All eyes on Emery’s tactics

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The final hurrah of Nacho Monreal sadly will NOT be scoring a 32-yard screamer against Spurs tomorrow. The Spanish left back will instead be heading back to sunnier climes, choosing Real Sociedad to see out his career.

I think I speak for most Arsenal fans… no… ALL Arsenal fans, even you @BREXITGOONER1 (my dad), when I say: Bit of an odd one, this.

We’re banking on Kola learning how to defend, and we’re putting a lot of chips on Tierney  1) Adapting to the league like VVD 2) Breezing past his fitness challenges of the last year.

Still, it is what it is. Nacho is getting on a bit and his hamstrings and body parts will all be a touch more brittle than in the past. I’d imagine he’s at that age when you grunt when you pick up a slipper and he’s at that age when the slipper is probably his. He’s also probably wearing those slippers to the newspaper shop as well. Age is a bitch, but damn, we’ll do it in M&S levels of comfort.

I get the logic behind not having 3 left backs as well, we can’t keep pumping money into the ether. I just thought that if anyone set a great example for professionalism at the club, it was Nacho. He never let us down. He was a true warrior. He was an excellent player.

I remember about 5 years ago, Arsenal let a bunch of us interview him. His English was a bit broken and he was asked a question about what he thought we needed.

‘Someone who can score more than 20 goals a season regularly’, then his agent whispered something to him and he backtracked as hard as his words would allow. We went off the record so as not to cause a stir. But today, I’m causing a stir because Giroud is at Chelsea and who really cares this far out?

Manchester United drew with Southampton today. A great start to a big weekend for Arsenal. Only thing that’s bothering me there is that OGS is going to end up getting sacked before Christmas if he doesn’t pick things up a little. Would love him to have the whole season. Give him a chance, Ed.

The news coming out of the Spurs camp is delightful. Poch is unhappy. His team is disrupted. He has four players angling for an exit, names like Aurier, Eriksen, Vertonghen and Toby. Their squad is finally picking up injuries, there should be no Ndombele, Dier or right back tomorrow. The press were asking if he’d leave this week.

Spurs are there for the taking.

My hope is that Emery can avoid being timid in this game. I don’t want to see us lined up with a deep block on the edge of our box. I don’t want to see us persisting with playing out the back if it looks like Spurs have that sussed. I don’t want us playing for a quick counter-attack at home.

We have the tools in our squad to play to win. Spurs are in a bit of a hole, if we gift them too much respect, we’ll make it hard for ourselves. When confidence is shaken, strike hard and strike first. Test their collective resolve.

I talk like Spurs are totally shite, chances are they’ll turn up because of the magnitude of the game. I just hope we’re positive. Emery plays with too much fear and indecision in big games. I hope that’s just Liverpool jitters… because the fans are not going to gift him a 50/50 split on tomorrow regardless of what he does tactically. It’s a must-win against a team that finished 1 point ahead of us last season.

Win this, and we’re telling the league that we’re here for the top 3 this year, lose, and you’ll start to worry if Emery has the beans to push the squad forward this season.

Our underlying stats have been poor this season. You only have to take a cursory looks across the numbers sites to see that we’re not in great shape. This from Statsbomb.

‘It’s well known that shot rates tend to increase as matches progress, so even when you see a 30-plus shot beatdown, most of the time, the shots get racked up in the second half. And that’s true here. Only four times in 2018-19 did a team reach the half time point having allowed 15 or more shots.’

That number above is quite staggering to read when you’re setting up to stifle attempts at your goal. Add to that, Arsenal has turned the ball over in their own half more than any other team in the league, and you can see a problem brewing. I say brewing because Liverp0ol was a particularly bad execution of what could be passed off as a new strategy against a new rule (I am reaching so badly for the Emeryista here).

A pal in my ArsenalMensSupport chat groups pointed out, Arsenal’s lack of expenditure at the back this summer points to a club not taking defence particularly seriously. The statistics early on this season point, mapped against last, point to a manager not capable of creating a defensive structure that can serve an elite team.

I don’t know what the exact solve is, but my amateur thoughts have led me to this:

  1. Be less predictable. If you play out the back every time, you make it easy to set up against. Being dedicated to an idea is commendable, but if it’s not working, mix things up. It shouldn’t take 80mins for a keeper to go long once. Even mix up the variety of how you do it. You can play from the back and have a more vertical approach.
  2. Do it faster. If you are slow and methodical at moving it out the back, you let teams reset, which again, makes it easy to play against you.
  3. Stop playing staff that are prone to being targeted. Xhaka is well known to be awful when put under pressure. Stop playing him.

Let’s see what Emery has in store tomorrow. He’s a tactically flexible coach, he needs to think a little deeper about what he wants from his defence this year. Hopefully, there’s a simple solution he can adopt.

In other news, Elneny is off to Turkey. Nice guy, about as useful to the squad as a motivational bus driver. Mustafi did not leave, an absolutely disgraceful indictment on his passion for the game. I really hope Emery doesn’t start using him. Keep him frozen out. Mesut Ozil also didn’t leave, he’ll be a bit part this season until he moves on to DC. Say what you will about the German, he’s at least useful.

Finally, listen to our pre-Spurs pod.

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  1. UTarse

    It kinda turned out like I feared, xhaka played and yet again he was a fucking liability, he disrupts our flow in midfield. Emery yet again chooses the wrong mix in middle of the park.

    Happy with a 2-2 draw for obvious reasons, we should scrape 4th but emery is not the man to take us further than that. Early days I know but signs are unai is not big enough for Arsenal FC.

    Good atmosphere at the Emirates.

  2. Champagne charlie


    Emery has been here for 3 transfer windows and two pre seasons. He could’ve had Xhaka sold after interest from Inter this past summer, or he simply didn’t need to start him.

    You’re a loon if you’re harping back to the time Wenger bought him having any relevance for today or subsequent poor performances.

    But therein lies the issue with you, Xhaka is your life. Fully expect you to follow his career until the hoots are hung up, odd obsession. You live for days like today which is odd.

  3. Leedsgunner

    I have faith that Pepe will come good.

    He needs to get acclimatised to the EPL… I seem to remember it took Henry a while before he got going… and look how he ended up.

  4. Ishola70


    Emery fails if he can’t get this team to defend better.

    He will fail in this for sure if he keeps playing Xhaka.

    This is not about deflecting blame. The blame goes on Emery no-one else.

    But there can still be elements seen here that Xhaka is being persisted with in regards token gesture to Wenger. Maybe Emery’s comments that he prefers to win 5-4 than 1-0 was also in reference to Wenger. Who knows.

    You yourself liked the concept of Xhaka until today. You liked the concept of Xhaka because it tied in with Wenger’s belief about “total fotball” all over the team.

    It is an absolute joke that a player as flawed as Xhaka is leading this team out as captain. An absolute joke. And that is squarely on Emery.

    I’ve always said if Emery can’t fix this defence he should be gone.

    Then it is up to the club and those that hire to get serious about improving this team defensively. Hiring meaning right coach as well.

  5. Words on a Blog


    Nobody forced Emery to play Xhaka. It is an example of what I would call Emery’s “stupid cautiousness”. Xhaka is our most experienced midfielder, so he gets selected. Unfortunately, he is also our slowest and most error-ridden midfielder (I think he is the player with the most errors-contributing to goals in premier league.)

    If Emery keeps selecting Xhaka in big matches, I’ll join the ranks of the Emery outers.

    If Emery keeps selecting him in big matches, that’s not in Wenger, Gazidis, or whoever: it’s on Emery.

  6. N5

    “But there can still be elements seen here that Xhaka is being persisted with in regards token gesture to Wenger. ”

    Why would he bother unless he was being forced by someone else?

  7. Ishola70

    Yet Charlie you have always been here to defend Xhaka. What is the “worst” crime?

    Even today on the posts when the subject was quite correctly Xhaka and his brain dead challenge in the box you were all fir deflecting away from Xhaka like you have done so mamy times before.

    Don has binned him today. Receding has binned him today.

    You can bin him too. You know you can.

    Bin him.

  8. azed

    No one is suggesting who gets the blame now, not Jardim surely

    A certain poster with trusted contacts was blaming Michael Emenalo for Monaco’s failings last season but has been mute since.

    Also waiting for those who thought Jardim would have been a better choice than Emery.

    PS: I am one of them… I wanted Allegri or Jardim.

  9. Un na naai


    Right. How else can I put this so you will understand??

    How is emery playing xakha as a gesture to wenger and who is enforcing this?
    Why would he do that? They sacked Wenger
    He’s gone
    Severance pay and all
    They owe him nothing
    Nobody who was with him at the club is there any more bar kroenke

    So one more time. Who is enforcing this token gesture to Wenger when games need winning and if they are why are they not being held accountable.

    Try again

  10. Ishola70

    Forced by gunpoint?

    Maybe he feels some sort of obligation.

    He was after all taking over from someone who had been over two decades at the club.

    Always gets lost on people that one.

    Anyway the outcome wil be eventually that Xhaka will be scrapped in time and thank god for that. If not by Emery the next in.

  11. azed

    If Emery keeps selecting Xhaka in big matches, I’ll join the ranks of the Emery outers.

    Emery contract is up end of season and yes Emery is at fault for selecting Xhaka.

    Going forward, the midfield should be Torreira/Willock – Guendozi-Ceballos.

  12. Un na naai


    I know but thanks for taking my hand on this one
    What’s being argued here (I think) by ishola is that emery has agreed to play xakha as a gesture for Wenger and that Wenger is subsequently holding back our team in the process without even being at the club.

    Please somebody explain this one to me. Even marko and Freddie couldn’t produce this gold.
    Christ ishola you’ve got to go to the top of the le grove nut case chart for that

  13. Un na naai

    Ishola70September 1, 2019 21:31:07
    Forced by gunpoint?Maybe he feels some sort of obligation.


    Ok. A few comments up you said it was an official agreement
    Backpedaling much?

  14. Marko

    Inter were never in for Xhaka. They preferred Sensi and Barrella instead. Younger cheaper. Atletico also went the way of younger and cheaper in Llorente

  15. PieAFC

    How can anyone criticize AMN for not offering more going forward knowing Son was on his side of the pitch.

    Staying back was a mature decision. At least to help out.

    Had he bombed forward getting caught out loads, everyone would still criticize him.

    He’s not the best, we all know. But he cares for the club and he’s a local lad. For that, playing out of position is least can do is cut some slack.

  16. PieAFC

    There is a lot of ex players and pundits wondering what Xhaka offers.

    Emery will soon realize or he will soon feel the effects from poor mismanagement.

  17. Un na naai

    You yourself liked the concept of Xhaka until today. You liked the concept of Xhaka because it tied in with Wenger’s belief about “total fotball” all over the team.


    Nope. I didn’t like the “concept” of Xakha

    I just saw what he brings to the team. I still see it but we had fuck all else going on in midfield and I thought a lot of the criticism was harsh when by and large he performed well with the odd mistake
    He still is quality at what he does but just is never going to be cut out for the premier league. I’m surprised he lasted in Germany really which is a league with a simple pace and intensity. Our league is just too much for him.

  18. Ishola70


    Less of the cockiness.

    You were a Xhaka apologist on here until today and now you want to give it large on why Xhaka is being picked every week.

    In fact you liked the concept of Xhaka.

    How daft of you.

    It’s not beyond the realms that Emery is still giving deference to Wenger in relation to him picking Xhaka.

    Now go listen to some Alan Watt.

  19. Un na naai


    Agree but don’t waste your breath. The usuals hate him and that’s that. It’s bordering on something akin religious fundamentalism.

  20. N5

    “Always gets lost on people that one.”

    I don’t think it’s lost on me, I just don’t understand why he would. If Emery was a competent manager and can see Xhaka is a liability, he wouldn’t play him regardless of whether he wanted to pay respects to Wenger.

    It seems like a real reach to me.

  21. Un na naai


    So you aren’t going to unpack your claims that Wenger is still haunting the midfield and that emery is kicking xakha out of service to Wenger and that the club made emery agree to this?

    Oven never seen such an idiotic attempt at smoke and mirrors
    You’re like the wizard of Oz behind his curtain.
    You’ve been rumbled.

  22. Silverhawk

    Arsenal need to get to the point where Bellerin, Guen, and Holding are seen as back up or for rotation. Only then would we be relevant again on the world scene.

  23. Ishola70

    You’ve been rumbled Don.

    But not hard to do is it.

    A Wengerite troll on here still in love with his hero and gets all uptight when Wenger is mentioned along with Xhaka. A player you had time for up until today.

    You’re daft aint ya.

  24. Un na naai

    Now go listen to some Alan Watt.

    What’s wrong with Alan Watts? Man was a pioneer. Was that Intended to insult me?
    😂 Keep landing then killer blows Ishola. You got me on the ropes

  25. Valentin

    We can all argue about Xhaka, but it is clear that despite most of us thinking that he is unsuited to the premiership, inexplicably Emery likes him.

    I think that he see Xhaka as a senior player and a security blanket rather than the inexperienced youngsters. Like Gary Neville said, Xhaka may have a lot of experience but he has not learn anything from it.

    Emery is a Wenger Mk II in the sense that he has blind spot for some players. Excusing their flaws and still playing them despite their abject performance. Xhaka is the 2019 Denilson, a nothing player whom the manager continue to play when the world has given up on him.

    That stubbornness in the end cost Wenger his job. I suspect that continuing playing Xhaka will lead to more bad results and Emery be given the boot. He will have only himself to blame.

  26. Ishola70

    lol Alan Watt.

    Philosopher for teens Don.

    Wish I could be like Alan Watt. Wish I could be like.

    Everyone to their own of course though.

  27. Un na naai

    Ishola70September 1, 2019 21:44:17
    You’ve been rumbled Don.But not hard to do is it.A Wengerite troll on here still in love with his hero and gets all uptight when Wenger is mentioned along with Xhaka. A player you had time for up until today.You’re daft aint ya.

    Erm….nope. I’m just asking you to back up your wild assertion that Wenger still has a hold on our midfield. Or that emery picks the team out of service to him

    Can you do that or were you just talking utter garbage with a view to bringing an ex manager under a negative light by any means necessary?

  28. Receding Hairline

    Son was on Kolasinacs side second half and first half when he was on Niles side he skinned him for fun. If Bellerin played today difference would have been night and day going forward, for a supposed top winger being played out of position Niles isn’t anything special going forward.

    Both our full backs today should be second choice, we will get stronger as a team. Sokratis should be benched by the way

  29. PK

    Emery is not learning from mistakes.

    The draw papers over the cracks…great game today and great atmosphere but the manager just doesn’t get the premier league.He is not maximising the players he has at his disposal.

  30. Un na naai

    Ishola70September 1, 2019 21:46:45
    lol Alan Watt.Philosopher for teens Don.Wish I could be like Alan Watt. Wish I could be like.Everyone to their own of course though.

    Oh sorry ish. Hadn’t realised you were the resident philosophy professor!!!
    But before we get philosophical would you care to expand on your previous unfounded and childish claims?
    Really painted yourself into a corner with that one eh?

  31. Silverhawk

    If Emery doesn’t want to use Torriera at the base of the midfield in a pure dm position, then I’d rather he doesn’t start.
    Anything asides
    Willock/Guen Torriera Ceballos in a midfield 3,then Emery should be booted.
    He should also look for ways to use Ozil in some home matches.

    Ozil can be class on his day..especially against lower caliber teams.

  32. Champagne charlie

    “Even today on the posts when the subject was quite correctly Xhaka and his brain dead challenge in the box you were all fir deflecting away from Xhaka like you have done so mamy times before.“

    What are you taking about now?

  33. Receding Hairline

    PK the draw doesn’t paper over anything.. We should have won today. It was all us second half, the performance was OK. We were unlucky to draw and our captain for today was practically playing against us.

    I expect to see a response, Ozil got his for being a sissy, when does Xhaka get pulled off for Sabotaging our efforts ? Who lunges in like that in his own box? Who commits foul after foul to gift opponents free kicks they can score from? Emery needs to sought out his Xhaka fixation, needlessly rushed him back against Liverpool although to be honest I thought we would need him today, physicality wise.

  34. Danny M.O

    I think Emery needs to grow a beard and some balls. We could have steamrolled Tottenham today.

    He is a serial bottler whos grimace on the sideline inspires no one.

    What bothers me is that he will fist pump willock getting back and slide tackling shelvey yet plays a tosser whos idea of a tackle is taking out a man and giving our rivals a penalty.

    If you are playing a 3 man midfield you need people who can defend, pass, dribble and attack. You have that with guendouzi and torreira. All he had to do was play Willock and play ceballos later on if we needed more creativity.

    I would go as far as having a midfield 3 of willock guendouzi and amn when Tierney and Bellerin are back. This would give them a license to bomb forward while willock and amn have the pace to cover them.

  35. Champagne charlie

    Ishola having a fucking meltdown here 😂

    Emery is playing Xhaka to pay homage to Wenger? Go on JK Rowling pen another fantasy

  36. Marko

    Emery’s not going to be given the boot at least not until the end of the season.

    Bale two goals and a soft red. Might as well make him player manager

  37. Ishola70

    Painted in corners.

    This blog is full of them with you leading the list Don.

    Now get your head around the notion that Emery may be playing Xhaka in some deference to the past set-up. Protaganists, on the ball, dont give a fuck about defence.

    Why did Emery even say he would rather win 5-4 than 1-0 when he first joined? Why even say that? He only says that if he thinks he can get away with those remarks at his new club.

    Well his message to the fans of winning 5-4 rather than 1-0 will come to fruition nearer to the 5-4’s than 1-0’s if he keeps playing Xhaka.

    Xhaka linked to message to fans about not being fucked about defence.

    Emery out.

  38. tee


    did someone actually said Emery is forced to use Xhaka? like keep using him out of service to Wenger?

    this is one of the comments that make it hard for me to stop reading le-grove.

    Next you will read “wenger, hidden in leno’s gloves made him to spill the ball for the first goal.”

  39. Ishola70


    You are always deflecting away from Xhaka on here.

    Bin him like others have done here today.

    You can do it.

    We will forget your past posts rating Xhaka.

    Don has done this. You can too.

  40. Valentin


    As usual you are not looking to start an argument, aren’t you?
    I have not watched a full game of Monaco this season, so I won’t comment.
    All I know is that Jardim is not happy with the team that he has. Looks like their new recruitment has been either poor or late. For example their new goalkeeper Lecomte has received very bad reviews when a few months ago he was on standby for the French squad. Also they have been at the end of some poor refereeing decisions. I believe it was 3 red cards in the first three games.
    Maybe once recruitment is finished and everybody got acclimated the performance and the result will improve.

  41. Dissenter

    Emery’s decision making isn’t getting any better.
    He has Nelson available to replace Laca, instead he chose languid Mykhi. Mykhi looked so lifeless when he came on.
    He won’t be at Arsenal after June 2020.

  42. Un na naai


    Think you’ll find it was Sokratis who was getting turned by both Kane and son

    What game were you watching?

    Either way. Emery dropped the ball agian
    Hardly out of the blocks well this year is he?
    Narrow wins to Newcastle and Burnley playing bore ball and now 1 point from 6

    Quick- how can you blame this on wenger? Think damn you think

  43. Un na naai

    Now get your head around the notion that Emery may be playing Xhaka in some deference to the past set-up. Protaganists, on the ball, dont give a fuck about defence.


    Can you give any hard evidence to back this up? You claimed it was well known when emery signed.
    You on the acid again bud? That shit will fry your brain

  44. Dissenter

    It was foolhardy to assume we would steam roll Spuds, very basic and emotional thinking.
    It was always going to be a close game but we made it really difficult for ourselves.

    Our starting central defense won’t be Sok and Luiz next season, Emery in or Emery out.

  45. Champagne charlie


    Said Xhaka’s tackle was the dumbest thing you’ll see in 2019, and called him a twat for doing so.

    Some deflection that.

  46. Receding Hairline

    Double negative

    Its either I am looking to start an argument or I’m not.

    Nice lineup of excuses for Jardim by the way ..they have played Metz,Nimes and Strasbourg, most of those teams were in ligue 2 not long ago.

    I don’t really care about Jardim or Monaco, just pointing out the hypocrisy. Funny today when you sensed we might win you rattled off a post saying we will do so inspire of Emery. When Emery leaves which he will, it will be assuming reading some of you making excuses for the next guy,providing you happen to like him.

  47. Un na naai

    Well his message to the fans of winning 5-4 rather than 1-0 will come to fruition nearer to the 5-4’s than 1-0’s if he keeps playing Xhaka.Xhaka linked to message to fans about not being fucked about defence.Emery out.

    Ok. As hard as any of your gobbledygook is to decipher I think I’ve got the gist.
    But please tell me how any of that is linked to Wenger and who on earth would sack a failing coach and then instruct the new one to mimic the old one?

    One flew over the cuckoos nest

  48. Receding Hairline

    Un na nai Son is a winger, he comes from the wings so has to square up to the full back, I didn’t notice a right full back there when he kept breezing through first half to terrorize the center backs.

  49. azed

    “All I know is that Jardim is not happy with the team that he has. ”

    Have you asked Emery he is happy with the team?

    Last season when Emery had no winger at the squad, you said it was no excuse and lambasted Emery for not playing youth players… How come that doesn’t apply to Jardim?

  50. Un na naai


    That’s right. Someone actually is claiming that emery has been forced to adhere to wenger’s tactics and to continue playing xakha out of service to him.

    Toke and pass ishola. Stop hogging

  51. Valentin


    We can’t use the Wenger “jam tomorrow” mantra. Next season we may have a better defense, but so will Chelsea and ManUtd.

    Spurs were ready to be taken today. We missed a great opportunity to put down a marker. The decision to play Xhaka is on Emery and Emery alone and not some Wenger ghost.
    I could accept if he had no other players, but he has. Emery made the conscious decision to name him captain and to always start with him if fit.

  52. Ishola70


    What do you make of Emery’s statement that he prefers to win games 5-4 than 1-0 when he first joined?

    He wouldn’t get away with that comment at many clubs because that infers sunday park football winning games 5-4.

    But he got away with it.

    Does Emery really not give a rats arse about defence or does he think that this club has been Wengerised so much before in being shit defensively that he will just continue traditions?

    This in relation to Xhaka of course because playing Xhaka amounts to being shit defensively.

    And you yourself up until today couldn’t give a rats arse about defence either.

  53. Un na naai


    Son is a wide forward who runs across the opposing defence
    Not directly at the full back to the byline. It’s why he’s so difficult to track

    He ran across Sokratis throughout the first half.

  54. Un na naai


    So how does the 5-4 comment prove that he plays xakha as a homage to the previous manager? You said gazidis made him but gazidis is gone too.

    So who now forces this scenario with both Wenger and gazidis gone?

    How old are you ishola? 12?

  55. Receding Hairline

    Emery has pretty much made Ozil a non entity, drove away Elneny and told mustafi to do one.

    If he didn’t rate Xhaka and Mhki they won’t see game time.

    We did beat Spurs well last season so this idea him starting with Xhaka today was somehow throwing the game is nonsense. We have won big games at home with Xhaka. Funny he isn’t getting any credit for playing Guendouzi.

  56. Words on a Blog

    I can (just about) understand Emery’s “stupid caution” in selecting experienced Xhaka.

    But, even after the unnecessary penalty he gave away, Xhaka continued to make errors and concede unnecessary stupid fouls.

    He stayed on for the full 90. Why? What did he add to the team?

    For the life of me I can’t understand that why Emery kept him on.

  57. N5

    “Emery has pretty much made Ozil a non entity, drove away Elneny and told mustafi to do one.”

    I agree, many commentators have made note of how Emery is not nervous of dropping popular players so he wouldn’t think twice if he didn’t rate the guy. He obviously thinks Xhaka can provide something.

    Regarding Xhaka, I have never seen someone with this job role who couldn’t tackle before. He’s always getting yellows for late or clumsy tackles, does he train at all?

  58. Ishola70


    Emery is playing Xhaka because he thinks he can get away with it.

    Just like he got away with his 5-4 remark.

    He wasn’t pulled up on his 5-4 remark was he. Should have been. Piss take remark really.

    Or was it an Arsene FC remark? Walking into Arsene FC. This is what the fans want to hear.

    Xhaka is captain of Arsenal FC. Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear Don.

  59. Dissenter

    I’m not championing Emery and I really do not care if we make Donald Duck the next manager.
    We have a lot of brain dead players that have individual errors irreversibly ingrained into them. No manager can change this. These players have to go.
    Xhaka- no need for any commentary
    Mustafi – who’s refused to leave
    Mykhi- I would have ditched him after he refused to travel to Baku [unapologetic for that viewpoint]
    Ozil- what a waste
    Kolasinac- he can’t cross and cannot defend, what position can he really play?

    Regardless of the managerial situation, these players have to be moved on in the next two windows. Any new manager will struggle if they are still around.

  60. N5

    “He wasn’t pulled up on his 5-4 remark was he. Should have been. Piss take remark really.”

    We don’t know he wasn’t. It was a soundbite and nothing much more. It was his first interview and we don’t know how much got lost in translation. On the face of it, it’s a silly comment, but my god, name me a manager that hasn’t said something that once dissected doesn’t sound arrogant, silly or nonsensical.

  61. Danny M.O

    I think we may need to go in the january market and buy Zaha, a cm and a proper CB. I would look to get shot of a few players.

    Having zaha lw, pepe rw laca in the first half and auba in the second half to counter would be devastating.

    We need to steam roll the lower teams and flat track bully until we reach the cl and start buying some serious players and gain a proper manager.

    We need max points until we face man united.

  62. Un na naai


    He played Guendouzi all last season.
    I’d actually credit not just emery but the coaching staff and Guendouzi himself for his ride in performance levels.

    Playing xakha didn’t really cost us the game today. It was the negative set up in the first half which gave spurs the impetus.
    We conceded the ball in the middle of the park rather than trying to control it.

    Playing Torreira as our attacking midfielder was ridiculous.
    In truth we were quite fortunate that we didn’t lose the game in the last 5 after Kane played through Sissoko who had a couple of great chances to win the game actually.

  63. Words on a Blog

    Last season, and partly understandably given the injuries to other central defenders, Emery persisted with Mustafi.

    Mustafi persisted in letting Emery and the team down.

    This season, Emery must absolutely not persist in selecting Xhaka, except in matches against low grade opposition, or in Europa/Carabao/FA cup matches which either frankly don’t matter, or where his limitations are not exposed.

    Otherwise history will repeat itself and last year’s experience with Mustafi will just be repeated with Xhaka.

  64. Receding Hairline

    5-4 remark was simply his way of saying he prefers to attack rather than defend. Just as well. Look at his signings or player profiles he specified and you understand that clean sheets aren’t a priority for him.

    Although it has to be said if he got the Nzonzi he wanted and most of you didn’t Xhaka wouldn’t be on the pitch.

  65. Dissenter

    I think Emery was right to rest Willocks today.
    The lad has to be handled right in his first season as starter.

    CC pointed out how Torriera has been just has bad. I wish he had moved to Milan last summer.
    We need a proper clear out of the midfield. Hopefully we make top-4 and use the CL to attract good central midfielders.

  66. Un na naai

    DonEmery is playing Xhaka because he thinks he can get away with it.Just like he got away with his 5-4 remark.He wasn’t pulled up on his 5-4 remark was he. Should have been. Piss take remark really.Or was it an Arsene FC remark? Walking into Arsene FC. This is what the fans want to hear.Xhaka is captain of Arsenal FC. Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear Don.


    Right so now he’s not playing xakha has homage to Wenger but he did make a silly remark when he first joined
    Ok then…..

    That’s about it for me.

  67. azed

    “Playing Torreira as our attacking midfielder was ridiculous.”


    We played a 4-3-3 so I don’t know where you got this idea that Torreira played as an attacking Midfielder.

  68. Valentin


    If life give you lemons, make lemonade.

    Emery may not have been happy with the team, but he never tried different players in the premiership. I would have love to see Saka play twenty minutes against tired premiership defences.

    Van Gaal had the courage to throw young players instead of relying on the same failed players: Rashford, Lingard, Pereira and a few others. Not all were success, but he did not hide behind that. For somebody who want to be a protagonist, Emery behaved more like victim of circumstances.

    Also if you don’t have wingers, you don’t devise game plans that relies on them. We were a counter-attacking team with only Aubameyang with some kind of pace upfront. We were a pressing team with only Torreira who could press: Xhaka, Guendouzi, Mhkitaryan and Özil as central midfielder. Ramsey who could have done a job there was first ostracised then was injured for a big chunk.

  69. Receding Hairline

    Don nothing negative about the set up. Spurs didn’t win the midfield, first goal was a hopeful punt up field. At no point in this game did Spurs own the midfield. And of course they had chances, they are a potent attacking force especially on the counter, kind of fanciful to assume playing Ceballos eliminates spurs attacking threat, he handed them three counters in the last 15 mins by being too cute

  70. Ishola70

    “Leno was very bad for that first goal.
    Very very bad.”

    Yeah weak.

    He also spilled another shot he should have gathered easily.

    Made a few smart saves in between though.

  71. Receding Hairline

    Willock would have been a disaster in place of Xhaka so enough with the youth nonsense. He hasn’t been outstanding in the three games he started, what exactly is he a CAM or a CM?

    Would have gone with Martinelli in place of Mkhi although Mkhi had a respectable game when he came on at Anfield. Nelson is too timid, Martinelli runs at people

  72. Un na naai


    First goal comes from both xakha and Sokratis losing a high ball into midfield

    Second goal comes from bad tackle from our our deports midfielder

    Kane hits the post after a neat interchange with Kane and their midfield player, Eriksen.

    They nearly scored a winner twice through Sissoko breaking through from midfield

    Yeah erm. Did you forget all of that or did you just not watch the game?

  73. Ustyno

    So angry with Emery,the earlier we get all points the better for us,that game was supposed to be a win for us,if he continue this way top 4 or not he should step aside next season….when you win this kind of game you start creating a little fear in teams that are not Mancity and Liverpool
    Emery the over thinker

  74. Dissenter

    I hate to be the soggy wet blanket here, poopooing all the conventional wisdom
    2- 2 is a good result for this game
    I was uneasy for some reason before the game and I’m just glad that we showed character to come back from two goals down. We would have won it had it not been Kolasinac’s boxer fists being off.

    Two individual errors cost us
    The manager has to be brutal and start acting like his job is on the line
    He has to take good risks, playing Myhki today made no sense when Nelson was available to talk on a defender playing out of position on a yellow card.

  75. Valentin


    I agree with your assessment of the players.
    However a manager need to be ruthless in his assessment of players.
    Last season, it took nearly half a season before the penny dropped that Lichsteiner could not play at that level anymore. Same thing with Mustafi.

    This season we start the same cycle with Xhaka. Against Liverpool he needlessly conceded the corner from which Liverpool scored. Against Spurs he conceded another brain dead penalty. And let’s be honest, he could have been send off in view of the number of fouls he committed.

    By the time, Emery realises that he needs to be taken out of the starting lineup, it may be too late for a tilt at top 4.

  76. Un na naai

    I never said playing Ceballos eliminates their attack. But playing the right combination and executing the right game plan would have helped us get on the front foot more and pin them back.

  77. Receding Hairline

    Getting chances on the counter is not controlling the midfield Don…they didn’t control the midfield. I already said earlier they will get chances good counter attacking team they are but its kinda silly to say they controlled the midfield because we played Xhaka

  78. Un na naai

    Everyone has eyes on Luis,waiting for the mistakes so they can say “told you so” while Sokratis gets away with murder


    That was last week. Were you not reading the comments during the game? Sokratis got panned first half
    Also Luiz did make two mistakes today

  79. N5

    Agreed Dissenter, 2-2 is an OK result in a NLD. Even when Spurs were shit they’ve always managed to pull out all the stops when they meet us hence the tie being unpredictable.

    It would have been a great time to get 3 points which we didn’t, but at least they didn’t either.

    I’m OK with 2-2.

  80. Dissenter

    I was afraid for Luiz, have to admit after his poor game at Anfield.
    In the end, his defensive partner was terrible and took all the spotlight from him.

    They reviewed the first goal and showed Xhaka telling PapSok to get back. He didn’t and contested the same header as Xhakand was bought out…then he stopped running to react to a rebound.

    The club is already planning beyond both of them so I’m not that worried.

  81. Pierre

    What I don’t get is xhaka is supposed to be the captain and lead by example , the manager obviously thinks highly of him but the example he showed today was how not to play in a high pressure game.

    Besides giving away that penalty, I put him as solely responsible for our inability to keep the pressure on a Tottenham team that was there for the taking after we equalised.

    We were in total control of the game at this stage , Tottenham couldn’t get out of their own half, then in stepped xhaka with his fouls , one after the other, he wasnt interested in the ball , just the man .

    Every foul he committed played right into Tottenham’s hands, it enabled them to slow the game down , it enabled them to get a footing in the game, and every foul he committed took the initiative away from Arsenal .

    Should our manager be criticised for first selecting him and then defending him after such a performance that lacked awareness and understanding of what was needed at that particular time in the game, who knows.

    maybe it shows how our manager is lacking in awareness and understanding of what is needed at the club.

  82. Un na naai

    I didn’t say they controlled the midfield I said we conceded the ball in midfield too much In the first half

    Not by playing xakha but by not playing Torreira deeper and not keeping hold of it for long enough
    As soon as Ceballos came on this Improved

    The only player we had in the pitch trying to hold onto the ball before that was lacazette. The rest were kicking and running

  83. Receding Hairline

    What’s this mythical right combination? We had two mobile central midfielders and one deep lying play maker.

    Spurs never had the initiative in this game, never deserved to be 2-0 up. They had two goals handed to them by brain dead defending and weak goal keeping, no combination eliminates that. Ceballos gave the ball away three times in the dying minutes,what was to stop him doing it all game if he started?

    All I want to see is Xhaka pay for his mistake, ride the bench. Others do so when they mess up

  84. Ishola70

    Receding Hairline
    “Getting chances on the counter is not controlling the midfield Don…they didn’t control the midfield. I already said earlier they will get chances good counter attacking team they are but its kinda silly to say they controlled the midfield because we played Xhaka”

    Yeah they didn’t dominate midfield at all. Not in the first half and certainly not in the second half were Arsenal were pushing them back and Spurs were on the back foot.

    But Spurs are always going to be a threat counter attacking with Son and Kane and they know how to get the ball up tp these players effectively to cause the threat.

    And if you can get the ball up effectively to these type of players then this Arsenal defence can have major melt downs.

    Arsenal are particularly poor at defending at the edge of their own penalty box.

  85. Receding Hairline

    Un na nai what stops Torriera holding onto the ball farther up the pitch? What’s all this deep stuff when he is mentioned? Why must he play deep to be reliable in possession?

    @Pierre Xhaka played like an ass last 15 minutes, he just kept fouling like he needed to get booked.

  86. Receding Hairline

    Ishola Arsenal are the worst team in defending the edge of their own box, and its because the guy at the base of the midfield can’t trust himself to make a clean tackle, and one of the defenders prefers wrestling to football.

    Most times we retrieved the ball during a spurs attack was guendouzi rushing back to get between man and ball,that young man had a stormer today, really made his coaches proud.

  87. azed

    If life give you lemons, make lemonade.

    How come this doesn’t apply to Jardim?

    Emery may not have been happy with the team, but he never tried different players in the premiership. I would have love to see Saka play twenty minutes against tired premiership defences.

    Last season, we had Mustafi, AMN, the Lich, Bellerin and Jenkinson play right back alone.

    A manager can only make 3 subs in a game and you don’t expect Emery to keep one spot for a youth team player.

    Also if you don’t have wingers, you don’t devise game plans that relies on them.

    I’m pretty sure you were part of those saying Emery ball is about the cut back so how did Emery devise a plan that relied on wingers?

    We played 3-4-3 a lot last season because we had no wingers and fullbacks.

    No matter what Emery does, you’ll find a way to complain. If Ceballos didn’t start against Liverpool, I’m sure you’d have written how we were poor because Ceballos didn’t play.

    Lacazette is injured right now but you were part of the people who blamed Emery for not playing Lacazette even after it was mentioned that he wasn’t 100% fit.

    Poch has the worst record as a manager in the EPL this year but you and Pedro have quietly ignored that because he has sauce.

    His Royal sauciness Pep also drew 2-2 at home against this same Spurs side (Vertonghen didn’t play and Erickson didn’t start) but Pep gets a pass, Emery gets the blame.

    Be consistent… Don’t use one criteria to judge Emery and another to judge other managers.

  88. azed

    “Should our manager be criticised for first selecting him and then defending him after such a performance that lacked awareness and understanding of what was needed at that particular time in the game, who knows.”

    Yes Emery should be criticized for selecting Xhaka.

    No Emery should not be criticized for defending him in the interview. We don’t want the Manager blaming players during post match interviews.

  89. Valentin


    You keep deflecting.
    Your “what about something else” tactic is getting tiresome.

    I have already said that I have not seen Monaco play this season, so I won’t comment. You trying to bring Jardim into a conversation that is strictly about Emery. Jardim may have lost his mojo, that would not change the facts about Arsenal.

    I did not say anything about Lacazette injury.

    I respect what Pochettino has done under financial constraints, however I have never hailed him as the second coming of Pep and Klopp. I believe that he is a good builder of team and club. However I am not convinced that he can take that Spurs team further, even if there was no financial constraints. Quite often the quality of his players save his initial tactical mistakes. Without Kane, Son and Ericksen his team is a really very functional.

    Back to Arsenal.
    I have stated my two complaints before the game once the team lineup was announced. Xhaka should never be in the starting lineup for important premiership game. He lacks the mobility. Going forward Ceballos offers more and defensively Torreira and Willock offers more.
    I would like a combination of Willock-Ceballos-Guendouzi. It would have enough brains and brawn to stop Spurs while still linkup with the ALP.

    I have also stated that replacing Lacazette for Mhkitaryan to play left winger when we had Nelson on the bench was ridiculous.

    You don’t seems to have any answers to those specifics points.

  90. Pierre

    The number of times we leave ourselves over exposed at the back when we lose the ball is ridiculous

    In the first half today ,Tottenham had numerous opportunities when all they needed was a decent final ball from deep in their own half and they would have been through one on one with our keeper.

    Of course there are many on here who are reluctant to give any sort of criticism to the managers tactics and formation , but who else sets the team up .

    Maybe as ishola believes, Wenger is influencing Emery’s decisions, so the blame actually loes with our former manager.

    Also , interesting that Ceballos couldn’t get a start , that didn’t surprise me ,I had already predicted that Ceballos is in danger of going the same way as ozil…

    The manager needs to trust players who know how to keep the ball , who know how to pass to a team mate , who know how to play with composure .

    I had a feeling that ceballos performance last week would cost him his place in the team , though he was set up to fail last week .

  91. Danny M.O

    I think baldness plays a huge part in a mans psyche. You either take it on the chin, rise up and in football terms become arjen robben, gravesen hardman or you turn in to a pum pum like MKhi.

    Looking at the squad i still wouldnt get shot off him. The season is long and hard and bodies may be needed to close the season out.

  92. Valentin

    I see the problem with Mhkitaryan as two folds.
    His preferred position old style No10 does not exist anymore in modern football. Teams don’t play with a No10. It is too easy to stop. Man mark him and unless he is Messi he is out of the game. Teams have pod of players interchanging positions within the pod. A trio of attackers, a trio of midfield. In the International setup, he is the main man and he can shine in that position. International football also tend to be slower which lead us to the second reasons of his decline.

    He plays in a league that is too fast too physical for him. He has never been the most physical of players, and he is never going to put his body on the line. He lacks blistering pace.

  93. Cesc Appeal

    Interesting that it seems as if Mourinho is openly flirting with Arsenal.

    Not my pick to replace Emery, whenever that might be, but he seems to be giving Arsenal the eyes.

  94. Cesc Appeal

    It has to be a loan, right?

    If we get a fee for Mkhitaryan when he’s on £200 000 a week then Sanllehi has done brilliantly.

  95. Valentin


    Mourinho has said himself, he is desperate to go back to management.
    He has been trying his best to get a job at PSG but he also know that he may not enjoy working there with Leonardo.
    So now he is openly batting his eye lashes at Arsenal. Trying to ingrate himself as a possibility to Arsenal management If Emery is sacked or not renewed.
    I am not so sure that he would be a good fit. With him at the helm, we can forget about buying young upcoming players as he only want ready made experienced players. Those would be too expensive for Arsenal to even consider.

    People are already complaining about the drab football at the Emirates. With Mourinho, we may win some silverware and attract back some fans, but if the football is as drab that it was in his last year at ManUtd, I can see an half empty Emirates pretty quickly.

  96. PieAFC

    Fuck Mouriniho. Would hate him at Arsenal at any cost.

    I couldn’t support him at all.

    Don’t care about his track record.

  97. PieAFC

    I don’t care who’s in charge. Just would be nice to know and eventually grasp what we stand for on the pitch.. so unpredictable these days, that’s what’s boring.

  98. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal were outplayed for 30 minutes in first half of game due to poor midfield and defensive organisation. There were time when our so-called wing backs went forward like last season at the same time and left the two centre backs exposed with little or no cover.

    I have not been one of the major critics of Xhaka in the past, but his constant poor decision making and the manner in which once again he conceded a penalty was dreadful. His performance level almost cost us the game.

    Guendouzi had his best game in an Arsenal shirt. Emery needs to make a decision which is his best starting midfield. At the moment I would select
    Ceballos and Guendouzi and then a decision needs to be made about the
    third position.

    Pepe needs time to settle into the team. He is at the moment far from the finished article. However, with patience I hope that he will prove to be worth
    the massive transfer fee we paid for him.

  99. Wengaball

    “Arsenal have recorded 13 errors leading to goals in the Premier League since the start of last season – the most of any club in the competition. Goalkeeper Bernd Leno is responsible for six of those errors.”

    Surprise! What’s the name of the villain, again?

  100. azed

    “I have also stated that replacing Lacazette for Mhkitaryan to play left winger when we had Nelson on the bench was ridiculous.”

    Nelson played against Newcastle and Burnley and was timid in those games.

    As much as I dislike Mhkitaryan , I don’t think Nelson is better right now.
    He might get better as the season improves but as of today, Nelson hasn’t shown he deserves to play before Mkhitaryan or Ozil.

  101. China1

    Luiz has a crap first half.

    It’s starting to look like we are getting the erratic version every week…

    Sokratis pissed me off near the end of the game with his stupid wrestling match on the touch line

    He was fouled or whatever but he was so busy trying to show what a tough guy he is that we wasted about 4 whole minutes watching him endlessly argue about it. We got stoppage time added but that killed our
    Momentum. I really don’t understand how players can be too dumb to recognize that when you have momentum in the final stages you are harming only yourself by going to war and arguing with the ref etc. you kill your team’s momentum right at the death for what? To prove what a badass you are.

    No one gives a shit sok. Shut up and play football

  102. China1

    That stat is clearly bogus. We’ve had a lot more than 13 errors leading to goals. So far this season we’ve had about 5 no joke.

    The way those stats are calculated makes no sense.

    Mustafi alone made more than 6 errors leading to goals last season. Kos plenty as well. Xhaka? Even ozil did.

    You can at least double that figure

  103. China1

    I’m very concerned about Luiz

    He looks cultured on the ball for sure, but he’s either largely or partly to blame for a really high percentage of the goals we’ve conceded this season

    He was cheap and may yet be more useful than mustafi but unless he sharpens up fast I want to see him dropped

    Holding plus an elite CB looks like what we need. I wonderful if the club will be willing or able to go hard for a top CB in January, and if we’ll manage to get one

  104. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Saw the game in Coney Island…
    Great venue Ruby’s …

    Leno played well I think..
    How long can it go on…
    Continuous mistakes every week
    No he not for me.

  105. raptora

    Luiz is never going to last in Arsenal more than 2 seasons, and that’s how long is his contract in the club. I know I prefer him to the wrestler Sokratis who with his dirty/unclean game will cost us directly and undirectly so many goals throughout the season. Sokratis is the Xhaka of central backs.

    Holding cannot become available soon enough. Not that he is a top defender but he’s clearly a smarter player which is a big plus in a role where you constantly have to make important decisions.

    We basically played with our reserve LB, reserve CB and reserve RB. That’s 3 reserves starting in a back 4. Understandingly we look shaky in there.

    Xhaka is the biggest reason for it though. This man has no place on the field. I literally haven’t watched a dumber player than him ever in my life. He is both a dumbo and far from a complete player – slow on the ball, slow off the ball, immobile, not remotely tough which is a big surprise given his size, he doesn’t win high balls, doesn’t score headers, lacks discipline and is a fart away of making a brain dead challenge or pass.

    And while our defenders are injured so Emery gets a free pass, same cannot be said about our midfield. We’ve got everyone in contention yet out of all he picks his favorite Xhaka.

    Emery needs to play this 11 at all costs when they are available:

    Bellerin Holding Luiz Tierney
    Torreira Ceballos Guendouzi
    Pepe Lacazette Aubameyang

    If he doesn’t like he did today by putting Xhaka in our starting lineup, then he needs to go. Because the two points lost are firmly on him. I think azed spoke about spuds getting a draw from Etihad as well. Well yeah but City deserved to win that by 8 goals. You wanna tell me that we dominated spuds the same way?! Spuds were there for the taking and had we played Ceballos, when we already controlled the ball, and we weren’t chasing shadows like vs Liverpool, we would have used the ball far better and created much more trouble for spuds. If we score first game chances drastically and we might have demolished them. No way I know that for sure, but what I know is that Xhaka did his fair to help spuds win today. We got the drew despite of him. They drew with his help. Would we do worse with Ceballos than we did with Xhaka? I don’t think so. And that’s firmly on Emery.

    Spuds are in for a rough campaign if they don’t raise their level. We are in for a rough campaign if Emery doesn’t see the elephant in the room.

  106. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Play chambers n sok
    Luiz in front of those two…


    Amn papa chambers sok


    Wilcox Guendouzi
    Laca pea Pepe

    Offers cover

  107. China1

    Luiz at dm might not be a bad idea, though you can’t drop guen right now

    Guen and Luiz partnership at DM would be hilarious to watch lol

  108. Bojangles

    Pedro, you should gather the match day comments in here and compile them into a book. Comedy gold. Maybe title it Fickleness of Le Grove.

    Leno responsible for first goal, definately should have held onto the ball.

  109. Bojangles

    Xhaka responsible for the second. We were the better team on the day and sometimes shit happens.

    It’s fair to say that the majority here think Emery should be shown the door. Also fair to say the majority think if Emery keeps playing Xhaka he should go. Then logically speaking you should be wanting Xhaka in the team every week to hurry up Emery’s demise

    Agree with CC re Witcher rpg series. Top games.

  110. Bojangles

    There are a couple of posters here that should definately look for another team to support. Maybe they already do support another team and just come here to troll.

  111. raptora

    Pepe? What about Lo Celso? He’s played a total of 44 mins in 3 games. Has shown 0 so far. We can see Pepe has tricks in his locker. Ceballos has shown more than Lo Celso so far.

  112. Gonsterous

    Xhaka and mhiki were horrendous last night. Not to mention sok whose getting worse and worse.

    Should really have bought on willock who has been excellent so far.

  113. raptora

    A goldie from twitter:
    Analytical Sam: “Easy to blame xhaka. Apart from that tackle which to me was not a penalty, he had a good game. Mistake lead to goals. That’s football. Great game of football in the end.”

    Some people…

  114. MidwestGun

    “In 90 minutes, I am very proud of his work,” said the former Valencia and Paris Saint-Germain boss. “Some mistakes we can have and I want to use [them] to progress and improve. There are more positive things collectively, individually and also with Xhaka for me.
    “The penalty is really one action that is very disappointing. He worked very well. He played very well. If we won the match, maybe we’d speak about the mistakes less.”
    Except he didn’t work very well or play very well and we didn’t win the match because he is braindead. Emery was “proud” of Xhaka.. seriously.. we are screwed. Xhaka is Emery’s blindspot. He should re-watch the match and do some of that film study he is famous for.. he continually failed to make tackles .. instead fouling and was late on virtually all his tackles lunging in. Not a good thing if your the defensive shield. Also his playmaking ability is over rated.. take out his backwards and sideways passing to recycle play and maybe he hit one or two passes forward. He is not Pirlo… we can’t afford to carry him.

    Same thing with Miki… no idea why he is the preferred sub off the bench all the time… Dude is checked out. And has the touch as if his feet are made of boulders. Ball bounces off him 5 or 7 feet every time.

    Also trying to figure out what mistakes we can have? By definition you want to eliminate mistakes, not do them so you can learn from them.

    Disappointing because if we even had our shit together slightly we would be golden. United, Chelski and Spuds all struggling.

    I have no personal agenda against Emery, I just want us to win and stop losing important matches. (Yes I know we didn’t lose but we lost pts) That is all. And since late last season we have not done that. Maybe he needs help from Freddy and Edu to help him see and stop putting trust in the untrustworthy. Stage an intervention if you have to. 2 weeks to sort it out.

  115. MidwestGun

    True .. Matty G balled out today and I feel like we definitely would have lost today had he not stepped it up.. Emery does deserve some credit for sticking with him and letting him develop over last season and so far this one.. which makes it even more perplexing that he would stick with some of the older players who clearly are a liability at this point. Like I said ..Blindspot.. might turn into our Achilles heel over the course of the season.

  116. Un na naai

    It’s astounding how quickly so many of you are changing your views on David Luiz
    You were all crowing over him when we first got him

    Shiny new toys eh? Sokratis and Torreira losing their appeal now. Not new enough.

    Luiz was always an accident eating to happen. Even in a well marshalled Chelsea side. What did you all think was going to happen when he was dropped into this calamity? He’d all of a sudden become Tony Adams and start running things?

    Chambers and holding please

  117. vickingz

    Is emery out yet? I remember saying no miracle would stop us from losing should emery play guen and zhaka but on the contrary, we drew the game, I now believe in miracle. People saying spurs didn’t control the midfield, did arsenal control the midfield? When is emery going to get anything right? What was sok coming to contest for the ball leading to our first goal for? And whatever injection given to guen at half-time, I suggest he keeps getting that injection. With emery in charge, you are not sure of winning even this dead man utd side. Smh

  118. Tony

    As soon as I saw Xhaka as a starter here before the game started, I knew we would struggle and possibly lose the game.

    Mikhi for Laca? Pure incompetence by Emery.

    I have always stated that I’d give Emery time this season if Emery didn’t keep repeating mistakes from last season.

    It’s becoming abundantly clear Emery is flawed with his game management decision making and team selections.

    Raul and Edu are going to be complicit in Emery’s repeated errors that mar Emery’s head coach’s role if they do not police/oversee Emery’s work.

    If this continues to be the trend with Emery selecting Xhaka to start, then Emery will not be here 1 January or shouldn’t be if Raul and Edu are doing their jobs correctly.

    No doubt Pedro is going to slaughter Emery for yesterday’s debacle and on this occasion Pedro will be correct to do so.

    So sick of repeated mistakes by Emery and then having no accountability.

  119. vickingz

    All these individual errors can be worked on and this is why I question what exactly do they do in training. Players can’t be making mistakes every week and the coach wants me to believe he’s not seeing these mistakes. What video does emery watch then? Hollywood it seems. Ceba has only played 3 matches and all the flaws to his game are in the open which I believe a coach should’ve seen and come up with a “fix it” training, same with pepe, same for all the players. I just don’t get what they do in training cos their performances on match days ain’t showing they do much in training.

  120. Un na naai


    Could t agree more. Spurs were there for the taking yesterday. Leaving xakha on and bringing Mkhitaryan on were two major mistakes.
    Mkhitaryan has 3 great opportunities on the left, one on one with a defender and support all around him and he fluffed his lines again and again. Couldn’t get the ball under control, couldn’t get his head up.
    At 2-2 we were like headless chickens with no lacazette on the field to get the ball down and hold onto it only Guendouzi and Ceballos (sometimes) managed to use the ball properly but when it went to the front free it didn’t stick. They lose it too easily without lacazette there. He really is the glue hat holds our attack together
    I hope he comes back from the interlull fit and firing and his ankle is ok as we need him badly.

  121. vickingz

    You don’t play two harum scarum as your CB when you have a cool headed chambers who’s afraid of going forward but only fixated on staying back defending. It cost us against Liverpool, now against spurs. Emery is just falling even at the basics. You played a midfield combo that offers no pace, none of them could hold the ball, none could dribble, just running like crickets all over the field knowing we don’t have 2 & 3 to support our attacks and get balls to our frontline. Spurs was there to be killed and done over with but emery once again proved to us that he’s just a useless coach

  122. Un na naai

    Guendouzi found Pepe who played it to Lacazette in the box. His first touch was a delicious Amuse-bouche, his second a tasty appetiser, and his third, as he slammed the ball into the net with his left foot, was a succulent main course with a mouth-watering side of Tottenham tears. What a man. His performance yesterday, until he signalled he had to come off, was fantastic. The way he tries to influence games even when he’s disconnected and not getting any service is a measure of his character.

    From arseblog

    He is our main man and we are blunt without him