KING PEPE DELIVERS, but Emery continues to flunk

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Ain’t no party like a Thursday night party… was literally me until last night.

Overall, what a shite game that was.

The kids offered us up a prime serving of first-team-T-bone steak and it was not delicious.

Our midfield was porous, the defence was all over the place, and we made a pub team look as dangerous as the menace that was Sheffield United on Monday.

We went one goal down after 8 minutes. The familiar theme of having no midfield to protect the defence was apparent. Three of our ‘THEY’LL SAVE EMERY’ defenders conspired to give Edwards space to convert from 8 yards (Hector, KT, RH). Very embarrassing, but at least only 50% of of the stadium was there to see it.

You kind of hoped it was just a typical Emery start, that maybe we’d clunk back into gear and start treating the Portuguese outfit with the disrespect they deserved. We didn’t, we actually managed to make things worse. Zero shape in the middle, constantly exposed to the counter-attack, organisational chaos all around.

We clawed one back though, Kieran Tierney found the head of the Brazilian Kevin Davies, 5 goals for Gabriel. Sadly, it didn’t take long to gift the advantage back, AMN, sitting in centre midfield, turned into traffic, Vitoria broke against a weak damn and breached with a response within 4 minutes.

All I can say about the second half is the manager subbed in the correct players, namely, Nicolas Pepe. The much-maligned Ivorian showed his class with two brilliant freekicks from different positions. The first was from further out and curled precisely into the far left of the goal. The second was a rocket from closer range at the death from about 20 yards.

Majestic. BUT WHERE WAS THE GOAL IN OPEN PLAY?! Just jokes kids, I love Pepe.

So what did we learn?

Well, it seems clear that Unai Emery is losing the PR battle. He was booed fairly at half time by the 12 fans that bothered to show up to the game. His second string were as insipid as the regulars. We were a mess and my diagnosis is that the Premier League infection finally spread to the Europa League kids. We didn’t deserve to win, but we did. Last season, fans would have buried their heads in ‘BUT THIS IS WENGER’S TEAM,’ this season, I think people are wising up to the reality… performances matter and we’re still not delivering them.

The reality of the Emery is this: It doesn’t matter who he puts on the pitch, no one has a fucking clue what he wants. The gap between midfield and attack is so wide, it often looks insurmountable, the only option is a long ball… then when play switches, all our midfielders are behind the play. There’s no structure to our setup. Do we even bother playing between the lines? Our midfield seems offended by the concept, which makes our play incredibly one-dimensional.

Kieran Tierney, Rob Holding and Hector Bellerin all add a bit of quality to proceedings, but they can’t fix an average manager that lacks the basic skills… like, you know, communicating in English.

It’s quite amazing that I had to debate the merits of language last season, but it’s so fucking obvious, if you can’t master the native tongue, you’re going to fail. Above is Robin, one of the greatest Arsenal strikers I’ve ever witnessed, calling out the fucking obvious: Communication matters. Poor English is a barrier, but more to the point, even if you could speak Spanish, would the ideas be any clearer? Doubtful.

Can I just repeat: People challenged the view that hiring a coach that couldn’t speak English was a bad idea. Seriously. That’s the internet at its best.

Mesut Ozil continues to be a problem. He’s out here posting a picture of himself looking like your mum’s best friend Trisha who works in ESSEX TRIMS in Clapton and the internet has gone wild.

‘Babes, I’m like, Trisha Gandhi right now, frosted tips and non-violent protest always’

The whole internet reacted viciously to his omittance from the squad. A bit unfair, Mesut hangs out with dictators, probably injured himself playing computer games last season, and he seems to have a deeper aversion to a hard days work than that bitch grasshopper who fucked about all summer while the squirrel gathered nuts. Point is, only Emery could lose a PR war to someone that’s a dosser. To be clear, I’m on Ozil’s side for no real reason other than the slight suspicion that if Emery is for something, I should be against it.

Emery won the battle yesterday, but perversely, that was another savage blow on his effort in the mighty war.

A lot of Arsenal players liked that androgynous Ozil Instagram picture. That tells you something. Firstly, they have bad taste in pictures, secondly, the players are siding with their teammate. When things go south for Emery, it’s going to be a tsunami that strikes him… and it’ll be far more brutal than anything Wenger ever faced.

Why? Because the players know they can end Emery.





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  1. Mysticleaves

    “Why is the Labour Party under formal investigation by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission for the treatment of Jewish members and Anti-Semitism?”

    Lol. You Brits don’t have any problems

  2. salparadisenyc


    Its stats like this that make the head explode.

    Not making top four this season with recent acquisitions and state of league would be up there in the high crimes and misdemeanors department for me.

  3. Dissenter

    Emery has 2X the content I felt for Wenger at the end.
    Most of our top-4 contenders are progressively getting better with every match- Chelsea and Leicester
    We, on the other hand are still undergoing constant tweaking by a manager with nervous energy..
    Lampard has instilled his identity on Chelsea, Emery can’t make up his mind what he wants to do.

  4. Ishola70


    “Not making top four this season with recent acquisitions and state of league would be up there in the high crimes and misdemeanors department for me.”

    Not buying a senior midfield leader and going cheap on CB could be grave crimes yes.

    And that’s along with the Emery equation.

  5. Dissenter

    Looks like you’re trying to muddy the waters for Emery.
    Has it occurred to you that Emery has always fancied Xhaka so why buy to replace the manager’s pet?

  6. Cesc Appeal


    Stems mainly from the midfield.

    Both in terms of selection and the way it is spread out way too far which is then exacerbated by Xhaka’s total lack of mobility.

  7. Cesc Appeal

    Seriously impressive result for Chelsea.

    Lampard far exceeding my expectations of him. Actually thought he’d do a poor job there and be excused for lack of signings.


  8. Cesc Appeal

    Just have to hope Pepe really steps up and becomes the star we thought we had because otherwise this is going to be a long season.

  9. Dissenter

    It seeks from the midfield … yes
    Everyone but can see the problem. We doin;’t have enough quality in the midfield. but it’s still doable to set up a reasonably functional mid.
    Emery’s obsession with building his midfield around Xhaka is as much a problem as the paucity of personnel.

  10. Ishola70

    “Looks like you’re trying to muddy the waters for Emery.
    Has it occurred to you that Emery has always fancied Xhaka so why buy to replace the manager’s pet?”

    There’s no muddying of the waters from me.

    I’ve said time again on here Emery will need to be replaced this summer.

    But let’s not forget Arsenal as a club this season decided to ignore midfield and go cheap on CB.

    They went for yet more fire power from a big forward signing.

    We will see if that was a wise decision from the club regarding this season.

  11. Dissenter

    Had Arsenal being the beneficiary of a one goal lead and a one-man advantage [from a red card]….would we go on and blow out the opposition team 9-0?

    I just think not
    Had we being in Leicester’s position last night, playing at home with 1-0 up and one man-up at 11 minutes…. we would have struggled to eke out a result after 90 mins. Last season, Watford outplayed ups for 75 mins after going open man down.
    Emery-ball has no control …no steering wheel
    Emery-ball has no brakes- it’s just careening until something happens
    Emery-ball has no accelerator – no urgency

  12. Tee

    Emery is nothing but a bland hire.

    I can only continue to hope the season is saved by individual brilliancy cos I don’t think Emery has any hidden magical tactics to change our fortune.

    Conte had performance problem in his early matches but changed tactics and their performances improved.

    Compare to Mr. good ebening who after a year still finds it difficult to turns things around.

  13. Ishola70

    “I said Midfield was the problem before Emery’s arrival..”

    Every fucker with a brain did didn’t they.

    You know what that midfield is a problem you know they said.

    Leicester’s midfield when they are all available is superior.

  14. bennydevito

    We’re in serious trouble for top 4 this season.

    Liverpool and City have the top 2 sewn up.

    Chelsea look much stronger than us, as do Leicester.

    Spurs have a better team than us and man utd’s are equal to us.

    Wolves aren’t far behind us.

    If we carry on with Emery then I think we will finish 6th behind Liverpool, City, Chelsea, Leicester, Spurs with Wolves, Palace and Man utd running us very close.

  15. Dissenter

    “Leicester’s midfield when they are all available is superior.”

    Try telling that to the likes of Wenger Eagle and CC
    When I made that observation in April 2019, there were so many arrows directed at me.

  16. Mysticleaves

    Have to say Chelsea are Playing very good football. For what they wanted to do, Lampard was the best choice. That’s why it beats me we didn’t look more into someone like Brenda or the up comers. It’s what hindsight does anyways. I thought Emery was a good fit when he came on board

  17. TR7

    Willian, Pulisic, Hudson Odoi, Mount, Abraham, Giroud, Loftus Cheek, Kovacic, Pedro, Barkley, Kepa and Azpilicueta

    Paulinho , I concede Chelsea has better players than us. All the 12 players listed above are real handy players. That being said Lampard has got them playing good football too.

  18. bennydevito


    Same here. I said last season when Brenda took over that this season Leicester could challenge us for top 4.

  19. Dissenter

    Individual performances won’t be enough for 4th place this season
    Lampard has Chelsea playing better that the sum of their parts
    Brendan Rodgers has Leicester performing with synergy, their team work creates as much as the individual moments of magic from the likes of Chiwell and Madison.

    Auba scoring that routine goal .AGAINST THE RUN OF PLAY wont be enough.

  20. Ishola70

    “Kante and Jorginho too – forgot to list them.”

    Jorginho is actually looking a bit better off the ball this season as well.

    Looks like he has adjusted to the EPL more now.

  21. TR7


    Yeah, he was a soft touch last season. Very good on the ball but his work rate and intensity left a lot to be desired. But his off the ball play has improved too and is slightly more difficult to be dispossessed off the ball. Perhaps one full season in the league and a smart manager doing the trick.

  22. Dissenter

    Emery isn’t even helping the established quality players in theta play better.
    Any manager who has speedy wingers returning from injury and chooses tom play them on Thursday night, rather than on Sunday is abject.
    You have Aubameyang ready to do his tap-in routine and yet he wasted Tierney’s one game a week schedule [for returning back from injury] on the EL.

  23. salparadisenyc


    Agree clearly the midfield is the problem and has been since he took over. Whats abundantly clear, Xhaka is first name on team sheet in his MF.

    Doesn’t have a player he’s chosen to press up into the final third, now seems to be toying with Torriera or he’s just occupying that space because somebody needs to fill it. Amount of space we gift, the lack of cohesion between the three its really basic stuff. Yet we do the same dance into every league game.

    Nothing modern or disciplined about it.

  24. Tee

    You are absolutely right.

    I think it’s high time a spade is called a spade – Emery is a nothing coach.

    For his apologists who keep citing his 3 Europa trophies as defence mechanism, give it a rest.
    For your sanity sake

  25. Ishola70

    Arsenal need to go and buy a senior leader for midfield.

    There isn’t one at the club and no current combination regardless of Xhaka is going to totally fix it.

  26. Champagne charlie

    “Try telling that to the likes of Wenger Eagle and CC
    When I made that observation in April 2019, there were so many arrows directed at me.“

    You argued their XI was better, and Wolves, and possibly Palace if memory serves as our end of season capitulation was getting peppered with excuses.

    So let’s not omit the others.

    Tielemans goes from world class to pony too, of course off the back of a drubbing they’re all generational talents once again. Fact is they finished below us last season and we were total muck.

  27. Paulinho

    TR7 – Fair enough. As I said the other day, Willock would be barely raise an eyebrow among their coaching staff, and yet he’s one of our starting mids in rotation with others. The gap in class between the two midfields is enormous and I’m extremely jealous of their squad.

    “Lampard has Chelsea playing better than the sum of their parts”

    Dissenter – They’re not playing better than the sum of their parts. Technically, and in terms of having players made for fluid combinations, they are second only to City in the league.

    They have their flaws though. At home they struggle a bit more to break down teams that sit deep, and away from home suits them because teams attack them more and haven’t seemed to cottoned onto the fact that nearly every single player in their side is press-resistant.

  28. Dissenter

    We could only spend so much ion the summer. Raul resorted to creative ways of financing deals just to make the summer window meaningful.
    There’s no way we could have afforded the type of central midfielder that was required.
    All we could was to patch up the defense and create a template for permanent fixes for next season.
    This midfield is Emery, I suspect he wanted Xhaka to be the lynchpin. I wish we sold Torriera in the summer…I championed that all summer.
    Ceballos has stalled but most foreign midfielders don’t hit the premier league running. Klopp didn’t play Fabhino for 3-4 months because he just wasn’t ready.

  29. Paulinho

    Leicester’s first eleven is easily the equal if not better than ours. It’s similar to Chelsea, in that Rodgers has walked into a squad with players that naturally compliment each other. Ndidi offers that defensive strength next to the talented Tielemans; Madison then can concentrate on playing just further ahead, and he’s got the lethal Vardy working in front of him. All fit like a glove.

    Chilwell is their star though. Exceptional footballer.

  30. Dissenter

    I said their starting 11 of last season was better than ours…I stand by that. The Leicester staring 11 of April 28th 2019 had better players that the Arsenal starting 11 of April 28th 2019.
    I also predicted that they will be in the running for top-4 this season, that doesn’t sound so bizarre now, does it?

  31. Mysticleaves

    The midfield players of Leicester aren’t better than ours man to man. They just have a better team, a better planning and organization with results to show for it too.

    Man to man I also don’t believe Chelsea have a better squad than us. We aren’t just performing

  32. Peckobill

    There’s no top 4 for us at the end of the season , there’s clearly 4 better teams than us . Maybe that’s why emery is going the EL route as he knows he lacks the tactical nous to compete with the likes of Brenda of fat frank , risky though in a knockout tournament especially as he’ll have to rely on someone else to knock out Chelsea and hope no one big drops in from the champions league teams

  33. Tee

    All these. “Their players are better than ours” comments is another way to divert critism.

    Emery is the number one problem. No comment dribbling can change it

    Leciester finished below us last season and are presently above us with a new manger .

    This goes to show the power of a good coach on a team.

    Y’all can shout xhaka for as long as you like but it’s one man who picks him above torriera and whenever he wishes to play torriera, eh plays him out of position.

    It will be disingenuous to say Chelsea players are better than ours but they are doing great presently with a novice according to Le Grove.

  34. Paulinho

    “Man to man I also don’t believe Chelsea have a better squad than us. We aren’t just performing”

    Dear old dear.

    None of our midfielders are anywhere near their quality. Utterly absurd to suggest otherwise.

  35. Pierre

    Chelsea have technically better midfielders than Arsenal . Hence they keep the ball better.

    What chelsea are showing is that you can compete in this league with small technical players.

    They remind me of the Arsenal team that consisted of Fabregas, Hleb, Rosicky, Nasri, Adebayor .

    Whether they will fail in a similar way to Arsenal in those days where we would be up there around Christmas and fade in the last few months , remains to be seen .

  36. Pierre

    If I remember rightly, kovacic and jorginho were heavily criticised by many on le Grove and the media last season .
    To me , it shows the importance of having a manager who can get the best out his players .

    Jorginho and kovacic are the type of players I love watching , if they were at Arsenal at this present time I doubt if they would make the starting line up .

    We go to Sheffield united and leave our more technical players out of the starting line up and if we had jorginho and kovacic there is no way that Emery them .

  37. Un na naai


    What’s with your bitchy defence of the bbc? Classic girly man infected at whatever leftie mind poisoning “education centre” you attended.

    Another booksmart fool.

  38. TheLegendaryDB10


    As much as it was a pen, what a circus that was.

    Everybody knows it’s a pen but the ref calls a bullshit decision that Zaha dives. This is then referred to VAR who, after much muttering and agreeing, calls, to everyone’s shock, that its a … pen.

    Well done to the ref who once again managed to put himself and VAR at the centre of the action. At least, for once, we can be grateful that VAR has actually made a correct decision.

  39. Wasi

    Club in shambles and I love to see it.

    Emery’s baby Xhaka cussing the supporters , shrugging Emery off and cowering down the tunnel. Im sure Emery has no idea how to deal with it now. LOL. Probably just gonna give him another start next weekend to make up with him. But at least he is starting to understand that Xhaka is THE problem in the side. 50% culpable for the second goal and offered nothing in offense.( the rest 50% is Luiz btw for forgetting where his marker was).

    Fans singing Ozil song at 85 mins in full voice. And why wouldn’t they. We created next to nothing from open play. I can only really think of the Tierney cross to Laca and nothing else. It is painfully clear what and WHO we are missing.
    Lets see the Spanish Hughes’s next move.

    Hopefully we lose the cup games in the coming weeks and draw and lose in the league until the Manager is hopefully finally relieved of his duties.

  40. Wasi

    Also what did the VAR actually do for the 2nd Sokratis goal. Chambers was the one who was fouled. 3 players were literally falling on him.