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I am noise sensitive. Not in the miserable sense, but if I can hear the detailed undertakings of mouth and saliva mechanics, it does something to me. It’s rage-inducing, I could literally jump over a table and pull out whatever you’re swilling around and throw it at a waiter.


I have the same problem in the cinema. It’s acutely distressing to sit in a public space and realise that only a small percentage of an entire nation had parents that’d call them out for being disgusting. Yesterday, I ventured out to watch Joker… I sat next to someone that was quite possibly the vilest human being in existence.

He processed food like a cartoon robot for the entire 2 hours. He ordered 3 drinks, two plates of wings, a HUGE bowl of popcorn, and he had a Trader Joe’s bag of chaser snacks just in case his blood sugar level dropped 0.2% below heart attack levels of overdose. This guy swilled his ice cubes before crunching them like they were a snack. He fellated his chicken wings before devouring them… then he performed the same act on his fingers to deal with the remnant sauce. It was harrowing.

If I ever come to power… I’ll have ‘HOW TO BE A DECENT HUMAN IN PUBLIC’ classes for the kids.

  • Airports
  • Concerts
  • Cinema
  • Dinner table
  • Commuting

Anyway… the film was good, reminded me of the comments section here. JUST KIDDING GUYS DON’T KILL ME ON YOUTUBE.

So what has Ozil been up to lately? He’s only gone and launched a game, hasn’t he…

The game is called The Longest Kick. It’s basically what it says on the tin. You time yourself to hit a ball a really long way. Not sure it’s taking down Fortnite, but bravo to the German for using his downtime for something productive.

Arsene Wenger is back in the news AGAIN, this time, hawking the fact he has a book deal coming out.

“Regret is maybe I sacrificed a little the winning potential against the loyalty potential or desire to build up the club & influence I had when we built the stadium, against the fact I could’ve won more by going somewhere else & being less limited financially”

It’s going to be insanely choked full of propaganda, I honestly can’t wait to read it. Cannot imagine that I’ll be on the book tour list of people to shoot the shit with, but regardless, it should be a fun read, because he has ZERO shame, and I am pretty sure this is going to be a legacy fixer. He cocooned himself from the real world when he was managing us, I think he’s now caught up on the shambles, and he’s embarrassed. He did not expect the world of football would reject him. It has been a sobering expereince. His chats to BeIN have gone from ‘I’ll be back shortly’ to ‘I SACRIFICED MY BEING FOR THE GAME I DESERVE, ME, ME, ME.’

If I were his publishing company, I’d take the book in the three parts. The good, the bland, the fucking disgraceful. Long it out, there’s surely enough of a market to sell all three. I’d also like him to go into detail across all three parts of his career. 300 pages is not enough space to do justice to his mixed bag career at the top.

I also hope there’s some sort of overarching theme across all three of them. It’d be nice of the book was useful in some way. Carlo had a book on leadership, it gave you a fix of Palace intrigue, but it also gave you his principals of leadership. Clive Woodward also had a great book as well. Would love to read something like that from Big Weng.

I just hope it isn’t an attempt to rewrite history. Some lame counterbalance that he thinks will tip elite recruiters his way. Just give it to us honest. What can WE the ordinary folk learn from someone that let power destroy his purpose in football?

I also don’t want the read to be a victim piece. Own it, Arsene. Arsenal gave you £100m, ten years more than you deserved and absolute control of the direction of the club. If you failed, it’s because we gave you permission to do things exactly the way you wanted to do them. Insipid leadership from Stan, embarrassing toady behavior for the Failure in Chief that is now tanking in Milan, are all valid points… but ultimately, it was all on you. If you’re too power-drunk to ask for help, that’s your problem.

I hope he has a good ghostwriter, he should go for someone like Rapha Honigstein. It’d show character to approach a penman that’d have a neutral view on the narrative.

Finally, Unai Emery’s deal is not up next summer. He has the full 3 years. That’s depressing. Like turning up to the airport a day early. Best hope he lands the Champions League this season if he wants to see the year 3 of that deal.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments. x

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  1. Dark Hei


    I think you trust the internet a bit too much.

    To say that the racists Nazis (Germany) is in control of the EU when it is their anti-Nazi policies (welcoming refugees) that cause you to vote out is deeply ironic.

    Neither would EU do away with individual countries cultural identities. You Western folks are too west for that to happen. Its not China where the great majority are Han Chinese.

  2. China1

    Eh I thought arsenal just have an option to extend emery’s Contract a third year?

    2 years with an option is what I read somewhere. Are we sure it’s a nailed on 3 years?

  3. Emiratesstroller

    Let’s not persist with the political arguments on Brexit. This is becoming an
    obsession. However, for the record.

    Immigration may have been an important issue for some in their reasoning
    for voting to leave, but it was well down the list for many others.

    For the record Ken Clark the arch European Remainer advocated “controlled
    immigration” on Question Time in November 2016.

    It is true that Winston Churchill was a strong supporter of Europe, but that
    does not mean that he would have voted for EU.

    Britain joined the EEC in 1973, which is an entirely different beast to EU in 2019. For a start the Organisation, which we joined was composed of just 6 Member States [France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Italy].

    “Free Movement” at that time was an entirely different concept to what it is
    today, because there was very limited economic migration at that time within
    EEC. It facilitated the ability to travel around the 6 countries without visas
    on holiday, to conduct business and to work primarily in another country
    for a business originating in your own country. There was no intention for most people to settle permanently in an another country.

    For the record Germany which was acutely short of male labour after the
    War recruited mainly for their Car and Engineering industries from outside
    EEC i.e. from Turkey. The labour force was afforded “Gastarbeit status” which
    afforded the 10 year residency, but no right to settle permanently.

    Britain by contrast recruited after the war mainly from its Colonies and fledgling Commonwealth partners to satisfy its labour requirements.

    The intellectual argument for many including myself who voted to remain in
    Referendum in 1975 but leave in 2016 is that we are seeing too much devolution of political power to Europe and an imbalance of trade with the other 27 member states .

    The United Kingdom is the fifth/sixth largest economy in the World and
    probably outside the so-called super powers until now the most influential
    broker in Foreign Policy.

    If countries like Japan, India, Brazil, Australia and Canada choose to maintain
    their political independence why should this country be any different?

  4. Chris


    I have only ever been on city breaks to Warsaw and Prague, never been to Bulgaria. Nothing I saw there suggested underlying racism, although we were only doing the sights etc

    Would you honestly say it would be fair to say the vast majority are racist? What is your experience?

    What I’d say again is that racism is a problem everywhere, and it is a minority everywhere that is the big problem. Only the other day at the bus stop near my house there was a sticker advertising a racist group on the advertising board with accompanying website address. I am glad to say it is now gone but it just goes to show they are everywhere and we cannot take the high road with this.

  5. Wasi

    This evening has reopened the door for many of us who lost respect for Wenger.No point in repeating things that have already been said but based on the debacles of 2011 he outstayed his welcome by at least 7 years.I will never agree with those fans that only saw the negatives in the last 3 years of his reign.Shoot me!

    I dont really know what debacles you are talking about. Would like to know. But i do know that the club were financially restricted in that period and it would have tough for any manager to keep getting top 4 in that period while also looking to compete at the top.

  6. Emiratesstroller


    There is racism all over the world including sadly in UK.

    Eastern and Central Europe has its fair share. Hungary in particular has a serious problem primarily because like Rumania it has a very large Gypsy

  7. Redtruth

    Churchill used the term “United States of Europe” in a speech delivered on 19 September 1946 at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. … We must build a kind of United States of Europe. In this way only will hundreds of millions of toilers be able to regain the simple joys and hopes which make life worth living.

  8. siddharth14

    Considering the absolute disdain Pedro has displayed towards Emery and which is fairly justified, i find it surprising that he mentioned the 3 year deal with such a normal tone. It seems Raul has got Pedro on a spell much like that fraud Gazidis.

    This is indeed a very depressing news if true, for the folks looking towards a new manager in the summer. But all hope is not lost. Emery is very much capable of a meltdown towards the end of the season. However, i would still prefer Arsenal to finish Top 4 even though it would mean another season with Emery.

  9. Graham62


    If you took offence by my comments last night, I apologise.

    I have been all over Eastern Europe, many times with my wife(who is Eritrean) and children.

    ES is right, we have problems in this country but what we found/saw/felt is that the unseen or, should I say, unheard racism was prevalent in many countries we visited.

    Body language and actions were seen and felt, not verbal and abusive actions. Look at the vast majority of Bulgarian fans last night, including children. Laughing, joking, accepting. For them it is no big deal. It is engrained.

    I was highlighting our own experiences, even in West Sussex. Being in a different country(UK) that is aware of racism, is different from living in a country that accepts it.

    Once again, apologies for how it may have come across but having been with my wife for 32 years, I hope you understand that I see things from a slightly different perspective.

  10. Graham62

    Also RT’s ignorance towards Brexit was probably far more offensive.

    Labelling all those who voted to leave as racist is shameful.

    Obviously RT doesn’t get out much.

  11. Chris


    No offence taken and I didn’t intend for my reaction to be perceived that way. Last night was sickening but unfortunately only another example of events the world over that we all have a long way to go to living in a better place, and it brings out strong feelings for a lot of people. If it isn’t clear already, I deplore racism of any kind. I don’t know what the answers are to rid the world of it, or if it is even possible.

    Thank you for sharing some of your experiences, they are much more vast than mine in that area of the world so it was a genuine question from your perspective of how things are given how little my sample size is. From my experience people from Eastern Europe living here are fantastic people, who are not remotely racist, sorry if you have found it different and I take on board what you are saying regarding living here and there.

    Anyway, I only ever intended to post here about football so I will return and stick to that.

  12. Graham62


    If you didn’t vote, don’t pass comment on Brexit.

    Comments were based on what happened in Bulgaria and the inbred racism that exists there and in Eastern Europe in general.

    You had to bring Brexit into the argument.

  13. TheLegendaryDB10


    This is a review of last night’s game. It also delves into the disgusting racist chants and nazi salutes that were being made by some Ultras.

    When reading you will understand what G62 means when he says that racism is ingrained when you read that some pretend that nothing happened.

    Bulgaria must be kicked out of the tournament if UEFA wants to be taken seriously with tackling racism.

  14. Redtruth

    I brought Brexit into it because I found it hilarious that a Country who voted Brexit based on too many foreigners inhabiting too much space, should complain about racism in another Country lol

  15. Marcos

    Seems your life is pitiful for you to still be at wenger.you envy him so much I guess he broke your heart somewhat.the world will ever glorify him but you will remain a nothing.the world recognised him a legend and I guess they know so much more than you.dwell in your hate against wenger it will finish you

  16. Emiratesstroller


    So do you classify Corbyn a racist? His voting track record in Parliament over
    35 years on back benches suggests that he is a Brexiteer whatever he says now
    sitting as Shadow Leader?

    For the record we joined the EEC in 1973, but Harold Wilson’s referendum to
    decide whether we remained there was held in 1975, which is why I referred
    to that date.

  17. Sid

    “probably outside the so-called super powers until now the most influential
    broker in Foreign Policy.”
    This is Wengeresque….. past glory,

  18. Emiratesstroller

    Bulgaria is most probably along with Serbia the country most closely linked with
    Russia [Soviet Union] and as we know there is a huge element of racism in that

  19. Emiratesstroller


    What is the basis of your viewpoint that Johnson is racist.

    Most people refer of course to the article about “letter boxes”. However,
    if people like you and his critics had actually read the article, which incidentally was republished by Telegraph shortly after he became Prime Minister the observation was taken out of context.

    What he wrote was a CRITICISM of Denmark and France who banned the
    use of the Burkha and religious insignia. He argued in FAVOUR of cultural dress code being allowed.

    However he described the Burka as a “letter box” which makes a lot of people
    uncomfortable, because it is difficult to communicate with someone when you cannot see who you are talking with.

  20. raptora

    TheLegendaryDB10 is right.

    The Ultras are the problem and have been for years and years. Because of them normal people have been thinking twice and mostly not going to football games. Talking about fathers with their sons etc. They are afraid that there will be tension escalating into aggression from the Ultras. The problem happens when there are derby games and the Ultras from each team clash.

    They, however, are clearly the minority but sadly like it is in a lot of places in the world society, the bad example stands out to the proper people.

    Truth is that the English fans had the same problems before they tightened the order. I’ve only heard about the English Disease but the term is so frightening that it was probably there for a reason.

    Bulgaria and the other Eastern European countries are around 15-20 years behind in their development compared to the Western countries and it shows in every aspect. It is a consequence of the Communism.

    In the 70s, 80s up until the 90s the UK was as racists as it gets. Now the stadiums are safe. Countries in Eastern Europe just need time to normally evolve beyond racism. But if they got punished for it, it would be fair and square.

  21. Bojangles

    “something…,America is probably the most racist Countty on Earth”

    Australia runs a close second.

    I have never witnessed racism here in Viet Nam. Ethnicism, yes. The Chinese are not well liked here, you will often see a Chinese tourist being verbally abused by locals.

  22. Redtruth

    It’s on public record Johnson’s derogatory remarks against African people.
    Johnson’s comments regarding the Muslim dress code was clearly designed to inflame race hate in those who have issues with immigration.

  23. Dark Hei


    “The Chinese are not well liked here, you will often see a Chinese tourist being verbally abused by locals.”

    There is a good reason for that, though the Chinese tourist is kind of innocent.

  24. raptora



    Unai Emery’s contract at Arsenal contains a break clause that can be triggered after two seasons, enabling the club to dismiss him one year early.

    The Spaniard took over as Arsenal’s head coach on a three-year deal last week but The Times has learnt that the club can invoke the clause without paying up the full value of his contract.

    Emery’s contract also reflects the need for financial prudence at Arsenal, who are committed to paying Wenger’s salary for one more year, as well as that of his departing backroom staff.

  25. Valentin


    You claim you played 10, 11 and fullback, but don’t know what a lock is. You never heard of the term 3rd row. By the way rugby numbering has that quirk that the 11 plays on the wing. People who usually play 10, can play 12 and 15 but very rarely 11. Completely different skillsets.
    Stop pretending, It is obvious You don’t know anything about rugby. It is getting embarrassing. Just admit that you enjoy watching, but you know nothing about it.

    Accusing me being a pedant while at the same keep referring that you went to a gathering at the Rotary club. Home of the pretentious who think that they made it, but who real successful people laugh at. 😂🧐🤭

  26. raptora

    I saw that you posted the link earlier. If I could guess I’d say that there is a break clause. All logic points that way. But it’s Ivan The Leech Voldemort so who knows. All logic goes out the window with him.

    I’m sincerely hoping there is a break clause and that is Emery’s last season as our manager. If there is a clause and Raul and co don’t use it, it will be a crime against our club.

  27. Globalgunner

    Even if Emery`s contract is 3 years. We can still dump him in May. Yes we pay him off but only if he doesnt get another job i guess. Even if we qualify for CL. I say we still sack him. We will qualify not because we are good but because most others are crap. Imagine coming 3rd and being 25 points behind the leaders. Useless!

  28. Bojangles


    That link you posted was from last year. The link I posted is recent and apparently Ornstein has refuted the previous media stories about the break clause as being bogus.

    Dark Hai

    Yes I know there is much history between the two countries and I agree that the Chinese tourists are mostly innocent.

    About 2 months ago I intervened in an incident involving a young Chinese man and 3 older Vietnamese women. To me it looked like they were going to take things further than just verbal abuse. I stayed with the young man until he boarded his bus.

  29. raptora

    Ornstein does say “I could be wrong” so we cannot be certain. If it’s true that there is no break clause, then the let go after the 2nd season becomes all that more complicated. Raul and co could still show him the way regardless of how much on his contract he has left, but it surely won’t be as simple as I thought when I believed that the contract is a two-year one.

    Which saddens me quite a lot.

  30. Graham62


    The fans have the power.

    A written contract will not suffice if the fans are not happy.

    What happened under Wenger can’t be allowed to happen again.

    You know, sit and twiddle our thumbs for a few years(as some of us did) before action is taken.

  31. Bojangles

    Yep, it was much easier thinking Emery was only going to be here until May at the latest.

    We can always hope that Ornstein is wrong this time.

  32. Graham62

    Why is it that there are concerns about a managers contract when, by using our voices, all problems can be alleviated.

    Arsenal fans have this innate capacity to analyse things in far too much detail.

    What are they scared of?


  33. Dark Hei


    I think things were kind of rosy between the 2 countries.

    Then 2012 rolled along and relations went south. China redefined the meaning of “offshore” activities. By that they mean off your shores, not theirs.

    So you can imagine, countries with long coast lines like Vietnam and Philippines are right in the line of fire.

  34. Bamford10

    So Emery was the top choice of all three men (Sanllehi, Mislintat, Gazidis) involved in the process, and the contract is three years with a break clause after two. This clearly establishes that while they liked and respected Emery, they wanted to build in flexibility, which was smart.

  35. raptora

    The big problem in Bulgarian football is that people are not personally blamed for their actions, but the team they are supporting. If say 10 people are hooligans and 15 000 are not, the 10 will be the ones that stood out. And instead of facing charges personally like in England, and potentially serving bans from going to stadiums, hooligans are not dealt with personally, but according to the sector they were sitting – home or away sector, the corresponding team gets punished. It has happened many, many times.

    The actions need to be taken after watching a video footage and identifying the exact people responsible for the ruckus. You ban the problematic idiots and the whole problem gets solved within a year at most.

    99% of the crowd went to the stadium yesterday to see live their favorite stars from the by far most watched league in Bulgaria. And that 1% will get us in trouble.

    Measures need to be taken to punish the exact people being responsible for the all the problems they created.

    With that said, the English fans are terrible going abroad. Extremely high usage of drugs and alcohol do not help the cause either. There were fights and whole restaurants demolished by English fans.

    So it’s a tiny bit two-faced to brand us evil and English – saints.

  36. Valentin

    Potential Break clause after two years but no explicit target that could lead to sacking without compensation is not a very smart move. But then we already knew that Gazidis was not the sharpest business mind.

    Ed Woodward may know nothing about football, but at least he did insert clauses in both David Moyes and Louis VanGal’s contract that qualification for the Champion’s League was mandatory.

    Here we have Raul making noise that he expects Emery to qualify, but it is not written in the contract , so he may have to sack Emery with a severance package.

    I can guarantee that if the contract had specified top 4 as a minimum, Emery would have concentrated a lot more on the league rather than trying to pad his CV with another Europa League victory.

  37. Bamford10

    I think rabid Emery-outers should begin to prepare themselves for the possibility of a third season of Emery. Why?

    I think we have a fairly good chance of finishing top four, and given that, and given Sanllehi’s respect for Emery, I could see him sticking with Emery for another season.

    This will depend, of course, on a number of variables — whether we do in fact finish top four, whether indicators (including fans) remain positive at the end of the season, whether this or that other top manager is available — but if we finish top four and things look reasonably positive, I think it’s likely Emery gets a third year.

    As for our finishing top four, I think this will be more competitive than some here imagine, but I think we have a pretty good shot at it, especially if Emery finds his way to leaving Xhaka out of the XI and if we don’t have any major injury problems.

  38. Bojangles

    Dark Hei

    Depends on your definition of Rosie.

    There is a long history of China invading Viet Nam. As recent as 1990 there was trouble on the border. The people of Viet Nam are deeply suspicious of China. You only need speak to People in the street to get a sense of the hostility felt towards the country.

    And you are right, the (in)famous 9 dash map in the South China Sea is not only antagonising the Vietnamese but also all countries with islands within the area.

    A few older Vietnamese I have spoken to have concerns of another Chinese invasion in the not to distant future.

  39. raptora

    It’s could have been stated as mandatory qualification for the Champions League and active only on his 2nd season in charge. That would actually make sense since nobody really expected us 100% to make top 4 or win the EL last season because of a lot of different factors. This year is different though. It’s Emery’s 2nd year. And our team is far more equipped. So a top 4 should be 100% mandatory to show that we’ve made any progress.

    Different matter is that I don’t want Emery even if we finish in top 3. Bar an extremely big improvement that I just cannot see happening under him, I’ve seen enough.

  40. China1

    I agree Pedro that if Wenger tells the truth it could be the most fascinating read in sports writing.

    The guy has one hell of a story to tell let’s be honest

    Unfortunately I suspect it will involve a bit of owning up to shortcomings and a lot of airbrushing his shortcomings as you say to be his moral crusade and sacrifice rather than what we really saw which was actually rather cynical

  41. China1

    Talking of CL qualification I fucking wish the FA cup winners would get the league’s 4th qualification spot

    Would absolutely electrify the competition for all teams in England, bring it right back to the prestige it deserves and also makes more sense than 4th place anyway

    I dunno why the footballing authorities always lack basic common sense to make such decisions. It would clearly be an awesome change

  42. China1

    Imagine being a championship team or league 1 somehow making t all the way to the semis and knowing you’re 2 games away from the CL. Insanely excitinf

  43. Valentin


    I agree with your sentiments that the responsibility should fall on the culprits not on the everybody.
    Where I disagree is when you argue that it is a small minority. It is not a small minority like 1%, it is a lot more. Every Black, Indian or mixed race person who had attended games in Eastern Europe has stories of racism and threatening behaviour to tell. That minority is also very vocal and very influential in football grounds.

    Regarding the behaviour of English fans abroad, it is the continuation of violent drunk idiots going abroad. At its core, it has a more nasty elements than other countries , but that kind of behaviour is shared by most countries.

    It will not stop until ALL European countries decide to systematically throw the book at such fans. Instead of systematically send them back to their country, send them for 6 months in a hard labour camp, and within 1~2 years the problem would be resolved.

    Also make the FA pays for any damage. Suddenly proper decision would be taken. Why should law abiding citizens live in fear when a game is played in their city or have to fund the policing of games most don’t attend.

  44. Pierre

    Have to say that England’s performance last night was excellent .

    The quality of the performance and the goals have been a little overlooked due to the unfortunate events off the pitch, but credit should be give to the manager for making the changes in personnel in defence and midfield and going with a more experienced line up.

    Nice to see Tyrone Mings getting a call up and looking very calm and composed throughout, hopefully that will be the end of Keane as he is a very average defender in my opinion.

    Have to mention Harry Kane,who I believe is a little wasted playing as a striker, he has many more strings to his bow than what we have seen so far.

    I can see him playing a little deeper in a sort of Peter Beardsley / Teddy Sheringham role as the link man.
    Kane has an excellent eye for a pass that’s fo sure , his link up and hold up play is superb when coming off the defender and he is maturing into a quality all round player.

    Playing as the main striker , he is often starved of the ball as he often outnumbered and has to rely on a good delivery which doesn’t always come.

    He is recognised as a goalscorer but he should be allowed to develop into a NO.10 and dare I say , a Denis Bergkamp role as a goal scorer and goal provider .

  45. Words on a Blog


    emery is very unlikely to be able to get us to top 3 or top 4 unless our Premier League performances improve to something close to the level we are currently achieving in the europa.

  46. Jay

    What can you know about eastern European culture? I am eastern European and have no clue what are you talking about, but I know that I work in UK, am only foreigner in my work place between about 3 dozens of British people and none of them criticized what’s happened last night, some even said there’s nothing wrong about them chants.

  47. raptora


    Depends on whether you see Man Utd improve, and I don’t. Then there are 2 places left in top 4 for us, chavs and spuds. Chelsea are with a really young, green team and green manager. Will they be able to claim their chances when the nerves get to them?! Spuds are in a mess. Will saucy Poch manage to light the fire in his players? Will he manage to reignite the fire in himself? Because once it’s gone it’s almost never coming back unless drastic changes happen.

    I would tip us to finish in top 4 inspite of Emery.

    With that being said, a long term injury to Auba and it would be all but over.

  48. Pierre

    “emery is very unlikely to be able to get us to top 3 or top 4 unless our Premier League performances improve to something close to the level we are currently achieving in the europa.”

    The performances in the league this season have been disappointing .

    The prem is a much more difficult competition than Europa but we appear to play with less fear in Europe.

    A fully fit squad is all a manager can ask for, and that is what Emery has over the coming few weeks .

    A run of potentially winnable games in the next 6 weeks could determine how our season will progress.

    If we have a dodgy couple of games Emery tends to go into negative mode , his selections become negative and his tactics become negative ad consequently the football becomes negative.

    That’s why it is important to build on our recent run of unbeaten games and a win on Monday night is vital as it will help to build confidence in the players and the fans.

    Even though the vibe within the club and the fans should be positive , it isn’t , there is a fear amongst fans that we will see a repeat of last season.

    Not including the liverpool league cup tie which will basically be 2nd string sides , our fixtures are

    Shef utd away
    Vitoria s home
    Palace home
    Wolves ..home
    Southampton ..home
    Norwich. Away
    West ham ..away.

    It is not beyond the realms of possibility that we could win all of those games and ,in doing so , could be within a few points of the top of the league and qualified from the group stages of the europa.

    This will produce a positive vibe within the club and fan base and will allow the team to play in a less restricted way.

  49. Words on a Blog


    Don’t disagree with your scenarios and the importance of an injury free Auba to our top 4 prospects. Given what’s happening elsewhere, we could get to top4 by default, playing bland football.

    But the EL performances make me believe in/hope for a (probably hopelessly optimistic) scenario where we get to top4 playing attractive football.

    Here’s hoping I’m not too deluded!

  50. HighburyLegend

    Last chapter of Wenger’s book : “how I destroyed Highbury to attract more tourist in a brand new stadium – (and also to allow Robby Pires to buy a very high standing apartment)”

    True or False ? You guess!

  51. bennydevito


    Norwich and Wolves have beaten Man City so we could quite easily lose those games. Leicester and west ham away we could also lose, Palace at home we could draw. I have every confidence in the squad to win those games but we just know Emery will handicap us with a defensive formation, a negative approach and will instil a sense of fear of losing rather than being positive and attacking.

    If we were to play those above games in the LC or EL however we’d win them easily. It’s bizarre.

    I really would like to see Xhaka left out for a while, Torreira played from the start as DM and Ozil given a go, I really would.

    But we all know that won’t happen.

  52. Graham62

    As it stands, most fans are not enamoured with Emery.

    It is now obvious to us all that he has limited credentials.

    If things continue and we show no signs of improving, Emery’s tenureship will be over.

    That’s just a fact of life.

    Just a pity we couldn’t apply the same principles ten years back.

  53. S Asoa

    Regarding Unai Emery’s contract being 3 years , to people with ambition and pride in AFC, it should not matter. For a manager who only manages to regress in spite of a much better squad , the time for the sack is Now.

  54. siddharth14

    I’m surprised that you can see Arsenal doing a lot well in this run of the games. However, i see us in a spot of bother if we are beaten at Sheffield United. The next two games in the league are Palace and Wolves, teams who are going to cause us a lot of problems. Even if we are playing good in offense, it will be negated once we concede a goal. This has been consistently demonstrated by our team.

    I have a horrible feeling that Arsenal are about to embark on a collapse familiar to the one we had towards the end of the last season.

  55. Valentin


    What that article shows is that

    1) Arsenal needs to be 2 goals down to start showing any fight. Things have to be really gloomy, before the shackles are taken off. We then decide to go for it: Liverpool, Spurs, Aston Villa.

    2) that team is scared of its shadow. Even when it leads, it does not try to crush their opponents. Remember the tweet by a Valencia fan who showed that despite being 1-0 against ten man or even a bottom half team, past the hour mark Emery would just instructed his players to defend a lead instead of continuing attacking.

  56. Bamford10


    “But the EL performances make me believe in/hope for a (probably hopelessly optimistic) scenario where we get to top 4 playing attractive football.”

    I too think this is possible, but Emery needs to get certain things right in order to make it possible.

    One, he needs to find the right starting front three, and I think Martinelli probably needs to be a part of it. Or Pepe needs to find his confidence and form. One of those two things.

    Two, Emery needs to develop a proper link between our midfield and our attacking front three, and I think this link is Ceballos (and Guendouzi to a lesser extent).

    Three, he needs to drop Xhaka from the XI, which will help us better stay on the front foot throughout matches.

  57. Bamford10


    “I have a horrible feeling that Arsenal are about to embark on a collapse familiar to the one we had towards the end of the last season.”

    That makes complete sense, because we are going to have to rely on the same questionable players — e.g., Maitland-Niles, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Sokratis — to get us through.

    Oh wait, no, that’s not true: we’ll have Bellerin, Holding, Tierney and Luiz. So we will be stronger and better than we were last season.

    We also have Ceballos, Pepe, Saka and Martinelli in the mix, all of whom improve us.

    So while there may not be reason for wild optimism, there’s also little reason for the extreme negativity.

  58. Pierre

    I didn’t say I could see us winning those games , I said it is possible as those games are similar to the winning run we embarked on this time last season .

    The team and squad are stronger this season , we have a fully fit squad raring to go and the run of games are favourable.

    It appears that the main negative is the manager as fans dont really trust him.

    His selection policy often is confusing .
    He will play 3 safe midfielders at home against mid table opposition and then go to a physical away game at watford and play Ceballos and Ozil, whereas you would think a home game v a lower ranked side would be a time to play a more adventurous line up.

    The line up for next monday is anyone’s guess and I dont believe that is a positive.
    It has always been my belief that a team that basically picks itself will always be more consistent than keep chopping and changing line ups .

    All of Arsenal’s successful teams going back through the years have basically picked themselves more or less.

  59. Bamford10


    “and Ozil given a go”

    There might be matches (theoretically) in which he could help — I’m thinking of teams that are simply going to adopt a very deep-sit — but I am curious, Benny: if you include Ozil, what does your midfield behind him look like? Surely it cannot include Xhaka, right? I personally don’t see how you play with one mobile CM.

  60. Graham62


    I can only comment on my own experiences over the past 50 years of travelling around the world.

    The only countries I have not visited in Europe are Albania and Lithuania.

    Don’t get me wrong, we have major problems in the UK with regards Racism. Infact, our so called fans have been booing the national anthems of opposing nations for years and causing mayhem wherever they go.

    Maybe your colleagues are the same individuals that promote such things or they’re all Scots!

    All the best.

  61. Nelson

    The game against Sheffield United would gives us a clearer idea how Emery wants to set the team up going forwards. I guess for every away game and against other top teams, he’ll field three defensive midfielders. For the cup games, he’ll use one DM and two CM’s, who have license to attack.
    I am confident that we’ll make the top4. We have a good squad depth. Unlike Chelsea and SPUDS, we are playing in the Europa League. We can keep our starting 11 fresh for the EPL games. I am more worry about Leicester city who doesn’t have Europa commitment.
    Under Wenger, we were served with good passing plays through the middle. Once we have our two FB’s fully fit and Pepe fully integrated, I expect to see good attacking plays through the wings. The question remains whether it is good enough to win us enough games.

  62. Guns of Brixton

    Best hope for AMN is that he becomes our James Milner in terms of work rate and effort and flexibility in his positioning.

    He unfortunately isn’t going displace anyone in this team except by them being injured.

  63. Pierre

    “I really would like to see Xhaka left out for a while, Torreira played from the start as DM and Ozil given a go, I really would.”


  64. raptora

    To be frank AMN falls asleep playing on the wings where the pressure is times lesser compared to the one in midfield. His defensive actions were times less than the ones he would be expected to make while playing in the midfield. He has shown complete lack of interest to defend and I’ve never felt that he is solid defensively which could be said for Full Backs like Monreal, Sagna etc. I feel like if he had shown that he is good in the defending part of the game, a future move to defensive midfielder could have been on the cards.

    He, himself admits it saying:

    “I’m a midfielder by trade – central or on the wing. I’m not a defender. I do get a lot of stick for my defending being poor, it’s something I’m learning & have been learning for a couple of years now.”

    Zero chances for him to become a quality winger as I’ve seen almost zero qualities in his game that would allow him to become good on the wing. He’s played probably over 30 games at RB and he hasn’t really make a good impression going forward.

  65. China1

    Whether or not it’s just a small minority, Eastern Europe is notorious for racism especially in football

    It does exist in every country, that much is a fact though.

  66. China1

    AMN might yet turn into a useful player but apart from pace he has no stand out footballing qualities

    He’s not an especially good passer, doesn’t strike the ball better than anyone else. Doesn’t have exceptional vision or technique. He has a way to go to qualify for a starting role in any position midfield or defense in a team near the upper ends of the PL

    We’ll see what happens

  67. China1

    I don’t think AMN has any of the required qualities to be a CM from a footballing perspective. I’m never sure why people think he’d do well there

    He’s not especially good defensively and he’s not exceptional on the ball or at passing and reading the game. Where does he fit in at CM?

  68. TheBayingMob

    “Regret is maybe I sacrificed a little the winning potential against the loyalty potential or desire to build up the club & influence I had when we built the stadium, against the fact I could’ve won more by going somewhere else & being less limited financially”

    Cunt FRAUD Cunt Cunt Cunt

  69. China1

    He almost admitted responsibility for Arsenal’s shortcomings then turned it into the club’s fault for not giving him more money

    You nearly did it arsene. I give you a C+ for effort

  70. Valentin


    AMN used to play at right winger for U21 and on loan for Ipswich in the Championship. He was excellent there, that how he got his promotion to the first team. In fact his versatility did him a disservice. There is more than pace to his game. He is an excellent crosser of the ball. Despite playing right back he already has two assists from open play in the premiership.
    If Giroud were still playing for us, he would enjoyed his whipped crosses. Martinelli may well benefit from it in the Europa League.
    He is not a defender, but he has more defensive awareness and defensive technique than most wingers.

  71. China1

    Valentin maybe so but when he does break forwards I don’t think he’s exceptional or stands out.

    He started the season better than last though so I’m not saying he can’t progress further and be a good player, I just don’t think he’s a kid who looks like he’s any better than you’d expect from a youth team player

    The position is different but he reminds me of a Justin hoyte. Not bad as a kid and he was English and one of our own but no nearly stand out enough to look like this is his level

    Will gladly see him prove me wrong and save us 70m or whatever tho

  72. raptora

    I don’t want to brag, but didn’t Tierney in 1 game, momentarily showed what a good cross looks like? I haven’t notice AMN deliver anywhere not even nearly the same quality of crosses.
    I haven’t noticed any good dribbling skills either, just the Theo Walcott special – slide the ball past the defender and try to get to it first lol.
    He doesn’t have good close control either which made us think about Hleb when we saw Iwobi.
    Even his speed isn’t blistering.

    I can’t see him making it as a winger in our team. We have Pepe, Saka, Martinelli, probably Auba will play there as well, Nelson… That’s a lot of players to fight for 2 places not mentioning that Ceballos and Willock can both play on the left wing.

    We might as well cash in on him. He should be good enough to command a 10m fee.

  73. bennydevito

    Bamford10October 15, 2019    13:00:53


    “and Ozil given a go”

    There might be matches (theoretically) in which he could help — I’m thinking of teams that are simply going to adopt a very deep-sit — but I am curious, Benny: if you include Ozil, what does your midfield behind him look like? Surely it cannot include Xhaka, right? I personally don’t see how you play with one mobile CM.


    Yes, Ozil can only work as long as Xhaka is dropped, Torreira starts as DM and stays back sweeping up in front of the back 4 and Guendouzi or Ceballos play the B2B role. On that context O actually feel Ozil could be a very creative asset especially at home at least. Emery should bite the bullet and give it a go.

  74. Nelson

    I don’t know how much training can replace the real game. Sanchez hasn’t featured much and was injured while playing for Chile. If we select Ozil, he should play at most 60 to 70 minutes.

  75. Distant legrover

    Ornstein saying Ljungberg is the back up plan ifEmery doesn’t work out.

    Vieira also saying he hopes to be the manager after Emery.

    I like both choices. Feeling excited about the near future.

  76. Valentin


    AMN is a right winger, so the only player who is in concurrence on that side is Pepe who is currently struggling. And potentially Aubameyang if Emery decide for a trident of Saka/Martinelli – Lacazette – Aubameyang.
    Last game, When Martinelli was introduced, Saka was moved to the right where he struggled. He was already looking knackered before and he was then replaced by AMN.

    AMN is likely to be able to show what he can deliver on the right wing in the Europa League and with Martinelli upfront in those games we may see more headed goals from crosses.

    The player most at risk is Nelson, because there is 2 players who can play in his position: Saka who is still defensively suspect but much better going forward and is younger so his margin of progression is also higher. Martinelli whose so far fearless and combative attitude on the pitch just highlights Nelson’s timid approach.

  77. Words on a Blog


    AMN may be lackadaisical/average defensively and an unexceptional dribbler, but he can cross a ball pretty well – much much better than Kola who just hits hard and hopes

  78. Valentin

    I am not sure that PV4 would be ready for the Arsenal job next summer. Vieira is still learning his trade. His Nice team is still widely inconsistent. I have not seen enough of them to know if it is the setup or the players.

    If things turn really bad and Emery is sacked mid season, Freddie may have the upper hand. He would have had a few games as caretaker manager and would already know all the players. Sometimes luck and being at the right place at the right time trumps talent.

  79. Distant legrover


    That’s how I feel about Vieira’s readiness too but he has been decent as a manager so far so who knows. Plus I think his intelligence, fire and winning mentality will make up the difference.

    I want a coach like that.

  80. Nelson

    Matteo Guendouzi has been named on the final shortlist for the 2019 Golden Boy award. Who do you think would win the award?

    My pick is Joao Felix.

  81. S Asoa

    Joao Felix is the next Ronaldo but more than an out and out striker has the vision for an unbelievable pass.
    Clear winner

  82. London gunner

    S Asoa

    Sounds quality but matteo has to be the top of the roost in terms of young talent playing at the top.

  83. Emiratesstroller

    If Arsenal are going to improve the quality of first team/squad then there are still at least half a dozen players to be offloaded over next two transfer windows namely:

    XHAKA [Posters preference but unlikely in case of Emery]
    CEBALLOS [unless Real Madrid agree to sell him]

    Both Saliba and Nketiah will be added to our squad next season.

    So I don’t forsee major acquisitions in the next two transfer windows. We will
    need perhaps one Centre Back and two class Midfielders.

  84. GoonerDave

    70% of Muslims voted to remain in the EU.
    73% of black voters also chose remain.
    67% of Asians voted remain.

    By Red Truth’s logic, 30% of British Muslims, 27% of black Brits and 33% of Asians voters in the UK are racist. This is what happens when you twist reality so that everyone who disagrees with you can be called racist. It is intellectual dishonesty and narcissism of the highest order.
    Well done UK for voting to leave. I wish Ireland had the financial independence to do the same. Unfortunately, we rolled over and let the EU tickle our bellies. It is a horrible autocracy. From Ireland’s point of view, it’s big loans in exchange for control over our laws.
    I hope UK has set a precedent and other countries follow.

  85. Valentin


    “Seems like Nice have a leaky defence and struggle to score goals.”

    From what I have seen this year, they have a leaky defense but they don’t struggle to score goals. What I don’t know is if they have a leaky defense because they are badly setup or because they have a very young group of players.

    Some clubs in France are just conveyor belt of talents for other clubs. So they tend to have very young players who basically are learning on the job. That does not necessarily means that the coach is bad or incompetent.

  86. Un na naai


    You really are a mong. Brexit is just the majority of the country voting to leave and to keep control of our own borders and judicial system

    It’s been on the cards for decades. Suck it up and stop whining you little pussy

  87. Un na naai


    It’s a shame. Now Ireland are importing more “leftist” voters from the third world. You think the likes of labour or the democrats would ever get back in without them?

  88. Un na naai

    TheBayingMobOctober 15, 2019 14:38:14
    “Regret is maybe I sacrificed a little the winning potential against the loyalty potential or desire to build up the club & influence I had when we built the stadium, against the fact I could’ve won more by going somewhere else & being less limited financially”Cunt FRAUD Cunt Cunt Cunt

    Our most successful manager ever is a fraud?? What does that make emery and everyone who came before?

  89. Valentin


    Never heard of the term false syllogism also called sillygism?

    If somebody said that all racists have voted for Brexit, that does not mean that all who have voted for Brexit are racists.

  90. Un na naai


    Yes. So what? Some of the people who voted for brexit did do for “racist” reasons
    1) can you explain why a racist might vote for brexit and
    2) why that makes him wrong to vote for leaving the EU

  91. Un na naai

    Anyone see German chancellor Merkel’s speech? She fearfully predicts that Britain will become a major trade and financial competitor alongside the USA and China for for the EU

    Funny that. All we keep hearing is that we are “crashing out”

  92. Normski

    London gun

    Don’t know who Felix is but you’re say Guenzizou should get the Gloden boy?

    Try that thing called YouTube and check him out at Benfica…got him a £120m move to Atletico Madrid.

  93. Marc

    Un na

    If you check out the front pages of the news papers at the moment (not just today but over the last 7 – 10 days) you see a pattern. The papers that lean towards BREXIT are all saying a deal whilst not being easy will be done. The remain papers are dismissing any chance of a deal.

    Personally I’m thinking about running for Parliament promising to hang all of the MP’s who keep trying to sabotaging BREXIT and who consistently run down this country or treason.

  94. Redtruth

    GoonerDave October 15, 2019 18:12:55
    “70% of Muslims voted to remain in the EU.
    73% of black voters also chose remain.
    67% of Asians voted remain.
    By Red Truth’s logic, 30% of British Muslims, 27% of black Brits and 33% of Asians voters in the UK are racist. ”

    It’s obvious what drove them to vote leave., the racism of Eastern Europeans abiding in the UK ..you mong.

  95. Redtruth

    GoonerDave October 15, 2019 18:12:55
    “70% of Muslims voted to remain in the EU.
    73% of black voters also chose remain.
    67% of Asians voted remain.
    By Red Truth’s logic, 30% of British Muslims, 27% of black Brits and 33% of Asians voters in the UK are racist.

    ”It’s obvious what drove them to vote leave., the racism of Eastern Europeans residing in the UK ..you mong.

  96. raptora

    I read that what happened in Bulgaria was not a coincidence to happen just now. Racist chanting has been a thing for decades of years. And it has happened in a lot more stadiums worldwide that the one last night. But that last night stadium was handpicked by someone to make a gigantic thing of it. It has happened in multiple stadiums in the EPL already this season and last season. It got to the point that Sterling wrote that widely known insta re racism. And that didn’t happen in Eastern Europe or Bulgaria. DailyStar and Sun coming out with front pages like “Bulgar off racists” then saying “Racists 0 – 6 Three lions”… It’s a bit rich. But whatever. Whoever wants to act big and brand 7 million people and whole Eastern Europe as racists watching them from above on their golden nofault thrones then so be it. But it still doesn’t make it okay.

  97. Spanishdave

    Our country simply is unable to keep up with the amount of immigrants that arrive here each year. We would have to build a city the size of Liverpool every 4 years to cope with the current demands.
    We are a small island which needs major huge investments in schools, hospitals, roads etc to simply catch up.
    The majority of immigrants are muslims whereby their culture does not allow them to integrate through marriage and their laws are not in line with western culture.

  98. Champagne charlie

    Standard gormless politics chat on Le Grove it is then. Think I’ll call it a day on here for the season, the football isn’t worth the chat at present.


    Is Normski an alter ego of yours? Always posts moments after you’re on the scene it seems like pet 😏

  99. Spanishdave

    These international breaks are now way over the top, 4 weeks of them in the first two months on he season.
    Two weeks to prepare for two games, we have now three games in seven days.

  100. Nelson

    Ceballos is currently playing as an attacker in the Spanish national team. He is not as effective playing too far forward.

  101. Pierre

    Nketiah showing tonight that he has the making of a very good centre forward.

    2 goals on the first half , his movement in and around the box and hunger for goals will stand him on good stead in the future.

    Pity that he is being denied the game time at leeds and that the Arsenal fans are being denied the chance to see him in the europa and league cup in the next few weeks .

    Who knows , maybe the future is a front 3 of Martinelli on the right, Saka on the left and Nketiah.

  102. Dissenter

    What do you mean by “Vierra is still learning his trade”?
    When does he graduate from his apprenticeship?

  103. Dissenter

    All this Brexit talk is so boring
    Withdraw from the damn EU and be done with still abiding by their rules with no seat at the table.

  104. Graham62


    You said that you didn’t vote.

    No disrespect, but no one on here gives a toss what you think.

    That’s right, just in case you forgot, you chickened out.