Mesut’s peaceful attacks push Emery into corner

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Mesut Ozil is back in the news again, drawing attention to himself in an unflattering light, but making the same statement again… he ain’t going nowhere.

He doubled down on his grim relationship with a dictator. He stated his love for Arsene. He reiterated that he’s training hard and wants to play.

So how did Unai respond? With a messaging approach as garbled as a hippy atop a London Underground train in Canning Town.

“But really the last two to three weeks he has improved with us in training,”

“I didn’t close to him the possibility to play. … My idea is to use all the players and he is one who can help us. He also has very big skills and quality we will need in the next matches.”


You either like him… or you hate him. This indecision on what you want from the player looks so bad. Worse than your assistant coach learning Spanish.

Leadership demands consistency.

Emery needs a PR strategist in his team. Every time Mesut talks to the press, he manages to persuade the people he’s the victim and he’s just out there trying to make a living at a club he loves.

It’s masterful… because Emery always caves. It’s clever, because the German’s army rises up and amplifies his victimhood.

I think we should offer a way back into the side for the German. We lack creativity, and as far as I can see, there’s been no benefit to his absence. We don’t create. We don’t defend well. We are one dimensional. The manager should find a way to extract some value from this mega deal he’s on. Worst case scenario… Mesut shames himself again. Best case, we unleash the front three with opportunities.

Short post today, can’t believe we’re a Monday game again.

See you in the comments. x

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  1. TheLegendaryDB10

    Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Through to the semis!!!!

    Really good performance by England defensively, first and foremost, as well as offensively. Really happy with our performance.

    If NZ wins, then this will be an even sterner test for England.

  2. Tony


    We put in a good performance against NZ at Twickenham only just losing.

    Jones will prepare us well for that game.

    In some ways I’d prefer to play NZ instead of Ireland.

  3. Graham62

    England support over in Japan phenomenal.

    Another reason why we are still the greatest country in the world.

    Shoot me!

  4. Bob N16

    Great victory but Graham, you yourself were highlighting the drunken borishness of Brits abroad.
    Proud to be British though, unless I witness drunken loutishness, then I’m embarrassed!

  5. TheLegendaryDB10


    In some ways I’d prefer to play NZ instead of Ireland.

    I was going to question why you said this but you are right. It will force us to be focused and disciplined if we play vs NZ. I feel we will take it for granted if we do play Ireland.

    Nonetheless it will be a very tough game playing NZ (if NZ win).

    Let’s wait and see what NZ do. They are my second team actually, always have been since the days of Jonah Lomu.

  6. Bob N16

    If Nowell is fit I’d play him on RW and twinkle toes Watson can play FB.

    Whoever wins next week will win final. Hope Irish give them a really bruising encountet. B Bradden concussion would be welcome!

  7. Tony

    Right about Nowell and Watson

    Daly looked suspect today.

    Ireland know our game too well from the 6 Nations whereas we can still spring surprises on the All Blacks.

    We’ve lost too many games against the Irish recently home and away.

  8. TheLegendaryDB10

    Very classy from the Irish trying to drown out the Haka………… *shakes head*

    It’s a shame that they are not right in Ireland’s faces like they used to. All that for the cameras. Pfft.


    Good point. Ireland would definitively would want to exploit that.

    Come on NZ!!

  9. Graham62


    Just because I highlight the obvious negatives, which we are all well aware of, there are certain things that still make us so unique and so special. Remember I’m half Scot!

    In any case, Boris will be our saviour in respect to the “drunken” louts.


    Ouch! Irish getting a right old tonking.

    17-0 after 20 mins.

  10. Graham62


    As for the “drunken borishness of Brits abroad” it’s all down to tougher laws………much tougher.

    Our lily-livered rulers are the ones to blame.

    Boris to the rescue.

    Back to the rugby.

  11. Graham62

    Could be 22-0.

    TMO in operation……………………

    Yep, Try!

    Game done and dusted.

    Could be really embarrassing now.

    Come on Ireland, make a fist of it.

  12. Normski

    Tony ladyboy

    No wonder you speak so much shit if you use the daily mail as your bible. You are aware that us peasants receive the daily hiel here too. We don’t need your daily dump of shit.

    Is a combination of Un and good old Norm what you fantasise about? You couldn’t be more wrong if you got your information from the daily mail…oh you do?

    Maybe just maybe more than one person thinks you’re cunt.

    Grandad62 calm down you’ll give you and Little T a fudging coronary getting this exciting over the egg chasing.

  13. Graham62

    Obnixious little shite is back on the airways.

    What’s wrong Normskibeat, still reading up on the rules of Rugby so can throw a few more insults?

    Anyway, make the most of your time on here because you ain’t got that long left.

  14. Marc


    I wonder what all those who slaughtered Emery for with drawing Ramsey contract even though it wasn’t him will say now it’s coming out he can’t cope with a much less physical league.

    Sanllehi got it 100% right – if he’d have been running things longer Ramsey would’ve been moved on 2 years earlier.

  15. bennydevito

    I wish people would stop talking rubbish about the Ramsey contract. He could have signed the contract before Emery even joined and it was Raul who withdrew it, not Emery.

    Never mind the fact Ramsey was injured more than he played.

  16. Normski


    ‘ Anyway, make the most of your time on here because you ain’t got that long left.’

    Neither have you and Tony.

  17. Marc

    It’s mathematically possible that ManU could finish the weekend in the relegation places after a quarter of the season.

    How much did they spend on their defence in the summer?

  18. Normski


    And I’m sure you’re aware that rugby is a minority sport that the majority of people could give two fucks about. Almost like your opinion on it and everything else you give your 2pence on.

    Outdated relic you are old chum.

  19. bennydevito

    PierreOctober 18, 2019    18:20:58

    The manager is not interested in getting the best out of Ozil (whatever that is).

    It like an episode of Jackanory when Raul or Emery speak .


    No, no it’s really not.

    When you speak however that is the very definition of Jackanory. The irony is amazing.

    PierreOctober 18, 2019    19:09:11

    “The benefit to Ozil’s absence is that we would be even worse with him in the team.”

    Well , I’m afraid you and all the other Ozil obsessives are going to be dissppointed.

    He will again be putting on the red and white shirt of the Arsensl anytime soon and I for one will be looking forward to seeing his subtle skills grace the Emirates pitch .

    And I’m sure the obsessives will be ready to pounce on his every mistake, the sad people they are..


    Pierre, the only Ozil obsessives are you. The fact you can’t see that and then call everyone else Ozil obsessives is amazing.

    The irony is amazing.

  20. Marc


    Wrong question – the question is how much worse would we have been if Ozil had been playing more.

    No one is saying everything’s great, I haven’t seen anyone say that they wouldn’t pick Ozil even if he was performing well. What you have is a group on here who say Ozil hasn’t performed for some time and doesn’t look like he will ever make a major contribution again.

  21. Normski


    It can’t be proved anyway we slice it.

    He would help us going forward with his creativity and intelligence. We’ve missed someone to knit us together from back to front.

    We’re wide open and concede chance after chance…he can’t really make that worse.

    We don’t press as a unit…he can’t make that any worse.

    I’m not saying play him away at city or Liverpool or any particular game where it will be a battle but to not utilise him at home where we should dominate the ball against most teams is just a waste.

    I see only upside to be honest. What’s the point in not using an asset and the best technical player we have when we’re struggling for any fluidity at all going forward.

    His time here is finished but why not use him until he’s sold and cherry pick the games as we’ve all said is the best way to utilise him rather than marginalise him.

  22. Normski


    And he doesn’t need to make a major contribution. Just help us perform better than we have done so far. Which shouldn’t be hard should it?

  23. Nelson

    Iwobi is playing well enough as the ACM. Walcott is lack of confidence. He always rushes to get rid of the ball. Everton plays a 4 2 3 1 formation with Davies and Gomes as the midfielders. Without Calvert-Lewin and Sigurðsson, the attack still looks quite balance. Richarlison plays better as the lone striker.

  24. Marc


    “We’re wide open and concede chance after chance…he can’t really make that worse.

    We don’t press as a unit…he can’t make that any worse.”

    Well actually yes he can – with our current set up having Xhaka plus 2 other’s in midfield at least we have 2 midfielders who will make a challenge. With Ozil in the team we effectively are playing with 10 when we don’t have the ball.

  25. Marc

    Apparently both Pogba and De Gea are both missing for ManU tomorrow. The occasion might be a bit of a leveller, similar to a derby match but this could very easily go really badly for ManU.

  26. Normski


    Not really when we’d play 433 or 4231. When you’ve got most of the ball and the manager sets the team up correctly the wide men would funnel back to make it a 4 across the middle, leaving Auba up top and Ozil sauntering back.

    This would leave you ready for the counter once we get the ball back with 2 of the most dangerous players with the ball in the right place. I’m not a fan of emery’s basketball tactics.

  27. Marc


    But you’ve just made the anti Ozil case whilst defending him ” leaving Auba up top and Ozil sauntering back.”

    PL football is too fast and too competitive in todays world to have “luxury” players who won’t work for the team. Currently the best team in the PL is Liverpool who’s midfield in my opinion is more functional with an incredibly high work rate than flair.

    You said Ozil’s finished with us but we should utilise him till he’s sold – who’s going to pay money for him?

  28. Chris

    Iwobi has looked quite decent. Everton need to put this game to bed though, they have had the run of play but could get stung if they don’t make the most of it. Great to have real football back!

  29. Peckobill

    Against the lesser sides why not play ozil instead of xhaka and they’d lose nothing defensively but gain in the attacking third . Play two holding mids and we’d be no worse off the ball but he’d knit the attack better .
    Way I figure it ozil can’t be arsed to track back and xhaka tries but is too slow and cumbersome and can’t catch anyone anyway , at best giving away fouls in dangerous areas so it’s no more effective than ozils blasé play off the ball . He can without doubt improve our attacking play though which is one dimensional no matter who emery has played this season . Who knows perhaps he can get more out of Pepe as well releasing him in more advanced dangerous areas .
    I really don’t see how we could be any worse defensively with him instead of xhaka ( they are very porous anyway ) but I can see us a lot better attacking team though

  30. Nelson

    Everton is having the same problem as us. They have two strikers, Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison. Up to now, Richarlison is pushed out wide as a RW. Obviously, he plays much better as the lone striker supported by two true wingers..
    Without Sigurðsson, Everton lost their free kick specialist.

  31. Normski


    Don’t play stupid. We’re not Liverpool and we don’t have a manager with that philosophy to play that way.

    He’s an attacker. He’s not the one going flying into tackles or making a nuisance when he hasn’t the ball but as I said above if the team shape is right with the wide players making it a 4 across the middle we’d have 2 banks of 4 to break down.

    Auba and Ozil wouldn’t be busting a gut and wasting energy chasing back they’d be cutting off angles of the defenders trying to play out form the back but still conserving enough energy to be effective in attack when we have the ball.

    ‘ who’s going to pay money for him?’

    That’s not my problem but we’ll end up paying for him to subsidise him elsewhere.

  32. Chris

    Iwobi has to score in that situation. It is part of the reason you felt he would never make it with us. In the penalty area one on one with the keeper and he pokes it straight at him.

  33. Dream10


    Calvert Lewin is a non scoring forward. Makes a nuisance of himself. Even though Bernard scored, I think he’s been very underwhelming for them. Would like to see Kean get a run at #9 with Bernard, Calvert Lewin both on the bench

  34. Chris

    Walcott again showing that his decision making in the final third leaves a lot to be desired. It’s a shame but both him and Iwobi just not quite up to the standard we need certainly.

    Wilshere yet to make any real impact on the game.

  35. Marc


    I wasn’t suggesting that we are Liverpool. I’m trying to get over that work rate will beat talent without application. In an ideal world you want both talent with application and you’ve got a Vieira or a Bergkamp.

    Again you make my point when you say no one will pay for Ozil and we’ll have to subsidise his wages to shift him. If Messi was available on a free tomorrow even with his colossal wages would a club take him on?

    Ozil is a busted flush and playing him just tells the youngsters you don’t have to perform to get a place.

  36. Nelson

    Poor Jack. He was out tricked before Everton scored the second goal. Highlight will show poor Jack lying on the floor.

  37. Normski


    I’m sure you don’t want a team of lee catermoles though do you?

    The point is we’re not Liverpool as they are set up with a clear way of playing every game we’re not. You’re right they’re functional and efficient but the players know their roles and understand what the manager wants.

    If we were creating chance after chance like Liverpool do and not conceding opportunities like they’re going out of fashion by playing a functional midfield I wouldn’t have a problem not using Ozil but we don’t.

    What is your point about Ozil and his high wages? It’s pretty fucking obvious that it limits where he can go that’s not the issue. The issue is we might as well use him until he is pushed out. We’re not good enough not to play him in certain games.

  38. Normski


    Give everyone a post without moaning or bitching about something or someone.

    A viagra won’t help you rise to the occasion this time.

  39. Bamford10

    We’ll create more chances when we have Tierney and Bellerin and proper overlapping fullback play.

    Also when we have a settled front three who have grown into the system & one another.

    If we’re still short of chances in 3-4 weeks’ time, these people will have an argument. But it won’t necessarily be an argument for Ozil.

  40. Normski


    ‘ Also when we have a settled front three who have grown into the system & one another.’

    How will we have a settled front 3 when emery doesn’t know his best 11? We don’t have one system either the manager has stated we adapt our approach depending on the opposition.

    You could say players don’t get the chance to make and build relationships or grow into any system as the manager doesn’t have a ‘system’. And/or doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    It’s almost like you’re watching something different to everyone else. How is OGS and Utd doing?

  41. Normski


    Anyway you shouldn’t be on the internet don’t want you using all your data. Thought you were pleading poverty last night? Are you stealing free WiFi from a library or something?

  42. Graham62


    Oh yes, the joys of social media.

    Morons “R” Us allowed their chance of glory.

    That IQ of yours is really showing us all up.

  43. Up 4 grabs now

    They look awful, considering Watford are poor there easily the better side compared to the spuds.

    They’ll be lucky to get anything today and the bindippers won’t do them any favours either.

    Blatant penalty ref doesn’t give it and var review it and won’t give it. Shocking.

  44. Marc


    I haven’t seen it but VAR just seems to go with what ever the ref says on these decisions.

    Completely defeats the object of having it.

  45. Ishola70

    What’s really shocking is that Poch has gone for a back three against Watford at home. lol. Watford at home. And they still end up trailing in the match.

    End times for Poch at Spurs.

  46. Ishola70

    “Are you telling me the sauce has gone off?”

    That he even considers to play a back three against the worst team in the league at home tells us all the massive problems now at Spurs.

    And these problems there are so big now you feel it is not just about Poch here although of course he is well part of it all.

    This Spurs set-up reached it’s pinnacle in their CL final appearance last season and now they have just dissolved.

  47. Dissenter

    The way they are running VAR is a joke. It’s set up to protect the referee. I don’t understand how English football can taken simple concept as VAR and use it to maintain the status quo.
    Watford had a 100% penalty call not called by referee, Vertoghen clearly took out Deulofeu….VAR does not reverse it. It’s like referees don’t want to hurt the feelings of other referees.
    It was so obvious that even Steve Wonder wouldn’t have missed it. The score stays Spurs 0-Watford 1.

  48. Up 4 grabs now

    Dermot gallacher just said penalty and can’t work out why it’s not given by Var.

    The refs can use the pitchside monitor but won’t.
    Var won’t over rule the ref.
    Pepe was pulled To the ground against Bournemouth two weeks ago and var say no pen! Lol.

  49. Marc


    That’s the problem ref’s are like an old boys club. They cover up each other constant incompetent performances and then wonder why fans think they’re all cunts.

  50. Marc


    I was fucking about but there’s clearly a major issue at the Spud’s that is clearly beyond a run of bad form.

    I get the distinct feeling that the Poch wants out and is too cheap to just quit. If they don’t get a reaction in the second half it’ll be clear the players have given up on him as well.

  51. Chris

    Tedious fact of the day.

    The last time Liverpool opened the league season with 8 wins from 8, Arsenal went on to win the league!

  52. Ishola70

    “Effing referee
    That was handball from Dele Ali. He extended his arm to make it bigger.”

    It’s fucking VAR.

    Scrap it now.


  53. Dissenter

    It was his arm. It was Dele Ali’s arm. How could they miss that with the benefit of video review
    VAR is a joke

  54. Danialtos

    Fucking spuds are always almost sure to get late dodgy goals ffs…also,what is this with shit teams always playing as if their lives depend on it when facing us but just roll over when they face other top sides?..And this has been happening for a long time now

  55. Globalgunner

    Watford only have themselves to blame. Should have been out of sight. . Bet the ref will play on till the Spuds score

  56. Ishola70

    “English refs. Mike Riley trained the most of them”

    Nothing to do with the ref this one.

    He refered to VAR as he should.

    If VAR then fails to spot such an obvious handball by Delli Ali on video replay then there is no need at all for VAR in the game.

  57. Marc

    Annoying that the Spud’s got a point – Soccer Saturday saying it was a definite handball for their goal and by all accounts Watford should have had a pen but they are still dropping points in matches they would’ve won in the first part of last season. This run of form with key players ready to walk means top 4 for us shouldn’t even be in question.

  58. Ishola70

    Chelsea won.

    Leicester show they can do a bit of flat track bullying at home.

    Over to Unai now to see if his flat track bullying capabilities extend to an EPL away match.

    Need a win at Sheffield.

  59. Marc


    They are away to Liverpool next Sunday – lose that one especially if they are well beaten and todays result doesn’t mean anything.

  60. Dream10

    Spuds not too far away. Leicester goal difference of +8, Chelsea +5, Arsenal and Spurs both +2. Four teams competing for two positions.

  61. Ishola70


    “his run of form with key players ready to walk means top 4 for us shouldn’t even be in question.”

    Very handy indeed that Spurs have imploded in relation to top four.

    But question for you.

    If Arsenal fail to beat Sheffield United away on Monday and this after failing to beat the worst team in the league Watford away after being 2-0 up can it really be said that top four is absolutely not in question for Arsenal?

    Could it be said of any team with these type of results let alone Arsenal?

    By your suggestion that top four is absolutely not in question this can also be implied that Arsenal will very comfortably get top four yes?

  62. Marc


    I’m not saying we will I’m saying there’s no excuse for us not to.

    Emery’s KPI has to be qualification for the CL via the league and I believe Sanllehi has come out and said as much.

  63. WengerEagle

    Lovely seeing the Spuds imploding. Fluking a result today via VAR-gate was a mere stay of execution for Poch, he looks to have lost the players.

    Unrecognisable from the side that got to the CL Final. His body language and pressers have been off all season, serious problems in that dressing room.

  64. Ishola70

    Fair enough Marc.

    Arsenal certainly favourites to get in top four but as we know favourites not always absolutely certain.

    Tierney now needs to be picked ahead of Kolasinac.

    If we don’t see Tierney taking over from Kolasinac real soon then that will be another dubious move from Emery along with his loyalty to Xhaka.

  65. Paulinho

    “There was that very nice win at Bramall Lane by the kids in league cup in 2007”

    Back in the days when Bendtner actually looked a real talent.

    Him and Eduardo were a decent partnership around that time, and they linked up well for a goal in that match if I remember correctly.

  66. WengerEagle

    Peak Bendtner had to be when he came on as a sub for that corner at the Emirates when we were level 1-1 with Spurs near on the end of the match and bulleted in a headed winner.

    Immensely frustrating and largely a disappointing lump but he definitely had his moments, didn’t he score a hat-rick vs Porto in the CL knockouts too?

  67. Paulinho

    WE – Can’t remember Porto, but he was good as a number ten in whenever we played 4-4-2 in the cups. Always feeding Eduardo, who was just starting that period of making finishing look ridiculously easy.

  68. Dissenter

    “Peak Bendtner had to be when he came on as a sub for that corner at the Emirates when we were level 1-1 with Spurs near on the end of the match and bulleted in a headed winner.”

    That’s one of my best NLD goals ever.
    I have never seen a better vertical jump from a standing position

  69. WengerEagle


    What did you make of Eduardo? I really liked him, wouldn’t go as far to say that I think he would have turned into a world beater for us but he was an outstanding finisher as you say with that great knack for ghosting into those pockets of space around the box and his composure was class. Easily could have been that 20 goal a season poacher which you could argue would have pushed us over the line
    in a time when we created more chances than anyone but had nobody to reliably put them away.

    Shame it was so short-lived with Taylor ending his career at that level with that leg-breaker. Still provided us with some memorable goals like the Citeh overhead, brace at Blackburn in the Cup, Goodison goal where we battered Everton 4-1 think Rosicky scored a pinger in that too, was when we were at our peak in 07/08 and the Sheffield hit.

    Still gave us that Cardiff City epic when he had the long-awaited return. Seemed a solid bloke, shame he never recovered.

  70. WengerEagle

    ‘I have never seen a better vertical jump from a standing position’

    Great header so it was, something Bendy did well tbf.

    As for best leap though? Has to go to Ronaldo surely for that header vs United in the CL when his knee cleared Evra’s head.

  71. Paulinho

    WE – I really liked him. That injury killed him, and he never regained that mischevious streak that set him apart from other forwards. Wenger also started giving him the Vela treatment by playing him wide when he didn’t really have the attributes to prosper there.

    That Everton match was probably my favourite memory of him. We were terrible that day, getting battered and couldn’t string two passes together, but he basically got us two goals out of nothing and Everton collapsed and we rubbed salt in the wounds with two more. He had this incredible ability to control the ball and and ‘sit’ a goalkeeper down before slotting it away. Even when surrounded by big burly centre backs he had this eerie calm. Complete polar opposite to the likes of Rashford in terms of clever movement and composure.

  72. Dissenter

    I have too say I passionately dislike English referees, silly pricks.
    How can Anthony Taylor not give De Bruyne a yellow card for that challenge?
    Effing shite

  73. Paulinho

    Interesting thing about that 2007-08 season is that we consistently alternated between 4-4-2 and 4-5-1. These days people make such a big deal about not sticking to one formation.

  74. DaleDaGooner

    I’m wondering why City can play so well and we struggle to show half the attacking prowess they are showing, then I realize we have Xhaka running our midfield…

  75. WengerEagle


    Yeah he was one of the few players that you felt whenever he was through on goal in a 1 vs 1 would score rather than miss. Adebayor was a quality all-round package but he was erratic and panicky when he got in front of goal at certain points.

    Funny that you mention Vela because he shared that same composure in front of goal. Not as clinical as Eduardo was but he had more to his all-round game. Real shame that his head was never in football [admits that he much prefers Basketball and doesn’t ever follow or talk about football outside of the job] because he had all the talent in the world, could have went on to be a top player.

    Even with minimal application he’s forged out a decent career for himself, was a top 5-10 wideman in La Liga for Sociedad for a long while [5 seasons of double digit La Liga goal campaigns] and is comically superior to everyone in the MLS barring Zlatan.

  76. Ishola70

    “I’m wondering why City can play so well and we struggle to show half the attacking prowess they are showing, then I realize we have Xhaka running our midfield…”

    Jorginho is suspect off the ball as well like Xhaka.

    But watching him today for Chelsea he is a little bit more quicker and mobile than Xhaka and that can make a difference as well as being a more mature player.

  77. Paulinho

    WE – Agree on Vela.

    What I liked about him – compared to Wally for example – was that even at 19 he had those old tricks, like backing into and rolling off defenders. He had that man-strength and nous beyond his years, and flair and pace to go along with it.

    Both Eduardo and Vela were made for 4-4-2, and suffered from not having complete enough games to play wide, or not having enough physical strength (perceived anyway) to play as a one forward. I still think both would’ve been more effective as lone forwards than on the wing(which we did), and with Vela in particular, I think Wenger missed a trick not trying him there for an extended period in his formative years. He had that complete base to work from in terms of attributes.

  78. Paulinho

    Sterling’s striking of the ball is still as a ropey as ever. It’s his off the ball movement and mentality that has come on leaps and bounds.

  79. Siddharth14

    Eduardo was a class act. If not for that horror injury, he would have finished his career with a mention among the finest strikers and forwards. It’s a miracle that he was able to play football after recovering from that blow.

    We can always find solace in what would it have been if he hadn’t suffered that horrible injury.

  80. DaleDaGooner

    Yeah Ishola, like every player in the City 11 knows if they make the run, they’ll get the ball on the spot, the pass an move as a unit is exceptional, then you watch us and you’d think our midfielders are holding back to protect the defenders….just not enough numbers to overwhelm the opposition in their box, watching City, they’ll over power and overwhelm the box with passing and such precise movements around the box

  81. Tony

    Bob Graham & DB10

    Always good to see what could be and they are not wrong. NZ will be favorites but I’ve always said this year and especially in the last few months that England have something special about them and their chemistry : similar to Woodward’s 2003 WC winning tam.

    I’d class myself as a hopeful realist for the Semi.