NLD incoming.

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Ok, I wanted to post today, but I ended up rocking a work drinks, then the peel off work drinks, then I went toe-to-toe with my team after that and I lost.

For the nightcap, I went to what I thought was a normal club. How wrong could I be? I witnessed someone in drag whip her chopper out for the crowd, then pick up a champagne bottle with another part of their body, before ripping the cork off and spraying the fans.

I also lost my bag. My ID. Two money cards.

Where did I lose them? That club. Always the way. Now I have to go back their sober at 11 pm. This is my punishment.

Thankfully, we weren’t really punished in the Europa League.

Group F #Arsenal, Eintracht Frankfurt, Standard Liege, Vitoria SC

The German’s will likely cause us the most problems. They have a bit of a following. Niko Kovac managed them before Adi Hütter took the reins. They’ll not be the same threat as they were with Luka Jović, but they’ll be well organised and they’ll come with enough tactical weaponry to take advantage of us if we take a complacent view of their talents.

Unai Emery has a huge opportunity to rectify the widely panned defeat from last weekend. We’ll see how much belief he has in his ‘play-out-of-the-back’ philosophy. So far, it’s looked distinctly shite, Burnley, Newcastle and Liverpool have seen the execution as an opportunity versus a threat. We saw a pretty similar thing last year before it was binned. We need to see a progression of the idea, because from where I’m sitting, it doesn’t look like it’s a practice issue… it looks like we do the same thing over and over so it’s predictable and easy to counter.

Spurs is a huge game. Fuck their form. It always means very little. The game will be thunderous and there will be a few players out there experiencing it for the first time.

We should be going toe-to-toe with them. We should be taking advantage of the possibility of their right being Sissoko. We should be hitting them out the blocks and leaning hard into the unsettled nature of their squad.

I think this is a huge game for Pepe and Ceballos. Both players have the ability to make a hero statement. Both are new to Spurs.

I also think it’s a big question of Unai Emery. Is he going to throw Xhaka back into the mix again know that Spurs will target his lack of ability under heavy pressure?

It’s also Nacho’s last game for Arsenal… wouldn’t it be something if he were the one with the winner?

Right, short post today, I’ll be spending the evening deciphering whatever Unai Emery has to say.

See you in the comments.

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  1. Gentlebris

    At least it’s now a straight fact that we are racing for top 4 in a 5 horse race. United should be far behind Leicester, Everton and the wonder team of this season, in 10th or lower.

    I reckon we should make top 4, no problem. Chelsea shouldn’t be able to deny us another CL qualification from their prison cell should they.
    And what’s the news about the noisy fuckers down there? Are they still losing some big boys.
    Maybe it will end up being a top 4 race involving only 3 teams!

    Now the NLD. Just let’s play, ugh Unai, will you? Pls man, no weird stuffs.

  2. Marko

    United spent 150 million and that’s a joke when you consider that they’re so dependant now on the fitness of Martial and the consistency of Rashford. Squad looks paper thin.

  3. TR7


    United should not have appointed OGS as the full time manager in the first place. Woodward knee jerk as always when it comes to appointing/sacking managers or for that matter buying players in transfer market.

    As for Allegri, I know most people rate him highly but I don’t see the hype. As far as I am concerned Conte is the architect of all the success Juve has had in recent years, others have reaped the dividends of his hard work. Allegri will gave a greater pull though than Ole in convincing good players to join United.

  4. Champagne charlie

    No doubt, but there’s one thing United can promise a manager (if they choose to) is big money to slice and dice. Plus maybe they see him as someone to get Pogba playing again.

    I challenged your POV, you’ve since acted like a child about it. Not sure what your “misunderstood” stuff is all about, don’t particularly care because it’s just another extension of your distaste toward select posters. It’s boring to me. I’ve made my comments relating to football, your backhanded remarks are all you have.

  5. WengerEagle

    Conte build the foundation and deserves major props for it but Allegri no doubt elevated them and they evolved under him into a better all-round side.

    Went from being bounced in the CL in the groups/last 16 under Conte to making 2 CL Finals under Allegri, not to mention Conte never won the Copa Italia which Allegri won most seasons there, think last season was the only one he failed to win in his spell.

  6. Dream10

    Solskjaer is bang average. He’s got something like 13pts in his last 13 matches.
    Fortunate that his mates Neville and Scholes are on TV making excuses for him. Any other manager with a poor recent record and a poor window would have been crucified.

  7. Dissenter

    Good point about Conte being the architect of the Juve revamp.
    I would go further to say that Juve have had an institutional advantage in Serie A decades before Conte came on board. Conte benefitted from a series of excellent decision making that Juventus made after the Calciopoli scandal.

    I do agree though that Conte is the better manager in that Conte-Allegri match-up. This is why I’m predicting that Inter will win the league this season. Lukaku and Sanchez will tear Serie A up.

  8. Dissenter

    I don’t think Sarri is all that
    The Juventus dominance of Serie A ends this season. Allegri did well to maintain it but with Conte’s return and the rise os several midlevel clubs, Juventus will struggle.

  9. WengerEagle

    Conte to be fair did have less to work with though.

    He won the league title with Vucinic, Matri and Quagliarella [way back before his freakish prolific scoring spell in his advanced 30’s] and Tevez in his last season compared to Allegri who had Tevez, Dybala, Higuain, Ronaldo as the top scorers for his Juve sides.

  10. Freddie Ljungberg

    Champagne charlieAugust 31, 2019 12:01:27

    “The same posters are blaming Emery for playing bland football, at the same time championing Xhaka and Ozil when our midfield has been the main reason for our turgid, uninventive play. It’s not Emery out there on the pitch, it’s your darlings stinking the place up.”

    Ignorant comment. We’ve played better football was worse players.

    Well, I agree that it’s pretty hard to interpret but that is pretty dismissive, and wrong.

    As soon as you’re challenged on a point you obviously made and you can’t back it up you accuse that poster of misunderstanding you. You really don’t recognize something you do on a daily basis.

    We can agree on one thing though, this is getting boring. Ta da.

  11. WengerEagle

    Neville is a pricly little weasel. No idea why he’s so revered as a pundit when most of his soundbites are fairly basic not to mention his overwhelming bias for United and OGS.

    Fact he’s a failed gaffer makes it all the more amusing. Was made to look like a footballing noob in Jose’s appearance on Sky a few weeks back who looked like he had just rolled out of bed and openly ridiculed punditry compared to the dugout.

  12. Dissenter

    Whatever Lampard is trying to do won’t bear any fruit until next season.
    I don’t think they will give him that much time even though talk was that Abramovich personally assured him that his job was guaranteed regardless of result this season.
    He’s really blooding a lot of academy players.

  13. WengerEagle

    Lol Inter Milan aren’t winning shit. Lukaku doesn’t transform them into title contenders, he’d be doing well to score 20 Serie A goals and they had a player like that already in Icardi before he became persona non grata.

    You really going to bet against a Juventus side with Ronaldo in it to win the league?

  14. Dissenter

    I think there should be a term limit for Pundits
    No one should be allowed to permanently dorn the toga of “expert” with just a coaching license.
    Neville is just 44 years old, surely at some point he has to return to management , you think? Instead, he sits in a studio playing Demi-god.

    I thought he crossed the line with some of his recent commentary about Lukaku.

  15. TR7


    Yeah, I did expect like many others here that once Ole gets a full contract, he will get shown up. But I do find it strange that United players are now playing exactly the same way they played under Mourinho that is with handbrakes on. I expected Ole to be outsmarted by most managers in the league but at the very least I expected his team to play with some freedom. Doesn’t look the case.

  16. Dissenter

    Yes, I will bet that a Conte-led Inter will outthink and out-smart a Sarri-led Juventus over a season.
    It’s like lions led by sheep vs sheep led by a lion.
    Conte is not in the same managerial bracket at Sarri, this season will clearly show that.

    Besides Ronaldo can’t go on forever, can he?

  17. N5

    “You really going to bet against a Juventus side with Ronaldo in it to win the league?”

    Napoli are the only club that come close and they don’t have anywhere near the quality and depth that Juve have.

    Dybala and Ronaldo would be hard to bet against.

  18. Dissenter

    Juve were looking for everyday to get rid of Dybala, exchange for Lukaku, even offered him to spuds
    At some point, that asterisk needs to be placed next to Dybala.

    I just think Inter are going to do very well, most likely win the league.

  19. Champagne charlie


    I made a simple point and it’s not the point that’s bothered you but the poster. That in itself speaks volumes.

    Look, you have an axe to grind so have at it. If you think I’m taking anything you say about me to heart you’re overestimating your importance.

    I’m not interested in prolonging a back and forth because you consider a particular sect on here the “Merry men” and have nothing but disdain for them. Carry on and don’t mention me.

  20. Dream10

    Jean Kevin Augustin on his way to Monaco from RB Leipzig. I like him a lot. Hope he does well. He has the potential to be a consistent goal scorer.

  21. WengerEagle


    I’m more surprised by Carragher to be honest, always thought out of him and Gerrard that he would be the one that would go into management but he’s 41 and has made no inroads whatsoever, seems more than happy in the studio.

    Doubt Neville returns to give it another crack in the near future. If he failed twice nobody would ever take him seriously in the punditry box again. He’s managed to rebuild his rep as a pundit after the Valencia disaster.

  22. WengerEagle

    I mean Ronaldo isn’t showing any signs of slowing down is he?

    Hat-rick against Switzerland was epic and he scored 28 goals last season in his first season in Italy.

    Even if he’s not banging them in at the same rate as before he’s still by fat the best player in Italy at 34.

  23. Champagne charlie

    Why are Inter suddenly equipped to win the Serie A ahead of Juventus?

    Conte? That would be some turnaround on the subject of managerial influences given what’s been said of our own, and how our expectations should be tempered.

    Lukaku? Pull the other one.
    Alexis? That’s both pulled.

  24. Champagne charlie

    “I’m more surprised by Carragher to be honest, always thought out of him and Gerrard that he would be the one that would go into management but he’s 41 and has made no inroads whatsoever, seems more than happy in the studio.“

    Fuck off mate, Carragher? Haha can you imagine him trying to get a tactical plan across? 😂😂 eeeeehhm

    Nah, Jamie loves spitting at fans and running his pub. That’s his level.

  25. Words on a Blog

    Ok so they’re 1-0 down to City, and will probably end up losing badly.

    But how the hell have Brighton managed 51% possession at the Etihad?

  26. vickingz

    Ok so they’re 1-0 down to City, and will probably end up losing badly.But how the hell have Brighton managed 51% possession at the etihad

    @words, I bet the brighton manager did wrong tactics

  27. Words on a Blog


    I’ll have to watch a video of the match just to work out how Graham Potter managed to get a bunch of journeymen to match City for possession at the Etihad.

    And before anyone jumps on me I know they’re 2-0 down and it won’t mean anything as far as the score is concerned. I still wanna know how it’s done.

  28. Dream10

    Words on a Blog

    Think Potter did alright against City in the cup last yr for Swansea. They went 2-0 or 2-1 up but lost 3-2

  29. N5

    Dissenter sorry for late reply. I know I read a lot about Dybala being moved on, but he is such quality that I just don’t get why they would. If the only reason is not having a position for him whilst Ronaldo’s in the team then play him on the right. He’s a better there than Cuadrado and although Bernadeschi looks promising, he’s above him and anything else in that team too.

    Is Ronaldo/Dybala an issue in the way Benzema/Ronaldo were an issue?

  30. Valentin

    Some pundits are very good tactically, but would struggle with the man management side of things.
    Jamie Carragher looks like he would be upset really easily if things don’t go his way. If you keep losing your rag and not be able to calmly explain tactics, position, and players selection then you quickly lose the dressing room. Your past as a player can only protect you so far.
    Steve Gerrard for all his back stories of being a bellend when young, once named captain was always the more measured of the two.
    Also it is easy to make the right decision in the studio, but when you have the daily pressure on you, some people just can’t cope or can’t make the right call instantly.

  31. Alex Cutter

    “Don came to a football blog to ask for advice on his bleeding asshole…”

    He also got all butt-hurt about a “pedophilia” joke someone made yesterday.

    Have to wonder if there’s a connection. Don, is someone touching your butthole? Do you need a real-life Alita: Battle Angel to come and save you?

  32. HillWood

    Agenda for the day
    Pub at 12 for Guinness
    Home at 2 for Belgium GP and cans of Guinness
    Which leads on nicely to Arsenal v Scum at 4:30 with Guinness
    Sunday roast