Arsenal internet spits out first casualty

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This is serious people. We need to chat. I think Arsenal internet has taken things too far.

Mustafi was asked if he was the second-worst defender in the world because Arsenal fans voted him into that position for an online poll.

In the moment, it’s amusing. Reality is, we’ve crushed the career of a footballer.

The guy is a World Cup winner and he’s certainly better than Phil Jones. Sure, he makes some wild errors, but it’s hard not to think he’d be a more solid right-back than Cal Chambers when the tougher games start to roll in.

Do we have a responsibility to bring him back into the fold? Do Arsenal fans need to repent for their sins? Do we need to start a #WeLoveUMustafi hashtag?


Overall, the tone of the interview was disgraceful. I don’t think you’d get that sort of tone in the English press, which is saying something.

… but.

One thing that is notable is the section where he says he spent three weeks out injured, didn’t train, then had to face Liverpool in 2018 where we were spanked. This really is quite the statement. I don’t mean to make this about Emery, but that really is brutally unfair, not to mention a shocking decision. The double sessions that he bragged about killed him in December, reckless decisions on player fitness killed him with Ramsey and basically crushed Mustafi (in that moment, appreciate he’s been average for a while).

The best football coaches think strategically about what they are doing on the pitch. So many fans judge decisions in the moment.  They miss the little things that build up to a disaster. Good decisions are like acorns you collect for a barren day, bad one’s are like too many late nights… at some point, you’re going to get hit with the full force of the flu.

Do you like how those two metaphors are completely disconnected? Amateur writing at its best.

Last season Emery yanked Ramsey’s deal and benched him. He dropped Mesut. He went too hard on the double sessions in the summer (bit like Ole G this summer). He distributed the captaincy amongst the wrong players. He didn’t settle on a system. He tried to do too many things at the same time. He played Ramsey injured when he realised he was important. He depended on Ozil after he’d ostracised him.

It all added up to a flat run that saw us lose 3rd from a winning position.

Same thing looks to be happening again this season.

Dithering on the captain’s armband. Giving the captaincy to a weak cog in the system. Giving Mesut vice-captaincy. Dropping Mesut relentlessly. Subbing Pepe on 60 minutes for an 18-year-old. Failing to settle on a system. Playing Auba in a dead Europa game despite being our only fit striker.

These things add up over a season. Sure, you can justify many of them in the moment, but if you’re not looking at how your decisions scale over time, you’re not elite management material.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments.

P.S. Be nice to Mustafi you beasts x

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  1. Bankz

    It’s beginning to look like whatever Emery does or doesn’t do will still be used as a stick to beat him at some point.

  2. Globalgunner

    No sympathy for Mustafi and Ozil. They can eat 5 week old cake.
    They should both pick their sorry arses up and leave with what little dignity they have left

  3. Words on a Blog

    Lol so the conclusions from today’s blog:

    1) Mustafi was great until, inevitably, Emery misused him

    2) Once again, Emery is to blame.

    Watch this space on October 31st for a detailed exposition on why Emery is ultimately responsible for a no deal Brexit

  4. @SE19Gooner

    Whatever happens now, Emery can’t win. He’s been beaten into an underdog position without the elite squad to bail him out like he did in his title winning season at PSG (comparative to the league). Feel like he needs a PR agency to have a word and salvage his reputation before he loses the fans altogether.

  5. Words on a Blog



    I just think Emery is an above-average manager who is likely to get us into the top4 playing football that ain’t too easy on the eye.

    What I don’t buy is the line that he’s directly responsible for everything bad that’s happened in the world since he was appointed manager of Arsenal

  6. azed

    This was my post on the alleged miss treatment of Ozil last season by Emery

    2018/19 24 appearances, 5 goals, 2 assists
    2017/18 26 appearances, 4 goals, 8 assists
    2016/17 33 appearances, 8 goals, 9 assists
    2015/16 35 appearances, 6 goals, 19 assists
    2014/15 22 appearances, 4 goals, 5 assists
    2013/14 26 appearances, 5 goals, 9 assists

    The idea that Emery somehow miss treated Ozil last season is a figment of Pierre’s imagination.
    Appearances and goals are similar the only difference is the assist numbers and they have been dropping since 2015/16 which going by Ozil’s record was an exception and not the rule.

  7. Mysticleaves

    Pedro doing to Emery what the fans did to Mustafi. Delete my posts all you like but this post is shameful. The fans ruined Mustafi, Ramsey is injury prone, Ozil doesn’t train like he wants to play, last season he chose Ozil as one of the captains (no 4 I think) cos he was a senior player and also before he found out he doesn’t train well. This season the players chose Ozil as the fifth choice for captain.

  8. Wiscogunner

    I mean, is mustafi wrong for wanting to look for the right deal for himself? Would you all not do the same…well most, I’m sure some of you are so thick headed you cut your nose spite spite your face.

  9. Bergkamp63

    “The fans ruined Mustafi”

    It’s difficult to ruin something that wasn’t fit for purpose to begin with ! He’s never possessed any pace and is technically impotent, World Cup winner or not, the PL was never suited to his style of play, in short, he should never have been purchased in the first place. You can’t expect fans to take every player, particularly if they are error prone.

  10. HighburyLegend

    “he’s certainly better than Phil Jones.”

    And mostly, he’s less ugly.
    (not very difficult, I know)

  11. Rich robbins

    Yesterday I was surprised at the response on Pepe. He needs time, support, and guidance. That is the responsibility of the manGer to see staff and team execute and help bed. The talent is there. I find that we ourselves have another conundrum…….a manAger who seems clueless on what is needed to change. There are good points in playing the youth; attention to detail and no rigid time for substitutions; but as an observer, no leadership and instilled passion to the squad seems to be part of his makeup. His strangeness with xhaka, Ramsey, and others, belie understanding. Hope springs eternal……….

  12. salpardisenyc

    Defense was threadbare at this stage was either Mustafi or Koz who was just coming back from the long term so there was no real choice, in the end both played a half and got abused.

    What his is for me is yet another example of not keeping the house internalized, Mustafi leaking what can be perceived as not favorable info in the press, kind of thing Fergie would ship you to the Turkish super liga for.

    Said it yesterday, I’ll say it again Mustafi likely more fit for purpose than Sokratis based on what we’ve seen this season.

  13. Marc

    I’ve said several times on here over the last week that I can’t see Emery getting an extension beyond the summer so I’m not an EKB but Pedro give it a rest. You don’t like Emery – fine but stop trying to put things down as his fault when they are not i.e. Emery did not pull Ramsey’s contract that was Sanllehi.

    The problem with harping on about things that have nothing to do with Emery is it just gives ammunition to those who want to protect him and it makes you look like someone who can’t give an unbalanced view.

  14. Bob N16

    The best defenders rarely make individual errors; they read the game brilliantly and know when to fully commit and when to hold off.

    Mustafi has moments when he looks excellent, fully committed and effective- he’s even capable of some decent passing. Unfortunately for Mustafi and all Arsenal supporters is that he has misjudgements, brain farts to use a technical term. These have often led to goals or opportunities for the opposition.

    I don’t think that supporters are to blame for his regular mistakes- it’s a question of his recklessness. I can’t say whether he had these moments at Valencia for example, but I imagine he did. Maybe his confidence has gone and supporters haven’t lifted him but that’s clutching at straws.

  15. Batistuta

    Lolz this post is such maybe one of the worst I’ve ever read on here…. I mean sure lots of stick to beat Emery with but again, citing Mustafi as an example is borderline comical especially when you then go on to say he would look better at RB than Chambers….. Jeez, we get it you hate the manager but surely don’t have to go over board just to spite him

  16. Leedsgunner

    When Mustafi went to ground at every opportunity, conceded silly penalties and found himself woefully unable to anticipate his opponent’s moves — was that the fans’ fault too?

    Mustafi is doing what he always does, refusing to accept responsibility or learn from his mistakes. No wonder he finds it so easy to play the victim rather than growing up.

  17. Batistuta

    It’s just like the whole Ozil argument, utterly pointless because we know what we’d get with the German so why all this pretence that his presence would add some sort of “control” to our play? He is what it is, we’ve lived through it for some time now so not sure exactly what it is we are meant to be missing with him

  18. Leedsgunner

    The only reason Mustafi was signed for £35m was because Valencia had us over a barrel. Mertesacker and Gabriel were long term injured and we needed a CB desperately.

    His price tag was not a mark of his quality, but a mark of Wenger’s folly.

  19. Danny

    Do Arsenal fans need to repent for their sins?
    Our Jewish fans today are as it’s their day of atonement!

  20. Mysticleaves

    No, the fans aren’t really to blame for his mistakes. He’s become error prone and it doesn’t help going from Wenger to Emery as a defender. But I remember Mustafi very well in his first season with us. He was mostly very good. Made less mistakes too. Before he was Wengmerized. And the fans didn’t help. He’s a good defender. If there was more focus on our defending over the years, he’d be a dependable defender. He’s a beast in the air, has qualities to play from the back, has reasonable speed and is vocal. He’s gone to shit but not solely of his own doing. I stand by this cos I have seen him before and he’s consistently been way better than he is now.

    Lastly, Our of current bunch I still maintain he’s better or at least equal to Luiz and Sokratis. Going by what we have seen this season, by default he should be starting

  21. Un na naai


    1) I never said he wasn’t a despot/tyrant, I said it’s questionable wether or not the chemical attack in question was committed by him you dick head (that’s the last on this)

    2) why don’t you stop? Charlie and normski have made you look the utter fool you are all afternoon but you can’t stop digging.
    Here’s an idea. Why don’t you actually go to an arsenal game for once in your life rather than making smug unbased assertions from your Dublin post office? Just once. It’s not like you’re in Calcutta. You’re an hour away by plane. Easy. Unless you’re a sour nihilistic postal worker.

  22. Valentin

    I don’t particularly rate Mustafi, but what is shocking is the way he has been treated by both the coaching staff and some “fans”. This is borderline abuse in my view.

    Emery could have at least publish a word of support to explain Mustafi situation at the time. Because it means that again Emery threw an unprepared player into an important game.

    Pedro talks about strategic thinking, I just call it bad management. Football is not rocket science or brain surgery.
    If most of your players get injured, maybe there is something wrong with your training regime rather than the players.

    Looks like the non-existent double sessions were doing a lot more damage than previously revealed.

  23. Mysticleaves

    Last season and the one before when we were baying for blood on Xhaka, I defended him too. Cos we didn’t have better and weren’t going to buy so there was no need benching him. We needed him and he was central to how we played. But now we have atleast 3 options better than him for the starting positions I can’t defend him. He needs to sit.

    Same for Mustafi. His performances over 3 years might have proven he’s not good enough long term (as we don’t seem to know how to sign coaches that can improve defence) but until we sign someone better than him, he’d have my support to start over this current bunch.

  24. Un na naai


    Couldn’t agree more. Fucking basic errors.

    I also read the Mustafi interview this morning, weirdly and I actually felt sorry for him

    My view on him is this. He’s a better defender than Luiz and he’s actually very good 95% of the time. He’s always got a mistake in him though but a lot of that can be negated through rigorous work on the training field. You aren’t teaching him how to be Messi but training a unit to work to together

    The more you do it the more confidence the unit gets, knowing their team mates positions and knowing they will be where they are meant to

    This is down to coaching pure and simple

    It went unchecked and unchallenged under wenger for years and now the same thing is occurring under emery but worse

    Now we have no creativity at all. No flair to see us through. We aren’t even flat track bullies any more because the shit teams pound us and cause us more grief than we cause them.

  25. Wasi

    Pedro man why you trying so hard to blame it all on Emery.

    Mustafi’s decline already began under Wenger . Had good Physical attributes to be a good defender but his mind is at Championship level at best. He keeps making childish errors . Even still. He’s got 3 clean sheets this season sure but he is still making rookie mistakes which in PL would be punished . Mustafi just trying to blame it on Emery and go with the general consensus that Emery is an idiot.
    It surely is helping him out tho.

    Ramsey was always injury-prone. Sure Emery didnt use him well enough and when he started getting results with Ramsey at #8 he overplayed him. But whos to say Ramsey wouldnt have picked up an injury anyways .

    Emery’s got his full backs back and all players should be up to full fitness post this interlull. Emery is finally trying to implement a base formation which looks like 4-3-3. He is settling on starters and players are drilled in their jobs. So lets hold our decision until 1st of Jan at least.
    IMO we should maintain our 3rd position in the league. Have a clear playing style even if it is broken and needs working on. Play more attacking football.

  26. Batistuta

    I don’t particularly rate Mustafi, but what is shocking is the way he has been treated by both the coaching staff and some “fans”. This is borderline abuse in my view.

    I’m not sure you’ve seen first hand what “abuse” means man, he’s a professional being paid millions weekly, i highly doubt he gives a toss about being “abused” as you put it and I’m sure Emery has cone in defence of Mustafi on more than one occasion last season so again, don’t know what you mean by the above man.

    Again it’s like you lot that hate the manager just use every and any sin commuted to bash the manager, there’s no measured criticism just cynical and straight up bullshit

  27. Mysticleaves

    Valentin, Emery has mostly said very good things about Mustafi when the fans were baying. As has been detailed here he didn’t have many choices but to play him. Also Mustafi has been training now for over 10 years as a professional footballer. Missing 3 weeks and playing without much training didn’t cause that performance that day.

  28. Batistuta

    Lolz at Mustafi being shit being blamed on the manager, yea sure like he wasn’t already looking horrible under Wenger, again, let’s not go over board with this whole Emery is responsible for everything bad in the world theme, makes you look like someone with a very big fat agenda.

    There’s about a million things he’s gotten wrong with our squad but not Mustafi

  29. Mysticleaves

    “I’m not sure you’ve seen first hand what “abuse” means man, he’s a professional being paid millions weekly, i highly doubt he gives a toss about being “abused” …”

    He’s a human being first off. And he has been very poorly treated by the fans, millions or not. Humans have emotions and thresholds. You’d have to consider that angle. As for abuse, maybe a strong word but I can understand why Valentin would use that given how Mustafi has been treated

  30. Un na naai


    He’s gone to a whole new level of shit under emery along with xakha and most of the other players

    Yes things were bad under wenger but he isn’t here any more. He’s gone. And the new coach should be able to get his defence playing as a unit

    We are actually worse
    Conceding more goals
    Scoring less

    Yada yada yada

  31. Leedsgunner

    Honestly, if I was Mustafi I would just keep my mouth shut.

    He has just made it back into the manager’s plans why is he shooting his mouth off? What does hie think he will gain by doing this?

  32. Pierre

    “Valentin, Emery has mostly said very good things about Mustafi”

    Have you not learned anything in the last 15 months .

    Emery talks gibberish and has always talked gibberish.

    It’s never a good thing to quote anything from Emery as you are on danger of making yourself looks as stupid as he is.

    What Emery says about any player is totally irrelevant…that’s obvious.

  33. salpardisenyc

    Actions have consequences, Mustafi going it for himself. Writing on wall with Saliba coming in as well.

  34. Graham62


    In this respect, I agree with you.

    Nice that you didn’t include Mesut in your hypothesis because, as we all know, Emery speaking Klingon would have sufficed on that one.

  35. Luteo Guenreira

    The facts don’t make the narrative, the narrative makes the facts. If Emery was killing it with the lineup selections and the football wasn’t so tepid then Ozil and Mustafi wouldn’t even be a topic of discussion. There’s probably only like one or two fans left in the world remotely knowledgeable about football that would include either of them in their best elevens, can’t imagine either being depended upon in a big match. Mustafi and Ozil not playing isn’t the problem.

    Ozil will always be a talent but he’s such a head case right now. I don’t see an athlete’s personality in him, at all. When he first came to Arsenal I really thought it was a turning point for the club, really a shame it didn’t exactly work out that way. We did win three FA Cups I guess.

  36. Mysticleaves

    3 weeks is give or take 21 days. He wasn’t bed ridden either. his fitness was not poor. He just couldn’t probable do muscle work or tactical (lol) work. He didn’t come back from an 8 month lay off. Just 21 days

  37. Graham62

    So is it now all down to social media that players make so many mistakes and poor decisions?

    It doesn’t have anything to do with a lack of ability?

  38. Leedsgunner


    It’s a stupid thing to do.

    Let his football do the talking and if he really wants a move, let it be known that he would be willing to take a wage cut in return for a slightly longer contract.

    It’s not rocket science!

  39. Valentin

    At the time of the incident, Emery could have explained the reason of the poor performance. Mustafi was injured coming back from a 3 weeks break. The reason he did not say anything is because then people would have asked questions about why our players were falling like flies.
    At the time there was numerous rumours that the training regime was too physically demanding.
    Instead of fronting that problem, everything was kept quiet, the double session quietly stopped and the players were the one who had to support the brunt of “fans” discontent.
    For context, Koscielny gave an interview a few weeks ago where he stated that one of the reason he left Arsenal was that his body could not handle the physicality of the EPL AND the training regime. He felt like he was going to finish injured and did not want that.

    Regarding the physical well-being of players, Wenger had a similar problem. Playing a small number of the same players well past into the red zone and then be surprised when they finally broke down.

  40. Mysticleaves

    Pierre, I don’t listen to managers press conferences. I only read what has been modified (due to bad grammar and/or composition) and translated to the papers. So unless you have reading difficulties…

  41. Un na naai


    But he doesn’t lack ability. He lacks coaching within a defensive unit. Get him into a peak chelsea or Italian side and he’s game will improve drastically just as flair players and strikers wilt at Chelsea.

    It’s all to do with coaching and systems

    For years under wenger arsenal has been a career killer for many promising centre halves
    Why? Because he virtually hung them out to dry with his barn door wide open approach.

  42. Valentin

    I am sorry if some think that the word abuse is too strong, but having idiots sending family of players death threat, Twitter and Instagram picture of dead animal, wishing people that their kids have cancer, because their dad is a cancer to the club is abuse.
    Keyboard warrior who use bully boy tactic and then justify their abhorrent behaviour because of a player salary should take a hard look at themselves.

  43. Graham62

    Ability includes many different skills.

    For example, the abilty to think clearly and calmly when under pressure.

    I agree though with your Wenger take on things.

    Nothing new there then.

  44. Graham62

    Emery’s press conferences are incomprehensible. Can’t make head or tail of them.

    Wenger’s press conferences were, in the second period of his reign, just staged.

    Never listened to them.

  45. jwl

    I feel bad for Mustafi, he is being targeted by gooners, but that is what sports fans are like.

    If they did worst midfielder poll, I would not be surprised to see Xhaka and Ozil in top five. Arsenal fans are frustrated and angry from Wenger last few seasons and now we taking it out on our new manager and Wenger era players.

  46. Un na naai

    Receding HairlineOctober 9, 2019 17:41:51
    I prefer not to speak

    Breaking the habit of a lifetime!! Keep up the good work

  47. Luteo Guenreira

    Honestly though Mustafi was considered a good purchase by most fans for at least the first year or so, at least the first few months for certain. That’s how I remember it at least, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

  48. Un na naai


    On what?

    Graham. Yes absolutely does but you’re expecting what exactly? Him to have more abilities than he has naturally? The abilities he does possess are enough to get him into a World Cup winning squad and playing for a giant club like arsenal. With the right coaching I could virtually guarantee his mistakes could become almost eradicated if not entirely.

    As I’ve said before, Bould, Dixon, winterburn were not world class or even international class in an era when england were utter shit. But Graham moulded them into a world class defence through respective coaching and drilling as a unit. The same could be done with the materials we currently posses and we would see a drastically improved end result rather than an open, disjointed mess.

  49. Un na naai


    He was very good in his first few months. As were chambers and The Verminator. Unfortunately arsenal is a cb graveyard

    I was hoping we might see a change in that respect but like ive said, emery is worse.

  50. Mysticleaves

    UNN, your opinion on Mustafi. He’s got ability. Just didn’t meet the right coaches at Arsenal in WengMery. Is he a world beater? Hell no. But he’d have been very dependable

  51. Dissenter

    I’ve been asking myself why I defended Emery on le-grove so vociferously last year?
    My conclusion is I ws just revolting against Pedro’s penchant to turn every thing about Emery.
    Even now that I want him gone, I will still say this post is click bait at it’s worst.
    Fans voted Mustafi to be shot because he was really shite.

  52. Valentin


    He wants the Arsenal job, but he would settle for the Spurs one.
    The first question is who will offer him the job first?
    The second is which Mourinho the club would get? The happy settled one willing hungry for success or the bitter, willing to start fights with everybody?
    Maybe a short 18 months contract with explicit target clauses would keep a leash on his more nefarious tendencies.

  53. Pierre


    It’s just like the whole Ozil argument, utterly pointless because we know what we’d get with the German ”


    Chances created ( 6 in 71 mins in his last game) and creativity.

    Spot on there batistuta, we know exactly what we will get .

  54. Dissenter

    I wasn’t aware that Emery could pull any player’s contract?
    After arguing for decentralized management system for one decade, Pedro can resists Wengerizing Emery.
    That’s what you call Emery Derangement Syndrome [EDS]; Emery is not responsible for everything that goes wrong at Arsenal.

  55. Danny M.O

    in my view Mustafi and Xhaka are warrented the abuse they get. Without going vile on wenger in his last two seasons he would still be here today.

    Mustafi and Xhaka are need to smell the coffee and move away. Its the same in any relationship when one person if failing. Fix up or cut your losses and move kn and find a girl that will tolerate your bullshit which they old one didnt (weed smoking).

  56. Marc

    “If they did worst midfielder poll, I would not be surprised to see Xhaka and Ozil in top five”

    Top 5 my arse they’d both make the top 2 and they’d be recount after recount trying to see which was worse.

  57. Luteo Guenreira


    You’re not going to will it into existence. Mourinho will never be welcome at Arsenal. And why would Arsenal go after a Man United reject?

    Actually there is a history for that. So who knows then, never mind.

    The funniest thing would be if he did sign and all the devoted Wengerites, having hated Emery so much, welcome Mourinho simply because he is replacing Emery, in spite of the near decade of open contempt, disdain, and mockery Wenger previously. Full fucking circle.

  58. Eduardo

    So now Mustafi being an incompetent and brainless hack of a “defender” is on Emery too. Pathetic, agenda-driven nonsense. There is plenty to be critical of Emery about without resorting to the ludicrous idea that he “killed” (to use an AW phrase) Mustafi by playing him against Liverpool. Who else was he supposed to play, exactly? Our fit center halves were sokratis, Mustafi and… Er… That’s it. Thanks to Wenger and your and Arteta’s pal, Ivan G.

    Plus, the idea he’d be a better right back than Chambers is laughable. It would be the same old story, look decent for most of the game but guaranteed to give away 1 big chance every 180 minutes or so. All the slagging you give Emery over Xhaka and now calling for him to replace Chambers at right back? OK.

  59. Batistuta


    Not going to get into an argument with you regarding Ozil and chance created, would be pointless…. Azed posted a link of his actual assists and goals over the last few seasons, that’s what I’d judge by, how much work he puts in when he’s played.

  60. Words on a Blog


    I’d far prefer Mourinho to end up at Spurs.

    He’d play nice for a while, then demand a £400m budget to address squad deficiencies. If he gets anywhere near it, Spurs go bust; if he doesn’t he sulks, plays his usual games and becomes The Nefarious Destroyer.

  61. Bob N16

    Pierre, give it a rest. Whatever bullshit statistic you come up does not mask the fact that he is no longer an asset. There is a chance that with a hell of a lot of nurturing he could return to something close to his best but if we are going to progress as a club we can’t have our best paid player being given special dispensation to play when he wants.. The message should always be, bust a gut for the team, if you can’t give 100% find another club.

    You might argue he’s worth it, I would argue he’s certainly not worth £350,000 a week which would be much better spent on players who give a shit.

  62. Batistuta

    Funny that all of a sudden Pedro now sees Ozil as this midfield maestro because it suits his ongoing agenda against the manager after spending the past few seasons calling the same player out because of how bad he’s been.

  63. Batistuta


    It’s almost like its another Mesut Ozil people have been harping on about, all of a sudden we should be building the squad around him in 2019?

    I know we are not exactly pulling up trees but to pretend like Mesut Ozil in 2019 would give us more “control” or whatever word has been used to justify that claim is clearly agenda driven

  64. jwl

    “Top 5 my arse they’d both make the top 2 …”

    Marc – I thought the same but it’s an online poll and there might be manure or spuds fans who are disgruntled and might get one of their players into the mix.

  65. Words on a Blog


    Just waiting for the moment when you to mount a full throttle defence of Ozil.p and blame his decline on (guess who?) Emery.

    Then you truly will have gone full circle and become the former Marxist-Leninist who’d just discovered the joys of capitalism….

  66. Chris

    I read a lot about assists and chances created and would it be fair to say that both are possibly misleading?

    For example, an assist may be something as simple as a side foot pass from the 6 yard line to a team mate in front of an empty goal, or it could be a defence splitting through ball a la Messi.

    The same with a ‘chance created’. This could be another simple side pass for a team mate to have a speculative attempt on goal, or it could be the killer though ball prior to the assist (is pre assist a stat?’ that truly created the goal?

    Stats are of course useful but it may not be wise to completely base your point of view on them. Using ones eyes it is clear that Ozil has struggled overall for Arsenal for some time, despite some stats possibly suggesting something different. The truth may lie somewhere in between.

    Out of genuine interest, what is the best football site for stats?

  67. Batistuta


    Only crazy folks go online to abuse players families but I’m sure these players have their guys who filter and keep this stuff away from them if not then I’m sure at one point or the other every footballer will get abused online, it’s not peculiar to Arsenal fans alone so again, Mustafi has not been treated any more poorly than Alumunia or Senderos or all the abuse Van Persie or even Fabregas got after they left…. Sadly it’s part and parcel of the modern game whether we like it or not

  68. Pierre

    Why not tell the others who constantly criticise Ozil to give it a rest .

    I’m still waiting for an area where we have improved without Ozil on the pitch .

    Any ideas Bob…

  69. Luteo Guenreira

    Andres Escobar was basically killed for an own goal. An extreme example but fan abuse is hardly new, everyone just has a more accessible medium is all.

  70. Batistuta

    Also and I’m sure its been highlighted, if the clubs hierarchy were upset at the managers treatment of Ozil or even Mustafi to an extent, I’m sure they’d have had a word in his ear about it so just maybe it’s their own way of saying, we told you that you weren’t part of our plans but you decided to stay so you’d have to work extra hard to earn a place and in Mustafi’s case, he’s buckeld down and actually looked good when he’s played in Europe and the league cup which at the moment is maybe his level for us……

    I get we’re all disillusioned with the performances this season but to find a way to blame the manager for certain players lack of ability is not fair, there’s only so much coaching you can get out of an error prone player. Also I’m sure Mustafi was told by Emery that he’d need to go elsewhere to find game time at the end of last season but he’s still here so again, don’t get how or why or what this poor treatment of the player is

  71. Pedro


    With all the wisdom you have imparted over the past year, are you really here trying to convince the board that Ozil would get voted as one of the worst midfielders in the world?

    This is worse than your take on Emery.

  72. Batistuta


    Have no clue whatsoever about any vote about anyone being the worst midfielder in the world, my comments are generally about how certain folks suddenly think Ozil is the answer to our problems….

    As for my take on Emery, i backed him and he’s turned out not good for purpose and I’ve admitted and said as much so nothing embarrassing there man, we all get things wrong and only reasonable folks hold their hands up and admit they were wrong you know like you did with the whole Gazidis thing, no shame admitting you were wrong at all

  73. jwl

    Pedro – it was online poll I believe, so I have no problem at all believing angry gooners would vote Ozil and Xhaka top five worst, just like Mustafi even tho he not top five worst either.

  74. Pierre

    Pepe has 3 assists , 2 from corners(I think) , not sure on the other one.

    Ceballos has 2 assists ( v Burnley)
    One was a simple 3 yard pass to Aubameyang who swerved inside a couple of players and scored from 20/25 yards and the other from a corner , nonetheless they count as assists and rightly so.

    Believe it or not , i believe a creative player should be judged on the amount of chances he creates as once he creates the chance , that’s his job done in that aspect of play .
    It is then up to striker to score or not .

    But yes , it is difficult to judge what really constitutes an assist .

    A player who takes set pieces around the box will obviously have more chance of creating assists and chances, ozil used to pad his stats up from dead ball situations as he can deliver, however Emery surprisingly immediately took him off those duties when he arrived .

    This season , I believe Tierney and Saka will register the most assists as I believe they have the best final ball in the Arsenal team.

    I expect a lot of our play to be focused on the left hand side due to the quality of their final ball.

  75. Guns of Hackney

    Watched a star is born. Jesus…I didn’t see the ending coming. Ruined my afternoon a bit. I tuned in to see Ga Ga’s tinkle and got that ending! I won’t spoil it. I can’t deny that those two really looked like a couple. I totally bought into it.

    As for Mustafi. He’ll get over it. Jesus…multi millionaire footballer reads internet poll: gets sad. Nothing to see here. I agree that Emery couldn’t run a race, let alone a football club. His treatment of his two stars last season was him throwing his weight around, losing and then doubling down this season. The man is a lost cause for us and the sooner we get rid, the sooner we can become the London Ajax. I’m enjoying our raw kids doing their thing but we need a manager who will have the balls to actually let them just play.

    Let’s all laugh at United but.

    1. They are still a destination.
    2. Still massive.
    3. Still rich.

    If they pull the right manager, they have the firepower to be up there with city and Liverpool in one season.

    We need some lateral thinking. And no one thinks more laterally than The Teta. That’s his new Monika. The Teta. King Tet. The Arteta of War. A Tetnami.

    Bring him home.

  76. Chris

    Thanks jwl, looks highly detailed website. I am assuming ‘key passes’ is the same as ‘chance created’.


    Yes this is where I was thinking that a player may not get enough credit for what he actually does, even if he doesn’t appear to have great stats. In contrast, the stats may also make a player appear to be performing better than he actually is.

    I am probably a bit old fashioned but I get my gut feeling from watching a player and seeing how he is on the pitch. I am not sure stats can be as conclusive about a players as they possibly could be in say, baseball. A possible decent indicator sure.

  77. Guns of Brixton

    I said a few posts back that we had to discuss Mustafi in light of 3 clean sheets from him

    I still think there’s a decent defender there but 🤷‍♂️.

  78. Wasi

    A player who takes set pieces around the box will obviously have more chance of creating assists and chances, ozil used to pad his stats up from dead ball situations as he can deliver, however Emery surprisingly immediately took him off those duties when he arrived .

    Pierre why are you still stuck on Emery taking Ozil off set piece duties man. It was an easy decision . Arsenal lacked and still lack players who can generate power when heading the ball. Ozil had the accuracy sure but his set pieces were floated and didnt have enough whip for our players to just tap it in . Xhaka who was the chief set-piece taker last season generated a lot of whip and power on the ball.

  79. Pierre

    Of course, an element of luck is involved on whether a player registers an assist.

    Ozil has had Ronaldo and Sanchez and created a superb relationship with these world class players and they benefitted from his astute passing, plus Ozil benefitted from having quality finishers ahead of him .

    Ozil hasn’t, for whatever reason , been able to strike up a telling relationship with Aubameyang which I find surprising . I would have thought they would be perfect for each other.

    Has Ozil lost his touch for the killer through ball , I would say he still has it but is way too conservative in his play recently.

    Last season most of our chances and assists came from wide positions and sometimes the defence splitting ball was the ball inside the full back of which Ozil is a master at .( watford away this season ) , so the credit goes to the wide player who slides the ball across the face of goal for the striker to tap in who also receives the credit, but the real architect of the goal is the player who plays the defence splitting pass.

  80. azed

    “Chances created ( 6 in 71 mins in his last game) and creativity.”

    While Ozil creates chances, Chambers drops assists even from the left back position.

  81. Pierre

    If you believe Ozil cant take a corner or free kick with whip on it, then have a look at how many times Ozil whipped the ball into the near post for Ronaldo to score .

    Ozil also knew that when he had giroud in the box he would use a different delivery, a more delighted delivery.

  82. Pierre

    “Ozil in 71 mins created six chances and we scored only one goal.Without Ozil, we scored 4 in 19 mins.”

    Cheers, proves my point , thanks for that.

  83. Un na naai

    Stuart Anderson went in hard boy. How was that comment not taken down when some of the most inoffensive nonsense from Marko et al gets removed?

    Chris I’d agree with you there
    The assist thing can be well over rated
    For me the guy who gives the ball tj the guy who assist usually creates the goal. The pre assist. That was where jack and rosicky excelled.

    And yes it is easy to see that ozil has struggled but the stats show that we are far more creative with him and score more goals with him. In a time of utter boredom on the arsenal front I’d be happy to put hi in for home games agaisnt loser sides for a bit

    Don’t forget how he laca and Aubameyang dovetailed so beautifully agaisnt Liverpool and Leicester last year

    I’ve been a massive critic of his but we are so poor going forward I’d have him back
    Just to see if it makes a difference
    Emery will have fuck all else uo his sleeve and don’t tell me bellerin and Tierney will change that

  84. Champagne charlie

    “While Ozil creates chances, Chambers drops assists even from the left back positio“

    Azed you do drop some bizarre shit sometimes. You know the difference between the chance and the assist isn’t the provider but the finisher?

  85. Marc

    I’m wondering how long before Pedro completely loses it and starts advocating Glenn Hoddle as a replacement for Emery.

    He did after all play under Wenger!

  86. grooveydaddy

    ‘You know the difference between the chance and the assist isn’t the provider but the finisher?’

    Or the quality of the chance…

  87. Pedro

    JWL, it was an online poll, Ozil is the most loved player online. He was not going to end up as a vote in the worst midfielder category.

    Marc, lose it? I’ve been putting you right for the last year. Think you owe me an apology.

  88. Gentlebris

    A lazy, uninterested, uncommitted and computer game-distracted Ozil would easily improve us in the last game against Bournemouth.

    Not that Ozil is great, but our midfield has been a pathetic garden of brown grass since Emery arrived.

    There was only one time I remember us playing like that under Wenger, away at Watford. That day I felt like grabbing Wenger by his zippers and planting a punch on his arrogant adulterous nose. I was so bitter.

    But now we have a ‘coach’ who brings our team to play like that every premier league game.

    BTW, I saw Wenger on TV today, and I initially felt like apologizing to him for not appreciating his brand of football enough, then I remember his absolute arrogance and how he acted as if the fans didn’t matter.

  89. Danny S

    Ozil is a class player no doubt, but for him to work effectively he must have 2 things.

    A solid defence and midfield behind him, and a goal getter in front. And I’m not talking about a good striker, I’m talking about a player that seeks the ball like a hound, ala CR7, or Sanchez.

  90. Danny S

    I think maybe Ozil and martinelli would pair up well. However we won’t ever get to see it.

    Ozil has one role and one place on the pitch and arsenal don’t have the manager or the squad to support that and Ozil isn’t the type of character to fight for a place.

  91. Grouvillegooner

    More than a bit ironic Pedro (unless you are doing it on purpose during a dull international break) but you are now blaming Emery for Ozil’s and Mustafi’s incompetencies. The one thing about Mustafi is that he has always tried , which is a lot more than can be said for Ozil. Does anyone remember Ozil’s first season when we were all told to go home and watch the match again to see all the good and subtle things that he had done that we had all missed!

  92. Bamford10

    “According to Turkish newspaper Takvim, Fenerbahce director of football Damien Comolli has opened talks with Arsenal to sign Mesut Özil on loan in January.” – @WorldwideArsenal

    Yes, please.

  93. Nelson

    I think we’ll have to get used to Emery’s pragmatic football. It can win us more points when playing away from home. At home, I expect Tierney and Bellerin will add some lives to our attacking plays, a la Pool’s style.

  94. Danny S

    I think chambers has looked better than bellerin recently.

    Has everyone forgot how crap bell has been defensively the last few seasons.

    He’s just super fast.

  95. Marc

    “Marc, lose it? I’ve been putting you right for the last year. Think you owe me an apology.”


    It wasn’t your view that Emery wasn’t up to it that I (and a few others) argued against. I don’t remember anyone saying Emery was their choice for us but I (and again a few others) were prepared to get behind the new manager to at least give him a chance. Where you were pulled up was your alternative – Arteta. Someone with zero experience in the hot seat. He might go on to become a good or better manager but he would have been a risk of incompetent proportions to give the Arsenal job to last summer.

    You’re the guy who argues that the Tories Economic policies could be better and then name Jeremy Corbyn as the guy to set it right.

  96. KAY Boss

    Pedro, I disagree with almost all you’ve written but I tend to agree with u that Mustafi would be a better rb than Chambers.

  97. Nelson

    At least, Emery is changing, for better or for worse. He said that he wants to win 5 – 4 instead of 1 – 0. I just realized that last game his team has only two shots on target and has won 1 – 0.

  98. bennydevito

    Good ebening grovers,

    Pedro, grovers, sorry for bringing Syria up but there’s one more thing I have to say

    Un nai, are you serious? The men should stay and fight? They’re civilians, they don’t have weapons or planes or tanks. When we fought off the Nazis we were in the British army and were supplied uniforms and guns etc. The Syrians have none of that. The US and Saudis stopped supplying the Free Syrian Army with weapons years ago. They are fucked. How are they supposed to fight against barrel bombs from the sky? On super pogo sticks jumping high into the air and punching them away??

    You also have the Russians assisting Assad from the air and Iranian shia militias on the ground killing the men and raping the women. How so they fight that? With sticks and stones?

    Fuck me. Stay and fight. Never mind up to a million have been disappeared in Assad’s prisons, tortured and killed.

    Yeah we fucked up royaly with Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya but Syria is different and very complicated especially now the Turks are moving in to wipe out the Kurds of Northern Syria.

    Anyway, that’s the last I’m going to say about it on here. I’ve got over 400 Syrian friends on Facebook and know about 50 personally in London of which about 20 of them I’m very good friends with. I don’t need to be told by anyone what’s going on because I know from Syrians who were there and are still there in Idlib.

    Marko, great posts by the way. Papers are being drawn up in Spain, Germany and Holland to indict Assad as a war criminal with 100s of documents smuggled out of Syria from defectors of Assad’s guard with absolute proof of the chemical weapons use and torture, murder and incineration of bodies in Assad’s prisons.

    Once again, sorry to talk politics, war etc on a football blog. Won’t do it again.

  99. Marc


    I’m not going to get drawn into a long debate about the Syria, Kurd / Turkey situation but I get the horrible feeling that we’ll be looking back at this in 5 – 15 years as another “well we fucked that up didn’t we” situation.

    Talk about politicians not learning from history.

  100. bennydevito

    Can Mustafi even play right back? As for better than Luiz or Chambers, Lol.

    For me Mustafi should be used as back up or in the cups. That’s it. If an offer comes in we should sell him.

    Mourinho at Spurs concerns me. Poch at Man utd with their money and clout concerns me even more. If he goes there I guarantee Kane and a few of Spurs’ best players go with him. The need to get someone in better than Emery will be very apparent.

    I hated Mourinho for how he disrespected Wenger and up until Spurs came into the equation I had no desire to have Mourinho with us, but now I’m not so sure.

    Should we take Mourinho to stop him going to Spurs?

    I really don’t know.

  101. Marc


    I gave Emery a season with a KIP of getting top 4 – he fucked that up royally. The rebuild under Sanllehi is progressing faster than I thought and Emery is regressing. I’ve already said he’s gone in next summer.

    I wasn’t smug – I was condescending to your zealot like push of Arteta. Just because Emery isn’t working out doesn’t make Arteta the “right” choice.

    Be honest and answer me a question – How many major / big clubs have to change manager without Arteta getting the job before you accept it was a slightly strange fantasy?

  102. bennydevito


    Ok, so that determins who’s the better player?

    Especially as he only made the WC squad as a replacement for someone who got injured, only made 3 substitute appearances and got injured in the round of 16. He didn’t play again or in the final. He was a bit part player, hardly a key player in the slightest.

    I just think Chambers has been very good since coming back, reads the game better and doesn’t make the errors Mustafi makes. You yourself were saying a few posts back how good Chambers has been since back.

  103. Normski


    ‘I’ve got over 400 Syrian friends on Facebook and know about 50 personally in London of which about 20 of them I’m very good friends with.’

    Mustafi is more than capable at fullback played for Germany at a WC there.
    Fucking hell. So what about the 350 you don’t know personally? Is it a friend request followed by a housing request?

  104. Marc


    Chambers looks like a player who sees an opportunity and is determined to grab it. It might work out, it might not but I personally at least admire a player who’s up for the fight.

  105. Un na naai

    All offended whilst condoning more military intervention in the Middle East? The damage that’s caused already

    Civilians can’t join armies or militia? Don’t be absurd.
    Just having 400 Syrian Facebook friends didn’t qualify you as an expert or make you privy to special information.

    The men of Europe fought for their homelands and I personally wouldn’t let single men of reproductive age in. Simple.
    Change is afoot anyway.

  106. Un na naai


    I’m saying no more on the topic
    I’m not allowed to discuss these things and I don’t want to get banned over something I really couldn’t give two hoots about at this point in time

    Just saw joker
    Very very good
    Harks back to a bygone era when films were character and story driven rather than special effects and constant quips.
    Was a little disappointed that the ending was so sudden but other than that thoroughly enjoyed it.
    It’s a very heavy film though so go in prepared.

  107. bennydevito

    Apparently the joker film has been scandalised for having 2 mins of a Gary Glitter song which he’s credited for and stands to make hundreds of thousands in royalties.

    A convicted pedo getting money from a movie. Oh dear. Massive oversight from the producers there.

  108. Un na naai

    Benny yeah that was shitty but in the name of creativity I’m willing to let that slide. The song fits and it’s also used in other films

    Well worth a watch but I can’t figure it out
    It doesn’t belong in the comic book world

    Well. No. It doesn’t belong in the comic book movie world. It’s too good.