wasn’t a gift from Josh. It wasn’t anything clever. It was a major gamble. The missing part of the commendable effort was considering the manager. He’s not very good, we could all see that last season, but Raul has been so invested in the decision, maybe he can’t see beyond his nose here?

Let’s see where it goes, but it’s worth noting we’re in October, two of our captains are in disgrace, the football is terrible, there’s a dressing room split, the fans have turned against a manager so petrified at the moment he has ‘good ebening’ Tourettes syndrome and it’s affecting him in interviews.

Not a good look. We need strong leadership and we need it now. Showing faith in something that’s clearly broken is not that.

What’s the plan, Arsenal?

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  1. guest man aka WW

    At least we can oust Emery relatively quickly as opposed to the “lifer” just dictating his own job for life , that was Arsene Wenger.
    I think we should be optimistic….change is gonna happen.

  2. Ishola70

    So Edu is being criticised now in relation to Mesut Ozil?

    The Edu that has been portrayed on this blog in only positive terms up until now.

    People really need to get over Mesut Ozil.

    He is a completely different issue to the overall scheme. He is a problem all on his own.

    Ozil has been ostracised by the club. Fans need to take that on board.

    If people want to use a player such as Mesut Ozil to beat Emery with then all well all good. All things considered in warfare as they say. But others couldn’t give a toss about Mesut Ozil and can’t wait for the day he leaves the club. He’s like a turd blocking the toilet pipe with his overblown wage and his previous lack of overall input for that silly wage he is on.

  3. Keno

    Just wait and get Allegri or Luis Enrique for continuity. To rebuild from youth, Brendan Rogers or Patrick Vierra to be assisted by Freddie L. and allow them to use youth. Recruit youth and forget about the UCL or Top 4 nonsense.
    Aresenal had a chance to sign Soyuncu but instead went for Luis! Look at what he is doing now at Leicester!

  4. Manxgooner

    Emery is the turd I’m afraid! If your wanting everyone to get over Mesut Ozil they why bring him up… like what’s this guy actually done that’s so wrong? I’m still confused?

  5. salpardisenyc

    Really surprised Jardim wasn’t on managerial hit list.

    Regarding Ornstein mere fact a section of board wanted to give Emery an extension this past summer coupled with amount of time it took to rid club of Wenger should give any Arsenal supporter worry.

    Personally think their going to have to address the Unai situation sooner rather than later, once fan base turn it takes much to turn that. Notably big performances with results to match and he really doesn’t seem to possess that quality this season.

  6. Keno

    Emery can not identify the potential of each Arsenal player. He would know what he has and is lacking, what he needs for what kind of formation or style of play.
    As it is, he resorts to experiments and gambles. How can you not know your best IX?

  7. Ishola70

    Why does it have to be either or Manx

    People can say Ozil is a waster as well as saying Emery isn’t good enough.

    What has Ozil done? Precisely. Not enough.

  8. Guns of SF

    Great post Pedro.

    I read somewhere that because Ozil said in the press he aint going anywhere, that the team is pissed off, and now freezing him out altogether.
    Very passive aggressive.

    Anyhow, who knows. He is a non factor to me.

    Xhaka situation is very important.What he did was inexcusable. Emery has come out and said that much – now, Xhaka needs to be rested, stripped of captaincy.
    Fuck Lucas T…. stop crying you little fucking cry baby. This is a mans game.

    Interesting to see the headlines regarding Laca liking and IG post smashing Emery and Xhaka.

    Lots of chaos right now. But that is the breeding ground for change. Lets see who is in charge here.

  9. Ishola70

    My estimation of Edu has only got higher after just hearing today on this blog that he is the prime mover in banishing Mesut Ozil.

  10. salpardisenyc

    Regardless of personal feeling on Ozil for Emery its a giant distraction.

    One that will haunt and be used against him until he gets his mid field functioning. Making the argument that Ozil is expendable with a purring midfield to lead with is a much stronger look than attempting same showing total inability to crack the nut.

  11. kristoman

    I want emery to leave now but knowing arsenal they would wait until things turn sour and unredeemable before they will act. Gosh am fucking sad.

  12. Manxgooner

    He’s done nothing? That’s probably cause he’s not been played this season and let’s be honest here, the football hasn’t exactly
    Improved has it? In fact, football has totally gone out the window. He’s just made a scapegoat.

    I would %100 get it if he was taken out of them team and all of a sudden let’s say Ceballos steps in and he’s creating chance after chance.. but he’s not. When’s the last time you can actually say Arsenal played well? Like you enjoyed watching a game?

  13. Ishola70

    The club need to move forward.

    Pining for a player like Mesut Ozil is not moving forward despite the obvious dissatisfaction with Unai Emery.

    It’s harking back. And there are fans who precisely want to hark back to Ozil for reasons we all know.

    Then there are others that of course will throw everything at hand in the direction of Emery for what they see as necessary but the irony in all this is those that wanted Wenger out and are now Ozil pot stirring are in fact stirring the old Wenger pot as well. They are inextricably linked.

  14. George Ukaz

    It is the high time for every one to know that Emery is not a top grade coach for a club like Arsenal the urgent you do away with him the better otherwise by December the position you will see Arsenal no true supporter will like because he always experimenting since he came he can not pick his strong eleven players always changing players except xaka and he is playing him out of position at least you play good football that was why we loved Arsene Wenger even if lost you will expect a better football

  15. Wasi

    Emery is tanking . That is clear as day but i do understand why the club is showing patience with him. They dont want a Man United situation to happen at Arsenal. We cannot afford to get into that mess because honestly we dont have the money that Man United have got which is still keeping them on the edge at least. If we get into that spiral in 3-4 years we’ll become an Everton/ West Ham. We cant spend 150 mil every summer like United. But in the current squad we possess the potential to become elite again. We’ve got some very good players and if they dont make it here they can all fetch us 20m+. Emery is doing everything wrong but he is at least developing the young players, giving them time and showing patience with them.
    If the club were to go for a Mourinho/Arteta or any other manager in the world they’d be under pressure to deliver top 4. They wont know which kid will suit their play style and they’ll most probably pick the safest way to achieving top 4. This will seriously hamper the progress of some of the young guns. Maybe someone like Nagelsmann could right the ship and simultaneously develop the kids but getting him now would require serious cash. First to sack Emery and all his staff then compensation for Leipzig who he’s just joined and ofc a huge pay pack for himself. A scenario very very unlikely.

  16. Radio Raheem

    I don’t get the sense that fans are behind Özil despite large sections chanting his name yesterday. It was more a an attempt to undermine Emery – he has, essentially, lost most fans. We’ve consistently looked turgid and fans have lost patience. We can all understand fans’ impatience stems from the ‘turgidness’ of play that precedes Emery.

    This chanting of Özil isn’t an overly logical act as there’s no (recent) evidence that supports the said player being creative.

    Özil isn’t winning any media war or spat against Emery (or Arsenal) he’s simply a convenient stick to beat Emery with.

  17. Ishola70

    “He’s done nothing? That’s probably cause he’s not been played this season and let’s be honest here, the football hasn’t exactly
    Improved has it”

    I’m not talking about this season. Of course no player can be judged if he doesn’t play.

    I’m talking about recent past seasons prior where his overall input wasn’t consistent enough as well as him crying off for too many matches.

    The club as a whole has decided to banish Mesut Ozil.

    All this Ozil stuff is exactly the same bullshit as we hear regarding the departure of Ramsey.

    Stick to the definite clear as day faults regarding Unai Emery. There are enough of them.

  18. Radio Raheem

    Emery did ok at PSG (relatively), tanked in Russia for one reason or another and underperforming at Arsenal. One common denominator – all outside of Spain, the country he built his reputation.

  19. Manxgooner


    “Stick to the definite clear as day faults regarding Unai Emery. There are enough of them”


    Hate how our club is completely fucked right now! Hurts like fuck.

  20. Ishola70

    “except xaka and he is playing him out of position ”

    This doesn’t seem to be really the point.

    Where is his best position?

    Are you telling us with his obvious weaknesses such as lack of mobility and football intelligence off the ball that he would be better further up the pitch? This would only further highlight his weaknesses. He is played deep to try to cover his weaknesses but this is still not covering them up.

    The answer is not to play him at all.

  21. Bergkamp63

    Ozil & Xhaka should both be frogmarched out of the club along with the manager period. Even if we save half Ozil’s wages, that alone would pay for a new manager without noticing any discernible difference.

    If the stance on Ozil is down to Edu, at least someone in the club has his head screwed on.

  22. Wasi

    What football Emeryball? Which is what now? Whipping in near post crosses for Laca/Xhaka to divert to Far post?

  23. Champagne charlie


    In total agreement, this is cut from a comment I made this morning. The sentiment again highlighted in your take.

    ‘The Eboue incident was a fucking joke, this is another tale of the same. The reason for it is abject directing of the club, not being wise to last seasons failures and rectifying with a new manager, supporting ridiculous shows of “leadership” as is the case with Ozil. Overseeing a clusterfuck of a selection process for the captains armband. Arsenal football club is weak, that’s the message they send.’

    I’ve less issue that Emery hasn’t worked out, and more of an issue that we’re sitting on our hands in hope vs actionable work to deliver better. That was what was promised/expected post-Wenger, accountability.

    We failed hard in our last 6 games of last season to miss top 4, then compounded that with one of the worst final performances I’ll ever see from Arsenal. That there was the right to dismissal and on we would’ve gone, message clear, but we haven’t. Now we’re a quarter of the season in and there’s smoke everywhere because we’re COMPOUNDING matters at a frightening rate.

    The feeling and sentiment surrounding the club is frighteningly similar to when banners were out for Arsene and everyone wanted change. That’s a horrible indictment 18 months into a new chapter.

  24. Guns of SF

    Xhaka embodies the entitled footballer. Those on here know how I feel about that shit. He seems to think that the captaincy and his behavior is justified.
    He is the Swiss captain…? So he thinks that he can do whatever he wants?

    I dont care how responsible he was with the house key.

    His play firstly doesnt warrant us starting him… he is better suited to Serie A. ( ditto Ozil)

    His wanting to take paternity leave… like WTF

    His poor play, his critcising the offense, etc. This just wreaks of someone who should not be playing in our team. I wonder what PV4 is thinking???

    Emery is a lost cause and this boat will sink. He needs to stick with a starting 11, and get the offense moving and scoring… AUBA seems to have hit a little dry spell and now you can see what is truly revealed. We do not have other scorers on the team consistently. Laca needs game time, but at this point. throw on Martinelli or whoever else can score.

    I think the fans will really turn on him this season. Like I said, what we are seeing now, will not improve. The season will be like this.

    If Laca or PEA leave we are fucked.

    The solution is to get rid of Emery, hire in a good exciting manager… at least we can keep our striking trio—- God knows where we would be without them.

    Emery out. Xhaka out.

  25. Ishola70

    “Xhaka upfield is like a fish out of water. His best position is on the bench.”


    People are getting a little confused when they say he is being played out of position.

    He is a deep lying playmaker. You’d think people would work it out from that wouldn’t you. Not CM but DLP.

  26. Guns of Hackney

    Good post.

    Just a thought…traditionally we fell apart in November when The Mad King was in charge, now we’re done and dusted in October (but actually it was more like September)…whatever metric one decides to use, Emery is shit. Really shit.

    As Peter the pumpkin eater says “we haven’t even hit roach bottom yet”. Imagine even worse management, worse football and even worse contracts? Oh Lordy.

    We have been directionless since Dein left. Fact. Poor old Danny Frizman…this was not his vision.

  27. Guns of SF

    I get the feeling Laca may move – he is under age 30, seems to be frustrated more than other players with this shit show.
    I see us resigning Auba, Laca moves, and we need to figure out a back up striker… bring Eddie back?

    Just my feeling…

  28. Globalgunner

    Xhaka is gash full stop. He is woeful in any position. Has no athleticism whatsoever, cannot read the game, has late reactions to every situation so has to pull players down as they go by him as even a crab can beat him in a horse race. Who the F thought he would be a good fit for us?…Oh Wenger!
    1 of Sokratis or Luiz
    We should have an Arsenal barn sale. “Buy 1, get 4 for free”

  29. Guns of Hackney


    Pack it in. Yes he’s a Wenger buy but Emery is the one one who still thinks he’s a class act that should be CLUB CAPTAIN!!!

    This is all on Emery. Not Wenger. So stop.

  30. Rambo Ramsey

    Yeah, I thought Bodgers was a fluke who lucked out with Suarez. But the work he’s done in Scotland and now Leicester speak for themselves.

  31. Micheal

    Very good post Pedro and an excellent point about no plan.

    However the elephant in the room from your piece is the owner. Leadership comes from the top and as you rightly say, there is no overall plan which points the finger straight at Kroenke.

    Personally, I never saw the arrival of Josh K as the answer. Presuambly he got the job solely because is Stan’s kid – not because he is a talented, far-sighted business executive with a vision.

    Arsenal FC is drifting and rudderless because Stan Kroenke is not interested in our club or football in general. It is a business, pure and simple. Nor is there any reason to believe that Emery will be replaced with both an overall plan and a top quality coaching team to take the club to the next level.

    The sooner Kroenke fucks off back to his tax exile and counts his money the better for anyone concerned with AFC and football in general. Kroenke is the cancer at the heart of Arsenal FC.

  32. Champagne charlie

    Neil Lennon had a 70% win rate at Celtic
    Brenda had a 69.8% win rate.

    I’ll need explaining what he did at Celtic that boosts the CV for a spot as Arsenal manager, his European exploits were horrendous…..not bad….horrendous.

    He’s been at Leicester how long too?

  33. Mics

    I say Xhaka should be stripped of the captaincy and the spare key to boot. His little tantrum last night was not becoming of a spare key holder.

  34. Un na naai


    His Liverpool side were electric. Beautiful to watch
    So is his Leicester side.
    The only thing that prevented him from the title was a stevie G slip.

  35. Rambo Ramsey

    A certain Frenchman was unfancied and laughed at too, once.

    Call it my gut feeling, there’s something about Bodgers + Arsenal. I foresee fireworks.

    Rambo Ramsey knows these things.

  36. Radio Raheem

    If Brendan maintains his good start till the end of the season them he’ll be worth having a look at. He did finish an unprecedented 2nd with Liverpool. Before that I think he did a decent job with Norwich or Watford? He has a decent body of work in the UK to call on.

  37. HighburyLegend

    Leicester vs. Arsenal.
    There will be blood – and probably not theirs

    And don’t forget the trip to Anfield for the Carambar Cup.

    The worst is yet to come…

  38. Uwot?

    Never thought I’d say it but I think we need a” Rogering” yes deluded Brendan.cant be any worse at present.said all along …hacker will get Emery the sacker! Deadwood still to clear out,if ever, Ozil( no redemption from me.a total waste of space & the situation must be desperate indeed for fans asking for his reinstatement lol!Hacker.Mustaphi,caballos ( what exactly is it he does?)someone tell me?.Torrerra.a lightweight for the prem.wont cut the mustard. & as for crying when hacker was booed tells you all you need to know.sokratis.a transfer to wwe well past his sell by date & last but not least AMN.who has the look & disorientation of someone on the wacky backy permanently.so by my reckoning that’s at least six.phase two I would call it.

  39. TR7


    Rodgers’ best work was at Swansea in my opinion. The Swansea side under him was one of the most aesthetically pleasing lower to mid table side in EPL in recent years. Even at Liverpool, Sterling burst on the scenes under him. He was one Gerrard slip away from becoming the first ever Liverpool manager to win the EPL. One constant theme of Rodgers’ game is smooth football and good choices of personnel. He knows the league and has already got the experience to manage a big club. Needless to say communication is not going to be a problem with him. He won’t command or demand a hefty salary and can seamlessly work with the structure we have put in.

  40. salpardisenyc

    Swansea City.. where he had three envelopes with three players names who’ll let squad down, those envelopes went to Liverpool which was pretty cringe, but the results are there and Brendan looks a decent choice at this stage.


    Owners not the elephant in the room from my seat.

    Have put in a leadership structure to push club into new supposed era and backed that team to the tune of £200+m over two summer windows. The tools have been supplied to complete the task at hand, its all down to the execution of those in charge. This squad is more than capable of top four in current league.

  41. Major_Jeneral

    We need to change things just as Chelsea are doing right now and Liverpool have done in the past.
    Clearly Edu knows Özil is not one for keeps.
    And I am optimistic that there is already a
    Shortlist that the club has for the next manager.
    The behavior of Xhaka should not be tolerated else it will give more room for bullshit.

  42. Guns of SF

    Get Mourinho. He can organize a defence…

    Interesting thought… but ive always found him to be anti football too. He is too much a pragmatist…

    however, his players usually respect him. He takes the heat away from them to allow them to play.

    I think he turns sour when things do not work out.. it becomes a shit show of epic proportions…. when times are good, he is a God, when things arent, he is a POS

  43. James wood

    Harry Redknapp wanted Rodgers as his no 2 when in charge of England.
    I’m pretty certain he spoke highly of him in his book.

    At this moment in time yes .
    At least we will all understand what he says
    Well nearly.?

  44. Un na naai

    The wreckage mourinho left OGS??

    Get a fucking grip Pedro
    Man U won the Europa and are now back in the champions league due to mourinho.
    He is the only man to do a semi decent job with a club that is ruining the careers of anyone who goes near it post Fergie. And that includes the players

    You want a winner? Look no further. United are a shit show. Pure and simple. And we are treading the exact same path post wenger

    Like I’ve said all along
    Be careful what you wish for. It just might come true

  45. Champagne charlie


    I think Martinez is hugely overlooked for the influence he had on that Swansea side. Rodgers Liverpool season of note was more a result of a perfect storm than his managerial prowess, Sturridge, Suarez, Sterling were completely unplayable, better than any front three going currently.

    He’s better than Emery because he has a philosophy he looks to play to, he understands the components necessary to that, and he has a much better grasp of what works in England. I just don’t think he’s “that” manager for us. He’d be in the ‘competent’ bracket rather than exciting.

    I’d put him alongside Mourinho, Rafa and the like, but I’d prefer a proper pragmatist to Rodgers because I personally consider that more valuable an avenue for Arsenal to take given Wenger’s time in charge and the lost touch with what a proper sound defensive foundation is all about.

  46. Un na naai

    He’d bury us in two seasons?

    Chelsea twice , Porto and Madrid didn’t do too badly post mourinho
    I’d take my chances. Two seasons of Jose would be just the ticket and a total fucking culture shock to the softies.
    He’d do wonders with Pepe and Lacazette
    Think he’d bin off Aubameyang as soon as possible.

  47. David Smith

    Astounding some wanted to give Emery a new deal last summer.
    Take it those who did included Raul and Josh who would lose face if Emery went, those who opposed it presumably included Edu who actually knows something about the game?
    It seems Emery is safe until the end of the season, personally, I am not so sure, especially if he tanks even further over Xmas

  48. Un na naai

    Sturridge, Suarez, Sterling were completely unplayable, better than any front three going currently.

    Don’t forget Coutinho. He has a wenger-esque knack for getting his attackers to click. In sync. For bringing the best out of players who want to play

    Total opposite to Jose but either would be a yes from me.
    As would arteta or allegri.
    Bergkamp back in the coaching staff
    Not so sure about paddy v.

  49. Guns of SF

    The EL is not guaranteed. There are some tough teams in there, and when the CL rejects drop down, it becomes even tougher…
    We drop out of EL in the knockout phase then i think the knives will really be out for Emery.
    I do not think he last past this season if he does not get top 4..

  50. Champagne charlie


    Benitez left for Inter Milan, not Celtic. You’re championing Rodgers because of a season he had as Liverpool manager?

  51. TR7


    Swansea, Liverpool, Celtic and now Leicester – 4 jobs in which Rodgers has done a good job. Not saying he did all on his own but we have seen many managers bungle up good opportunities at good clubs with quality players. Rodgers has built upon whatever he has inherited at various clubs which is important in our context too. We have some good players and a good set up, we need someone who can get things moving in the right direction again. Good playing style to boot.

  52. HighburyLegend

    “He’d bury us”
    Nop, HigburyLegend, at your service.

    Agree with you about Maureen.
    Just to bring some “balls” in our squad…

  53. azed

    Arsenal will not pay compensation to get a manager so Brendan Rogers is out of the equation.

    Pierre would be disappointed with the news that Edu is behind the Ozil saga.

  54. Champagne charlie


    How can’t you define his time at Liverpool as a good job? He finished 7th, 2nd, 6th. The one season being used as a reference can quite reasonably be explained away by citing SSS, he was dismissed for NOT delivering growth and improvement.

    Again, as stated earlier, why was his Celtic spell a highlight when Neil Lennon delivered comparable results?

    And his work at Leicester is already filed under a good job? Fuck me, how many games has even he managed there? Seems just a bit premature.

  55. Un na naai


    I’m championing Rodgers because he’s improved every single side he’s been at while producing lovely football.
    He’d be made for a club like arsenal.

  56. Un na naai

    Again, as stated earlier, why was his Celtic spell a highlight when Neil Lennon delivered comparable results?

    Yes in a league of one. My 3 year old could deliver similar results at Celtic since rangers got canned.

  57. Un na naai


    His Swansea was everyone’s favourite second team while he was there. I loved watching them.
    Same as when he went to Liverpool.
    He’s now having a similar effect on Leicester. All this while playing the game the way it should be played. Nothing boring or pragmatic about his teams.

  58. salpardisenyc

    You’re naughty Radio!

    Dave Smith

    Thats the question for me, how much rope will Emery get.

    Next two weeks could be very telling.

    Others get results could be 10 back on 4th after Leicester, huge gap to justify with likely entire fan base united on seeing new manager brought in and it being only mid November. Could get proper ugly.

  59. Champagne charlie


    Was literally sacked as Liverpool manager for not improving them, and being the first manager in 50 years to not win a trophy with three years in charge, he ended his third season with a 6-1 loss to Stoke.

    But yea…

  60. TR7


    Pool had finished 8th in the table under Dalglish when Rodgers took over. He led Pool to 7th position, 1 position higher in the table. In his 2nd season he got Struddige and Sterling to perform at a very high level. In his last season he struggled but if you lose someone like Suarez and Sturiddge (injury), you are going to struggle. At Celtic he managed one undefeated season and two trebles, nothing to be sniffed at. He has just started at Leicester but you can already see the good work just as we could see Emery was a misfit very early in his Arsenal reign.

  61. Guns of SF

    HL, I also would like to see what Freddie can do…
    But between Rodgers and Arteta I would pick Rodgers.

    However Freddie is an Invincible.. has that Arsenal DNA… so he would be my man over all of them.. lets see what he has

  62. Champagne charlie


    He wasn’t a success at Liverpool, it’s pure revision to claim as such because he’s swinging back around and you’re touting him favourably.

    I’m not denying the start he’s made at Leicester, or that he’s a better manager than Emery. I’m saying the bar is lowering if you’re resorting to the sort of talk Rodgers is getting doused in. He’s certainly not a manager I’d be buying out of his current contract, different story if he was there for the hiring.

  63. Un na naai


    No mate. He’d lost 3 of his best players at that point. Anyone would suffer. Look what happened to wenger when he lost cesc, rvp and nasri in 2 season. You know full well there’s context needed.

    Also, you know that Rodgers isn’t just flavour of the month with me as we’ve locked horns over Rodgers before

    I’m a fan. The only thing that can cha he that is if he bombs, which he never has. Consistently delivers great football and good results.

    You put him in charge at a club like Arsenal and ensure we aren’t selling off his best players he will light a fire at the club

    Talking of king makers, he would be ideal. Perfect age, hungry, ready to take his career defining job. Could be his wenger/Fergie moment.

    Would rather that than emery or Benitez.

  64. jwl

    I reckon many people here are out of there ever loving minds!

    To read Le Grove, Arsenal would be competing with Liverpool and Man City for league title if we just hired anyone else other than Emery but it just ain’t so. We have numerous flawed players and no coach is going to turn them into world class players who compete for league title.

    If top management were thinking about extending Emery contract it was because Emery got more points in league, and took us further in Europe, than Wenger did which was quite an achievement when we look at what happened to manure since Fergie retired.

    And constantly writing about Emery accent is embarrassing, Pedro is a little englander, who knew?

  65. WengerEagle

    What a joke yesterday was. 2-nil up after less than ten mins and we somehow rather than build on that to really put out a statement with a strong home win we gift Palace back into the game with soft-Wengerish underbelly defending. Chambers at fault too for bringing down Zaha, I did say he was an accident waiting to happen against pacy one vs one players.

    Once again no real plan, soft defensively and bereft of ideas going forward. Created very little of note from open play all match.

    Xhaka our trusted captain telling us to get fucked was twisting the knife in terms of what an embarrassment the Emery regime’s leadership looks like. No heart, backbone or guts.

    And still you’ll get the same people bemoaning the lack of talent at Emery’s disposal and lamenting what he has to work with, even after two hundred million spent and nearly a year and a half of implementing his ideas and methods on the club.

    Look at what Lampard’s got going at Chelsea in a matter of months in contrast. Same bunch of players that Sarri had to work with minus the best player in the PL in Hazard.

  66. Un na naai


    No. It’s not a joke. Nobody is saying even to be competing with city and Liverpool but what the fuck did we get rid of wenger for if you’re happy to settle for this shit? It’s worse than what we were being served two years ago.
    Minus Sanchez, Theo and Giroud, and with an injured Lacazette and a barley off the boat Aubameyang.

    Wenger would be wiping the floor with teams like Watford and Sheffield with our current squad. Yes he’d still fall to
    The big teams and have a soft centre but that was still better than what emery is serving

  67. Champagne charlie

    “I’m a fan. The only thing that can cha he that is if he bombs, which he never has. Consistently delivers great football and good results.“

    How can you claim he’s never bombed when he’s literally been sacked for tanking at Liverpool? You cant chop and change the metrics when you fancy, you wouldn’t be offering up rubbish like that if it were Emery, who by the same yard stick getting used against Rodgers at Liverpool was did good job at PSG……except I hear he didn’t.

    So which is it?

    He never “lost” his best players like Wenger, he spent 130 million on Lallana, Markovic, Balotelli, Can, Origi, Lovren, and Moreno in one summer after selling Suarez. Then finished 6th, after finishing 2nd the season before. Then finally sacked when they were 10th after 8 games the following season.

    He’s never bombed though.

  68. Gunnernet

    I was always thinking it cant be Emery making such decision to exile Ozil. It must have been backed by higher hierararchy at least and thats a fact.

    Edu and Raul made that decision in order to rebuild the team from foundation. They deeply believe that Ozil will eventually break down and leave.

    I think Emery was considering bringing him back to the fold. Remember he used him in the very beginning earlier this season. He knows well we lack creativity big time. Yet he rushed smith-row back and transformed torreira to a 10 role.

    Willock is a good prospect for few games he shouldnt be considered for more and ceballos is clearly learning the ropes at the moment.. Our porous and predictable midfield creates our current predicament at least regarding playing style.

    At this point i would consider starting either Holding or Bellerin at defence then deploy Luiz/Chambers as DM and bring back ozil into the mix as a free 10..

    We need balance between the lines!

  69. WengerEagle

    Rodgers has got Leicester playing some great football but he’s only been there for nine odd months. Ranieri won them a PL title and top clubs wouldn’t touch him with a bargepole now.

    Not to take away from how well he had Liverpool playing in the season they finish second but that was largely down to having the best performing player in PL history in Luis Suarez and prime Daniel Sturridge. They lost the title because of their inability to stop conceding soft goals conceding over fifty which is outrageous for a title contender and defensive solidity is much more down to organisation, strategy, tactics and training than offensive power and flair which are more individualistic and down to player quality.

    He also completely botched the rebuild post Suarez sale and Sterling thereafter filling the squad with masses of average talent that Klopp had to clear out during his rebuild.

    Still has a lot to prove does Brendan, not the guy I’d want to take over as of now.

  70. Champagne charlie


    Good to hear from you mate, not a Sunday to enjoy was it?

    Agree about Rodgers, that inability to tackle a defence is my biggest issue when you consider our needs. Would rather we went for a proper tactician to reset the foundations, treat it like a proper transition if it’s going to be that, or go for someone bigger and better than Rodgers if you want it all.

  71. Graham62


    You’re missing the point.

    We all hoped that, post Wenger, we would be getting a manager who could coach the basics and progress the team. We haven’t.

    Initially things seemed ok but the underlying truth is that Emery has not met these basic expectations. He has, to all intense and purposes, made us worse. I’m mean, after Wenger, how was this possible?

    For me to admit that this has nothing to do with Wenger is, as you well know, not easy. This is all based on us hiring a manager that was/is incapable of improving on what we had. Yes, we accumulated more points last season under Emery but, when it came to the crunch, he cocked things up. He failed.

    This season has been a total farce in so many respects and we are not even in November. We should be seeing a cohesive team unit by now, players that are confident and capable of adapting to specific game plans. The fact of the matter is, we don’t see anything resembling an improvement.

    Emery is failing in the basics and that is criminal based on where we were when Wenger left.

  72. Andy d invincebles

    The biggest problem here is that everything that’s associated with arsenal has no vision at all including their fans how can u think Rodgers could b a solution to our problems we need a winner a manager whose technical good who can get d best out of our squad coz seriously we ‘ve got some pretty good players here except d 3 senior CB Sokratis, Luiz n Mustafi we need one new CB a leader Kolibally from Napoli as well as his mananger Ancellontie coz seriously Rodgers will only b a top 4 mananger at best n we had enough of that during our greatest mananger’s time Mr Wenger so what we need one is someone who will make us great again to be d kings of London like we used to be Chelsea have usurped us they r European champions be us n Tottenham almost did that last year by going all d to d final n I Aii wanna talk me Rodgers would n ideal fit 4 us can’t I guys are how far have we fallen back

  73. HillWood

    I am confused by you saying we are a mess again
    Raul and Edu were your Batman and Robin
    Or are people above them sticking their noses in places their noses shouldn’t be ?

  74. WengerEagle


    Not too sure, of the managers that I like there’s the obvious giant in Allegri. After that there’s also Gasperini at Atalanta who has them playing the best attacking football that Serie A has seen this decade and up in CL places to boot, he took over them only three years ago as a lower-relegation battling outfit.

    Valencia stupidly sacked a very good coach in Marcelino, their fans were disgusted by the decision and the rest of La Liga were shocked by it, seems their owner Peter Lim aka the same knobhead that hired Gary Neville as gaffer who hasn’t a clue about football is calling all the shots there. Marcelino’s track record at Villarreal and Valencia is impressive.

    I realise that it’s Brazil but Jorge Jesus has Flamengo playing the best football and on track for the greatest season in their history by winning both the Brazilian league [by a country mile with a record GD] and the Copa Libertadores [they are favourites in the Final vs River Plate] playing incredible football doing so. With Edu a strong influence now at the club it’s not too far-fetched imo. He also did great in Europe with Benfica and Sporting Lisbon. Admittedly he’s not tested at a higher level so would carry a risk.

    Favre at Dortmund and Nagelsmann at Leipzig are interesting options too although both are struggling a little this season. Expect Dortmund and Leipzig both to pick up in the next couple of months or they’ll be question marks over these two as well.

    Just waiting for the usual suspects to come and shit all over this list now and remark how none are better than the great Unai Emery, triple winner at PSG [All domestic with M’Bappe-Neymar-Cavani lol].

  75. WengerEagle

    How are you Charles? Sure as shit wasn’t no, I have that same apathetic and bored feeling watching us as our seasons progress [regress] now under Emery as I did in Wenger’s time. We’re so fucking boring to watch it’s practically a weekly chore at this stage.

    Look at the buzz at Chelsea under Lampard. Sure it could easily still go tits up and they’re far from perfect, still conceding silly goals and looking vulnerable at the back but my god they are sensational to watch going forward. And before people say that Lamps has a lot more than Emery to work with, this was the same Chelsea side under Sarri that looked spent outside of individual brilliance from Eden Hazard keeping their season on the rails.

    There is direction and belief at Chelsea that I’m jealous of. That distinct same feeling that Liverpool had in Klopp’s first season even when they were wildly inconsistent. The players have all bought into what Lampard’s trying to do and guys like Abraham, Tomori and Mount would run through a brick wall for him.

    Sure they aren’t winning a title anytime soon but they are building with a talented young core and are playing fearless, aggressive and entertaining attacking football trying to win each and every match. Lampard deserves credit for his impact in a short space of time given the transfer ban to boot and the loss of Hazard.

  76. Graham62


    So to conclude then Pedro, we still have an incompetent owner and board of directors in charge.

    There’s no contingency plan? How can that be? I mean, even a non league team would have that in place.

    Welcome to modern day Arsenal.

  77. Valentin

    Arsenal have scored fewer open-play goals than Norwich and Burnley this season.

    Let that sink in.
    We are worse attack wise than Norwich a newly promoted club and Burnley whose main threat is set-pieces.
    How the mighty have fallen.

  78. Cesc Appeal


    Not that you’ve thought about this or anything! Haha. Impressive.

    The Atalanta guy, defensively they seem to have conceded a fair few though compared to the teams around them. I don’t watch Serie A so that is me purely looking at Goals Against in the league table.

    Do you have any concerns about Allegri? He was my number one pick but I don’t know, something about him makes me wonder whether he would do well in the EPL?

    What do you think of Marco Rose? He seems to be one of the flavours of the season.

    What about Ten Hag?

  79. Champagne charlie


    Not bad mate, same boat as yourself when it comes to Arsenal though. Locked into it out of ritual, but it’s tiresome and predictable.

    Lampard at Chelsea is doing much of what I hoped of Arteta way back when. He’s starting from a position of low expectation with the transfer embargo and cutting his teeth whilst laying some exciting brickwork, doing well so far too. Every chav I know is happy with what they’re seeing but also not interested much in concrete ambitions like top 4 or whatever, most I know saying that would be a nice touch…..madness given what they’ve been used to.

    Over at us we practically shit our pants at the thought we might not challenge for top 4 in a 12 month period, good move guys.

    Pedro says he’s heard Allegri is off the table, another club given him too much leg already. I say United on that one, maybe even Real. What’s your thoughts on who we could/would get tomorrow if the deed was done? Rules out a good number you’d have to imagine with them currently in jobs. Maureen tempt you to the dark side?

  80. jwl

    Un na naai – I think we are struggling now because of Wenger years and how half assed it was. I don’t care which coach we hired after Wenger, they would be doing about as well as Emery or a lot worse. I think transition to post Wenger era is going to take 3-5 years and Emery is competent coach who willing to play nineteen year olds when most other top coaches want nothing to do with youth.

    Graham62 – i think you’re missing the point because Emery first season was better than Wenger’s last, which is an achievement in itself, when you look at manure and how badly it can go when long term manager quits. How is Emery failing in basics when he inherited terrible squad and is now forced to play untested nineteen year olds because they better than what Emery had available last season?

    Pep did interview other week about how you don’t win titles with teenagers but half of our starting eleven are youngsters and everyone here is like we would be world class if we hired any other coach than Emery.

    Gooners expectations are off the charts, apparently if it wasn’t for Emery we would be world class.

  81. Guns of SF

    I like Dani C… I think he has an upside but I feel we are still missing that great dribbler/creator that we need to work the final third.

    Dani drop deep a lot, but I think we need someone more advanced.
    And NO, not Ozil please.

    Just seems we missing this piece still…

  82. PieAFC

    What makes you think Rodgers would want to leave Leicester anyway. This could be his own “wenger” moment.

    Win a cup or get them into champions league could catapult them further and build on even more on that league win.

    We’re a mess. Unless having ties to Arsenal. I can’t see anyone wanting to manage us right now.

  83. Champagne charlie

    “I think we are struggling now because of Wenger years and how half assed it was. I don’t care which coach we hired after Wenger, they would be doing about as well as Emery or a lot worse. I think transition to post Wenger era is going to take 3-5 years and Emery is competent coach who willing to play nineteen year olds when most other top coaches want nothing to do with youth.“

    – any coach would be doing what Emery is or worse
    – post-Wenger transition was a 3-5 year thing
    – Emery a competent coach

    Might be the worst take I’ve read in some time.

  84. Guns of SF

    If the price is right, we an lure most anyone…

    I think Allegri would find us attractive… as others as well. We still have the sauce and the Arsenal brand is worldwide – its a dream job still

  85. Marc

    Guns of SF

    We were never going to fix all the squad issues in 2 summer windows. Personally I think Sanllehi did a fantastic job this summer just gone and can’t wait to see him build on it.

  86. jwl

    “Might be the worst take I’ve read in some time.”

    Champagne Charlie – you obviously not reading your own comments if you think I’m worst you read in a while.

  87. WengerEagle


    Yeah a consequence of their style of play really all-out attack playing the role of aggressive protagonists leads to them leaking at the back, you have to remember though that they haven’t the resources of the top clubs in Italy so they are playing this style of football with pretty average defenders in their ranks.

    They have scored a ridiculous 28 Serie A goals in just 9 matches this season [compare that to just fifteen PL goals in ten matches for us] and outscored Juventus in the league last season as the league’s top scorers.

    The journeyman Simon Kjaer is their best defender, imagine how good they’d be with the likes of Skriniar or Chiellini at the back. Along with Man City they lead ALL of Europe’s top five leagues in shots at goal per match with an average of twenty-one, more than Bayern, Juventus and Barcelona.

    They quite simply are an attacking machine and a club with extremely limited resources. Check out some of their match highlights on youtube, they are incredible to watch.

    I have concerns over Allegri’s style of football and his team’s lack of spark but the guy is undoubtedly a serial winner and won a Scudetto at a bang average Milan outfit even before the Juve gig. With his track record it’s hard to see how he wouldn’t be a success here, Conte’s impact on Chelsea was spectacular even if they declined hard in his second season.

    Ten Hag could be a good option as well, I don’t the Eredivisie at all so my summation of him comes from the CL where they were amazing last season. He enjoyed having a team of generational talent there though, they are in the midst of their rebuild now having lost De Ligt and De Jong along with Schone and soon to be Neres and Ziyech and don’t look quite the same with the replacements brought in, understandable.

    Rose is hard one to evaluate because Salzburg are so much better than any other Austrian outfit. A bit of a Celtic situation there, failing to win the league would be an embarrassment. Neil Lennon was stupid successful at Celtic and he was a complete disaster at Bolton for example.

    Rose has had a mixed start at Monchengladbach, nice win yesterday but early days yet and still largely unproven.

  88. Nelson

    Emery has a strong preference for certain players even when most of the fans see it differently. He said that he preferred to sign Fabinho and suggested that Torr is suitable to play higher up. He built his team around Xhaka who is a defensive liability.
    Now that the squad is big enough. Who can trust Emery to fix up the defense, the midfield and efficiently use of our strike force. He couldn’t even train the players to play out from the back. We couldn’t dominate CP in the Emirates Stadium. The players are playing with fear in away games, according to our captain. This season will be a struggle.

  89. azed


    Dani C is a CM and not an AM so he would naturally drop deep. I don’t think Dani C is cut out for the EPL as he doesn’t have that pace to get up and down.

    Of our current midfielders, I would only keep Guendozi and Willock.
    Swap captain Granit for Dacoure or someone in a similar mould.
    Swap Dani C for a more attack minded CM.

  90. Champagne charlie


    Nice juvenile response. You’re claiming Emery competent and that no other coach would’ve bettered what he’s delivering.

    I stand by that being among the worst things I’ve read on here. It’s genuinely like you’re not following Arsenal to come out with that sort of thing.

  91. Graham62


    He didn’t “inherit a terrible squad”

    He inherited a squad that were demotivated, under cooked and poorly coached.

    After the initial positives of the “new coach syndrome” we have seen a gradual decline in our on field playing structure.

    Playing the youngsters is the one positive but with Emery in charge you fear for their development if he continues to make ludicrous tactical decisions.

    Emery is, I’m afraid, a substandard coach.

    He has to go.

  92. Un na naai


    He did lose his best players. Gerrard, Suarez, Strurridge.

    We are talking 60-70 goals per season there. Nobody is coming back from that.
    I’m not changing my metrics at all. When Emery can produce anything close to that season for Liverpool or the football served up by Rodgers over the last decade then maybe I’d be willing to give him time.

    And if we want to discuss metrics, Benitez has been bombing ever since his 05 season. He has made a reputation on it. The fact he got the post at Chelsea or Madrid is nothing short of a miracle considering how little he’s produced. Bland boring and avaerage results vs fast, exciting flowing football.

    If we are going full then let’s go for a winner like Jose or allegri. If we are going for “arsenal” football then I’m happy to give either Rodgers or Arteta 2 or more seasons to see what they can do.

  93. azed

    “Emery is, I’m afraid, a substandard coach.”

    I would say Emery is limited because he’s a poor communicator and so he has problems outside Spain.

    “He has to go.”

    This I agree with.

  94. Un na naai


    He’s making us worse. He’s changes nearly the entire playing staff. Had £200m spent on him and we are actually going backwards.

  95. Guns of SF

    Azed I agree… however, there is debate about Dani used as a 10, and being the creator… if so, he should play further up.
    This is another Emery dillema… where to use DC

    Someone like a James Maddison would be great… what a player he turning out to be.

    We certainly miss a Cesc type player who can unlock the defenses and parked busses… with Cesc there was never too much an issue… he found a way to get the ball behind the line.

    Just shows what you end up missing when its gone…

  96. Guns of Hackney

    The weird thing is that you lot all think Pep is totally solo in his magnificent-ness. Bullshit Mr Han Man.

    Check yourself before you wreck yourself. History has proven that all great leaders have a brilliant second. Fact.

    “Arteta puts out cones”. Anyone who believes this is as stupid as I think you are.


  97. Matthew Mohamed Kenneh

    Intrestly people are failing to realise the fact that Arsenal team lack creativity, the attackers are not getting the supply they need to score goals yet Emery and the board are omitting Ozil from the starting lineup. For now the only creativity player we have is Ozil. As for Emery, he is not the type of manager Arsene should have signed when Wenger left, we should have brought in someone else who can understand the dynamics of Arsenal way of doing things. This is his second season at the club and he is yet to have his first stating eleven.

  98. Champagne charlie


    You’re all over the place. You paint the walls calling for Mourinho the serial winner, then talk Rodgers up beyond belief and shout down Rafa for “producing little” even though he’s won more than Rodgers who fucked off to Scotland to touch up the CV just like Emery in Paris.

    The fact you feel the need to throw mud at Rafa to prop up Rodgers speaks for itself.

  99. Un na naai

    We certainly miss a Cesc type player who can unlock the defenses and parked busses… with Cesc there was never too much an issue… he found a way to get the ball behind the line.

    We do but we have enough at the clubright now to be producing much better attacking displays. I’d say we have the 3rd best attacking team in England right now quite comfortably

    Look at what Lampard is doing. No £72m winger

    No £100m pair of strikers/golden booted winner/ player of the year

    No £43m playmaker.

    Same as Rodgers at Leicester. They are both extracting far more from far less.
    We should have gone for arteta. As Pedro says, we’d be no worse off for sure but could be ripping it up in his second season.
    Emery was riding the feel good factor created for him by edu this summer and landed flat at st James park and it’s only nose dived from there
    The highlight of our season has been a 2-2 draw at home to spurs (exciting youngsters aside)

  100. bennydevito

    Good post Pedro,

    So glad Emery didn’t get a new deal last season – what the hell for? Throwing away 3rd place and subsequently 4th by a point and tanking in the EL ? Jeez.

    Regarding Emery’s appointment. Gazidas said himself that the list of 8 candidates was shortened to 3 with Emery as one of them and every one was in it until the end and wanted the job. Raul, Gazidis and Sven all went away for a day to mull it over on their own without influencing each other’s decision then reconvened and all put the name of 1 of the 3 on a bit of paper who they wanted and Emery was on each one.

    Your version of events isn’t quite right.

  101. Ishola70

    In talking of managers/coaches it can be beneficial to catch them at the right time in their managerial cycle.

    As well as criticising Emery for his overall managerial ability was he really that hungry after coming directly from managing a club like PSG who are now seen as one of the european bigger hitters?

    How hungry and how much a coach/manager really wants to impress can be just as important as any overall previous CV they had.

    Lampard is obviously very hungry and looking to impress after stepping up from the Championship even though there looked to be obvious risk with that appointment.

    You can catch a coach who previously managed a big club but had moved on from that to a lesser club but is hungry again to prove himself at another big club and have another go on the bigger stage.

    Obviously there will be examples of managers/coaches having success in going from one really big club onto the next but the hunger can be a very important aspect.

    Wenger would have had great hunger coming from the backwaters of Japan and coming to England after previous with Monaco.

    In this sense it does look like Emery was a bland appointment and those calling for Arteta previously even though they have been heavily questioned don’t look that far off when we talk about a coach going to a club with lots to prove and with that real appetite.

    That’s why I’m not really bothered with talk about Mourinho or Allegri. Both these coaches come from managing really big clubs. Their last gigs. I’d rather take a chance on someone coming from a humbler origin. Rodgers would even fall into that category because even though he has Liverpool in his CV that is several clubs away now in his CV and it would be a jump up for him again to go from Leicester to Arsenal.

    Catch these coaches/managers at the right time in their cycles.

  102. Un na naai


    I’m not all over the place
    Clearly I’d prefer a manager that’s going to get us popping the ball around and actually playing the beautiful game. 100% that’s my preference. It’s harder to win like this though as well you know.
    So if we are going for dull, pragmatic football then let’s go for a winner. That’s my stance, it won’t change.

    It’s my firm belief that Rodgers and arsenal would be a great match
    We may not win a major title (even though I’d hope we would) but I think he would set us back on the path of playing arsenal football and getting our youngsters up and firing and ready for the next guy to take them to the next level.

    Don’t forget what he did with coutinho, struudige and sterling. He turned them into household names. And Suarez was never better than under Rodgers. He run an entire league. As good as he is at Barcelona he was never the same as he was under Rodgers.

    At the very least I think he can replicate that with our young players and prime them for someone else. We have the attacking players to beat anybody in this league but we are playing like a newly promoted side desperately clinging to premier league money.

  103. WengerEagle


    And i don’t know if you remember but that’s distinctly close to verbatim as to my hopeful expectations re Emery’s impact at Arsenal in his first season a conversation that we had in the summer of last year. It wasn’t make or break for me whether we finished top four, Liverpool finished outside the CL spots under Klopp in his first season but there were performances they gave that showed you their potential and the direction in which they were headed. They also recruited smartly, slowing building them up into a CL side and then a CL contender/PL contender.

    I just wanted to see Emery improve the quality of football, give us more organisation and reliability defensively and re-invigorate on the players that Wenger had lost. None of which he managed to do, if anything the football became worse to watch.

    I can see United sooner than Real going with Allegri. Can’t picture Perez hand-picking Allegri as his football isn’t exactly easy on the eyes at times and he’s forever wanting to one-up Barcelona. Zidane also has more leverage than any other gaffer in history given he won Perez three consecutive Champions League’s as a gaffer and a fourth as a player. Also won them only their second league title to date in over a decade.

    Their season was already long off the rails before they parachuted him in last season towards the end so isn’t fair to pinpoint the blame at his door. They go top of La Liga with a win [game in hand] so it’s not exactly a disaster over there this season either.

    Ole is living on borrowed time over at United. Pogba is out until December so will be interesting to see if he even lasts that long, my guess is no. As much of a crisis as they are in, United are still a mammoth club, far bigger than us. Allegri wouldn’t hesitate if he were asked.

    As for us, no I wouldn’t take Mourinho. I feel like he fundamentally has little respect for us as club and sees us as a soft touch. He’s dissed us enough over the years, not that I’m a big advocate of Wenger or anything but would practically be pissing on his grave appointing Jose to the hotseat as well wouldn’t it?

    I wouldn’t want him because I think that he’s cooked as a great coach. A bit like Wenger, no longer has an eye for talent and he’s just too volatile and temperamental to keep the group onside for a full PL season. He could temper that more in his younger days but he’s lost the ability to channel that.

    Same reason that Keane could never be a great manager, he just isn’t mature or self-aware enough to be able to keep and manage a group of modern generation players happy, together and motivated. He still harbours a deep grudge against a man in Ferguson that isn’t even fully sound anymore and suffered a brain haemorrhage, shows you the lack of human quality to the man which is crucial for great managers of talent.

    Out of the shortlist that I put up, if I were to boil it down to one name outside of Allegri it would probably be ether Favre or Gasperini, the latter more gettable.

  104. Champagne charlie


    It’s not hard to cherry pick the good of managers at their respective roles, but you’re refusing to digest the whole picture and extrapolating that one Liverpool season to be reflective of Rodgers as a manager, period. It’s a nonsense.

    Why didn’t he have the new talent he brought in firing the seasons following? Went from 2nd to 6th then was languishing 10th after 8 games the next again season, had a cavernous arsehole which is exactly what we have so excuse my distaste to the idea of marrying the two.

    Ranieri won the league with Leicester and they had a mean defence, should be bring him in?

  105. WengerEagle

    Fuck man I miss Cesc, guy was a leader of men at the age of nineteen. He at times and for over a season almost single-handedly carried us in his early twenties.

    Contrast that to this buffoon Xhaka who’s got the armband now, no talent or heart and a follower rather than a leader. Epitomises us under Emery.

  106. WengerEagle

    Disagree GOH, he was no Vieira and he wasn’t a shouter but he was a top leader in his own right.

    Wasn’t his fault that we were defensively a shambles with a waiter in between the sticks, otherwise he’d have been a PL winner with us.

  107. Champagne charlie

    Tough one if we were to vacate matters mid season, outside of Allegri its slim pickings. I’ve always fancied Allegri because he’s got the pedigree but he’d be a culture shock that i think we need to establish some balance, so he’d be the pick of the bunch today.

    In a more caretaker position Rafa would consolidate things as he’s done before at Chelsea, not sold on Freddie taking over but see it as likely if it were to happen. I flirted with the prospect of Gio too and was a bit gutted Man City seemingly have their claws in that, he could’ve come in from left field and surprised us.

    Yea i hear that, i feel the same way about Maureen and had that exact exchange with my pal last night. Both of us saying the one flicker of hope about him avoiding the near certain car crash would be his desire to one-up Wenger and give the finger to UNited and Chelsea, as to turn it on for us and keep himself in check.

    I remember the convo, its exactly why this whole situation grates on me as Mitch as it does. We had a fantastic opportunity at a low risk point to freshen the club no end. Here we are 18 months later and it feels distinctly similar to banner-time Wenger out nonsense. We’ve almost pissed 2 years up the wall (structural changes and squad changes aside). Any ‘raw’ manager would be 18 months into his gig now and likely we’d be far more clear about what lies ahead for us. Just seems we’re awaiting the kill switch on this failed approach.

  108. Ishola70

    “Contrast that to this buffoon Xhaka who’s got the armband now, no talent or heart and a follower rather than a leader. Epitomises us under Emery.”

    The Xhaka situation was a sham.

    I’m saying was a sham rather than is because after yesterday I’m hoping that this sham will have a line drawn under it and it is finished done with.

    It doesn’t matter talking about seniority here. Xhaka plays like a kid anyway. Hopefully he himself has had enough and engineers a move out in January.

  109. Cesc Appeal


    That is certainly a fair point.

    There are better defenders here as well Tierney, Holding etc and with Saliba arriving in June and Arsenal apparently still looking at Upamecano or Nunez/Torres defensively we offer more personnel wise.

    Yeah, I mean Rose has got them to top of the table but it could well be the familiar story of a rising star that quickly fades.

    Agree on Ten Hag, I’m always cautious with Eredivise players so the same applies to managers.

    Arsenal have got to get this right really. We went safe, understandable, now we really need to make a smart footballing hire centred on what we want to be as a club.