Time for a performance

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It is a HUGE game today. All the usual suspects won their games… bar City, they lost in an embarrassing 2-3 thriller away at Norwich.

What a result for Premier League new boys. They were well worth it as well. Very organised. They ran their guts out. They took their opps when they were presented to them and they carved out one really awesome counter-attacking goal.

I loved reading the post-match commentary from the fans. Raheem Sterling is now average. Pep has finally been found out. Manchester City are certainly losing the league to Liverpool.

You couldn’t make it up.

In a post fan tv world, the only place to exist on the radical edge of everything.

For me, what is clear is this… Arsenal are winning the bloody league. Yes, fellas, Unai is bringing it home.

First up, we have to destroy Watford by 11 goals to climb second (from 7th). Be realistic, probably 12 or 13 because the chances of us keeping a clean sheet are pretty slim.

We’re in a post-Lacazette world for the next month. There’s a lot of fans getting their panties in a twist over the lack of an Eddie in the squad. I think people need to remind them of the troubles the young forward was having when he was getting game time with us.

I assume the thinking from Emery will likely be to have Auba as the lead striker, and if he needs a rest, we’ll slip Pepe in there. He’s very comfortable through the middle and offers all the same attributes as Auba… bar the unreal finishing (in England at least).

Also worth remembering Lacazette is not good away from home. His record is very poor, I think Tammy Abrahams has more goals this season than Laca had in the entirety of last year. He’s also not hugely prolific. He scored a Premier League goal every 192 last season. I know he does a lot for the team, he landed 10 assists, which is impressive for a striker.


I think where we’re going to see the innovation is out wide. The manager has quite a few players to choose from. We have a lot explosive pace this year, and starting your career out wide is a lot less stressful than through the middle. I think Reiss has a huge chance to lay claim to a first team spot. I think Saka has always looked very promising when offered a chance to stretch his legs, he also looks very ready from a mentality perspective, no fear in his eyes. Then we have wildcards like Gabriel, who IS the new Anelka… and potentially ESR who has a lot of versatility.

In short, I think Eddie is going to learn more out on loan this season with Leeds, versus playing a bit part role when his confidence was looking pretty touch and go.

We know what we’re going to get tomorrow. Bullied.

Watford are playing under Quique again, he’ll bring a lot of energy, he’ll make them work like dogs and I’ve no doubt we’re going to be penned into tight areas all game long much in the same way we were against Burnley.

I’ll keep on saying it, but I truly hope Emery has learned his lesson with three holding midfielders. We’re not built for deep blocks and I don’t think players care for the pragmatism. We’ve been porous all season. We shipped lots of shots against Spurs and Liverpool. The same happened against fu*king Burnley of all clubs.

The manager needs to take advantage of the technical superiority we have over Watford, that’s not going to come from attack-minded players shutting up shop.

Let’s stretch them, let’s play the beautiful game, let’s bring some excitement to the pitch… we need a performance. Chelsea looks great yesterday, there’s no reason we can’t offer up the same type of decisive output.

Right, just a short one today. I’ll see you in the comments where I shall eviscerate your challenges with word bullets.


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  1. WengerEagle

    Watford really should have won, Doucure would have had a goal of the season contender there if he puts it either side of Leno.

    Season is already starting to unravel, that’s 7 points dropped from 9 and we’re playing like shit.

  2. Valentin


    I’m not impressed with what I’ve seen of Pepe so far.

    A few weeks ago, I stated that Pepe was very good in counter-attacking situation but that the rest of his play was not up to the same level.
    You are now seeing what I was saying.
    If you don’t play to his strength with very specific movements, he is not very efficient. Yes he does dribble a lot, but none of his passes are killer pass.
    The high number of his last season’s assists were also misleading because corners and set pieces were included. That gave people who had not seen him the image of more complete and dare I said rounded 😉 player than he is.

  3. Un na naai

    How long until you mugs realise that emery is fucking average?
    We are going sideways with a far superior squad to the one wenger started his last season
    No lacazette, no chance.

  4. Marko

    Pathetic team. Worrying thing about if they did decide to bin Emery is who’s available right now if they do it. Mourinho? I can only think of Marcelino who’s probably the most desirable but he’s not a miracle maker I don’t see him getting rid of the defensive frailties. Facts are we just have bad Defenders who make dumb decisions constantly now which is frankly frightening.

    Special mention towards the midfield. We keep hearing about the supposed good things that Xhaka does passing possession all that shite. Well today we had Xhaka Ozil and Ceballos as supposed experienced quality players in midfield and at no point did we control midfield. Why was that? By design? Emery to blame? I’m genuinely curious as to what excuses experienced players from supposedly doing what they’re supposed to be good at.

    Less said about AMN the better. Absolutely useless cunt of a player who gets away with so much because of his nationality. Total wank

  5. Trask



    Fuck that, he should be sacked in the morning!

    Anyone who thought David Luiz would be good for an Arsenal defense must be taking the piss.

    Pepe? Lol, really

    That was a travesty

  6. Cesc Appeal

    That was a fucking outrageous result. Pathetic beyond words.

    Maitland Niles is a disaster of a footballer. He was on toast today and all Delofeou had to do was cut in and he was gone. Lackadaisical beyond measure, plays as if stoned, plays like a player knowing his run in the team is coming to an end.

    Pepe was hugely disappointing. Offered next to nothing.

    The midfield was empty yet again. 4 bodies in there and it looked totally sparse once the ball moved past the outside of our own area.

    Emery has to take massive, massive flak as well. Ozil should have come off, not Dani Ceballos, Nelson should never have come on, his scared approach was emphasized by him being bitched off the ball 4 or 5 times…most importantly Arsenal had been caught out playing from the back about 4 times before Watford scored from the same mistake.

    Stop them doing it! Bollock the players and say because you’re shite we’re not doing it. But stop it. Where is captain Xhaka on the pitch taking control and telling the team that?

    Just awful. A really bad result for Emery because it’s the type of game that heaps pressure on him.

    My patience is starting to run out with him now. I’m holding out to see what Holding, Bellerin, Tierney bring to things because honestly AMN, Kolasinac and the CBs are a fucking disaster and enough to make you feel sympathy for any manager.

    We need to put a lot of money into a big, powerful, athletic CDM as well, even if that means selling Torreira. It’s so evident that it doesn’t matter if there’s 2, 3, 4 or 5 players in the middle Arsenal cannot control it.

    Awful result, from 2-0 to 2-2 and giving Watford their first, giving them their second and leading the EPL in errors leading to goals is going to make people sit up and take notice.

  7. Olumide

    It’s not only about the players. These players are good enough to beat Watford. Emery has lost us 4 points in the past 2 games.

    Emery is currently stinking the place out. If you play ugly football and get 3 points, at least we have something to hold on to. We’re playing crap football and we’re still dropping points.

    And Emery continues to play Xhaka.

  8. SammyNelsonsShorts

    Watford had 31 attempts on our goal with 10 on target compared to our 7 off and 4 on, beat us on possession with 53%.

    Time to take a reality check, we’re deservedly 8th, in and around your Leicester’s, Bournemouth’s and West Ham’s…that’s our level and ain’t no Tierney or Holding gonna make a change to that so suck it up

  9. Emiratesstroller

    Complete disgrace.

    Our defence is “mickey mouse” and that is an understatement.

    1. Why on earth does Leno continue to play short goal kicks? He puts the defence under pressure.

    2. Maitland-Niles as I have pointed out over last two seasons is a hopeless defender. He is okay going forward, but should never play again in our defence. I would rather play Chambers in right back position any day of week.
    At least he knows where to position himself.

    3. Sokratis had also a very poor game and unless Arsenal get their act together
    we could well concede more goals this season than in the last two.

    At the moment we are a “one trick pony” and that is just about keeping us out of gaol. Without Aubameyang we would probably got NUL POINTS this season.

  10. Spanishdave

    Only one goal scorer.
    Best player taken off.
    Xhaka Captain.
    Pepe dum puff.
    Shit right back.
    Gifted two goals.
    Emery shit manager.
    Otherwise we are ok.

  11. Dissenter

    This is one of the worst performances I have ever seen.
    Persisting with Xhaka FFS
    Taking off Ceballos who was the only one doing the little extras.
    This players weren’t even bursting there guts

  12. DaleDaGooner

    And Wenger fans are within their rights to laugh at you Emery supporters club. Clown shit. The insistence on passing out of the back is down to the manager. The diamond set up with Xhaka is laughable

  13. Danny S

    I have no idea what emery is trying to do.

    He is literally looking worse than Wenger now but with better players.

    Also Auba is going to get sick of scoring goals for this gash defence to fuck up all his efforts.

  14. Wengaball

    The biggest worry with the way we are playing is the lack of control. Even when we win, it never feels we were in control. That’s been on for 60 odd games now. I don’t remember one hand under Emery when we looked in complete control.

    It used to happen under Wenger – more in
    the last two years – but largely it used to be one offs. Even when we lost, we used to control the games. Mostly.

  15. Paulinho

    Charlie – Fuck all is becoming undone unless you want to make something up?

    Find this previous statement or assertion I previously made, and explain how this season/today makes a mockery of it.

    You’re just desperate to be right about something for once, and have plunged to embarrassing depths to claim some victory.

  16. Champagne charlie


    Obviously you didn’t get the memo mate, it’s still the players. Poor Emery hasn’t the players to get us better than conceding 30+ shots against Watford.

    Was the players last seasons end where we conceded 9 in 3 and embarrassed ourselves into 5th. Now we’ve started in the same fashion after spending 100+ mil and it’s still the players. Brilliant that

  17. Daz

    I have to say we look worse under emery than we did with wenger, we can barely string 2 passes together going forward and somehow managing to be worse defensively

  18. Dissenter

    Did Reiss Nelson even beat anyone one-on-one. Each time he just bounced off Doucoure.
    That’s why many asked for Martinelli instead.

  19. raptora

    Whoever is to be our manager after Emery, he only needs to watch this game to see all of our problems. Literally every problem we have was 100% visible and exploited today.

  20. Paul Kelly

    Emery has made ZERO improvement to the post arsehole era
    Totally to blame for the first goal due to his ridiculous play it from the back tactics
    Useless substitutions.
    Can’t speak English..
    Get him out now.

  21. Elmo

    Watford bottom of the table. Had 2 shots last game at Everton. 31 shots against us today, and 23 in the second half alone. WTF is that?

  22. PieAFC

    Are we at all surprised.

    We’ve never been able to close games out.

    Always have mistakes in us.

    Same shit different game. Confusing set up. No distant way of playing. Bringing it on ourselves.

    Defence is still shit.

    I’ve seen enough now of emery to question what he brings to us anymore, bar the odd great game. Still the same problems.

    Embarrassing 2nd half performance.

  23. Champagne charlie


    You spent last season talking about Emery needing ‘his’ players. You’re out at every opportunity piling blame on the players instead of the elephant in the room.

    Emery isn’t the level, dead simple. You blabbering on about players is fucking boring, Watford we’re bottom of the league and just fire more than 30 shots at us. Get a grip

  24. SammyNelsonsShorts

    Dani Caballos….”not much difference between here and Real Madrid” LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL…pissing my pants

  25. Micheal

    What do they do all week in training ? No organisation, no discipline, no energy, sideways passing, playing from the back. In Pepe and Auba we have two of the fastest players in world football and what do we do ? Play sideways – never forward into space ! It is fucking obvious that this is not working!

  26. Silverhawk

    My thoughts after the game

    Luiz and Sokratis are not good enough
    The defense needs changing ASAP
    Pepe is so tame for a supposed elite player
    Emery is an over thinker.
    Nelson will most certainly not make it at arsenal
    My backing of the coach is over.

  27. gazzap

    the key thing for me is that we are not controlling any games. It’s not like we dominate and unlucky. we haven’t dominated for ages. we can focus on mistakes and they are important but we aren’t even on top in these games. that’s the scary thing.

  28. Un na naai

    As I said

    Only lacazette and Aubameyang saved emery’s blunders last season. Without them we’d have been closer to 10th

    The man is a blunderer. He was found out at PSG where he could walk the league and had access to the elite of the elite players

    The man is fucking toilet.
    I’d take Stewart Houston right now.

  29. Cesc Appeal

    Dani Ceballos was very good and selfless throughout I thought. Ozil was lazy yet again and that was a hideously bad call from Emery, leaving the latter on and taking the former off. Offered far more in CM and had actually changed his role to spraying the ball around more from deep.

    Absolutely no excuse for that. 31 shots from Watford should be an eternal shame for this side.

    As shit as the defence is I honestly cannot express how badly we need a rock in CDM…in fact a literal rock set in one place on the pitch could do a better job for us right now.

  30. Samesong

    Emery playing out the back is not only encouraging for Watford but all teams that may us now we look the break our defence in those situations now.

    Emery is not going to change that tactic. He needs to go now. Theres no excuses.

  31. James wood

    Leno to the rescue.
    Ozil completely fucked second half.
    Pepe poop last ball does not look at this level
    should have bought Deifalou.?🤪
    Ozil should have gone off not the long haired one.?

    Embarrassing after such a bright start.

  32. Rambo Ramsey

    Someone posted earlier van Persie’s comments about Arsenal under Emery.

    He was absolutely bang on.

    Emery is so much of a shitcunt that he doesn’t even trust his players against bottom of the table Watford.

    He’s adjusting our game and asking our players to adapt against fvcking Watford.

    And it shows in their scared and feeble performances.

    Its embarrassing.

    Its outrageous.

    Its unacceptable.


  33. Cesc Appeal

    The fact that Arsenal goal kicks are greeted with the same noise and anticipation by supporters as if their side had got a free kick in a great area should tell Emery everything.

  34. PieAFC

    My backing for emery is dead in the water.

    He confuses himself. His substitution are questionable.

    The set up changes during the game and no clear systems for the player to practise and memorize is a joke.

    No wonder everyone looks so confused.

    Starting the game with another diamond!!!

    You have to laugh now.

  35. Danny S

    I read the other day that Emery used to roll dice to pick his team.

    That’s when any hope I had died.

    I was all for giving him a chance and really thought he might have come in this season with a clear game plan and learn lessons.

    But nothing. Literally nothing.

  36. Un na naai


    We’ve spent £350 odd million in last 3 seasons and shipped off the “deadwood”
    Hired a wonderfully talented new tactical mastermind

    How the fuck are we worse than when wenger was using Giroud, Walcott and coq??

    The bloke is an utter mess.

  37. Paulinho

    Unless the summer months passing magically means Emery has his players.

    I mean it’s not as if I didn’t say numerous times last season we need another two or three transfer windows to sort out our squad, or repeat it again before today’s game about having too many youngsters close to the first team.

    Embarrassing stuff.

  38. Kayciey

    Emery should just leave. The worst manager in the PL. With such a squad, he cant beat a pub team. We wasted money on that shit called Pepe. Nelson is light weight, Willock light weight, ……….negative football by removing Ceballos and Ozil. Torreria did fuck all. A midget in a physical league.

  39. Champagne charlie


    There you go, what now? I’ve got to address one particular comment you made or no valid point can come of it?

    You spent the season berating the players and insisting Emery couldn’t come good until he got his own lot in. Well he’s added again and coached for over a year to drop performances like that. So high five for you.

    Dead simple. Do you rate the manager? Or would someone else do better?

  40. PieAFC


    I’m glad you noticed that.

    My mate was even calling that a joke. Couldn’t believe it hearing it.

    It took the 4th time, then we finally conceded. Kick it fucking long for fuck sake

  41. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal need to find urgently a solution to our backline. Both Maitland-Niles and Kolasinac are not fit for purpose in EPL. It is costing us goals in almost every match we play.

    In absence of Bellerin and Tierney Arsenal need to play a back three formation with either Holding or Chambers playing in combination with Sokratis and Luiz.

    Xhaka needs to be replaced as well. He is too pedestrian for EPL and that is
    impacting on his recovery when he is outpaced on counter attack.

    What is blindingly obvious is that there is no balance in the team at the moment.

  42. london gunner

    Surely if we ran a poll on whether we should give emery another season 100% on this blog would say no.

    He just doesn’t have what it takes to take us to the next level. We do have glaring weaknesses in our squad but he exacerbates rather than minimises them.

  43. RodneyKing

    Anyone who keeps making a case for Xhaka, should have their head examined – and that includes Emery.

    I know some would point to the fact that he didn’t make any glaring mistakes in the game but time and again, he was left for dead in the heart of midfield which resulted in the defence being put under so much pressure.

    Without a doubt, Arsenal’s midfield would look instantly better with a player like Doucouré in it. Watford deserved their point in the end.

  44. Wengaball

    Gazzap – exactly my thoughts.

    I am sure I am missing a few, but for the life of me I can’t remember a game under Emery that we properly controlled. It’s ~ 60 games now.

  45. Cesc Appeal

    As much as I liked what I saw from Torreira early last season I think you’ve got to say Emery was right on that one, a situation where stats lead to a bad decision. Has some great attributes but with each passing game I’m more and more thinking he won’t cut it in the EPL.

    If a Serie A club want him sell and get in a fast, hard working, physical 6ft plus CDM.

  46. vickingz

    Those with their eyes functioning sussed out emery since last season but only the blind sheepishly follow him. How can you watch a match like this in which emery himself lived out “clueless”, he exuded it just as he always has and still think the individual errors cost us this match? It’s always individual errors with emery’s team, isn’t it?

  47. azed

    This draw is all on Emery.

    You make a stupid mistake, you go to the Bench.
    AMN, Luiz, Guendozi, Nelson, Willock were all horrible today.

  48. Valentin

    How funny some who were defending Emery to the tilt before the game are now in meltdown after an atrocious performance.

    We have been slowly becoming worse since mid February. That should have been exactly the point where Emery’s influence should have started to really impacted the club. We should have seen massive improvement.

    In reality, the defense is shambolic and getting worse by games. The midfield setup in way that is incomprehensible for everybody except the coach. In his Evening Standard column Alan Smith wrote that he had heard rumbles from the training ground that Emery was confusing some of his players. In view of today’s performance I can believe it.
    Our attack is pedestrian and impotent without individual moment of brilliance. We never look like scoring from training ground movement.

  49. Wasi

    31 shots to 7. Beat in nearly every category against a side sitting bottom. Taking a negative approach to the game.All this on you Emery.+ What did Emery say to his players at half time?. Go out and stroll for 45 cuz we have already won the game?.
    AMN was ripped to shreds. Apart from the cutback there was nothing he did in the match.
    Sokratis and Luiz doing what they do best. If they keep playing like the way they have been then surely Mustafi is gonna find his way back in the starting 11. 90% of goals we’ve conceded this season are thanks to these 2. Holding needs to get fit soon. Raul get Dayot. Bellerin and Tierney please come back fast.
    Kolasinac giving space to Pereyra near the edge of the box to cover the full backs run . What the hell was that. Does he not have a brain.
    The second half we played like a freaking championship team. Honestly we could have or should have conceded even more. Deleafeu should have score and if not for Leno we had lost in the stoppage tym.
    Next summer we need Docoure or someone like him. Completely bossed our midfield . Has tonnes and tonnes of energy.

  50. Cesc Appeal


    I was doing the same as your friend. Screaming at my TV each time they did it.

    From that moment Arsenal completely lost control of the game. They went on to fuck up another 3 or 4 of those as well afterwards.

    I haven’t been that angry watching an Arsenal game in a long time.

  51. Denisk Birdkampf

    Hard to judge any of the players under Emery, either they aren’t understanding what he wants from them or they are not giving their all for him. Either way he needs to go, and sooner rather than later.

  52. Un na naai


    Give it a rest. You’re making a fool of yourself. He’s got an elite squad of players and he’s crumbled to Watford
    31 shots shipped

    8/15 points.

    Emery fucked this game today
    The way he is setting our defence up puts far too much pressure on a shit defence.
    He won’t change it yet he’s meant to be a chameleon? What a fucking laugh:

    He inept changes our positive aspects and sticks to his guns on the aspects that makes us worse

  53. TR7


    Wenger never missed top 4 until Santi got injured. So, no he didn’t have Santi in his last two seasons and even Ramsey spent more time on the treatment table than on the pitch. See Emery makes baffling selection decisions himself. XHAKA always in the starting 11, Sokratis ahead of Chambers, he took Ceballos off the only player who played with some intensity. And let’s not pretend we were in control at any stage of the game. Watford were always the more dominant team. For someone who attaches a lot of value to away performances, you should be worried how poor we have been away from home under Emery.

  54. Pierre

    Cesc appeal
    “Dani Ceballos was very good and selfless throughout I thought. Ozil was lazy yet again and that was a hideously bad call from Emery, leaving the latter on and taking the former off. ”

    Still blaming Ozil I see…

  55. Champagne charlie


    Mate words fail me when you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, I’ve no patience for anyone claiming its a player issue at this point simple as.

    We’re obviously a work in progress but we’re not talking about being 2nd fiddle to Spurs and United, we’re talking about getting our shit shoved in all over the pitch by Watford, Burnley, even Newcastle having a good go.

    Pedro stoked the Mourinho fires and I jokingly said fuck it, get Jose and i’ll get the jerrycan. We’d be no worse off, the defence would be drilled, and the cunt would ruffle some feathers behind the scenes. I’ll take him and some popcorn right now.

  56. Marko

    Emery gets sacked tomorrow and Marcelino comes in. Does AMN get any better? Does Sokratis or Luiz stop the errors? Does Xhaka become influential and learn how to tackle? If so then let’s do it.

  57. Paulinho

    Charlie – You have to address what your actual point is. What has come undone?

    I said I will judge him when players like Xhaka and AMN are not playing for us, one of them a plank you were telling us was comparable to Xavi Alonso when he joined.

    They are still here last I checked.

  58. WengerEagle

    Watford really should have won, Doucure would have had a goal of the season contender there if he puts it either side of Leno.Season is already starting to unravel, that’s 7 points dropped from 9 and we’re playing like shit.

  59. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal have faced more shots than any other side in the top 5 leagues.

    I mean…something has to change, badly.

    Emery can be got rid of at the end of the season if things don’t pick up for nothing, but something at CDM and in defence needs to change.

    That smacks of a team not offering any midfield coverage at all.

  60. DigitalBob

    Please can we stop playing out the back. Its an arsene level of ignorance to persist with a tactic that causes more problems than it solves.

    The backline is a huge problem for us. Luiz is shit, shame on all the myopic people that actually saw this as a good move. As was said time and time again he’s a liability and will cost us.

  61. S Asoa

    Worth repeating
    Rambo RamseySeptember 15, 2019 18:39:55
    Someone posted earlier van Persie’s comments about Arsenal under Emery.He was absolutely bang on.Emery is so much of a shitcunt that he doesn’t even trust his players against bottom of the table Watford.He’s adjusting our game and asking our players to adapt against fvcking Watford.And it shows in their scared and feeble performances.Its embarrassing.Its outrageous.Its unacceptable.

  62. DaleDaGooner

    So for their first goal, Cleverly was already in the box which is against the rules but VAR can intervene. Still, why are we playing out from the back? We were also out-passed. Wenger seems to be better than Emery so far.

  63. Paulinho

    As for still playing Xhaka or selling him, you can’t sell them all at once.

    You have to stagger it or the whole thing could fall apart. We’ve already sold a lot without replacing properly.

  64. Champagne charlie

    “I said I will judge him when players like Xhaka and AMN are not playing for us, one of them a plank you were telling us was comparable to Xavi Alonso when he joined.“

    Yea slow clap for you, you’ll judge the manager when he’s bought 23 of his own lot in because no manager has ever come into a side and simply coached, drilled, managed players into better than they were delivering.

    Emery was brought in because Wenger was getting nothing out the side, lets not forget that. So him being a better manager should’ve seen a great upturn in our performances over time. How’s that going?

  65. Pierre

    I always knew Ozil would outlast Emery…

    The clock is ticking…Edu and Raul must have been appalled at what they were watching today .

  66. Kamp


    Doucoure not good enough for Arsenal? He’d be first midfielder picked every week.

    Pepe? I’m so afraid right now. That arsenal’s Scouting network has signed a YouTube star.

    Luiz? I mean wow.

    The club owners need to get a hold of this manager and coaching staff. We are literally giving points away.

    Pepe looks like a championship player.

  67. Champagne charlie

    “As for still playing Xhaka or selling him, you can’t sell them all at once.You have to stagger it or the whole thing could fall apart. We’ve already sold a lot without replacing properly.“

    We’re recruiting poorly are we?

    Is Emery the man for us? you didn’t lay that one on the table..

  68. Moe

    What a stupid coach to insist on this playing from the back with players that are so poor on the ball. Know your players’ strengths for fuck sake.

  69. Marko

    Today’s game reminded me of the Everton game last season where we just didn’t show up whatsoever. You do have to worry about why isn’t the belief or confidence drilled into this team where’s it coming from cause it clearly isn’t coming from the manager. But at the same time I just can’t help but think how dickless a player you must be where you can’t show up in those types of games. Are they such puppets.

  70. Chika

    Sack the idiot right now and install FL. The shape and mentality of the team is just so awful. No matter the quality of your players, they should be able to take a desired shape.

  71. Un na naai

    He’s a bumbling fool.
    Manuel, fawlty towers. 100%.
    He capitulated to Watford. He won’t drop this shit from the back. He won’t firm up the midfield.

    He’s trying to be too clever and he’s fucking our team up because of it.
    These players were beating United chelsea and spurs last season
    Valencia and Napoli

    Don’t give me the players bull shit
    We’ve improved the squad this summer too.

  72. Paulinho

    Charlie – How’s Emery getting on without Ramsey, and being flooded with a load of shit youngsters, along with Granit Alonso and the rest of shit Wenger left behind him?

    Unsurprisingly, not great.

    Expecting improvement with garbage players still in the squad is like expecting a cancer patient to return to health removing a couple of metastatic tumours in non-threatening areas and leaving in a tumour that is blocking a bile duct.

  73. TR7

    Paulinho, that’s hardly a defense of Emery. We were shit under Wenger and he lost his job. Why should Emery continue ? He doesn’t even do the protagonist stuff that you so often talk about. Instead of imposing our game, our mids were backing off and off every time Watford ran through them, some protagonists.

  74. Batistuta

    He’s absolutely clueless that manager especially for sticking with Xhaka after a year, that alone is a sackable offence in my eyes. Also time to give Chambers more game time, can’t be any worse than the human lump that is Sokratis

  75. gazzap

    If I was Josh K I would speak to emery and be clear that none of our players should feel under threat from losing a place in the team if they hit it long,
    Also I’d have a quiet word with Eddie Howe’s agent and see if he’d be up for it. I’d say to Emery he’s got to get results soon.
    and I’d tell him Xhaka’s shit.

  76. Elmo

    Fucking Gudibini on the radio talking about how good Watford were last season as a justification for why this was a difficult match to get anything from. No other manager playing the bottom team in the league is thinking like that.

  77. Champagne charlie


    That’s precisely what I’m talking about, you actually think Emery isn’t producing because he doesn’t have the tools to do so. How ridiculous.

    Standard Ramsey name drop, doubt he’d have done much today what with him being injured and that. Pretty sure there’s only 4 players that are still at the club from the FA Cup final 2 years ago too.

    This is Emery’s team, complete nonsense to claim otherwise.

  78. S Asoa

    ” Hard to judge any of the players under Emery, either they aren’t understanding what he wants from them or they are not giving their all for him. Either way he needs to go, and sooner rather than later.”
    Read the training ground insight from Valentin. It all adds up. The Spanish Waiter is just good for bringing in the paella.
    To the querry as to whether ANM, Socrates, Luiz will get better if Emery goes ?
    Definitely the 4 will be less confused which is a massive improvement.

  79. Un na naai


    This squad is far superior to the one wenger has in his last 2 years and he’s done nothing with it.
    He had Ramsey last year and did nothing with him

    Only lacazette and Aubameyang saved him.

  80. Pierre

    ” – How’s Emery getting on without Ramsey”

    Do you mean the Ramsey who was benched by Emery for 9 consecutive league games last season.

  81. Valentin

    “What about the 8-2 humiliation…”

    Here come the “what about Wenger past bad results” brigade!
    Nobody care about Wenger past bad results against top 4 clubs.
    TODAY, we are not getting good result against the BOTTOM club. Not just a bad result, but a performance so atrocious that we got schooled by them. The draw was a travesty and entirely due to the quality of Aubameyang.

    Take your “I HATE WENGER MORE THAN ANYBODY ELSE” blinders and look at the current situation of the club.
    Does anybody think that we have improve since last season?
    Does anybody think that with Emery at the helm, Arsenal will get top 4 and Champion’s League football?

    If no, then he is not the right man to lead Arsenal. Transition manager? The only transition I see Emery bringing is toward the mid table mediocrity.

  82. TR7


    ‘How is Emery to blame for two individual errors costing Arsenal the win.,’

    You are being a contrarian just for the sake of it. It’s not that we were in cruise control and unfortunately conceded two accidental goals. Watford were all over us the entire game bar the 10-15 mins lull post our 2nd goal.

  83. Paulinho

    “That’s precisely what I’m talking about, you actually think Emery isn’t producing because he doesn’t have the tools to do so. How ridiculous.”

    Which is what I’ve said all along, so where is the ‘undone’ bullshit that has supposedly come to pass?

  84. Champagne charlie

    “Expecting improvement with garbage players still in the squad is like expecting a cancer patient to return to health removing a couple of metastatic tumours in non-threatening areas and leaving in a tumour that is blocking a bile duct.“

    One of the dumber analogies i’ve read on here, A+.

  85. PieAFC


    This has to be on emery.

    The players look confused. Even the subs, they got taken off. He brings on youth and tells them to sure-up the midfield against a pressing watford side.

    Blame the players or coach.

    The team look confused every time we step out.

  86. Marko

    Instead of imposing our game, our mids were backing off and off every time Watford ran through them, some protagonists.

    Yeah why was that? You think it was by design then. Xhaka you shy away from the ball and eh don’t dictate play (apparently he’s good at that). Yeah I personally just don’t know someone will have to explain to me how a team who are good on paper but were so bad on the pitch.

  87. Paulinho

    “Do you mean the Ramsey who was benched by Emery for 9 consecutive league games last season”

    Because he didn’t contribute off the bench at all did he.

  88. Kamp

    We’ve played some tough games so far but this should have been our coming out party.

    Emery is under SERIOUS scrutiny now. With the greatest respect forget Watford. They were gifted two goals in a manner you would curse on hackney marshes.

    Both mistakes had been preempted by pundits and fans very week this season, playing from the back and Luiz being Luiz. And that is exactly what we’ve done.

    It’s not working. We need a rethink. And we need it this week.

  89. SammyNelsonsShorts

    On BBC football

    Duncan Alexander
    Arsenal have faced 96 shots this season, more than any other side in the PL, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1 & the Bundesliga. Some effort that.
    6:26 pm · 15 Sep 2019·TweetDeck

    Laughing stock of world football

  90. Un na naai


    Because it’s his tactics putting this pressure on the defence
    It’s his way of playing which causes the midfield to be dysfunctional

    It’s his idea of stretching our team which causes holes and leaves our attack so isolated

    This is his game plan and it’s failing match after match after match

    We were playing wengaball in the first half of last season and then emery kicked his chameleon nonsense into gear and we fell apart
    What a shambles

    Hate to say I told you so…….

  91. Paulinho

    Charlie – Yeah, it is if you’re the dumbass that still too arrogant to admit Xhaka is shit (despite hilariously trying to distance yourself from him over the last couple of years).

    Quite similar to Wenger now I think about it………

  92. Siddharth14

    Just saw the table and Watford are bottom ! I’m sick of the fact that even Watford play more attacking and entertaining football than us. Not even Emery’s staunch supporters can defend this.

    We got real lucky at the end. If the ball was even a foot more off the ground. It was going in. Not that it matters. Emery seems to have pulled off a Houdini act in landing the Arsenal job.

    It’s going to be a long season culminating in massive disappointment.

  93. Marko

    Even if it is a case of the players being wank because of the manager it must be said how does that excuse said players that against the likes of Watford put in those types of performances. It’s the same types as well just the excuses are different. I’d feel sorry for Marcelino for working with that midfield and defence

  94. Champagne charlie

    “Which is what I’ve said all along, so where is the ‘undone’ bullshit that has supposedly come to pass?“

    I’d say it comes in the form of him getting another summer of recruitment under his belt and returning absolute wank still – thus undoing your crystal ball readings.

    But you’d sooner harp on about Ramsey and make Granit Alonso quips because anything beats tackling the idea Emery would come good with better players at his disposal when the reality is stark.

    You’ve mentioned the players being subpar, and the recruitment not being up to scratch, but Emery? He’s seemingly a victim in it all. Hands tied, hair slicked back and all that.

  95. WengerEagle

    For all of the blame that the players receive we’ve conceded over 30 shots today to Watford fielding a side with Pepe, Ceballos, Toreirra, Luiz, Sokratis, Guendouzi, Leno who are all players that we’ve brought in since Emery was appointed.

    Only so much longer that you can lay the foot of the blame at the player’s door and not Emery, especially considering the manner in which Watford flattened us today.

    A Wenger regime signing in Aubameyang bailed him out with a lucky point ffs.

  96. Ishola70

    lol so many on here stating Arsenal would run away with third place.

    Ga-Ga Land.

    To say that result was shit is just understating. It’s a loss really. A big L.

    How the fuck can you throw away a two goal lead against this shit Watford side who were so obviously low on confidence.