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I am so BORED.

Yep, I’m one of those children this week. Someone tap me out of international week. What a waste of fucking time. The fact a team as ‘ok’ as England hadn’t lost a qualifier in 10 years until last week tells you what a total nonsense having an ‘everyone can compete’ qualifier is.

Anyway, AMN, fresh from bitching about playing in the wrong position / taking a red card to end the experiment… is talking about how bloody marv Freddie Ljungberg is as a coach.

“There’s quite a few things [I have learnt] really,”

“He knows me as a winger, so attacking-wise he’s helped my game a lot. Defensively, I go to someone else to help me because they’re two different styles that I have to play.

“Him personally, he’s pulled me to the side a lot and has shown me different techniques and ways of beating players, ways of crossing the ball and shooting. It’s helping me and I’m happy to have him around because he’s such a big figure in the team.”

If this is the first piece of evidence in the deep state conspiracy to overthrow Emery, the comments Raul made about Freddie are the makings of case, with David Ornstein’s puff piece on the man being the smoking gun.

You don’t need me to punch the numbers into your pocket calculator… I am not going to be vaccinated. Simple as that my friends. #FreddieIn

The pinch of ‘hmmm’ you have to take with these stories: Does Freddie look so damn good against Emery because he can do the basics really well… you know, like speak the language? Mad piece of intel is he’s learning Spanish so he can talk to the Emery. How mad is that?

It’s also not difficult to see who has more sauce unless you’re a weirdo on the sauce spectrum. He’s literally a legend in the eyes of those kids. They’ll have grown up on his partnership with Bergkamp, the flash of red hair, and all the trophies.

I remain sceptical, but it’s hard to when you keep hearing kid after kid going out of their way to talk about how incredible he is.

If I were Emery, I’d get on the double sessions of Rosetta Stone, because outsourcing communications is a sure-fire way to lose authority… I just pray he never loses that ‘good ebening’ opener.

In other news, can everyone jump online and celebrate this elite piece of journalism penned by the mighty Rob Smyth?

He works for a paper that truly believes Twitter is a barometer for what’s really going on in culture, if we create enough noise around this story, maybe The Guardian will rally around a ‘Save OGS’ agenda.

That’s something I could live with. #SaveOGSHeDeservesRespectAndLongDeal.

Right, that’s me done. See you in the comments. Listen to my podcast. Sound is a bit off for the first 9mins, but then it gets better because I fix the mic problem (turned it on).


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  1. S Asoa

    Continuing from somewhere above
    The Swiss gives him satisfaction ( imagination , imagination )
    Like anyone else addicted, Emery has used his limited brains to ensure Xhaka is forced on the team.

  2. Pierre

    What’s the point of you saying what’s the point.

    There were actually some good points made in that article about our style of play and the reason why we are struggling in certain aspects of our game.

  3. S Asoa

    We have a better defense, better attacking options, better organization, and more depth. We will undoubtedly have a setback or two, but there is no reason for some of the extreme negativity above.
    But then we have an Spanish Waiter -oiled up hair et al – to mess up for same unappetising results every damn time

  4. Normski


    ‘So instead of continually making futile remarks about Ozil, I suggest you look at the bigger picture and recognise that Emery is making decisions that are detrimental to the team .’

    Absolutely Pierre. Add Xhaka to this as well. Blandford can’t see the bigger picture.

    After posting all the analysis above Blandfords only response was…

    ‘Xhaka because he is slow of foot, slow of thought, reckless, mistake-prone and poor under pressure; Ozil because he is a listless and ghostly shell of the player he once was.’
    Come on Blandford dig a bit deeper other than Ozil is listless. Thought you were a student of the game LOL.

    Just reading the analysis and using your eyes from this season, the negatives of both players are getting accentuated due to Emery and his set up and approach to games. Ozil makes other players look good, Ozil finds space when others struggle, Ozil can keep the ball. All the things that allow you to progress up the pitch and to build attacks.

  5. Nelson


    The idea of attacking through the wing is sound. It opens up the pitch. It gives our strikers more room to operate. Also, if you have fast wingers and full backs, it is much easier to break through than trying to go through the middle when the other team is parking the bus.

  6. Chris


    Sorry the article is too long and has accompanying diagrams that illustrate rhe points made (team heat maps etc)

    It’s one of several high quality articles posted on there each day (more so if you are interested in 3 or more sports) so for the cost of 40 quid a year it is well worth it if you love sports journalism.

    Obviously Le Grove is still the best and also free 😀

  7. Normski


    You beat me to it with Bojangles. There is no point to Bojangles.

    People prefer to assassinate a former manager than to dig deeper into the football and why we’re performing the way we are. It doesnt just happen there are numerous reasons.

    People took for granted our levels of performance in previous years even though we were still winning trophies.

    Before some cunt pipes up. We did need a new manager that isn’t in dispute but the narrative of anyone will be better than Wenger is just bullshit. Isn’t it know nothings? Blandford, Marco, Bojangles, Tony ladyboy, Grandad62?

  8. Graham62


    “People took for granted our levels of performance in previous years even though we were still winning trophies”


  9. Words on a Blog

    Reading the piece Un linked to and Pierre referred to, and given our performances in the PL, EL and Carabao, I think we could come to two distinct ways/personnel in which we could successfully play:

    1) A “pressing” side with a dynamic midfield trio comprised of any of Guendouzi/Torreira/Willock/Ceballos (no Xhaka) running at defenders and working to stop attacks against us early.

    2) A “patient possession” side with both Xhaka and Ozil, with Ozil making himself available for vertical passes from Xhaka and finding key passes for Auba/Laca and others.

  10. Graham62

    The fact that Wenger has gone is still the best thing that has happened to our club over the past ten years.

    Waking up each morning knowing your club is at least breathing again is just wonderful, irrespective of Emery.

    Sorry Normski.

  11. Bojangles


    It must be a real bitch when your on your period. Stay away from the library for a few days, there’s a good girl.

  12. Nelson

    I read that Real Madrid wants Fabian Ruiz and Zidane wants Pogba. It is likely that Real still wants to sell Ceballos.

  13. Sid

    “A “patient possession” side with both Xhaka and Ozil, with Ozil making himself available for vertical passes”

    This only works with Giroud(and a sidekick e.g Alexis Ramsey) as your striker not Auba, maybe a little with laca but not so well

  14. Up 4 grabs now


    Sorry had to nip out earlier.
    A wins a win for me, however we get it.
    Your right our midfielders haven’t clicked yet and looks a bit ponderous and lacking creativity.

    I’m hoping with Tierney and bellerin in the team it opens up the width, and the midfielders can be a little more creative without worrying so much about our defence. As long as holding plays and Xhaka doesn’t we have the basis of a good side.

    Let’s see where we are in January if those players all come in and can start to improve the side.

  15. Normski


    ‘Waking up each morning knowing your club is at least breathing again is just wonderful, irrespective of Emery.’

    We’re not breathing we’re being held in a headlock with our mouth covered off a timid spaniard that hasn’t got a clue how to be or try to be a front foot team that tries to be dominant. The team is limp and we’re analytics are trending negatively and we’re going to be worse than we ever were under Wenger.

    It’s ok though Graham thinks everything is great. Emery has made us worse and easier to play against with less of a threat in attack. Anything better than Wenger tho G?

  16. Normski


    Great crack. You really showed me sport. Surprised you know what a period is…normally too old for you by then.
    Haven’t you got a teenage boy to go service? You sex tourists are always busy with one thing or another. Where do you draw line? How low can you go?

  17. Pierre

    Good points made , with regard to the pressing , yes playing Willock , Guendouzi Ceballlos /Torreira will give more energy in midfield but a pressing team needs the front 3 to instigate the press.

    This is where Emery hasn’t solved the problem .
    Our front 3 of Pepe, aubameyang and saka will never press with the required intensity that Emery is after…
    Lacazette coming back should help .

    So the conundrum for Emery is , does he drop aubamayang and Pepe and bring in Martinelli and carry on playing Torreira as the CAM in the hope that it all falls into place or does he continue on the same path and play Pepe and Aubameyang in the knowledge that he knows deep down that those 2 wont give him the required intensity .

    His teams selections and tactics are full of anomalies .
    He wants high intensity pressing so drops Ozil (fair enough) yet plays xhaka and Aubameyang and we have signed Pepe , who are not high intensity players, I think is fair to say.

    He wants to play out from the back and plays Sokratis who is not as comfortable as mustsfi and chambers in that area.
    Playing out from the back with xhaka as the deep lying midfielder will never work as he is not comfortable receiving the ball with his back to goal , neither is Guendouzi.

    So unless we put someone like Ceballos as the deep lying midfielder who is happy to take the ball on the turn with his back to goal , then we will continue to struggle in that area.
    Though of course this may make us weaker defensively though Chelsea use jorginho very well in that area and he is not defensively strong…

    Basically, we are no closer to Emery style football than the first day he arrived.

  18. Graham62

    Emery is irrelevant in the greater scheme of things.

    You see, he won’t be at the club long enough to cause any serious problems.

    Thankfully we’ve wised up to things a wee bit.

  19. Up 4 grabs now


    I think we’ve wised up and I’m no lover of Emery.
    And don’t think he’ll be here in 3-4 years time.
    But if he get champions league football at the end of the season do you think he’ll be moved on, I don’t.

    And I think he deserves a shot at trying to improve next season.

  20. Up 4 grabs now

    Pierre that style that Emery doesn’t have, May change if he gets his first eleven in place for a run of games?

    If the defence is stronger it will only improve the midfield, it may mean a recall for ozil if Emery isn’t worried so much about the defence and needing midfielders in there to defend? Which he knows ozil won’t do.

  21. Words on a Blog


    I agree that the “pressing” side would also have to have Laca and/or Martinelli playing. Having said that, I thought Auba pressed very well for the first half of the game against Bournemouth. Whether he tired in the second half or he was instructed by Emery to drop off I don’t know.

  22. Up 4 grabs now

    Graham, probably, if we don’t get top four this season then I think he’s gone in May.. Unless he wins the Europa.

    Champions league qualification is the minimum requirement. Next season it’s probably try and put a title challenge together. Not necessarily win it but be in the mix.

  23. Pierre

    Pressing and intensity are not natural to Aubamayang..
    It’s similar to asking Thierry Henry to press.
    They may be able to do it for a limited time, that’s about it.

    Also, Aubamayang is always in self preservation mode and will give the impression of pressing but he will never put his foot in where it hurts as maybe Lacazette or Martinelli would.

  24. raptora

    Lol at Titi’s two footed tackles. They were a sight to behold. A scary one mind you. He was mostly getting yellows back then and in today’s football that’s a suspension for 3 games. Easy.

  25. Leedsgunner


    Instead of asking others to break copyright why don’t you acquire a subscription to the Athletic yourself?

    I would heartily recommend it. If you can afford to give up two cups of coffee a month you can afford to take out the Athletic.

    Wishing you the best,

  26. Words on a Blog


    Auba I’m self-preservation mode?

    Sure, and I admire him for it. Don’t want him and his goals lost to an unnecessary injury.

    Still Auba bearing down on defenders and goalies at speed does make them nervous and prone to mistakes.

    I can’t remember, but wasn’t he part of Klopp’s geggenpressing machine when they were both at Dortmund?

  27. Pierre

    “Lol at Titi’s two footed tackles”

    There’s nothing brave about a 2 footed tackle, its a chickens way of going into a 50/50…

  28. Bamford10


    No thanks. I’m on a teacher’s salary and can barely afford modern life as it is. If I were to pay for everything I read, I would be hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. I think it makes more sense for those who can afford it to subscribe and to share with those of us who can’t once in a while. I personally am not all that worried about the writers at The Athletic. They’re all doing pretty well for themselves. I realize others will disagree with my take on this, but I think there is more grey here than those people might admit.

    Regardless, best to you in return.

  29. Chris

    Well here is a snippet or two from the live Q&A with Amy Lawrence.

    Put it out there that Pepe has been our best creator this season and shouldn’t be judged so swiftly.

    In answer to a question regarding Emery’s future in terms of a summer decision, she feels Edu would make an informed decision.

  30. Chris


    I assure you it is worth it. You can assign feeds to different sports/teams. There is podcasts and live Q&As etc

  31. HillWood

    Not a good ebening for Bamford tonight
    Outed himself as a Manc loving
    Everyone should earn the same
    Life is so unfair
    Why am I not privileged
    Whining knob