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I am so BORED.

Yep, I’m one of those children this week. Someone tap me out of international week. What a waste of fucking time. The fact a team as ‘ok’ as England hadn’t lost a qualifier in 10 years until last week tells you what a total nonsense having an ‘everyone can compete’ qualifier is.

Anyway, AMN, fresh from bitching about playing in the wrong position / taking a red card to end the experiment… is talking about how bloody marv Freddie Ljungberg is as a coach.

“There’s quite a few things [I have learnt] really,”

“He knows me as a winger, so attacking-wise he’s helped my game a lot. Defensively, I go to someone else to help me because they’re two different styles that I have to play.

“Him personally, he’s pulled me to the side a lot and has shown me different techniques and ways of beating players, ways of crossing the ball and shooting. It’s helping me and I’m happy to have him around because he’s such a big figure in the team.”

If this is the first piece of evidence in the deep state conspiracy to overthrow Emery, the comments Raul made about Freddie are the makings of case, with David Ornstein’s puff piece on the man being the smoking gun.

You don’t need me to punch the numbers into your pocket calculator… I am not going to be vaccinated. Simple as that my friends. #FreddieIn

The pinch of ‘hmmm’ you have to take with these stories: Does Freddie look so damn good against Emery because he can do the basics really well… you know, like speak the language? Mad piece of intel is he’s learning Spanish so he can talk to the Emery. How mad is that?

It’s also not difficult to see who has more sauce unless you’re a weirdo on the sauce spectrum. He’s literally a legend in the eyes of those kids. They’ll have grown up on his partnership with Bergkamp, the flash of red hair, and all the trophies.

I remain sceptical, but it’s hard to when you keep hearing kid after kid going out of their way to talk about how incredible he is.

If I were Emery, I’d get on the double sessions of Rosetta Stone, because outsourcing communications is a sure-fire way to lose authority… I just pray he never loses that ‘good ebening’ opener.

In other news, can everyone jump online and celebrate this elite piece of journalism penned by the mighty Rob Smyth?

He works for a paper that truly believes Twitter is a barometer for what’s really going on in culture, if we create enough noise around this story, maybe The Guardian will rally around a ‘Save OGS’ agenda.

That’s something I could live with. #SaveOGSHeDeservesRespectAndLongDeal.

Right, that’s me done. See you in the comments. Listen to my podcast. Sound is a bit off for the first 9mins, but then it gets better because I fix the mic problem (turned it on).


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  1. Marc


    If the Commons doesn’t pass Johnson’s deal on Saturday Ozil going to have at least 326 odd people who are more hated than he is.

  2. Marc


    You really are setting yourself up for a major fall. Emery’s reputation is currently in the mix and it’s nothing to do with Ozil. Sanllehi’s rep is fantastic after the summer he gave us.

    Sanllehi will be here long after Ozil’s gone.

  3. Marc


    Surely Labour and the Lib Dems have got to realise if they vote the deal down the public is going to blame them. Johnson’s almost on to a win win here. When there’s an election he’s the guy who got the deal done or he’ll just pitch it as Parliament vs the people and he’s on the side of the people.

    Anyway enough politics for today let’s find new ways of calling Ozil inadequate.

  4. Pierre


    Too many discrepancies in what they are saying.

    If he has been training ok as Emery confirmed today , then he should be either on the bench or playing v Leige to gain match fitness .

    Obviously Emery is lying as to why he hasn’t made the squads .

    If he is what you say then why dont they come out and tell the truth instead of hodong behind this facade.

  5. Valentin

    Guns of Hackney,

    There is a lot of people who would want to make money on the back of preposterous accusation.
    The problem with Gascoigne is that he is not street savvy enough to stay away from such people.

  6. Un na naai

    Left Test.
    He won’t get it through and then we will go to general election where it will be overwhelmingly in favour of the conservative and brexit parties and they may even form an alliance.

    Boris is playing a very clever game at the minute but I’m still not sure if I can trust him to do this properly.

  7. Un na naai


    He’s mentally ill!!! The man needs help, badly. He’s there for the taking. Just like Frank Bruno and Ricky Hatton. They need people who care for them. Not the leeches that’s they inevitably get surrounded by

  8. Un na naai


    You think that bothers them?? They have made it clear that they couldn’t give two shits what we vote for. It’s their right to decide their vision of “democracy” they are fighting for now. If they lose this then there’s going to be a political revolution in this country.

  9. Un na naai


    Thursday the 31st is the day I’m looking forward to the most
    Carnival atmosphere in the west end. I’m taking the day off.

  10. Valentin

    Everybody knows what the truth is.
    Emery has a bad personal relationship with Özil. He does not like nor trust him. Özil does not respect him as a coach.
    Raul on the other hand views Özil as a depreciating asset. If the current coach is unwilling to use him, then we better get rid of him. Let’s try to make it as financially neutral to Arsenal.

    Emery and Raul need to realise that Özil and his Media team are expert. Unless something drastic happen, they will always lose the PR battle. Attempting to play games will always backfire.

    All those leaks by the clubs to make Özil look bad were just counteracted by a carefully worded interview by Özil.

    Özil has just told the world. I am doing everything that Arsenal wants me to do. I am working harder than ever. I have a contract and I intend to honour. The subtext of that message is therefore clear. Any noise about me being unsettled and wanting to move is basically PR shit from Arsenal.

    The only thing that Arsenal can do to win the PR battle is to win consistently without him and play pretty football. If not the Özil conundrum will always raise it head.

  11. Marc


    Juncker has ruled out another extension although it’s technically not his decision.

    Do you think the EU will genuinely refuse an extension if the vote fall through?

  12. Valentin

    How funny that now that Gascoigne is broke, we never hear about his great pal Jimmy ” five bellies” Gardner nor of his step-daughter Bianca. Once a year, she reappears for a tearful exclusive photo-ops.

  13. Marc


    OK I’ll bring the shovel and you bring Ozil – we’ll meet in Epping Forest and sort this out. Any chance you could bring Xhaka with you whilst you’re at it?

    Assuming you’re not talking about Brexit – not sure I could manage to dig that many holes.

  14. Receding Hairline

    A sad indictment when the highest paid player decides to win PR battles rather than focusing on delivering on the pitch

    Also sad most of you are pretending Ozil’s lack of tangible contribution to the club started with Emery, revisionism at it’s finest.

    Yea it all started because Emery has a “personal” beef with Ozil, not because Ozil has been a lazy ghost worker for years now

  15. Batistuta

    Thing there is though, we’ve not been particularly playing well so like it or not, it gives the noise that Ozil should at least have played more so far a bit more weight. We look short of ideas going foward so while not his biggest fan, don’t see what the harm would be in giving the German more game time especially as we’re not exactly tearing up tress with our football at the moment

  16. Graham62

    Batiste ta

    Under normal circumstances I would agree with you.

    I would prefer to give the youngsters a go rather than see Ozil’s miserable face ruining it for everyone.

    Most normal folk know that when you have a thorn in your side, you don’t leave it in and let it go septic.

    Ozil has been removed.

    Long may it last.

    That’s me

  17. Un na naai


    No I don’t think they’d turn down an extension as it would be cutting off their own noses
    Didn’t Merkel come out the other day and say we are now going to be an economic rival for them?
    They don’t want that.

    Still stranger things. I don’t think this will be the end of it. We won’t be coming out on the 31st.
    I was up london having a pint with conservative MP mark Francois around 3 weeks ago and he said he can’t see us coming g out and that we will end up with another extension but he’s not in government so he can’t promise one way or the other

  18. Danny S

    Ozils lack of any real Drive is infuriating. It’s so evident in his performances on the pitch, and Emery must see it in training.
    Not to mention his constant sick days. How can anyone back a player that takes so much time of for so many illnesses.
    Ozil is more a gamer than a footballer and has been for a couple of years. Delli Alli is the same. His performances declined around about the time a certain game was released.

    I can’t wait for Ozil to be gone. Weather that’s January or in a year and a halves time. It’s like brexit, I’m just sick of hearing about it.

  19. Graham62

    OGS comes across as a really nice guy but I always get the impression with him that he’s reading everything from a script.

    Actually, I don’t think he really believes half the stuff he comes out with. Also look at Carrick and Phelan. There’s no communication between them whatsoever. We all remember that scenario with Rice and Bould.

    Ollie, imo, is a dead man walking. It wouldn’t surprise me if this weekend OGS is told to pack his bags.

    Yep! Liverpool will stuff MU good and proper.

  20. Marc


    I’m with you there 100% and you can through Wales in as well.

    I’m so fucked off with having to listen with 10 odd % of the population whinge and make constant demands that the English have to yield to for reasons that are beyond me.

    That irritating worthless cunt Sturgeon has started a new campaign for another independence referendum – well I can guarantee a win for the SNP let the English have a vote.

  21. Nelson

    There will be three games in seven days during the holiday period
    Dec. 26 Bournemouth vs Arsenal
    Dec. 29 Arsenal vs Chelsea
    Jan. 1 Arsenal vs MU

    There will be so much to talk about. Whether Pedro will have time to keep the blog up today?

  22. Danny S

    I read that Northern Ireland alone cost the UK (England) 9bn a year.
    I don’t see the point of fighting to keep any of them. North Sea oil is worthless, and we have to subsidise them all.
    I’d probably keep Wales though. They have been fairly quiet through all this. I don’t think news of brexit has reached them yet.

  23. Marc


    I was going to point out that as it’s the holiday period Pedro will have some time off work but then I remembered he works in marketing.

    Those fuckers never do any work!

  24. Marc


    There have been noises that Wales could be looking at an Independence vote in a year or so. I just want to know can we make them take the fucking northern cunts as well.

  25. Un na naai

    Look if we are after our independence then I’d be more than happy for Scotland and everyone else to get theirs

  26. London gunner

    Also this conservative talk makes me laugh. Torries run the country.

    We need a centre left gov like Germany and Netherlands countries with extremely high quality of living with less divide between rich and poor.

    Or should we vote those eton boys in eho care about the 1percent club because one day we will be millionaires so we don’t want to pay tax when that fairytale happens.

  27. Marc


    Yeah if they aren’t happy let them go on their way. I do think however that the EU – they’d all want to join might have a issue. 3 more countries holding their hands out for cash and one of the top 3 contributors leaving would leave the EU budget even more fucked.

  28. Normski

    Then once they all have their independence, we can have the pleasure of conquering them again and shutting them up….fuck their women, drink their beer and pilfer anything worth while like the good old days.

    Give sturgeon the William Wallace treatment, there’s enough of the fat mess to go around.

  29. Marc


    I don’t know the current stat but 15 – 20 years ago 95% of income tax collected was paid by 5% of the population.

    This incorrect and stupid idea that the “rich” don’t pay their way is ignorant beyond belief and that’s before you start to take into account the “rich” who run their own businesses and employ others therefore creating more wealth.

  30. Eduardo

    Centre left governments have created basket cases out of almost every European economy. Look at France, where government spending is over half of GDP.
    The legacy of decades of economic disincentives to start or operate a business. Or Spain, or Italy. Total fiascos. Massive unemployment and underutilized labour. Of course being in the Euro doesn’t help them. But the point is that an anti-business economy helps nobody but the state bureaucracy and welfare recipients. It doesn’t raise the overall standard of living and it certainly doesn’t help the working poor.

  31. Bojangles


    ”Another one, whose belief is more important than fact.”

    Kettle black…

    “Yet it is your belief that he had better defensive stats than Özil.”

    Nice attempt at moving goalposts. My response was to your post in which you stated Özil had covered more ground than most Arsenal players last season. Just something that popped into your head and sounded good so you ran with it. You had no proof of that so you try to make it about defensive stats.

  32. Marc


    I do seem to remember a stat which said Ozil had covered a lot of ground etc – what the stat misses is the effectiveness of ground covered and putting yourself about as a player when you are needed.

  33. Graham62

    I’m half Scots but I still say give the bastards their independence.

    Nothing but a headache. Let them pay their way.

    Christ , they’ve been wanting to fight us again ever since Bannockburn anyway.

    You just know they’ll have checkpoints/passport control with a £10 entrance fee for all English people.

    Celtic and Rangers would have to merge. Lol!!

    Celgers City or Rantic Rovers.

    Let them decide.

    Born to moan.

    The lot of them.

  34. Marc


    On a serious note if there was a vote for Independence you wonder how many Scot’s would make a run south over the border before it was enacted.

    The Scottish economy is not viable with oil and as we live in a world that is looking to eradicate oil, gas and coal I wonder just where they expect to create wealth and jobs. Scotch whiskey is a great product but limited, the same with beef and smoked salmon – but what else does Scotland do of any note?

  35. Un na naai


    Spot on mate. Not to mention the jobs they create and who in turn pay their won lesser taxes
    The rich are already taxed to the hilt.

    You ever see that video where they are asking all the socialists if we should pay more
    “Yeah”they say.

    “Would you be willing to pay more?” They are asked

    “If it helps to bring about bla bla bla equality and bla bla bla environment climate bullshit bla bla”

    So the guy pulls out his iPad and says he has the forms ready to go and you can legally offer as much tax as you want

    Every fucking one of them done a runner

    All talk. YOU PAY. You lose and I’ll carry on as I am and preach.
    Did you see that chubby Asian bird getting mugged off with piers Morgan

    It’s not the individual, every individual counts Er um, I don’t have a tv Er I do Er I don’t

    Mooooooongo. What she’s saying is, I’m a fat Cunt who drives a 4×4 has air con and a carbon footprint so big a I’d need to plant a Forrest to counteract it but fuck all that.
    You little people. I’m campaigning to take away the things that make your life better while I get to keep mine

  36. Marc


    Did you see the letter signed by 100 celebrities supporting the Extinction nut jobs? Benedict Cumberbatch got caught at one of their protests after advertising cars so all these celebs come out with we know we’re hypocrites but it’s the industry we’re in yada yada yada. No talk about giving the money earned to a charity, no talk about no doing it any more just a bunch of cunts preaching on how everyone else should live their lives whilst living the high life.

    Nothing worse than lefty cunts with money.

  37. Bojangles

    Arsenal fixtures that have been rearranged for Dec and Jan

    December 5 – Brighton and Hove Albion (H)
    December 9 – West Ham United (A)
    December 15 – Manchester City (H)
    December 21 – Everton (A)
    December 29 – Chelsea (H)
    January 1 – Manchester United (H)
    January 11 – Crystal Palace (A)
    January 21 – Chelsea (A)

  38. Redtruth

    Finland is the happiest country in the world, says UN report

    Nordic nations take top four places in happiness rankings, with annual study also charting the decline of the US

    The study reveals the US has slipped to 18th place, five places down on 2016. The top four places are taken by Nordic nations, with Finland followed by Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

    The report, an annual publication from the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, said all the Nordic countries scored highly on income, healthy life expectancy, social support, freedom, trust and generosity. The rankings are based on Gallup polls of self-reported wellbeing, as well as perceptions of corruption, generosity and freedom.

    The country has been ranked the most stable, the safest and best governed country in the world. It is also among the least corrupt and the most socially progressive. Its police are the world’s most trusted and its banks the soundest.

    “That Finland is the top scorer is remarkable,” said Meik Wiking of the Happiness Research Institute in Denmark. “GDP per capita in Finland is lower than its neighbouring Nordic countries and is much lower than that of the US. The Finns are good at converting wealth into wellbeing.

    “In the Nordic countries in general, we pay some of the highest taxes in the world, but there is wide public support for that because people see them as investments in quality of life for all. Free healthcare and university education goes a long way when it comes to happiness. In the Nordic countries, Bernie Sanders is not viewed as progressive – he is just common sense,” added Wiking, referring to the leftwing US politician who galvanised the Democrat primaries in the 2016 presidential election.

  39. Marc


    In the second video – isn’t that the dopey fuck who works for the Guardian (or other left wing shite) who got beaten up a little while ago?

    Mate I’m on that jury and the accused walk – “but we’ve got a confession” fuck off he deserved it!

  40. Redtruth

    The greedy bankers who caused the financial crash in 2008 left the Country skint. Corbyn was right to oppose the deregulation of banks.
    Finland show how a high tax economy can work for the many and not the few.

  41. Marc


    You really are a cock of epic proportions. The following is a few countries placing’s in the world ranking of suicides per 100,000 in 2016. Obviously the lower the ranking the worse the number.


    22 – Belgium
    32 – Finland
    34 – USA
    51 – Sweden
    74 – Norway
    89 – Denmark

    109 – UK

  42. Spanishdave

    Yeh Finland has he highest suicide rate and the highest alcohol problem.
    They drink like fish, maybe that’s why they are happy.
    What’s on the Internet is not always true.

  43. Marc

    A list of intention murder rates per 100,000 – the figures vary for different countries by year but over a pretty small window.

    91 – Canada – (shocked me)
    94 – USA
    172 – Denmark
    174 – Finland
    180 – Norway
    181 – Sweden
    185 – UK

    Those Fin’s must love going to funerals if they’re so happy.

  44. Redtruth


    Today, Scandinavian countries – Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland – have very high rates of happiness and relatively low suicide rates. However, the dark winters – 20 hours of darkness or more in each day in some areas – causes seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a form of depression, which has been known to correlate with higher rates of suicide or.

    Marc, you are a fuckin banana

  45. Marc


    The financial crash which you’ve admitted was caused by the deregulation of the Banks – er Bill Clinton revoked the Glass Steagall act which was brought in after the Great Depression to stop a repeat. A Labour Government in the UK that split the responsibility for overseeing the banking sector between the Treasury, Bank of England and the FCA.

    Great to see the left wing heroes doing such a great job there.

  46. Marc


    Fuck off Red – you can’t claim to be happy one minute and then off your family the next and blame it on “I was a bit sad cause it was dark”.

  47. Un na naai

    MarcToday, Scandinavian countries – Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland – have very high rates of happiness and relatively low suicide rates. However, the dark winters – 20 hours of darkness or more in each day in some areas – causes seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a form of depression, which has been known to correlate with higher rates of suicide or.Marc, you are a fuckin banana

    They still kill each other and themselves at high rates and have high rates of depression and alcoholism but are really really happy???

    All in the same comment

  48. Un na naai

    RedFuck off Red – you can’t claim to be happy one minute and then off your family the next and blame it on “I was a bit sad cause it was dark”.

    Do you know what I mean
    Straight out of the labour mong book of how to fuck yourself in a debate

  49. Marc


    Crazy thing is if you take the extreme lunatics out of the conversation people that I’ve met over the course of my life Labour voter’s tend to be more racist than your average Tory.

    Personally I love foreign food, foreign footballers, the overseas climate etc etc etc. I just don’t want to be governed by them.

  50. Redtruth

    “Labour Government in the UK that split the responsibility for overseeing the banking sector between the Treasury, Bank of England and the FCA. Great to see the left wing heroes doing such a great job there.”

    Blair modelled himself on Thatcher, you fuckin halfwit lol

  51. Tony

    Here we go again, Wenger basking in the limelight yet again, but still no meaningful management offer from a top club except a made up and inconsequential post job offer from FIFA.

    It’s not ‘Life After Arsenal’ it’s ‘I can’t live life without fame’

    Why can’t the man who was a fraud and failure with 3 FA cups in 14 years and no European trophies in his career or any PL trophies for 14 years just retire gracefully?

    Why couldn’t have Wenger left after his 1st 10 years where certainly I would have remembered him fondly and being grateful for what He brought to the club?

    Instead the lasting memory I have and I know others have is his megalomaniac, dictatorial and systematic destruction of the club financially and His inability to sign great or even healthy players along with His total disrespect for the fans, continual lies and ‘I know better because …………..”

    All we get is the ‘Poor me’ from a fading star whose light extinguished 13 years ago.

    “Life after Arsenal: Arsene Wenger prepares to turn 70 and is looking fitter than ever before… a FIFA job is waiting but it is a return to the dug-out he pines for

    Arsene Wenger is a man refreshed after stepping away from the Arsenal hotseat

    As he prepares to turn 70, Wenger is pining for a return to the dug-out

    The job offers have not rolled in as the Frenchman and his team initially expected”

    Wenger is expected to take up a senior FIFA role before returning to manage

  52. Tony

    Goober enjoy the game tomorrow but keep the tissues handy lol

    England v Australia should be a momentous game from the first whistle to the last.

    England should shade it on form, but we can never rule out Australia discovering their best form.

    Other predictions:

    Wales to beat France
    NZ to beat Ireland
    SA to beat Japan

    Correct or not these 4 games will be exhilarating to watch.

  53. Dark Hei

    “Finland show how a high tax economy can work for the many and not the few.”

    Only works if your country is flushed with gas.

  54. China1

    What’s really saddening about our democracy is as with America party comes first. Public interest, truth all that stuff is nonsense

    Boris is a cunt. This much is a fact. Meanwhile he has actually managed to get a solid deal – one which layout would love if they’d been the ones to negotiate it.

    But since they’d be conceding high ground to Boris and the Tories we now hear the predictable concerns about how this deal is terrible after all.

    It’s trabsparent and agenda driven as hell.

    All this talk about how with this deal we’ll roll back on regulations and sell off the NHS. What a disgracefully misleading argument. We will be free to negotiate deals with other countries however parliament sees fit. This deal won’t FORCE us to bend over to America. That’s a decision for the months and years to come and will not be made by the Tories alone.

    All these straw man arguments being put up from parties who supposedly don’t want ‘no deal’ yet will vote down a decent deal.

    Cut off your nose to spite your face – or shall we say if the opposition did it it’s bad and wrong by default?

    And it works both ways. If labor were in power and got this deal it would be the surrender deal and draw terrible ire from the tories.

    It’s all political theatre and that’s bad enough at the best of times, but this is one of the most important moments in post war british history and these cunts are still making time to play political games.

    Back the fucking deal for God’s sake.

  55. Graham62



    Ouch! That’ll get a few heads spinning this morning.

    “A fraud and a failure”

    To be honest, I find it rather pathetic that a 70 year old is still trying to convince others that he is still fit for purpose.

    The truth is, the Footballing world made their minds up about Wenger years back.

    As for the Rugby, I see the England/Australia game going down to the wire.

    Hopefully England will sneak it.

    Don’t write off the Japanese against SA.

  56. Graham62

    Population of Finland 5.53 m
    Poulation of UK 67.53m

    Area of Finland 338,500km2
    Area of UK 242,500km2

    Id be fudging HAPPY if I knew I’d have the M25 to myself on a Monday morning.

    Why are you even bothering to bring this up?

    I forgot, it’s joke Friday.

  57. Graham62

    As I highlighted the other day, there is no other country In Europe that would have voted to remain in the EU if they had our land mass, our leadership, our infrastructure and our potholes!

    The fact that 48% don’t agree with me shows you just how many selfish/ignorant people live in the UK.

    Shoot me.

  58. Graham62

    Let a Finnish family come and stay with me for one week and I gurantee I’d soon wipe those smiles off their faces.

  59. Chris

    Even though he is fit and well more so than your regular 70 year old, and he obviously loves managing, I do hope in a way a job offer he likes doesn’t come in for Wenger (as much as it would be very interesting to see how he does). I don’t think he has anything in particular to prove to anyone and you don’t want to see him in the bad way he was in the last few months with us again.

    A national team manager job or the FIFA role looks more sensible from the outside in.

  60. Tony

    Good morning Graham
    Agree with you the Australia game; it will be close.

    Also agree I’d love Japan to beat South Africa, but just can’t see it unless SA lose players through ill discipline. They have a speed merchant on the wing that I think is faster than Habana.

    As for Wenger he brings it on himself; he can’t go gracefully and enjoy his money.

    Just sit back now for the insults to fly from the usual suspects and laugh my socks off at the irony.

    Fortunately Brexit doesn’t affect me other than my holding around £20k in sterling waiting for the exchange rate to recover. The Baht vs the £ is very strong, but the Australian $ is a little better and my daughter is going to Melbourne to do her Masters next summer for 18 months.

  61. Normski


    I find it very sad that you find great pleasure and are full of jealously and envy in abusing a guy that was the most successful manager we ever had (number of trophies won is how you calculate that by the way). He’s left yet you can’t resist having a pop.

    You favourite rag have decided to do an editorial piece on him as he’s turning 70 yet it’s his fault for them writing a story? Made up jobs, a fraud for winning trophies? You’re all over the shop.

    Get yourself an appointment with one of those lady boys and release some tension you bitter old man. You and G62 should be in a nursing home together like two miserable peas in a pod.

    It seems like you’re taking your frustrations out on old Arsene all because you know you won’t be in that position when you’re that old….sorry to say you won’t make it to 70. Is that why you’re a bitter old cunt?

    What will we ever do without the tedious links to the daily mail you provide?

    Not to worry you’re almost on the scrap heap . Tick tock..

  62. Graham62


    Stop crying my friend and grow up a bit.

    Life is about seeing things from different perspectives.

    Also, you’ve shown your own ignorance to life by directing foul and abusive language at other posters who have a completley different opinion to yourself.

    Get over it. As I’ve said on numerous occasions before, Wenger was once a decent manager with an exceptional squad at his disposal. Unfortunately, he got lost in his own hype and systematically destroyed the club.

    Who’s the bitter one?

  63. Bob N16

    Politics appears to bring the worst out of some people. Diversity of thought should be encouraged not insulted. People have entrenched views and pour scorn on people who’s views don’t match their own. This does sound familiar though on here, mentioning no names.

    Personally speaking much of what the politicians get their self-interested hands on should not be party political issues for example education, health and the environment. We should have informed experts advising the government (I know we have civil servants) to ensure realistic, beneficial standards are met. I am a fan of experts.

    Hard to predict our game on Monday, feeling strangely positive, availability of Tiernay and Lacazette possibly.

    Tony, Rugby WC coming up to its best weekend. Would be amazed if we don’t see AB v England, Wales v SA in the semis. Feel SA will just be too powerful for the Japanese, full of motivation after their defeat in 2015. Shame Nowell is out again otherwise England full strength- the pack looks great.

  64. Un na naai

    Life is about seeing things from different perspectives.

    That’s not what life is about Graham.
    Thats a very west London, privileged thing to say.

  65. Tony

    Bob, it’s going to be an amazing weekend of rugby.

    Agree with all you say and also hope Nowell recovers ready for the semis should we get past Australia.

  66. Eduardo


    Experts have prejudices and politics too. And most of them incline to the left. This is partly because the entire vision of the left privileges articulated knowledge over the wisdom dispersed across the population and embodied in processes, traditions and customs. That’s one reason why, if you gather 100 experts in any field other than economics, a large majority will lean left on political matters.

    There is a lot more wisdom and information embodied in the market than can be contained in the head of any expert, for example. But the left don’t like to hear about that.

  67. Bob N16

    Eduardo, I accept experts have agendas too. Gathering an informed opinion is what is the wise thing to do. Just as when one reads a historical account, one has to consider the bias, as you need to do with ‘experts’.

    What I suppose I was saying is that when someone discounts experts I’m very suspicious of their motivations. There is far too much self-interest in politics, it’s a human trait but considering others who are less fortunate must be a guiding principle. Our society is surely judged by how the least advantaged are looked after. I’m sure many will simply say, it’s a dog eat dog world get over yourself.

    I’ll stick to sport now!

  68. Pierre

    Excellent analysis in the arseblog article, though a damning indictment on Emery’s tactics .

    It shows how we are regressing in so many areas of our midfield and offence compared to Wenger’s last 2 seasons, which were considered his poorest in his 20 years at the club.

    Our lack of possession and composure on the ball is killing us.

    We are where we are in the league due to our good fortune.
    Will Emery’s luck hold, I can’t see it.

    What I do see is a similar scenario to last season where we had everything go our way for 3 months and then the shit hit the fan in December

    I have a feeling the shit will hit the fan a little earlier this time around.

  69. Up 4 grabs now

    Good morning,

    Just finished rewatching the bournemouth game.
    It was a pretty solid win, where bournemouth for all there huffing and puffing had a few half chances and one cleared off the line.

    It’s fine lines because it could easily have been 1-1 or a 5-0 win for arsenal.
    Auba hits the post last minute, chambers mis hits a volley wide.
    Pepe curls one just past the post, throw in the stonewall penalty where he’s rugby tackled to the ground.
    And it’s a whole different story.

    If it’s 5-0 Are we then discussing ozil absence and a lack of creativity?
    Are we moaning about emery and how he could only scrape a one nil win?

    Are we pulling pepe apart or praising what a great curling effort goal he scores.

    It really is fine lines, which is why I always find it funny when players and managers are judged on small margin swings.
    Anyway, at least the footys back this weekend!

  70. Up 4 grabs now

    Sid, quite fancy a 1-1 in the bindippers utd game.
    It’s one of those games where form goes out the window, Utd should get ripped apart with no de gea or pogba and in such poor form. But could see them frustrating the bindippers.

  71. China1

    Party politics is just a massive load of wank

    Just as MPs put political grand standing and party politics ahead of the national interest, people bizarrely believe that party A or B really gives a toss about them and that their favored party is full of righteousness and the other side of the isle is stupidity personified

    No party really gives a toss about you, is the sad fact.

    The ultimate example recently was when Lib Dems have had the chance to get what they want by compromising with Corbyn they refused. They didn’t refuse because it was against the interests they purport to care about, they refused because they don’t like the idea of Corbyn getting any political wins.

    All political theatre and all absolutely bullshit

  72. Globalgunner

    Let the Scots be free. Bring back Hadrians wall I say.

    In other news Pierre and Unaii have decided to set up their own football club. Acolytes United in order to find Wenger a new lease of life. In 20 years the new club will have qualified for the CL 5 times in a row

  73. Globalgunner

    The lib dems are just full of bitter people., they will happily jump in bed with the Tories but hate the idea of a Labour government. I wouldnt be surprised if they vote FOR Boris` deal just to spite Corbyn.

  74. raptora

    “Auba hits the post last minute, chambers mis hits a volley wide.
    Pepe curls one just past the post, throw in the stonewall penalty where he’s rugby tackled to the ground.”

    Auba’s chance is in the 94th minute – it’s basically meaningless.

    Chambers’ shot was closer to the side the corner flag than to the goal and it was a really tough shot to make plus the position wasn’t good either.

    Pepe’s shot wasn’t close.

    Penalty wasn’t stonewall as VAR didn’t give it. The defender plays the ball cleanly and whatever happens afterwards, I still don’t know if refs give these even if they see it from perfect position.

    The other shot we made was through Martinelli and it went equally wide as the ones before.

    Truth is that we scored from a corner. We didn’t create nearly enough. Bournemouth’s couple of chances were by far the best in the game. Minus the Auba miss in the 94th minute, we created close to nothing in the penalty box. And in the 2nd half we were outplayed.

    If that was a solid home game win, it wasn’t. Still got the 3 points, but not through a good, solid performance.

  75. Up 4 grabs now

    Global, the lib dems are the most pro European party in England.
    A cold day in hell before they side with the Tories and brexit.
    There still hoping for another referendum to stay in!

  76. Up 4 grabs now


    There was two penalty incidents.
    One which was debatable, the other was the holding and pushing down of pepe.

    Yes it went to var and they did nothing about it, clear as day penalty though.

    Why is Auba hitting the post in the 94th minute meaningless? Would it be more meaningful if it was the 10th minute?

    Yes chambers shot was wide, I didn’t say it was close. And pepe curler was close enough to be unlucky.

    I’m not saying we were perfect, what I’m suggesting are the fine lines in games,
    we could have drawn 1-1 but could also have easily won 5-0. Would we then be discussing performance of the team, pepe, lack of ozil etc etc.

    We won, we got the 3 points we move on. season. Will take every game like the bournemouth one if we win 1-0 and qualify for the champions league again as that’s the first thing we need to do this season.

  77. Up 4 grabs now


    Also listen to the commentary, his says pepes shot is nearly in the far corner and the pepe tackle is a penalty.

    It’s all about fine lines. You don’t think either incident are close. I do. The commentators on your clips do.
    As I said 5-0 are we talking about chances created?

  78. Graham62

    We all know that Sheffield United will be well organised and up for the game.

    It’s also bound to be cold and damp, a typical autumnal night in Sheffield.

    Unlike the Liverpool game, they will genuinely believe they can win the game.

    One hopes that Emery is aware of this.


  79. Up 4 grabs now

    Graham the good thing about this sheffield utd side is they try to play football.
    This isn’t like visiting stoke where you’ll have 90 minutes of players being kicked lumps out of.

    Will be tough though, especially after an international break.
    Let’s hope xhaka is on paternity leave!

  80. Graham62

    England 24 Australia 18
    Japan 26 South Africa 24
    NZ 34 Ireland 16
    Wales 22 France 14

    Man Utd 0 Liverpool 3
    Spuds 2 Watford 2( I hope)

    Sheffield United 1 Arsenal 1 or, hopefully, we scrape a win.

  81. Tony

    Graham I don’t see a worry from Ford Being dropper.

    Jones likes impact subs with Ford being just that.

    Jones can bring Ford on any time to change to the Ford Farrell axis, but I would imagine he’ll want the Aussie’s worn down before employing that tactic.

    Ford also is the 3rd back up for scrum half as he left D Care out of the squad only leaving us with Youngs and Heinz.

  82. Up 4 grabs now

    Graham can’t stand rugby so your on your own there.
    Bindippers and mancs 1-1
    Spuds and Watford 1-0 lucky Kane goal off his ugly face knowing him.
    And 1-2 arsenal Auba and laca.

  83. Graham62


    Not quite.

    Tony and Bob are connoisseurs of the game.

    I always enjoy reading their extensive take on things.

  84. Gentlebris

    “Ole’s vision maps exactly to the core three football objectives we have: we must win trophies, we must play attacking football, and we must give youth its chance,” said Woodward.”


    I wonder if this objective is part of Emery’s mandate. If Emery has a mandate to play attacking football and he plays like he does now then he should be relieved of his job pronto. If there is no such mandate, then I think Raul should pull Emery to one side and whisper some wisdom to him along these lines, because we are looking really pathetic camping outside our box even against inferior opponents and much more horribly sorrily pathetic when you consider the fact that shots are still being taken at our goalie for fun in spite of the scared rabbit lazy camps of Señor Unai Emery.

  85. raptora

    Up 4 grabs now,

    I love winning 3 pts regardless of how they’re won. Ten years ago people would say that the way we won was the mark of a title winning team.

    Truth, however, is that we haven’t controlled a single game in the EPL. Our midfield is nonexistent, our defence is still left on it’s own, error prone and in attack we have struggled to create many chances for our forwards.

    We are getting away with it thus far. The hope is that the return of our starting full backs + Holding will change our fortunes. Truth is that while I agree their comeback will surely help our cause and add much needed energy and class to our team, full backs didn’t stand in the way of our midfield controlling games, putting teams under pressure, not being a transit zone for the opposition’s players.

    It’s actually our midfield that I think has been our worst area and the irony is Emery has had at his disposal every single one of our midfielders healthy for months. Why haven’t we improved there?!

    Just checked what I thought.

    In this season we haven’t started any EPL game with the same midfield trio that we had in the previous game!!!!!!!!!!

    Actually bonkers. A proof that Emery is literally clueless on how to make us good in that area.

  86. Batistuta

    Game was over a week ago, can’t believe folks are still micro-analysing the same thing over and over again…

  87. Bamford10


    I agree that we are not controlling games in the PL, but we did control the Burnley and Newcastle matches, I think. As for the midfield, I agree this is our weakest area, but this isn’t down to Emery — aside from the fact that he is selecting Xhaka — it’s down to the weakness of our midfielders. Even if he selects the right midfield three, it’s still not going to be a great or dominant midfield in the PL.

  88. Pierre

    Who’s lying .

    Raul., last week…” play the ones who work hard in training and reward the effort with playing time”

    Emery yesterday…””After that he was sick for one week and then he lost a lot of training to keep his fitness. But in the last two to three weeks he’s improved with us in training and I think it’s good”

    Ozil ..2 days ago ” i’ve trained at the same level my whole career but because I’ve not had minutes , I’m doing extra work with the fitness coach and in the gym to get even fitter than normal.”

    Someone’s lying .

    Emery played Ozil for 71 minutes 3 weeks ago, so he obviously thought he was fit enough 3 weeks ago …he created 6 chances for the team , that’s one every 12 minutes …..since then he hasn’t even made a squad.

    Its time to tell the truth Emery , if you dont think he’s suitable for your style of football(whatever that is ) then say so .

    Just stop coming out with bullshit.

  89. Bamford10


    “I see the shit hitting the fan earlier this season.”

    That makes a lot of sense, given that we now have Tierney, Bellerin, Holding and Luiz where last season we had Maitland-Niles, Kolasinac, Mustafi and Sokratis.

    In truth, you WANT us to do poorly, so as to advance your agenda; there is no reason to SEE us doing poorly, as all evidence points in the opposite direction.

    We have a better defense, better attacking options, better organization, and more depth. We will undoubtedly have a setback or two, but there is no reason for some of the extreme negativity above.

  90. Bamford10


    How about copying & pasting that Athletic piece in here? That would be helpful to us non-subscribers. Cheers.

  91. Pierre

    I’ve Never wanted arsenal to lose a game of football in my life …

    The likes of you and the geriatric goons (Graham and tony ) are the ones desperate for Arsenal to lose under Wenger, even in cup finals…..

    I am just being realistic…

  92. Leedsgunner

    Emery just does not handle conflict well with big name players. Neymar got him fired at PSG and he’s frightened to death of repeating the same mistake with Özil.

    Why do you give a leadership role to someone you don’t want to play? He says now he has no problem with Özil… thereby losing face.

    Errr, sorry Emery that ship has sailed.

    You’re not just a very good man manager and incredibly timid.

    Not good enough for Arsenal.

  93. Guns of Hackney

    Laca goals back!

    Whoopie. Now we have someone else to watch that makes football seem as complicated as String Theory.

    I’ve heard rumours that our next penalty will be taken by Pepe. Basically Arsenal are hoping it spurs him on.

    Personally, I don’t think buying a £72m penalty kick taker was what we had in mind but hey ho.

    Emery out.

  94. Pierre

    It’s a repeat of last season , Emery has learnt nothing from the mistakes of 12 months ago .

    From un’s link earlier

    “Attacking moves in the centre of the pitch (per Whoscored)
    2016-17: 32% (most in the PL)
    2017-18: 32% (most in the PL)
    2018-19: 24% (15th PL)

    Under Emery we tend to be pushed wide, either reluctantly or through choice, and don’t play with the patience of Arsene Wenger’s teams.

    Possession and passes per game (per Whoscored)
    2016-17: 56.5% , 563 ppg
    2017-18: 58.5% , 619 ppg
    2018-19: 56.1%, 548 ppg
    2019-20: 53.3%, 482 ppg

    That’s fine – it’s a choice you can make. The last two seasons under Wenger weren’t good, so that shouldn’t necessarily be a template for the current team. However, it’s still an interesting change and one worth discussing. The move away from Mesut Ozil seems a crucial part of the change in style. Note that last season, when the German still played semi-regularly, the numbers weren’t so different. The same can’t be said now. The lack of Ozil is part of the reason Arsenal are being forced to attack wider.

    It should come as no surprise, then, that Xhaka consistently used to find Ozil with flat, vertical passes. Under Wenger, Xhaka to Ozil was almost always one of Arsenal’s highest pass combinations on the pitch and a crucial method of advancing possession from back to front.

    But now Ozil isn’t playing and Emery wants a more energetic Arsenal, an Arsenal that works hard and makes life difficult for the opposition. But by taking away Ozil, Xhaka is now also redundant in the team. So why has the Swiss been made captain and turned into an ever present if he can’t even help Arsenal progress the ball through the middle of the pitch anymore?

    Without the duo helping the team move upfield, there has been a hefty dip in passes completed within 20 yards of the opposition goal. At the same time, Arsenal are keeping the ball less and opposition sides are having more completed passes near our goal than they did under the previous manager.

    Deep completions for/against per game
    2016-17: 12.6 / 5.2
    2017-18: 12.8 / 5.3
    2018-19: 10.5 / 6.7
    2019-20: 9.1 / 6.5

    The fallout from here is obvious: Arsenal are not taking enough shots and conceding far too many.

    Arsenal shots on target per game

    17-18 6.2
    14-15 6.0
    13-14 5.6
    15-16 5.6
    12-13 5.4
    16-17 5.3
    19-20 4.6

    Emery needs to find a way to rectify that – shooting more means scoring more, conceding fewer shots means conceding fewer goals. Arsenal have to get better at these things. And there may even be some hope.

    Arsenal’s pressing has generally been poor, when they have attempted to press this season. But there are some green shoots. The team’s most dominant periods of play (in the league) this season arguably came in the final 55 minutes against Spurs and the first half against Bournemouth, both at home. And in both games, there was much more of an effort to press the opposition.

    Arsenal rank eighth in the Premier League with 9.92 Passes Per Defensive Action (PPDA) in the opposition half. But that was down to around 7 passes against Bournemouth and 6.79 against Spurs. If Arsenal aren’t going to dominate possession and probe the opposition defence regularly with the ball, they have to at least improve at gaining the upper hand by suffocating the opposition. To do so at home in two games against sides that wouldn’t be considered among the weakest in the league is certainly something to build on.

    Considering the lack of meaningful passing he is now providing, it could be worth moving Xhaka out of the side and leaning fully into an energetic midfield three. Without Ozil, Arsenal don’t have a natural number 10 and despite attempts to play Dani Ceballos or Joe Willock there, both are better driving forward from midfield – Ceballos with the ball, Willock both with it and by making runs into space.”

    The last paragraph is interesting as he is suggesting taking both xhaka and Ozil out of the side as xhaka ( without ozil) has no outlet to pass the ball and I think he is right.

    If Emery wants to be a success with his style of football, he needs to take those two out of the team and play the midfield that played against Burnley.

    All those figures above show how much we are regressing in every department under Emery…..there is only one outcome if that continues.

  95. Bamford10


    Well, he does need to take Xhaka and Ozil out of the side — the first is something we’ve been saying here for a long time, the second something he’s already done — but not for the reason you’ve cited above. They both need to be out because neither is suitable to top level, PL football today. Xhaka because he is slow of foot, slow of thought, reckless, mistake-prone and poor under pressure; Ozil because he is a listless and ghostly shell of the player he once was.

  96. raptora

    I almost thought Pierre wrote this and I was going to congradulate him on the analysis. Sadly it isn’t him. It is a good analysis through stats though. 99% of the Arsenal fan base has been knocking on Emery’s door to finally play couple of games in a row without Xhaka and with Torreira in his place but there’s no response from the perpetual lime eater. If he thinks that our game is going to be even worse without Xhaka, then so be it. Let us see it with our own eyes. Until he benches Xhaka in 3 or 4 or 5 EPL games in a row, there will be no way to be certain if we’d look worse or better. What is certain is that he is never where he’s needed, he is always chasing shadows and he doesn’t even fit the characteristics needed in that position. So Emery should just bench him for a month and see how it goes. If we look worse, then bring him back, if we do well – sell him asap. My two cents on it.

  97. Batistuta

    You’d think we were 16th and hadn’t won a game all season but what do i know… Really hope Emery plays Ozil for the next couple of games so we can finally start to control games to be honest

  98. Bamford10


    “So why has the Swiss been made captain and turned into an ever present if he can’t even help …?”

    I have explained this several times now. It is because Xhaka is seen as a vocal leader, a warrior, the player who speaks and urges and cajoles when the team huddles together or when it’s under pressure. This is why his teammates voted for him as captain. Starting him and making him captain are mistakes, but there is a reason that Emery and the team are making this mistake.

    “there has been a hefty dip in passes completed within 20 yards of the opposition goal”

    Yes, I well remember all of the useless, tedious, back-and-forth, go-nowhere-have-no-plan-or-idea sideways passing we used to do prior to Emery or with Ozil in the side. None of this produced better attacking football, or more effective football, or better results. Ultimately our shot totals will go up when (i) our overlapping fullback play improves and (ii) our attacking players grow into their roles and become more familiar with one another & with the system. If our shots on goal numbers are not better by November or December or season end, then yes, we have a problem; until then, it is too early to say.

    “Arsenal’s pressing has generally been poor”

    Nonsense. It’s been good, actually. Certainly much improved. Several games attest to this.

  99. Valentin


    The only time in the EPL when we have controlled the midfield was against Burnley and Aston Villa second half. The thing that they have both in common? Xhaka was benched.

    We played with Guendouzi, Torreira/Ceballos and Willock. Dynamic trio who was able to press in a concerted way to force turn-over. They are also able to directly run at the opposition defense via the middle stopping them from covering the outside. That then leaves more space for our wide men to attack.

    Emery will not bench Xhaka, because he does not see what we all see. He see Xhaka as a safe important player to spread play to the wide men. Personally to try to systematically go by the outside just decrease it’s effectiveness. Opposition just pack the outside and double tag on Pepe and Saka/Nelson diminishing their option. The reality is that as explained by arseblog post is that Xhaka was the most effective when he had Özil further up. ÖZil despite all his criticism is a player who is adept at finding pocket of space between lines. So Xhaka was able to make quick forward passes that bypassed a lot of the midfield. Özil was then able to either pass to the striker or the wide men putting the defense under pressure.

    A lot has been said about that new stats Packing. In both France and Germany there has been strong discussion about what it does measure. Does it measure the passing ability of the passer or the quality of movement of the recipient. I am firmly on the side of the recipient. Unless the passer directs where he want the recipient to be, he is always subject to the recipient position.

  100. Pierre

    I have said many times on here that leaving Ozil out of the side is perfectly acceptable if the team shows improvement in some areas on the pitch .

    However in league matches , without Ozil, the team have shown NO improvement in any area of the pitch .

    However , in the cup competitions our pressing has been good with Martinelli up top .

    So instead of continually making futile remarks about Ozil, I suggest you look at the bigger picture and recognise that Emery is making decisions that are detrimental to the team .

  101. Bojangles

    What’s the point of posting these stats. We all know Emery is not the man to take Arsenal forward.

    Who really gives a shit if Wenger’s figures are better than Emery’s. Wenger is not coming back. Get over it.

    Or are these stats for Özil’s benefit. We’ve had a week of nothing but Özil. Either Emery will select him or he won’t. Give it a rest FFS.

  102. Nelson

    I think we can all agree. Emery has much more coaching experience than Mikel Arteta. I believe that when he came to Arsenal, he did have a football system/philosophy in his mind. Unfortunately, he couldn’t train his players to execute his system. You can’t blame it on the players now, after two Summer TW.

    The most obvious failure is playing out from the back. It is a good idea to keep procession of the ball. Why couldn’t his coaching staff train the players to do it properly.

    He also started with a high defensive line. It is a good idea to reduce the space for the opposing attackers. Again he has to drop this tactic because of our weak defense.

    Another idea is high pressing. Initially, he asked Ramsey to do it. Now, he is asking Torr to do the high pressing. I am not sure that it is going to work as he hopes.

    Finally, his system has no #10. Attack will be mainly through the wings. Last year, we had no winger, Kola was consistently our only channel of attacking. Now that we have Tierney and Bellerin healthy. We also have Pepe and Saka as our wingers. Maybe Emery can finally realize his football system/philosophy.