International break continues.

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A real lack of news out in the woods of Footballdom today. Things are so dull, I bought a FIFA20, and actually played it.

So many buttons to learn.

I make this sound like less of a problem than it is. I worked on a pitch for a gaming console, I bought the said console so I could understand the machine and the community around it, now I’m hooked on games.

‘Just one dab of meth, it’ll be alright’

It is not. I am really into this fantasy game. It’s the absolute best thing that has happened to me. I’m so addicted, I watch Youtube videos in the gym for hints and tips. It is unhealthy.

The first 9 months of the year, I was crushing through books like a powerhouse, now I’m out on the street taking hits of Tetris whenever the coast is clear. What a shambles.

Raul had a little chat with some fans. He defended the managers’ decision to ditch Mesut Ozil. The manager picks players based on their effort in training. Makes sense on paper, but worth noting that Patrick Vieira wasn’t a very good trainer, but he was a monster on the pitch.

Not that Mesut is a monster on the pitch.

Key issue here: If Mesut doesn’t train well, which one would assume is a statement garnered from watching him for an entire 15 months… why the captains armband?

I am going to ask this question every day until I land an answer.

There’s a story doing the rounds that Saka doesn’t get changed with the first team, to keep him grounded. Love how football works so hard to keep these kids on a stable footing, then they give them £50k a week and send them on their merry way.

I’ve been told that Emery took the changing room tradition a step further and created dividers in the canteen. You can’t eat lunch with the first-teamers. Very clubbish. Imagine having to earn your right to eat a cheese sandwich next to Granit Xhaka? Goals my friends, goals.

Finally, sink your teeth and your heart into this video. Bergkamp and Wrighty, my childhood heroes!

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  1. bennydevito

    Afternoon Grovers,

    Regarding the Emirates I’ve never liked the huge gaps behind each goal and the gap around the pitch.

    I’d like to see the Emirates redeveloped starting with putting seats as close to the pitch as possible like at Highbury.

    I’d also like another tier added to bring it up to 80,000, but if we can’t do that then we should start with one goal end and turn it into a Kop like Anfield or the Spuds’ new stadium and then redevelop each side one at a time like they did Old Trafford

    It always concerned me before we started work that the capacity was only 60K but I understand planning permission at the time only allowed for this, but I would hope that they built it in such a way as to future proof it for expansion. We certainly have the numbers to fill it.

  2. China1

    Re emery causing global warming – I’m told he does an insurmountable number of ‘silent but violent’ farts whilst fiddling with his neck on match days and farts are methane which is a vastly more potent greenhouse gas than CO2.

    So next time you hear of dead polar bears on the news you know who to blame…

  3. bennydevito

    I’m kind of with Pierre regarding Sheffield United. Although it most definitely won’t be a walk in the park, see Liverpool, we absolutely do have the squad to win and we really should be if we have aspirations to be a top 4 side, but I appreciate newly promoted teams always raise their game like a cup final especially at home against the big teams like Liverpool, Utd and ourselves so it certainly isn’t a given.

    It all depends on how Emery sets the team up. Set up positively with an attacking lineup and mentality then we should win.

    Set up negatively with a scared mentality of not to lose then we will shit ourselves and fulfill our own prophecy.

    We really should be playing with a positive we can win mentality as far as I’m concerned because we definitely have the squad now.

    No more excuses for me.

  4. Emiratesstroller

    It should never be forgotten that Emirate is designed as a FOOTBALL STADIUM.

    That is in direct contrast to Wembley, Olympic Stadium [West Ham] and White Hart Lane [Spurs] all of which are designed as multi functional stadiums.

    Emirates Stadium is designed also almost exclusively for Arsenal use. There
    are very few other football matches or alternative events taking there.

    I was asked earlier what my view was about Emirates and of other stadiums
    I have visited.

    From a personal perspective comfort and accessibility are very important. I
    think that Arsenal fulfils most of those requirements. My season tickets are
    on the half way line and almost in the front of stadium so that I have unimpaired view of game with clear view of the entire pitch.

    I no longer travel to away games as I used to do, but I have been to events and
    matches at both Wembley and Olympic Stadium. Neither compare favourably in my view with Emirates.

    My one major criticism of Emirates is the lack of escalators or more lift access.

    However, despite the lack of heritage I think that the planners and the club did an excellent job when they built the stadium particularly when you consider the complexity and logistics of the project and the budgetary control.

    Wembley and Spurs were relatively easy projects, because they were built on
    existing sites with virtually no land cost. Yet their budgetary control was absolutely hopeless.

  5. Danialtos

    I’ve been thinking this for a while too…since we have a xhaka problem,why don’t we bring someone who has been playing next to him and for some reason they usually look balanced when playing together…of course apart from the usual xhaka clanger

  6. Graham62


    I get everything you say.

    My point is based on the shortsightedness of the design team to ensure that the stadium created that special atmosphere without taking away from the convenience and comfort.

    In many respects it is too perfect.

    That’s why compared to the Benfica stadium, which was opened 3 years prior to the Emirates, it falls short.

  7. Valentin

    I am on Stroller than the Emirates is one of the few pure football stadium where everybody can have an unobstructed view of the entire pitch.

    For all its reputation, Wembley has lots of seats where you can’t see half the pitch because of big pylons.

    Like Stroller said, one of the mistakes Arsenal made was not introduced more escalators and lifts. The top tier can be quite arduous if you have an ankle injury or old.
    Even at club level, the few escalators there could have been slightly larger.

    For those who demand seats closer to the action need to know that there is some security regulations (UK, UEFA, FIFA) that would prevent to have seats too close. The police and medical assistance needs to be able to attend any problem between the seats and the pitch.

  8. Valentin

    Wembley overrun can be attributed to the blue blazer brigade incompetence (not signing guarantee, refusing fixed price term, selecting British companies with no experience of such complex project, changing their mind mid way through, taking lottery money with the condition of hosting athletics competition, …) and because some people just put their hand firmly in the cookies jar.
    Why control cost when it is somebody else problem? The punters will pay, so let me stuff my face more kind of general attitude.

  9. China1

    Yeah Sheffield utd are capable of being a pain but we really shouldn’t be worried about teams like this if we have any plans of achieving anything of note

    If we drop points with them it will be bad on our part.

    The game might not be easy but anything less than a win is a fail

  10. Leedsgunner

    I still don’t understand why Özil was given a leadership role in the team if he is so negligent on the training ground?

    If we continue to struggle in the league with limp performances… Emery will lose face not Özil. Especially if there’s a stark contrast as soon as Xhaka is taken out and Özil is put in.