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I am noise sensitive. Not in the miserable sense, but if I can hear the detailed undertakings of mouth and saliva mechanics, it does something to me. It’s rage-inducing, I could literally jump over a table and pull out whatever you’re swilling around and throw it at a waiter.


I have the same problem in the cinema. It’s acutely distressing to sit in a public space and realise that only a small percentage of an entire nation had parents that’d call them out for being disgusting. Yesterday, I ventured out to watch Joker… I sat next to someone that was quite possibly the vilest human being in existence.

He processed food like a cartoon robot for the entire 2 hours. He ordered 3 drinks, two plates of wings, a HUGE bowl of popcorn, and he had a Trader Joe’s bag of chaser snacks just in case his blood sugar level dropped 0.2% below heart attack levels of overdose. This guy swilled his ice cubes before crunching them like they were a snack. He fellated his chicken wings before devouring them… then he performed the same act on his fingers to deal with the remnant sauce. It was harrowing.

If I ever come to power… I’ll have ‘HOW TO BE A DECENT HUMAN IN PUBLIC’ classes for the kids.

  • Airports
  • Concerts
  • Cinema
  • Dinner table
  • Commuting

Anyway… the film was good, reminded me of the comments section here. JUST KIDDING GUYS DON’T KILL ME ON YOUTUBE.

So what has Ozil been up to lately? He’s only gone and launched a game, hasn’t he…

The game is called The Longest Kick. It’s basically what it says on the tin. You time yourself to hit a ball a really long way. Not sure it’s taking down Fortnite, but bravo to the German for using his downtime for something productive.

Arsene Wenger is back in the news AGAIN, this time, hawking the fact he has a book deal coming out.

“Regret is maybe I sacrificed a little the winning potential against the loyalty potential or desire to build up the club & influence I had when we built the stadium, against the fact I could’ve won more by going somewhere else & being less limited financially”

It’s going to be insanely choked full of propaganda, I honestly can’t wait to read it. Cannot imagine that I’ll be on the book tour list of people to shoot the shit with, but regardless, it should be a fun read, because he has ZERO shame, and I am pretty sure this is going to be a legacy fixer. He cocooned himself from the real world when he was managing us, I think he’s now caught up on the shambles, and he’s embarrassed. He did not expect the world of football would reject him. It has been a sobering expereince. His chats to BeIN have gone from ‘I’ll be back shortly’ to ‘I SACRIFICED MY BEING FOR THE GAME I DESERVE, ME, ME, ME.’

If I were his publishing company, I’d take the book in the three parts. The good, the bland, the fucking disgraceful. Long it out, there’s surely enough of a market to sell all three. I’d also like him to go into detail across all three parts of his career. 300 pages is not enough space to do justice to his mixed bag career at the top.

I also hope there’s some sort of overarching theme across all three of them. It’d be nice of the book was useful in some way. Carlo had a book on leadership, it gave you a fix of Palace intrigue, but it also gave you his principals of leadership. Clive Woodward also had a great book as well. Would love to read something like that from Big Weng.

I just hope it isn’t an attempt to rewrite history. Some lame counterbalance that he thinks will tip elite recruiters his way. Just give it to us honest. What can WE the ordinary folk learn from someone that let power destroy his purpose in football?

I also don’t want the read to be a victim piece. Own it, Arsene. Arsenal gave you £100m, ten years more than you deserved and absolute control of the direction of the club. If you failed, it’s because we gave you permission to do things exactly the way you wanted to do them. Insipid leadership from Stan, embarrassing toady behavior for the Failure in Chief that is now tanking in Milan, are all valid points… but ultimately, it was all on you. If you’re too power-drunk to ask for help, that’s your problem.

I hope he has a good ghostwriter, he should go for someone like Rapha Honigstein. It’d show character to approach a penman that’d have a neutral view on the narrative.

Finally, Unai Emery’s deal is not up next summer. He has the full 3 years. That’s depressing. Like turning up to the airport a day early. Best hope he lands the Champions League this season if he wants to see the year 3 of that deal.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments. x

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  1. Graham62

    Just to remind everyone, if you needed reminding, there is still a large element of England fans that shame our country as soon as they leave our shores.

    Ignorant/ no respect/ loud/ thuggish/ drunken tossers who for years have booed opposing anthems and taken pride in causing disturbances wherever they went.

    The worst example of British culture for all the world to see.

    God save our gracious Queen?

    Yeh, right!!

  2. Valentin


    I wrote that Vieira was still learning his trade, because that is what he said himself. PV4 gave an interview a few months ago, when there was a possibility of him taking over at Lyon. He stated that he wanted to spend at least an extra year at Nice to continue learning. Especially how an European clubs function.

    He explained that New-York City FC has a completely different way of working than any European clubs. New-York City FC is not really a club per se, more like a satellite in the ManCity portfolio of clubs. Prospects are selected by ManCity and placed there for development. Fading stars are selected by the MLS to attract and create local buzZ. So building a team is different and managing players contract/future is done by outside. Teams are composed of young American debutant, designated stars, the rest play in the MLS for personal reasons or because they never really made it in their own country. Players dynamic are therefore very different.
    In term of tactics and expectation the MLS have less variety. In the USA, Sport competitions are all about the entertainment. Soccer is a show, so without the threat of relegation nobody plays with 10 men behind the ball. The MLS does not generate that same level of pressure.

    That is not the case at Nice. That introduce different problems. The interview was really an eye opener to me. He mentioned a lot of small details that I would never have thought about. I’ll try to find of his interview if an English translation already exists. If not and if you are interested I’ll try to translate it if I have the time.

  3. Valentin


    One of the things that Vieira was alluding to was the attitude of young players.
    A 19 years old boys from a Football French academy has at least 5~7 years of intense football training. 2 years of continuous professional training.
    A 22 years old US MLS footballer has two years of college soccer experience.
    Expectation, training, professional attitude will not be the same.

    Things are changing, but the situation is not as mature as in Europe.
    Most European Academy players have left their family for a few years by the time they sign their first professional contract. Some have live on their own or with a lodger since the age of 13~16. Some have left their country since 16 years old. Of course that experience will have changed their expectation and behaviour.
    Also choice of employment in the US is limited for a professional soccer. The league over there acts as a cartel to pool all talents. You mess with one franchise, you mess with every franchise. Soon you are out of an USA professional career. Ask the NFL player Colin Kaepernick.
    If you are talented, get kick out of one club, somebody else will pick you.

  4. Un na naai


    What does your little video link prove, apart from the fact that that you can NEVER make a genuine or original point based on your personal viewpoint without cutting and pasting someone else’s as your own

    Merkel came out and said herself that we are going to be a big rival to the Eu
    We are the 5th largest economy in the world
    Not only do they lose our money and our markets we then rival them globally

    What your little video failed to state was that we can under cut the Eu once we are out giving us a massive competitive advantage due to the imposed tariffs on non Eu goods and products.
    But that’s just perk

    This was always first and for most about borders, laws and national identity and by god it’s good to see a bit of Britishness coming back to the fore

  5. Spanishdave

    Nketiah should be with the first team, all this loaning out is bullshit.
    If they are good enough then play them, ala Cesc

  6. Redtruth

    Brexit: Britain should accept more immigrants if it wants a free trade deal, senior Indian diplomat warns
    India’s High Commissioner says they may to make sure any deal is ‘mutually beneficial’

    Caroline Mortimer @cjmortimer

    Britain needs to accept higher levels of immigration from India if it hopes to sign a free trade deal after Brexit, a senior Indian diplomat has warned.

    YK Sinha, India’s High Commissioner to the UK, warned that after Brexit it may take up to a decade for the two countries to negotiate a free trade deal and the “freer movement of people and professionals” would be a crucial component of it.

    Lol lol lol lol lol lol

  7. Leedsgunner

    Alex Kirkland on Arseblog’s podcast last week, confirmed what we already know… Emery is known as a safety first attack later… very very conservative rather than adventurous.

    What a bore he is.

  8. China1

    Leeds boring sir ebut I can’t agree he’s a safety first manager because I don’t think he sets up the team to be watertight in terms of formation, player selection or tactics

    Mourinho is safety first and the result is great defense, awful football and good results until he loses the dressing room

    Emery doesn’t even play our best defensive midfield half the time and when he does he puts him in the wrong position

    He insists on us passing out from the back from so ridiculously deep despite the fact it patently is high risk low reward and we literally concede goals as a direct result of this. The players are not even comfortable doing it which is the opposite of playing safe

    Rather than emery being safety first, I wouldn’t even say we are a defensive team, I just think we’re not very good and are playing a system where we find it difficult to create chances. So we struggle to score but not because we’re playing safe but because we’re just poorly setup imo

  9. Graham62

    Met up with my son for a drink last night and went to a local sports bar. They were showing highlights of the classic Arsenal/Man Utd games of yesteryear.

    Jesus, football is far more boring now.

    Directness/ passion/ power/physicality/ skill. Where’s it all gone?

    To you, to me. To you, to me. To you, to me……………

    I suppose we should all be thanking Pepe for this evolution.

  10. Tony

    Wasn’t hard to rumble as I drew the same conclusion early last week as Charlie.

    Not hard to work out Un, you dumb fcuk.

    Back to unblocking toilets for you then.

    Wenger most successful manager? Must have missed him winning a Euro trophy.

    Learn some maths Un and try trophies divided by years % at the helm.

    I you can do division, right? It’s the horizontal line with a dot above and below.

  11. Normski


    ‘Learn some maths Un and try trophies divided by years % at the helm.’

    Maybe just try simply adding the number of trophies up would suffice.

    Instead of focusing on nonsense that you just can’t justify why don’t you get back to google and learn some rugby basics as it appears you don’t know fuck all about it do you Jackanory?

    Bet you sound all impressive in front of the Thai’s spouting shit that no one calls bullshit on…

  12. Bojangles

    Poor Norm just gets 15 minutes of computer time per day at the library, real shame that, he has so much to contribute. I guess we just need to be thankful for these small mercies.

  13. Tony

    To be honest Don N I wouldn’t have thought it possible to be a bigger dickhead than you are having been practicing all you short life.

    I’d get in touch with Guinness Book of Records to have it recognized.

    He’ll of a feat to be noted for Don N: king of dickheads.

    Now back to the toilet brushes with you. I know you must be excited but work has to be done.

  14. Bojangles

    Luiz on Özil, from the official Arsenal website.

    “It was at one of the lowest ebbs of his professional career that David Luiz found out all about Mesut Ozil’s character.

    It came after the full-time whistle in the 2014 World Cup semi-final, which left our centre back distraught after Brazil lost 7-1 to Germany.

    But rather than celebrate, Ozil came over to commiserate with his opponents in a moment that left a deep impression on David Luiz.

    “I think these quiet moments happen in life, and they are natural moments,” the Brazilian told Arsenal Player. “He felt my pain and he came to me with respect and shook my hand, and tried to console me after losing a game.

    “This is a natural action, and a great action from him as a person and as a human being. I have a lot of respect for him and remember him in a positive way.

    “He showed he is humble and he can see different things in different moments because normally when you win a big game, you just think about celebrating and being with your team.

    “But he had the vision in a deep way, where he was trying to put himself in my place and that is why he had this great action.””

  15. Graham62

    For me GG was Arsenal’s best manager.

    Based on resources/ players at his disposal/ tactical awareness and where we were when he took over, he wins hands down.

    Sorry all former AKB’s.

  16. Graham62


    And your point is?

    Bloody hell! Most 8 year kids know how to react if they’ve just smashed their opponents 7-1.

    Was Luiz expecting Ozil to rub it in his face?

    Ozil just knew that Luiz dad played shite.

  17. Normski

    Tony and Bo the two sex tourists. Or is it Gary and Rolf?

    Don and Norm? What are you talking about?

    Why dont you get back to explaining how you calculate the clubs most successful manager? Sure the universal metric used is number of trophies.

    You seem very irritated why is that? Relax and tell us another of your tall tales they’re excellent and would give JK Rowling a run for her money!

    Tony king of the lady boys has a better ring to it.

    Why dont you counter what has been said about your ridiculous way of distinguishing the clubs greatest manager?

  18. Goobergooner

    It makes my heart sink being Australian and labelled as being in a country of racists!

    Bogans (Australian rednecks) I agree have that tendency, but living in Melbourne, Sydney, the Gold Coast I never came across full on racism. My friends and all my acquaintances are made from growing up in the country (generally racist areas to an extent) and from uni and work in the bigger cities.

    I wouldn’t classify anyone I know well as a racist. I have many friends from all walks of life and that’s exactly how I like it.

    It is again this minority of people (Pauline Hanson, who is despised by society except for racists, has never been into a position of power in the government for good reason).

    The majority of Australians don’t give a shit what colour your skin is or where you’re born.
    It is just dipshits ruining it for the rest.
    And it is a fucking sad time to be in when a place like Australia still hasn’t overcome this shit.

    Cronulla riots were born out of bigotry not because of pure racism. And that is a sickening part of Australian history.

    Sorry for bringing this back up, but Bojangles comment got to me as I was reading through and I just couldn’t help trying to explain.

    All of this from a Caucasian male, so of course my experience of this may be different to others. I apologise on behalf of a lot more open minded Australians for the shit cunts we share this place with.

  19. Normski

    Or in fact go have a lay down we dont want you getting that ticker too over excited do we? Do you get someone else to service the wife?

  20. Valentin

    Yeah, it is obvious any 8 years old has enough empathy to take time out of their celebration to console an opponent!!

    In contrast, Back in 2016, when Betis relegated Getafe on the final day of the season, Ceballos goaded centre-back Cala with “I hope you go rot in the second division and the club disappears.”

  21. Words on a Blog


    Lol about Ceballos’s lovely words!

    I think I’d prefer Özil as a friend in my group and Ceballos as a player in my team!

  22. Bojangles


    Stop getting yer knickers in a twist. I posted a quote from the Arsenal site. I didn’t send B52’s to Iran FFS.

  23. Words on a Blog


    Way too old for Fortnite and pretty scared of knives.

    Sorry Mesut I’m gonna have to unfriend you!

  24. Goobergooner


    Nothing against you my man!

    Just sucks because I’m proud to be Australian, but hate what we are seen as. Kind of contradictory but I feel you get what I mean there haha.

    56 years though, where abouts?

  25. Bamford10

    Sheffield United sat deep and deployed a 5-3-2 against Liverpool. They blocked Liverpool’s ability to attack down the wings, made it difficult for them to advance the ball, and then tried to strike quickly on the counter. They were quick, well-organized and dangerous at times, and Liverpool were fortunate to win 1-0.

    Who would you start in midfield and attack on Monday? Note that Lacazette, per reports, may not be ready.

  26. Samesong

    What makes the Sheffield united game interesting is that we are so unpredictable there days.

    We could put 4-5 past Sheffield united.

    We could also not turn up and SU give us a tanking.

    What’s there midfield like? Grafters that keep the ball moving. Do they play alot of long balls?

  27. Graham62

    It’s amazing how our on authorities, and especially our media, are diving into this Bulgarian racism storm.

    Maybe we should take a good hard look at our own fans and their braindead actions over the years, to also understand why we create so many problems for ourselves.

    I can only vouch for myself here, but when travelling abroad( I lived overseas for 20 years) I have always tried to avoid being near Brits and their annoying and disrespectful ways. I educated my own children to show respect and empathy wherever they travelled.

    This superior than thou attitude and, in the case of football fans and the cheap flight holidaymakers, thuggish/ arrogant/ antagonising mannerisms, has always embarrassed me.

    Look at some of those so called England fans the other night. Are you telling me they aren’t racist and bigots of the highest order?

    Booing an opposing nations national anthem is the ultimate insult and incites hatred. So rather than glory in our “superior attitudes to dealing with racism” maybe we should clean up our own mess first.

    The government and the FA should monitor these things far more closely as, ultimately, we will all continue to suffer the consequences of those mindless idiots who don’t give a fudge.

  28. Graham62

    Always wondered how so many fans can find time(and money) to travel to these games during the working week.

    Are they on benefits? Unemployed? Self-employed? Have an understanding boss? Are the boss?

    It always amazes me.

  29. Pierre

    “Sheffield United sat deep and deployed a 5-3-2 against Liverpool.”

    Forget how Sheffield united played against liverpool ,.they will play completely different against Arsenal .

    They will not sit deep that’s for sure , I expect them to be high up the pitch and in our faces from the first whistle .

    “They blocked Liverpool’s ability to attack down the wings, ”

    And it worked ,whereas we went with the diamond and gave them the freedom of attacking our full backs with impunity.

    “Who would you start in midfield and attack on Monday”

    Pointless as Emery’s team selection is inconsistent and impossible to predict

  30. Valentin


    The behaviour of English fans abroad is just the extreme version of violent nasty drunk idiots going abroad. It is not limited to English fans, but it is more prevalent among them, because the seeds of that behaviour already exists in a lot of casual English tourists.

    A lot of destinations have learned that taking the cheap easy money of mass tourism was not the right long term decision. Pandering to the idiots with cheap beers just encourage more idiots to join the party and destroy any sense of credibility and attraction to the well behaved tourists. Look at the number of destinations cities who are now trying to stop the excess and shift to a more sustainable type of clientele.

    Education at home and repression away is the only possible response. ALL European countries needs to systematically throw the book at such behaviour. Instead of systematically send fans and drunk tourists back to their country, make them for the cost of policing and degradation they have caused. Can’t pay, work for free until the debt is repaid. Sometimes harsh punishment is the only way to educate people. Try urinating in public elevators in Singapore and see what happen.

  31. Bamford10


    Sheffield keep the ball on the ground, are pretty good in their passing and have very useful midfielders. Fleck is particularly good, technical.

  32. Bamford10


    You might be right. If they think we will play from the back no matter what and that we are not very good at this, they might press.

    As for the second part, I asked who YOU would select, not who Emery will select.

  33. Chris

    I think Sheffield United seems savvy enough to try and exploit our weaknesses. They will respect the danger we present attacking wise but feel there is more opportunity to get at our midfield than Liverpool’s. It must be said however that on a few occasions they played the ball nicely around Liverpool’s press and broke quickly. They will likely feel they can try this more on us though given our general shakiness. It would be great to see Bellerin and Tierney in the starting 11.

  34. Graham62



    SU will fancy their chances against us based on the existing Emery set up. Who wouldn’t?

    The atmosphere will be electric as the fans will also feel confident they can get one over us………………again!

  35. Graham62


    I’m with you on this.

    We all know that drink is the key to most of the problems.

    I personally feel that anyone causing problems abroad, for whatever reason, should have their passport cancelled for a minimum of 2 years and on renewal a points system put on their passport for bad behaviour.

    Similar to the driving licence system.

    Anyway, Boris will sort it all out.

  36. Bamford10

    I think space will be limited, so I would start Martinelli, Aubameyang and Saka up front. In midfield, I would start Torreira and Guendouzi at the base, with Ceballos in front of them. I would possibly bring Ozil on at 70 minutes if we needed additional ideas in the final third.

  37. Pierre

    The reason shef utd sat back v liverpool is the manager recognised that liverpool are a passing side who are encouraged to keep possession and have the technique to break the press , hence they sat back.

    Whereas Arsenal are not a possession based team anymore ( sadly) , and Emery is not interested in technique, composure and intelligence on a football pitch , hence the opposition know they can press Arsenal and wait for the inevitable mistakes.
    And if we do go long , dont expect Aubameyang or Pepe to attack the ball in the air, so unless Emery has a cunning plan to bypass the press then expect our defence to be under pressure.

    Personally, I believe that Arsenal need to get a footing in the game by keeping possession of the football to take the sting out of the game, and be sharp at the top end of the pitch….loose in possession will create problems and give the home players and fans the incentive to attack us.

  38. Samesong

    pressure.Personally, I believe that Arsenal need to get a footing in the game by keeping possession of the football to take the sting out of the game, and be sharp at the top end of the pitch….loose in possession will create problems and give the home players and fans the incentive to attack us.

    That also leaves them open to quick counter attacks. Should they leave players high up the pitch.

    Looking at their results so far maybe 4-5 a little over the top 😆

  39. Bojangles


    I didn’t mean to give the impression that all Aussies were racist. I do feel, however, that racism is more widespread than many will admit.

    My first nine years I lived around Caulfield/Malvern, with a short stint in Cronulla (6 months) then moved to Rockingham/Mandurah in the west where I spent the remainder of my time in Oz.. Had a few trips to Melbourne and Sydney to visit family in between.

  40. Bojangles


    “Australians are what I imagine English Texans would be 😂🤣”

    Australians are what the English would like to be 🙃🙃😋

  41. Graham62

    Nice story if you’re interested.

    The head of operations of the FA England supporters group, when quizzed about England fans booing the national anthem the other evening, responded by saying ” the Bulgarians booed us first”

    Now, I know he is 100% correct in this but shouldn’t the FA be a wee bit more professional in dealing with this ongoing problem? England have been booing and jeering other nations national anthems for years, with no serious consequences from the governing bodies.

    It incites hatred and a loathing of the English people in general. I, for one, find it distasteful and shameful. The thing is, when the head of operations basically states that it is justifiable to boo because the others did it first, how the hell can we ever be expected to be taken seriously by other nations, as well as Fifa and UEFA?

    Get our own house in order comes to mind.

  42. Nelson

    Watching a replay of Switzerland v Ireland game. Xhaka got booked. I wonder whether Xhaka is the most booked player in the entire football world.

  43. G

    “For me GG was Arsenal’s best manager.Based on resources/ players at his disposal/ tactical awareness and where we were when he took over, he wins hands down.”
    Yeah remember losing to Wrexham and doing fuck all in champions league.. In his latter years the football was pretty boring.. AW took us to another level.. Plus the fact that he sold Rocastle and went to Spurs.. Unforgiveable

  44. Chris

    We only had one shot at the European Cup in George’s time because of the ban of English clubs in Europe. Also it was a time where only the champions of each country went in (for better or worse, another discussion!)

    So I think a little context is needed there. Ultimately George Graham did win a European trophy for Arsenal. However it would be remiss to say there was not terrible results and dull football, although plenty of trophies were won and there was also equally scintillating football at times.

    All that being said I do view Wenger as our greatest manager overall. Going to Sours was a regrettable on my view of Graham but doesn’t detract from all the trophies he won for us.

  45. Graham62


    Ah yes the classic Wrexham defeat in January 1992. Seems like yesterday.

    I suppose Bradford City away is a faded memory, as well as the 4-2 embarrassment at Forest.

    We won a European trophy under GG. Not bad considering he was only with us for 9 years.

    Remind me again, what did Wenger do in 22 attempts in Europe?

    Oh that’s right.


  46. Graham62


    I don’t.

    GG’s bung pales into insignificance when you consider Wenger fleeced us for millions over the final few seasons of his reign.

    Shoot me!

  47. Chris

    Well we may have to agree to disagree there Graham, there is knowingly stealing from your employer and accepting legally a wage, but there you go 😉

    We should have done better in Europe with Wenger, but also consider how desperate the final losses were, both sickeners in my view. I think where criticism can really be levelled at Arsene is the consecutive last 16 exits and especially what can be described no less than humiliations against Bayern. Although a slight comfort to know Spurs have now topped us on that one! (I wonder what the score will be for them in the Allianz!)

  48. Gentlebris

    I would possibly bring Ozil on at 70 minutes if we needed additional ideas in the final third.

    Wow! Bamford would bring Ozil on. Can you believe that.

  49. Graham62

    You just know that UEFA are not going to deal with this racism issue correctly.

    What sanctions will be taken against Bulgaria?

    Let’s guess.

  50. Graham62

    A stadium closure for 1 or 2 matches plus a fine of under £50000, plus holiday vouchers for all the Bulgarian FA.

  51. Chris

    3 x 5-1 is bad. Somehow I think there is more acute humiliation losing 7-2 at home in a brand new stadium and having just been to the final.

    And also let’s see how bad it gets for them in Germany 😉

  52. Batistuta

    How are they back in the title race simply by appointing a manager? What with that shower of shite of a squad? Allegri better stay away from that mess least till the summer if he were smart

  53. G

    …Remind me again, what did Wenger do in 22 attempts in Europe?..
    Thats because we generally finished in top 4 so obviously was going to be harder to win a trophy we’ve never won in our history..
    Not to difficult to work out

  54. Valentin

    “How are ManUtd back in the title race simply by appointing a manager?”

    By appointing a better manager who will be able to make coherent tactical and personnel choice. Right now ManUtd are a poor team. Struggle to score, but is also usually difficult to score against. If Allegri does not lose his mojo between Turin and Manchester, ManUtd may still be difficult to score against, but a little more likely to score themselves.

    Also anybody really think that Allegri would join without guarantee that reinforcement were coming in the winter TW?
    Not necessarily big star names, but if they can get Enre Can, Mario Mandzukic suddenly ManUtd look like a different proposition.

  55. Marc

    Allegri is obviously a far superior manager to OGS but that ManU squad currently has some serious issues. If he were to take the role mid season it wouldn’t be a forgone conclusion that they’d make top 4.

    There was also a story doing the rounds a few weeks ago about how his preference was to take a season out and take over a job in the summer.

    I also would remind people that you have ManU vs Liverpool on Sunday and I wouldn’t put it past the media to start false rumours to increase the importance of the match beyond the usual level.

  56. Dissenter

    The Allegri story is BS.
    There’s no way Allegri signs a 6.5 million wage deal to go to United. His salary has to be way more that that…and he knows they are desperate at the moment.
    United are committed to giving OGS a lot of time, maybe they will fire him if they get badly beaten by Liverpool at OT.

  57. Marc


    You just get the feeling the press are trying to ramp up the match on Sunday.

    It’d also be a big risk to take over the job at the moment. ManU’s midfield is poor and they are really light up front.

  58. Graham62


    If you don’t mind me asking, how old were you back in 1992?

    Secondly, not disputing that finishing top 4 was an achievement( of some sorts) but with a little bit of fine tuning here and there, we all know that we could have achieved so much more in the CL than just one final and one semi-final.

    The bottom line is that Wenger underachieved in Europe.


    So when is Allegri taking over at MU?

  59. Dissenter

    I agree
    I think United need a modern structure before they sack OGS.
    They need a vibrant team of fresh thinkers; DoF and technical director ASAP.

  60. Alex Cutter

    “I can only vouch for myself here, but when travelling abroad( I lived overseas for 20 years) I have always tried to avoid being near Brits and their annoying and disrespectful ways.”

    I lived in Prague for a year a decade or so ago and was very surprised that other than Russians (for obvious reasons), Brits were by far the most unwelcomed tourists.

  61. Dissenter

    I mean no disrespect
    I’ve come to regard drunk Britons as the most unruly tourists ever.
    My first personal experience of this was during the 1998 WC in France. The English fans ruined the world cup for too many. The Scots were probably the best behaved fans in that competition so maybe my commentary ought to have been drunk “English” fans.
    Anywhere I see English tourists drinking in groups, I tend to take a detour.

  62. Graham62

    Alex Cutter/ Dissenter

    I’m not.

    Basically English tourists are at their best when they’re not seen and not heard.

    Just recently went to Bahrain for two weeks. It was great because no Brits around.

  63. Graham62

    Unfortunately the age of cheap flights, cheap accomodation and cheap booze, has given rise to the unruly brigade.

    I’m British(50% Scots) and I’m ashamed to be associated with these shameless numpties.

  64. Valentin


    I think that the £6.5 millions basic salary for Allegri is in line with what previous managers earned. ManUtd contracts are heavily incentives and have release clauses.

    David Moyes was on £6.5 millions a year.
    Van Gaal earns a reported £3.3million as his basic annual salary, but then earns a series of bonuses to boost his wage.

    It was just stupid Gazidis who was giving a huge basic salary to Wenger without any break clause, target incentives.

    Looks like Ed Woodward may want to give OGS time, but if his paymaster tell him to do something about the manager. He would do it pretty quickly. Also the negative press has been pretty relentless the last few weeks. Most journalists and non-Man-Utdb affiliated pundits are now openly requesting OGS to be sacked.

  65. Valentin


    How many big opportunities will be available next summer?

    It would be a step down for Allegri to leave Juventus and come back at any other Italian clubs.

    Barcelona look settled, but are also skint anyway as revealed by their account.
    Real Madrid is in trouble in Europe, but they are also top of la Liga. If Zidane were to win la Liga, I doubt that Perez would sack him.

    Nobody can guess what would happen at PSG. Plus it is a basket case club, so list likely to stay away. Leonardo may give an Italian connection.

    Bayern are in a state of flux. However there is also the language barrier. I don’t know if Allegri speak German.

    But what is known is that Allegri took English lesson. So out of the 4 English clubs, as I am dismissing any Celtic or Rangers connection.
    Unless Lampard really mess things up, Chelsea will give him time.

    Spurs may not offer the financial resources to realistically compete for the league title. So that would detract Allegri.

    That leaves only ManUtd and Arsenal as credible alternative. I am not sure that saying no now would really ingrate him to ManUtd hierarchy later in the summer. Also there is no guarantee that Arsenal would hire him in the summer. Imagine if Arsenal reaches top 4 and Raul keeps Emery, after Allegri had rejected a ManUtd approach. He could hardly call them back and said the offer I was hoping for from Arsenal did not come. Can I join you now?

  66. Cesc Appeal

    Not going to be an easy game on Monday.

    Sheffield are a well organised team and we all know how difficult we will make this ourselves.

    My team would be:

    Chambers, Holding, Luiz, Tierney
    ———–Willock, Guendouzi
    ———–Auba, Laca, Martinelli

    Not sure if Lacazette is fit for it but some reports suggesting he might just be.

    Aubameyang played well at RW in preseason and that was formerly his position, Martinelli has looked very good when played and he’s more of a presence than Saka. He’s tireless, physical, fast and direct.

    If Lacazette isn’t fit I’d be tempted to go with Saka, Martinelli, Auba and have a very fluid front line.

    Sadly we know Errorsaurus will be in there, wouldn’t shock me to see Tierney on the bench as well and maybe even AMN back.

  67. Graham62

    Six years ago, on a flight to NY with my wife and kids, a group of 4 English numpties( 3 guys and an obnoxious female)were causing some disruption on our flight.

    Some of us tried to intervene but it made things worse. Even the stewardesses/stewards were getting grief.

    A gentleman sitting 3 rows infront of us got up slowly and walked across to the group. He looked at them for about twenty seconds, was verbally abused in the process but remained silent. He then took from his pocket his wallet and handed over a card to the girl numpty.

    The face of the woman who was handed the card suddenly dropped to the floor. She handed the card back and the man walked slowly back to his seat and proceeded to read a magazine.

    We didn’t here a peak from the numpties for the rest of the flight. After about twenty minutes I got up to go to the toilet and went to the thank the man.

    “Whatever you said worked”

    He smiled at me and said in a smooth American accent ” Oh, I said nothing” he then showed me his card.


    Say no more.

    I call this my Liam Neeson moment.

    As we landed and were disembarking passengers were going up to the man to thank him.

    The 4 numpties went through immigration/passport control without breathing.

    It was brilliant.

  68. Graham62

    Forgot to mention, they were all English.



    Congrats! You’ve reached the summit then.

    Now your on the downhill slope, like me.

    As for your MC comparison, still got about 15 years to outdo us.

  69. Valentin


    Last year, one of my colleague had something similar happen to him.
    He and his family were flying to Miami, when a group of unruly idiots started to cause trouble. One paasenger politely ask them to tone it down. They insulted him and things looked like they were going to be physical, when one man stood up and shout at them at them to all sit down. They shouted back at him the usual “Who do you think you are to speak to us like that?”
    Answer calmed down everybody: U.S Marshall.
    My colleague told us that the rest of the flight was most uneventful and calm flight to Miami he had ever been.

  70. Cesc Appeal


    Not at all, but he needs to be taken out of the firing line.

    Something isn’t right with him and I think he’s shocked at the levels above Ligue 1 that the EPL is. It seems a real confidence issue with him to the point that I’m willing on every one of his passes to be completed and every dribble to be successful because you can visibly see the confidence drain from him when something goes wrong.

    He’s also slowing our play down, he seems to linger on the ball and then take the safe option with the pass or dribble.

    He needs a run of games against easier opposition at home and in the Europa League where he can start to build some momentum.

    We also really need to work on his fitness because he doesn’t seem up to the pace of EPL.

    No one is really being helped by this team, the attack is doing one thing and then the middle is doing another. It’s not coincidence we’ve looked better in the League Cup and Europa League when the entire team is fast, mobile, tenacious and dynamic, each section feeds the other.

    When you’ve got fast paced pressing players at one end of the field, but then a literal plinth in Errorsaurus rooted in the midfield playing a deep block with the defence stretching Arsenal across the length of the pitch…no one is being helped and it makes Pepe look worse.

  71. Graham62


    So, folks, the answer is the next time you’re flying, get a few business cards printed up.

    MI5/MI6/ CIA/FBI etc

    Make sure you don’t put M25!

  72. Valentin


    Maybe, but I am not sure that pretending to be MI5, MI6, CIA or FBI will not lead to go directly to jail for impersonating an official. On the other hand if they believe you, you may end up interrogated in a dark room without lawyer.

    If nobody believe you , you may still offend people. I was in flight where some idiots on a stag do wearing wigs, high heels, inflated boobs and fake UK policewomen uniform. That did not go down very well at the arrival at customs.

  73. Danialtos

    Graham62October 16, 2019 12:32:29
    It’s amazing how our on authorities, and especially our media, are diving into this Bulgarian racism storm.Maybe we should take a good hard look at our own fans and their braindead actions over the years, to also understand why we create so many problems for ourselves.I can only vouch for myself here, but when travelling abroad( I lived overseas for 20 years) I have always tried to avoid being near Brits and their annoying and disrespectful ways. I educated my own children to show respect and empathy wherever they travelled.This superior than thou attitude and, in the case of football fans and the cheap flight holidaymakers, thuggish/ arrogant/ antagonising mannerisms, has always embarrassed me.Look at some of those so called England fans the other night. Are you telling me they aren’t racist and bigots of the highest order? Booing an opposing nations national anthem is the ultimate insult and incites hatred. So rather than glory in our “superior attitudes to dealing with racism” maybe we should clean up our own mess first.The government and the FA should monitor these things far more closely as, ultimately, we will all continue to suffer the consequences of those mindless idiots who don’t give a fudge

    Graham it didn’t yesterday though…aren’t The Brits the same people who went around the world terrorising people,raping women, butchering and outright stealing in the name of building empires?…Even more ironical is that they now cry about people coming into their beloved country and doing just half of the evils they committed against the world.

  74. Marc


    If you despise and hate what the English are / have done why don’t you fuck off and support a team from another more socially acceptable country?

    I’m sure that wherever you are from has never been guilty of any sort of issue.

  75. Cesc Appeal


    Was is sad/laughable is that when I was watching the Bulgaria game and listening to the condemnation I knew that a lot of the online discussion would go something along the lines of ‘yeah it’s bad, but the British…’

    Basically if we apply the principle that every nation is judged by their worst moments and cannot speak out on a subject unless innocent of it then no one ever speaks out about anything…ever.

  76. Marc


    Re your point from earlier (about 90 minutes ago!) I’m not arguing that sometimes you have to seize the opportunity when it presents itself but it can work the other way and if Allegri took over ManU and struggled – anther season outside the CL, more poor recruitment (they have no management structure that knows football) then all of a sudden it’s a poisoned chalice.

  77. Marc

    As a different view on what happened the other night – and I don’t think any player should be subjected to racist chants etc – but if I’m one of the black English player’s being abused I’d be tempted to finish the job and then club together to pay for a series of TV adverts on Bulgarian TV pointing out that we earn more than there GDP.

    It probably wouldn’t go down well but being nice to people rarely works. Embarrassing the shit out of the country might do better.

  78. Marc


    That’s one of the funniest comments I’ve ever seen on here!

    On the other hand saying it’s not his fault pisses me off as well!

  79. Cesc Appeal


    England handled themselves really well. Sterling, Rashford, Mings etc especially were so professional. I thought Southgate did a great job as well, you could tell he was waiting for it to start and was in the ear of the players consulting with them as soon as it kicked off. I liked Henderson as well who was having none of it in an early exchange with Balakov who was clearly trying to downplay things (as he did after the match).

    The deflection, denial etc from certain Bulgarian individuals has been nothing short of embarrassing although it looks like it’s all crumbled now and it’s all ‘sorry’.

  80. Redtruth

    “but if I’m one of the black English player’s being abused I’d be tempted to finish the job and then club together to pay for a series of TV adverts on Bulgarian TV pointing out that we earn more than there GDP..”

    Brexiteers didn’t vote to be better off, windrush and the ending of freedom movement is the objective.

  81. Valentin


    Managers are rarely installed when everything is rosy and perfect. Usually the previous manager messed things up and got the sack. Cleaning the mess of the previous manager is part and parcel of the job.

    Coming mid way through the season would buy him some time. Time to learn the league and his players. Who to keepnand who to jettison. If results don’t follow, He would always be able to blame it on the players until the next transfer window.

    Come in summer, replace half the team and don’t get immediate results, suddenly the new manager is under pressure. Look at Sarri who ended up with a good season, how much pressure he was in. Look at Kovac at Bayern. People wanted to sack him after 10 games.

    Come now and Allegri is on no lose situation. Unless of course results and style of play are even worse than under OGS.

  82. Marc


    I just wonder if ManU could be about to repeat Liverpool’s run after a dominant period.

    There’s a huge amount of problems to be sorted.

  83. Marc


    I didn’t watch the match live – I turned it on when I heard some of what was going on. By the sounds of it England successfully tried to take the moral high ground but I can just see UEFA / FIFA letting it get swept under the carpet.

    Fuck knows what’s going to happen in the 22 World Cup, it could be a disaster.

  84. Bamford10

    In part to keep things interesting around here, I will go way out on a limb and say that not only will United compete for top four this season, they will do so with Solskjaer at the wheel.

    Yes, the whole world has written them off, and yes, the whole world has declared Solskjaer dead as dead, but the whole world happens to be wrong on this point.

    United were right to place faith in Solskjaer, and as long as they avoid serious injury issues in their starting XI going forward, they will compete for fourth by season end.

    You heard it here first. 😉

  85. Marc


    Mate OGS would need a series of promotions to even be in line with a chance of achieving 2nd rate.

    With what they’ve spent on their squad they should even be in doubt of not getting top 4.

  86. Graham62

    People voted to leave for a variety of reasons, not just because they wanted an end to the freedom of movement.

    I guarantee you one thing, if any other country in Europe was a SMALL CRAMPED ISLAND like ourselves and they’d had to deal with as much shite as we have over the past forty years, they would have also voted to leave. Germany being one of them.

    The thing is, when the majority of people are pissed off with how things are being run, there’s only going to be one outcome.


    Why didn’t you vote?

  87. Bamford10

    “style of play are even worse than under OGS“

    Their style of play has been quite nice actually, especially before their injury woes. It’s the results that have been poor. In truth, if there is one thing Solskjaer definitely understands, it is how to get a team playing in pleasing and effective attacking patterns. Whether he can get results is another matter and an open question. However, where many are assigning blame for United’s poor results to Solskjaer, I think the blame lies with their injury woes, their lack of depth and the youth of some of their fill-ins.

    Time will tell.

  88. Valentin

    ManUtd has no squad depth. Any injury to Martial, Pogba and they are in trouble.

    It says a lot about the quality of the team when the goalkeeper is player of the season for 3 years running, then it is a left back that the previous manager was trying to force out.

    It was crazy to get rid of Lukaku and Sanchez without a proper replacement. Outside of Martial, they have nobody who can play No9 at a high level. Rashford does not look like a 20 goals a season striker. His back to the goal play is poor. Greenwood may come good, but he still look raw.

    In midfield they have nobody who can properly screen the back 4. Matic is too slow. Where is their Kante or Fernandinho?

    Pogba is the only dynamic creator in that team. Mata’s leg are gone. Everybody else is a willing runner, but could not pick a splitting pass if their life and career depended on it.

    Unless they have luck with injury until the end of the season or a very clever recruitment this winter, they won’t make the top 4. Especially if they keep OGS. He is a nice guy, but hopelessly out of his depth.

  89. Valentin


    ManUtd have been playing counter-attacking football under OGS. All their victory have been when the opposition tried to play.
    Whenever the opposition let them have the ball, they don’t know what to do with it. The game became slow, ponderous and boring as well. Suddenly the opposition score and that’s it for them.
    It is the same scenario. If they score first, then opposition has to open the game and that plays into their hand. Score first again them and they fold.

  90. Marc


    That’s why a second referendum would be a disaster at the moment. It would just lead to a 3rd followed by a 4th and on and one. Trust in MP’s is at a dangerously low level.

    Our politicians really need to get their shit together and show a little leadership. If Johnson get’s a deal on the table and the Common’s votes it down fucks knows where we go from there.

  91. Bamford10


    Everyone here and everyone in the press has written them off. I think saying they’ll compete for 4th by season end is in fact going out on a limb. Especially as I’ve said they’ll do it with Solskjaer at the helm — a manager who literally EVERYONE has written off.

    You do you, though.

  92. Ces1ne?

    I’m willing to give him another season EASILY…..but if you’re not, please don’t let it get to Wenger levels. Use your feet & voices to get UE out ASAP if you’re not happy, just like Wenger we owe him/them NOTHING. Simple as…\*¿*/