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Two points dropped. Right?

The story was a familiar one. A Granit Xhaka mistake costing us a needless goal. Two if you’re being very harsh.

The first came when he and Sokratis made a total mess of a clearance inside 11 minutes. The whole team folded allowing Lamela to fizz a shot across Leno, he parried it into the path of Eriksen, and we went one down.

The second mistake was an inexplicable lunge in the penalty box. Careless, unprofessional, but oh so very Granit Xhaka. Kane buried the penalty like a robot was a two-step special.

I don’t even want to get into the needless fouling towards the end when we were trying to chase the game. He wasn’t even playing players and he was slowing down the play.

It’s all so avoidable. Just don’t pick him. Emery has watched him make mistake after mistake for an entire year… he knows that he can’t stand up to pressure… he knows that he does dim things very consistently… so what does he do? He picks him against Spurs and gives him the captains armband in some sort of weird masochistic show of authority.

The midfield he chose was quite odd. Basically 3 deep-lying midfielders. Very little creativity. It didn’t really give us much solidity, as we were all over the place in the first half, and it gave us real trouble transitioning the ball forward. Lacazette was constantly dropping deep to collect the ball, sometimes from our own penalty box.

Thankfully, the Frenchman came through to save our half. Pepe sliced a ball into his path, he took two very good touches and forced the ball past Lloris from close range. That goal gave us a much-needed boost heading into the second half.

We came out a much more forceful side. The halftime team talk must have focused on urgency, pressure and more adventure moving forward. The game suddenly clicked into a proper North London derby, there was next to no structure, the ball was travelling end to end at a ferocious pace, and defending went out the window for both sides (not like it was ever in the window for us).

The manager introduced Ceballos for LT, and that gave us a different sort of energy. It introduced a link between attack and midfield, and it gave us a bit more mobility in midfield. Still didn’t stop Harry Kane waltzing into the box and ripping a shot off the inside of Leno’s post.

Still, you’d be hard pushed to convince me Arsenal weren’t deserving of a goal, the winds blew heavily in our favour and we looked far more menacing than Spurs.

The goal that levelled it was a thing of beauty. Matteo G threaded an outrageous pass that levelled the whole Spurs team, Auba gliding it past with the lightest of touches. It was out of this world.

We still had time for a Harry Kane dive, he shifted his body inside Sokratis running path and threw himself to the ground. It wasn’t even clever. It was pure out and out cheating. It really, really, really needs to be dealt with. His cheating is out of control. If he weren’t English, he’d be getting lampooned by the media.

So what can we conclude?

The Xhaka thing

Emery has to stop relying on Xhaka. He’s slow, ponderous, bad under pressure and he makes massive errors more often than any Arsenal player I can remember. I can give a pass to him for last season, but now it’s starting to look like a real blindspot.

Bland Midfields

Additionally, the manager needs to start being more aggressive with his line-ups. That midfield was always going to be bland. We shouldn’t have to watch strikers drop deep to make up for a lack of creativity. It made little sense to have 3 similar midfielders sitting in a flat line yesterday, especially when Spurs were there for the taking. We gave them far too much defensive respect and it didn’t even pay off, we conceded 8 shots in the first half, with 7 of them on target. An abomination.

The Masterful

I think that Matteo G just announced himself on the world stage. That performance was nothing short of sensational. He was at the heart of everything. His passing was good, he ran with the ball well, he was ambitious and his attitude was absolutely exceptional all game long. That should be the standard for every game moving forward. Incredible that he’s only 20 years old. A megastar in waiting.


I’ve seen some tasteless Arsenal fans comparing him to Gervinho. Utter drivel. The man hasn’t clicked yet, but you can see he’s going to be absolutely class. He has that air of unpredictability we need in that front line, he’s fast, he can pass, he reads the game well and I think he’s going to be capable of explosive moments of brilliance. He just needs a bit of luck, then he’s away.


Spurs had a lot of good chances yesterday. I think if I watched that game again, I’d be appalled at some of the defending. We are going to need to sharpen up, we are too easy to get at, and we gave key Spurs players far too much time to do their thing yesterday. Leno kept that scoreline acceptable yesterday, but he won’t save us like that all season. David Luiz also needs to be pulled to one side… that’s 4 errors in 3 games from him. Not good enough.

Top 4

I think we’re nailed on for the top 3 this season. Spurs don’t look the same, Chelsea will  struggle, and United are utterly average. It’s basically ours to lose, I just hope that isn’t an invitation to coast. Emery needs to tighten the ship and he needs to find a way of unlocking the magic more consistently.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments. x

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  1. azed


    Some people are trying to rewrite history…. There’s literally no EKB

    Most posters who currently support Emery said his remit was to allow us put the structure in place and qualify us for the top 4.

    No single person expect us to challenge for the league with Emery in charge.

  2. Pierre

    “Can’t count Pierre sorry he would have criticized anyone not named Wenger, ”

    You couldn’t be further away from the truth if you tried.
    My argument from day one against Emery has always been his failure to improve us defensively.

    I was desperate for pep to come to Arsenal 5 years ago which totally refutes your claim that I would criticise anyone not named Wenger.

    Many on here have belittled Peps success but to me he is far and away the best coach/manager in the world and is a visionary in his approach to the game.

    I said recently, he has changed the way the game is played with his insistence on playing out from the back .
    The new rule change regarding goal kicks is due to pep and it has improved the game from years ago when i used to go to highbury and watch the keeper boot the ball out to the middle of the pitch where 20 players were all bunched in a 20 yard radius.

    I would love to see an up and coming manager with new ideas come to the Arsenal .
    I couldn’t think of a worse choice than Emery at the club following Wenger’s inability to focus on the defensive midfield position and the defence.

    Any intelligent Arsenal supporter knows that the one thing that Arsenal needed to do was, first and foremost, have an organised defence and a solid midfield , Emery has given us neither and I cant see that changing with the way he sets up the team .

    There is so much more that is wrong with his management style but deep down mid west , you know he is not the right person for the job.
    Just because I called him out from day one doesn’t mean I would criticise anyone following Wenger, it just proves that I was right and when he does depart I hope we get in someone with the foresight to see where our problems lie.

  3. azed

    “Receding HairlineMay 22, 2018 13:21:25
    i don’t actually understand why people view Leonardo Jardim as a better manager than Unai Emery.
    He was not my choice for the Arsenal job but to simply disrespect the man’s achievements is insulting , he has won more than Jardim even if u ignore his PSG days. He is just 3 years older than Jardim yet he has more experience working in the game and working with what he has. Same as Jardim.I always felt Emery didn’t do himself any favors taking the PSG job.”

  4. Redtruth

    “I was desperate for pep to come to Arsenal 5 years ago which totally refutes your claim that I would criticise anyone not named Wenger”

    He would of bankrupt us, you silly sausage

  5. Redtruth

    Remember Guardiola had taken over Man City with two recent league titles under their belts.
    Had he moved to Arsenal his spending would have been double the colossal amount he has spent at City………Pierre you thick c***

  6. azed

    Pedro and Sal have been against Emery from day one…

    We all know Pedro’s reasons, why Sal has always thought Emery was a poor manager.

  7. Pierre

    Could the reason pep didn’t come to Arsenal be that kronke wouldn’t release the funds to improve the squad.

    Kronke has loosened the purse strings 5 years too late …the horse/s have bolted (city and liverpool) I’m afraid ..
    that could have been us sitting on top of the league if our owners had shown some ambition.

  8. azed

    Thank you and goodnightMay 24, 2018 09:07:25
    Well said Pedro. The funny thing is is that I don’t expect much from his first season as there is a lot of work needed doing at Arsenal. But I have to say I’m genuinely excited for the start of the season and can’t wait, first time in about 8 years I’ve felt like this. Come on NEW Arsenal

  9. MidwestGun

    There is so much more that is wrong with his management style but deep down mid west , you know he is not the right person for the job.
    Can’t say as I ever thought Emery was more then a caretaker manager. So not sure what your point is.. there. Sorry but I don’t believe anyone who goes on about Wenger obsessives and attacks Le Grovers by calling them Le Grovellers when they were correct about Wenger for years whilst you ignored all the criticism. Bottom line I don’t believe you sorry. Your too bitter. I for one do hope we move on to a new manager next season though.. so we can stop talking about the Wenger era and comparing his successor. Was always going to be this way… cuz you know AKB’s can not just let it go. But 2 managers later maybe you will. Then maybe just maybe….. you will get there as far as objectivity. Who do you want? and don’t say Wenger back.

  10. Marko

    personally I see him as a transitional manager before we really go full tilt into a new direction, so don’t write it up as the big opportunity gone. It’s not.

    I agree 2018 Charles

  11. Marko

    Yeah the whole I’m not an AKB I’m objective because I really wanted (insert name of top class manager) hired years ago is nonsense. Pierre is fully married to the idea of all things Wenger to the point that he’s become so fixated on the most Wenger type of player still at Arsenal

  12. MidwestGun

    Damn…… really sad what happened to the Abacos Islands.. Just saw the pictures. I spent a summer there once in Marsh Harbour and Elbow Cay. Pretty well wiped out now. Talk of evacuating some Islands entirely. Anyhow looks like it will miss US mainland perhaps. East coast traffic will be a nightmare though for about a week .. Hope RSPC gets his travel plans worked out ok.

    Alright… end weather update

    Sad we couldn’t move out Mustafi.. I guess Juventus came to their senses.

  13. Pierre

    Mid west
    “Bottom line I don’t believe you sorry. Your too bitter”

    Reading your comment , one can feel the bitterness oozing out of your every word….

    ” AKB’s just wont let it go ” …is a comment only a Wenger obsessive would make.

    the last person I would want back is Wenger but you keep believing I’m bitter because we finally got rid of a manager who was on the decline.

  14. izzo

    Mustafi shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the playing squad. He can spend the rest of the year with the under 23 so we can bin him off in January.

  15. alexanderhenry


    ‘I think we’re nailed on for the top 3 this season. Spurs don’t look the same, Chelsea will struggle, and United are utterly average. It’s basically ours to lose’.

    We have a decent chance of getting in the top four. That’s it. We are better than last season but there are still too many issues in the squad, namely the triumvirate of ozil, xhaka and mhiki.

    I wish we’d managed to move them on. Also I’d much rather have given the above three away for nothing and kept monreal.

  16. MidwestGun

    No your bitter because people criticized Wenger and you took it personally for too long. Anyhow.. why would I be bitter .. I got no connection to any manager, we are moving out all the chronically bad overpaid players and older players with nothing left in the tank.. playing some youth players, promoted Freddie… spent some money got Pepe, Saliba, Martinelli, Tierney.Re-ogranized the structure so we can’t have another Wenger situation. . I’m pretty well happy as long as we can put all the pieces together and get a manager who can make it happen in regards to tactics and consistency. You seem overly angry about a manager most likely to be here very short term.

  17. Marko

    Matteo Guendouzi compared to his Arsenal colleagues in the Premier League in 2019/20, courtesy of

    9 interceptions (ranked 1st), 5 tackles achieved (1st), 43km ran (1st), 19 interceptions (2nd), 46 duels won (2nd)

  18. Pierre

    “. You seem overly angry about a manager most likely to be here very short term”

    Replace “angry” with disappointed and you won’t be far from the truth.

    And don’t be too sure that he will only be here” very short term”.
    Everyone seems to assume that he will be gone at the end of the season , I’m not so sure .

    Maybe the club think Emery is doing a very good job and see him as the man to take Arsenal forward.

    You say words like “caretaker” and ” short term” but I don’t see it , I believe that unless we have a disastrous season then he will still be at the club next season.

    I can’t see us having a disastrous season due to the fact that we have outstanding offensive players in which they will always win us games to keep us in and about the top 4 .

  19. MidwestGun

    What I like about Matty G is he could be the Pied Piper with young players from France along with Saliba and Lacazette.. Along with Arsenal’s history… could be very productive recruiting regardless of who the manager is. Gives us a unique advantage if he can maintain and improve his level the next few seasons. As long as we avoid the Sanogoal’s of the French footballing scene of course.

  20. MidwestGun

    I don’t think you are giving Edu and Raul and Josh K enough credit in regards to accountability seems like the are making headway. I don’t think they will be satisfied with average. I guess we will see..I have no fear whatsoever with Emery being another manager hanging on way past his welcome.. and don’t think he can hoodwink the likes of Edu for long. to get contract extensions based on doing the minimum requirement, . he seems very savvy. And Raul seems like he can be ruthless. Anyhow I call a truce on calling you an AKB if you stop acting like one. all I’m saying.

  21. Valentin

    I was surprised to see that Pepe was given an assist for Lacazette goal.
    Looking at the goal, to me it looks like Pepe was trying to pass to Torreira, Lacazette just intercepted his pass and scored.
    I am not sure in those case if an assist should really be given.

  22. MidwestGun

    I thought so too Valentin.. but the announcer.. can’t remember who… called it an assist right away. I suppose in theory had he not passed it across… Lacazette can not score… Laca had a lot of work to do as well once he got it.. took a couple of touches.

    That’s the problem with stats though and letting computers make player evaluations.. still need human eyes and scouts. Moneyball signings like Xhaka and Mustafi can come back to haunt you.

  23. Dissenter

    The Laca goal is what you call a self-made goal [if there was ever such a term]
    He made it from nothing, a scoffed pass from Pepe that he controlled at close quarters

  24. Marko

    I was surprised to see that Pepe was given an assist for Lacazette goal.

    Right so Pepe passed the ball to him. Without the pass there would be no goal. Sounds like an assist to me

  25. Marko

    David Luiz on Matteo Guendouzi to Canal Plus: “He’s a youngster with a lot of talent. He’s young but he’s a great player… He’s going to do great things not just for Arsenal, for France, but for the world.”

    That’s right. Matteo is going to save the world

  26. China1

    One final comment from me on the Poch Love in

    People always seem to think he worked miracles as tho spurs are traditionally some lower mid table jobbers

    Harry Redknapp got top 4 in 2 of his 3 seasons with an inferior team to the one spurs have now and made a CL quarter final

    Over the years spurs are expected to come top 6 and have a history of edging into 4th some years – without major expenditure. That they have been consistently top 4 recently is in part because they improved a bit but in part because the top 6 are taking turns shitting the bed. Arsenal handed them top 4 last season. Utd have been awful recently. Chelsea yo-yo and in the Leicester win everyone was dismal and they still came third

  27. China1

    I’m expecting a lot from guendouzi this season.

    He needs to maintain his good form, protect the defense, transition it forwards and save the planet from global warming

  28. Bojangles

    Had to double check I hadn’t come to a spurs blog this morning (my time.) Excuses made for Poch, shit raining on Emery. No I’m not an Emery apologist (it’s fucking sad when you have to add that each time. ) We finish a point behind spuds last year with an inferior team and did so because of a missed penalty. Excuses made for Poch because he was concentrating on the CL. Same could be said for Emery concentrating on the Europy thingy. But what this is really about is some here wanted someone different and spat the dummy over Emery’s appointment. And perhaps more to the point, the charisma thing. If the time comes when Arsenal appoint managers based on charisma then it will be my time to stop watching football.

  29. azed


    I said you and Sal have been consistent in your Emery hatred for different reasons.

    I also did that to show that there’s no EKB here, folks like Marko, Freddie and some others have always said Emery is a transition manager and he will only get a 3rd season if he deserves it.

  30. China1

    Bojangkes too much truth

    At the end of the day, he’s a spurs manager and he isn’t winning anything despite a good squad. And a lot of people here seem to be defensive about that rather than laughing at them

    We are arsenal fans. Why?

  31. Bojangles


    I wish I knew. Things have changed greatly over the years, maybe they have passed me by. Only thing I can think of is that the demographics of the fan base has changed considerably since I began following Arsenal. I used to laugh when I read about Arsenal fans being “entitled”, after a month here I can kind of understand where they are coming from.

  32. Leftsidesanch

    Valentin, careful there – one may begin to think you have something personal against Pepe if you keep this up.

  33. Receding Hairline

    Left spot on. Pepe didn’t scoff Anthony, he played the hall with the outside of his foot into an area with three Arsenal players.

    Probably annoyed Pepe and Auba haven’t collided yet, and they had 90 minutes together again, not once were the medics called in to treat concussion

  34. Receding Hairline

    Good work yesterday azed

    Put to bed all this EKB nonsense. I wouldn’t have hired Emery simply because everyone has PSG and the Barcelona collapse on their minds when they think of him not his positive achievements. Its like someone else beat Barcelona 4-0 playing great football then he took over and messed it up.

    The discussion lacks substance when words like clueless and garbage surface.

  35. Thorough

    And to think we could have missed out on Matty G if that featherweight PSG Adli hadn’t bailed out on us.
    Thank God for that.
    I hope the idiat rots in Division 3 or worse.

  36. Pierre

    ” Pierre is fully married to the idea of all things Wenger to the point that he’s become so fixated on the most Wenger type of player still at Arsenal”

    I just feel what a waste of talent in the continual misuse of a player who just over a year ago created more chances per 90 minutes than any other player in the world cup, and 2 seasons ago was the 3rd most creative player in the league.

    “Squawka Football
    Mesut Özil created more chances per 90 minutes (5.5) at the 2018 World Cup than any other player to play at least 90 minutes at the tournament.

    11 created in total in 180 minutes of football.”

    “WIZARD IS OZ Arsenal ace Mesut Ozil is the third most creative player in Europe this season 2017/18… with ex-West Ham star Dimitri Payet the shock No1
    Gunners playmaker is averaging a remarkable 3.44 chances created per game”

    What a waste of talent and money.

  37. Tony

    Agree with China, Leftsidesanch and Bojangles.

    Too much Poch talk this year. People should keep their own Poch thoughts for other blogs or just go and gush on a Spud’s blog.

    Ditto for Klopp and Pep.

    Ditto for Wenger and his remaining AKBs why not just start a Wenger blog as your shrine to your god.

  38. Freddie Ljungberg

    Danny S

    We have lowered the wage bill by 30m + we don’t have to pay the 10m to Wenger and his staff we did last year so those numbers seems a bit off to me.

    If we manage to shift Ozil and Mustafi in January that’s another 440k off the wages a week, that would be massive for our future transfer budget. No reason we can’t strengthen in January to get assured a CL place and then go out and smash another summer window.

    I would be happy if we sold Xhaka and let the other 2 leave for free if necessary and just get in 1 tall, athletic CM.
    Then in the summer add Saliba and a Cam (Ceballos?) and maybe another CB if Holding doesn’t step up and manages to stay injury free.

    After that happens I don’t care if we have a one legged duck as manager, at least he/she/it will have a decent squad.

  39. China1

    Haha did you see that when Aubameyang suddenly popped up on the right wing and rather than running head down straight into Pépé, pepe moved central and more advanced???

    It’s a miracle and we were spared a concussion when they didn’t run into each other

    Amazing stuff haha

  40. TallestTiz

    Hearing strong rumours that Arsenal have an agreement with Real Sociedad for Attacking Midfielder, Mikel Oyarzabal.
    Seems Ozil will be off to the MLS then.
    Oyarzabal can play LW, RW as well.

    Maybe this explains why we ‘gifted’ them Monreal

  41. Freddie Ljungberg


    I hear the team bus driver also freelances as a hypnotist, he has to take all the credit for Auba and Pepe not knocking heads on the right. No way they would have managed not to run into each other without him. He’s our hero.

  42. Pierre

    The disappointment for ALL Arsenal fans is the fact there has been absolutely no improvement in any area of the pitch since Wenger left the club .

    All the improvement has come off the pitch, though it is 5 years too late , better late than never I suppose.

    Taking into account that Wenger’s last season was regarded as the poorest since his arrival at the club and the fact that we bought a new keeper, a centre back , loaned a right back and bought 2 defensive based midfielders , one would have expected to see a modicum of improvement on the pitch , especially defensively.

    I would imagine that the fans who were totally obsessed with Wenger leaving must be asking themselves how have we appointed a manager who is worse defensively than Wenger.
    It must be an irritation to them , it is to me and I was one of the more respectful fans towards Wenger.

    The last thing any Arsenal fan would want to hear from Wenger’s replacement is ” I would rather win 5-4 than 1-0″ …that’s when the alarm bells started ringing , though I must admit , he was true to his word .

    The peculiarity with Emery’s strategy when one analyses it is , he puts greater importance on the CAM/No.10 defensive actions than attacking actions and he puts more emphasis on the full backs attacking actions than defensive actions .

    Until he reverses that emphasis I’m afraid we will continue to leak goals and get caught on the counter attack and our CAM/ NO.10 or whatever you want to call him will continue to under achieve.

    Ramsey, Ozil and Mhkitaryan ( all very good players ) have failed dismally under Emery , and now we have Ceballos who has the potential to be better than any of the above .
    He was fantastic v Burnley and then poor v Liverpool, so he was dropped for the home game v Tottenham.

    Don’t expect to see Ceballos in the team v Watford . Our manager doesn’t believe you can beat these teams with highly technical players , he is wrong , pep has a team of high technical players and he allows his players to use their considerable skills to their best advantage …he trusts his players.

  43. Guns of Hackney

    Zero improvement anywhere on the pitch.

    Tactics still bizarre.


    At least crazy Arsene gave good interviews.

  44. Gentlebris

    Ok, Ok.

    So Xhaka was Xhaka, Emery knew that fact so why play him?

    Sok should enjoy some time on the bench, guy has got huge passion but intelligence seems missing.

    Well if Guen keeps playing like that at 20, PSG would come carry their boy at some point……£220m. High time we tasted some of these juicy slices. It changed Liverpool’s life.

    Emery talks about balance all the time and he goes directly opposite when the action begins.
    One could be forgiven for thinking Unai specifically instructed the boys not to defend at all against Spuds.
    They all ran out at the first whistle and left acres of space behind and they all stuck to our box against Liverpool. I see no balance there,Unai.

    But 2-2. What can we say, we have to take that and murmur with ‘happiness’, it could have been much more horrible you know.

    A man needlessly brought down a man in a sensitive match with CL at stake…..’way to go boy, here is the captain band, go rule the Europa world’ was your reaction.
    Well he did it again, now much more recklessly, in a sensitive game with the fans’ pride at stake. Maybe now Unai will insist on Xhaka’s statue being erected just outside the ground.

  45. Danny S

    Freddie L

    The bit that caught my attention was the part about the 20m we have to pay per season.
    It is often thrown about that we are ‘debt free’, but in fact we have that going until 2029.

  46. Freddie Ljungberg

    Danny S

    For the stadium? Yeah that’s not done yet, not crippling in anyway now though.


    It reached absurd levels a long time ago.
    This insisting that Emery hates technical players because his love object is shit and the only other Cam we had last year was Mikhi who is equally shit and now thankfully gone.

    Dani didn’t have a full preseason and is adapting to a new league, of course he’s not going to play the full 90 in every game in the beginning, that would be retarded.

  47. Leftsidesanch

    Cech free
    Lichtsteiner free
    Ramsey free
    Welbeck free
    Elneny (loan)
    Mkhitaryan (loan)
    Ospina (£3.5M)
    Amaechi (£2.5M)
    Bielik (£10M)
    Asano (£1M)
    Koscielny (£4.5M)
    Jenkinson (£2M)
    Thompson (£3M)
    Iwobi (£35M)
    Monreal (£0.2M)

    Huge clear out, I have no doubts that if Ozil, Xhaka don’t shape up this season they will be culled next summer. We’ve got to get rid of Mustafi too, who won’t get much of a look-in this year but had no desire to actually go somewhere and play.

  48. raptora

    Ozil, Xhaka, Mustafi, Sokratis, Kolasinac and Mkhitaryan and Elneny coming back from their loans to be the next 6 players to leave please. Then we could cash in on Chambers and grow a nice bank for the next windows winter/summer.

  49. Un na naai

    Azed is a bastard for digging up old posts. Got Charlie a gooden there though!! 😂 😂

    I’m sure he will come back swinging though.
    Where are you chuck? Your good name is being tarnished. 😂

    In all seriousness though does it nit indicate charlie’s objectivity? He was happy to give him a chance u really but based on his performance at arsenal he’s changed his mind

    I was gutted from the off.
    I do remember Charlie clearly saying he’d prefer Arteta than emery though. Dig that post up azed

  50. Bojangles

    Supporting a football team is supposed to be unifying rather than polarising. Anyone should be able to have an opinion without being castigated simply because another doesn’t agree with it.

    Discussions about anything Arsenal deserve better than the vitriolic arguments that we sometimes see here on occasions, arguments that result in name calling, as if calling someone a stupid cunt proves a point.

    We all support Arsenal and though we may disagree on some things we all want Arsenal to succeed, at least I hope we do.

  51. Pierre

    “azedMay 28, 2018 19:15:05
    With a proper structure, our defence(with any purchase) improves by at least 20%. I believe Emery knows this “

  52. NW9 gooner

    This is a question for CC – I used to agree with you before that to replace Xhaka we needed to replace his contribution but I am now of the opinion that his contribution is now minimal and his negative impact is palpable. Can you name any match where he has not made a mistake and your heart is in your mouth that it does not lead to a goal