Arsenal internet spits out first casualty

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This is serious people. We need to chat. I think Arsenal internet has taken things too far.

Mustafi was asked if he was the second-worst defender in the world because Arsenal fans voted him into that position for an online poll.

In the moment, it’s amusing. Reality is, we’ve crushed the career of a footballer.

The guy is a World Cup winner and he’s certainly better than Phil Jones. Sure, he makes some wild errors, but it’s hard not to think he’d be a more solid right-back than Cal Chambers when the tougher games start to roll in.

Do we have a responsibility to bring him back into the fold? Do Arsenal fans need to repent for their sins? Do we need to start a #WeLoveUMustafi hashtag?


Overall, the tone of the interview was disgraceful. I don’t think you’d get that sort of tone in the English press, which is saying something.

… but.

One thing that is notable is the section where he says he spent three weeks out injured, didn’t train, then had to face Liverpool in 2018 where we were spanked. This really is quite the statement. I don’t mean to make this about Emery, but that really is brutally unfair, not to mention a shocking decision. The double sessions that he bragged about killed him in December, reckless decisions on player fitness killed him with Ramsey and basically crushed Mustafi (in that moment, appreciate he’s been average for a while).

The best football coaches think strategically about what they are doing on the pitch. So many fans judge decisions in the moment.  They miss the little things that build up to a disaster. Good decisions are like acorns you collect for a barren day, bad one’s are like too many late nights… at some point, you’re going to get hit with the full force of the flu.

Do you like how those two metaphors are completely disconnected? Amateur writing at its best.

Last season Emery yanked Ramsey’s deal and benched him. He dropped Mesut. He went too hard on the double sessions in the summer (bit like Ole G this summer). He distributed the captaincy amongst the wrong players. He didn’t settle on a system. He tried to do too many things at the same time. He played Ramsey injured when he realised he was important. He depended on Ozil after he’d ostracised him.

It all added up to a flat run that saw us lose 3rd from a winning position.

Same thing looks to be happening again this season.

Dithering on the captain’s armband. Giving the captaincy to a weak cog in the system. Giving Mesut vice-captaincy. Dropping Mesut relentlessly. Subbing Pepe on 60 minutes for an 18-year-old. Failing to settle on a system. Playing Auba in a dead Europa game despite being our only fit striker.

These things add up over a season. Sure, you can justify many of them in the moment, but if you’re not looking at how your decisions scale over time, you’re not elite management material.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments.

P.S. Be nice to Mustafi you beasts x

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  1. bennydevito


    I’ve not seen it but have seen a lot of outrage on Twitter and Facebook about a pedo making money. Regardless of any other issues I think this one is a big one.

  2. Graham62


    Another one of Wenger’s sob stories.

    Don’t buy into all this crap.

    Oh boo hoo, let’s sympathize with him.

    Too late now Arsene, you cocked it up.

  3. China1

    Un nai what are your plans for how we manage our growing population of non working British pensioners who are a huge drain on our public finances due to increasing life expectancy, healthcare, housing and other benefits?

    Meanwhile our young people are not having enough kids to keep the ratio of working people in socieity high enough to foot the bill much longer

    On average immigrant families contribute more in taxes than they take out in welfare and have more kids who in turn will be paying for you when you’re an old and a burden to society financially

    Any plans on this without immigration?

  4. Dark Hei


    Let me do this.

    Immigration is the answer but the pace of immigration is the solution.

    Immigration need to be done in a way that does not create a feeling of displacement and crowding out among the current populace.

    Even if you are not on par with hitting your 1-1 replacement targets you cannot abandon this principal.

    The thing about human psychology is that low percentages can seem high; i.e. even if statistically there aren’t that many immigrants, it wouldn’t feel that way on the ground because these immigrants stand out by being so different.

  5. Dark Hei


    I will give an Arsenal analogy.

    Statistically Xhaka might not be THAT bad maybe. But what we feel on the ground is that he has the defensive nous of a training cone.

  6. China1

    Hey dark hei that’s a very measured response which I totally accept and respect

    I don’t particularly advocate for open borders, especially with nations who have major idealogical differences with the UK – but un nai mentioned wanting no working age men allowed in. This would cripple the country based on current cultural trends make no mistake

    If he has a solution to that which the government and people are able and willing to implement at least that’s something, but “don’t let foreigners in” is cutting off our nose to spite our face

  7. China1

    Btw I relate to the feeling of being excluded by a multicultural society because I have this feeling in central London

    The colour of people’s skin and their nationality I actually couldn’t give a damn about, but what is important is to assimilate. If people are trying to do that I am very happy to welcome people in.

    But little things in central London drive me mad. Like in general we expect people to be polite and courteous as a minimum but I’ve had so many bad experiences in central London where I got bad service at a cafe from a waiter/waitress who isn’t british and that kind of shit really irritates me because I expect a minimum of hi/please/thank you etc. it’s really not a hard british quirk to pick up that service should be polite as a minimum and normally quite friendly.

    I used to work at a co-op supermarket as a student and smiling, being pleasant and not coming across as grumpy as hell was considered a given. I’m not sure everyone gets that and it’s annoying as hell

  8. China1

    The nicest group of people I’ve ever met are the Iranians tho

    Bristol has a very small contingent who run a great chip shop and I also have some Iranian friends here in China and they are such kind and nice people.

    Just goes to show that what you see on the news and the behavior of governments often doesn’t reflect accurately on the actual people

  9. Tony

    People always judging a book by its cover (muslim) China or tarring everyone with the same brush.

    Before I met my wife I had a great 2-year relationship with a Malaysian muslim girl whose family were really genuine; nothing like we are led to believe by the biased media.

    Goes to prove there are good and bad from all races and cultures.

    It was interesting to learn about their culture and history through them, but it was never expected for me to follow their customs, just respect them as an outsider to their religion.

    I’m as atheist as they come, which they found just as interesting which prompted lively discussion around the dinner table with her parents, brothers and grand parents.

    I the end she went to Canada to do her Masters in computer science 16 years ago where she stayed to work and support her parents as Thais do.

    A year later I met my wife to be who is Chinese Thai, which was another venture into a diverse culture.

    Thailand has got the immigration right where it is almost impossible to get a resident’s permit; we have to continually get visas to live here where people either have to renew their visas monthly/3 monthly by leaving the country or have around £18,000 in their bank for 3 months before the visa expires to get a yearly visa, as I do each year.

  10. Un na naai


    Aside from the spin that immigrants contribute more overall can I address your points.

    I am not against immigration on the whole or working age men coming in. My point was that unprotected children should be first in the queue and families next. Single men have less to offer as the unemployment rate among muslim men is already at over 50% now and 75% among women.
    Men can impregnate several women at the same time whereas a woman can only give birth once a year. Simple maths women are also far less likely to engage in Anti social behavior or criminal activity.

    Refugees are refugees though and I’m all for protecting the vulnerable in times of war. The North Africans, sub-Saharan Africans and Pakistanis are not fleeing war however so I see no reason to offer them sanctuary and most certainly not in the numbers we are currently taking.

    Now. How do I deal with the aging population? Ok.

    First of all we need to address the plight of young people in this country. Housing is over inflated and wages are artificially low. This is due to over crowing which is largely due to net growth 300,000 people a year. Largely due to immigration. This then lowers the living wage as they will work for less which is great for big companies like Star bucks and McDonald’s and large building/cleaning companies and nannying. Not so good for ours. So the first thing to address is the numbers.
    We are already seeing an increase in college courses due to shortages post brexit as there is a bit of an Eu citizen exodus taking place right now and an increase in wages. I think it’s 1.5% I read:

    Next I would start a mass affordable house building project. With 93% of British land still green and a single for construction.

    Once you have your population working and earning good money with affordable housing you can then start giving financial incentives to young couples to marry and have children rather than an incentive to have children with 6 different baby daddies and free housing. This then creates a population boost meaning more tax payers, meaning more help for the elderly.

    Penalise dossers with the three strike system too. If you don’t get a job within a certain tim period or turn down 3 jobs your benefits are cut. Obviously the disabled are excluded.

    One of the biggest cultural and societal issues in this country is the break down of the nuclear family so that has to be ground zero. Fatherless homes are largely responsible for producing angry young men with no role models to set an example and guide. The common denominator among the prison population (fatherless homes) indicates as much.

    Continue with immigration but on points based system.
    It may not be full proof and I’m clearly no seasoned economist but this has to be a place to start

  11. Danny S

    Those backing Mustafi to play RB over chambers, on recent evidence what exactly would make that viable?
    Can Mustafi not give away penalties at right back? Can he not give fouls away in dangerous areas? Can he cross even?

    Oh but yeah he’s a World Cup winner so he must be better at right back. Let’s stick Ozil there maybe. He’s a World Cup winner too!

  12. Un na naai

    If he has a solution to that which the government and people are able and willing to implement at least that’s something, but “don’t let foreigners in” is cutting off our nose to spite our face

    Come on. Over simplistic. I’ve never ever uttered those words.

  13. Graham62


    My wife is Eritrean. We met, married, lived and worked in the Middle East for 17 years between 1984-2001 and returned to the UK in 2001. We’ve been married coming up 30 years.

    The shocking reality of life here in the UK is the breakdown of society, the lack of structured systems and procedures,, the acceptance of letting all and sundry into the country without following stringent procedures and the lilylivered HumanRights approach to law and order and everything that is wrong with this country.

    We are, in many respects, unable to cope. Bogged down by a lack of constructive leadership. I’m 57 and I’ve had enough. Luckily I’ve seen the world and lived in different cultures but for those that haven’t, it’s very difficult.

    Brexit showed that things are wrong but what people fail to realise and understand is that many people voted leave not because of immigration but mainly because they are utterly pissed off with the way things are.


  14. Un na naai

    The thing about human psychology is that low percentages can seem high; i.e. even if statistically there aren’t that many immigrants, it wouldn’t feel that way on the ground because these immigrants stand out by being so different.

    Dark Hei

    Ok. London. White brits are now a minority in 23 London boroughs and London overall. Birmingham too. These aren’t low numbers we are seeing. We are talking our two biggest cities being overrun within one generation of Blair and brown’s labour.

    The roads are gridlocked the tubes are impossible in rush hour the schools are 30-35 per class. The city too densely populated. It’s unbearable.

  15. Graham62

    Un na naai

    Correct but even amongst all this shite we still are a great country.

    Just a pity that those running the show are clueless and too weak to act.

    At least we can still laugh…………just!

  16. Bob N16

    Graham, isn’t that an irony that some people voted for Brexit because they were unhappy with the way things were but were willing to allow the Tories who have overseen the rich get richer and the less advantaged get poorer, to lead them into a worse situation?

    It’s the same voting mentality that allowed Trump to attract supporters who he offered ‘change’ to. If you’re doing badly and some politician offers you change, you might think,’ well it’s worth a try’.

    Then when things don’t improve, the politicians attempt to blame somebody/something else. Additionally people’s ego makes it very difficult to admit they’ wrong particularly if they’ve initially felt strongly about something.

    These conniving politicians have a lot to answer for, dressing up their agenda as a form of truth and turning people away from reality. Sounds a bit like Legrove on a bad day!

    No more politics from me, promise.

  17. Tony

    I understand what you’re saying Graham and I can understand why you might want leave the country once retired.

    Back in late 1998 having, like you, worked much of my life around the world, I decided to get out of Dodge.

    There is no way I’d come back to the UK. Ever!

    I have no immediate family alive in the UK, so no reason for me to move back or even visit.

    No country is perfect, but the writing was on the wall in the UK back in the mid 90s but I had a 48 month contract in the UK to fulfill that was worth £400,000 to me, so I hung on until early 1999 before leaving.

    I guess I’ve replaced bare faced lies and worthless promises from both Labour and the Torries for corruption here, but let’s face it there is plenty of corruption in every country; just in 1st world countries it’s harder to see.

    Where would you and your wife choose to live if you were to leave the UK?

    Funnily enough I was always destined to live abroad after watching the early 70s hit series: The Lotus Eaters which featured a Brit running a bar in Greece.

    The series sowed the seed in my mind where my work, like yours, was in many countries, which was rare in those days because very few Brits worked or lived abroad perhaps with the exception of the £10 poms running to Australia for a massive culture shock and unwelcoming Australians.

    Strange, though, I worked in Greece for a year’s contract for a government minister’s private businesses, but moved on deciding Greece was not going to be my country of choice to put roots down.

    A funny recollection from Greece was that I was told the energy minister was going t be fired for corruption/embezzlement.

    I asked how much he embezzled? Where I was told £3million but the minister went on to say if it had only taken £1million, the minister would have been given smacked wrists and allowed to continue to keep his ministerial position.

    Judging by the state of Greece today the situation never improved and I did the right thing to move on back then.

  18. Un na naai

    Judging by the state of Greece today the situation never improved and I did the right thing to move on back then.

    Or become their new energy minister

  19. TitsMcGee

    The guy is a World Cup winner”

    What does this have to do with anything? The guy hardly played during the WC.

    So he gets credit for being on the bench?

  20. Bojangles


    You are partly correct about the Aussies being unwelcoming to the £10 pound poms (not only poms of the £10 variety either). There is a reason for that though.

    Many Brit’s that go to Australia and complain about everything being of lesser value to that in England. They don’t try to learn the culture (not that there is a great deal to learn.) Australians are very proud of their country and when outsiders come and “whinge” about it, they are very forthright in telling them to fuck off back to where they came from. Once you are able to fit into their way of life they become a very friendly and likeable people.

  21. Sid

    “Ok. London. White brits are now a minority in 23 London boroughs”
    Globalisation means a higher rate of racial admixture. Its evolution you cant beat it.

  22. Bamford10

    “Arsenal are plotting ways of trying to offload the £350,000-a-week star in January and are ready to subsidise his wages after Ozil fell out of favour with Unai Emery.

    Gunners boss Emery insisted that Ozil did not “deserve” to be starting ahead of some of the club’s youngsters and his Arsenal career now looks over.

    Ozil, who turns 31 next week, believes there is no way back and it appears the club are ready to draw a line in the sand and get rid of the World Cup winner.

    But there appears to be a realisation that Ozil does not fit into Emery’s plans or philosophy and the Spaniard has not been impressed with HIS ATTITUDE IN TRAINING.” [emphasis mine]

    Just as I suspected. Good riddance.


  23. Bamford10


    I didn’t follow the story that closely, but I believe the entire internet is on Coleen Rooney’s side. That’s the sense I got when I glanced at this on Twitter yesterday.

  24. Tony

    I just thought it was funny the wags warring.

    Posted it for fun as we are in international limbo football wise.

    The newspapers will be running the story with glee.

  25. Pierre

    Bamford still trolling .

    I’m sure we have been here just under a year ago …it didn’t happen then a d I doubt it will now.

    There is only one person that holds all the cards.
    Ozil will go when he’s ready to go .

    It’s all about results and performances on the pitch in the next few months .

    If results and performances go well for Arsenal and Emery then the fans will accept the outcome.

    However , if results take a turn for the worse and the perfomances do not improve then the groundswell of opinion will continue to turn in Ozil’s favour.

    Personally, I would prefer the team to play with quality , improve all aspects of play on the pitch and get points on the board and try and reduce the gap at the top of the league as a little blip from liverpool could easily open the door for the chasing pack.

    Would be nice to see Arsenal show at least one aspect of improvement on the pitch without Ozil wouldn’t it.

  26. Davey

    Is it just me but Martin Keown does my head in and seems to have an opinion on everything and spouts serious bollocks, when he is on BT europa nights with brains trust Hartson it really is a difficult watch.

  27. Graham62


    “I’m all for “globalisation” but not when its taking the piss.

    The UK is a small island, with an overstretched economy and infrastructure.

    Sometimes you’ve got to say “no more”

    We never have.

    The thing is, why do so many people want to come here?


  28. HighburyLegend

    “From main man to misfit with Tottenham and England, Dele Alli is struggling to recapture his best form.”

    This is so good… #wotacunt.

  29. GoonerInNY

    Mustafi was single-handedly responsible for a number of games last season. He is a disaster. I would be fine with him never putting on an Arsenal shirt again.

    When he refused to leave in the summer, Emery should have sent him to train with the U23s.

  30. Un na naai

    SidOctober 10, 2019 09:03:19
    “Ok. London. White brits are now a minority in 23 London boroughs”
    Globalisation means a higher rate of racial admixture. Its evolution you cant beat it.

    Utter bollocks

    It’s one way traffic. Where are all the Europeans flooding into Middle East, Pakistan and Africa? Taking over their major cities? And you can beat it. You just say no. Look at Australia. New Zealand. A fine example

  31. Valentin

    Un na naai,

    “It’s one way traffic. Where are all the Europeans flooding into Middle East, Pakistan and Africa?”

    The irony of that comment written by a white man in Thailand.

  32. Normski

    Oh here we go. Blandford the liberal tampon taking things to the extreme.

    Calm down and go have a soy latte big boy.

  33. Left testicle

    The irony of that comment written by a white man in Thailand.

    Did Un na naai enter Thailand illegally?

  34. Valentin

    Sylvinho’s appointment was viewed in France as a gamble likely to fail. Juninho’s the newly appointed DoF tried to exert more influence on things by choosing one of his mate as headcoach.
    Unfortunately instead of choosing somebody familiar with the French League or an experienced manager, he chose an debutant coach who did not speak French, was Unable to communicate his plan effectively to a young team who needs lots of clear and precise instructions.
    Here is the interview where he explain his communication issue.

    Sylvinho had never worked as coach outside of the Brazilian environment. He would have been better off accepting a job of No2 in Europe with the view of taking over in 2~3 years. Now he is tainted by that spectacular failure.

  35. Valentin


    Where did I mention that Un had entered Thailand illegally?
    Un’s issue is with mass immigration both legal and illegal.

  36. Bamford10


    Except that Don/Un Na isn’t making a point about illegal immigration. He is arguing that a country is better off remaining white majority. Don has a problem with brown people, and he has expressed this racism here many times and in various forms. For example, one time when people were discussing the AFTV guys, Don said something like: ‘What happened to Arsenal? That Arsenal crowd is a third world crowd.’ The racism involved in his comment was overt. And again, he has said this kind of thing here many times.

  37. Freddie Ljungberg

    Don doesn’t live in Thailand, that’s Tony.

    It’s easy to tell the difference between them because Tony isn’t a douchebag.

  38. Bamford10

    Given Gemma O’Doherty’s recent anti-brown-people, white-nationalist tweet and the alarming response to it by like-minded racists — see below — everyone should be vigilant about the kind of “subtle” racism one sees in something like Don’s comments above, IMO.

    “Couple in ad campaign left ‘shaking and fearful’ after online abuse”

  39. Bob N16

    I believe in the freedom of speech however when I read or hear somebody’s views that are abhorrent to mine it’s hard not to wish that person’s voice should not be heard. I don’t agree with Unaai’s world view but I believe in his right to express it, however distasteful I find it.

    Obviously there is a line to be drawn where someone’s views become offensive to the point of being definitively unacceptable – the right for someone not have to be the target of racism etc. Glad I don’t have the power to police that on here. My instinct would be to ban a whole lot of people but the comments section on balance maybe the worse for it.

    Probably best to stick to football as people with highly entrenched ways of thinking aren’t really here to debate, they just want to let everybody know where they stand. Once that’s been done, there feels like there’s nowhere to go.

  40. China1

    I know it would be very hard for me to be racist when not only is my wife Chinese and my boy biracial but my cousins are mixed race because one of my aunts is Jamaican

    What I find sweet is how lovely my grandma is for being so ahead of her time. Her dad never approved of her son (my uncle) marrying a black Jamaican woman and my grandma told him to get stuffed

    My grandma is amazing

  41. TR7

    Breaking | Lyon President Aulas confirms in a telephone press conference this morning that José Mourinho turned down the vacant managerial role because he’s about to take a new job elsewhere.

    Interesting ! Real Madrid is my guess although there are rumors Jose could replace Poch at Tottenham.

  42. Frank Mc

    “Don using the blog to promote anti-immigrant, anti-brown-people, white nationalism. Lovely.”

    Cuntford being a total cunt yet again, this place was better without your fucking boring input you sanctimonious waste of internal organs.

  43. Jim Lahey

    “anti-brown-people, white nationalism”

    You Americans are obsessed with race! Everything is race this, race that!

  44. Leftsidesanch

    Jose Mourinho’s last 27 PL games:

    Won – 14
    Draws – 6
    Lost – 7

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s first 27 PL games:

    Won – 14
    Draws – 6
    Lost – 7

    Very interesting this.

  45. China1

    Let’s be real here Jose can’t and won’t manage spurs

    He’d have a limited budget, need to work with the youth setup and smart scouting and the expectations would just be to barely scrape top 4 each year.

    Not his gig at all

    That said he’s well past his sell by date as a coach and no bigger clubs have offered him anything to date

  46. Valentin


    I thought that Un also lived in Thailand. That he has an adopted son for whom Thais prostitutes were fighting over.
    Where does he live? India, Pakistan?
    Still my comment stands, the irony of a white man condemning brown people moving to a white country whilst white man lives in a brown country.

  47. TR7

    Well as I said Real Madrid is my guess if at all Jose has already accepted an offer. But off late he seems to have developed a craving for job security if his recent bytes on various clubs and their managers is anything to go by. At Spurs or Arsenal he is more likely to get a long tenor than say at Madrid or United. So if his priority is a long stint with relatively less pressure to win, he might opt for Spurs too.

  48. Receding Hairline

    Real Madrid are top of the table in Spain. Yes the Champions league has been hard going for them but hardly a reason to sack a man who won three champions league trophies on the bounce for you anyway .

    Don’t get how you arrived at Jose’s destination being Real Madrid

  49. China1

    I’m not sure spurs or arsenal can offer job security – especially spurs because they need top 4 to keep the house of cards standing with their new stadium and Jose hasn’t operated on a budget since leaving Porto in 2004 or whatever year it was

    At spurs he’d probably start quite well, get third, then get frustrated at lack of signings the following summer, lose the dressing room, results would turn and the fans/higher ups would be on his back. Familiar sacking routine

    The only way I think he could make a success out of time (and last a few years) at Spurs is if he’s fundamentally changed his attitude which is technically possible but I’d be both surprised and impressed if so

  50. Dissenter

    Jim Lahey
    ““anti-brown-people, white nationalism”You Americans are obsessed with race! Everything is race this, race that!”

    Get a history book
    Race is deeply embedded in the history of America. You ought to know better.

  51. China1

    Imagine the shit show if Jose took over at spurs and they didn’t make top 4

    Fire sale of best assets in the summer with only a couple of signings.

    He might like the idea of job security but I expect he couldn’t last 1 month in that kind of summer without making sly digs about the club’s lack of ambition

    He doesn’t have it in him to do a wenger and put profits over football unless he’s changed a lot during his hiatus

  52. Danialtos

    Nowadays I don’t even read the entire post I just look at the header and jump into the comments because I know the first paragraph is a topic which will eventually lead to the other ones being all about our manager….for example,how did Emery ruin Ramsey,an injury plagued player?If anything he was managing his minutes pretty well,unless am wrong I remember him being subbed in or out quite often so I don’t know how an injury prone player getting an injury was the manager’s fault

  53. Marc


    It isn’t just a case of dealing with a budget below what he’s historically had it’s having to use a chunk of that budget to replace the 3 players about to walk on a free.

    On top of that the Spud’s are out of the League Cup already so he couldn’t pull the usual Mourinho special and win that to claim success.

  54. Danialtos

    ValentinOctober 9, 2019 16:42:43
    I don’t particularly rate Mustafi, but what is shocking is the way he has been treated by both the coaching staff and some “fans”. This is borderline abuse in my view.Emery could have at least publish a word of support to explain Mustafi situation at the time. Because it means that again Emery threw an unprepared player into an important game.

    Valentin at the time Kos was just coming back from a long term injury and Dino’s injured as usual.Rob Holding was also done….so please enlighten us was Emery supposed to out zech medley in there,because if he actually did and he got burnt you are the same characters here who would then come to say emery was wrong to do it

  55. Receding Hairline

    “Could go the other way. Jose could win them the league.”

    Again the wild inconsistency

    Pochettino is great manager and only thing holding him back from trophies is Tottenham Hotspur

    Jose Mourinho could win Tottenham Hotspur the league

  56. salpardisenyc

    Mourinho seems past it to me, that said i’d put nothing beyond him. He finds that win at all cost form he’s exhibited in the three ‘major’ leagues anythings possible.

    But titling out Spurs does seem a bridge too far, in fact if one combined the greatest strengths of Pep, Klopp, and peak Ancelotti, Mourinho they’d still find a way to fall short and fail in epic fashion.

  57. Un na naai


    When have I said the only thing holding him back is Tottenham? If he stays in for 3 more years and spurs continue to support him in the transfer market then he could win the title too.

    You’re projecting the comments of others onto me.

  58. Receding Hairline

    “If he stays in for 3 more years and spurs continue to support him in the transfer market then he could win the title too.”

    3 years added to the five he has already spent will be 8 years

    Glad to know your standards drop dramatically when the coach isn’t named Unai Emery

  59. Un na naai

    Rh. Emery started off with a much much better squad than the one Poch inherited he spent fuck all money and produced a side that was challenging for the league and got the the final of a champions league beating inter, Dortmund, Ajax and City among the way

    Emery doesn’t compare. If you think he does then please illuminate me. Better squad. More money spent. No champions league football. Several chances to secure it v severely inferior opposition. Battered by Liverpool twice. Battered 4-1 by London rivals who were on their arse comparatively.

    His one title at psg really was a given. The community shield is harder to win, literally

  60. Freddie Ljungberg


    Neither Poch nor Emery spends any money at their clubs but Spurs have spent 400m on 41 players since he took over as manager.

    Our squad has been almost completely revamped in 1 season. That normally doesn’t happen at a top club, and for good reasons, it brings about too much instability having too many youths and new signings integrating at the same time, especially when most of the existing senior players already at the club are dog shite.

    Compare that to the 63m that we spent on trying to improve a piss poor aging squad last summer and the 130m we spent this year that hasn’t adapted (Pepe, Ceballos) played at all (Tierney, Saliba) and it’s just ridiculous how people keep making excuses for a fucking spurs manager. Unbelievable.

  61. azed

    “Rh. Emery started off with a much much better squad than the one Poch inherited he spent fuck all money and produced a side that was challenging for the league and got the the final of a champions league beating inter, Dortmund, Ajax and City among the way”


    You should do more research before you say things like this..
    Lloris, Vertonghen, Kane, Lamela, Eriksen, Rose were in the squad when Poch took over. Eric Dier was signed that summer and Dele Alli in the winter. That’s 8 current first team players.
    Notable players Poch met include Kylie Walker and Mousa Dembele.
    I should also point out players like Adebayor, Paulinho Capoue and Townsend were in that squad.

    In Poch’s second season, Alderweireld, Tripper, Winks and Son were added to the first team squad.

    The base of the current Spurs side were there Poch arrived and a few others were added in his second season.

  62. Un na naai

    Emery inherited a squad that was one point from spurs at the end of the season
    Whilst adding Torriera, Guendouzi, papa, Leno and letting wilshere and cazorla leave on a free whilst ostracising Ramsey and ozil

    Let that sink in

  63. Un na naai


    Lamela has been shit
    Rose was mid level until Poch got him to perform as part of a unit
    He improved every player you met ones thoug so you’ve just proved my point

    None of those lads you mentioned were capable of a champions league final run outside of Kane, eriksen and vert before he took over

  64. Freddie Ljungberg


    If it wasn’t you I would ask if you’re really this stupid.

    He didn’t inherit a squad that finished 1 point behind Spurs and then added those players, he inherited a squad that finished 6th the year before, we spent like a midtable club to rectify a squad full of massive holes and he ended the season 1 point behind a manager that had 400m spent on players over 5 fucking years, ample time to build exactly the squad he wanted and had a settled team. Yet some Arsenal “fans” are making excuses for the spurs manager and bashing ours? Mindblowing stuff really.

  65. Un na naai


    So what are you getting at here? That emery himself was responsible for making up the pints difference?

    Tell em how he brought this about
    This should be good

  66. Un na naai

    Freddie bearing in mid that the squad big Weng had the season before only had lacazette for half a season and Aubameyang for half a season

  67. Un na naai

    DonIf it wasn’t you I would ask if you’re really this stupid.

    Ok big balls
    How smart are you? Can we see an IQ test?
    How much money do you earn? How big is your home that you 100% rent? How may homes do you own? Do you live in England and if so then what shot hole area do you rent a piss ridden shoe box?

  68. Dissenter

    BBC: Netherlands manager Ronald Koeman has warned his players that they must be ready for “direct confrontations” against Northern Ireland.
    The Dutch side host Michael O’Neill’s men in a vital Euro 2020 qualifier in Rotterdam on Thursday evening.
    “They are fighting machines,” Koeman said of the Northern Ireland players.
    “Perhaps they haven’t got the structure or quality technically but it’s very direct, direct confrontations.

    Talk about motivating your opponent.
    The NI manager doesn’t need a team talk anymore. Just print out a blown up portion of that interview and post in the locker room.
    Koeman is really a shitty manager.