Patrice Evra trolls Arsenal like it was 2009

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We’ve gone full cycle people. We have a new set of babies. Granit Xhaka is out there showing more fight in the papers than on the pitch.

“We have to stop about mental [strength] bulls*** like this. For me, it is the same whether you play home or away – you have to win and show big character and a good game and not to always find the same excuse.”


To be fair to Granit, I find it a touch implausible that any pundit is talking about mental strength at Arsenal this season. David Luiz sits at the heart of our defence, his trophy cabinet wasn’t the byproduct of a weak mind. I think the more likely cause of our meekness is the lack of a clear and concise plan. As Aash said on the podcast, we’ve lost 4 out of 7 against newly-promoted teams. I think the players go into all games not understanding the brief, but against better teams, they raise their levels because it’s more interesting. Alternatively, better teams play into our negative approach more easily. The big teams come at us, the little teams don’t fall for the nonsense.

Confusing times. Not as confusing as cracking the enigma code of an Unai Emery prezzer.

“Each match is important to use different players. Tomorrow for the players, the team and me, this game is going to be important for us.”

“We need a lot of players and to use different players to achieve the best performance. We can make some changes for the Premier League and Europa League.”

Yes, yes. Tomorrow there will be different players.

The great bonus for Emery is the pub games he picks up in the front half of the season. It stops the accumulation of negative fan energy from reaching AIRPLANE BANNER levels of retribution. We play badly in the league every week, then we play a shite Europa team with the kids and win 9-0, the fans forget the bitter taste of weekend football, then we play badly and CURSE that we can’t play like we’re beating a pub team every week.

This following comment is quite special.

“We lost a very big opportunity in the Premier League to finish third in the table. We are five and have chances on Sunday. We have to get better but it’s one process.

“Our strategy is – when I was watching in my office – we changed 10 players. 40 per cent more or less. We are using new players, above all also some young players to give them chances more quickly.

“The most important is the club and team. Our objective is clear on where we want to get. I am very confident in the players, in our job, in our work, in the club strategy and in our way.”

I like that there’s a strategy, though I’m not sure what the content of the said strategy is. But there is one.

I am looking forward to playing Vitoria. It’s a good chance for the fans to lose themselves in a faux reality of Arsenal greatness. It’s a good chance for the first team to inject some confidence into their legs.

See what I did there?

Play Pepe tomorrow night. The man needs an open play goal. Give Torreira and Ozil a run-out.  Let’s see Holding, Bellerin and Tierney on the pitch. Those three should have played on Monday, been rested tonight, then played at the weekend. I’m sure there was a super strategic reason behind that, it might even be in the cut/pasted paragraph above, we can’t be sure.

Let’s have a BIG game.

I’ll leave you on this thrilling quote from the big man.

“Our response could be better. But good attitude, good mentality.”

I agree.

Let’s have a massive one, but before you leave, listen to my fucking podcast. It has good sound, some great chat, and some absolutely electric banter. Kind of. I mean. Maybe.




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  1. Champagne charlie

    “Glad you agree that a lot of nonsense has been written here, though.“

    Can some of the apparent nonsense be specified?

    As I think most would agree that claiming something with no evidence, then dismissing anyone who doesn’t share said view is pretty much the hallmark of “nonsense” on here.

  2. Paulinho

    Graham – Chelsea having Mount and Abraham in the squad has nothing to do with Lampard ‘seeing things and acting’. He’s just very fortunate to walk into a club with a load of very talented youngsters. Giroud has been a nothing but a super-sub for three years now so the supposed ‘big call’ of playing Abraham ahead of him is not really a big call at all.

    He looks to have everything to be a good manager though. Players want to play for him, he’s very intelligent and sees the game well.

  3. Graham62


    You’re digging a hole for yourself.

    As Normski highlights, where is the evidence?

    Our players are not gelling under Emery, although we do have some talented individuals/youngsters.

    I’m sorry but one and a half years is an awfully long time not to get your team performing to a consistent level.

    The evidence that things are not working is clear to the vast majority of supporters.

    You are “embarrassing yourself”.

  4. Nelson

    As for Ceballos, we still have time before making a decision. Madrid has already agree to sell him. Whether he is worth the quoted price. Last game, he failed his first test against an organized defense. He couldn’t create a single chance.

  5. Bob N16

    If there has been any improvement, it’s been negligible, even though our squad appears stronger. If you believe we’ve made reasonable improvements, you must be wearing a metaphorical filter that allows you to see ‘the good’ in everything.

    If Emery is unable to oversee a considerable improvement by Xmas I think it’s highly likely the pressure on Raul and Edu to act will be considerable. Unless Emery has an ‘awakening’ I think he’s done for mid-season.

  6. Gentlebris

    Lampard is going to be the new Pep.
    Imagine giving Lampard the pep transfer money……
    I wonder what we would be getting now had we tried our own Arteta who is highly rated by Pep.

    Btw, Bamford you are a straggler with your ManU is better than Arsenal stupidity.

  7. Gentlebris

    Nelson, Real needed to be sure Ceballos was not good enough before they would decide to sell him, now they are sure. Ceballos is not good enough, not for them; not for us. We need a player like the James lad at ManU.

  8. Bojangles

    Listened to your podcast Pedro. I thought your brother had replaced you for the first half, I heard what sounded like excuses being made for Emery. Still prefer your solo efforts.

  9. Graham62


    No disrespect, but Poppycock!

    Lampard knew these players well before he took over at SB.

    He also knew what he was going to do with these players.

    He did his homework, just like he’s always done.

    Smart? Too right he is.

  10. Nelson

    This playing out from the back has come a joke. We are spending more time passing the ball in our final third than in the opponent’s final third. This is a failure of the coaching staff. How can we trust this coaching staff to develop our players?

  11. Just Another Customer

    the epic contrarian Bamford whose his opinion only matter why bother discuss anything with him your opinions are nonsense in his eyes he just want to force his opinion down your throats instead that’s all

    on that note I’ll take anyone that has a plan and know how this club operates inside out already rather than Emery right now

  12. Graham62

    Do you think Lampard would be telling his players to take 90 seconds to get the ball into the opponents half of the field knowing that he had Auba, Lacazette, Pepe, Martinelli in his team?

    I don’t think so. It’s pathetic.

    That’s why Emery is “cocking things up”.

  13. Paulinho

    Graham – Yeah, he did his home work, looked through the squad list and realised he had a nice blend of players already available to him.

    Genius stuff.

  14. Left testicle

    We can’t successfully play out from the back with the current team selections. The defenders aren’t good enough on the ball, the midfielders take too many risks and are easily brushed off the ball and if we decide to play long we’ve nobody to hold it up.

  15. Tony

    Dont comment too much but read every day. Just a suggestion and i want dick emery out as much as anyone. He’s a chancer, a bluffer a con man. If you haven’t done already check out his history. He, simply put is a Europa manager managing a champions league CLUB (not team for now) Anyway i digress..who would i want to replace him yesterday? Someone whos attached to the club, knows what AFC means, someone who has played for the club and someone who has managerial experience..ladies n gentleman i present EDU. Thanks for reading chaps have a good 1

  16. KJS

    The reasons for Emery to be relieved of his duties are clearly racking up. For me, the simple fact that we are currently unwatchable (in the league), should be enough. It’s insipid, lacklustre and frankly boring and you can’t even hang your hat on any green shoots of positivity in the current performances.

    The squad can improve in certain areas but for me, there is enough talent in it currently, that if in the right hands could be cementing that 3rd place.

  17. Marc

    People are getting a little premature on Lampard. He took over Derby in 6th and with the highest wage bill in the Championship finished 6th and lost the playoff final.

    He’s taken over a Chelsea team that although they have lost a great player in Hazard have spent £60 odd million on a replacement and have been buying up scores of talented youth players for years. They also still have the core of a title winning team from 3 seasons ago.

    To start declaring him as the new messiah after 9 games is typical of the knee jerk reaction you get by so many on here. Only a few weeks ago the Poch was the 3rd best coach in the world even though he’d never won anything.

  18. Bamford10


    I agree that the improvement we’ve seen thus far has been modest, but we certainly have not “deteriorated,” as someone claimed.

    It’s really pretty simple: Emery is a competent if unspectacular manager who is tightening things up, making us more organized, more disciplined, more modern in our approach, but he is not doing enough as of yet in terms of producing the kind of football we want to see and he is getting a number of important things wrong. If he continues to get certain things wrong, and if these failings are jeopardizing our chances of finishing top four, the club should consider replacing him.

  19. Chris

    Forget stats for a moment and just watch back some of our games this season. The overall play has not exactly been impressive. In some cases it has been shocking. If we were seeing different to what stats were telling us, as is possible sometimes in bizarre ways, then there would be more room for optimism. However a lot of stats point toward a downward turn this season, and then look at the goal we conceded on Monday night. Dreadful defending. It was getting toward being as bad as that goal we conceded against WBA a couple of years ago. Marking non existent. We then had little to no answer to Sheff Utd there after and lost the game meekly.

    I agree with Bob. I feel that Emery is running out of time to turn this around and that Jan/Feb time could see the end of him at this rate. I think Raul and Edu would act decisively if it was the right action to take. If the writing was on the wall I don’t think these two would simply wait until seasons end.

  20. HighburyLegend

    “People are getting a little premature on Lampard. ”

    Other people are just born premature.
    (Unai, if you read us…)

  21. HighburyLegend

    “I feel that Emery is running out of time to turn this around”

    I disagree, for 1 very simple reason : we’re gonna destroy most of the teams in the ELC.
    Emery will try to save his ass the same way he did last season.

  22. Champagne charlie

    “Emery is a competent if unspectacular manager who is tightening things up, making us more organized, more disciplined, more modern in our approach“

    You need to qualify this with something other than a pathetic ‘if you had eyes’ rebuttal.

    All of that should be probable, or quantifiable in some capacity. Otherwise kindly refrain from talking what can be considered ‘nonsense’.

  23. Bamford10


    One, could you tell us when and where our play/performance was “shocking” this season? Maybe I’m forgetting a match, but that adjective reminds me more of what we saw under late Wenger than anything we’ve seen this season. Be specific, please.

    Two, re the goal on Monday, was that goal down to the team not being properly organized or drilled, in your opinion, or was it down to player error, player failure or player weakness?

  24. Samesong

    Unai is a foreign dog

    Bloody hell guns you don’t hold back.

    Its funny the vibes I get from you at times you can insult anyone but the minute someone say Jew you want to kill them. Pretty hilarious tbh.

  25. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal are woefully short of creative midfield options at the club as has been
    clearly demonstrated in Monday’s game against Sheffield United.

    There is an overemphasis on defensive/holding midfielders with so-called work ethic. The fact that we have managed so few goal scoring opportunities from this department reinforces that opinion.

    Yet Emery’s refusal to consider Ozil even for the bench as has been the case for most of the season raises very serious concerns about his judgment.

    Ozil for all his so-called deficiencies is by far and a way the most gifted midfielder on our books and the most likely to unlock a stubborn defence.

    The fact that the Head Coach refuses to use him is in my view a clear indication of his narrow minded mentality and stubbornness.

    It is one thing refusing to play him if the team/squad are playing well and winning all their games but as we know that is not the case and some of our
    results are fortuitous.

    The club are spending £350K pw on this player and getting absolutely no return on this investment. Until such time that he is transferred out of club we need to include him in squad particularly when as is the case we are or have been playing three games in six days.

    Flogging young players to death is not going to get the best out of them. We need to use EVERY PLAYER in squad.

  26. guest man aka WW

    Lampard would be the perfect replacement for southgate…..the F.A would love him…intelligent, diplomatic and good with young English talent. Its a no brainer..put money on a well crafted wager….say Lampard to be manager by 2022.
    Football loyalties, and the biased fan base that rears its head may not get where I’m coming from.

  27. China1

    Emery’s brain signals are much like his football, getting confused and stuck at the back and incoherent by the time the message gets to his mouth

  28. China1

    Meh it wasn’t a waste sellig ox

    He was injury prone as hell for us and injury prone as well for pool. They paid a lot of money for him.

    Even when he was fit he was often a headless chicken, probably in no small part because of a lack of coaching but still. That was good money we got for him no doubt

  29. Bamford10


    “The fact that the Head Coach refuses to use him is in my view a clear indication of his narrow minded mentality and stubbornness.”

    Or it’s evidence that the player has been disrespectful to the manager in some way. See this morning’s dust-up on Twitter for evidence that this is in fact what is going on. It’s not really that surprising; Ozil has always been an arrogant and petulant twat.

  30. Marc

    “One, could you tell us when and where our play/performance was “shocking” this season?”

    Sorry Bamford but the second half at Watford was shocking at best.

    The problem with Emery is he’s regressing and beginning to look as if in his attempts to turn things round he’s actually digging deeper.

  31. Chris


    Not convinced Europa League progress would be enough if league results continued to suffer.


    I am thinking mainly of the Watford game as the shocking example, however we have looked far from convincing in the majority of league games we have played. I certainly do not see vast, if any, improvement on last season. In year two of Emery and with more players brought in, this wasn’t a big ask.

    Anytime we conceded a goal such as Monday’s it is infuriating, because basics were failed almost everywhere. Bad play for sure, but if defence was drilled properly I doubt you would see it. Is Emery getting his thoughts across to the players?

  32. Marc


    How many matches would you give Ozil to show a regular difference? How many matches where he doesn’t show up or makes indifference look like an art form?

  33. China1

    Lamont’s hasn’t proved that he’s an elite coach by any stretch of the imagination BUT he has started his coaching life really well and I don’t think he or the fans would have expected he’d be doing better

    All things considered he and gerrard have both hit the ground running. Fair play to them. Let’s see if they can build on their good starts and take their careers to the next level.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how Campbell does in his new role. He did a great job in his previous role and this is a big step up so all the best to the legend

  34. Un na naai

    Bamford10October 24, 2019 10:56:01
    Words“With no improvement this season, and some evidence of deterioration relative to last season”Nonsense. There is no support for ether of these assertions some nine matches into this season.

    Bamford you absolute mongo

    I’ve been dropping stat bombs on you for 3 days
    You know full well there is evidence to support the FACT that we are conceding more and scoring less

    Your dopey, self important opinion counts for nothing in the face of hard data

  35. Marc


    Are you serious?

    You’re just looking like you’re either defending the indefensible or being contrary for the sake of it. We don’t need anymore of those on here!

  36. Bamford10


    I don’t think we’ve looked convincing either, but there’s a big difference between “not convincing” and “shocking”.

    I also don’t know that that goal on Monday is down to the manager not properly organizing or drilling the team.

    I’ll re-watch Watford, but I’d like to hear more about what specifically was “shocking” in that match.

    Again, I remember many genuinely “shocking” performances under late Wenger. I don’t feel like I’ve seen anything approaching that kind of thing in some time. But I am definitely going to re-watch Watford.

  37. Un na naai

    Bamford10October 24, 2019 12:47:42
    Marc, ChrisThe second half of Watford was shocking in what way, specifically

    Do you actually watch Arsenal you plonker?

  38. Bamford10


    No, I’m just asking you a simple question. In what way was our play against Watford “shocking”? I’m not even claiming it wasn’t; I just want to better understand where our play was so utterly deficient so that I can think about the claim, re-watch the game, etc.

  39. Un na naai


    Even hard stats can’t deter this weiner. Reality is what exists in his head and the rest of the world is subject to his warped take

  40. Bamford10


    Ahhh, that’s right. That game. OK, so question: was that bad stat down to poor organization or tactics from the manager, or was it down to poor defenders and slow, unathletic midfielders? If the former, please tell us specifically how the tactics and/or organization were the cause of that.

    Secondly, that match was five weeks ago. Have we seen improvement on that front since? Or are we still seeing a shocking number of shots against game in game out?

  41. Nelson

    The last two games, Auba didn’t receive any service. WTF is Emery’s system/tactics? We have a star striker and Emery is not setting the team up to use him.

  42. Chitom

    I don’t think we’ve looked convincing either, but there’s a big difference between “not convincing” and “shocking”.


    Ok, how about we looked shockingly unconvincing then.

  43. Chitom

    Every top six contender is valued higher than Arsenal by transfermarkt ,so the notion expressed by some that we should be walking the top four on talent and some decent coaching alone is wishful thinking.

    That said, if you haven’t seen signs Emery might be in over his head yet ,then you probably can’t be helped.

  44. Cesc Appeal

    ‘The second half of Watford was shocking in what way, specifically?’

    Is that a real question.

    Basically in every single way.

    I was sat watching it with friends and was embarrassed to be an Arsenal fan.

  45. Bamford10


    Pretty sure he’s running more or less the same system he ran at PSG; which means he is trying to use Aubameyang the same way he used Cavani. How did Cavani fare in Emery’s system?

  46. Words on a Blog


    The “bad squad defence” doesn’t hold any more.

    We have a full complement of what clearly constitutes a “top 4 squad”

    If Kola and Sok are playing ahead of Holding and Tierney that’s on Emery

  47. Bamford10


    OK, but they weren’t available five weeks ago, were they?

    And we haven’t been that poor defensively since, have we?

    The answer to both questions is ‘no,’ and the truth is that some of the things being said at moment are inaccurate, overstated and false.

  48. Un na naai

    DonAhhh, that’s right. That game. OK, so question: was that bad stat down to poor organization or tactics from the manager, or was it down to poor defenders and slow, unathletic midfielders? If the former, please tell us specifically how the tactics and/or organization were the cause of that.


    Wenger had the same defence, worse in fact with a worse midfield and got better results
    These are the players that emery wanted. £200m extra plus a fit and firing Aubameyang loving left by Arsene Wenger.

    If Wenger can get more out of these players than emery then what does it say about emery?

  49. KAY Boss

    Bamford,plz stop defending the indefensible. I used to cut Emery some slack, but boy, he isn’t performing as we expected. Yes, we’ve lost 2 matches so far, but we ain’t utilizing out resources well and all’s down to Emery. Period!!

  50. Cesc Appeal

    The midfield is a massive problem he hasn’t got right. Not just in selection but there seems just to be this cavernous gap between Xhaka and the other midfielders, or the two deep lying midfielders when we play that and then the CAM and forward line.

    A mobile, hard working, tenacious 3 in midfield is the simplest and best way to go.

    I read somewhere that Pepe is our best chance creator this season and against Sheffield you certainly saw his ability to get on the ball and cause issues. We need to rely on Pepe stepping up, the goals of Auba and Laca and then the pacey wide play and crossing of Tierney and Bellerin to offset what would be a largely workman like and not so creative midfield.

    I really think it’s simple stuff Emery is getting badly wrong.

  51. Words on a Blog


    I agree that our defence has improved,
    And there has been a reduction in things like shots faced and opposition chances created.

    But it looks like Emery has settled on ultra conservative safety-first brand of football where our own big chances created, shots
    etc are also well down. Which means that we play bland football and one key chance missed is the difference between a win and a loss or a draw.

    Over at ManC and Liverpool Stirling and Salah and the rest can miss near certain goals but it’s no problem…..Fife minutes later there’s another big opportunity to score

  52. China1

    Please stop with the wenger got better results claim

    Wenger got fired for precisely the opposite. He lost the dressing room, he lost most of the fans and he got fewer points.

    No amount of respecting wenger will undo that. His last 2 seasons were a complete disgrace both on and off the pitch and even more embarrassing than what we see now

    Emery has provided a very ugly, very confusing and very slight improvement overall, but is still doing horribly.

    It’s really sad how the wenger lovers are trying to capitalize on emery’s failings to make wenger look less bad. He was. We still remember.

  53. China1

    If wenger has been getting more out of his squad he wouldn’t have been fired. It’s really very clear cut

    Wenger was the most untouchable manager in world football and still got sacked because things were *that* bad come the end.

  54. Batistuta

    Lolz Bamford is definitely trolling you all at this stage because that’s really the only explanation to his comments today

  55. Batistuta

    We’ve looked just as lost, just as clueless as the late Wenger period and that’s saying something…. Sideways pass after sideways pass and relying on individual brilliance more than we should, no chances created, very very questionable line ups you’d almost think he was taking a bribe to always start certain players

  56. azed

    I don’t know why we are talking Chelsea and It’s here.
    This is all Emery and I was one of the most vocal member of the give “Emery time crew” and Emery has had his time.
    He’s gotten his wingers and everything else is on him.

    He’s had a year to get used to league and it looks like he hasn’t learnt anything.

    If he gets sacked today, he would have deserved it.

  57. Graham62

    One key thing regarding The Ox.

    He wanted to leave the club.


    Wenger was sacked because he was destroying the club, not just because we were regressing as a team.


    The Watford game was an embarrassment to every Arsenal fan.

  58. Emiratesstroller


    The issue is not how many games or how often Ozil plays, but his almost complete exclusion means that we are spending £350K pw on a player who
    is available in a week when Arsenal are playing three games in six days.

    Incidentally this is the second time in less than 30 days since September 30th
    that Arsenal are playing that number of games in six days!!!!

    The club’s fixture schedule alone should provide a strong reason for including
    Ozil in teams/squads selections.

    When I see our midfield continuously underperforming because of its lack
    of assists, creativity and goalscoring potential the manager needs to become

  59. Marc


    What exactly are you arguing – that we should use the full extent of the squad with the number of fixtures we have or that Ozil is a solution to the lack of creativity / not enough chances created?

  60. Champagne charlie

    Yea Banford is trolling at this point, his original assertions have been made to look silly so he’s poking fun in the matter to save face.

    Not enough time to decipher whether Emery has a clue, but plenty of time between Watford 5 weeks ago, and now, to claim progression.

    What a guy.

  61. Emiratesstroller


    On both counts he should be considered for selection.

    The current squad options in midfield are in my view far too predictable and
    perhaps more importantly rather limited in offensive department.

    Messrs Xhaka, Torreira and Guendouzi are supposed to be defensive midfielders. Willock and Ceballos do have some creativity, but very limited
    assist and goalscoring potential based on their form in EPL.

    The fact that Arsenal have managed only four goals not scored by Aubameyang and Lacazette including penalty from Pepe tells you everything
    you need to know about current midfield options.

  62. Marc

    Emirates I have major reservations about Ozil – you can’t use in most away matches, fades in and out of too many matches etc.

    I do agree that midfield is the current root of our problems. Step 1 is get rid of Xhaka the guy is sucking the life out of the team. Once Xhaka’s out of the team we can begin to assess how the other players are doing over a run of games. I’d like to see a run with Torreira, Guendozi and Ceballos with Willock as back up.

    It doesn’t help not having natural full backs playing but we don’t know why Tierney didn’t start on Monday. If it’s the medical staff being ultra cautious then OK if it’s Emery picking favourites ie Kolas or prioritising the EL then he’s going to find himself out of a job very soon.

  63. Emiratesstroller


    If we need a reality check about the performance level of our midfield in EPL
    game here are the stats.

    Guendouzi 9 games [783 mins] 0 goals 2 assists
    Xhaka 8 games [681 mins] 0 goals 0 assists
    Ceballos 9 games [483mins] 0 goals 2 assists [both against Burnley]
    Willock 8 games [353mins] 0 goals 0 assists
    Torreira 7 games [202 mins] 1 goal 0 assists
    Ozil 1 game [71 mins] 0 goals 0 assists

    That tells you everything that you need to know about the team’s underperformance in midfield.

  64. Receding Hairline

    If you are not getting the best out of the resources you have at your disposal and you lose your job it’s really hard to argue you do not deserve it.

    I have been looking out for certain things since we changed coaches, i haven’t seen that yet. I saw signs of it early last season but since then we have been Jekyll and Hyde at best.

    Same old Arsenal is an indictment of Unai Emery.

  65. DaleDaGooner

    Patrice Evra must be butt-hurt that Arsenal never signed him. Why hes not interested in taking aim at Liverpool like a proper United fan….oh wait, they all like taking the piss either way…

    He’s always been a cvnt though

  66. Receding Hairline

    “The second half of Watford was shocking in what way, specifically?”

    Two goals up and coasting and you allow a struggling Watford team to come at you wave after wave of attack. I was visiting my brother in hospital after a surgery and we were watching the game on TV, it was amateur hour that second half. Calling it shocking is kind.

  67. Marc


    Your stats don’t tell the whole story though. Torreira hasn’t played in his proper position – DM I wouldn’t expect him to get many goals or assists. Ceballos will take time to adjust to the league – it would help though to play in a functioning mid field.

    You certainly can’t play Xhaka and Ozil in the same midfield unless you’re playing against the Dog and Duck’s under twelve girls team. At home!

  68. Pierre

    You’re doing a Bamford in your attitude towards Ozil.

    You, being an Arsenal supporter , should want what’s best for the team.

    If he returns and is rubbish then of course criticise him.
    But, as yet he hasn’t been given ample opportunity .

    He played for 71 minutes v forest and created a chance on average, every 12 minutes .
    He played something like just over an hour away to Watford, and played decent and created the 2nd goal with a slide rule pass to AMN and came off when we were 2-1 up.

    So I suggest to you , that before backing yourself into a corner , why not see how things transpire.

    Without Ozil , not one aspect of our play had shown improvement and you , being an Arsenal supporter, should want what’s best for the team.

  69. Thomas

    “Why hes not interested in taking aim at Liverpool like a proper United fan….oh wait, they all like taking the piss either way…”


    Why would he take aim at Liverpool? They’re top of the league and defending CL champions.

    Evra is not lying with his comments on Arsenal though.

  70. Champagne charlie

    Yea I’ve got to back Pierre with that comment there.

    Anyone dismissing Ozil is doing so on what grounds? I’ve seen talk of his training ground prowess, can someone tell me who is lighting it up in training given what we’re seeing game after game?

    Ozil is a creative player, we don’t create shit. There’s not a loss to occur with his inclusion, our resolute defence isn’t disrupted by his presence, literally no threat to his inclusion.

  71. Marc


    You know my view of Ozil – I think he’s already out the door and the current PR is just his way on preparing the ground for a January exit “I had to leave Arsenal as I wasn’t valued” etc etc.

    As I’ve repeatedly said putting Ozil and Xhaka into the same team is asking for problems and we know Emery won’t drop Xhaka.

  72. Receding Hairline

    “But, as yet he hasn’t been given ample opportunity .”

    He has been here since 2013…has regressed progressively for about three seasons now, was a nothing player 80% of games he played last season

    “Anyone dismissing Ozil is doing so on what grounds? ”

    See above

  73. Marc


    I couldn’t even be bothered to go down that route. People are calling for Ozil’s inclusion after Monday night, does anyone seriously think Ozil would’ve been used in that type of game under Wenger?

  74. Emiratesstroller

    If you want accurate stats about our midfield performance take a look at those
    published by Arsenal on website and Transfermarkt who provide breakdown of minutes played, goals scored and assists.

    By no figment of imagination have we performed well in that department this

    I don’t know how well Ozil plays in training. For me that is irrelevant. The only
    question is whether he is mentally and physically fit.

    However, he is not going to be match fit because of dearth of playing time.
    That is precisely why he should be playing in midweek games in Europa and
    Carrabo Cups.

    Once we establish match fitness you can make genuine assessment who should be playing regularly in first team. That applies incidentally to Messrs
    Bellerin, Tierney, Mustafi and Holding as well.

    My view is that Arsenal need to resolve by next weekend what is our best
    starting X1 for EPL games and stick to it whatever are the manager’s personal
    preferences and prejudices.

    At the moment I think that there are at least 3 places in defence and perhaps
    2 places in midfield plus addition of Lacazette which needs changing from
    team which started against Sheffield United.

  75. Receding Hairline

    “does anyone seriously think Ozil would’ve been used in that type of game under Wenger?”

    saying Ozil has not been given a chance is revisionism at it’s finest

    I remember when we signed was now Ozil has a proper center forward to pass to….LOL that didn’t work out

    Same with Aubameyang

    Man is one as a professional footballer and anyone who hasn’t figured that out is best left alone

  76. Emiratesstroller

    Emery has adopted the same story last season as he is doing now.

    He wrote off Ramsey and increasingly Ozil for most of the season. He decided
    to shift them out of club.

    Similarly since January Torreira has been grossly underused in starting lineup.

    His 3 man midfield lineup is effectively Xhaka, Guendouzi with either Ceballos or Willock playing as third option. Collectively they have produced
    nothing in offensive department as the stats confirm.

    Guendouzi has for the record failed to score a single goal in EPL games over
    two seasons and I think that his assist record last season was also nil. So his
    contribution to team is confined to high octane energy but with minimal

    Ceballos had a decent game against Burnley but apart from that one performance has been very average.

  77. China1

    Ozils training ground prowess is not trying at all according to lots of former team mates and the club higher ups

    The same problem he is accused of in 50-75% of actual matches

    So please spare us the ozil is a victim or not being given a fair chance line

    Ozil is a lazy, overrated cunt who is only even remembered and talked of these days because he’s 1) so expensive and 2) the team are setup horribly and aren’t creating anything giving the illusion that he is gonna come back and be the savior despite years of evidence to the contrary that the guy is able to play well on a weekly basis

  78. Receding Hairline

    Nice of you to notice all that Emirates, strangely no one seems remotely willing to admit Torriera has been below average as well.

    I keep reading he is not played in his proper position, apparently its right in front of the two defenders, a position he didn’t play for Sampdoria nor for Uruguay.

  79. China1

    Receding the guy is a DM. The only times torreira has played deep for us was at the start of last season when he won a bunch of plaudits.

    Then he got injured, came back as some weird b2b hybrid, now he’s an AM or on the bench and sure enough he’s below average

    Put him as a DM and he will be a clear improvement on xhaka. This much is a given

  80. China1

    Pierre I’m not clicking on your unexplained YouTube links consider usually when you do that it’s just rickrolling lol

  81. Champagne charlie


    Not really interested in your playground account of Ozil, the case for his inclusion isn’t a difficult one to fathom. We don’t create a thing and have a footballer whose entire career has been built on that.

    At best, he offers us moments that help win matches and points.

    At worst, we remain utterly clueless in attack.

  82. Receding Hairline

    China if you are saying Torriera has to play exactly where Xhaka does to be effective i respectfully disagree

    He is a midfielder first and foremost and that’s where he has played since joining Arsenal, he has never been played as a striker or fullback, he has been underwhelming and one day you guys will smell the coffee

  83. Batistuta

    That’s the thing, it’s not like we’re expecting Ozil to appear and all our problems go away but the fact we’re creating next to nothing seems to suggest that cries for him to be included aren’t far fetched….If the team was playing well, then I’d slam those calling for his re-inclusion but we’re not playing well so why not see about giving the German a chance

  84. DaleDaGooner

    Thomas, whether Evra is right or not, he needs to direct his analysis to how his United are currently doing…the fact that they are awful but he still has an opinion on Arsenal, 10+ years after, shows he seems to be harddone by something Arsenal management did to him many years ago…

  85. Batistuta

    But Torreira wasn’t underwhelming when he first came in, he was one of the best players in the league….Maybe fatigue, maybe new country and adaptation issues e.t.c. but to say he has been underwhelming since he joined us is rather unfair on the lad

  86. DaleDaGooner

    Evra saying Arsenal are babies, same said 10 years ago, yet his United are clueless and full of babies with no trophies in the last 2 years, when all other United legends are worried at the state of the club

  87. Receding Hairline

    Former Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson is among those who believe that Torreira is not living up to the billing – despite some encouraging performances early on in this season.

    “Everyone was raving about Lucas Torreira, but he’s not that good. I said this a few months ago and everyone kicked up a stink,” Merson said, as quoted by the Express.

    “He only looks good as he’s what Arsenal have needed for a long time. But, if you put him up for sale tomorrow then none of the top five clubs in the Premier League would be interested

    Former Chelsea striker Tony Cascarino echoed Merson’s sentiments, claiming that Torreira is not cut out to play in the holding midfield role.

    “Lucas Torreira is a fine player, a tenacious tackler who can join the attack effectively, but he does not have the positional sense needed by a midfield anchor,” Cascarino told The Times.

    “He is unable to work out where best to intercept dangerous passes, as was shown when Romelu Lukaku picked out Alexis Sanchez for United’s first goal.

    “They [Arsenal] get caught with real sucker-punch goals. His [Emery] fullbacks play in advanced positions but when they are out of position upfield and the ball is lost, there is no top-class holding midfielder to plug the gaps.”

    Those comments are from January 2019

  88. Batistuta

    He actually was and lots of fans of other teams seemed to agree be was exactly what we’d been missing for a while before he came…Had the highest interceptions and tackles put in the entire league too….. Now I’m not saying the midfield was perfect when he first came here but it was more functional so whatever position he was playing at was the right one for him….

  89. Batistuta

    Would be nice to see quotes from September till around November or so too when he was actually on form…..

    Also would be nice to hear what all these pundits think about his midfield partner at the time too

  90. Receding Hairline

    “Yea January 2019 when his form had dipped and after playing the December rush in the league for the first time”

    “He is unable to work out where best to intercept dangerous passes, as was shown when Romelu Lukaku picked out Alexis Sanchez for United’s first goal.

    That has to do with his abilities as a footballer not his fitness levels Batistuta, a player who you all maintain should be playing right in front of the back four should not struggle to read and intercept dangerous play. Anytime he plays he is bypassed time and time again with very simple passes by the opposition or by sheer physicality. He isn’t cut out for this league and you all will see that in due course.

  91. Receding Hairline

    so whatever position he was playing at was the right one for him….

    Or you guys were just too taken by the goal against Spurs and trying to head balls off peoples feet to realize this dude wasn’t really that good. I daresay he would even do better up the field than he does allegedly shielding the defense.

  92. Bob N16

    Give Torreira 6/8 games DM this season before quoting knobheads like Merson and Cascarino who are paid to come out with knee -jerk comments. Using January quotes alone is bullshit regardless of who said them.

    Anybody with an ounce of footballing knowledge would recognise Torreira’s contributions Sep- Dec. It is not unreasonable to expect that he would be able to replicate that form this season when he is played in history position, or in fact improve on nit given that he’s not having to get used to a different league.

  93. Ishola70

    You don’t have to have a midfield that is very creative or scores lots of goals.

    Liverpool overall don’t have this type of midfield. But they compensate and give more support to their front three as we know from their fullbacks.

    Chelsea have decent fullbacks plus attacking midfielders that are going to be a threat.

    You can go different ways here.

    The problem for Arsenal atm is that they don’t have a creative goal scoring midfield nor very good attacking fullbacks being selected. They lack both.

    Emery has what looks like a couple of fullbacks that could improve on this matter but at this moment he is not using them.

    I’m sure many would rather see these fullbacks put into play by Emery than rely on the wet blanket that is Mesut Ozil.

    Cesc Appeal touched on it earlier. Arsenal can have a hardworking midfield full of CMs but only if Emery gets the fullback positions purring offensively.

  94. Un na naai

    I know jokes Friday is tomo but fuck it

    This one is going up

    Jurgen Klopp flies to Kabul to watch a young Afghani play football. He is suitably impressed and arranges for the player to come over.

    Two weeks later Liverpool are 2-0 down to Newcastle with only 20 minutes left. The manager gives the young Afghani striker the nod, and on he goes.

    The lad is a sensation. He scores 3 goals in 20 minutes and wins the game for Liverpool . The fans are delighted, the players and the coach are delighted and the media love the new star.

    When the player comes off the pitch he phones his mum to tell her about his first day in English football.

    ‘Hello mum, guess what?’ he says ‘I played for 20 minutes today, we were 2 – 0 down but I scored 3, they call it a hat-trick, and we won. Everybody loves me, the fans, the press, they all love me.’

    ‘Just wonderful,’ says his mum, ‘Let me tell you about my day

    Your father got shot in the street, your sister and I were ambushed and assaulted, she would have been raped but for a passing police vehicle.

    Your brother has joined a local gang of looters and set fire to some buildings and all while you tell me that you were having a great time!!’

    The young lad is very upset. ‘What can I say mum, but I’m really sorry.’

    Sorry?!!! Sorry?!!!’ says his mum.

    ‘It’s your bloody fault we came to Liverpool in the first place….