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It is a HUGE game today. All the usual suspects won their games… bar City, they lost in an embarrassing 2-3 thriller away at Norwich.

What a result for Premier League new boys. They were well worth it as well. Very organised. They ran their guts out. They took their opps when they were presented to them and they carved out one really awesome counter-attacking goal.

I loved reading the post-match commentary from the fans. Raheem Sterling is now average. Pep has finally been found out. Manchester City are certainly losing the league to Liverpool.

You couldn’t make it up.

In a post fan tv world, the only place to exist on the radical edge of everything.

For me, what is clear is this… Arsenal are winning the bloody league. Yes, fellas, Unai is bringing it home.

First up, we have to destroy Watford by 11 goals to climb second (from 7th). Be realistic, probably 12 or 13 because the chances of us keeping a clean sheet are pretty slim.

We’re in a post-Lacazette world for the next month. There’s a lot of fans getting their panties in a twist over the lack of an Eddie in the squad. I think people need to remind them of the troubles the young forward was having when he was getting game time with us.

I assume the thinking from Emery will likely be to have Auba as the lead striker, and if he needs a rest, we’ll slip Pepe in there. He’s very comfortable through the middle and offers all the same attributes as Auba… bar the unreal finishing (in England at least).

Also worth remembering Lacazette is not good away from home. His record is very poor, I think Tammy Abrahams has more goals this season than Laca had in the entirety of last year. He’s also not hugely prolific. He scored a Premier League goal every 192 last season. I know he does a lot for the team, he landed 10 assists, which is impressive for a striker.


I think where we’re going to see the innovation is out wide. The manager has quite a few players to choose from. We have a lot explosive pace this year, and starting your career out wide is a lot less stressful than through the middle. I think Reiss has a huge chance to lay claim to a first team spot. I think Saka has always looked very promising when offered a chance to stretch his legs, he also looks very ready from a mentality perspective, no fear in his eyes. Then we have wildcards like Gabriel, who IS the new Anelka… and potentially ESR who has a lot of versatility.

In short, I think Eddie is going to learn more out on loan this season with Leeds, versus playing a bit part role when his confidence was looking pretty touch and go.

We know what we’re going to get tomorrow. Bullied.

Watford are playing under Quique again, he’ll bring a lot of energy, he’ll make them work like dogs and I’ve no doubt we’re going to be penned into tight areas all game long much in the same way we were against Burnley.

I’ll keep on saying it, but I truly hope Emery has learned his lesson with three holding midfielders. We’re not built for deep blocks and I don’t think players care for the pragmatism. We’ve been porous all season. We shipped lots of shots against Spurs and Liverpool. The same happened against fu*king Burnley of all clubs.

The manager needs to take advantage of the technical superiority we have over Watford, that’s not going to come from attack-minded players shutting up shop.

Let’s stretch them, let’s play the beautiful game, let’s bring some excitement to the pitch… we need a performance. Chelsea looks great yesterday, there’s no reason we can’t offer up the same type of decisive output.

Right, just a short one today. I’ll see you in the comments where I shall eviscerate your challenges with word bullets.


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  1. Marko

    I’m not going down a rabbit hole with you about Xhaka, be like talking about the wallpaper whilst yer Dads pissing all over the floor.Worry about Emery before you pick your fave millionaire footballer to hate.

    I’m just asking you a question if you can’t answer it that’s okay. If your way of answering it is by bringing up your favorite millionaire manager you hate then maybe you don’t know what Xhaka’s good things are

  2. Paulinho

    “that they’ve gone from bad to worse and are a joke club under Woodward’s influence.”

    Who is to say we won’t be saying similar about Raul and Co in a few years?

    “but they’ve made clear linear progress since Klopp was brought in and have been nearly perfect with the players that they’ve brought in”

    They were actually stalling, he finished with one less point in his third season than his second.

    VVD is by far their most important signing.

  3. Redtruth

    Un na naai
    “Emery inherited a side that finished second two years before……
    Great logic there”

    Don’t be so foolish, Spurs imploding on the last game of the season gave Arsenal an undeserved runners up to LEICESTER Lol lol lol.

  4. Champagne charlie

    “Emery is very aggressive off the ball and in terms of positioning, so we have players high up the pitch in advanced areas, which can come at a cost of fluency of transition in deeper areas, andtoo much ceding of possession for the purist. But his teams are usually dogged and are prepared for that, so they look to win it back and go again.“

    Sure about that? High up the pitch for what purpose?

    Statistically were one of the worst big sides at gaining possession in the form of a “high turnover” (40m from opponents goal).

    So you’re saying Emery pushes players into advanced roles yet we don’t benefit from turnovers in advanced areas clearly. So what’s the point? We’re losing numbers defensively and all at sea for absolutely no gain at all. Plus it would seem the numbers tell more of a story of us being a ‘sit and spring’ type side that are direct.


  5. Guernsey gun

    It’s hard to believe how bad that second half was, horrific against a team there for the taking. We are going nowhere under this clown and that is obvious.

  6. Marko

    It’s also worth noting as poor a manager as Emery is if you put him in a scenario like PSG he wins trophies. You put him into a scenario like Arsenal and it’s quite clearly a struggle. My guess is that if you put someone else in that same scenario the struggle would be the same. By struggle I mean for top 4. It’s going to go to the last game or two of the season

  7. Champagne charlie


    Yea that’s it mate, I’m making this an Emery thing to deflect from Xhaka. Fruit bowl is yours pal, take your pick.

  8. WengerEagle

    ‘They were actually stalling, he finished with one less point in his third season than his second.’

    They didn’t play European football in 16/17.

    In 17/18 they went to a CL Final.

  9. Spanishdave

    If the club hierarchy cannot see what a dumbshit Emery is then they should hang their heads in shame.
    Why wait ? The Prem will not wait for us to sort it out we will just drift back to mid table.
    Once we are mid table Emery will be more comfortable because that’s his level.

  10. Paulinho

    “Sure about that? High up the pitch for what purpose?”

    You didn’t noticed how high Willock was today, or Nelson, in that last twenty? The purpose is having players high to receive the ball from counters if the opposition commit players forward.

    “Statistically were one of the worst big sides at gaining possession in the form of a “high turnover” (40m from opponents goal).”

    Who said we had to gain possession within 40m from goal?

    We could win it deep and find players high up the pitch or the player who won the ball (Kola) could run with it for forty yards, which he did, and find players waiting for it high up the pitch.

  11. Marko

    TR7 I put Vieira in with a shout given Edu is here and he’s progressing like Nagelsmann as a manager. Edu might want to go with the former player up and coming manager route. He’d certainly be a better option than a certain ex player non manager. Plus and this is very important to note there’s a significant lack of top quality managers knocking about these days

  12. Graham62

    Please Arsenal fans: Please do something about this and fast.

    I spent 8 years craving change.

    I don’t want another 8 months of this shite.

  13. Un na naai

    My guess is that if you put someone else in that same scenario the struggle would be the same. By struggle I mean for top 4. It’s going to go to the last game or two of the season


    What like say, wenger?

  14. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Give the Spaniard the el bow…

    Fuck luiz to China
    Everyone raves about Sven , but he got us papa at 20m…

    Fuck the club.

  15. WengerEagle

    ‘It’s also worth noting as poor a manager as Emery is if you put him in a scenario like PSG he wins trophies.’

    Funny that, would Laurent Blanc tickle your fancy too?

    3 double winning seasons and two treble winning ones. Emery didn’t even win the league in both his seasons.

  16. Marko

    Charles can you not just say it? Just those things that he’s good at so that going forward I can know exactly what it is that you see in him

  17. Paulinho

    “They didn’t play European football in 16/17.In 17/18 they went to a CL Final.”

    But he did have an extra precious year to buy players and implement his philosophy by that point(his third season), and the league was never an after-thought for them in the way it was for Mourinho when United won the Europa. They were still going for it hard.

  18. Marko

    Funny that, would Laurent Blanc tickle your fancy too?

    Nope. I could see him struggling defensively with AMN, Sokratis, Luiz and Kolasinac in a back 4 and with Xhaka in midfield. It’s funny that you still think I have a thing for Emery. FYI it wouldn’t shock me in the slightest to see him get sacked tonight and it wouldn’t bother me one bit outside of a Mourinho appointment

  19. Dissenter

    A proper owner that is daily invested in the club will fire Emery this autumn.
    This club cannot afford another year in the EL.
    This is Emery Arsenal, this is as good as it gets for him. It’s the Emery-normal.

    I’m surprised it took so long for us to get punished for playing of the back like snails.

  20. WengerEagle


    The CL is a completely different kettle of fish to the EL. Even Wenger in his worst ever season pushed eventual winners Atletico Madrid very close in a competitive SF and he had only contested one close CL SF in his entire Arsenal career, in 2006.

    You can’t just dismiss a CL Final, huge achievement even if they fell short at the final hurdle. Was a sign of things to come and a year later and 97 points with a CL trophy here we are.

  21. Dissenter

    AMN needs to get the Iwobi treatment.
    Sell him quickly and buy a proper young right back to challenge Bellerin [who I don’t rate highly]
    He’s a shit RB/wingback and a poorer central midfielder.

  22. Champagne charlie


    Yea I saw players in an advanced position, I’m asking what’s the point. If you’re going with what you’ve just said then that’s not worth it for me by a long shot.

    We’re conceding 31 shots against watford and our approach is to stack their half with players on the off chance we get a few turnover and can look to spring a counter? Are we Palace?

    RVP was spot on about Emery, no vision for imposing our game. Doesn’t get that as a big side you should be the one with the impetus. We’re inferior as fuck.

  23. Danialtos

    Emery was shocking today and I can’t stand his xhaka obsession….what the fuck just happened bin the 2nd half,we were like prime Leyton orient jeez…As someone rightly here said…Reiss Nelson looks like a proper mid table player…I also apologise for rating Maitland Niles…the guy is absolute pony

  24. HillWood

    People seem to be putting a lot of faith in Chambers Bellerin Tierney
    I have my doubts especially with Dick Emery’s idea of defending

  25. Yosi_B

    This is nonsense! Felt like we were playing prime Bayern Munich there.. just what the fcuk was that??? Unai needs to wake up NOW. That man is going to cause us serious problems if the fans turn on him and the players will down tools if it keeps going like that. Who is to say our fullbacks are going to hit the ground running? even Holding and between that how many points will be dropped.

    On this performance, we will be out of top six by end of Oct. Situation is going to become hopeless and before we know it, the whole team will just be going through the motions. Then pressure as other coaches will start to get mentioned and then we’re in a downward spiral. The points we have dropped so far this season are all down to the manager. Absolute nonsense. Conceding 31 attacks on your goal and he just sat there shell shocked.

    If this were up to me he marches now.. we can’t continue to fumble about in the Europa. We are too big a project to be doing this and this Arsenal project is too big a project for him. He must walk… now…

  26. Dissenter

    You need a lot of deft movement and guile to play of the back successfully. Another thing is that you have to mix it up with quick long goal-keeper throws and passes to push teams that decide to press upfield.
    We are so damn useless at playing from the back. We do it in a very static, obvious and ponderous manner. I’m surprised that we aren’t punished more often for the sloppy passes out of the back.

  27. Paul Kelly

    Xakha was interviewed after the game and stated we were “scared” in the second half.

    When Dick Emery was asked to comment on this he went on a meaningless monoluge and clearly did not understand the question.

    What an effing shambles.

  28. Ishola70

    Was never tied to Emery Don.

    Always said on here that he improves defence and aspects off the ball or he goes and that he is given a certain time period.

    That I didn’t call him out after just a couple of months into the job holds no bearing on the matter

    Either Arsenal look to become a more modern side which means players that are multi-functional and produce on and off the ball or they stay under the top teams in europe.

    Mind you we have posters on here still pining for one dimensional players don’t we. Eh don’t we now Don.

  29. Champagne charlie

    Quite comical this idea of players being a limiting factor.

    As Unaai states, why did we bin Wenger if the ceiling was so low because of personnel? Change up recruiting and bobs your uncle no?

    But no back then Wenger was gash, yet now he’s replaced, and millions more has been invested in the squad, the players are holding Emery back.

    Some gig that, gimme 6 mil a year to have part time postys give me a pass for my troubles.

  30. Paulinho

    WE – But it’s still a different kettle of fish to the rigours of the league, as we found in 05/06.

    Also, they did have a certain Mo Salah for that season and could play VVD from Jan onwards, hence importance of that extra season/year to buy players and see the difference.

  31. Marko

    I mean really that league title was handed to Monaco they barely had to do anything for it.

    FYI the following two summers since winning that league title they were absolutely gutted to the point of selling 560 million worth of talent

  32. Dissenter

    Please stop setting up[ Tierney to fail.
    The lad is returning from injury and is in a new league. It will take some time to bed in and adapt to English football.
    He is not the savior off our defense. He can’t turn shit into caviar, same as when he and Roberson play for Scotland.
    The system is really bad.

  33. Paulinho

    “As Unaai states, why did we bin Wenger if the ceiling was so low because of personnel?”

    He was binned hugely because he couldn’t identify personnel and consistently botched when to sell or buy players over a decade.

  34. Ishola70

    Look at the way Norwich beat Man City yesterday by beating and evading the high Man City press in their own deep areas.

    Seriously have Arsenal shown they are capable to do this in such an impressive manner? No because the hub of the midfield is a snail and quick slick football from deep areas is impossible with the personnel in there.

    That Emiliano Buendía put in a performance yesterday that no Arsenal player has matched for god knows how long. Pressing, winning the ball back. initiating attacks. And quickly. .

  35. Marko

    Brendan Rodgers that’s another one. Okay we have Rodgers Allegri Howe Freddie and Marcelino. Improving us as is? Again still sceptical. I can see one or two of them doing it by replacing certain players though.

  36. Graham62

    There has to be some very serious discussions in the Arsenal boardroom tomorrow morning.

    Totally inept and devoid of passion and intensity. The players look confused and demotivated.

    Name me one player that looks genuinely happy?

    Emery out!!

  37. Ishola70

    “Arsenal will finish higher than Norwich so your analysis is pointless….”

    Au contraire.

    Just because a club has limitations in terms of squad ability overall doesn’t mean that you can’t take on board certain elements of their play.

  38. Paulinho

    “We’re conceding 31 shots against watford and our approach is to stack their half with players on the off chance we get a few turnover and can look to spring a counter? Are we Palace?”

    I never claimed his teams were easy on the eye. He plays a high risk game, and if we lose battles we are ridiculously open and ripe for conceding chances. On the flipside, you have better players you win more of those battles and find yourself peppering their goal or looking like scoring with every attack.

  39. Champagne charlie

    You know exactly what’s going to unfold as the season goes on.

    Bellerin will come back, he’ll inject some much needed pace, recover well and seem more assured. Then be culpable for a goal or a daft moment and on his back people will jump with his fashion sense inevitably getting a mention.

    Holding will come back, play well immediately, get lavish praise and Emery will get the story of how any other side would do without their best Cb. Then he’ll have an extended run under Emery finally and inevitably make some errors, play poorly, get caught in a frenzy at the back. Fans will take sides between him and whoever the defensive partner is. Emery will get no mention for the chaos on the pitch.

    Tierney will get his debut, he’ll be quick, aggressive, and mobile which will look fab in place of Kolasinac. Then he’ll get caught a few times being new to the league, become another victim of the chaotic structure at the back, and have fans claiming he’s from a farmers league and not as good as Robertson etc.

    You can take that to the bank.

  40. Marko

    Also major alarm bells when your captain for the day and seemingly front-runner for the gig comes out and publicly talks about being afraid of Watford. What more do you expect I suppose. Sackable offense if he’s made permanent captain

  41. Ishola70

    Arsenal are prone to the high press because the team play like snails from deep areas in their own half and how do you expect anything otherwise with how the team is set-up.

  42. Champagne charlie

    “I never claimed his teams were easy on the eye. He plays a high risk game, and if we lose battles we are ridiculously open and ripe for conceding chances. On the flipside, you have better players you win more of those battles and find yourself peppering their goal or looking like scoring with every attack.“

    Right, and most shots conceded in Europe’s top five leagues so far is probably sign that your approach is wrong no?

    I’m not even talking aesthetics, I’m talking pure function. If we were boring our way to 12/13 points from 15 you’d hear very little grumbling from anyone.

    But we’re 8/15 and ceding possession and control to Tom fucking Cleverly and Jonjo Shelvey. That’s not a master plan or playing risky, it’s being a daft cunt.

  43. Marko

    You can take that to the bank.

    Interesting take we’ll see. Another thing we can take to the bank you incapable of telling me what it is Xhaka is good at

  44. Paulinho

    “I’m not even talking aesthetics, I’m talking pure function. If we were boring our way to 12/13 points from 15 you’d hear very little grumbling from anyone.”

    One point off from Champions League last season, after being twelve behind the season before.

    Not bad in terms of function.

    And you were the one talking about too much emphasis on 1-0 results without looking at performances last season. We got a good points total and were exceptionally functional in the first four months of last season and still plenty of ‘grumbling’.

  45. Ishola70

    Xhaka gets on the ball deep or central.

    Plays it sideways and across. Always done very methodically and very slowly. Done with great care as if great technique is needed to execute a ten yard sideways pass.

    Then the stattos tally up his passes in the match.

  46. Champagne charlie

    “Another thing we can take to the bank you UNINTERESTED in telling me what it is Xhaka is good at“

    Fixed it. I’ve said three times now I’ve not interest going there with you about Xhaka, move on you sad, desperate, cunt.

  47. TheLegendaryDB10


    I’m surprised it took so long for us to get punished for playing of the back like snails.

    Same here. I just hoped that somehow the players would learn but it so clearly obvious that UE defensive knowledge is = 0.

    Today’s game just showed how far out of his depth he is as he is still incapable of organising a defence.

    That 2nd half was an abomination. I do not know what was said at half time but my god whatever was said did zilch in making us going above and beyond to secure a win.

    If any of you have noticed but so far this season we have been playing where every time it’s a tale of 2 halves. We seem to have a lead in the first half to then massively shit our pants and panic for the remainder of the game.

    This is exactly what happened during the ‘pool of piss game. We were OK in the 1st and lost our shit in the 2nd. Exactly what happened today.

  48. Bob N16

    Alan Smith, who doesn’t particularly strike me as a shit stirrer, came out with the telling rumour that the players were confused about Emery’s tactics. It’s one thing the fans being confused but when the players aren’t sure, a coach is on borrowed time. Will be interesting if Raul or Edu speak up.

    On a separate issue, there seems to be pretty much universal agreement that Emery is not the man. In this circumstance I think we should all be sympathetic towards the young players who are being asked to come into a confused set up. Sure Nelson and Willock were really bad today but writing them off as championship players when they are being so badly led is completely ridiculous. It was a shitstorm when they came on in the second half. Expecting 19 year olds to turn it around is monumentally optimistic.

    Paulinho, ‘even Bob N16’- you do come out with some drivel.

    Good to have you back Graham. Cricket went well and now we can hopefully enjoy the rugby.

    Hillwood, Homerton 7 minutes from the Marshes. NHS were outstanding, in and out in just under two hours.

  49. Wenker-wanger

    That was a horrific shit show from a team that looks virtually set to be relegated…aside from auba….disgraceful…
    I cannot believe what I saw.

  50. Paulinho

    “Paulinho, ‘even Bob N16’- you do come out with some drivel”

    ‘Drivel’ that you belatedly realise is true years later.

    Wasn’t actually meant as an insult – more a reference to you usually being loathe to criticise one of our players in such colourful terms.

  51. Wenker-wanger

    I still think it’s too early to want emery sacked….we are building a better squad of players.,aside from Luiz…….
    But in fairness I do think he needs to turn results and more so performances round quickly otherwise the sacking demand will gain rapid momentum.
    We are at this moment at that crucial balancing point.

  52. Alex Cutter

    “A proper owner that is daily invested in the club will fire Emery this autumn.”

    We’ll see how much patience LeGrove’s Joshie K ass-munchers around here have for him sticking with Emery.

    Talk is cheap.

  53. Bob N16

    Paulinho, fair enough, felt a little bit like a cheap shot but I’ll take it if you’re suggesting I avoid the hyperbolic rather than I sit on the fence too much! I was being over sensitive.

  54. Dissenter

    “We are at this moment at that crucial balancing point.”

    Whats the tipping point for you
    Having Watford cut us open like knife to butter isn’t enough for you?

  55. Wenker-wanger

    Dissenter…yeah I’m gutted…but in the context of Man city losing to Norwich and spuds losing at home to Newcastle…I think it’s emotion over common sense to jump on him that quickly. . Ok…answer me this….11 players on that pitch were either crap or barely adequate….all eleven are down to emery?…
    Sure he should take some blame and should now be under real scrutiny….but AMN Dhaka sokratis, Pepe…? Why were they so shit?
    But yeah I’m not as confident in emery as I was say 6 months ago…

  56. karim

    Monaco having a nightmare lol, worse than us.
    Were leading 2/0 thanks to a Ben yedder double.
    Marseille back on track now with a 4/2 lead with a good Payet and a Benedetto brace.

  57. Paulinho

    Bob16 – What is being said about Xhaka now is what I was saying about him in his first few weeks at the club, and I’m assuming (being one of those fans that likes to give players a chance) those vitriolic criticisms wouldn’t have gone down well with you at the time. Wallace was riled up beyond belief and he is cut from a similar cloth to you in terms of temperament and approach to supporting the players/club.

  58. Ustyno

    Even if by the stroke of luck, Emery take us to top 4 please he should be shown the way out,I just can’t continue seeing this.

    I stopped watching Arsenal games years ago but started watching a few last season believing they change in manager will do some little magic but how wrong was I,at this rate I might have just be reading legrove for update and move in with my life,Unai Emery is a bastard no apologies,I usually don’t abuse people but am so angry right now,the humiliation I took from guys today is horrible because of Emery and his clowns

  59. Dissenter

    Hmmm, its not like Watford scored two from two shots at goal. They dominated us for 60-70 mins and should have won that game. It was so bad that there was no discernible pattern to what ever we were trying to do.
    I’ve done the blame player for individual error thing. Surely it’s happened so often that the manager has to be responsible.
    If you have players who are rash and don’t have composure on the ball, why persist in playing out of the back. Emery did this with Cech too.

  60. Un na naai


    That is exactly what’s going to happen with holding bellerin and tierney
    To the letter
    Best to just sit tight and wait. Emery is just a ticking clock. They won’t be renewing his contract at the end of the season

    Edu will be making moves now for his successor. Vieira will be contacted among others and emery will head back to mid table Spain with his tail between his legs

  61. Un na naai


    If you don’t watch the games then you really don’t have a right to comment. Only a knob would admit that and expect his comment to carry any weight on an arsenal blog

  62. Nelson

    Emery is going to stay with Xhaka till the bitter end. He replaced Guen and Ceballos by Torr and Willock while keeping Xhaka. He still played Xhaka as DM and the other two as CM’s. Couldn’t he see that Xhaka didn’t offer protection for the CB’s. For the penalty, we let the opponent carry the ball to the box unchallenged. Where is Xhaka when the team needs him the defend the space in front of the box? Our defense will continue to suffer as long as Xhaka is our DM.

  63. azed

    “Edu will be making moves now for his successor. Vieira will be contacted among others and emery will head back to mid table Spain with his tail between his legs”

    Arsenal will not be paying compensation for any manager so unless Viera resigns or he is sacked, he will not be our next manager.

  64. PieAFC

    It’s fundamentals though. It’s not like we’re trying the same way, seeing progress then being unlucky.

    It’s the same constant tinkering every game, not knowing his first 11, changing it, regretting the change. Instructions for players on the pitch.

    Everyone see’s the same thing and issues all the time we play.

    Tough game on Thursday against Frankfurt. They’ve started well in the Bundesliga, won’t be an easy game.

    He’ll start again with a different formation and first 11…..

  65. Wenker-wanger

    Like I said…I believe emery is not a bad manager…he has players that don’t have the fight…whether they would fight for another manager is conjecture. We don’t have a leader…..A leader would force players to fight or that leader would storm into the manager and say so and so and so isn’t doing it and we should get rid.
    Strength of a team comes from a tough captain. We have no leader or even a leader in the making.
    Emery needed a tony Adams to pull his tactics together on the pitch.
    That’s one issue….there are others…

  66. TheLegendaryDB10


    It is all about the confidence that a manager instill in a team. UE has so far given none to the team. This much is obvious so far as current team performance shows.

    I have listened to UE post match itw:

    – He states that we controlled the game. … Really???

    – He them talks about improving, “doing our way better”…. Well haven’t seen any improvements so far, so not sure what he is expecting if he can’t instill any defensive discipline in a team.

    Talks about having a bad moment.
    .. Well for me that was the full 2nd half. So he is deliberately underplaying how shit we were in the 2nd half.

    Pundit tries to highlight how crap we were when playing from the back. …. UE deflects and just talks about how Watford were stronger physically than us. (No shit. And yet you do fuck all about this and keep playing from the back inviting pressure).

    – I am really trying to focus on what he is saying but it is now mostly gibberish saying how Watford has the motivation and that the supporters were the 12th man. …. you really got the impression that he is discovering how away games work.

    – Then the pundit goes on about how Xhaka said they feared Watford (exactly what I said TheBayingMob)… yet UE deflects and rants on about Matteo (wtf???) and how he is gonna learn from his mistakes.

    Pundit then talks about the 31 shots at our goal ….. Goes on about how the team had no confidence in the game plan (how telling is that???)

    – Pundit then asks how concerned he is about the result today. …. UE goes on about how we should work and improve. (Well we are still waiting on any improvements from the team UE)

    – Pundit asks about coaching mental strength and character and how Watford pushed us. …. UE says that the team were waiting for that. ( it seriously looked like we did. In fact it was so much so, it was once again an UE special where we tried to play to their strengths instead of ours; basically we let them play their game. )

    My take on this interview:

    UE looked so stressed out it kinda looks like he knows he is on borrowed time. More worrying though is that he looks like he has really no clue on how to move on from this.

    The above just shows that he really is clueless. We need to move on from him, because he is not going to take us to the next level.

  67. Graham62


    Just a pity Ozil is who he is.

    I was prepared to give Emery his two years but after that horror show I say good riddance.

    An EFL league one team would have put up a better show.

    It was if the players didn’t care.



    Thanks but only back for a short while.

    Like you, I can’t wait for the Rugby WC.

    Good end to the Ashes.

    Smith, I mean Australia, deserved to win it.

  68. Guernsey gun

    That second half…..I mean we just got battered by a team with one point. Couldn’t pass a turd, it was horrific. Emery just lost bucket loads of support, it’s worse then a lot of wengers end of days bollox.

  69. Ustyno

    Un na naai

    Did you read the part I said I will be getting updates from legrove if I don’t watch the game? Or you just want to start an argument.

    Not watching the game doesn’t stop me from wishing the team to do well,maybe I don’t have the patience to keep seeing the shit show every now and then.

  70. Valentin

    I look forward to Receding and Chris comments tomorrow trying to justify that shit show and blame it on the players or Wenger.

  71. salparadisenyc

    Think Dixon summed it up quite nicely

    “The worst performance without the ball for a very long time. No accountability what so ever. Game management zero. Game understanding zero. Responsibility to others zero. Very very poor”

  72. azed

    I know Xhaka is the favorite scape goat here but today he was one of our better players and he was constantly covering for Kolasinac who spends more time in the opposition half.

    Last season was the players, this season it’s Emery. By now, he should know the strength and weakness of all the players.

  73. Little Mozart

    Our coach was just stupid with his substitutions. He never helped our team. This guy is such a dimwit. Your team is struggling in mid field and then you decide to bring light weights

  74. Valentin

    Pedro’s post called for a performance but I don’t think that he has that kind of performance in mind.
    At least now we know that the people still defending Emery are part of the Emerysta EKB. Whatever happen on the pitch it will never his fault but those of the players, Wenger, Gazidis, Kroenke, the referees, the fans, Raul.

  75. Wenker-wanger

    I never heard Emery’s interview…he sounds like he has no balls…
    I gave him the benefit of learning the aggressive premier League style of play..it’s a culture shock of football….but if he is saying the team has no confidence against a team with one point…then I’m seriously having major doubts about emery.
    Like i said….for me the next 5 games are crucial…..anything less than 10 points and he should be replaced.

  76. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    We moan about ozil…
    Maybe his wages do upset the team ..

    But xhara constant mistakes an then being made captain is risible .
    The players can’t accept that.
    A players who makes incessant mistakes gets the armband.

    Only at our club.

    Emery needs to ditch a few or he will be ditched by Easter.

  77. Chris



    At what point today have I defended Emery? Absolutely no where. No defending what transpired today (pun intended).

    I wasn’t happy with how he lined up the team against Spurs either by the way, but you just go ahead and believe whatever you want to believe.

  78. Wenker-wanger

    Valentino its like you believe Wenger was a good manager post 2010..!
    Emery hasn’t lost 6-0 or 8-2….when he does I will say he is equal to that fraud Wenger.
    Emery is struggling now…but way off the Mr Magoo Wenger standard.

  79. Ustyno

    With the way Emery continue to set up the team to play am afraid it will be very hard for us to make significant progress,we keep making the same mistake every game,we can still make top 4 because the teams we are competing with will implode too but I still will advocate for his sack,he is not good enough,he won’t improve us no matter the personnel we employ

  80. Gentlebris

    Watford had the will to fire a coach four games into the season so why not us? Arsenal values ugh? Bullshit.

    United fired one of the most successful club managers of all time last season when they saw it wasn’t working, and I doubt OGS will be there to see out the season. But never Arsenal.

    We should be waking up tomorrow to the news that Emery has been fired but you just know no way, this is Arsenal.

    And so we have to sit back and watch out team doing jungle wrestling every week with teams that are supposed to be far below us.

    This guy knows nothing, he just sits there hoping Auba will find the net and win the game for him everytime.

    No team cohesion, no clear pattern, nothing. Everything looks so unorganized that the Watfords of this world can mix it with us and get results.

    The signs became very obvious when Emery had 8 games to play against inferior teams to get CL qualification and he couldn’t do it.

    Hopefully Raul and Edu could be as worried as they should be.

    Bet your money on it fellas, Emery guarantees another Europa season after this…… unless he’s sacked ASAP.

  81. Upstate Gooner

    There’s a saying in American Football, Offense wins you games but Defense wins you championships. I think it can be applied to footy as well. We scored 2 goals in the first half but never looked comfortable. Nothing has changed since last season. We’re still making the same stupid mistakes and we’re still extremely vulnerable in the back. Everyone and their mama knows what our problems are but Emery seems to be completely oblivious. Forget top 4. We’ll struggle to beat teams like Leicester, West Ham, Everton, and the likes. Until the idiot in charge is gone Europa League will be our ceiling.

  82. TheLegendaryDB10


    You should. And you’ll understand the jibes from Hillwood.

    His broken English is awful to hear, but this is something else. You can see in his face how nervous and the lack of confidence he has in the team.

    And that is a worry in itself. For me, as displayed in his arrogant confidence that we would win the EL, he can’t see the forest for the trees. He is incapable of stepping back and re-assessing himself.

    He will still play from the back. We are in for a real ride. He will be sacked. It just depends when.

    Either the club has balls and do it this winter (if comes the point we are still languishing in 7th/ 8th position). Now knowing how our club will want to act classy, we’ll wait until the end of the season before he will be ejected. Of course by that point we will have missed out on CL qualification once again.

  83. Gentlebris

    ‘Valentino its like you believe Wenger was a good manager post 2010..!
    Emery hasn’t lost 6-0 or 8-2….when he does I will say he is equal to that fraud Wenger.
    Emery is struggling now…but way off the Mr Magoo Wenger standard.’

    This is just Wenger hate. Emery has only spent a season and we already have records like 5-1, 4-1.
    I was relieved to see Wenger go but this guy is far below Wenger’s league. Wenger did a lot of beautiful things before he lost his way.

    PSG made a mistake and corrected it, we chose to take the mistake from there. Emery is a midtable club guy.

  84. Upstate Gooner

    31 shots with 10 on target for Watford vs 7 shots with 3 on target for Arsenal. Watford with more possession, more chances created, more big chances created, more corners, better passing percentage, etc, etc, etc. We were outplayed and outcoached in every single department… by the team in last place. Now let that sink in for a second.

  85. Wenker-wanger

    Wenger wasn’t a manager..he had NO TACTICS….he was exposed when the great back 4 retired…..
    Emery hasn’t had 9 piss poor years of that clown Wenger had…..but yes emery is not doing well…

  86. Wenker-wanger

    I don’t hate Wenger….I fukin loathe the arrogant egotist…sitting in the job being paid for screwing us over..
    We all know the history…just wake up and forget the unemployable charlatan….

  87. Valentin


    I would just point you to my 19:02 comment.

    Here come the “what about Wenger past bad results” brigade!
    Nobody care about Wenger past bad results against top 4 clubs.
    TODAY, we are not getting good result against the BOTTOM club. Not just a bad result, but a performance so atrocious that we got schooled by them. The draw was a travesty and entirely due to the quality of Aubameyang.

    Take your “I HATE WENGER MORE THAN ANYBODY ELSE” blinders and look at the current situation of the club.

  88. Gentlebris

    If Raul and Edu decide to continue with Emery longer than this, it will ruin this project for them.

    We are desperately in need of CL football NOW, and fortunately we have two of our competitors technically handicapped this season but unfortunately we have Emery as coach.

    If we don’t get CL now, Chelsea and ManU will sure be stronger next season. And if we spend five straight seasons in Europa, forget what anyone tells you, Arsenal is finished.

    So Raul and Edu should pay attention.

  89. Upstate Gooner

    What does Wenger have to do with today’s performance? Fuckface who can’t put two words together is in charge of the club now. The one who plays Xhaka every game. The one who bought Luiz. The one who insists on playing out of the back. The one who doesn’t have a clear plan. He’s the one responsible for our current mess, not Wenger.

  90. Valentin


    he was exposed when the great back 4 retired…..

    As we all know the defense of the invincibles was entirely composed of players left by George Graham.
    I think not.

    Wenger did lost his way but to pretend that he could not build a defensive team is just ridiculous. You don’t go unbeated for 49 games without a good defense.

  91. Gentlebris

    ’31 shots with 10 on target for Watford vs 7 shots with 3 on target for Arsenal. Watford with more possession, more chances created, more big chances created, more corners, better passing percentage, etc, etc, etc. We were outplayed and outcoached in every single department… by the team in last place. Now let that sink in for a second.’

    I think Raul or Edu should give an interview and explain why this should continue for one more day.

  92. Agerham

    5 games in and we have had 96 attempts on us, with 31 on target. Clearly we arent doing anything in midfield to break up attacks. Thats on average 20 attempts per game with 6 on target, add that to 3 penalties given away in 5 games, Leno is in for a ride. Seeing us trying to play from the back even with 5 Watford players closing us down just shows that Emert doesnt have a plan b when his go to tactic doesnt work. I was wrong about him, he is clueless and the sooner we get rid of him the better.

  93. Gentlebris

    ‘You mean Bergkamp did’


    Tell yourself some redtruth. Wenger was so brilliant that he became the face of modern football. Wenger’s Arsenal became popular all over the world for beautiful sexy football.

    I guess Bergkamp did all of that for him.

  94. TheLegendaryDB10

    I just want UE out.

    I have been avoiding his interviews as his English is awful. But watching that post match interview was cringeworthy.

    You could clearly see a manager with no confidence whatsoever in his team.

    And this naturally translates to the players.

    We need someone with belief and with a clear plan.

    UE is a just a mercenary just milking this huge paycheck which he does not deserve(c.f. the work done on his teeth this summer; this sounds like someone who just knows he will not last and is making the most of his newly found fortune.)

    Or is he hoping he will make it considering the lack of pressure he was so keen to mention out loud last year before the EL final.

    I really hope Edu cottons on to this and makes the strong decision to let him go.

    It sounds too early to be saying this, but once again we were extremely poor against the team who sits litterally at the bottom of the league.

    We struggled vs Huddersfield last season. And we struggled vs Watford this season.

    I am not seeing any improvements whatsoever.

    This surely must be a sign that he is not fit for purpose.

    One can’t blame it all on players. The manager is the one to build confidence in his players. If he can’t do that, the team will suffer.

    And the team is suffering.

  95. vickingz

    It honestly doesn’t take litany of excuses or second chances to know what a coach is all about. Didn’t take long for klopp, didn’t take long for pep, conte and even lampard. You can watch chelsea’s games and can practically tell what lampard is trying to achieve with these academy players. Please, what can you say about emery? His sheeps keep giving lots of excuses ranging from player’s individual errors, player’s laziness and bad attitude, player’s injuries but never emery’s fault. This arsenal team is short of everything decent. Emery out

  96. Alex Cutter


    you don’t watch the games then you really don’t have a right to comment. Only a knob would admit that and expect his comment to carry any weight on an arsenal blog”.

    Listen, Ustynolf, I’m not what they call it where you’re from, but in this country (Denmark), you just got virtual bitch slapped!

    Were you just going to allow him to insult your homeland, and family?

    Is this what we’ve become?

  97. Ishola70

    Emery talking absolute shit in the post match pressers.

    Basically his line is to focus on the younger players and say it’s about experience. He wants to give out that it is a team in progress because of lack of experience.

    Absolute shite.

    Players that are not good enough and are old enough with plenty of experience are players such as Papa Sok, Kola, Xhaka, Ozil.

    But to admit that more than enough senior players are not up to the task is too much for him because he can’t fall back on his gradual team improvement line. He’d rather blame his younger players. Poor from Emery.

    He will be stating continued work and continued improvement right up until his last match before he gets shown the door.

  98. Upstate Gooner

    Completely agree. His English is horrible, and that’s coming from a foreigner. I can’t stand him and I can’t stand his interviews. The man is lost on and off the pitch, and it definitely has an effect on players. The confidence is lost and I don’t see any other way of regaining it besides sacking the moron in charge. I have absolutely no doubt that with a competent manager we’d be doing much better.

  99. Ishola70

    Clearly a very fucked up set-up when younger players are being blamed to shield from criticism the below par senior players in the team.

  100. Ishola70

    Emery out now.

    To completely overlook Papa Sok’s mistake today and let off the hook yet another Xhaka error EPL match before and try to lay blame on youngsters in the team is very poor indeed. Very poor.

    Need to move on pretty swiftly from Emery now.

  101. Paulinho

    Also very fucked up set up when a manager has no choice but to play the aforementioned shit youngsters because the club sell more experienced options over his head without properly thinking it through(i.e replacements), and accurately assess how this might impact the actual season that counts (this one).

  102. Ishola70

    Also no mention of David Luiz of course in these last few matches

    Emery can’t do that he is a senior player. Got to protect him and put the blame on a younger player.

    Get him out. Emery out.

  103. Elmo

    If Emery had 70% of the fanbase still tacitly behind him going into today (obviously the figures for LG are much different), I think this was the game where he looked so clueless that there’s now a majority who think he’s not up to the job.

  104. Gentlebris

    Good to see Ishola grabbing a gun.

    Where is your brother Ishola?

    The one with whom you rotate the baton when defending Emery.

  105. Valentin

    Because of his poor English, it looks like Emery is throwing Guendouzi under the bus, but I don’t think it is the message he wanted to convey.

    However independently of any language barrier, his non verbal communication is also poor. His nervousness is transmitting itself to the players. Rather than calm, reinsured them and reinvigorate them, his fidgeting and constant tinkering on the side just convey fear and malaise to the players.

    Combined with that idiotic decision to always start from the back and you can see the confidence ebbing away from the players. I don’t know if it was tactical or fear, but Xhaka never showed up to receive the ball from the back. We had the club captain hiding and no wonder the rest of the team seemed scared.

  106. Mr Serge

    Emery needs to go we look terrible and he has no idea how to organise a defence
    You can’t play luiz unless it’s in a back 3 him a xhaka are liabilities
    Emery out now

  107. azed

    Emery is trying to teach Fourier analysis to a bunch of pre schoolers and he’s wondering why it not working.

    4-2-3-1 when attacking, flat 4-4-2 when defending.
    You can change personnel, but not formation. When the players get comfortable with this formation, you can thinker.

  108. TheLegendaryDB10


    Ya hearing?? We all want UE out.

    Go for it. Tear into this git with your Monday mornin’ post.

    For me personally the last straw was when we lost to Chelski in the EL final.

    I kinda hoped he would learn from his mistakes this season. Well he sure as hell hasn’t.

    We went from one stubborn manager to another.

    I’ll be frank. As much as we wanted to avoid a Manure in the hiring of a manager, it was inevitable thst this would happen.

    His appointment clearly shows how much Gazidis had no clue on how to move the club forward.

    Thankfully he got kicked out.

    I can’t fault Raul (and Edu) as he definitively has a clear intention in making us better.

    At this moment in time, Emery is our clear weak link.

    I do not believe him capable of lifting this team up to perform better thsn now unless he does a full 180° and re-assess’ his methods as they clearly are not working (particularly this passing from the back which, after a full season, is still not working.).

    The better option is of course to replace him.

    With whom I don’t know. Bit this is what Edu is being paid for.

    Considering Edu’s job is DoF, he must have watched this game. … I am genuinely curious as to his thoughts on this game. I just hope that he is on our wavelength and sees UE deficiencies and is now thinking about who should do next allow us to

  109. Leftsidesanch

    Emery has his favourites, Sok who has been woeful this season, Luiz who has already been culpable for at least 3 of the goals conceded and his most publicised favourite – Xhaka.

    This team is going nowhere as long as we field those chumps. AMN really needs to be taken out of the firing line also.

  110. Leftsidesanch

    Even if we get back into the champions league we need to do away with him. The EL final was pathetic, especially considering that we just needed a point from our final run of games and we couldn’t even achieve that.

  111. Leftsidesanch

    I’m sure we’ve kept one clean sheet in the league with Chambers in the side. He’s been hard done by to be taken out of the side for a rash Luiz who has bags of experience but doesn’t seem to learn from mistakes. I don’t think Chambers or Holding will drastically improve matters but they won’t be as our error prone as our 30+ CB pairing currently.

  112. Gentlebris

    Unai Emery: “It was two different halves. In the first we controlled the match how we wanted, in the second they pushed for our mistakes, and we did more than we wanted to do. We need to think about how we can improve, how we can do better.”

    Your coach thinks he controlled the first half…… just because Auba scored two goals.

  113. Ishola70


    You are talking rubbish.

    Someone on here regurgitated one of my old posts when Emery first joined and I said I doubted that he would qualify for CL in either of his first two seasons. He may prove me wrong in his second season but overall what was being implied was that I didn’t think much greatness would ensue under Wenger.

    But giving the guy a bit of time is not tacitly supporting him. It’s being a mature adult and not wanting to see him sacked after six months in the job. That’s just childish.

    As for thinking now sorry you don’t throw your youngsters under the bus to protect sub-par senior players. It’s a no-no and is a clear sign that the club are not going to do anything of true note with Emery.

    Onto the next manager please whether it be January or next summer.

  114. Upstate Gooner

    Injured Holding aside, Luiz is probably still our best defender. Now that’s a scary thought. Auba can score goals every game but it still won’t get us anywhere as our defense is completely atrocious. And I have zero confidence that Emery can sort it out.