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‘Move bitch, get off the plane, get off the plane bitch, get off the plane’

Was humming this as an old lady struggled to pull her heavy bag out of the overhead bin. Total nightmare wait, but I was amused by the internal soundtrack to the debacle.

You know what else amuses me? Watching Arsenal fans online. What a bunch of weirdos.

I love that after 10 years of mostly arguing over a single topic, we now create our own weekly subgroups of fandoms and anti-fandoms to get our fix of viciously polarised debate.

PEPE IS GREAT BELIEVE IN THE PROCESS vs PEPE IS GERVINHO WITH BETTER HAIR, the latest great issue polluting the websites.

Am I above this charade? Absolutely not.

I find it staggering that anyone is writing him off after 7 games. Dennis Bergkamp, our greatest ever big name signing was so bad, Alan Sugar claimed he wouldn’t wash his car with his shirt and he was a waste of money (did I make up the car washing thing?).

Thierry Henry had a shaky start to his career until he fizzed a screamer from 22 yards out at The Den. Freddie Ljungberg scored on his debut against United, but be honest, he was a mess in front of goal for at least a year. Then he found magic with the maturing Dutchman mentioned above. Even Bobby Pires, an absolute dream of a player, looked well off the pace during his maiden season. He was weak, he was unsuited to the league and it was tough to work out how a 6ft+ winger was going to adapt. I remember Wenger saying he’d be like Zidane and laughing to myself very quietly (AKBs were like Corbynistas on 2019 Twitter back in the day).

Pepe, or Pete as Sky fondly nicknamed him, is 24 years old, he’s come over from a slower league, and he’s trying to adjust to a new culture and language. It is rare that a talented player settles into a bad system immediately. I do not think we have to worry just yet. He’ll find his magic eventually.

The other thing I’ve noticed that is mildly amusing is reading the safe people of the Arsenal internet present concern about Emery as a risky opinion.‘You know what, I’m going to say it, something ain’t quite right about Unai’

Well I’ll be damned. Folk that took until late 2017 to determine Wenger might not make the much promised come back to the top, have sussed the new coach might not be up to snuff and they want to project it like a first to market notion.

So many of the people we lean on in the Arsenal community for sound direction on the club are almost always entirely off base, but because they deliver a bad narrative with ‘balance,’ they’re passed off as must-read intellects that know their stuff. I call it right and even my own friends don’t let me round their houses for prematch beers. It’s a disgusting injustice.

I guess yah just have to live with it.

Someone is going to write a highly intellectualised book about Arsenal internet one day and it’ll sell bundles. When you sit down with people and talk it through, it is actually weirdly fascinating. Remember QOS in the comments here? Told people on ACLF that I was phoning her home and abusing her kids? Remember the cucks feigning concern because they were talking to an actual woman? Her husband added me on LinkedIn! Turned owut it was a man with an online alter ego (his wife’s). That’s epic. Simply magnificent. Still not sure whose kids I was talking to.

Just kidding. I knew whose kids they were.

How about Arsene Wenger? Picking up an award I’ve never heard of. Begging for a job on Complaining that people had expectations of him.

“Every year people want something more from you. I experienced that at Arsenal. We were twenty consecutive years in the top four but in the end it was not enough anymore. Today if you get into the Champions League people are very happy.”

It’s sad to read. A man who was earning £190k a week, complaining about expectations. I think he’s holding out for a major job, but no one is biting. The oligarchs and sheikhs have wised up and despite his prestige as a man, he really sullied his football rep by clinging to power like a deluded despot. He should have quit in 2008, taken a New York sabbatical, toured around some modern clubs, taken notes, then rebirthed at a big club when he had some of that 2004 sheen about him.

Knowing when to exit is one of the finest qualities a man can possess.

On that fine note, I’m tapping tf out.

Why don’t we reminisce about the weirdos of Arsenal Internet today?

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  1. bennydevito

    Lol! Queen of Suburbia was quite the character. Her and Jaguar needed to get a room.

    Great podcast again Pedro. You do a great job on your own and everything you said was again spot on.

  2. Northbanker

    We have seen a few raw glances of Pepes speed and attack of threat but to date it has been in patches and not enough over 90 minutes

    Like Pedro I was thinking about slow starts from Pires, Bergkamp and Henry in previous matches

    As fans we underestimate the sheer difference in pace and power required in the Prem and this takes probably a full season

    As written prev this is massively exacerbated by the Emeryball painfully slow build up so that’s there is time to move when the ball eventually reaches him

    In spite of this imo Pepe will come good- I think he would be best served by second half appearances as a sub against tired legs at the moment and then gradually increase the time

  3. grooveydaddy

    Blackburn George takes the biscuit still as far as Arsenal online weirdos go.

    I used to find him unbearably annoying, but now whenever I come across on of his tweets on my timeliness? I find them ridiculously funny – pure comedy gold!

    I might just have to unblock him….

  4. jwl

    My problem with Wenger is that he stopped trying to finish first, he was content to build a team that would finish top four but never win.

    It was two team league for five years then Chavs had cash, then Man City had cash, and Wenger decided it was impossible to now so he stopped trying to win league. Two horse league was ok but when more clubs joined the equation, Wenger introduced half assed football played by overpaid players.

    Wenger and his youth projects that never went anywhere, losing league to Leicester when our nearest competitors cocked up their season, not buying any outfield players when we had huge bank balance that was getting larger every year.

  5. Un na naai


    Spot on about Pepe. It’s no surprise to me that the usual suspects are writing him off and quite telling. You just know these lot have never kicked a ball in their lives and just spout PlayStation football talk. Their views aren’t bedded in reality.

    Pepe will come good for arsenal. No doubt
    He’s got 3 assists already by the way whilst being off the pace so once he finds his groove I expect goals, assists and lazy runs galore.

    Not sure that’s going to happen under Emery as he prefers the ball in his own goal mouth for some strange reason

  6. Chris

    I am confident Pepe will come good, and let’s face it he isn’t likely to be going anywhere else. The club has invested in him and allegedly paying in multi year instalments. He may also have a new system and coach to work with next season, perhaps 😁

  7. Un na naai

    As written prev this is massively exacerbated by the Emeryball painfully slow build up so that’s there is time to move when the ball eventually reaches him


    Exactly!!! He’s isolating a £200m attack force.
    Like I said. He prefers to keep the ball im his own area. Fucking odd

  8. jwl

    Wasn’t the story that Wenger kept Pires on the bench for a while so he could watch and learn and he was completely shocked by how English football was played?

  9. Un na naai


    I’m not sure that’s right. Wenger always wanted to win the league it’s just that he lost sight of the final prices required to get us there

    That 07/08 team was so so close to being complete
    Had he managed to secure a proper centre back, anyone but Gallas and a proper GK we’d have nicked it

    We were dominating the league until Eduardo got his leg snapped. Our football was unplayable.

    Same 3 years late with the rvp/arshavin/nasri/wilshere/Cesc side

    Some leadership and quality at the rear end of the field would have given those boys the platform to beat anybody.

  10. jwl

    Un na naai – I think as Wenger was getting older, he lost his drive/passion for competition and he was content to spend his days at serene Colney training players.

    I agree that there were a couple different squads that were good after invincibles but there was also always players in defence and goal who were not good enough and it was fatal flaw that Wenger couldn’t be bothered to fix.

  11. Leedsgunner

    Emery is not making the best use of the speed in this side. In Auba, Pepe, Saka, Lacazette we have fast attackers with pace but Emery’s midfield selections in the EPL are making nothing of it.

    I know people are waiting for our first choice full backs to effect this quick transition, and no doubt that will help… but our we need our midfielders to get in the game more and link up better with our attackers.

    Only if we had a proven midfield pass master on our team who could pick out our attackers with that incisive pass… and a head coach who was capable of putting his personal animosity and inferiority complex aside for the best of the team.

  12. Guns of Hackney

    Can’t agree. Sorry. Pepe is not a kid. He’s 24. He’s coming to a multi cultural city and club…this isn’t the early 90’s. He won’t be the only french speaker, not the only black man and not on his own. Football is football. Don’t make it out to be any different. Slower, quicker or more aggressive…it’s still football. Does a heart surgeon suddenly forget to heart surgeon when they move to another hospital or country? Absolutely not.

    Pepe is a flash in the pan. One season wonder and we’ve been royalty snaffued.

    Sums Arsenal up. Years of penny pinching and the moment we go big…we buy a banger from Honest Dan the Car Man.

  13. Leedsgunner

    Remember Mourinho wrote off Salah and KDB…. and look how they turned out!

    The grass is not always greener on the other side. Sometimes we need to make the best use of the players we already have.

    Frankly I’ve lost faith that Emery can do this. He is too insecure and over cautious in the league.

    Doing well in the Cups are all well and good, but good outings in the Europa League are pointless unless we win the whole thing.

  14. Leftsidesanch

    Most people apart from the usual overly negative/attention seekers on here wish Pepe well and are willing to give it time.

  15. Guns of Hackney

    Pepe is still shit.
    Emery out.
    Edu out.
    The fanbase out.
    Himmler in.
    Raul out.
    Danny Dyer in.
    Wenger in.

  16. Guns of Hackney


    No they aren’t Left. No they aren’t.

    Wish him well? Jesus, he’s an adult whose a millionaire. He hasn’t overcome a career threatening injury or gotten over an illness.

    Fuck me.

  17. Un na naai


    I’d agree with that. He became more of an idealist than a winner. More driven by the legacy of the club and the football we play.

    He was always a bit shit at assessing keepers though. As Bob Wilson said it was his biggest blind spot

    For me where he really lost it was the development of players. That was the biggest weapon in his armoury and once he lost that he lost the ability to help Wilshire, Theo, ox and Ramsey kick on.

    A massive opportunity lost on those 4 and with the sale of RvP it was curtains.

    Still he’s gone and none of that will change the memories he gave to those of us who actually followed the club for 97-06

  18. Bamford10

    If you look at a few criteria — e.g., dribbling, quality in close spaces, cleverness in combination with other players, vision, quality of finishing — I have seen very little from Pepe so far that makes me think he has enough of any of these things. Yes, it’s early days, so he could look very different in a few months, but I can’t say I’m all that optimistic based on what we’ve seen so far.

    As for his being “isolated” on the right, this is nonsense. He has seen plenty of the ball and has had plenty of supporting players around him when he has had the ball. He’s no more “isolated” on the right than Saka is on the left, and no one is questioning Saka with respect to any of the criteria above or complaining that he is “isolated”.

    As for what Wenger has to say, no one’s opinion could matter less.

  19. Un na naai

    Hackney you’re wrong

    France is a lot slower in football and the pace to life. Have you ever worked in another country? Just knowing the language or having people with the same colour skin as you in your workplace isn’t the defining aspect of a successful career

  20. HighburyLegend

    Concerning Pepe, Pedro tell us to be patient. Fair enough.
    But considering the price we’ve paid for him…. you know what I mean.

  21. Guns of Hackney

    Amazing how many people are now dismissing Wenger’s achievements now he’s gone. Don’t get me wrong, I was an ardent outer but I also did and still do appreciate that without Arsene, Arsenal would not be the club we are/could be.

    I would t want some of you watching my back, that’s for sure. Creeps.

    I’d take a 69 year old Wenger now than Emery.

  22. Leftsidesanch

    Guns he plays for the team you allegedly support, so if he performs on the pitch then it can only be a plus.

    You carry on though, got to stay in character.

  23. Un na naai


    Saka has plyed well vs Forrest and Legia
    He’s found it tougher in the league
    Pepe should have been getting minutes in the cups and he’s been played up front in front of a diamond for half his career at arsenal already with a non existent midfield

    You talk so much shit man

  24. Un na naai


    He’s a better coach than emery. If he was given the head coach role and nothing else we’d be seeing a far better iteration of arsenal with this squad than we currently are

    I don’t want him back though. Time for something new. A coach we can say we are lucky to have
    Not yesterday’s middle manager

  25. Guns of Hackney


    The point I was making about his skin colour wasn’t really about skin colour. It was more akin to saying he isn’t a pioneer…it’s been done. He has many people around him to help him.

    I’ve never worked. Period. I kid. Collecting Dole is working.

    Pepe is rubbish.

  26. qna

    I think Pepe is going to be fine. However, in my opinion he is currently worth the same as Saka, Martinelli and Neilson. He has had his chance in front of the queue, due to his price tag. But from here on out I think he should be placed in the same bracket. Now let the four of them fight it out. That competition for spots is what will make them. Don’t write any of them off. Bring in Balogun too if he is earning it. I don’t think pressure is a bad thing for Pep. Personally I think it will help him to see some of those kids get games and do well.

    I’m bloody excited to see the development of Pepe. I think some Arsenal fans don’t really understand why these young kids are costing these massive prices now a days. You aren’t buying the finished world class player for 70m. Not anymore. You are buying someone you hope will be a 200m player before they cost that much. You buy them young and then develop them yourselves. Whether we got it right on Pepe or not is beside the point. We were always buying a player that had a long way to go.

  27. HighburyLegend

    “Arsene Wenger says he has turned down offers to manage in the Premier League because he is “too linked” to Arsenal. ”


  28. Pierre

    I do still think that in his mind Emery has a conundrum.

    He obviously favours the pressing game, the home game v Leige was the perfect example of how he wants the team to play.

    The catalyst for our pressing game and intensity was Martinelli and he kept this up for the full 90 minutes.

    This is where he will have the conundrum , as I truly believe that he puts more precedence on intensity than quality..

    Would he want Martinelli over Aubameyang….

    Against Bournemouth we played with intensity for half an hour, after that …nothing.

    Aubamayang , Pepe and Saka will always struggle in this part of the game as it doesn’t come natural to them unlike Martinelli who relishes that part of the game .
    Alexis Sanchez would be a perfect player for Emery as he was always frustrated at the lack of intensity and closing down during his time at Arsenal. ..of course, ozil is the polar opposite and will never be a fit for Emery’s style of football.

    The other part of the conundrum regarding Aubameyang is that if he is chasing down full backs and the keeper all game , we could lose his goalscoring threat .

    Up until the Leige game we hadn’t really played the pressing game with any real intensity .
    The positive side to that is it allows Aubameyang to conserve his energy for when he needs it most, hence the reason he has such a good record in front of goal this season.

    His performance ( on the ball) v Bournemouth was poor , and up until the 90th minute ( hit the post) he struggled to find space and make an impact, though I would say the manager would probably be happy as he was running around a lot.

    If Emery is to continue with this high intensity football and pressing from the front ,the fans shouldn’t be surprised to see a drop in Aubameyang’s goalscoring exploits as he will become fatigued and lose his sharpness in front of goal.

  29. qna

    Lol. Alarm bells would be ringing if I found myself in a situation where my opinions lined up with a couple of blokes that still want Wenger as the coach. Pretty much the opposite of everything they say must be true. 🙂

  30. Bamford10


    “He is too insecure and over cautious in the league.”

    Because why? He’s still starting Xhaka? I agree this is a bad choice, but the players did vote Xhaka their captain, so it’s not like Emery is all on his own in placing faith in this dud.

    Emery is starting the 18-year-old Saka in the league, though. Is that over-cautious? He is also starting Ceballos. That’s clearly an attack-minded decision.

    I think some of you are ignoring the fact that this is a process, that a manager learns more and more about his players as he goes along, learns more and more about what is working and what is not working as he goes along. Emery may not be the man for the job beyond May, but his thinking is not static. He is learning. There are things he is doing now that he wasn’t doing a year ago, and there are things he was doing a year ago that he isn’t doing now. Whatever he is getting wrong at the moment, this can change. He has shown that he is capable of seeing what is wrong or what is not working and changing it.

    The guy’s not a genius, but he’s not some inflexible automaton either.

  31. Ivan

    Sometimes i fell i warched different Arsenal than many posters here during Wenger years.

    I felt need for change as much as any od You feeling toxicity of later years, but this blind blame for everything bad and making him Tony Pulis equal of football knowlege and coaching is Imo absurd.

    Gazidis is hardly spoken her in sense of epic failures while Ed Woodward is widely acknowledged as source of ManU downfall.

    Watched few newer David Dein interviews where topic is how he and Wenger worked in sucessfull years.

    It made me a lot of sense why Wenger was sucessfull and failed miserably in the end.

    For my limited knowledge about Arsenal, and becoming fan somewhere around 97, it looks like more like Wenger downfall was enabling him to do everyithing and be everyithing from DoF to Coach in one than fotball knowledge and coaching.

    Having degree in economics is by no means only metric for one giving contracts, designing training grounds, deciding about affordability of signing players etc…

    In some sense i feel he is equaly culprit and victim of many bad decisions that were not coaching related, and that he became to distant from his main job having input in all wirkings around the club.

    Especially as that snake Gazidis virtually did nothing bar takink paycheck and letting Wenger do everything equally taking praise and flak for his work and lack of work of man above him.

    I know not many will agree with me, but at the same time have a feeling that many have one dimensional and a bit wrong look on those 20ish years of history of our club.

    Sry for long post from someone that doesent post much…

  32. jwl

    Un na naai – didn’t know Wilson said that but I would agree – Almunia in goal was beginning of banter years with Wenger.

  33. Un na naai


    Yeah. Has to be the worst keeper to play for us in my time watching.

    We went from Seaman, lukic, Manninger to almunia. Fucking atrocious.

  34. Obum

    You expect me to judge unai after coming from a different league, with a language barrier and a setup that have been useless for over 5yrs. U judge OGS after less than a year but forgetting it took Fergie 4yrs to get it right. And you expect me not to call Pepe a flop after 8 games? The world wants urgent results

  35. Un na naai


    I don’t think Aubameyang worked hard vs Bournemouth at all.
    He offers very little bar the final touch
    Exactly like Owen post 03 when he lost his pace. Aubameyang still has his though and it should be utilised to greater effect for me. He’s got so much more to offer off the ball

  36. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal have not played well this season but have only lost one game in EPL
    and Cup Competitions.

    On the evidence of what I have seen sofar there is mileage in improving the
    team once Messrs Holding, Bellerin, Tierney and Lacazette are match fit and
    available for first team selection.

    Pepe has underperformed, but as Pedro suggests it does take time to adapt.
    I would not write him off too quickly. If he finds form then we have a powerful
    strike force.

    I am still underwhelmed about our midfield. There is still too much emphasis
    on holding midfielders rather than creative ones particularly in home games
    where we should be CONTROLLING better games.

    I recognise that Emery is under pressure to finish in top four this season, but
    that does not mean playing negative football.

    Realistically Liverpool and Manchester City will finish in top two this season
    albeit that latter are not playing well.

    Otherwise there is no reason why we should not finish third. Man Utd and
    Spurs do not look top 4 material so that leaves us competing with Chelsea,
    Leicester and Wolves for remaining two places.

    What I do know is that our squad is a lot stronger than last season despite some of the negativity expressed.

  37. Pierre

    Jim Furnell tops my list as worse keeper.

    Bob Wilson is up there with the very best at Arsenal….have never seen any other keeper as brave as him ,before or since, diving head first into the strikers feet when they were through on goal was his speciality.

  38. Un na naai

    No the arsenal fan base just wants to see an improvement
    We’ve got e backwards since last year

    Less points at same stage less goals scored and more conceded

    It’s like the further emery gets his tentacles into the team the worse we get

    That 23 game run was still a wenger team playing some lovely football to boot

    That isn’t emery’s way
    Since he got a hold of the team we’ve deteriorated

  39. Un na naai

    Look. I understand we play a certain way agaisnt top teams but vs Watford and Bournemouth at home we should not be on the back foot the way we are

    This is emery’s vision

  40. Valentin

    Players having difficulty adapting is not something new. It is in fact much easier for expat nowadays that it was when Bergkamp or Pires joined us.
    Pepe can take the Eurostar to Lille or Paris and spend the night with friends and family. I was raised in Lille and used to pop in on Weekend to visit my family, so I can testify that it it is much easier than you think. The family of Fonte the Lille CB is still residing in London from his Crystal Palace day. He stated he is closer to his family via Eurostar than a Londoner whose family is in Newcastle.
    Having seen play live at Lille my concern with Pepe is the fact that by default he was a static player who needs somebody else to pass into space for him to motor away. Because we play a slow ponderous game, it is even more obvious at Arsenal. Right now we have nobody capable of those quick vertical passes. As Good passers as they are, Both Guendouzi and Ceballos have a tendency to slightly hogg the ball and not release quickly enough.
    The two seasons Pepe was successful, both coaches had to organise lots of specific training sessions for him to teach him appropriate runs. So my two questions are:
    At 24 years old does he still need that same amount of coaching?
    If he really still need that level of coaching to fullfil his potential, will he get it at Arsenal?

    I think the answers is yes to both, but that will take a lot longer than most fans anticipated. He may come good next season. Hence my view that we overpaid for a player at the stage of his development.

  41. Bamford10


    You’ve said a lot there and much of it is reasonable. A few things, however.

    One, Gazidis didn’t determine who we signed or who we sold; Wenger did. So the quality of our squad during those years is entirely on Wenger. And the cries of poverty are nonsense. He had plenty of money at his disposal the entire time, especially from 2012 on.

    Two, Wenger had some good ideas. No question. But he didn’t evolve, he didn’t adapt, he didn’t learn. He just kept doing the same things. What worked in a previous era with one set of players, however, did not work in a different era with a different set of players. Instead of revising some of his ideas for a new era, he just kept doing the same things. The result was failure, time and time again.

    Three, he was too much the romantic and he relied too much on intuition and impressions and too little on analysis. This is a more complicated point, though, and I would need a lot more caffeine to make it.

    As for his economics degree, I think this was part of the problem, actually. This is what led Wenger to become overly interested in the financial side of things, which was a problem for two reasons: one, he was a frugal middle-class Frenchman, so in taking such an interest in our financial affairs, and in having so much power over how our money was spent, he gave the club a frugal, middle class approach to spending. He ran the club like a middle-class Frenchwoman runs her household or her restaurant. Worse, when new silly money and spending came into league (Chelsea), Wenger found this spending distasteful, contrary to his values. Rather than adapting to the new rules, he decided to buck them, to snub his nose at the new ways. He became even more frugal, and he tried to prove a point, tried to prove that he could win without adopting the new ways, the new spending.

    He failed. And then he failed some more. And then he failed some more.

    By the time it became obvious that he needed to spend, he began spending, but he spent poorly.

    He then combined this poor spending with his dated and laissez-faire ideas about tactics and organization. The result was more failure.

    There is more to be said on all of this, but that’s enough for now.


  42. Pierre

    “I don’t think Aubameyang worked hard vs Bournemouth at all.”

    Harder than usual , especially in the first half hour , though he will never close down with the same intensity as Martinelli.
    For a start he’s not interested in any aspect of the physical part of the game.

    He rarely makes a tackle or a block as he has the knack of arriving just after the defender or keeper clears the ball ro avoid contact… very clever.

    To be honest, that part of Aubameyang’s game doesn’t bother me , he is similar to Ozil in that effect but I do feel that , if Emery stays, Aubameyang will be gone next season as he isnt a good fit for a high intensity pressing game.

  43. Valentin


    “however.One, Gazidis didn’t determine who we signed or who we sold; Wenger did. ”
    Not entirely true. Toward the end Wenger was pretty much isolated and a lot of deal happens without him knowing of it. Xhaka was an example as Wenger did not even know what kind of footballer he was. Mavrapanos another example as Wenger admitted not knowing anything about. He was ready to send him on loan, but was convinced to keep him after seeing him in a few training sessions.

    I agree with the rest of the points you are making. He did not adapt. His frugal value did not align anymore with the reality of modern football.
    I also think that because of the extra burden he was taking upon himself, he forgot his football roots. He coached less. For example when Anelka came in, he gave him extra one v one training session to improve his movements and shooting. Did the same thing with Henry. However he stopped doing it after.

  44. Emiratesstroller


    Furnell made some spectacular saves but I agree that he was not a great goalkeeper. McLelland who played in a defensive Irish Combination was also
    a fairly dreadful goalkeeper.

    One of the best goalkeepers that I watched at Arsenal was Jack Kelsey. That was because he played in one of the worst postwar Arsenal teams and possibly
    saved us from relegation

  45. Wasi

    Only if we had a proven midfield pass master on our team who could pick out our attackers with that incisive pass… and a head coach who was capable of putting his personal animosity and inferiority complex aside for the best of the team.

    IMO He is a conservative and for that type of a man inferiority complex matters imo. He is the biggest voice in the room and everybody knows it but he will still try to prove it to everyone.

    Aubamayang , Pepe and Saka will always struggle in this part of the game as it doesn’t come natural to them unlike Martinelli who relishes that part of the game .
    for Emery’s style of football. The other part of the conundrum regarding Aubameyang is that if he is chasing down full backs and the keeper all game , we could lose his goalscoring threat .

    Salah ,Firmino and Mane press more than our players and it doesn’t really affect their goal contributions. So i think that statement is wrong.
    You lose gas chasing and harrassing defenders sure but it will also give you golden and easy chances to score when you succeed in nicking the ball high upfield.(eg- Auba goal vs Manu). But whate important here is the team should be pressing in a co-ordinated manner like Liverpool , City. And do not go on pressing every ball rather try to exploit the oppositions weak points. (Klopp’s expertise) . What happens at Arsenal is Auba ,Saka and Pepe press and one of the midfielder will join but the other 2 stay behind and the centre backs are closer the goal than the halfway line. This leaves spaces in the middle third and we are bypassed easily. Especially when you have Xhaka in the middle trying to catch shadows.

    People doubting Pepe. Last year’s best Prem player Bernardo Silva took 1 whole year before even making the starting 11. Mahrez score 3-4 goals in his first PL season even though he came up from the rigourous Championship. Sterling had 13 Pl goals in his first 2 seasons with City.Justfew latest examples .

    Lastly, found this little thread on twitter. Little graphs showing how poor our underlying stats are. A younger Chelsea side with an inexperienced coach beating us in literally every category.

    Also this

  46. Wasi

    To be honest, that part of Aubameyang’s game doesn’t bother me , he is similar to Ozil in that effect but I do feel that , if Emery stays, Aubameyang will be gone next season as he isnt a good fit for a high intensity pressing game.

    Are you kidding man. Auba is the reason Emery is still here .

  47. Bamford10


    So you’re saying Xhaka and Mavropanos were Gazidis decisions, not Wenger decisions? What other players were this, in your estimation? Aubameyang? Please provide a list of players you think were Gazidis decisions, not Wenger decisions, and please provide a credible source or sources for this claim.

  48. Valentin


    What Dani Alves says is correct, but still Salah, Mane, Sterling, Mahrez make small movement toward and then away from the ball carrier. That forces the defender facing them to adjust and that potentially give them an opening. They also know when to make small lateral movement to open the space for themselves or the full back.

    Pepe rarely moves away from his position. Also when he moves toward the ball carrier to receive the ball, it is a vertical movement toward the right back. He rarely move laterally to allow the RB to overlap him.

    In fact against Bournemouth the only times Chambers made great overlaps was when Pepe had been substituted.

  49. Bamford10

    “only if we had a proven midfield pass master”

    We have such a player: Ceballos. Guy is a fantastic passer. Fantastic.

  50. Leedsgunner

    In any other business if you had a manager who did not know how to use a company asset which cost the company £42.5m to bring in and over £36m to maintain he would be fired… this is not considering the money we paid him before we gave Özil his bumper contract.

    Say what you want about Özil as a player but a key performance attribute of a top manager is to get the best out of his existing players.

    Emery is not doing this. He is burying his head in the sand.

    I’m not defending Özil here, but I’m criticising how Emery is handling the whole situation considering our midfield is so lacking in creativity in the EPL games we have played. It is nothing short of abdication of his responsibilities hoping that the problem goes away.

    That is not man management, that is cowardice.

  51. Bamford10


    Sterling is a better example than Silva, in my opinion, as the latter is so skillful and so clever on the ball that he cannot really be compared to a Pepe. Sterling is a decent example, though, because his finishing was so poor when he first arrived at City, whereas today it is excellent. One could say that Pepe might be going through something similar. The only thing I’d say to that is that Sterling is a better dribbler than Pepe — from what I’ve seen — and he is better in close spaces. Without these things, I don’t see how Pepe is going to thrive in the PL, even if he begins striking the ball better. As I say, though, it’s early days and it’s hard to say how Pepe’s play will evolve.

  52. Valentin


    Aubameyang and Mhkitaryan were Gazidis decision. Sven was involved in Aubameyang’s transfer to the annoyance of Dortmund. Wenger just toed the party line.
    In his later years Wenger was dithering on buying players, spending hours watching a player before changing his mind because of the price. The fact that during Xhaka introduction, he did not even know what kind of player Xhaka was should tell you that he did not spend any time scouting him.
    It had been well documented that Wenger wanted Martial as part of the deal with Sanchez. Mourinho wanted to get rid of him but Woodward refused. Instead of pressing hard on the subject, Gazidis was convinced to accept Mhkitaryan. His negotiation skills were so poor that we ended up paying Mhkitaryan bigger wage than what he was on at ManUtd. Wenger blew a gasket when he learned how much Mhkitaryan was going to earn.

  53. Bamford10


    I’m not sure what remark you’re even referring to. But I definitely disagree with you re Ozil. Ozil was dead as a player long before Emery arrived; he is no solution to our issues, and Emery is not mishandling him, IMO. We are moving on from Ozil, and that is fine.

  54. Pierre

    “Are you kidding man. Auba is the reason Emery is still here .”

    He would be the first name on my team sheet every week including next season.

    Emery wont see it that way though …there is no way he’s saying to himself, thank God I have Aubameyang or I would be out of a job.

  55. Spanishdave

    Pepe should be dropped for a few games as he has become a passenger and it reduces us to ten men which we cannot afford to do.
    The classic equivalent was when Brian Clough brought Trevor Francis then the most expensive player ever, he put him into the reserves and told him to prove he was good enough to be in the first team. The rest was history.

  56. Bamford10


    Mkhitaryan I can see. Aubameyang I can see, to some extent. However, you need to provide support for the claim that Xhaka was a Gazidis decision, not a Wenger decision. Just saying that Wenger was unclear about what kind of midfielder Xhaka was proves nothing. Wenger was unclear about all kinds of things he was supposed to be in charge of. Wenger wanted Vertonghen to play as a CDM. Wenger wanted and thought and said all manner of curious things. You need to provide evidence that Wenger was out of the loop at that point (May 2016) and that he was not really a part of the Xhaka decision. I don’t think that’s correct.

  57. Pierre

    Of course we have shown improvement all over the pitch without Ozil, haven’t we.

    Midfield .
    Away form

    I’m sure you can find a part of the game that we have improved without Ozil.

  58. Champagne charlie

    “As for what Wenger has to say, no one’s opinion could matter less.“

    Imagine being Banford and saying this 😂😂

  59. Bamford10

    25 May 2016

    Arsenal have signed Switzerland midfielder Granit Xhaka from Borussia Monchengladbach.

    The 23-year-old, who has won 41 international caps and captained the German club, joins for a reported £35m on a long-term contract.

    “I’m very proud to be joining Arsenal,” said Xhaka. “I cannot wait to move to London, represent this special club and play in the Premier League.

    “I will give everything to help Arsenal win trophies and make the fans happy.”

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said: “Granit Xhaka is an exciting young player, already with good Champions League and Bundesliga experience.

    “We have been watching him for a long time now and he is a player who will add quality to our squad.”

    Sounds like Wenger was absolutely a part of it, Valentin. And May 2016 is long before Wenger was sidelined, IMO.

  60. Un na naai

    Champagne charlieOctober 8, 2019 11:42:20
    “As for what Wenger has to say, no one’s opinion could matter less.“Imagine being Banford and saying this 😂😂

    Are you saying Bamford’s opinion matters less than Le Senile old ****?

  61. Champagne charlie


    I’m saying anyone who wants to weigh up how much another persons opinion “matters”, really ought to have water tight credibility themselves.

    Then in waddles ‘Mr. 20 years to choose a team’ dismissing ‘Mr. 20 years manager of Arsenal’.

    Unbelievable Jeff 😂

  62. Chitom

    “ Does a heart surgeon suddenly forget to heart surgeon when they move to another hospital or country? Absolutely not.“

    Lol, GoH, you should really stick to outrageous bomb throwing, at least some of it is mildly funny.
    Your attempt at a serious analysis of Pepe situation, as shown up top, is tragically inadequate.

    The best thing that has happened to Pepe thus far is that the other Arsenal target , Zaha, has been struggling this season as well.
    This has spared the comment section from countless gloating from “I wanted Zaha “ crowd which would’ve been annoying.
    I suppose Zaha – the brain surgeon – forgot his trade even though he’s been working with the same staff at the same hospital.

    Btw, the brain surgeon Chelsea sold to RM for even more money than Pepe’s transfer is also struggling.

  63. Un na naai

    y themselves. Then in waddles ‘Mr. 20 years to choose a team’ dismissing ‘Mr. 20 years manager of Arsenal’.



  64. Wasi

    Emery wont see it that way though …there is no way he’s saying to himself, thank God I have Aubameyang or I would be out of a job.

    Pierre , I am sure Emery will see it that way. He has never benched Auba and will never. When he wants to play with 1 striker be chooses Auba. When both Auba and Lacazette are on the field its Lacazette who always gets substituted even though he works harder than Aubameyang. Auba is probably Emery’s 3rd favourite after Xhaka and Guen.

    Pepe is very good in tight spaces too. Not as good as Sterling yet but be will learn. Sterling is one of the deadliest dribblers inside the penalty box but it took time for him to get there. Im sure Pepe can too. + Pepe can get better than Sterling in Goal numbers imo . Once Pepe finds his feet then im sure he’ll win is games on his own. Pepe nearly earned a penalty with his trickery inside the box against Bournemouth. So you see he’s got the ability .

    I havent noticed what you are saying. But I have noticed the following. Whenever our wingers have the ball there is literally no support. Auba is always on the shoulders. Sometimes theyll have the full back overlapping but thats that.
    The 3 midfielders Emery selects are generally too deep and the wingers have to hold up the ball for them to come into play. When we play 4-3-3 the 2 advanced midfielder should try to get in between the lines . But most of the times theres a big hole in the no. 10 position when we are attacking.
    Xhaka sitting deep.
    Guendouzi babysitting Xhaka.
    Ceballos is literally roaming around. Argument can be made he drops to help play out from the back. But nobody takes up his position.
    Torreira. When he plays just starts running straight into the opposition box. He’s a little uncomfortablee playing in the opposition 3rd.
    This leaves our wingers isolated.
    If you see Pep’s 4-3-3 youll get an idea what im trying to say. The advanced midfielders are stationed between the midfield and defence lines. The Fullback is looking for an overlap and if not then Kdb/Silva make an underlap. Aguero moves first post, Opposite winger moves 2nd post and the opposite #8 makes a late dart into the box. And 1/4 City goals are scored in this fashion.

  65. Wasi

    Read somewhere that Ozil is the player with most chances created for Arsenal under Emery’s reign.
    Wonder why we lacking the creativity this season?🤔

  66. Chitom

    “If you look at a few criteria — e.g., dribbling, quality in close spaces, cleverness in combination with other players, vision, quality of finishing — I have seen very little from Pepe so far that makes me think he has enough of any of these things. “

    Bamford, I suggest you rewatch his dribble that got him past Robertson again.
    This is not a skill you just find anywhere.
    His mistake was that he didn’t trust his right foot and brought the ball back on his left and allow Robertson back in on the play and then hurried his shot.

    I agree about the other aspects of Pepe’s game but his dribbling abilities are exceptional.

  67. Chitom

    Timing is sometimes as important with players transfers as anything else.
    The reason I worry about Pepe is because Emery is under pressure this season and might not give him enough time to find his feet.
    He’s already said Pepe needed to deliver more to justify his transfer cost.
    Bad management.

  68. Un na naai

    Bamford, I suggest you rewatch his dribble that got him past Robertson again.
    This is not a skill you just find anywhere.
    His mistake was that he didn’t trust his right foot and brought the ball back on his left and allow Robertson back in on the play and then hurried his shot.


    Also the only palyer to beat VVD in a one on one since Jesus was young

  69. Pierre

    “Read somewhere that Ozil is the player with most chances created for Arsenal under Emery’s reign.
    Wonder why we lacking the creativity this season?🤔”

    Of course he is .

  70. Un na naai

    He’s already said Pepe needed to deliver more to justify his transfer cost.
    Bad management.


    Just another sorry example of why this man is not fit to manage a great club like arsenal.

  71. Valentin


    I know that a lot of people think that Pep’s ManCity plays a 4-3-3, but personally I see a 4-1-4-1 that moves a lot around. With Fernandinho or Rodrigo screening the defense, with the back 4 becoming a back 3 when both fullbacks are pretty high. That gives them a problem if the opposition has two speedy high places players for counter-attacks because without Laporte they have nobody with pace.
    However because they have so much of the ball and so high, the formation is more akin to a 2-1-4-2-1.

    I agree that our wingers are isolated. Pepe seems to be stuck on the right touch line while players on the side do not seems to suffer as much. Both Saka, Martinelli have made lateral movements and gather the ball slightly more centrally. He may stay there under instructions from Emery because against Newcastle and Burnley Nelson was doing the same thing.

    Pepe also suffers from his fearsome reputation so he attracts more players than the unknown quantity Saka, Nelson, Martinelli.
    Ceballos is great at what he does, but his style of play made with lots of touch is not what Pepe feeds on which is quick vertical release of the ball so he can attack the defense near the penalty box.

  72. Un na naai


    Spot on about there being no support. They also aren’t being used early enough. You hit Pepe and Saka early and they will frighten an open defence on the back foot

    Pepe tore VVD
    He can beat anyone

  73. Un na naai

    In the Graphs set out this season emery likes his team to play wider than any other team in the league.

    That’s why Pepe is routed to the touch line but that’s no good without support

    He’s being hung out to dry by an inept Buffoon chin scratcher

  74. Chitom

    Good point about zeppelin attracting double and triple teams of defenders when in possession.

    Un na naai
    I don’t know how much help Pepe’s getting from Emery to improve his game but to use GoH brain surgeon analogy, Emery has given me a lobotomy.

  75. S Asoa

    Reg Pepe , we have not seen his burst of speed and tricky footwork during his first game. That time his passing was poor since he didn’t know his teammates capabilities.
    I guess uaii Unai tried to correct him with
    Ole Pepe largas uno pelas culatras e voom
    Apparently Pepe was left confused by what he meant and stayed disillusioned 😁😂😂

  76. Wasi

    Val thats what i said. Advanced midfielders operating between the lines. In fairness we have only 2 midfielders good at that . One is Ozil who will make the side very weak defensively if player in a 4-3-3. Other is Ceballos . But he takes too many touches of the ball before deciding what he’s going to do next. Willock can learn to play that position .
    So right now we only have Ozil who can play that role. But unless he gives in to Emery i dont see it happening. + Emery’s conservative nature will make Emery go with a 4-2-3-1 if Ozil is brought back into the squad.

  77. Wasi

    I guess uaii Unai tried to correct him with
    Ole Pepe largas uno pelas culatras e voom

    Im sure he also mixed a few english words like Balance and imprroving.

    Also its Pete not Zeppelin.

  78. Bamford10


    I’ll re-watch that, but I’m not saying he has zero dribbling; I’m saying I haven’t seen evidence that he has enough dribbling to excel in the PL. For example, is he as good a dribbler as a Sane, a Mahrez, a Salah, a Silva, even a Sterling or a Zaha? I haven’t seen it. I could be wrong, though.

    I guess a comparison could be made between Pepe and Mane. Not because the two are all that similar a player in the end, but because both are wide attacking players, both have pace, and both have some, though not outstanding, dribbling and finishing. I guess the question is: does Pepe have more to him than Mane does, or does he have less than Mane does? If more, what does he have more of? If less, what does he have less of?

    I’m not sure, but it will be interesting to see how he develops. I’m hoping for the best, obviously; I’m just not that optimistic based on what I’ve seen so far.

  79. Jim Lahey

    “Then in waddles ‘Mr. 20 years to choose a team’ dismissing ‘Mr. 20 years manager of Arsenal”

    Ha! To be honest if I had any choice in the matter I don’t think I would have picked Arsenal!!

  80. Graham62

    Bob N16 (from previous post)

    So by saying I’m fed up with these Climate Change activists and I voted to leave Europe, I’m considered far right.

    Pretty dumb don’t you think?

  81. Chris

    That’s a nice write up from 7am. Full of stats, the 2014/15 Sevilla similarities are concerning.

    I think quite a few of us said a while ago that nobody is wedded to Emery, and that if he does a ‘Houllier’ and gets top four for the next guy (Benitez) it would be time to say thanks but best of luck with your next job. I think Edu and Raul are seeing this, success may not be simply tolerated if it is built on a house of cards. I don’t think Emery is going to do anything so drastic to lose his job before the end of the season, and on the same token he won’t excel enough even to keep it.

  82. Marc


    I don’t think Sanllehi and Edu are looking at 4th as the ultimate target. I believe they are looking for continued improvement and development. Most balanced fans don’t think Emery was ever brought in to be a long term manager (5 years plus) but to be a safe pair of hands whilst the club restructured.

    My personal opinion is that the restructuring is happening quicker than I thought it would if Emery can’t keep pace he’ll be gone in the summer.

  83. Wasi

    I think rewatching some of Pepe’s bits at Arsenal on YT may make you change your mind.
    He gave Robertson and VVD a run for their money. He completely destoyed the Ben Mee of Burnley. zon Sunday he nearly completed a 3 v 1 against Bournemouth on the flank only for the ball to get stuck to his trailing leg. He nearly won a pen. I think he is probably one of the best dribblers in the league rn. Also only Zaha has completed more take-ons this season i think.

  84. Chris


    Oh I agree completely, my post was quite poorly written. My thinking is also that Edu and Raul are seeing the performances and whilst acknowledging that we are 3rd in the table, are smart enough to know it may not be sustainable. To that end they are possibly shortlisting other coaches potentially for the summer. With these two guys I am very confident 4th place isn’t the limit of the sky in their eyes. Merely a stepping stone to greater things. Much like Emery in a way!

  85. Un na naai

    Graham62October 8, 2019 13:29:03
    Bob N16 (from previous post)So by saying I’m fed up with these Climate Change activists and I voted to leave Europe, I’m considered far right.Pretty dumb don’t you think?

    You knuckle dragging bigot

  86. Un na naai

    Easy wasi
    Dont go against the grain. It’s not safe.

    Seriously though he’s showing better form at this stage than DB10, Pires, Freddie and many others. Henry was showing good form in his first 20 games he just couldn’t hit the net.

    3 assist already and he’s barley seen the ball and hardly got out of first gear
    After Xmas and once Lacazette comes back I expect him to set a fire in the league. Unless emery continues to want to oaky the game in our own penalty box

  87. Pierre

    Probably Pepe needs to release the ball a little quicker, beat a player and then play a give and go .

    At the moment he’s having that extra touch and getting caught in possession.

    Someone mentioned that he could do with a little support from midfield as he is too isolated , I tend to agree .

    You just know that if Ozil was reinstated to the side he would build a similar relationship he had with Sanchez.

    Pepe wouldn’t be starved of the ball as ozil has the intelligence to know how a wide player likes to receive the ball and Ozil would keep feeding Pepe ALL DAY LONG.

    Pepe would know that if he passed the ball to Ozil , he would get it back as Ozil is a very unselfish player and thrives on seeing offensive players succeed .

    Ronaldo and Sanchez are prime examples of this.

  88. WengerEagle

    Mane showed during his 2 seasons at Southampton that he was a very good player (double figure PL goals each season), obviously he’s kicked on a few more gears since he’s joined Liverpool.

    I hope that Pepe is just finding the adjustment hard but he’s been shocking so far, nearly all aspects of his game from his shooting to his dribbling to his passing.

    On paper he should have been a much easier transition to the PL than most foreign players but he’s been grade A turd.

    Way too early to be making any damning assertions but the jury is definitely out on him to up his game pretty dramatically.

  89. Marc


    Mate you need to let it go – Ozil’s gone in January the chances of Ozil and Pepe stepping foot on the same pitch outside of training are infinitesimal, unless of course they play against each other in a pre season friendly next summer.

    We’re so close to seeing the back of Mustafi and Ozil we just need to add Xhaka to the list.

  90. China1

    Pepe has started off the pace – but he’s hardly the first very talented player to arrive in the PL and not hit the ground running

    What matters is that he, the manager and the team take every step possible to overcome his challenges. Like he needs to learn English sharpish. He can’t commujicate with his team mates and it’s clearly an issue. If he’d joined circa 2004 he’d have been all set with the huge French contingent to help him adjust but nowadays we just have a few French speakers

    He does need to get sharper though as him being unsettled doesn’t excuse his poor passing and shooting. That part is on him tho confidence plays a part and he’s clearly lacking in that

    I don’t like that emery subbed him in a game against poor opposition when he needs to be played into form.

    As for the Gervinho reference, that’s clearly bs. Gervinho was a second rate player every year of his career. An absolute form outside of his get pace and acceleration. Pepe achieved more in one season last year in his early twenties than Gervinho has in any season in his entire career

    Pathetic comparison

  91. Champagne charlie

    I’m not sure how anyone makes resolute claims about a player after 6 matches, there’s countless historical evidence dispelling that as a sample to bow down to.

    Different to managers, who typically start with a bit of verve an continue that along. Rarely see a manager flounder to greatness, certainly happens, but much rarer than a player being pony until Xmas before coming into his own.

    Pepe needs a bit of a break cut.

  92. Marc


    Didn’t his “people” meet up with representatives from Washington a little while ago?

    I think the attack might have helped push him along as well.

  93. WengerEagle

    Gervinho wasn’t as laughable as people make out to be fair.

    He was very good for Lille in France, had a mixed first season with us with some memorable games like Chelsea at SB.

    Had a very decent spell at Roma, went to China for some $ and came back to Italy for Parma where he’s been pretty good.

    Was pretty crap for us but he’s had a respectable career abroad, Ivory Coast NT too he’s scored some top goals.

    Certainly doesn’t deserve to be tossed in with the Chamakh/Park/Silvester/Squillaci/Santos’ of this world.

  94. Nelson

    ” Unless emery continues to want to oaky the game in our own penalty box”

    Once we have Tierney, Bellerin, Holding and Luiz as our back 4, I still prefer we try to play out from the back. I counted all the long balls from Leon in last game. Every ball that came to Auba, he never made any effort to challenge for the ball. On the other hand, for the few times that Martinelli was on the pitch, he would jump for a 50/50 ball. Of course, there is some danger playing out from the back. I still think that the danger can be minimized by intense planning and training. We don’t want to give the ball away for every goal kick.

  95. WengerEagle


    Rooney’s club is it?

    It’s a joke league. Carlos Vela as much as I have always liked him is literally Lionel Messi over there and he wasn’t even a top 100 player in Europe.

    Zlatan literally scores whenever he feels like it at 38.

    Be interesting to see if the sulky Ozil does over there, he should even now be owning games at will as it’s little more than a retirement league.

  96. Pierre

    Marc, no need to let it go as I know that whilst Emery is at the club, Ozil won’t get a look in. …

    Actually, quite a few posters in the past week have recognised that we are lacking in creativity and believe Ozil is the missing link .

    You know and saw the on field relationship that Ozil had with Sanchez was superb.

    And it’s not difficult to fathom that Ozil could build a similar relationship with Pepe , given the chance .

    Of course it wont happen as we have a manager who is more interested in himself than what the fans want .

    And no , Le Grove Is not the popular opinion of the fans ….I can guarantee you that if it was down to the fans on who they would rather see leave the club, ozil or Emery , it would be Emery to go all day long.

  97. WengerEagle

    And you sometimes get the opposite.

    Can’t remember any signing in my time supporting this club that made the immediate impact that Arshavin did in 09′.

    Gradually his performances went downhill but he gave us a host of great moments from 2009-2011.

  98. Marc


    You’re clinging onto the hope that it’s Emery calling the shots he’s not. Sanllehi and Edu have decided to get him off the wage bill and out of the club in any way possible.

    It doesn’t matter if Emery goes in the summer or next week Ozil is finished at the club he can’t even finish a walk over match verses lower league opposition.

    Ozil is finished at Arsenal and he’s finished in any other senior league.

  99. raptora

    Arshavin was so special man.

    Would have a spot in any Wenger team imo talent wise, in the 1998 team or in the Invincibles. Maybe the best winger/wide forward we’ve had behind only Pires. Such a livewire and unpredictable. Had everything in his locker as well. Closest thing to Bergkamp passing with pace and technique. Quality finisher as well.

    So mad at Wenger for not pulling his strings properly. We could have extracted many more performances from one of the most talented players we’ve ever had.

  100. Redtruth

    Wenger’s style of play is the reason we ended up in such a mess.
    Emery will slowly transform Arsenal with a style alien to Wenger namely TACTICS….

  101. Marko

    It’s sad to read. A man who was earning £190k a week, complaining about expectations

    Careful the usual types won’t like that it sounds a bit like a negative comment about Wenger

  102. Jamie

    Our away form during Wenger’s final season with Ozil playing a leading role:

    Only winning four away games in the league all season with 11 defeats, and were until the final game of the season the only team in England’s top 4 divisions to not get a point away from home in the year 2018.

    A total of 13 defeats were recorded throughout the league campaign, the highest since the 1994–95 season, which resulted in a 6th place finish.

    Furthermore a shock 4–2 defeat at Nottingham Forest meant that Arsenal were knocked out of the FA Cup third round for the first time since 1996.

    Obsessive self-flagellating AKB millennials still desperately clinging on to Wenger’s bullshit legacy and Ozil’s assist record from 4 years ago. Sad.

  103. Nelson


    I think the board is finally taking side with Emery. They will probably decide to pay part of Ozil’s wages to loan him out in January. The ball is in Ozil’s court. He can just ignore it. If Ozil is smart, he could put up a list of teams he is willing to join for the reminding few months of this season. He could select Manure as his first choice. Let’s see how this sage will play out.

  104. Valentin


    You may have a pet hate for Gervinho, but he was far from a bad player. He also has had a much better career than Pepe.

    Gervinho won the league with Lille, scoring 15 goals none penalty in the league. Pepe won second place with Lille scoring 22 goals including 10 penalty in the league.

    Gervinho won the 2015 AFCON with Cote d’Ivoire. Pepe was part of the Cote d’Ivoire squad that lost in the quarter of final after losing his starting place due to rank performance.

  105. Guns of Brixton

    Watch a video on Luis Campos on needing a Sporting Director is essential for a club to succeed.

    Good watch

  106. Redtruth


    Pépé was named in Michel Dussuyer’s 23-man squad for the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations in Gabon, but took no part as the Elephants were eliminated from their group.

    They would of qualified from group had they played him.

  107. Marko

    To put the Pepe conversation into some context he has 1 goal 3 assists in 10 appearences 600 odd mins this season. Hazard has 1 goal 1 assist in 6 appearences 400 odd mins. Griezmann has 3 goals 2 assists in 9 appearences nearly 800 mins on the season. Obviously scenarios aren’t the same but that’s more of a contribution to goals than Hazard and one less than Griezmann and no one’s making ridiculous proclamations of how bad they are already are they.

    Again another example of expectations over reality for certain people in the Arsenal fanbase. Considering we’re a Europa team and a work in progress I suggest patience with a lot of things arsenal related these days but you know you won’t get it

  108. Batistuta


    Imagine being me and finally being rid of Gazidis as an Arsenal fan and then having to deal with him over here as a Milanista….. We do need a new manager here too as Giampaolo is absolutely shit

  109. Marko

    Gervinho was never that bad but I think part of it is he’s being held up against Hazard and how we could have signed him instead and rightly or wrongly people blame him for that

  110. Batistuta


    Arsenal fans are known to be the most notorious knee jerk fanbase in England especially with regards new players or youth players

  111. Leedsgunner

    Here’s a hypothetical question:

    Let’s say the club have arranged to have either a top manager to replace Emery OR a top creative midfielder to replace Özil but you can only have one…. who would you let go to bring in?

    Özil or Emery?

    If it was up to me I say Emery.

  112. raptora

    Nice wikipedia quote. Valentin meant the 2019 AFCON, where Pepe certainly played but not in the quarters where they lost. He played in the game before until the 68th min, but in their last game on the tournament vs Algeria where they eventually lost after penalty shootout, Pepe didn’t get to play although his coach made 4 substitutes in that game.

  113. Champagne charlie

    Another Marko comment about Wenger, too busy claiming others enamoured by him to figure out he’s on the front line of his every mention.

    Careful indeed Pedro, might give Marko the opportunity to slide in and claim others obsessed with big Weng. Pot, kettle and all that given he’s a sock devoted to conversation about the man.

  114. Champagne charlie

    How can a player be blamed “rightly or wrongly” for idiotic fans holding a player up against another that wasn’t signed?

    Epitome of special that. There’s no rightly or wrongly in it, if you gave Gervinho grief for not being Hazard then you belong on the sunshine bus.

  115. Marko

    Let’s say the club have arranged to have either a top manager to replace Emery OR a top creative midfielder to replace Özil but you can only have one…. who would you let go to bring in?

    In what context we talking new deal or what? Cause technically speaking you can replace Emery and be left with one more season of Ozil. But if it’s a new deal for one or the other I’d go with Emery because I dispise how utterly useless Ozil is as a footballer and have for going on 3/4 seasons now

    No surprising you’d stick with Ozil yourself and Pierre are like the last two on the Titanic going down with the ship in regards to him.

  116. WengerEagle


    Why did Milan sack Gattuso? I know Pep he ain’t but he had Milan playing some decent stuff last season, only narrowly misses out on CL.

    This new bloke is clueless. They look shocking, Fiorentina absolutely battered them black and blue at the San Siro and they’re a struggling team themselves (only won 1 match in their previous 17 Serie A games and that was at bottom of table Sampdoria).

    Some decent parts to work with in Leao, Paqueta, Romanogli, Piatek, Hernandez, Donnarumma, Rebic but they’re a bloated mess of a roster for any new gaffer.

  117. Marko

    Charles it’s really weird how literally no one can make a comment about Wenger without getting a response from you. I know he’s the absentee father you always wanted but he’s really nothing to you. You can let some go you know