Ceballos ready to explode

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The problem with relying on elite finishing only becomes a problem when the elite finishers pick up an injury.

Alexander Lacazette has finally been downed by the ankle knock he picked up a during preseason.

That leaves us relying on the team improving its chance creation output, or relying heavily on Auba over the next few weeks.

It also potentially opens the door for more Gabriel game time, which could be exciting, or it could be an absolute disaster.

Rob Holding might be back sooner than Hector and Kieran.

‘Rob Holding is in the same situation like Hector and Kieran Tierney, but he earned time and matches with the under-23s and we are going to decide if he can play with the under-23s, because the next week we are going to start in the Europa League, and after we are going to play the Carabao Cup. With more minutes with the under-23s, he can be closer to give us his performance.’

Great stuff, really hope we use the group stages properly this year. I don’t want to be cursing an Auba injury against a pub team.

I think we need to double down on making the team a little more creative. Ceballos has been talking in the press and he seems absolutely driven to succeed here. He even went as far as to say that the differences between Madrid and Arsenal are not really there.

“I love the city, I love the Premier League and love Arsenal,”

“I’m just really, really happy to be part of this great club. I’ve hardly noticed any difference in size between Real Madrid and Arsenal. And the fans are very passionate, they love the players. It’s much easier to adapt because they make you feel like you’ve been at the club for ever. I love the way everyone’s treated me. They’ve put a lot of faith in me.”

What a champion. I love him, he brings as much energy to his interviews as he does to the pitch. He wants to be loved, he wants to prove Zidane wrong and I think he’s pretty enamoured with life in England. He said this a few months back.

“The two good games I’ve had so far for Arsenal I never had in two years at Madrid. I didn’t play a lot but it’s also true that, when I played, I didn’t play as I can. That’s related to confidence but you have to be self-critical.”

Be an icon amongst the best fans in the world, or be a bit part in a star machine?

The way things are going for Zidane, there’s a big chance he won’t last the season, but if he does, then you’d have to put money on Raul making a play for the Spaniard. He’s of the right age, has a super attitude, and his ceiling is very high.

Emery says Tierney and Bellerin will be dropping games in the U23s before they make it back to the first team. The videos of Tierney nutmegging Mustafi are so damn good, I also like how thunderous it is when it comes to intensity levels, he’s going to be a very fun player to watch this season.

Emery is close to making a decision on his 5 captains. FFS…

Finally, Wenger has landed a job with FIFA. Great for him, that BEIN Sport deal finally paid dividends. No idea what the role entails, the man’s technical prowess certainly degraded in his final years. Classy organization to join, right?

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  1. Mysticleaves

    Sancho is 19? That’s weird. That said, it’s easier to look world class consistently in Bundesliga. Though Sancho is outrageous, he needs to choose his next club very very wisely. Dembele is the one that comes to mind. He was all these things and more, then Barcelona happened.

    Ps: what happened to Keita at Liverpool? Is he injured or just out of touch with the PL?

  2. WengerEagle

    Leicester ought to be embarrassed not even managing to come away from OT with a point against as poor a United side as I’ve seen in my lifetime without Pogba and Martial.

  3. TR7

    Chelsea had so many talented youngsters in their ranks but they always were loaned out. Thanks to a transfer ban, some of them will prosper now and go on to have good careers.

  4. WengerEagle


    Yeah and it sounds absurd to say given the elite level that M’Bappe is at but I actually think that Sancho is the better footballer. M’Bappe’s freakish athleticism takes him to another level is the difference.

    Them two and Felix of Atleti are far and away the best of the u21 pack for me.

  5. TR7

    Lampard may or may not succeed as a manager at Chelsea in terms of results but barely two months in and he has got Chelsea playing a different style of football.

  6. terraloon


    Yes they lost Higuain and Hazard the latter was probably first choice but Higuain certainly wasn’t. Losing Green and Cahill neither of who really featured last season and of course losing Luiz stripped them of an experienced but the reality is that Lampard has made a conscious decision to play youngsters.
    I doubt they will keep many clean sheets but they still have a wealth of experience with the likes of Azpiliqueta, Pedro, Willian, Kante, Giroud and others who I can’t remember their names immediately.
    I think they will struggle to get top 4 this season but in terms of building for the future they clearly have a nucleus of top class youngsters who are probably going to save them a fortune going forward

  7. Mysticleaves

    Terraloon, couldn’t agree more with your last post.

    WE, Paulinho
    The world class tag is bandied about a lot lately rather too easily. I think Sancho will be considered world class if he maintains his consistency over the years. Bundesliga is also not the strongest barometer for measuring world class these days. Early days for him.

  8. TR7


    ‘The world class tag is bandied about a lot lately rather too easily. I think Sancho will be considered world class if he maintains his consistency over the years. Bundesliga is also not the strongest barometer for measuring world class these days. Early days for him’

    Completely agree

  9. Marko

    All those plaudits for Lampard will likely go out the window once Frank is able to sign players. Watch these lads getting a chance now get less when they splash the cash. They’re very up and down imo look good going forward but will concede a tonne of goals this season already have the worst defence in the league and I don’t expect that to get much better when they have to deal with champions league football as well. Liverpool next for them

  10. Gentlebris

    I would love to see Martinelli tomorrow but I’m sure I will see no Martinelli.
    In fact, it would have been Mikki if Raul has not sent him away.

    Unai loves the ‘safe hands’.

    What a dynamic coach.

    Unai must be looking at Lampard and think what an absolute novice….. trusting all these ‘untested’ kids.

  11. Siddharth14

    Watching Norwich play and I’m literally gobsmacked. That is how you play football. And it can be done without world class players. It’s been a cracking match so far.

  12. Paulinho

    Mystic – I agree, which is why I rate very few players highly, and get irritated when I see average players get overrated (which happens all the time). The real top players should be celebrated ( Iniesta, Xavi), and the overrated frauds called out (Busquets).

  13. Pierre

    Have been saying it for the past year …Daniel Farke should be Arsenal’s next manager.

    Whether they win lose or draw v city today, the confidence he gives a bunch of young players to go out out and play real quality football , is there for all to be admired.

  14. bennydevito

    PierreSeptember 14, 2019    18:10:15

    Have been saying it for the past year …Daniel Farke should be Arsenal’s next manager.


    Have you? Not on here you haven’t.

  15. Mysticleaves

    Paulinho you consider Busquets a fraud? Apart from his penchant for play acting I thought he was awesome in what he did. What do you think of Gilberto then? Bit of revisionism going on on le grove concerning him too. Competent player who at times had the occasional very good games and that season he scored every shot/header he had lol. But didn’t think he was all that.

  16. WengerEagle

    Fair point mystic and I agree, he has to perform at that level in the CL like M’Bappe has done for example to really deserve the world class tag.

    But for a 19 year old he really is tearing up trees.

  17. Paulinho

    Mystic – Most of the Barca fans can’t stand him now. They can’t believe how much he has ‘declined’.

    Of course, he hasn’t declined at all, he just doesn’t have two of the greatest midfielders of all time completely demoralising opposition midfields; leaving him with all the time in the world to pick passes as a result. I predicted this would happen years ago with him.

  18. Pierre

    Last season, pre season and this season , I have shown my admiration for his management style and yes, I have said ( on Le Grove) that Daniel Farke is the manager I would like to see at Arsenal

  19. Paulinho

    Mystic – Thought Gilberto was a good player. Excellent at closing the spaces, so really effective defensively. Obviously fairly limited overall.

  20. Mysticleaves

    Paulinho, fair enough though I think it’s a bit harsh to attribute his brilliance solely to Iniesta and Xavi. In his time he was a wonderful DM/DLP. Could have played in any team but yea. It helps to have those 2 freaks.

    Ney is back? Awesome

  21. Dissenter

    The story of Teemu Pukki is amazing
    Crap before he came to England, couldn’t even cut it at Celtic and was released from his contract at Brondby
    …England has been good to him.

  22. raptora

    I’d rather City win the league than Pool but oh well. A big hit on them even if it’s September. It doesn’t look like Pool will not drop many points this season.

  23. Dream10

    Great match btwn Leipzig and Bayern.
    Leipzig are in the ascendancy in the second half. Some massive performances on their side. That bastard Neuer just kept Bayern in the game.

  24. Marko

    To be fair Pierre has been riding Farke’s shirt tails for a while now. Still early days but he looks like he’s doing a good job. Whether that would translate to a bigger club so soon I don’t know. Definite no for the Arsenal job next summer.

  25. Dream10


    our scouts were watching Godfrey in February. Jamal Lewis a good young LB as well. Godfrey might be better than Holding/Chambers

  26. azed

    Going by Pierre’s logic, Pep doesn’t trust KDB that’s why he did not start KDB.

    The question is why doesn’t Pep trust the player fastest to 50 assist in the EPL?

  27. Marko

    That’s why you gotta love the premier league. Literally no one looked like beating that Man City juggernaut and then a promoted side do it. Good stuff

  28. azed

    The only way to plan for stupidity is by not playing stupid players.
    Otamendi, Mustafi and Xhaka should not be playing for top teams in the EPL.

    Emery gets full responsibility for every silly tackle made by Xhaka.

  29. Sanmi

    Dream 10

    You can’t judge how good a defender is when he plays in a team that sits deep. When you play for a team that attacks, as a defender that’s when we find out how good you are because you’d be exposed to a lot of 1v1

  30. Sanmi

    Liverpool will definitely lose also. I’ve not been really convinced this season. Almost every team they’ve played gave them a scare, before they run riot.

  31. Siddharth14

    Liverpool looked menacing today even if it was against Newcastle. Their quick and direct style gives the opponent very less time to get organised when defending. I have no idea how you prepare your team to play against such offence.

    It’s remarkable that Klopp has managed to build such an attack even without a strong midfield.

  32. Dream10

    Sanmi – that is a good point
    Another quality performance by Nordi Mukiele for Leipzig today. Would sign him for the Arsenal tmrw. Kingsley Coman is electrifying man. Needs to stay healthy.

  33. Sanmi

    You give liverpool too much credit. They are easier to beat than man city. To beat man city, you have to be lucky. Liverpool can be beaten by smarter game plan.
    1. Take your chances
    2. Don’t lose the ball at the back when you’d have players out of position.
    3. 2 banks of 4 and liverpool can’t play through it. But city will still fashion chance after chance

  34. Sanmi

    Wan bisaka has proven he’s good. Maguire is confirming what I suspected. He’s overrated.

    He’s getting exposed now that his full backs will always be out of position

  35. Mysticleaves

    Wan bisaka, yet to see it. He’s a good tackler, has long legs and pace. But that’s all I see so far. There’s no technical side to his game. Sometimes he struggles to make the simplest of passes infield or forward

  36. TR7

    Neymar : “I do not have a particular message for the PSG fans. I’ve become used to being booed throughout my career. This time, I will be playing each match as if we were playing away from home…”

  37. Siddharth14

    I respect your opinion. But I differ on Liverpool being easier to beat than City. Pool are far more solid at the back then City, who have always seemed suspect at the back. Pep’s struggle in Europe with City is pretty evident.

    Completely agree with you regarding point no. 3. City are far more nuanced when up against such stubborn opposition and more likely to get result than Liverpool.

    However, what Norwich showed today is that even an average team can trouble a superior opponent if it gets the balance right between attack and defence and does the basics right.

  38. Sanmi


    Coquelin was underrated here. He was really decent. If he had played alongside Fabregas, we would have loved him, just as we love song. Fabregas was a one-man creative midfielder. They don’t make them anymore: xavi, Fabregas, pirlo, Scholes etc.. they basically run the show with their passing ranges. Now what we have are All action midfielders doing endless runnings

  39. Gentlebris

    ‘Waiting for the mother in law at train station. I’m literally choking on my own rage.’

    Got to take it easy, man. Mothers in law are tricky.

  40. azed

    Mavropanos and Holding played for the under 23’s this weekend. With beer cup coming up, Mavropanos has to really take his opportunity because I suspect he’s in the last chance Saloon.

  41. Gentlebris

    You give liverpool too much credit. They are easier to beat than man city. To beat man city, you have to be lucky. Liverpool can be beaten by smarter game plan.
    ‘1. Take your chances
    2. Don’t lose the ball at the back when you’d have players out of position.
    3. 2 banks of 4 and liverpool can’t play through it. But city will still fashion chance after chance’

    A round of applause for you Sanmi.

    Liverpool are a very good side but they are not untouchable. Despite setting up wrongly against them, we could have won the game if Auba and Pépé took their chances.

    Nothing special about Liverpool, a mediocre Barcelona side beat them 3-0. And they laboured against Spuds in the CL final.

    ManC are a different proposal.

  42. Bojangles

    Pukki is the most unlikeliest looking footballer I have ever seen. Looks like guy who comes to unblock your drains.

    Looking forward to season end when Emery goes so we can rid of the manager knocking before, during and after every game. Although I’m sure that whoever we replace him with will have his detractors too so it’ll be more of the same.

  43. Tony

    Looks like Emery is never going to learn. He didn’t last season and if he selects Xhaka again for Watford, then he is a serial error prone manager and not fit for Arsenal or any top 6 club.

    However, if the DM article is just click bait and Xhaka is on the bench or better still at home with his wife and baby, we should beat Watford with a young mid field.

  44. Tony

    The Arsenal boss told The Sun: ‘We’ve been speaking — mistake, recognise that mistake, learn, correct, improve and after repeat with success.

    ‘Every player makes mistakes, only some are magnified because the consequence is more.

    ‘But I am really focused on the good things, on the positive performances and Xhaka has a big character and is very important for us.

    ‘He played a very good match against Tottenham, he made a mistake that was a penalty, he knows and we are working to improve, to change that mistake in one process.’

    When will Emery wake up and small the coffee? Xhaka makes game-changing mistakes too many matches.

    Get ready Freddie you could well be in the hot seat by Xmas.

  45. China1

    There was like one point difference between Liverpool and city in the league over 38 games last season. If compare from the start of last season until Liverpool are ahead.

    Liverpool won the CL as well.

    The idea that Liverpool are nothing special and are majorly beatable is ridiculous. Every team is beatable. City just lost against dross.

    Regardless, Liverpool are evidently a special team since the start of last year. That’s a cold hard fact. As for picking out individual less than special performances, the invincibles and treble winning utd team didn’t look world class or win every single match 100% of the time either…

  46. Tony

    16 year old Ansu Fati scores on his debut for Barca – Chelsea kids put 5 past Wolves away.

    Are you watching this Emery?

    We’ll see by your team selection today.

  47. Tony

    Hope your sons gave good account of themselves on the marshes Bob.

    I’d go with your ‘quietly confident’ thinking premise.

  48. Bojangles

    Tony, we may well see Xhaka and Özil in the lineup today. If so we better win 12-0 otherwise the noise will be heard here in Asia.

  49. Tony

    With United Chavs and Spuds winning, we have to beat Watford today.

    Why would Emery consider playing Ozil in an away game even if Watford is just up the road.

    Le-Grove will be in melt down if we lose playing Ozil and Xhaka and rightly so.

    I woke up this morning looking forward to the game but now just apprehensive regarding Emery’s line up.

  50. Sid

    Liverpool’s press isnt sustainable once they start playing in 2 games a week, without their press they are a lesser team, thats their weakness

  51. Bojangles


    I have checked around the different Arsenal blogs that give their team selection, when I add them to the lg poster’s team selections I realise that whatever team Emery selects a lot of people will be unhappy (a lot will be unhappy no matter his selection tbh.) I found around 1/3 have selected Xhaka to play, a couple had özil selected. There were some that had Chambers in for Luiz, others Chambers for Papa. One suggested Luiz at the base of midfield. Some went for 4-3-3, others 4-2-3-1.

    As I previously mentioned Emery lives or dies by his selected team and tactics (which is how it should be), we give ours and give the manager a serve if he doesn’t agree, cost us nothing.

    My problem with the negativity is, it seems as though some want Emery to fail which is, to me at least, akin to wanting Arsenal to fail. There are enough pundits and Spud supporters around wanting that without us adding our voices to them.

  52. Thorough

    I don’t believe people want Emery to fail, it’s just that he acts dim oftentimes. People want a little bit of class along with a little bit of curveball. If he’s not offering that, considering we’re absolutely ripe for exactly that, then what’s the point of promoting Ljungberg and having arguably the best under23 team in the land.
    This would be my team today because I believe it contains every of the element Arsenal fans want:
    Niles Socratis/Chambers Luiz. Kolasinac
    Torreira. Guendozi
    Pepe. Aubameyang. Martinelli/Saka

  53. Bob N16

    Cheers Tony, back to the Marshes again this morning, lovely weather though. Boys doing fine!

    Hope we have too much for Watford even if Xhaka is selected. Feel Pépé will get off the mark. Comfortable win.

    If however we get done by the new manager effect and a lack of cohesion after an international break, the knives will be out for Emery. Obviously Laca out forces a change but I wish he would settle on a balanced midfield combination. A draw will mean we’ll have the same points as United, Spurs and Chelsea…..

  54. Tony

    Bob & Bojangles

    My feelings with Emery are similar to yours Bob inasmuch as I want him to settle the midfield and stop using Xhaka, Ozil and Mustafi in defense.

    I’d prefer to see Chambers and Papa and later Holding replacement when fit. I saw Luiz play for Chelsea as DM where Luiz played well, especially with his put-the-ball-on-a-sixpence distribution. Ergo I’d prefer Luiz in place of Xhaka.

    Many will disagree except Don I would imagine.

    I’ve stated many times here Bojangles that despite Emery’s total collapse at the end of last season, I was prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt for this season providing Emery didn’t repeat the mistakes he didn’t learn from last season.

    Problem is we’re beginning to see deja vu forming into a groundhog days once again with only a few games into the season.

    If this continues and results go against us because of Emery’s selections and tinkering, my prediction will be Emery will be gone by Jan simply because Raul & Edu can’t afford to not qualify for the CL next season.

    Freddie and latterly Vieira would be my new managerial team preference with DB10 brought in as an AM coach.

    Between those 3 there will be enough sauce to keep Heinz in production.

  55. Bojangles


    Not sure I have read you correct. Seems to me you are advocating team selection by popular demand. Not sure how that would work.


    If Emery buggers things up by Christmas then it’s probable or at least possible he would be shown the door. I won’t shed any tears if that happens but until then I’m prepared to see how things go without the need to denigrate the man.

    As I said previously though, whoever does replace him, unless it’s Pep or Klopp (obviously won’t be) there will be mixed feelings about him, so it’ll be deja vu all over again 😉

  56. Danialtos

    Im following Legrove thinking…which means that since pep benched kdb yesterday,5 games into the season,he doesn’t rate/like him.Jesus,some of you are unbelievable

  57. Thorough

    I think the fans want a combination of world-class talents and blossoming youths. Liverpool is a good example, despite their world-class attack they still have players like Trent Alexander Arnold from the youth set up and the flying left back as low budget signings. Benching players like Willock for Xhaka or giving Mkhi/Ozil a chance on the left side of attack instead of Saka are the decisions that’ll get him sacked. If Saka and Martinelli don’t get good chances before the season ends trust their agents to start feeding them with options. And those guys aren’t just here for the sake of it, they are actually good enough. Ljungberg said something along the lines of Saka being too good for the under23 even at 17, and he followed it up with a storming debut in Europe, yet he was ignored in place of players like Mkhi and Iwbo whom had been tried severally and kept failing. There’s a lot Emery can do with this lineup but he keeps fucking shit up. Now he’s saying Mustafi has a future at Arsenal despite saying the contrary some weeks back. Don’t be surprised he forces him on us later a la Ozil last season and the teams get worse for it.
    He should just get his basic decisions right and build up on it from there.

  58. Bojangles

    I know it’s Sunday but just a joke that tickled me.I

    Old fella on doctor’s table,
    “Will I be ok doc?”

    Doc, “Doubt it, Mercury is in Uranus right now.”

    Old fella, “I don’t do that astrology stuff.”

    Doc, “Neither do I, my thermometer just broke.”

  59. Bojangles


    I have to agree with much of what you say. The thing is, as you say, the choices he makes may get him the sack but for me, I would prefer being sacked for the decisions I make as opposed to making decisions (right or wrong) simply because they seem popular. Emery, no doubt, has been given a set of goals to achieve, one of which would have been to get us back to CL football. Maybe he has also been requested to advance our youth too, I don’t know. If he doesn’t achieve those goals, or it becomes obvious he’s going to fail, he’s gone, simple as that.

  60. Bob N16

    Thorough re. Mustafi, would you expect him to be totally ostracised? EL and CC maybe.

    Agree that youngsters need a chance. Mhiki going was obviously good news. If Saka is good enough, he’s old enough…..look at Fati at 16!

  61. Thorough

    Thanks, Bojangles. Nobody can disagree with that. Let his choices be the death of him.

    Funny enough I like Mustafi and I think he’s a lesser evil compared to Xhaka. Indeed, I think it’s the inadequacies of people like Xhaka that makes him look even more ridiculous aside his brain farts.
    And Yes, I have seen players get ostracized. You remember Carrick and Mourinho?

  62. Dissenter

    HIV treatment is distilled to 1-2 tablets and routine lab tests/follow-up.
    There are hundreds of conditions I can think of that are worse than HIV in 2019.
    I hope that athlete devotes himself to educating society about it, that may help lift his gloom.

  63. Dissenter

    Today’s game will b4 very difficuly7
    Watsford have that mix if nasty, physicality and pace [ Sarr and Deulofeu]

    We simply have to get back to winning ways. The honeymoon phase of the season is over.
    If Emery persists with Xhaka as captain, then he should be moved out in the summer.

  64. Pierre

    Pep left debruyne on the bench and city lost to Norwich.
    So, unless Debruyne was carrying an injury, then it was a poor decision.

    xhaka and Lacazette have been selected for Arsenal despite carrying injuries since the beginning of the season.
    Whilst a fit Ceballos was left on the bench v Tottenham despite the manager fielding 2 of our players who were carrying injuries .

    So similarly , leaving ceballlos on the bench v Tottenham had a negative effect on the Arsenal team as pep leaving debruyne on the bench v Norwich.