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I am noise sensitive. Not in the miserable sense, but if I can hear the detailed undertakings of mouth and saliva mechanics, it does something to me. It’s rage-inducing, I could literally jump over a table and pull out whatever you’re swilling around and throw it at a waiter.


I have the same problem in the cinema. It’s acutely distressing to sit in a public space and realise that only a small percentage of an entire nation had parents that’d call them out for being disgusting. Yesterday, I ventured out to watch Joker… I sat next to someone that was quite possibly the vilest human being in existence.

He processed food like a cartoon robot for the entire 2 hours. He ordered 3 drinks, two plates of wings, a HUGE bowl of popcorn, and he had a Trader Joe’s bag of chaser snacks just in case his blood sugar level dropped 0.2% below heart attack levels of overdose. This guy swilled his ice cubes before crunching them like they were a snack. He fellated his chicken wings before devouring them… then he performed the same act on his fingers to deal with the remnant sauce. It was harrowing.

If I ever come to power… I’ll have ‘HOW TO BE A DECENT HUMAN IN PUBLIC’ classes for the kids.

  • Airports
  • Concerts
  • Cinema
  • Dinner table
  • Commuting

Anyway… the film was good, reminded me of the comments section here. JUST KIDDING GUYS DON’T KILL ME ON YOUTUBE.

So what has Ozil been up to lately? He’s only gone and launched a game, hasn’t he…

The game is called The Longest Kick. It’s basically what it says on the tin. You time yourself to hit a ball a really long way. Not sure it’s taking down Fortnite, but bravo to the German for using his downtime for something productive.

Arsene Wenger is back in the news AGAIN, this time, hawking the fact he has a book deal coming out.

“Regret is maybe I sacrificed a little the winning potential against the loyalty potential or desire to build up the club & influence I had when we built the stadium, against the fact I could’ve won more by going somewhere else & being less limited financially”

It’s going to be insanely choked full of propaganda, I honestly can’t wait to read it. Cannot imagine that I’ll be on the book tour list of people to shoot the shit with, but regardless, it should be a fun read, because he has ZERO shame, and I am pretty sure this is going to be a legacy fixer. He cocooned himself from the real world when he was managing us, I think he’s now caught up on the shambles, and he’s embarrassed. He did not expect the world of football would reject him. It has been a sobering expereince. His chats to BeIN have gone from ‘I’ll be back shortly’ to ‘I SACRIFICED MY BEING FOR THE GAME I DESERVE, ME, ME, ME.’

If I were his publishing company, I’d take the book in the three parts. The good, the bland, the fucking disgraceful. Long it out, there’s surely enough of a market to sell all three. I’d also like him to go into detail across all three parts of his career. 300 pages is not enough space to do justice to his mixed bag career at the top.

I also hope there’s some sort of overarching theme across all three of them. It’d be nice of the book was useful in some way. Carlo had a book on leadership, it gave you a fix of Palace intrigue, but it also gave you his principals of leadership. Clive Woodward also had a great book as well. Would love to read something like that from Big Weng.

I just hope it isn’t an attempt to rewrite history. Some lame counterbalance that he thinks will tip elite recruiters his way. Just give it to us honest. What can WE the ordinary folk learn from someone that let power destroy his purpose in football?

I also don’t want the read to be a victim piece. Own it, Arsene. Arsenal gave you £100m, ten years more than you deserved and absolute control of the direction of the club. If you failed, it’s because we gave you permission to do things exactly the way you wanted to do them. Insipid leadership from Stan, embarrassing toady behavior for the Failure in Chief that is now tanking in Milan, are all valid points… but ultimately, it was all on you. If you’re too power-drunk to ask for help, that’s your problem.

I hope he has a good ghostwriter, he should go for someone like Rapha Honigstein. It’d show character to approach a penman that’d have a neutral view on the narrative.

Finally, Unai Emery’s deal is not up next summer. He has the full 3 years. That’s depressing. Like turning up to the airport a day early. Best hope he lands the Champions League this season if he wants to see the year 3 of that deal.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments. x

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  1. Marc


    I thought Emery had a 2 year deal with an option for a third year. I’ve just had a google and there are several reports of a break clause after 2 years meaning he can be dismissed.

    Pretty much 6 of one – either way at the moment I can’t see him starting next season in charge.

  2. Edmund EQ

    Serious question. Why do you hate Wenger so much? I know you need to produce content. But 3 league titles a European Cup final, 7 fa cups. Should have won more, could have won less. No need to go for him every time….

  3. Carts

    that book should be written in to phases: because let’s be honest, the second half of Wenger’s tenure was hard to take.

    Even with those FA cup wins, it papers over cracks

  4. David Smith

    Love to see how long Wenger would have lasted at those clubs he sacrificed to stay.
    He’s not stupid and knew he was onto a cushy number with Stan all those years

  5. Words on a Blog


    Once you’ve read Wenger’s magnum opus, I suggest you write and find a publisher for your own response, provisionally titled:

    Arsene Wenger: My Part In His Downfall.

  6. Words on a Blog

    Of course Pierre is already penning his own response, an academic paper provisionally titled: “Emery and the Early Arsenal Post-Wenger Era: The Materialisation of the Tactically Clueless Be Careful What You Wish For Years.”

  7. Words on a Blog


    I’m a bit confused by what you slipped in – that Emery has been given a 3rd year on his contract.

    Does that mean that the club has jumped the gun and opted early to exercise their option to extend his contract…doesn’t sound like something Raul and Vinai would do when there’s no guarantee we get top4???

  8. jwl

    I think Wenger’s book will be infuriating because he is going to write one long apologia. Wenger is incapable of introspection from what I can tell so his book will explain why he was right to do what he did, even tho he cocked up many times.

    Best book I read from manager about strategy/leadership was by baseball coach Earl Weaver called Weaver on Strategy in the 1970’s, the book is probably out of print now but it is excellent read if you can locate a copy.

  9. Words on a Blog

    Arsene Wenger: Je Ne Regrette Rien.

    First line: Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention.

  10. Marc


    If Pedro can write “Arsene Wenger: My Part In His Downfall.” there’s going to be an almighty argument on here on who owns “Pedro: Where it all went wrong” subtitled “A love affair with Arteta”

  11. Marc

    “Arsene Wenger: Je Ne Regrette Rien.

    First line: Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention.”

    First line more likely to be a list of the almost signed!

  12. Valentin

    Emery has a three years contract the same way Wenger had a two years contract.
    The last year is really a protection year. If everything is fine, we have one year to negotiate an extension. If things don’t go according to plan, sacking you will only cost us one year of salary.

  13. Graham62

    Even though I hardly ever listened to Wenger during the last eight years of his reign, I may put it on my Xmas pressies list.

    Great for le-grove.

    I envisage more arguments and disagreements on the way.

  14. Nelson

    I can’t wait to read Pedro’s review on that book. Hopefully, it is released in those lazy days of Summer where we have lots of time to argue about the content.

  15. TitsMcGee

    Arsene Wenger: A vision interrupted!

    –“5 stars”, Theo Walcott

    –“A masterpiece”., “Abou Diaby

    –“He’s never been better” , Gervinho

    –“Huh?” , Niklas Bendtner

  16. Emiratesstroller


    There is one certainty and that is Emery has got a 3 year contract and will most likely leave at the end of it unless by some chance he wins a major trophy i.e. the League or Champions League.

    I think that it is highly unlikely that he will remain beyond that term and indeed Emery himself has indicated that he plans to leave at end of contract.

    Arsenal have a reputation of employing managers who are a safe pair of hands
    and honouring contracts. However, I do think that the Kroenke family have woken up to the fact that the performance on the pitch is now more important
    than anything else.

    Emery is an okay coach but not a great one. Having kept my counsel for the
    last 14 months on this matter I don’t see him surviving beyond his current contract. There are better and more inspirational coaches on the horizon.

  17. Guns of Brixton

    Extracts of text I want to read from Wengers book, otherwise it shall be disappointing

    “”Gervhino at the time was technically superior to Hazard”

    “It was my belief Higuian was not worth 35M i was surprised to see him go for 75M, and I think this ruined football economy but I tried to save it”

    “”Referees stopped us from winning a league title many times”.

    “I almost signed *INSERT CURRENT WORLD CLASS PLAYER* but was little issue with transfer fee”.

    “Giroud was as good as any other top top striker.. if you look at the stats… “

  18. Pierre

    I note that it is widely being reported
    that Arsenal are thinking of recalling Nketiah from his loan spell at Leeds.

    Maybe they should have listened to me in the first place as it was obvious that he would have had more game time at Arsenal. .
    He will be sitting on his back side again whilst we are playing in Europe and the league cup in the next couple of weeks.

  19. Sid

    “Jack wilshire cried the day Arsene
    was let go”
    “Its the name at the front of the jersey that matter not at the back Yaya Sanogoal”
    “The man who complains about the way the ball BOUNCES is likely the one who DROPPED it. Almunia!”

  20. Graham62


    How are you feeling?

    You must be thinking ” Oh no,not now Arsene.
    How do you expect me to fight them on my own?”

    Get your A-Z of excuses ready.


  21. Marc


    It was reported when Nketiah went on loan that Arsenal were now insisting on minimum playing time when they sent players on loan. If he’s not getting it they’ll recall him and then send him out on loan again in Jan.

    Don’t let your knickers get wet just yet.

  22. Graham62

    Delaying my contract renewal will not affect the short and long term objectives of the team.

    A definite book title.

  23. Graham62


    Give yourself another pat on the back.

    Who actually says “Maybe they should have listened to me”

    I mean, come on!

  24. Bamford10

    Arsene Wenger is vain, arrogant and dishonest; he will use his autobiography to try to place blame for his failures on “difficult circumstances” and to try to present his second ten years at the club in the best possible light. He will resort to various half-truths and disingenuous claims to accomplish this, and you can pretty much guarantee that he will not admit to having made important mistakes, nor will he apologize to Arsenal fans for failing or disrespecting them, two things he most definitely did. One can see that this will be his approach from the comments above — and from his prior behavior.

  25. Stuart Jarman

    Arsene as many people have said was a great manager but stayed way past his sell.by date I still believe that Wenget never bought an outstanding defender apart from Sol Campbell I also belive George Graham would have won the champions league at least twice if given the near twenty attempts Wenget had

  26. Valentin


    “… is vain, arrogant and dishonest; he will use his autobiography to try to place blame for his failures on “difficult circumstances” … . He will resort to various half-truths and disingenuous claims to accomplish this, and you can pretty much guarantee that he will not admit to having made important mistakes, nor will he apologize to Arsenal fans for failing or disrespecting them, two things he most definitely did.”

    Pot kettle.
    Could not stop laughing when I read that.

  27. Graham62

    “8-2 loss. There was no need for an inquest”

    ” The joys of working without accountability”

    “I thrive on a lack of transparency”

    “Why you should trust in me”

    “Belief, desire and commitment”

    “It’s not all about winning”

  28. Graham62

    Watch the tear jerking interview on YouTube with messrs Wright, Campbell and Gallas.

    An absolute classic.



    You are 100% correct in your assumptions.

  29. Pierre

    “If he’s not getting it they’ll recall him and then send him out on loan again in Jan.”

    And I would agree with that because we would be past the group stages of the europa and into the semi final ( possibly) of the league cup.

    As I said previously, Nketiah could have played 8 or 9 full games before Christmas instead of ten minutes here or there for leeds.

  30. TheLegendaryDB10

    “Top 4: My trophy!”

    “22 years in the CL and how not to win it”

    “My 50,000 substitutions” Vol 1. ; ” The players I almost signed” Vol. 2

    “How I built the Emirates with my bare hands”

    “My Zipper: Trials and Tribulations”

    “My attempts at beating any record made by SAF”

    I think I could go on forever 😀

  31. Graham62

    Could come up with a thousand book titles.

    “The good, the bad and the fudging ugly”

    “Liar Liar”

    “Arsene FC – My legacy”

    “How I built Arsenal Football Club- My bricks and mortar account”

    “Arsenal didn’t exist before me”

    “Mr Untouchable”

    “Herbert who?”

  32. Pierre

    Back in December/ January you continually argued on my stance regarding Emery’s use of Torreira as a box to box midfielder .

    You was not the only one to disagree with me I have to say , but I was convinced way back then that torreira’s best position was sitting in front of the back 4 and couldn’t understand why Emery would want nto change it.

    If I remember rightly you said he should go on holiday for a couple of weeks …

    What are your thoughts about the Torreira situation now as he has had ample rest , but he still being played , as everyone now agrees, out of position and has never returned to his early season form of last season.

  33. Wasi

    “Maybe they should have listenede to me ”
    LOL 😂.

    I understand your hate on Wenger. But the notion that he overstayed 10 years is a bit illogical imo.
    When the stadium was completed in 2007 the club was financially restricted. We couldn’t spend in the TW . I doubt anyone could have achieved more than what Arsene did in those restrictive years. He turned some rough gems into diamonds like Fabregas and Persie while also always competing at the top( at least until Jan) . It went wrong after we were financially stable again. Now before Wenger could use his eyes to spot rough diamonds they were already being picked up be Data geeks. He refused to change with the market. And i think thats where his downfall began. He overstayed 5 years sure but definitely not 10.

    I dont know why this fanbase doesn’t give the respect a true legend of the game deserves. He stunk in the last few seasons but his legacy cannot be defined by those 3-4 years . If you dont love him at least just respect him.

  34. Graham62

    Pierre in meltdown.

    It’s a blog.

    Chill out and go with the flow.

    What about your titles based on the love and respect you had for Mr Wenger?

  35. Graham62


    This evening has reopened the door for many of us who lost respect for Wenger.

    No point in repeating things that have already been said but based on the debacles of 2011 he outstayed his welcome by at least 7 years.

    I will never agree with those fans that only saw the negatives in the last 3 years of his reign.

    Shoot me!

  36. TheLegendaryDB10


    You do realise the irony of your title considering the absolute lack of respect AW had for supporters wanting to carry on and on to the detriment of the club?

    This could also include yourself considering your disrespect for Emery since day 1.

    And in case you think I am backing UE, I want him out. For me UE completely fucked up at the end of last season. I personally believe that he threw away the last 6 games in the attempt at winning the EL (to me the players looked like they didn’t give a shit in the last 6 games which was jarring compared to how we were up for it when reaching the EL final) and then completely underestimating Chelski in the Final.

  37. Marc


    “Back in December/ January you continually argued on my stance regarding Emery’s use of Torreira as a box to box midfielder .

    You was not the only one to disagree with me I have to say , but I was convinced way back then that torreira’s best position was sitting in front of the back 4 and couldn’t understand why Emery would want nto change it.

    If I remember rightly you said he should go on holiday for a couple of weeks …

    What are your thoughts about the Torreira situation now as he has had ample rest , but he still being played , as everyone now agrees, out of position and has never returned to his early season form of last season.”

    Wow talk about rewriting history – I never said Torreira should be used B2B and if you’ve read anything I’ve posted over the last week or so you’d see that I keep repeating that Torreira should be playing as DM. I also never said he should be sent on holiday for “a couple of weeks” – I did say that after the PL match on New Years Day he should be told to go and sit his back side on a beach in Dubai (or somewhere similar – warm but not long haul) for a week – he would have missed an FA Cup match. My argument was he was looking fatigued and having gone to the Qtr finals of the World Cup and then moved to a much faster league was looking like he needed a break. You tried to have a pop at me by commenting something like “I was a tactical genius by sending a player on holiday”.

    You do on occasions make relevant, sometimes even interesting points but your insecurity and the fact that you are constantly torn to pieces on here by so so many mean you look for stupid ways to attack posters who have disagreed with you or slagged off Ozil.

    You really aren’t anywhere bright enough to come after me Pierre – it just makes you look even more pathetic.

  38. Pierre

    “This could also include yourself considering your disrespect for Emery since day 1.”


    I was not against Emery’s appointment at all , what I did notice after the first few games is that Emery was very niave tactically and nothing I have seen since has made me change my mind , in fact what I have seen since has cemented my view.

    Not believing in a manager’s philosophy is not being disrespectful.

    I can assure you that if Emery had came in and tightened up the defence and midfield area , I would have been more than happy,

    There is a distasteful undercurrent of abuse towards Wenger and some players that is disrespectful , as yet all I have seen towards Emery is dissatisfaction with his tactics , team selections , formations and man management which any fan is entitled to have.

  39. Mark

    Wengo lost the plot when he started boffing the French Rapper bird and ensuing divorce
    He literally put the fences and gates up. Stopped socialising apart from eating on his own in local resturants and really entered a hermit like existence.
    Wenger comes from a generation of highly tutored but extremely inflexible Frenchmen. They exist throughout their political and business system. The closing himself off and core believe their is no other way was his downfall . To proud ( frightened ?!? ) to throw open ideas he decayed slowly . Leaving a mess that will still take 4-5 seasons to entirely shake off.

  40. Goonerresponse

    Totally agree with Wasi here.
    I’m not sure why everyone is bashing Wenger for writing his book. Its always been on the cards. For the last ten years. And he’ll probably give us insight we didn’t have. Insight he wouldn’t speak of because he was being professional.
    Wenger had to go yes. But why is everyone here still going nuts on the guy is beyond me.

  41. Graham62

    Game back on.

    The only way to end this is to ban teams like Bulgaria etc for minimum of 2-4 years from all competitions.

    It’s inbred.

  42. TheLegendaryDB10

    We are already in step 2 of measures if racist chants can be heard. Next step is to abandon the game. Disgusting that racist abuse still carries on in this day and age.

    0-4. Raheem scores.

  43. Graham62

    Game is irrelevant now.

    What happens Step 3?

    Game abandoned?

    Null and void?

    Score stands?

    What’s the protocol?

    Sick!sick! sick!

  44. Marc


    It’s crazy that you even have to suggest something like that. FIFA / UEFA should come out and make it clear that Countries who’s fans do this are not welcome at International or Club tournaments. A ban should be put in place for a minimum period with the country at the end of having to prove that they are fit enough to be invited to compete.

  45. Graham62

    A sad butalso be a great day for Football.

    Now FIFA and UEFA have to show some balls.

    They have no choice.

    Ban the teams.

  46. Graham62


    I know.

    As I highlighted, this is inbred into Eastern European culture.

    Go and see and feel it for yourself.

    I have.

  47. TheLegendaryDB10


    It’s been 20+ years that UEFA has talked about kicking racism out of football yet they still are not ready to implement drastic measures. I don’t know whether greed seems to blind them in not being more ruthless.

  48. Graham62

    The reason UEFA/FIFA don’t act is because there is underlying racism within the governing bodies.

    That’s a fact, not an opinion.

  49. Hitman

    That’s the problem. Its like an inverse Berlin Wall – once you’re in, they won’t let you out.
    And now its a criminal act for Boris to leave on 31/10 thanks to the surrender monkeys in Parliament – nice to see fascist methodology still being utilised by our European friends. Leopard and spots.

  50. Hitman

    Graham – I personally blame don’t the FAs.
    It is not their job to fix wider societal problems.
    They can barely run their association competently.
    Individuals need to look in the mirror and in their hearts. That’s where the malady lies.
    Just my opinion though.

  51. bennydevito

    Shocked by the England vs Bulgaria Euro Qualifier match in Bulgaria: monkey chants, Nazi salutes, shirts saying “No Respect”, in reference to the Respect, kick it out campaign. Unbelievable.

    2 strikes already, 1 more and the match is abandoned.

  52. bennydevito

    But anyway, back to Arsenal.

    Great post Pedro, absolutely cracked me up your description of fat bloke in the cinema, absolute gold! And I too was brought up not to make eating noises, mouth open lip smacking etc that sort of thing and can’t stand it myself.

    Really disappointed about Emery’s contract being 3 years – are you absolutely sure? I swear all outlets at the time were reporting 2 years plus the optional one, and I’ve looked around and that’s all.I can find?

    Rambo RamseyOctober 14, 2019    17:52:06

    ‘Why you not look at my book?’


    Lol! That’s the best yet! 🤣

  53. Cesc Appeal

    Really professional England performance in a really shitty environment.

    I thought Winks held the CDM position than Rice has, decent in the tackle and much better on the ball than Rice. That midfield is still going to be a problem area against better sides.

    England’s attack is absolutely lethal though, when everyone is fully fit the defence isn’t half bad either.

  54. Graham62

    Well said Ian Wright.

    I’d vote for you Wrighty.

    UEFA should have acted years ago.

    Interesting what UEFA do next.

    Very interesting.

  55. raptora

    Cannot believe how clueless Deschamps is. Emery comes to mind though. It’s a close one.

    It was “he wants a target man for his strategy” for picking Giroud ahead of Lacazette. Now he started with Ben Yedder while Giroud was on the bench.

    He wouldn’t have called Laca even if he was healthy. Ben Yedder is a year older mind you. Lacazette valued at 70m euro on transfermarkt, Ben Yedder – at 40m. It’s not even a close call between the two. Laca much better in every way.

    But Deschamps is gonna pick his stupid shit. The French won the World Cup inspite of him not because of him. Basically every national team was/is shit. Brazil and Argentina are that shit that Chile had a dynasty thing going. Germany, Spain, Italy were/are uber shit that were losing to laughable teams and either lost or barely got through group phase. Competition was/is that low that serial failures like England and Belgium had successful World Cups and teams with zero class like Russia were beating World Cup winners left and right.

    Back to the point – Didier is as clueless as it gets. I hope he never manages us and I hope he manages another big 6 team.

  56. Emiratesstroller

    Earlier this month I posed a question why Arsenal were required to play three fixtures in 7 days namely
    Man Utd Mon Sept 30
    Standard Liege Thu Oct 3
    Bournemouth Sun Oct 6

    The programmers have repeated the same story following the international break with
    Shelf Utd Mon Oct 21
    Vitoria Thu Oct 24
    Crystal Palace Sun Oct 27

    So the question I would ask is why are the Premier League allowing TV stations to select the same club to play such a punishing schedule on not one but two separate occasions was and you have to ask why Arsenal did not request a revision.

    On both occasions there was no necessity to do so. Arsenal could have easily played their first game on the weekend.

  57. Bojangles

    Ornstein has stated that according to his sources Emery has a 3 years contract with no break.


  58. Graham62

    Go to Bognor Regiski or Littlehamptonic in Vest Sussex

    You’ll understand all about Racism.

    Russians/ Poles/ Rumanians/Ukrainians all over the place.

    What was the film called?

    The Evil Within?

    Greg Clark very weak.

    Pathetic. No wonder we have our own problems.

    Wrighty laying into Clark.

    Southgate for PM.

  59. TheLegendaryDB10

    So why was this story of 2 yrs + option of a 3rd bandied around at the start of his tenure and now the opposite?

    Did Kroenke Sr originally hope he could find an AW mk II and carry on with his get top 4 with as little investment as possible to carry on??

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case.

  60. bennydevito

    Finally found it at the end of this article on Arsenal.com:

    It’s a 3 yr contract.


    Interesting reading how they came to the decision. 8 people on the shortlist and every one wanted it, was interviewed and didn’t withdraw. Eventually a 3 man list was narrowed down and all 3 of Raul, Gazidis and Sven individually agreed on Emery.

    I would have preferred the break clause tbh.

  61. Leedsgunner

    Why does Emery persist in playing Xhaka as defensive midfielder when apparently Torreira had an another fantastic night in his natural position.

  62. Chris


    I live in Sussex, I work with a Bulgarian guy who is possibly one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, not a bad bone in his body. I have also worked with Polish men and women who are decent, honest and hard working people.

    So I can’t agree with your assessment of this area. I don’t know what experiences you have had but for my experiences with people living here from Eastern Europe have been positive. It would be a shame to let the actions have a few hundred bigoted idiots taint the perception of all the other food people. Unfortunately racism is everywhere, it’s like a splinter embedded deep under the skin. More has to be done by UEFA and FIFA because quite frankly their disciplinary procedures and pathetic and insulting.

  63. Graham62


    What a load of poppycock.

    It had more to do with being fed up with the system.


    Just saying that the vast majority have completely different views when it comes to skin colour.

    Have you travelled around Eastern Europe?

  64. David Smith

    How on earth did Raul, Sven and Ivan unanimously agree on Emery when Ivan wanted Arteta, initially at least, Raul reportedly wanted Enrique, and Sven allegedly wanted Nagelsmann, then there was Allegri?
    Sounds to me like Ivan got cold feet on Arteta and railroaded the lot of them
    Thanks Ivan

  65. Champagne charlie

    “Proof that post 2006 Wenger was not hamstrung financially and it was his choice to be frugal.“

    Finance not a strong suit obviously.

    The fact Emery was hired on a 3-year contract seems to dismiss the ‘interim’, ‘safe pair of hands instead of a proper appointment’ talk I’d say.

    Further scrutinises the fact he’s not outlined a vision, or gotten at all close to delivering a new-faced Arsenal. Should have his hand shook in the summer and that’s that, regardless of what results manifest by hook or by crook from this point forth.

  66. Bojangles

    There has been a bit of chat at Arsenal blogs in recent times about Hwang-Hee Chan being linked with Arsenal. No idea where the Arsenal links came from but it seems the blogs concerned were impressed by him sitting VVD on his arse while scoring for Salzburg in their CL match v pool.

    If he is anywhere near Son’s quality he would be worth keeping an eye on.

  67. Left Testicle

    So if the whole town of Bradford looks like the Middle East why did they vote for Brexit. Is the Asian community of Bradford racist? Racist against who? Eastern Europeans? Africans? Asians?

  68. Left Testicle

    I think you’re racist. You claim to know what people think based on their race. Whatever race you are you’re a very confused individual.

  69. Valentin


    “I didn’t vote but if I had voted Brexit it would of been because of the number of Muslims in this country.”

    That does not make sense. The number of migrants attempting to reach the UK will not suddenly diminish because of Brexit. The only difference is that without Brexit, the Dublin become caduc, so there will be no more legal requirements for European countries to take back illegal migrants that have reached the UK shore from their countries. Same with the current Quimper agreement with France which is based on European law. Which allow UK to have a customs and migration presence on French soil to deter illegal migration.

    Regarding legal South Asian migration itself,
    You do realise that the first thing that both India and Pakistan have requested after Brexit was a change in the British immigration system so more of their citizens could come in the UK instead of European citizens.



  70. bennydevito


    If anyone voted to leave the EU because of Muslim immigration then they are seriously stupid. Way more Muslims come into the UK from outside the EU than within it.

    I lived with some Polish for about 3 years and they are incredibly racist and unashamedly open about it too. They hate blacks the most and said back home they were all the same.

    I voted Brexit because I don’t believe in globalism or a united states of Europe which is the goal of the EU. The long term goal is to eradicate individual European nations to create a new single one, the USE.

    No thank you.

    I like true multiculturalism and want to protect individual and traditional cultures, not destroy them like the fascist neo communist Globalist left Elites want to do.

    Diversity is beautiful and ancient cultures and customs should be preserved not erased.

    The EU if left unchecked will do away with individual nation flags, customs, currencies and eventually even languages. They’ve been working on a single European Army since 1999.

    The forerunner of the single European economic market was set up by a Nazi and the plan of the EU was the Nazis plan for a post ww2 europe. The plan was captured by the allies after Hitler’s death.

    Our Grandparents didn’t fight off the Nazis control of Europe just so their privileged entitled grandchildren could give it back ffs.

    The remnants of the Nazis formed the EU and under operation paper clip the Americans gave high ranking officials and scientists safe haven in the USA where they went on to form NASA.

    True story.







  71. bennydevito

    So, any injury news ahead of the weekend?

    Lacazette back? Bellerin fit? Tierney and Holding likely to start or at least feature?

  72. Tony

    Goober I guess you’ll enjoy this as much as I will. Pre match banter between those 2 and the droll Hanson when thrown into the mix as he often stares the pot between Australia and their opponents.


    BOB N16 & ES

    Watching the Japanese in this world cup I said that they should be included in the 6-Nations tournaments as they would offer more than Italy and Argentina.


  73. Redtruth

    Author Graham Bishop

    Having read the speeches and considered the way the world was changing around him, I have no doubt that Churchill would have voted to Remain In the European Union (EU) – but of course no-one can ever know now. However, he was one of the EU’s `founding fathers’ and its values represent the fulfilment of his life’s work. Moreover, he approved of our 1961 application to join a Community where the first sentence of its founding Treaty made clear that its over-arching political aim – “ever-closer union amongst the peoples of Europe” – went far wider than merely a “Common Market”.

    In the darkest days of 1940, Churchill had proposed a complete union between Great Britain and his beloved France. After the terrible consequences of what he called the Thirty Years War (1914-45), what should Britain and France do to tackle the “German Problem”? His answer was clear – initially, he wanted France to take the lead in helping Germany to re-join the European family.

  74. Tony

    I was out at a Rotary Club social gathering yesterday, so no I didn’t look at Google before responding.

    To be clear I only watch rugby internationals, such as the 6-Nations and Southern Hemisphere tournaments including the tours.

    I don’t watch club rugby because I don’t have the time and the lack of coverage in SE Asia. The same goes for the Australian club rugby; it’s a time thing for me even though the Super rugby has good coverage here.

    I’ve never thought much of 7s rugby either. Just not interested in it.

    So I guess I watch around 20 games a year now.

    The last game I played was about 40 years ago.

    For rugby news leading up to and during tournaments I generally read Chris Foy and Clive Woodward, so no I didn’t remember the pack formation terminology you talked about yesterday.

    From schoolboy rugby to Uni to my local men’s clubs I generally played 10, 11 and full back. With my local men’s club I only got the chance to play if I was in the country, so very little.

    I stand by my France thinking that they will be very lucky to beat Wales at France’s current position in their rebuilding. Let’s not forget England recorded a record win of 44:8 in this years 6-Nations.

    I can’t see any way France could make the final this world cup but, if their rebuilding continues the right way, they should be a force to reckon with in 2023.

    ES (Saracens) and Bob N16 are far more knowledgeable than I am as far as club rugby goes.

    Football is my No1 sport where I don’t follow England because we are and have been very poor for decades.

    Arsenal pretty much are the only club games I watch purely because of limited time from running my companies, and now where I seem to have even less time now I’m retired because I now have the time to do what I didn’t have the time for in the past.

    However, I rarely miss an Arsenal game and would love to be at the Emirates, but I have lived in SE Asia for 20 years now, so never got the chance and now I have sold my remaining properties in the UK, I have no reason to go back to the UK.

    Thanks for you connecting me to Marko because he is a far better and more interesting poster than you because he doesn’t share your pedantic arrogance or often Walter Mitty ITK views because you have to post something.

    Marko and Charlie’s run ins are legendary here; fun to read and well written.

    Both are top posters along with many others.

    On a side note I assume you have lived in England for many years yet your grasp of basic grammar is poorer than my 11 year old son’s whose 1st language is Thai.

    Not as smart as you think you are smug and arrogant, Valentin: a very French trait – just look at Wenger.