Emery to go guns blazing?

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Unai Emery dropped his prezzer and strongly hinted that Pepe was close to being ready for his first start.

“I think his individual performances are progressively getting better. For Saturday, he is maybe ready to have more minutes.

“I am going to decide tomorrow, but really his progress has been positive and has been good for the team and for him.

I think part of our defensive strategy has to be lining up with players that can spring a counter. We’ve not been a pace threat for many years, now we really are looking quite formidable in that department.

The manager also has two new options to choose from, Xhaka and Ozil returned to full training.

“Tomorrow is the last training and we are going to decide tomorrow. Today they trained, but really, I need tomorrow to have the last training, to be really sure how we can be better there. I know some players need to be fit and to improve 100 per cent to be in their best fitness. But tomorrow is the day. Really I am positive with some players for Saturday but I don’t want to decide today or to say to you today how we are because tomorrow can change.”

Those two are huge options and what the manager does will gives us a good indicator of their importance to the team moving forward. My gut says he’ll start Xhaka, but I’m not so sure about Ozil.

The manager also had some interesting words on Matteo.

“We have a lot of young players and they can develop a lot. We are going to help them, to push them and also they need to break different levels and achieve individually in their performance. We are here to help them and give them chances. Matteo is very young but he has talent and his talent is also to adapt to what we need or what is needed in the Premier League. It’s also to be physically strong. We are working tactically and individually to improve, we are working with him on the videos and on the pitch and we are speaking to him because it’s a big challenge for me, for our coaches and for him to achieve a big level here. He is in this process. Last year, for me he was very good in his process but he missed a lot to achieve in his career the big performances and big moments for him and to help us. But really I am very, very optimistic with him because he has this talent and I think we can also improve him on other things, like physically we are working with him in the gym, and mentally. He’s a young player with potential who can now help us to achieve the best performances.”

I was told that some of the other players thought he was a bit meek last season, in the sense that he’d duck physical confrontations on the pitch and shirked challenges. I also think there’s a bit of perception that he’s into the finer things in life, which is maybe part of the mental side Emery is referring to.

He’s a very good player, breaking into the Premier League and running the midfield is a true rarity in the game. For me, I want to see where he takes his talents. What is his special sauce? There’s a debate that the top midfielders these days are all-rounders, versus the specialists they could be maybe 10 years ago. There’s a lot of merit in that debate, just look at the Liverpool midfield… even with that being said, I’m hoping there’s more to come. Goals? Assists? Kante like brutality? We’ll see…

I really liked Emery’s dad answer on social media.

‘I only use it when I think it can give me some good information or help me in some opinion. But really, when people cannot control the social media, it’s not positive for us.’

Thanks, Unai.

I also like that the manager is TEAM VAR.

“For me, VAR is positive. It’s coming to help us, to help the referees and to be fair in different circumstances in one game. After this, I think it’s also right to think to not stop the intensity and the rhythm in the matches and not to stop for a lot of minutes. At the moment, sometimes it’s going to be positive for us, sometimes it’s going to be negative. But really, now, in my mind, it’s positive for everybody, for every team and for the Premier League to help them. Sometimes it’s helping us, sometimes it’s not helping us, but it’s fair.”

It’s not perfect right now. They need to use it less and give the refs a little more power over decisions. The flow of the game being interrupted for every goal is not how I saw it playing out. It should help the game flow, it shouldn’t hinder. It should be an arbiter, not go to. It should bring the fans into the decision making in the ground.

When that’s all fixed, I don’t see how we’ll miss rampant injustice.

Right, that’s me done. LISTEN TO THE DAMN PODCAST. x

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  1. Guns of SF

    Well looks like Emery is listening to me. Said it a few days back, we have ability now, to counter attack pressing teams. Liverpool take no prisoners and want to bury you asap. Well, if we can counter them, we can be dangerous! Just need our mids to be disciplined and also, Dani to provide the killer passes. Even Luiz too

    Cant wait for the game…

  2. GillespieRoadNoMore

    Having listened to the Josh K podcast I treated myself to a video showing Baptista put 4 past LFC in a 6-3 victory for the Gunners at Anfield, different era, however I am not as fearful of this coming Saturday as I might have been 2 years ago. I think 4 points from the next 2 games is a possibility, fingers crossed.

  3. Tobs

    Liverpool have not been as secure defensively this season yet. Norwich got behind them a ridiculous amount of times and Southampton were unlucky to lose. Potential weak point in goal with Adrian. They are still a much better and settled team than we are, but this is probably the best opportunity we’ve had for a while to get something from a trip to Anfield. Nevertheless as long as we avoid a humiliating defeat, I’d be ok.

  4. Tobs

    A lot of questions for Emery to answer. Will he play with 3 or 4 at the back? Will he start with Pepe from the beginning in concert with Auba and Laca? Will a fit again Xhaka start?

  5. Guns of SF

    Taylor should hand out a yellow for diving pretty soon into the game, before Pool turns it into a shit fest like last time

  6. Leedsgunner

    Liverpool have opted play a high line his season. Let’s exploit that. We have the players with the pace to do it.

  7. Guns of Brixton

    “Martin Keown’s time on the coaching staff at Arsenal was brief. He was widely credited for having an impact on the defence during the team’s run to the 2006 Champions League final – one that included 10 consecutive clean sheets – but his return was not straightforward.

    He once revealed that he wanted to explain to one Arsenal defender how he could stop making the same mistake by altering his positioning but Arsene Wenger was not prepared for the player to see the video because he feared it would destroy his confidence. It is a curious anecdote that helps to explain the failure to address Arsenal’s defensive problems.”


    Wenger was toooo soooft.

  8. Globalgunner

    Wenger was a mentalist. that much is pretty certain. Rather lose his own way, over and over again, than have someone else show him the way to success

  9. Marko

    Here lads leave it out on Wenger. You remember that time he did that thing. You remember that thing right. Well it excludes him from criticism so move along

  10. Carts

    “I also think there’s a bit of perception that he’s into the finer things in life, which is maybe part of the mental side Emery is referring to.”

    Pedro, or anyone for that matter, can you elaborate on the above?

    I’ve had a long day

  11. Ustyno

    Hope Emery don’t mess up with the line up,am optimistically confidence that we will get something from that game,we are not going to be thrash like last season

  12. Pedro

    CG, a bit of time in the sin bin.

    Think the wind-up nature of your posts is a bit much for everyone before a big game.

  13. UTarse

    The key for Anfield is NOT to play Xhaka and Ozil.

    Only change from Burnley is Pepe in for Nelson…. I think Nacho can still do a job so no change at the back although I do worry about AMN being careless with possession and being caught too high up the filed.

    Up The Arse

  14. T

    I guess emery is going out with his best possible 11 and disregard complex tactics. Just like arsene used to 10+ years ago. Probably the better way to go too if you want to consider yourselves as a proper team going for the win and keep morale high.

  15. T

    oh and I will be not surprised if the only change to the side from last weekend is Nelson out and Pepe in… but there is also a second likely change that might occur… and it is willock out and xhaka in.

  16. Marko

    And it is a big game. I’m certainly more pessimistic about the game on Saturday it is after all away at Anfield and most if not all teams struggle there these days but I’m still looking forward to it. It’s for these types of games that you spend the big bucks on the big names

  17. Ustyno

    Anfield is scary this days with their unbeaten record there in recent times,bug games for big players just that it came abit early but am looking forward to it.

  18. Samesong

    I happen to be positive about the game. I think it will be a draw. They are struggling with keepers at the moment. Never s better time to play these guys.

    You think Liverpool aren’t bricking our attacking line either?

    The killer for us will be individual errors. Cut that out and it’s game on.

  19. Leedsgunner

    Lots of U23s training with the first team as is Emery’s custom but today’s talent need playing time to be convinced to stay.

    Interesting and intelligent loans and or actual playing time. Youth players should feature heavily in the cup competitions so we can keep our strongest team fresh for the EPL.

  20. KAY Boss

    Liverpool have never been an opposition that instil fear in me when we play them. Three points is coming to London come Saturday.
    That’s how optimistic I am.
    Look, irrespective of what some think of this squad, I think we have what it takes to have a title challenge and probably win it.
    Aside Liverpool’s defence, I think we’re better than them on the rest of the pitch.

  21. Valentin

    It will all depends on the formation and personnel Emery chose on Saturday.
    Will Emery go for Safe or go for the attack.
    I have a feeling that he will go for Safe, where I would go for attack.

    I believe that trying to contain Liverpool attack is not the right approach because of the individual quality of their trio of attackers. The extra argument in favour of the attack is that their defense has not been very good this season. They have changed defensive system and their high line defense is asking to be breached by our pacy counter-attackers.

    In term of personnel, I think that he will go with the old guard of Xhaka and Torreira and basically the game will be at best a draw, more likely a heavy loss after they murder our central midfield.

    I hope that he goes with a 4-3-3 (with Willock, Guendouzi, Ceballos in midfield) or even a 3-4-1-2 and we may cause them problems at the back. Use our pace on the wings to pin down their fullbacks and suddenly they are a lot less potent going forward. Ball in the channel and Robertson is running in the wrong direction facing Liverpool goal.

  22. Valentin

    Basically Guendouzi has been told by the coaching staff to Work on his defensive awareness, be stronger when tackled and to not shirk putting his foot in if necessary.

    Funny how last season people who were criticising Guendouzi for being too weak and lacking defensive awareness were told that they were wrong. And now Emery is pretty much confirming that toward the end of the season he shared the same opinion. The progress that Guendouzi has made at the beginning of the season is just the result of that specific work.

  23. Bojanglest

    It will make little difference what formation Emery chooses. If we lose (which does seem the most likely outcome,) he will be blamed for either being too offensive or too defensive by the Emery hating PlayStation supremos. If we get something from the game then we’ll return to the ‘no sauce’ discussion.

    The team we’re taking to Anfield is much better than the one we took last time around. I’d like to see Pepe starting although he still may not be fit enough but if he doesn’t start who plays on the left, Nelson doesn’t work for me. I doubt Emery would select Martinelli to make his full debut in such a hostile atmosphere. I guess that leaves Mkhi.

    The defence and midfield can remain unchanged for me. I’m hoping Xhaka isn’t even on the bus although I have a feeling he’ll be on the pitch at kick-off.

    Looking forward to Saturday night (my time) more than I’ve looked forward to our visit to Anfield the previous 3 or 4 seasons, hopeful that we can make a game of it this time around.

  24. Tony

    Perfect if it happens.

    Shkodran Mustafi and Mohamed Elneny set to leave Arsenal before end of European transfer window after being told they are surplus to requirements under Unai Emery

    Shkodran Mustafi and Mohamed Elneny are not part of Unai Emery’s plans

    The defender and midfielder are set to leave Arsenal before September 2
    Emery also spoke about Mesut Ozil’s potential participation against Liverpool
    The Gunners travel to Anfield on Saturday with first place on the line


  25. China1

    Against Liverpool I’d expect xhaka guen and Ceballos

    The first two are favourite a of emery’s. Guen is also on good form as well and bringing ozil back in for a dangerous match against a top team seems really silly when we have ceb

  26. Tony

    If Xhaka and Ozil or either one plays, I can’t see us beating ‘Pool

    Ceballos can’t be looking after Xhaka so he has ponderous time on the ball.

    Ceballos is still finding his feet and needs time to get into his natural game and David Luiz can make the passes Xhaka tries and is more mobile with the ball.

    If Xhaka and Ozil are on the bench them it’s possible to get a draw or nick a win by a single goal, especially if Pepe starts.

    Let’s hope that VAR picks up ‘Pool’s divers and the ref isn’t intimidated by the Kop.

  27. Tony

    ES /BobN16 & Graham


    I agree with Woodward that the honeymoon is over and England need to announce their credentials by beating Ireland at Twickenham, especially as we have home advantage.

    Heinz looked good against Wales and I hope at some stage during the game Jones moves Ford to 9 to see if he can handle the position under the formidable Irish pressure.

    If Jones doesn’t know his best 15 and game changing bench by now, he’s in the wrong job.

    My 10 year old son is picking up a national maths award in Bangkok this weekend, so I’ll be able to watch the rugby and ‘Pool in a cool sports pub.

  28. Freddie Ljungberg

    Last season we rocked up at Anfield with Licht, Mustafi, Kola in defence, Xhaka in midfield and Iwobi and AMn on the wings with only Auba as an attacking outlet. The bench options outside Lacazette were pretty terrible too.

    No wonder we got smashed.
    Entirely different prospect now though. Really hope he doesn’t start Xhaka, no chance of Ozil starting so no need to worry about that.

  29. Freddie Ljungberg

    Really liking the ruthless streak from the club telling Elneny and Mustafi in no uncertain terms that they are not wanted, if they stay it’s because they refused to leave or no one wanted them, not because we were clinging on to them from misguided nostalgia like it would have been previously. Even if we don’t get rid this window it at least feels encouraging that the club can now recognize where our weaknesses are (not all though)

    Also like the noise coming out that we’re trying to extend Auba and Laca on the same basic money they’re on now just with more bonuses. Don’t know if it’s true or if they will agree to it but it’s a smart move if it can be done.

  30. Nelson

    I have a feeling that Raul is again doing his hard bargaining. He must be demanding a fee for Elneny and Mustafi that is not acceptable for potential buyers. Imagine that if they are not sold now, their value would drop even further. The question is whether Raul is really so desperate or not. Both players could still feature in those cup games.

  31. Wenker-wanger

    Liverpool’s fantastic effort last season has meant they are carrying huge expectation whenever they play. We are underdogs and aware we could be get thrashed as we have in the past.
    Motivation in our 11 should be a lot stronger than in Liverpool’s.
    I agree with others, we need to be clinical in front of goal. We need to be on it for the full 90+ minutes.

  32. Sid

    We should avoid any formation with 3 cbs, choking the supply to mane and salah is a better tactic, their fullbacks wont bomb forward with pepe and auba playing

  33. Akilan

    Eddie to Leeds is one of the best loan deals possible in this window.

    First of all, he’s gonna be coached by Bielsa. That in itself is a successful deal IMO.

    Eddie would never start a league game for us unless both Auba/Laca are out injured. That leaves only EL/cup games in which he already started last year. He deserves more opportunities.

    Leeds have only 1 senior forward, Patrick Bamford. They sold their topscorer(14 goals) to Anderlecht. The other option is 20 year old Tony Roberts. Bamford scored only 9 goals in 23 starts last season, which means Eddie will see plenty of game time at the league’s favourites with Marcelo fucking Bielsa at the helm.

    Pierre’s fears of Eddie will be rotting at the bench are unfounded. Bamford scored 3 in 3 then fired blanks the next game only for Eddie to come on as a sub and score.

    Eddie is already breathing down the necks of Bamford and it is only a matter of time before he usurps him as the main striker.

    Even if he doesn’t, there are 46 league games in the championship. I’m convinced he’ll start at least 15 at the very minimum. That is 15 more league games if he stayed here.

  34. Dream10

    Academy kids these days seem to prefer starting 30 games instead of the odd appearance in the cup or league for a big club, even if they have to drop down a level or two. They’re betting on themselves. Great self confidence.

  35. Guns of Hackney

    We absolutely have to go at Liverpool full sail. We do have the attack to give them problems, and losing Allison is a shot in the arm for us.

    Stay clear of the middle, go wide and shoot on sight. Winning!

  36. Tony

    You’ll notice I didn’t comment on the kit.

    Just posted the article.

    My view on this is not positive, so I’ll keep my own council.

  37. Dream10

    Alexander Arnold is vulnerable down the right. Nelson, Aubameyang, Kolasinac have to go at him. Iwobi set up our goal at Anfield last season from his side.

    Have a feeling Emery will go for a back three and try to absorb pressure.

  38. Pierre


    It’s no big deal, we all have opinions..let’s hope he does well at Leeds and is a regular starter and he is not needed by Arsenal.

    That’s the perfect scenario.

    He would have started at least 8/10 games for Arsenal before Christmas and if one of out strikers pick up an injury he would be used from the bench.

    I personally feel that the perfect loan is when a player( nketiah) is not guaranteed any game time for his club(Arsenal) and the club he is going to (Leeds) will guarantee him a regular starting place .

    You think different …fair enough.

    You say he will learn under the Leeds manager which in itself doesn’t say a lot for your opinion of our manager .

  39. Bob N16

    Tony, think Slade, Mako V. and possibly Nowell would make starting XV. Really like Curry and Underhill, if they can stay fit our back row is sorted for years ( big ‘if’ mind). Understand idea behind giving Ford time at 9 but Heinz needs time too! Am really looking forward to match.

    Must admit watching us against Scousers will be less relaxing. No way Ozil will start but Xhaka may well. I have similar reservations. Long ball into channels could be way to get their full backs turning. On the other hand they’ll be trying to expose our narrow defensive set up with their full backs whipping in crosses. Can’t imagine we’ll see less than 4 goals. Would take a draw happily!

    Enjoy Bangkok, well done the lad!

  40. HighburyLegend

    Auba-Laca-Pepe vs. Firminho-Mane-Salah.

    One of these 2 trios contains a player who will dive to obtain a penalty tomorrow, can you guess which one it is ?

  41. Graham62

    I understand the trepidation, I really do. However, in my opinion, I honestly feel this is for his own benefit.

    If Nketiah is as good as some on here think he is, he should have little problem at breaking into the Leeds first XI.

    If he succeeds then,whatever way you look at things,it’s a major plus for AFC.

    Just to clarify, I sincerely hope Eddie fulfills his promise and returns to aid in our progression.

  42. Graham62

    Will England benefit from Jofra Archers heroics?

    Got to get at least 100 run lead.

    Grind those Aussies into the dust.

    Come on England!

  43. Bob N16

    Liverpool haven’t been playing particularly well but am worried that they’ll pick their game up against us.

    Graham, I had 2-2 in mind but 3-1 Liverpool could be more likely! Liverpool’s home record is ridiculous, it’s been ages since they lost there. Not many teams this season will come away with anything. Beating Spurs next week is potentially much more significant a game. All I’m saying is really a defeat on Saturday, as long as it’s not a heavy one, won’t impact our season too much.

  44. Bob N16

    Graham, 50/60 lead could be enough. Just saw 2 mins highlights. Cloud cover, will be tough batting but not sure how pitch is playing. Archer said that he didn’t need to bowl flat out to get wickets.

  45. Graham62

    England don’t want to be chasing 180+ in their second innings.

    Agree with your take on our next two games against Liverpool and Spuds.

  46. Bob N16

    Agree about 180+ but that means Aussies will have to score 240+. Conditions dependent but a Smithless Australia is a pretty frail batting line up in English conditions.

  47. raptora

    Just watched our game vs Burnley again.

    I’m thinking that even if Ceballos had a cracker of a game, and he will surely won’t be as good in every single game, if he keeps his desire, passion and work rate, there is no way he disappoints us. He has all the skills in his locker and if he keeps giving his all – and boy did he gave it all vs Burnley – he was sprinting, chasing balls, shoulder to shoulder action, you name it – he will become a star for us in no time. He had a Cesc-like game, and I mean prime Cesc in 2009/10. Difference is that prime Cesc had these games as a standard. We can only hope Ceballos keeps up with that comparison.

    Fuk me. David Luiz’ movement and agility… It feels like he is 26-28 and not 32 yo. Such swift and nimble reactions.

    AMN was very active, like very active. But I felt that in most situations he either lost a duel, or he didn’t pass well, or he wasn’t where he’s supposed to be, or he’d dribble with the ball when he could pass it to a player with far better vision etc. I can see his desire to prove himself, which is a good sign. But he has to add a bit of security to his play. Only then we would know that we could rely on him. Cause at the moment, he’s trying to do something to impress us, when he’s a full back and being secure and not making mistakes is your #1 job. And then couple of times a game you could be adventurous, like he was in the first game where he basically won us the game.

    Re Pepe, he is already integrated in the team. You can see that he’ll be a good fit. And he’ll keep getting better.

  48. Akilan


    Eddie should get regular starting minutes at Leeds though. They have an average championship forward in Bamford ahead of him. Its up to Eddie to prove he’s better than him. If he can’t force his way into Leeds ahead of the likes of Bamford, he has no business competing with the likes of Auba/Laca at AFC.

    Just because I like Bielsa, it doesn’t mean I don’t rate Emery. Bielsa is Bielsa, Emery is Emery.

  49. Elmo


    The Tet Offensive

    And don’t forget we have Kim Jong Tet in the back pocket if things were to take a dictatorial turn.

  50. Arsnil

    “Really liking the ruthless streak from the club”
    Yeah Ozil sitting on 350000 a week and hasn’t kicked a ball for us yet? He was “sick” again last week. Hardly what I would call ruthless although I know you are referring to Elneney and Mustafi

  51. Nelson

    Sometimes you just can’t have everything. Defensively, I can see that Reiss has good positioning. He covers the opposing FB very closely. But offensively, he is very timid. Always moves sideways towards the middle. On the other hand, I saw AMN ran past the defender and made good crosses. But defensively, his positioning is questionable.

  52. Marko

    Literally can’t. Jury well and truly still out and top 4 and attractive football is a must or someone else is going to be in the hot seat next summer. Someone should tell Pedro those decisions are beyond him

  53. Nelson

    For me, Micki and Ozil are two frauds. You can’t go to war with them. Better play the youngsters who are hungry.

  54. China1

    If xhaka mikki and ozil all start when we have Ceballos torreira guen and willock then emery should be sacked

    I don’t think that’s going to happen but I’ll always have that bit of fear at the back of my mind until I see the team sheet

  55. Freddie Ljungberg


    I’m not expecting miracles. Getting rid of Mikhi and Ozil would have been fantastic but with those wages, their performances lately and the length of their contracts it was always going to be difficult to shift them this summer, hoping that changes next year

    Was never going to be a 2 year job to revamp the whole squad and flush out Wengers mess.

  56. Thorough

    I’m looking beyond Liverpool already. Anything we get in such a game should be counted as a plus. It’s like picking a point or 3 at Man city. The way we played Burnley showed we won’t have problem with the mid-table teams like them and Brighton as we did last year. I’m so positive we’ll get champions league I’m already looking at next season. Spend our whole summer’s money on Meunier, Havertz and Ceballos and we’ll have a team capable of competing at the top.
    Meunier. Saliba. Luiz. Tierney
    Ceballos. Torreira
    Kai Havertz
    Pepe. Lacazete Auba

    NOW that looks more like the Arsenal of my Dream.

  57. Graham62


    Yes, it was a “great ball”

    Oh dear, 20-3.

    Aussie attack very potent.

    This game could be done and dusted within 3 days.

  58. Biggles

    I’d like to see a 4-3-3 with a midfield of Willock – Torreira – Ceballos and a front line of Auba – Laca – Pepe.

    If Emery wants to go 4-2-3-1 and play Xhaka, then I’d really rather he played Chambers in defence and moved Luiz into Xhaka’s position. Because I’ve calculated the likelihood of Xhaka making an error that gives Liverpool a goal to be 87%, with there also being a 58% chance of him getting red-carded.

  59. Thorough

    Our right full backs are so soft and we can’t get a better model to toughen them up. Meunier is a proper bully and our defence needs that toughness. And I guess hell be going for pittance by next year too. If someone had suggested Alves 4 years ago a lot would have turned their noses up at him.

  60. Marko

    No to Meunier he had his chance. I predict that when Vieira comes he might insist on bringing Atal with him. Might have a great path to him next summer because a lot of teams are pretty well stocked in that department. Could see us and Chelsea (dependent on Reece James though) being the clubs most likely

  61. Receding Hairline

    Thorough Alves is several classes ahead of Meunier..not even comparable

    Meunier will be 28 in September, yes maybe if he is going for a pittance he might still do a job but i think we can do better.

  62. Nelson

    Emery is telling Elneny and Mustafi to sign for another team so that they can continue their careers as footballer. The same can be applied to Micki. As for Ozil, since we can’t trade him, he can be an entertainer for some home games where we need to better our goal difference. He still has some sexy football in him.

  63. Marko

    Given the insistence on and the type of player that Tierney is I’m guessing that they’d be wanting something similar at RB too and that’s not Meunier.

  64. Marko

    AS Monaco strike €15m deal with Alaves to sign 25-year-old Chilean international defender Guillermo Maripan, medical tomorrow

    Those Mustafi feelers ain’t doing the trick. Also apparently Monreal is close to leaving?

  65. Marko

    In what world is Chambers better suited for anything anywhere. It doesn’t make sense we’re thinking of starting him away to Liverpool because….

    In both defeats to Liverpool last season Fulham played him in midfield and RB not CB.

  66. Graham62

    I know there are some poor pundits on TV and Radio but Steve Harmison( cricket)must rank as the worst.

    I’ve never known him to get a prediction correct and if Sky/TalkSport are ever reviewing their finances, surely they have to question putting his name in the books.

    Sorry Stephen but you know zilch.

  67. Eduardo


    To be fair to Emery, protagonist is a bit more meaningful than le mental strength, the ultimate cliche. He means they should go elsewhere and be the centre of their own story. It’s a more artful way if saying go and play for a club that values your abilities, because I don’t.

  68. Thorough

    You think if we buy Ceballos and Havertz for circa 150mil, we’ll still have enough in the till for a mega buy like Upamecano? I don’t think so. Last time I checked he’s still to cost around 60mil even with one year to go.

  69. Elmo

    What an embarrassment England’s batsmen are. 54-6, knowing they have to desperately dig in, and out first ball after lunch. As Mark Waugh says, it’s not Test cricket standard.

  70. KAY Boss

    Pedro being Pedro. Seems he can’t get off Emery’s back. I agree with most of the things he said though.
    I’m confident we’ll get more than a point at anfield.

  71. kenyangunner

    Sokratis has the verve but Liverpool will run rings around him tomorrow.
    Chambers would do a better job but needs to man up!

  72. Nelson

    I think Klopp is going to put someone to shadow Ceballos. We need Guen to play along side him. Torr will be our DM. I like our midfield better than Pool’s midfield.

    Pool’s two FBs are way better than ours. It will be critical for our two wingers to push them back or at least keep them in check. We should send some long balls very early in the game for Auba and Pepe to run into. It would put some doubts in their FB’s mind. The game will be very interesting as long as we can keep the score tight. We shouldn’t panic even if we were behind. Pools will continue to attack even if they were ahead.

  73. Cesc Appeal

    Luiz and Sokratis have to be the CB pairing, the full backs are a real worry but there’s not much we can do there.

    I can take losing, but it really will be a kick in the balls if we gift them the game with a Maitland Niles error or similar.

    I cannot wait for November when Holding, Bellerin and Tierney will be up to speed and added to the starting line up.

  74. Cesc Appeal

    As much as Luiz’s long balls could be a way of getting at Liverpool I also think Dani Ceballos’ ability to dribble under pressure and turn his man could be of equal importance. If he can turn and avoid the press of Milner/Henderson/Fabinho he too could start a counter as Liverpool’s defence is left without pressing cover.

    Really interesting game tomorrow. Big test for us.

    We don’t have our complete starting 11 yet but Liverpool aren’t quite at their level yet. Would be much more confident if we had a fit and up to speed Bellerin and Tierney.

  75. Valentin


    Cheers up.
    England did beat 56.
    Need a miracle or total collapse by the Australian for England to not lose that one as well.

  76. Akilan

    Chambers single handedly lost us the game vs Pool at The Emirates, a couple of years ago. Zero composure with the ball. Folks want him to start at MF, LOL. Bambi on ice. He’s become decent since but starting him at Anfield isn’t a good option for him, when we have Luiz & Papa.

    Last year, our defense was Kolasinac, Sokratis, Mustafi & Licht. Liverpool ran rings around every single one of them, not just Sokratis.

  77. Valentin

    Last year, we were let down by our midfield who let them run amok.
    Their midfield is functional and well organised rather than superbly talented. We need to put them under pressure and see if they can cope.
    However that means a mobile, aggressive midfield and that can not happen with a combination of Xhaka and Torreira.

  78. Akilan

    I’d start the same team as last week with the addition of Pepe in for Reiss.

    Emery would probably play Xhaka for Joe/Guen. Also if the rumours of Monreal leaving are true, then we’re likely to play 3 ATB. In that case Chambers will come in for one of our midfielders.

    Also selling Monreal is suicide right now. We’re not gonna get decent money for him anyway. We’re better off selling Kolasinac. For some reason, Nacho looks fitter and sharper than Sead.

  79. shaun

    that’s why I can’t quite get with Emery he seems to have faith in Xhaka only god knows why for me he is just as bad as mustaffi ….he should really give torriea , ceballos and Willock a try at least that will limit the mistakes and give us a really mobile midfield as apposed to XHAKA who cannot turn or run

  80. ChimaA

    Emery should be decisive tomorrow. Play Xhaka, Ozil and Micky,then we are doomed. But go with Lucas Toreira, Guendozi and Dani Ceballos in the middle. Pepe, Laca and Auba upfront and Papa, Louis, Mithland Niles and Moreal at the back, we will at least get a draw. Then stock the bench with Willock, Martinez, Reiss, Kolasinac, Chambers, Xhaka and Micky. We have to get something out of this game bcos the record is pretty bad against Arsenal at Anfield in the past 4 years.

  81. Gonsterous

    Really looking forward to a big game in a very long time. Just hope we don’t do something stupid like give torreira the role of marking van drijk during corners.