Injury updates looking very positive!

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Goooooood ebening people!

How long before that gets the Fireman Sam treatment?

‘Pedro, Emery has lodged a complaint with WordPress’

‘What for?’


‘WHAT? It’s how he says it.’

‘I mean inclusivity’

‘But, but, but’

‘Lots of pressure from groups that pronounce v’s with b’s. Huge twitter outrage about this sort of behaviour.’

‘IT WAS PHONETIC BANTER. Tomaaaato… tomato. Ciabatta… seeabatta.’

‘I see you’ve learnt nothing. Pack your box and take that fucking oatmilk with you’

Some good news on the horizon, it appears the mighty Rob Holding could be back in the starting 11 sooner rather than later. I am very happy to have a bit of competition for those two central roles. Neither our centre backs can boast of a solid start to the season, and from what I remember, Rob Holding was pretty solid last season.

I have no doubt the club will treat his return with due care and attention. I’m not expecting him to start any time soon, but I’m sure he’s going to be very hungry to land some minutes. He feels like another potential leader in the side. He’s vocal, has some of that north-west c*ntiness about his game, and I still have Baresi visions from the cup final a couple of years back.

Additionally, it looks like Hector and Tierney could be in the mixer as well. I am hugely excited to see what a full-strength defence is going to offer us. It’s pretty clear I have major doubts about what Emery is doing to Arsenal, but hey, better players never goes a miss. Having a double injection of pace on either side only going to benefit our style of play, which is anti-middle of the pitch play.

But think about how sexy that overlap is going to be…

On this day, 21 years ago, Freddie Ljungberg was fast-tracked to Arsenal after a ripping display against England. Those where the days when Wenger and Dein took gambles.

What a player he was.

He scored a great goal on his debut, but his finishing was very off for the first year.

He was working on the art of the late run into the box and his decision making in front of goal. The next season, he blew up. He formed an immaculate partnership with Dennis Bergkamp and was basically unplayable at times.

He was sexy too. No one rocked Calvin Klein pants like the man with red hair.

The one regret for me is that he was part of an era when sports science wasn’t particularly precise. He spent far too much time injured, which hampered his numbers and eventually impacted his pace.

Still, he won a bunch of trophies, he entered Arsenal folklore, and now he’s sitting on the bench again helping Emery run internal comms in the team. He looks elite in a suit, and be real, the man has sauce by the bucketload. I’d handover my girlfriend in a heartbeat.

Watford at the weekend is going to be slightly worrying. They’ve rehired Quique Sánchez Flores after firing the Gracia after a shite start to the season. The new manager kick is a thing, Watford firm up playing us, they have Danny Welbeck on patrol, ready with the most incisive hat trick of the season. Can’t say I look forward to this game, especially with a defence that’s been rattled in every game so far that’s involved strong pressure on our short passing out the back.

The Arsenal that appeared in the second half has to be the vibe. We need to have some creativity in the midfield, which to my mind means Ceballos starts. Emery needs to start being a little more positive. We’ve seen that adding defenders to the backline doesn’t help us, and we’ve seen that 3 holding midfielders also offers little protection. All that appears to be left is utilizing our attacking talents and causing problems using possession as a weapon.

We really need a performance to kick start the campaign. Watford are not a great side and again, they should be there for the taking based on what we’ve seen so far. At the very least, we should throw caution to the wind, play at a high tempo, and spend more time in their half than ours.

More tomorrow. x

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  1. Bojangles

    I’m still not convinced that the addition of Bellerin is going to offer much more than AMN. Given Bellerin’s experience in the position compared to AMN we should be expecting the level of difference that Tierney offers over Kola, if Tierney is all that we have heard about him that is.

  2. Slade

    Watford is a worry…..I cannot believe this constant Wengeresque mindset: so worried they have a new coach….we need to put a marker down….we need to show some semblance of style and sauce…..
    Jesus, just hug your Wenger blanket and hope for the best.
    We will beat Watford and there will plenty of time and space for you and your clown crew to criticize Emery and Emery and then Emery.

  3. PieAFC

    Second season and still were all perplexed at what team or formation Emery will put out at any given moment home or away.

    We should still have enough in the bag to beat Watford.

    I want nothing less than a convincing 2-0 win.

  4. Wasi

    Now even Wenger has put in his opinion on the sauce debate. “There’s something in there that is part of the big players. ‘You can call it arrogance, confidence, belief; but it has to be there.” Said Wenger when asked about Sancho. And ofc we tried to sign him too and failed (like countless others). Anyway Wenger describes the X-factor better than you Pedro. ‘Arrogance.’

  5. Un na naai

    Are we going to see Luiz or chambers step into midfield with xakha and Torreira our and probably Willock too?

    Can’t really risk ozil and Ceballos surely?

  6. Un na naai

    We had such a great side back then
    4 wins in a row over the all conquering Alex Ferguson and his soon to be treble winners
    Never had it so good. 97-06
    Best period arsenal fans have ever had.
    Best football
    Most trophies
    Best players
    Best manager

  7. Un na naai


    I think he’s spot on and I really wish the rest of the country would follow suit. It’s exactly the sort of approach that’s needed and could hopefully set a wonderful example to the rest. Too much too soon is a phrase we’ve been hearing since the golden gen failed around 06 onwards and it’s something I genuinely feel passionate about.
    These kids have far too much attitude and it needs to be tempered by a strong role model type. Something many of these boys won’t have.

  8. Un na naai

    Look at Raheem since pep put an arm round him
    Look at sancho since going to Germany
    Look at the Brits at Liverpool and their improvement under klopp

    Poor old Maguire hasn’t had that level of mentorship but his attitude (which is natural) is few and far between in modern lads. Especially the city yoots
    Holding seems to be similar in that he possess that northern grit and determination

  9. Bojangles

    About Maguire, well not really but seeing as he was mentioned…

    Un**ed fans are a tad upset because FIFA20 (yep, the computer game) has ranked Mustafi above the 80 mil man. Really, does the rankings in a computer game really impact these people?

  10. Knoxville

    If Arsenal take the initiative in games, win a couple, then win a big one in the process – confidence grows. The team starts to feel infallible, others start becoming wary of them. Most teams will start rolling over for them without having to force the issue. This is how league titles are won.

    We were promised that Arsenal were going to be “Protagonist FC”. C’mon you Gunners! The assault start at Vicarage road on Sunday!

    Tick Tock.

  11. Left testicle

    It’s pretty clear I have major doubts about what Emery is doing to Arsenal.
    Really? We didn’t know. You should have said.

  12. Guns of Hackney

    I hate the Spanish. Anyone who thinks the torture of an animal is fun and an ‘event’ needs castrating with a fucking hammer.

  13. raptora

    Wonder if Zaha is that stupid to think that a move to Everton would have been beneficial to his desire of playing for a top team with UCL football.

    If he was to move to Everton might have needed months to get used to his new team in a new city, then who could have known if he was going to replicate or upgrade on his form from CP. In addition, going to Everton would have meant that he’d be on a fresh, fresh contract, in a team that would have been even less willing to sell because they are wealthier than CP. And fk me, Everton ain’t going to play UCL in the next 5 years at least so why is Zaha so butthurt? Palace’s president clearly said that he would gladly accept the right money from a top team. Well, last time I checked Everton weren’t a top team.

    tldr: Zaha staying in CP with him being the star of that team should give him higher chance of moving to a top team, compared to moving to Everton. Not sure if we were serious about signing him, but if we were, there should be no problems of making the deal in the summer.

  14. Leftsidesanch

    Zaha knew he didn’t want to stay at Palace long term and chose short term gains in the form at that new contract he signed in Summer 2018. The leverage was with Palace the whole time so I don’t feel bad for him.

  15. Guns of Hackney


    You got a deal. We will take turns.

    Left T

    What do you think?

    The hunting or ritual humiliation of an animal for the pleasure of humans is sadism, plain and simple. The people who partake are in my opinion, vile. I don’t differentiate between torturing an animal or the ability to turn it up a notch and start on a child etc.

    You’ll find that 99% of serial killers start by torturing and killing animals.

  16. Wasi

    Not that it makes a difference but Mustafi (79) is rated lower than Maguire (82). The leaks were fake. Also Holding and Guendouzi are criminally underrated at 76, 75 and Willock is at a laughable 67. Lol While Spurs darling Winks is at 80.

  17. Leftsidesanch

    Wasi, EA will no doubt be rectiftying some of those silly ratings in their first update. In what world is Mctominay (77) better than Guendouzi (75 rated).

  18. Left testicle


    I don’t agree with fox hunting, bull ‘fights’ or whaling. I wish none of them existed.

    There are animal ‘rituals’ like this all over the globe. I just think it’s down to the Spanish to sort that out for themselves.

    What are your thoughts on cock fighting? 🙂

  19. HighburyLegend

    Source from The New York Times : “A. Wenger would have accepted the job of technical manager of FIFA.”

    “His expertise should help improve coaching standards around the world. The American daily says that the formalization of this appointment will be made in the coming days.”

    “help improve coaching standards around the world.”
    This one made me laugh hard.

  20. Wasi

    Ea has to. Pepe has overall rating of 83. But the funny thing is his dribbling stats is rated lower than that of Lacazette when arguably he is the best dribbler in the league now.

  21. Bojangles

    Dead against the fighting cocks too… Plenty to see here and most parts of SE Asia… Akin to dog fighting for mine, another barbaric pursuit.

  22. Left testicle

    My Mrs didn’t think an owl was a bird! She’s 43 years old and relatively intelligent. After discussing it further* she also didn’t realize that penguins are also birds.

    * discussing = taking the pi$$

  23. Left testicle

    She has no idea. I said didn’t the claws, beak, feathers, wings and the fact that it’s a BIRD of prey give it away? She is relatively intelligent.

    She doesn’t have a clue on where countries are either. I’m making sure my nine year old daughter doesn’t have the same problem. I have bought her an inflatable globe.

    The Mrs also doesn’t have a clue on politics. Actually, come to think of it, she isn’t relatively intelligent. She’s a dullard!

  24. Left testicle

    As I thought. The platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus), sometimes referred to as the duck-billed platypus, is a semiaquatic egg-laying mammal endemic to eastern Australia, including Tasmania. The platypus is the sole living representative of its family (Ornithorhynchidae) and genus (Ornithorhynchus), though a number of related species appear in the fossil record.


  25. Guns of Hackney

    LT is getting divorced. Trust me, your old lady knows you read and contribute to the blog. They know everything…except that an Owl is a bird.

  26. Left testicle

    She is kind, generous, relatively ok in the looks department and a fantastic mum.

    All is good, she just doesn’t know that an owl is a bird. Daft bint.

  27. Valentin

    Zaha sacked his agent for not being savvy enough when he negotiated his new contract.

    Most agents focus only on the salary and the signing-on fees where the release fee and contingent bonus should also be part of the negotiation .

    He should have requested to have the exact criteria to be sold written in the contract.
    A table with a list of criteria and the schedule of release fees. Something along the line of
    If Criteria 1 is met then schedule of release fees.
    If Criteria 2 is met then schedule of release fees.

    If Club A or if Club in Champion’s League or if Club is in Europa League, then Year 1 release fee is X, Year 2 release fee is Y…

    Daniel Levy had promised to release Aldewereild if a big club came. When ManUtd came Levy refuse to sell him at a reasonable price. Next contract Aldewereild did not trust Daniel Levy to keep to his word, so the exact amount for his release fee was spelt.

  28. Champagne charlie

    “All is good, she just doesn’t know that an owl is a bird. Daft bint.”

    You married a woman that doesn’t know an owl is a bird….

    I’d call that 1-1

  29. Left testicle

    I’m just breaking balls. She knows what I’m like and she did laugh at herself through her embarrassment. That’s another of her qualities – she puts up with me!

  30. Dissenter

    The Dani Ceballlos interview with DM’s Pete Jensen is very illuminating
    -Speaking about the game at Anfield;
    ‘I had never seen anything like it,’ he says pausing to find the words to best do justice to the football hurricane that blew over Arsenal that day.
    ‘I’ve not seen up until now a team that plays better, that presses better. That game had quite an impact on me.
    ‘They suck the air out of you. You spend so much time defending and when you want to catch your breath and get on the ball for a bit, they’ve taken it from you again”
    It’s no wonder he had a difficult game, he was taking notes like a freshman in his first college class.

    -He also said that Lacazette is the best player on the team. ‘Lacazette is the best player in the team: he understands the game perfectly.’

  31. Dissenter

    Torriera appears to have taken a Knock on international duty so expect the Xhaka-man back on Sunday.
    Just goes to show how tenuous and short staffed our midfield is.

  32. Nelson

    Celallos played very well as the Left attacker in a 4 2 3 1 formation for the Spain national team. This open up another formation for Emery.

  33. Danialtos

    I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this,but 10 years ago today….Adebayor went full shithouse mode and did THAT celebration

  34. Silverhawk

    In Willock, Guendouzi, and Ceballos, we have good players who can play across positions.

    Willock can play as a CM, RM, AM and DM at a push

    Ceballos can play as a CM, LM, AM, LW

    Guendouzi can play as a DM, CM in various formations.

    These 3 players excite me alot.

  35. Silverhawk

    In away games, we can play a 4 3 3 with

    Willock Torriera Guendouzi
    Pepe Aubameyang Ceballos

    Torriera Guendouzi Ceballos
    Pepe Laca Auba

    Willock Guen Ceballos
    Pepe Laca Auba

  36. Silverhawk

    I’d love to see
    Martinelli and Saka/Nelson really step up this year. Then we change Xhaka for sangare.

    An approaching elite CB and we’re back in business

  37. Nelson

    Now that our team has enough offensive weapons, it is up to Emery to show us what he can do to set up the team. Our offensive should be able to open up the defense of those “weaker” teams. Pepe and AMN can overlap on the right side while Ceballos and Kola will attack from the left side. Our two strikers should have enough chances to score. We should let our offense to dominate the game even if our defense gives up goals.

  38. Silverhawk

    I’d rather move on Emery. (nothing against him). We need a proactive coach. An attacking one.
    Getting Nagglesman and Upamaecano in a double swoop will be a statement of intent.

    If not Nagglesman, a vibrant attacking coach with a good sense of organizing a good defense.

  39. China1

    I haven’t seen t but I read Saka did some outrageous trickery yesterday

    He really does seem like the kid to watch out for

  40. Dream10

    Ceballos believes that Lacazette is our best player? I’m afraid he has to go. I don’t make the rules lol

    There was talk last month that Joe Willock would get a new deal. Good news. He has great fitness. Probably the #1 factor for a midfielder to make it in today’s game. Like when Iwobi broke into the first team, he’ll be getting plenty of minutes because there’s a vacancy in his position. Really hope the club sorts out Smith Rowe’s fitness issues. Otherwise, he’ll be sold in 18 months time. Great that Leipzig want him on loan again.

  41. Receding Hairline

    “‘He called me and told me to come to Arsenal,’ Ceballos says. ‘He told me I was going to have a prominent role and that I was going to like his idea of playing. When you have the confidence of the coach that is about 60 per cent of the battle. Knowing that if you make a mistake you have the backing of your manager, for me, and for a lot of players, that’s fundamental.'”

    Well Pierre thinks he does not consider you good enough to start against Tottenham, the battle is lost four games in.

  42. Leedsgunner

    Arsenal 3-0 Man United

    When was the last time that happened in recent memory?

    Scores like this is what we should be aiming for this season… once all our first teamers are fighting fit.

    Thank you Pedro for posting that little jewel from years past!

  43. Marko

    Ceballos figures out within a month that Laca is our best player but many ‘experts’ around here want/wanted us to sell him.

    He also highly rates Emery which you don’t so what does he know am I right

  44. Leedsgunner

    I want Emery to play an attacking line up this weekend versus Watford.

    Then when we play Man United in a few weeks I want him to play an attacking line up versus Man United.

    Against other so-called big teams like Liverpool, Man United and Chelsea Emery more often than not decides to play it too safe… negating our attack by leaving them isolated.

  45. James wood

    I keep seeing Wenger spouting about the players he was linked to ?
    Messi / Sancho being his latest uttering’s.
    Perhaps he should remember to mention Mustafi/ Kallstrom/Stephanie/Wrey
    Silvestre/Cygan/Inamoto/Senderos/Park chu Yong the list is endless when will
    that sad case shut up.?

  46. Champagne charlie

    Ceballos is a liar, Emery isn’t involved with player recruitment.

    Least that’s what I’ve read on here from some…

  47. TR7


    “We can’t compare [Arsenal to Liverpool] at the moment. We’re working on similar things but Jurgen Klopp arrived at Liverpool in 2015. Unai came last season.”

    “Arsenal finished a point short of Champions League and a small step from winning the Europa League: his arrival will be positive. In a few years Arsenal will be in the top 10 teams globally, competing for everything.’

    ‘his arrival will be positive’ is as lukewarm a praise as you can get. For a player playing for Arsenal right now, you wouldn’t expect Ceballos to say Emery is out of his depth, would you ? Correct me if he has said something more that I am not aware of and can be categorized as effusive praise.

  48. Guns of Hackney

    Cabellos has a case of the ‘talking bollocks’ that infects most of the swine we hire.

    Emery couldn’t negotiate a Thai hooker.

    Real aren’t letting an asset go. Get over it.

  49. Guns of Brixton

    “I’m sure Pedro’s girl doesn’t visit Le Groove.”

    I bet pedro treats us like the racist uncle.

    As much as he tries to hide us, the encounter is inevitable

  50. Guns of Hackney


    Feed people who hurt animals to the peasants and then let the animals eat the peasants.

    This is a sport I’d pay to see. Bring back the Roman arena but this time, man wouldn’t have any weapons.

  51. Guns of Hackney

    By the way, really looking forward to seeing that pikey Tierney play. And Holding, the new Adams.

    I miss Bellerin’s style.

  52. Nelson

    GOH “Real aren’t letting an asset go. Get over it.”

    Every player has a price. The problem is whether Ceballos wants to stay.

  53. DigitalBob

    Good to hear Ceballos is happy here, despite coming from the same place as Jose Antonio Reyes(RIP), he seems a more extroverted character which always helps when you move to a city like London.

    Laca being in his view best player solidifies my believe Laca should be El Capitan for us. Even if you don’t believe he’s our best player the fact he has the respect and trust of the players means he should wear the armband.

    Side note, we need to be patient with Tierney, Hector and Holding, while when fit they represent much better options than the current back line they’ll need time to build their fitness.

  54. Marko

    his arrival will be positive. In a few years Arsenal will be in the top 10 teams globally, competing for everything.

    Sounds like he rates him

  55. Receding Hairline

    “In a few years Arsenal will be in the top 10 teams globally, competing for everything.’”

    Is this effusive enough praise TR7?

    Funny it was there in the same statements you quoted but your takeaway was “his arrival will be positive”

  56. Dream10

    Don’t CB play to.go up a level because of Holding returning. Like Mustafi and Sokratis ,.he is a squad level CB for a top 4 side. He is more composed, but the aforementioned two are better than him in certain aspects.

    I like Hector, but I like AMN as well. Really excited to see Tierney to play. Lot of hype from what people who watch him regularly are saying.

  57. Marko

    Trust TR7 to pick up on the best player comment for Lacazette but somewhat downplay or dismiss his opinion that Emery will have us competing for everything in a few years.

    If it makes you feel any better I think he’s wrong on both accounts

  58. Receding Hairline

    If Lacazette is indeed our best player is says more about Arsenal than Lacazette to be honest.

    As an aside in 7 meeting Emery has only bested Quique Sánchez Flores once, lost thrice, drawn thrice.

    Don’t expect him to go all guns blazing at him this weekend, things like that play on the minds of coaches like Emery unfortunately.

  59. BacaryisGod

    Interesting Arsenal-Man U video, especially considering the first goal from Adams was set up by a perfect free-kick by Stephen Hughes. Still baffled by Hughes. He played 16 times in 1998 and went on to play an additional 52 times in the next two seasons. Not sure where it went wrong with him for us-maybe he just didn’t improve as hoped.

    Also love seeing a terrible Schmeichel performance on the first and third goals. Not quite at the level of Suker’s humiliation of him in the Denmark-Croatia match (if you haven’t seen it, you should) but still pretty good.

  60. Valentin

    Typed Campbell thinking of Sol Campbell got Kevin Campbell. Completely forgot about him as an Arsenal player in the premiership.

    Blanked Samir Nasri and Rosicky.

  61. azed

    Got 17 (missed the spelling of Podolski) blanked out Ramsey, Ozil and didn’t think PEA and Lacazette would be this high in the list.

  62. Valentin

    Just realised that I got Paul Merson when I was thinking of John Hartson!
    With getting Campbell thinking of Sol instead of Kevin, I got two names right thinking of the wrong players.

  63. TR7

    RH and Marko

    Fair enough if you think Ceballos meant Emery would take Arsenal to competing for biggest trophies in a few years time. My understanding is it was a generic comment on the direction AFC will be moving in to in a few years.

    In other news, Arsene to take a technical role at FIFA.

  64. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    If you had the stats that granit has at work you would be called in to explain, then maybe get a warning…

    Surely the club just ignore it.

    Put him on baby leave for 8 weeks…

    Joe mattie calebous amn could look after things…

  65. Mark

    ” The Mrs also doesn’t have a clue on politics. Actually, come to think of it, she isn’t relatively intelligent. She’s a dullard! ”

    Bet she’s fit as fuck tho , eh Left. Like most men we are blindsided by tits and beauty and booty. 😘

  66. Marko

    My understanding is it was a generic comment on the direction AFC will be moving in to in a few years.

    It was specific to him and he clearly rates him hence the competing for everything in a few years. And he also thinks Lacazette is the best player. Which to believe…

  67. Luteo Guenreira

    Watched a replay of the goals from every match from the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Watching the Brazil matches from that tournament, so many of the goals they conceded was the responsibility of David Luiz. Especially that seven goal assault from Germany, he was tragically bad in that one.

    Then I got to thinking, this was five fucking years ago that he looks like he should retire, now he’s at Arsenal as one of our top CB choices? What the hell is going on. Any infinitesimal part of me that was allowed to be convinced that this signing could work out was extinguished after watching those highlights. Holding can’t come back fast enough, pray he hits the ground running and stays fit.

  68. Gentlebris

    ‘If you had the stats that granit has at work you would be called in to explain, then maybe get a warning…’

    A warning?!

    After costing your employer a major deal the previous year and then this year you lost an important company document at a night club…..and then a warning?

    Most effective organizations wouldn’t stop at firing your ass, they would get you blackballed!

  69. DM


    I know this is very late but only just had a chance to read the post – ciabatta is pronounced Cha-batta, not See-a-batta 🙂

    As in ciao 🙂

  70. Gentlebris

    Then what the fuck would you expect Ceballos to say about his current coach who is showing him lots of love after being rejected by the cynical bald head?

    Sweet words of course.

    Doesn’t mean Ceballos rates Emery one bit. Just appreciation, which is appropriate considering the circumstances.

  71. Nelson

    Up to now, Raul has shown that he can act decisively. Last year, Iwobi and Micki were Emery’s favorites. They got traded. Emery wanted Monreal for the NLD and he was gone before. I wouldn’t be surprised Xhaka could get traded against Emery’s wish.

  72. Gentlebris

    Let’s look at the situation together again.

    We don’t have the finest defenders on our book yet, our midfield is average without Xhaka and poor with Xhaka.
    But then our forward line is as good as any in the world.

    What is our major weakness?

    What is our major strength?

    To play to our strength, what do you do as a coach?

    You play fast attacking football. You cut out playing out from the back(that style of play is for teams with excellent defenders and robust midfielders)and instruct the goalie to play the ball to midfield, you instruct your 9 to drop to the middle when the goalie plays the ball. You generally find means to constantly get the ball to your three guys who are the major strength of the team at the attacking area.

    You are as shit as they come if you force Auba Laca and Pépé to play around your own box for 80 minutes of the game.

    But then don’t worry bro Unai, you have lots of supporters here. Not that they don’t know you can’t coach at the highest level but they can’t just bring themselves to say it since you represent the end of Wenger……ugh yes….. such is the level of their obsession.

  73. Bojangles


    A man of your obvious tactical nouse and coaching insight is wasting his time writing comments on a blog. You should be doing something useful with them dude. The Watford job was quickly filled so you missed that one unfortunately but Leyton Orient still has an opening I believe.

  74. Freddie Ljungberg


    He’s only had his coaching badges for 15 months, just like so many on here.

    Hope Tierney and Bellerin can get some minutes with the u23s this weekend, and maybe sub appearances against Frankfurt next week?

    Looking forward to watching ESR getting some minutes as well, still the highest rated youngster at the club but he’s been forgotten about a bit after his injuries, hope that’s all behind him now.

  75. Marko

    I think Saka and now Willock are better rated. I see ESR struggling in all honesty because he either doesn’t know what his best position is or we don’t need him for the position he can play. Saka is brilliantly poised because he plays LW and currently that’s an area we’re lacking in so he can get game time there in the near future.

  76. Freddie Ljungberg


    They only overtook him because he’s been injured for so long though.

    He’s a CAM right, that can also play on the wing? Even if we get Ceballos to stay or get another top CAM in we’ll still need a backup, we have no one else in the team that can fill that role so I think he’ll be fine if he can stay injury fee and keep progressing.

    All our other wingers/forwards are more direct now too so it doesn’t hurt having a no 10 type on one wing occasionally to mix it up a bit.

    I have high hopes for Saka too but he’s a couple of years younger than the others so I’m being patient on that front.

  77. Valentin


    You don’t have to be a professional cook, to be able to spot the difference between an burnt burger and a fillet steak.
    You don’t need to have coaching badge to realise that trying to play from the back with a porous defense and a slow ponderous Xhaka with the turn radius of a super tanker as your main central midfield player is just asking for trouble.

  78. Valentin

    I know a lot of people here pins their hope on ESR. But my honest opinion is that he is likely to have a career a la Wilshere. Full of promises but because of his style of play that invites opponents to tackle him he will spend more time injured than actually playing. That will ultimately affect his development as a footballer and in the end his body won’t handle it.

    I find him ahead of many going forward, but behind defensively. Like Ramsey he has a tendency to rush forward and abandon any tactical positional discipline. Maybe a loan with a proper coach will instill that discipline in him.

  79. McBright is Wright

    Thanks Pedro…bringing back those nostalgic era of the Arsenal.
    Can only hope for such Dennis and Freddie’s Bergerac again

  80. Marko

    We don’t really play with a CAM and he’s not really a winger. I see him struggling to hold down a spot honestly. Very good prospect though

  81. Bojangles


    True, but if you have an agenda against fillet steak you will find plenty wrong with it while maybe finding many good things in praise of the burnt hamburger.

  82. Nelson

    Ceballos:” I feel the responsibility of leading, wanting the ball in difficult moments, not hiding, getting the team playing. That’s what separates the REALLY good players. It’s about saying ‘I’m here’ when the team needs you.”

    I like him. He is my kind of player.

  83. Tony

    “Bet she’s fit as fuck tho , eh Left. Like most men we are blindsided by tits and beauty and booty. ”

    Only those who use their dicks as brains get blindsided.

    Except Pierre who thinks and talks through his arse. Essentially always talking shit!

    Left T
    Ask your significant other why we never see baby pigeons?

  84. Tony

    Joke Friday

    A doctor and his wife were having a big argument at breakfast. “You aren’t
    so good in bed either!”, he shouted and stormed off to work.

    By mid morning, he decided he’d better make amends and called home.

    “What took you so long to answer?”

    “I was in bed.”

    “What were you doing in bed this late?”

    “Getting a second opinion.”

  85. Tony

    One time there was an army camp in India that just received a new commander.

    During the new commanders first inspection everything checked out except one
    thing. There was a camel tied to a tree on the edge of the camp.

    The commander asked what it was for, one of the soldiers who had been stationed there for a while explained to him that the men sometimes get lonely since there where no woman there so they have the camel.

    The commander just let that go, but after a few weeks he was feeling very lonely so he ordered the men to bring the camel into his tent. The men did, and he went to work on it.

    After about an hour the commander came out zipped up his pants and said,
    “So is that how the other men do it?”

    One of the men responded, “No we usually just use the camel to ride into town.”

  86. Tony

    One day the sheriff sees Billy-Bob walking around town with nothing on
    except his gun belt and his boots.

    The sheriff says “Billy-Bob, what the hell are you doing walking around town dressed like that?” Billy-Bob replies “Well sheriff, it’s a long story!” Sheriff says he isn’t in a hurry and that Billy-Bob should tell the story.

    Billy-Bob continues “Well sheriff, me and Mary-Lou was down on the farm and we started a cuddling. Mary-Lou said we should go in the barn and we did.”

    “Inside the barn we started a kissing and a cuddling and things got pretty hot and heavy, well Mary-Lou said that we should go up on the hill so we did.”

    “Up on the hill we started a kissing and a cuddling and the Mary-Lou took off all her clothes and said that I should do the same.

    Well, I took off all my clothes except my gun belt and my boots.

    Then Mary-Lou lay on the ground and opened her legs and said “Okay Billy-Bob, go to town…”

  87. Tony

    One Fall day, Bill was out raking leaves when he noticed a hearse slowly
    drive by. Following the first hearse, was a second hearse which was followed
    by a man walking solemnly along, followed by a dog, and then about 200 men
    walking in single file.

    Intrigued, Bill went up to the man following the second hearse and asked him who was in the first hearse. “My wife,” the man replied.

    “I’m sorry,” said Bill. “What happened to her?” “My dog bit her and
    she died.”

    Bill then asked the man who was in the second hearse. The man
    replied, “My mother-in-law. My dog bit her and she died as well.

    ” Bill thought about this for a while. He finally asked the man, “Can I borrow your

    To which the man replied, “Get in line.”