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I bought some house plants from a reputable dealer. I was utterly ripped off, of course. You buy plants in Brooklyn and they are 7 times more expensive than their equivalents in B&Q. Anyway, there were some insects on it. I was like, ok, we’ll just be friends and you’ll eventually die.


I am now dealing with an insect problem of biblical proportions. These guys have formed an army against me. They’re so powerful, they’re building machines… I cannot stop them. If anyone has a better idea outside fly spray, please help… before it’s too late.

International break is here and I think I’m going to indulge it this time around. I’ve also added Youtube to my gym routine. You can sit on an exercise for 4x longer if you’re watching goals and highlights from all the games around Europe.

One player that’s caught the eye for more than football reasons is Memphis Depay. He launched a stunningly shite rap video recently, but he’s also had a good start to the season. He’s scored 4 goals and had 1 assist. He looked dangerous last night in the Holland vs Germany game. Two exArsenal kids scored, Gnabry and Malen, and Ryan bloody Babbel had a storming game. It’ll be interesting to see if Depay is just a big fish in a little pond, or whether he can mature at 25 and make it back to the big leagues.

Arsene Wenger is on a HUGE PR run.

‘Take me back football, take me back!’

He’s been speaking to his oil backers and he reckons Arsenal are the best of the rest.

He mentioned that the club had spoken with him about the potential of returning in some capacity. I  have no idea what that would look like, but whatever it was, he turned it down.

In some ways, a move back would make sense, Fergie is still around the United situation, which clearly isn’t helping. I think he should probably leave it a year, get a job managing a team, then return as a footballing man in some capacity in the future. Say what you will about him, he’d be a good look for the club at an exec level (football side). As long as he weren’t deeply entrenched in decision making.

It’s all a bit sad with Arsene. He’ll probably blame his loyalty for his jobless situation when the reality is his problems largely stem from allowing power to corrupt his view of the game. Great leaders throughout history have shown a serious lack of ability to change their ways once they hit the heights. Arsene Wenger surrounded himself with yes men that he never changed, he scoffed at tech, he believed that art was the only way, and he lost confidence in his final years as the game over-took him.

If you’d give him an elite team of coaches, scientists and data folk and forced him to listen, things might have been very different.

A lesson for us all… don’t believe your own hype, it’s probably not real.

There’s an interesting piece on Sky Sports, who do great data work imo.

This is how Arsenal look this season. It all makes sense. We’re direct, we like to counter, we’re not the high sequence passers of yesteryear and we’re not much for play through the middle.

The Unai Emery takeover is complete. Nothing fancy to see here. I’ll have to be fine with the approach if it delivers us third, but for a club that wanted to retain the beautiful game, it’s a pretty grim evolution and it’s totally bereft of anything exciting.

The footballing equivalent of Brexit… OUT MEANS OUT… for so many years, then you’re stuck on WTO terms in the freezing cold and you can’t get a pot of Marmite.

Pepe was sent back from international duty because he wants to work on his fitness in London. Finally, someone in charge at Arsenal who wants to do the right thing for Arsenal FC. Nice work, Raul.

Southgate has just announced a line-up without Jadon Sancho. FFS…

See you in the comments. x



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  1. Un na naai

    Fucking abysmal reading

    I wouldn’t mind playing direct football if it bears fruit
    We’ve been atrocious at both ends of the pitch. Why bother talking about midfield flair masters if we are bypassing them?
    If he’s shaping us up to absorb pressure and hit on the counter attack then he’s doing a shite job of it

    Be glad when this guys gone
    The cheek of calling wenger a fraud while this muppet gets a free pass

    Would be happy for wenger to go upstairs
    The man loves the club and he’s our most successful manager. No problem

    Never by insect infected plants Pedro. Never.

    Was just sent a video of gang members tying up a rival and letting their pit bull literally eat his cock and balls off

    🤢 🤮
    Live by the sword I guess.

  2. Fire

    I’ll hold fire on Mr Emery until both full backs are fit. There’s a reason Pep invested heavily on full backs. Klopp depends on them for width. Even Poch greatest year had a terrific duo of walker and Rose.
    Take out Kola and Niles and we improve tremendously.

  3. Un na naai


    Don’t hold your breath man. We had no real last season and he chose kolasinac

    We had Ramsey last season and he benched him
    We had lacazette last season and he chose to leave him out regularly
    We had Torreira and he chooses to use him incorrectly
    We have xakha and he’s being used as our last man back

  4. Danialtos

    It’s hard to believe that Michael owen actually said all those dumb things…’its hit the facial part of his head’…haha…why didn’t he just say face

  5. Fire

    I’m not a fan of the boss and he might not met many peoples expectations but surely we’ll have a clearer idea of what hes about when his first eleven are fit… Especially the defenders

  6. Mr Serge

    Ashwin you are an idiot
    Pedro throw the plants away and write of the cost
    Wenger should never be allowed to return to work for us just to visit

  7. Un na naai


    Why? He built the club
    The stadium, the ground, the infrastructure

    We are a first rate club waiting to happen thanks to his hard work and love for the club
    He put us in the 21st century

  8. jwl

    Depends on kind of insects you got Pedro but here are few ideas you can make at home –

    – Mix 5 tablespoons of dish soap with 4 cups of water in a bottle and spray plants with the solution. The soap will dehydrate aphids and spider mites.

    – neem oil – made from the seeds of neem trees native to India, this age-old, natural insecticide and anti-fungicide repels aphids, mites, scale and other small, soft-bodied insects.

    – Make a solution of 2 tablespoons red pepper, 6 drops of dish soap and 1 gallon of water, and spray your plants. Black pepper, chili pepper, dill, ginger and paprika also work because they contain capsaicin

    – create a solution by mixing 1 or 2 cups of 70 percent isopropyl alcohol with a quart of water. The solution will repel insects from houseplants and tropical foliage.

  9. Nelson


    There is this sticky paper in the shape of a long and narrow strip. It has a smell and extremely sticky. Just hand one or two of these paper strip near your plant. All the flies will stick to it.

  10. jwl

    I don’t want Wenger to return because he seems like an egomaniac and he doesn’t do well when other people giving him orders. Wenger never seemed like a team player, it was his way or nothing, I doubt very much he would interested in a demotion at Arsenal but who knows.

    If you’re not hiring Wenger as a manager, what is point of hiring him? What skills does he bring that we are lacking?

  11. jwl

    Un na naai – I was thinking about natural predators as well but then Pedro getting rid of some insects but introducing others.

  12. Cesc Appeal

    I swear Arsenal end up facing teams who’ve recently sacked their managers a disproportionate amount.

    Watford next.

    Never like facing sides who’ve recently sacked managers.

  13. Cesc Appeal

    ‘He mentioned that the club had spoken with him about the potential of returning in some capacity. I have no idea what that would look like, but whatever it was, he turned it down.’





    Abso-fucking-lutely not.

  14. Nelson

    I guess the club can hire Wenger as special ambassador stationed in France. His job would be convincing the parent of youngsters to let their kids joining Arsenal. He can talk like a professor.

  15. HillWood

    No to Wenger going back to Arsenal in any capacity
    It would make the new regime feel threatened
    Wenger has had his day……..move on

  16. Un na naai


    Yeah but you’d rather the odd lady bird than an infestation of whatever they are.

    That’s the route I’d take anyhow

  17. Guns of Hackney


    As an amateur killer of plants, I have this little gem for you: don’t buy plants! Go out to Central Park or whatever green space you hang out in cruising for arse and pick a few sprigs. Take them back and pop them in a glass with water and wait until the roots start. Transfer to a pot with soil. You have a plant that has acclimated. Some of the trash garden centres sell comes from all over the world, so no wonder the plants fail when they get to their final destination so to speak.

    Hate England with a passhun. Hate it.

    Arsene has sauce. Period. Fuck I miss that lunatic. I really do.

    Emery football sucks.

    Strictly come dancing starts tonight. I’m happy. I love the pageantry.

  18. Zoran

    Someone called Unai muppet.
    I would pay respect to Unai, just for one simple reason. He is playing without our best defenders in Bellerin Holding and Tierney and still manages to leave behind us ManU and CL runners up.
    Would be curious is that person would call Klopp muppet if he was without the services of Trent Arnold, Van Dijk and Robertson, their best defenders?
    Pay respect where respect is due, mate

  19. TR7

    Le Grove and its comment section has been an integral part of my daily routine for the last 10 years and I am sure it’s the same with most people who read the blog or post on here on a regular basis. Sometimes I wonder if Pedro calls it a day a few years down the line, how will we reconnect with each other to talk about Arsenal.

  20. Guns of Hackney


    Get your GF to deal with the bug problem you big balloon.

    That praying mantis looked mean, but scale wise they are about the size of a couple of fag packets end to end. Max! London zoo has a few.

    I’d be more concerned about mites. Plants have mites. Mites spread fast and almost always end up the urethra. No one knows why, but they do.

  21. TR7


    To be honest I don’t mind if you don’t write a post for a few days. As long as the comment section is alive and kicking, it works for me. Anyway comforting to know you plan to carry on.

  22. Marko

    He mentioned that the club had spoken with him about the potential of returning in some capacity. I have no idea what that would look like, but whatever it was, he turned it down.

    I call bullshit on that Arsene.

    And there’s a problem with us being more direct and playing more from the wings? Bring back crab football and trying to have everything go through the middle I suppose. Anyway point is you go without a recognized number 10 and instead emphasize the wings (something we’ve been crying out for for years) and going through the middle will suffer. The 10+ passing sequence stuff again shouldn’t be a worry because of people like Pepe and Aubameyang you now have that off the shoulder of the last Defender ball which negates having to pass it endlessly going nowhere. Anyway just seems like a nothing reason to complain about especially considering one it’s early season and two most of the new signings are either not up to speed yet or not fit. Anyway get a poll going and see what type of football people want to see around here instead of the whole vagueness and changing ones tune

  23. Cesc Appeal

    Would like to see Folarin Balogun get a chance at playing ST for the first team when we play some shite Europa League team at home or a suitable Carabao Cup team at home.

  24. Un na naai

    Scorpions or snakes. Or frogs

    Incidentally, in eastern philosophy the praying mantis is a symbol of peace, patience and creativity.

    Get a few in Pedro. You’ll be lord of the office in no time

  25. Zoran

    Un na naai

    That bad we r not. Unai i new, only one year, Klopp needed 3 years to reach something. Wait and see. All the defenders he inharited from Wenger
    I we havestayed under Wenger, you would watch week after week Mustafi, Mhiki and Iwobi.

  26. Pierre

    The manager may have a difficult decision to make in the Europa league this season.

    The teams in our group are of a higher level than the previous 2 seasons and I will be very surprised if Emery uses novices in the early games as he would prefer to have the points on the board and qualified with a couple of games to spare .

    The final 2 group games are less than a month before Christmas and, if qualified,
    that should be the time to bring in younger players .

    So don’t be surprised to see a relatively strong starting line up away to Eintracht F. next week as the last thing the manager would want is to drop points and then have to field first team regulars during the busy schedule in December which could also include a league cup quarter final.

    Not having Nketiah for the Europa and league cup ties is a loss as he is very close to the level required and would definitely have been a starter for these games.

    Instead, without Nketiah to choose from, Emery has to make the decision next week on whether to play Aubameyang—lacazette–pepe or go with untried offensive players like Balogun, John jules Nelson and Martinelli or a mixture of both.

    Of course, we have ozil or Ceballos who need game time, so the cup competitions will be a benefit for these 2 ….unless of course Emery is brave enough to start one or the other of them away to Watford next weekend.

  27. Un na naai


    Well he’s signed two new centre halves
    New gk
    New rb and left back

    And kept the two young British centre halves.

    Would hardly label it wengers back line.
    Either way, whatever you decide to call it, it’s still a better collection of defenders than 75% of clubs in the prem can boast so really he should be doing better with what he has

  28. Nelson

    AS has learned that Dani Ceballos issued a curt response to being told by Zinedine Zidane that he is not in the Real Madrid coach’s future plans.

    “I didn’t want to carry on working with you, either”

    Let’s hope that Zidane stays in Madrid next year.

  29. azed

    “We had lacazette last season and he chose to leave him out regularly”

    Stop peddling this lie. You can’t hate the manager without resorting to lies.

    Lacazette played 35 out of 38 League games last season. He started 27 out of the 35.

    This data is easily verifiable online.

  30. Freddie Ljungberg

    “Lighten up a little and stop taking everything so seriously.”

    Says the poster obsessed with finding faults in everything the manager does. The new one mind, not so much the old one, he never made mistakes.

    Do you think the few top players we have are happy playing with dross like Mustafi and Xhaka that keep giving away points? I very much doubt it.

    If I remember correctly it’s not the first time Auba has liked a post criticising Xhaka either.

  31. Nelson

    France has demonstrated how to play 4 2 3 1 formation. The two midfielders stays close together in the middle. The two sides are taken care of by the two FBs and the two wingers. Currently, our two FBs are not good enough to support the 4 2 3 1 formation.

  32. Champagne charlie

    Marko doing the most Marko thing by arguing against our current football approach in mock favour of “crab football” that nobody has asked for.

    Stuff out the tap is still wet as fuck too if anyone was on the fence.

    The takeaway from the Sky piece is that City and Liverpool dominate the opposition in sequences, possession high press et al, and they’re the benchmark. We have patterns rivalling West Ham, that’s the actual grumble.

  33. Freddie Ljungberg


    It’s always the same:

    “Well he’s signed two new centre halves
    New gk
    New rb and left backAnd kept the two young British centre halves.”

    1st, HE didn’t sign anyone, it’s not his job.

    2nd, 2 stop gap CBs was signed, an over the hill stop gap RB.

    3rd, the new left back hasn’t played yet and our starting RB and one of those british CBs that would be a starter for us hasn’t played for 9 months.

    4th, our current, second choice defence is not better than 75% of PL clubs, not even close.

  34. Un na naai

    Lacazette played 35 out of 38 League games last season. He started 27 out of the 35.This data is easily verifiable online.


    27 out of 38 games

  35. Un na naai

    Most of those games came before Xmas but when it was clear that arsenal do better when lacazette starts and that his attempts at tactics were failing then emery really had no choice

  36. Un na naai


    He’s got a new defence
    And they are better individually than most of the league
    Stick to the point shit weasel

  37. Freddie Ljungberg


    He’s got a new defence
    And they are better individually than most of the league”

    Doesn’t help when all the best players are injured.

    “Stick to the point shit weasel”

    “You come here with such a petulant bitchy attitude”


    Not my fault you’re always wrong Don.

  38. azed


    27 out of 38 games

    Should the manager have played him when he was injured?

    27 starts out of 35 games is 77% .

    Please explain how someone who started 77% of games he played in left out regularly?

  39. azed

    The only EPL games Lacazette did not play was Burnley away on the last day of the season and Watford away.

    He also missed

  40. azed

    **he also missed the trip to Bournemouth

    Out of 35 games, he played 90 mins in 18 of them which is more than 50%
    Played at least 70 minutes in 23 games.

  41. Emiratesstroller


    Post what is the plant you bought and what you believe is the infestation?

    I can get you some professional advice on a potential solution.

    Wenger has reported that he has not been back to Arsenal since he left, because he does not want to be destabilising Emery. That is a sensible viewpoint.

    My guess is that sooner or later Wenger will either rejoin Arsenal on the Board at ‘non executive’ level or will do so with another club most probably in

    Whatever are the negatives about Wenger as a manager he is an “intelligent”
    guy who does not consider his working life over. No-one should begrudge him
    that right.

  42. NJ Gunner

    Pedro, get a plug in bug zapper. Cheap on -dare I say it – Amazon. That will eat your mires and fireflies without all that alchemy.

  43. NJ Gunner

    Pedro, why do my comments always await “moderation” and then not appear?

    I have literally written on Le Grove four or five times and it appears that I am banned, even though the most controversial thing I ever wrote was probably advising you where you could find a great bar in Pittsburgh (Pipers Pub). You have obviously been talking to my ex. 🙂

  44. Pedro

    Stroller, they are little black flies. They don’t even hang on the tree. They come out of the soil. Tiny things. They are on an orange tree.

    NJ, you are in sir!

  45. raptora

    Firmly against Wenger joining in any important position in the club. The moment he comes and the power struggle will be on big time. At the moment the power is firmly in the hands of Raul and his team. If we fail at what we are doing aka we don’t get UCL football next season, the decision will be to let Emery go. If we fail again once or twice more, Raul’s head will be on the line. He is calling the shots and he is certainly aware of his power and responsibility but also his expendability if things go south.

    The moment Wenger joins Raul stops being the most important person in the club. And his work will 100% deteriorate.

    To be honest I could see Wenger shooting for that Head of Football Operations. After Raul he’d probably want that position for himself. And once we make that mistake, we would instantly regress. It would be him calling the shots and that would mean that he’d do everything else but coach the team. And one could argue that it was his strongest trait at the expense of all the rest that he’d be using in that Head of Football job. So we’d be operated by someone that spent 100m on Mustafi, Xhaka and Lucas Perez. Someone that worked a lot to sign Sanogo thinking that he is a 50m striker then played him vs Bayern and gave him more chances than he gave Gnabry. Someone that thought Xhaka is a box to box midfielder. Someone that drastically regressed taking our club as a hostage on the downward spiral with him, after David Dein stopped being in charge and Wenger was an almighty autocrat. Dein was the one who secured Ian Wright, Bergkamp, Vieira, Petit, Overmars, Henry, Šuker, Pires, Campbell, Gilberto Silva, Clichy, Toure, Fabregas, RvP. The moment Wenger got all the power in his hands, he failed miserably. So a firm no for Wenger returning to the club in any super big role. And we all know it’s what he would come back for. He will wait for the moment to come so he could stretch his hand and grasp it. And try to land the most important position in our club. I just hope Josh will be smarter than that.

  46. Marko

    Guendouzi may not have played tonight but I think I speak for every Arsenal fan when I say he played in our hearts…😆

  47. Marko

    Pedro you could have ants. The flying kind. Little bastards they are though it’s America you’re in and it could be anything

  48. Bojangles


    Mantis are not a problem, they’re not going to bite you. You should be more concerned in my situation with spiders, centipedes and scorpions in the house and regular visits of snakes in the back garden.

  49. Bojangles

    The new Watford boss, Quique Sanchez Flores, has a decent record v Emery. Won 3, lost 1 drawn 3. Emery should improve that next week.

  50. TheLegendaryDB10


    TR7… I was thinking about it the other day, but honestly, outside illness, I’ll never stop. It’s too habitual. If I don’t write for a couple of days, it gives me deep-set anxiety.

    Very sad, I know,

    You write extremely well. And I am not saying this to flatter you. You know how to build a narrative, your intros are fun to read. Your passion oozes out In every article you write.

    Stop worrying about it. Just enjoy it. You know it. It’s your hobby (well second to The Arsenal)!

  51. raptora

    So Deschamps would rather a 3 goals, 4 assist, 1 MotM in 40 games Lemar, than 14 goals, 9 assists, 8 MotM in 38 games Fekir.

    He’d rather play a 33 yo striker, about to be almost 34 during EURO 2020, in Giroud, instead of trying to find their new main striker in the easy qualification games for the inevitable time that Giroud will no longer do the job for them.

    He doesn’t even try to bed in any striker even though France get a 3:0 lead by the 70th minute. .

    And the only other striker that he calls is a 29 yo Ben Yedder?!

    All of this while banishing Benzema (clearly 5x the player Giroud is in literally part of the game) who is also a team play striker. And all of this while having a great all-round striker like Lacazette at his disposal.

    Deschamps has to pick from Lacazette (valued at twice the value of any other french center forward on transfermarkt says it all), Haller (who’s scoring for free and can give them physical presence for days), Moussa Dembele, Alassane Plea. That’s quite the talent in a supposedly weak position for their team. And he goes for modafakin Wissam 29 yo Ben Yedder?!

    Is Deschamps serious?

    Karim, please enlighten me! How is he allowed to make such weird shots? Why is he not planning not even a little bit for the future?

    Obviously that I’m no capacity next to the WC and multiple trophy winner, but isn’t what I’m saying common sense?

  52. China1

    Wenger would be perfect for a return IF:

    – His role includes zero power
    – His role includes him not being allowed to talk
    – his role is extremely cheap

    Offer him 300k a year to be an ambassador in name and show his face regularly at the club and I’m on board

    Anything else NOPE

  53. Jack Gunner

    Imho,this guy is too arrogant for any club that seeks to hire him.The first 10 years at Arsenal endeared him to the fans.Subsequently he thought he could no wrong with his all out attack philosophy.Results prove otherwise.
    The 4-4 draw and 8- 2 mauling springs to mind.Unless he changes tack,unlikely,he will be unable to produce ateam capable of winning games and trophies,

  54. Bojangles

    Pedro,. You should do more solo podcasts. The last was more interesting than those you do with other “humans”

    I would prefer one captain with one or two vc’s but 5 captains is not a uniquely Emery idea, as I posted yesterday Barcelona have 5 captains. I have no idea as to when or who introduced the idea at Camp Nou though.

  55. Bojangles

    I agree with your assessment of Leno. The guy’s a great shot stopper no doubt but he as a couple of weaknesses that the opposition will test him on in future games. I have only really seen Martinelli in pre-season so I am uncertain as to whether or not he can step in for Leno.

  56. MidwestGun

    Pedro –

    You have fungus gnats.. google how to get rid .. but basically your better off just getting a new plant. They live in the soil .. very hard to get rid of… the good news is they don’t harm the plant much… they just drive you crazy.

  57. Chris

    I’m glad Wenger isn’t coming back, for his sake and ours.

    I agree a scenario Raptors outlined above isn’t out of the question if he were to come back in any form. If results nose dived it may increase pressure, if there was any, on the coach and there would be plenty clamouring for Arsene to take ‘temporary’ charge.

    I just feel his time has been and gone and he appears to be moving on anyway with his punditry and tech company. He has also spoken of managing again and that would likely be in France or Japan.

    I am sure we will see him in one of the Emirates boxes cheering on the team before too long and that of course will be great to see.

  58. Emiratesstroller


    I will get back to you later this week, but I would suggest that in first instant you speak to shop who sold you the plant and see if you can get replacement or a different plant.

    If as MidWest Gun suggests that the insects are in the soil another alternative
    might be to replace the soil, but that needs to be done professionally.

    This sounds very much like what happens with lillies. The lilly beatles come
    onto the plant in the daytime, and need to be manually removed and killed.
    They are very difficult to remove in the soil.

  59. Guernsey gun

    Absolutely no way should Wenger have any role at the club. Fergie isn’t helping utd he’s making things worse, which is what Wenger would do. 100% no.

  60. Bojangles

    I would request that any comment from me herein after should probably be disregarded. Just come from a Vietnamese wake, everything as deadly as an Irish wake. Having thought about it a moment it’s best I make no further comment.

  61. Wasi

    Theres some bad blood between France FA and Benzema due to some scandal that happened some way back. You can google it. Anyways i do agree that Lacazette should be picked ahead if Ben Yedder. He likes to play Giroud because of what he offers to the team. His hold up play and ability to bring players into the game and make space in and around the penalty area is unmatched. And when you have Mbappe, Griezmann , Fekir, Coman playing around you he can be a great great foil. But Dropping Laca for Ben Yedder is criminal. Also lets not forget he chose to pick Adil Rami over Laporte and Lenglet for the World cup. He is too loyal to his old guard but that has to change . He cant keep picking Ben yedder over Laca whos 5x the player Ben yedder is.

    If Wenger returns he’ll probably be vying for the managerial position sooner or later. If Raul can bring him in a role which does not give him too much power and keeps him away from the coaching role would be great. Maybe a role to develop where he can use his vast knowledge do develop players + help in recruiting young talents.

  62. Luteo Guenreira

    I wonder who offered Wenger the job. and who he would have be reporting to. Was it the CEO? Josh? Stan himself? I really wonder why he would have declined if it was someone like the owner. Maybe he was offered by Bouldy to come back as his assistant lol


    Saw the main event. Nurmagomedov is such a special fighter, never seen someone make his opponents look so visibly discouraged during fights as often as he does. Maybe closest comparison was GSP in his prime, but Khabib is far more destructive from those top positions.

    He shot a little carelessly in the third round and got caught in a fairly deep guillotine, but his calmness and body control even in that situation was just so impressive. A really skillful escape, did just enough to relieve the pressure from the choke a couple times before Poirier’s arms gave out. Think a lot of fighters could have lost in that spot.

  63. Bojangles

    *Maybe a role to develop where he can use his vast knowledge do develop players + help in recruiting young talents.”

    Cam you please give me one player that Wenger developed during his time with Arsenal.

  64. Nelson

    The Boss
    Well, the 63-year-old has confirmed that he’s been in talks with his former club. However, he’s unlikely to return out of respect for current head coach Unai Emery. “I have been in touch with some people at the club but I felt when you go like that you cannot be half in, half out,” Wenger told beIN Sports.

    Judging from what he says, he wants real power if he returns. If the choice is between Emery or Wenger, I would much rather keep Emery.

  65. Northbanker

    Wenger had an incredible first 10 years with the club and for that I will always be grateful

    But then he became outdated and refused to flex

    Now he would have nothing to offer and I see no good coming out of a return

    We have Edu filling that presumed role so what would he do other than obstruct and give incorrect opinions on data analytics player coaching etc

  66. Chris


    Interesting list, would be cool to see one like that based on a metric of difficulty of trophies won x how many x net spend x sauce 😉

  67. terraloon

    Don’t know if others have picked up from the various press reports that Chelsea are supposedly telling leading agents that they are expecting to be active in the transfer market in January.2020.

    Also there are now suggestions that they already have one deal in place the suggestion being is that it’s either Dembelee at Lyon and or Zaha.

  68. David Smith

    Late to this, but why on earth would they want Wenger back at the club?
    He would spend his time getting up Stan, constantly increasing his power base, briefing against a manager so he could eventually return to that role, applying a veto to transfers, coaching appointments, spreading his loser values.
    He should stay away from this club, and not be given an option to do anything different

  69. Valentin

    As long as Deschamps is the France manager Benzema will never be in the French squad. Here are the reasons:
    1) Benzema’s friends tried to extort money from one of his French teammates in exchange of not publishing a sex tape. So not good for team morale.

    2) Benzema accused Deschamps of covert racism which lead to his home being vandalised and his family threatened. As Benzema has refused to apologise and retract his statement , Deschamps is not going to forgive and forget.

    3) In the France squad Benzema did not play well. Worse he sometimes refused to follow the manager instruction. If he does not receive the ball he will drop deep meaning that France lacks a focus point. He is also not very good with his back toward goal nor is he a good header of the ball. Exactly the quality that Deschamps requires of his main target man in his preferred tactical plan. Hence his continuing selection of Giroud.

    4) which lead to the last point. It is well known that he does not get on with half the team and in particular Giroud. Asking Benzema to play with Giroud (he refused to pass to him in the France Vs Switzerland 2014 world Cup) or be his understudy is asking for trouble.

  70. Valentin

    I don’t particularly like Deschamps nor his playing style, but he has been consistent. There is also logic in his selection in that he only select players who he believe could be part of the next competition squad.

    Some of the players in the France squad are selected because of their characters. They can handle being substitute without causing any wave. Nasri for example is an example that was causing trouble in the France squad if he was not an automatic starter. It got so bad that a delegation of senior players went to the coach and ask him to be excluded.
    Ruffier (when he was good) was another case. He could not handle not being first goalkeeper and made life of the goalkeepers and goalkeepers coach insufferable. Laporte had that reputation from the U21 team where he was viewed as arrogant and aloof. Everybody knew Adil Rami was in the squad to be the funny guy, the cheering substitute who bar an injury or a suspension will never play and be OK with it.

    Ben Yedder is plan B and viewed as an understudy to MBappe. He is quick and can run into the channels. Unfortunately for Lacazette that is not his game. Lacazette is a No9 who can sometimes drop and help in midfield. However that role is Griezman. If France needs a proper No10 then Deschamps call Fekir.

    Unless Deschamps decide to change systems he has players (not necessarily better) but who fit better his preferred systems (4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1) knowing that Giroud, Griezman and MBappe are undroppable.

  71. Distant legrover

    Funny how Le-Grove just loves throwing dirt on Arsene Wenger’s name. Don’t get me wrong the guy had many faults ( who doesnt) but people are acting like he relegated the club. I d wager that Wenger is at least better than all the present managers presently in the league except for Klopp and Guardiola. No Poch is not on the same level. Imagine that, a 70 year old retired coach still better than most of today’s ‘top managers’.

    If he has a DOF, and similar squad in terms of strength, I d back him against Klopp and Guardiola too. I have no doubt that even Wenger version 2(2008-2018) was still better than most coaches out there. That’s sauce.

    The guy won 10 major trophies. 10. But most importantly for me I was well entertained by his football, which is why I watch football. Most coaches don’t know what attractive football is, they just want to grind and win(spurs). It takes something special to not just wanna win but win with style.

    Anyhoo, just let the guy retire in peace. Stop bashing him like his last name is Allardyce.

  72. Cesc Appeal

    David Smith

    To be honest I think Wenger might be trying to inflate the offer as being more than it actually was. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was offered some form of ambassador role by Kroenke who was infatuated by him.

    The only role Wenger’s ego would let him accept at the club is one with a lot of money and a lot of power attached. That means either taking Sanllehi’s, Edu’s or Venkatehsam’s role…each one of them is better suited than Wenger by a million miles.

    Wenger was utterly incompetent in the transfer market, he’s a coward when it comes to competition, he doesn’t understand economics and his handling of contractual issues was laughably bad.

    We’ve been through 3 transfer windows and a mass of off field changes and we’re only now starting to address the damage he did to the finances and the squad.

    He would, in short, be a catastrophe when we’ve moved forward so much.

    My bet is he ends up managing an international side that is absolute shite but where he’s offered masses of money.

  73. Distant legrover

    PlusI think the role they wantwd to bring Arlene back for is someone like an Ambassador similar to what Ferguson is to United. He’s an Arsenal legend so should be allowed back in some capacity at the club.

    Although I think it’s too soon for him to return. Emery doesnt need his monkey on his back. In 4 years or so ? Perfect.

  74. Guns of Hackney


    Because that lame bastard would go to the opening of a crisp packet.

    I bet he’s friends with Lewis chip on shoulder Hamilton. I just bet you.

  75. Marko

    No Poch is not on the same level. Imagine that, a 70 year old retired coach still better than most of today’s ‘top managers’.

    Yeah fucking right. Listen I wouldn’t have Arsene Wenger back at Arsenal on a part time basis working pro bono cleaning the toilets. He should not be allowed back at all let alone in any sort of power capacity. He’s not good for anything these days.

    And no I don’t believe there was a job offer either. Even today it’s another sound bite about how close he came to signing Messi. He’s trying his darndest to stay relevant god bless him. Shame outside of a handful of nutters nobody gives a shit

  76. Pierre

    We should thank Wenger for not taking up the job offer

    All it would have meant is never ending posts from the wenger obsessives disrespecting him.

    .”Shame outside of a handful of nutters nobody gives a shit”

    You are right, nobody gives a shit except the handful of nutters
    Marko, Cesc Appeal , Graham, Tony etc.

  77. Distant legrover

    You talk about Arsene like you know him personally. Or like he had done something terrible to you. The 8-2 was too much for you to handle huh. Well I got over it.

    Believe me I don’t want the guy back at least no time soon. And no I dont agree that Wenger is making all this up. Guys got too much clout and sauce for that. I would imagine many clubs would be dying to have him.