Josh K making moves on your heart

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The good news just keeps on rolling, I am literally oiling myself in excitement this season.

Cannot wait to lose at the weekend and get back to a hateful perspective on life.

Freddie Ljungberg has kept us all guessing on the touchline this season.

Who is he?

Why is he there?

What is he thinking?

Does he still wear CK?

The big question for me is how the hell he managed to convince Bouldy to swap jobs… BUT, it happened and the bench is looking very exciting because it’s a touch different this year.

Then the main man Joe Willock drops this to the press:

“Every day I’m working with him & learning from him. He’s improved my whole overall game. If I’m being specific, getting in the pockets when I’m playing No 10 & attacking at No 8. He showed me a lot of different tactics to get space & turn to attack teams”


It gets better…

“Freddie is not only such a legend at the club. He’s an unbelievable manager & coach. He’s a mentor for me. He showed me a lot behind the scenes that people don’t really know about”

Like three g’s of fentanyl under my gums…

I love that Freddie is making an impact on the young players coming through. He’s relevant, he’s a winner and he seems extremely personable. That’s going to be a huge help for Emery this season. I can’t remember which young player said it, but I read that the Spaniard has outsourced comms to the Swede. In the world of power stratagems, that move feels risky, but at least someone is giving them clear instructions.

I would love to have the inside line on why that move happened… I like it regardless.

In other news, David Ornstein dropped an elbow on the internet, securing a superb exclusive with Josh K. The heir to many shares spoke about the club in an impressive manner for the second time in a month and the messages were clear.

My takeaways:

  • KSE is taking Arsenal seriously
  • Josh is invested in galvanising the fans and he wants to win our trust
  • He takes a personal interest in Arsenal because ‘football’ is his number one love
  • We are going to be proactive in January

The interview is here, take a read if you haven’t.

There has been some sneering online about him, but you have to take him on his actions, not his words.

Since he’s been more seriously involved, we’ve sacked Wenger, hired Emery, hired and fired a Chief Scout, brought in a Technical Director, blown at the very least £120m, and we’ve increased our wage bill by a chunk.

You cannot criticise that.

You can dig out decisions, sure, and I have done exactly that. But opinions are like personal choice in milk, everyone’s got one… and not everyone chooses the elite flavorings of oat.

The club seems to be moving in the right direction. There’s still a lot of work to do, there are going to be tears along the way, but we are buying expensive players, blooding youth, and spending some f*cking money.

It’s all you can ask for… until you reset expectations and lead a protest, naked, covered in the blood of a slain lamb.

Until that moment comes, let’s see if Josh can continue to drive the club forward.

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  1. Receding Hairline

    “But to see a PSG team so poor, as we saw on Sunday in their 2-1 defeat in Rennes, so early in the season, is really rare. Yet, it is not surprising.

    In Brittany, the team displayed all its weaknesses, all its issues and all its deficiencies in just one game. The lack of cohesion and team spirit was perhaps the most striking. The Parisians didn’t play as a team. They didn’t play for each other. There were no patterns of play, no movement, no triangles. All PSG did was to rely once more on Kylian Mbappe, who can’t do it all by himself — especially when he only has three shots on target in 90 minutes, as he did at the weekend.”

    Good thing Tuchel has since been disowned by the “sauce” brigade.

  2. Freddie Ljungberg

    Strange that Emery as Arsenal manager doesn’t get the same benefit of “circumstances” that the Spurs manager gets, external ones are the same – the teams we both compete with, while the internal ones – the squad and backroom upheaval are much worse for Emery. Not even mentioning the timeframe they’re both being judged on, 1 year versus 6 years.

    Must be nice to have sauce…

  3. Up 4 grabs now

    The only sauce poch has is some congealed jar at the back of his fridge thats dated ten years ago, you remember that date its the date the spuds last one a trophy!

  4. Logie Bear

    Great post Pedro. This comment struck me ” I can’t remember which young player said it, but I read that the Spaniard has outsourced comms to the Swede”

    This makes sense to me – does anyone else struggle with Emery’s English?
    I know they are all media-trained these days so maybe he is just recycling the usual buzzwords anyway.

    I admit that my own knowledge of Spanish only extents to “dos cervezas por favor” but I do wonder how he can put across any ideas / tactics when his English still seems quite limited. Or perhaps that’s just how he comes across in interviews…..

  5. Guns of Hackney

    My sources tell me Jamie has more sauce that Arteta and Pep combined.

    One would think every bastard on here has the inside track on the government’s comings and goings.

  6. Guns of Hackney

    Sex is the international language. Most competent people should be able to stick it in anywhere from someone from anywhere.

    Football is no different. I don’t get why the language thing is so important.

  7. Graham62

    CG/ Pierre

    “Who in their right mind sanctioned this loan”

    You two should be joined at the hip.

    Actually, imo, whoever sanctioned the loan deserves a medal….and I’ll tell you why.

    1. Eddie is a raw talent and needs consistent game time. At Arsenal he wouldn’t, as it stands, be getting that.
    2. At Leeds and in the championship in general he will be toughened up both physically and mentally.
    3. He is only 20 and from what I’ve seen of him, he needs to break away from Arsenal and prove himself. That’s right, prove himself. At Leeds hell quickly endear himself to the locals if he starts to score goals( as he is already doing).
    4. You worry because we have no back up. You mean bringing in Eddie if something happens to any of the big 3? We’ll, hypothetically, that could happen but if I’m totally honest, based on Eddies present level I’m not too convinced he is strong enough to fill that hole.Thats why he’s gone to Leeds.

    You see, the move was sanctioned for Arsenal’s benefit not just Eddies. Of course, it also benefits Leeds. Let’s say we need him back in January because we’re short up top. He may be flying at Leeds having scored 15+ goals and full of confidence. We get him back and he’s a totally different animal.

    It’s a win win for all parties. Bielsa will be fantastic for his development. You both know that.

    Stop looking for the negatives, it’s so frigging boring.

  8. Up 4 grabs now


    Hope your good buddy,

    Emery didn’t do to bad over there, pep would beast that league though.

    Tuchel isnt anything special but no neymar, and Mbappe being relied on to carry the team as the rest arent anything special doesnt help.

    how long before Mourinho is parachuted in there?

  9. Up 4 grabs now


    a hundred percent correct on your last post.
    Eddie needed game time he wouldn’t have got that unless laca or auba were seriously injured, even with the cups.

  10. Guns of Hackney

    Pep wouldn’t win the CL with PSG.

    Something poisonous is going on there.

    Gordon Strachan would win the domestic shit in France.

  11. Un na naai

    Told you about nketiah

    Too many doubters here. Our current young crop are all highly promising and need game time and experience to grow and prove it

  12. Un na naai


    Nobody but English sides will be winning champions leagues, for the most part, for a while now. Only Messi and Ronaldo changed that for a decade. It’s over now

  13. Receding Hairline

    “Rh 45 is very young for a manager. How old is paddy v? Henry? Both are young managers.”

    Not really the point Un na nai

    45 is baby age for a manager

    I am referring to the fact that before his excommunication from the league of saucy managers, Tuchel was regarded young and dripping in sauce while the buffon managing us was regarded as old and hit his ceiling

    The buffon is 47, Tuchel is 45, Poch is 47…….the buffon has achieved more than both sauce drippers

  14. Receding Hairline

    “Nobody but English sides will be winning champions leagues, for the most part, for a while now. Only Messi and Ronaldo changed that for a decade. It’s over now”

    This statement has no foundations, just because we had an all English final last season does not mean England now has a stranglehold on the competition

  15. Up 4 grabs now

    Considering Sarri just won his first trophy at 60 i dont suppose age matters just how good you actually are.

    but if poch doesn’t win something in the next few years he is going to be overtaken quite quickly buy a lot of up and coming younger managers

  16. bennydevito


    I agree about Nketiah and wanted him to stay here and be our 3rd striker, but we do have Martinelli and John Jules and Nketiah is getting very good experience in a very competitive league and will get more games there than here, I’m happy with the decision.

    Plus City only have Aguero and Jesus, Liverpool only have Firmino and Origi, Utd only have Rashford and Greenwood, Spurs only have Kane and Llorente as out and out strikers so we’re actually no worse off contrary to your attempts to portray otherwise.

  17. Receding Hairline

    Naglesmann is 32, now that’s young, he is younger than Giroud

    Daniel Farke is 42

    Potter is 44, although i am yet to be convinced by him.

    Domenico Tedesco is 33, but he has suffered an almighty hit to his reputation

    Many younger, saucier men than Pochettino around, i don’t think what he has done with something Naglesmann or Farke will struggle to match considering the squad at his disposal. I dare say if Emery was at Spurs they would have lifted a trophy by now

  18. Marko

    45/47 is very young for a manager. Dunno if you could say one has peaked while the other is only going to get better if you know what I mean. It’s funny for all the shit Emery gets on here I still expect him to get either the Barcelona or Spain job after Arsenal

  19. Marko

    I dare say if Emery was at Spurs they would have lifted a trophy by now

    Dunno about that. They’re an institution of nothingness

  20. Up 4 grabs now


    i think llorente has left spurs on a free.
    they only have kane (lets hope for a nice leg break)

  21. Nelson

    This next game is a test whether Emery believes in his own Emeryball. Two elements were center to his football “philosophy”. Playing out from the back and high pressing. I would be surprised if any Arsenal fan would think that Xhaka is suitable to do this.

  22. Receding Hairline

    “Dunno about that. They’re an institution of nothingness”

    Let’s forget about Spurs history for now and look at the squad they have built (great credit to Pochettino here) and where they have fallen short over the past four years.

    I am tired of being told the name Tottenham Hotspurs stops anyone from winning things, that’s simply not true.

    Anyways on to the big game this weekend, the bookies don’t fancy us one bit. The odds make it look like Liverpool are playing Huddersfield

  23. bennydevito

    Up 4 grabs,

    Ah yes, I wasn’t sure, thanks.

    Point is that the likes of CG are still trying to negatise everything and won’t be happy even if we win the League and EL. He will still say Emery is good enough, as will CC and Guns of Hackney. Not that we will win that though, but 4th HAS to be the minimum otherwise Emery has to go.

    I predict 3rd this season.

  24. Champagne charlie

    Who claims Emery is a buffoon?

    I see that referenced over and over, where’s that come from exactly?

  25. raptora

    Well when the news of Emery being shortlisted for the Barca job came out he was one of 4, the other 3 being Koeman, Roberto Martinez and Allegri. Dunno who makes that list and if it’s real but if they are thinking between these 4 and Allegri prefers his Juve job, Emery is by far the best of the other 3 lol.

    Now tell me about Titi and Mikel please. Next generation exciting managers with sauce!

  26. raptora

    Charlie Nicolas:
    “I think Arsenal should play a back four with two protectors in front. I don’t want Granit Xhaka in the team, I would prefer Lucas Torreira and Matteo Guendouzi. They would give Arsenal energy and defensive qualities. Then I would want Alexandre Lacazette through the middle and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Nicolas Pepe to provide pace on the counter and make things happen, with Dani Ceballos just behind them. I’d have that line-up to give Arsenal a back six and then a front four that could cause Liverpool problems on the counter-attack.”

    I’d agree with this. Full game for Pepe and imagine the noise if he gets even close to be the new Arshavin at Anfield.

  27. Nelson

    Ozil: ‘Most Important Thing Is to Have Fun’. He is not my kind of player. For me, besides footballing skill, the most important thing is to have a fighting spirit and be aggressive. This is not a kid’s game.

  28. Crimson

    Cunty Git and Guns of Fuckney really need to get laid. Seems this blog is the only way they get there sexual frustration out of there negative system.
    Arsenal are heading in the right direction with Emery and all the blantent trolling is so boring and hints of tiny IQs and no meaningful knowledge of football or Arsenal.

  29. Graham62

    For my sins, I have reread both CG’s and Pierre’s take on the Eddie Nketiah loan deal which, as I’ve already highlighted earlier today, I’m in 100% agreement with.

    What I can conclude from their slightly paranoid perceptions( nothing new there then), is that neither one of them understands Sports Development/Sports Psychology and the processes needed to further our own teams progress and player development plans.

    If Arsene Wenger had sanctioned such a move( which we all know was not possible, as he was incapable of acting on anything like this) they would be saying the complete opposite.

    This may look like heartfelt concern for Arsenal’s situation but we all know better.

    This loan deal is a tremendous agreement…………for all parties.

  30. Un na naai

    Guns of HackneyAugust 22, 2019 12:55:42
    CrimsonYou’re a real wordsmith and I bet, a big hit with the fellers. Keep up the good work!

    He told you goh!!

  31. Nelson

    To be fair to Xhaka, I would give him one last chance to play next to Torr and Ceballos. Ceballos is an intelligent player. He’ll offer Xhaka a passing option that he’ll dearly need. If Xhaka still doesn’t perform, it’s time to put him out of the starting 11.

  32. Chitom

    The dumbest loan move in Arsenal history ( recent one at least) had to be Gnabry to the clogger Pulis.

    Of all the connections Wenger had made over the 20 years in the league, sending one of the more exciting young prospects to develop under one of the most regressive managers around still boggles the mind.

    How many paragraphs the likes of Pierre and CG have written about that particular loan though?
    Must’ve been lots and lots Lol.

  33. Guns of Hackney

    Gnabry was shit. Fact.

    Why do people have this weird regression when it comes to players?

    Frustrating to say the least.

  34. Leftsidesanch

    Just want to point out if Beavis gets injured for Sp*rs then there is no Llorente. Llorente is a free agent.

  35. Un na naai


    It could have been what made him. Gave him some resolve
    Arsenal was known to mollycoddle its youngsters. A few months under Pauli’s would have toughened him up and the disappointment of being overlooked could have given him a kick up the arse.

  36. HighburyLegend

    “Lewis Ambrose
    Lifelong Arsenal fan in exile with an unfortunate interest in the tactical side of the game and an undying love for Mikel Arteta.”


  37. Un na naai


    Come on man. Shit? Was the player of the tournament at the olympics a few years back and secured a move to Bayern
    That doesn’t come to shit players

  38. Un na naai

    I reckon we could pip Liverpool to second if we get our act together quickly
    Our squad is deeperand now we have pepe and Ceballos I think our attack is on par.

    I know that’s a big call but I really do.

  39. Guns of Hackney


    He didn’t make it…so what do we do? Keep him on hoping that he comes good or get rid?

    We’ve tried that:


    To name a few.

    A player should have one season max to impress. That’s it.

  40. Graham62



    That’s why Wenger would have been incapable of making such a logical decision with regards Nketiah.

    Gnabry had already shown he was the real deal.

    Not in Monsieur Wenger’s eyes though.

    What a great man he ended up being.

    Shoot me!!

  41. Guns of Hackney


    It’s like saying that Porto were dumb letting Ronaldo go for £12m then as he was worth £85m later…

    Gnabry wasn’t good for us. Neither was Vela.

    Man yoo didn’t work for that urgay player…then he smashed it at Athleti.


  42. Guns of Hackney

    Gnabry’s amazing stats

    119 games
    35 goals

    No. Just fucking no. I don’t care that he plays for Bayern…so did Owen Hargreaves. Big whoop.

  43. Valentin

    In na naii,

    Under Per, the academy is not perfect, but it is really getting organised.
    In the new regime, the club shortlists the clubs that are deemed suitable for a loan based on how they intend to use the player, their knowledge of the player, the likelihood of good times. Then a choice is made in consultation with the player.
    Before none of that was done. Club could bid for any of our players, but nobody vetted them. Players decided on their own. Gnabry had a choice between a suitable Championship club (I think it was Charlton or Reading) and an unsuitable Premiership club (WestBromwich with Tony Pulis). The club let Gnabry choose the completely unsuitable Pulis because he wanted to play in the premiership.

  44. chris

    Gnabry won the player of the season for Bayern last year.

    He is clearly not shit. Anyone who says so hasn’t watched him for long.

  45. chris

    Gnabry was somewhat unlucky with us. He had injuries, and his loan to West Brom was a poor decision. His contract was mismanaged.

    He often looked good when he did play for us, remember a stand out performance at Swansea.

    He is past now, but you do not play a significant role for Bayern Munich if you are ‘shit’.

    The new structure at the club will hopefully allow us to make less errors of this kind regarding youth players in the future.

  46. Marko

    He’s also an ever present in the German national set up now and that’s with the likes of Brandt and Haverts and co. Top class player and a big miss

  47. KAY Boss

    I side with GoH, Gnabry did nothing of note to warrant his stay. Sometimes, sentiments get the better part of us instead of reality. At Bayern, he’s become a good player that doesn’t mean he’ll have been good for us. Tolisso, Renato Sanchez, Sebastian Rudy had promise but they’ve been garbage since their moves. Not everyone has greatness because he plays for a big club.
    The Gnabry train has moved. It’s time we focus on those with us.

  48. Un na naai

    Giroud is in the top 20 players of prem era for goals/min ratio during his arsenal career.

    Hardly a failure
    £12m to boot. Chavs had to pay double that for him and we only let him go for that to fund Aubameyang and chavs wouldn’t let batshuyi go to Dortmund unless we let them have Giroud meaning Dortmund wouldn’t let Aubameyang come to us

  49. China1

    35 goals in 119 games for a Young winger is pretty good…

    How many wingers playing in Europe have a better goals to game ratio at that age? Not many

  50. Danny

    Gnarby played 18 times for us but Wenger couldn’t be bothered with him. Now he plays for Bayern.
    Joey Campbell played 40 times. Now he plays, I think, in Mexico.
    Wenger what a fuckin’ idiot.

  51. Un na naai


    Same as Theo
    Who was considered shit
    Over 70 assists too in around 300 starts
    That’s nearly a goal or assist 2/3 starts

  52. Normski


    ‘Gnarby played 18 times for us but Wenger couldn’t be bothered with him.’

    What a silly cunt going and fucking his cruciate up meaning he was unavailable for selection for over a year. Maybe that had something to do with it?

    Wenger rated the kid…gave him a 5 year deal.

    He was out of shape and struggling for form coupled with the WBA loan that was a disaster. We wanted him to prove he still had a level of performance in him before we offered a new contract but we were too slow and the ship sailed.

    No one doubted his quality maybe his application to lose the chub he put on.

  53. Marko

    Yeah leave Wenger alone how dare anyone mention an obvious fuck up after that time he did that thing. Only remember the good times folks

  54. Danny

    gave him a 5 year deal.
    the ship sailed.
    Well which one is it then, make up your mind.
    He signed the 5 year deal in October 2013 but we sold him in August 2016.
    Forget it…..

  55. China1

    Well walcotts goals and assists records were good and he definitely had his uses, especially as an impact sub against tired opposition

    Unfortunately alongside his good goals/assist to game’s contribution he also did weird and dumb shit on the regular which made him a very frustrating player

    I still have nightmares of that time he was released down the right against man city and jumped over the ball for no reason whatsoever

    The guy was instinctively talented and his contribution reflected that – but give Walcott more than 3 seconds to think about what he’s gonna do and he’s an absolute melt lol

  56. China1

    There’s a reason why Theo was always considered as potential and gnabry is considered legit. And there’s a reason why Walcott found himself a bit part player at an average PL side whilst gnabry was player of the year in a title winning Bayern team

  57. Pierre

    “The dumbest loan move in Arsenal history ( recent one at least) had to be Gnabry to the clogger Pulis.Of all the connections Wenger had made over the 20 years in the league, sending one of the more exciting young prospects to develop under one of the most regressive managers around still boggles the mind.How many paragraphs the likes of Pierre and CG have written about that particular loan though?
    Must’ve been lots and lots Lol.”

    There is a fundamental difference between the nketiah loan and Gnabry.

    As stated, Arsenal have 3 strikers and one has been allowed out on loan ,nketiah. …leaving 2 strikers.

    When Gnabry was let out on loan Arsenal had ox, Walcott, Sanchez ,Ozil, Joel Campbell and welbeck who could play out wide , so one can understand the reason for sending a 20 year old academy player out on loan though going to a pulis team was obviously a mistake.

    See the difference.

    Nketiah would get more than enough game time with Arsenal in the Europa and league cup and would no doubt have come on as sub in league games(as he has with leeds) , so I cant see what benefit there is in him going to Leeds unless he is a starter.

    Time will tell if it will be beneficial to Nketiah and Arsenal …

  58. Receding Hairline

    A quick look at the Manchester City squad shows five forwards listed on the books, of this there is only two central strikers and three wing forwards including the out for months Sane

    Tottenham have only two forwards listed Kane and Son, Moura is listed as a midfielder

    Liverpool have five forwards include, Xherdan Shaqiri makes it into this list

    Arsenal have five forwards listed Laca and Auba, with Pepe, Martinelli and Nelson (john jules not included)

    The idea we have someone left ourselves short up front is ridiculous and not surprising only CG and Pierre think this is worth discussing

    I wonder why Pep, Klopp and Pochettino don’t leave in fear of one of their forwards getting injured.

  59. chris


    I think overall Nketiah will see more minutes on the pitch at Leeds than he would have done with us this season.

    With the arrival of Pepe and the emergence of Nelson it is possible we will see less of Aubameyang and Lacazette on the pitch together at the same time so they won’t be run into the ground.

    Even if that isn’t the case our options are still superior to our immediate rivals when you look at their squads. (Spurs/Man Utd/Chelsea)

  60. Receding Hairline

    The situation is even more dire at United where only Rashford and Martial are the senior forwards on the books, Sanchez they are ready to give away, yet i don’t read anyone panicking on what happens when Rashford steps on a nail

  61. CG

    Martinelli and John Jules should be out on loan not our prodigious Eddie.


    Did Liverpool loan out Robbie Fowler or Michael Owen ? No

    you don’t loan out natural goalscorers-you keep em!

    you keep em- to score late precious goals.
    Like he did in front of the Elland road Faithful last night.

    All we have done in loaning out Eddie- is allow Leeds United to get promotion ( and I detest them- more than any other club on the planet- with the exception of Man Utd, Chelsea,Liverpool , Everton and Middlesborough) and highlight to the footballing world we have a ‘genius’ in our midst.

    He should be on the coach to Anfield, this week.

    End Of.

    Its another momentous cock up by the idiots that purport to be in charge of AFC.

    #Torn to Shreds#

  62. Receding Hairline

    “you don’t loan out natural goalscorers-you keep em!”

    When Kane was 20 (same age as Eddie now) he was on loan to Leicester in the championship. And Spurs did not have a golden boot winner nor a reserve 50m pound striker in their squad then.

    Are you done buying opposition goals??

  63. Sid

    Arsenal 2nd if lucky 1st this season, lilypool to go through the same fate that befell madrid after the 2nd CL trophy, you heard it here 1st!

  64. Marko

    I mean it’s clearly a great idea to loan out Nketiah when the only two people who have a problem with it are known dumb shits. Lad has made a handful of appearences for us and that’s it and if we can’t find a way of replacing his whole 3 goals over the past two years then there’s something wrong with Martinelli, Saka, John Jules and Nelson. He needs games and exposure and he’ll get that with Leeds moreso than the likely 5-10 games he would have gotten here. He’s still likely to not make it here if we’re honest. I mean fuck me literally the three goals he’s scored at Leeds (one of which in an under 23’s game) were tap ins

  65. Valentin

    The second half of last season showed that Emery will rely on Aubameyang and Lacazette. Unless both of them and Pepe are injured , Nkethia was more likely to be a bit part player for Arsenal this season. Not enough for him to progress nor impress.

    Nkethia will learn more about movement training and regularly playing for Bielsa that he would just training at Arsenal.

    I take the long term approach for players. I rather have Nkethia on loan honing his skills and come back the finished article ready to slowly phase out Aubameyang rather than sit on the bench for the odd 10 minutes when Arsenal is cruising or when the game is already lost and be released within two years without having fulfilled his potential.

  66. Graham62


    I hate stats but let’s, just for the hell of it, look at Eddies stats with Arsenal.

    8 first team appearances, 1 goal.

    Doesn’t spell “prodigious” to me.

    Not denying he shows promise but for goodness sake, get real, he still lacks a certain something and that something, hopefully, can be found at Elland Road.

    So what if Leeds get promoted. The EPL needs them back.

    Another thing CG, scoring a couple of goals in the Championship does not prove to me that Nketiah is “a genius in our midst” and to compare him to Michael Owen and Robbie Fowler is rather silly don’t you think. He still has a fair way to go before he can even think of tying up their bootlaces.

    Anyway, why are beating yourself up on this? I thought you’d be delighted based on your hatred of our new regime.

    Keep lashing out with your blind ignorance to progression.


  67. Leftsidesanch

    Pedro told that fucking imbecile to reign in it and he was quiet, and now he’s got you all on this futile point about us having two strikers. How many strikers do Liverpool and Tottenham have, or United for that matter. Let’s throw in Chelsea and City.

    Its mind boggling stupidity to keep banging on about Nketiah. The guys in charge are responsible for everything wrong with the world though right?

  68. Valentin


    Your constant use of his number of appearance to belittle Nkethia is verging on the ridiculous. The sample is too low to be even significant.
    But if you want to be facetious, why not take that same record and judge him on the fact most of those appearances were from the bench.
    Yes it is 8 appearances, but just 62 minutes in the premiership and 1 goal. So if we were to extrapolate that is better than 1 goal every full game. That’s better than Messi and Ronaldo level of excellence!

  69. Graham62


    Our two resident Wengerites(not saying trolls) are the only two posters on here who feel it is a terrible decision.

    What a surprise!

    CG: Would it be possible for you to make my day and expand on your reasons why EN is “a genius in the making?”

    A couple of well structured paragraphs would suffice.

    Ask your wingman for help if necessary.

    Go on, have a go.

  70. CG

    When Fergie was winning trebles and Wenger winning Doubles- they had one thing in common- x 4 center forwards all the time.

    regardless of what the wonderful folk think about Eddies abilities- we are down to just x 2 natural center forwards fro the 10 month season.

    And that is gross incompetence. The season is a marathon not a sprint.
    Plain and Simple.

    Truth Hurts!

  71. Tobs

    Why are people responding to CG as if he’s putting forward a well considered opinion rather than just trolling?

  72. Marko

    Yes it is 8 appearances, but just 62 minutes in the premiership and 1 goal. So if we were to extrapolate that is better than 1 goal every full game. That’s better than Messi and Ronaldo level of excellence!

    Oh my God

  73. Marko

    When Fergie was winning trebles and Wenger winning Doubles- they had one thing in common- x 4 center forwards all the time.

    Record setting Man City have two CF’s. Explain that one away you thick thick fuck. You know what don’t bother

  74. Graham62


    Who’s belittling Nketiah?

    “My constant use of his number of appearances”

    I only highlighted it once, to clarify a point.

    “Messi and Ronaldo level of brilliance”

    Are you on the same stuff as CG and Pierre?

    If Eddie is as good as some are claiming he is, then why has he been shipped out to Leeds?

    The answer to that is pretty obvious. It’s to see if can hopefully develop into a future Arsenal hero.

  75. CG

    Hello Graham 62

    (Hope you are well…)

    Re: Eddie N Genius

    We witnessed it last night at Elland Road,

    On the pitch for only 4 minutes.
    Scores the winning Goal
    3 points in the bag.

    He has It.
    you cant buy it.
    you cant coach it.

    But He has it.

    He is quite simply prodigious when it comes to scoring goals.

    He is our Gerd Muller!
    He should be on the coach to Anfield!
    he should be coming off from the bench – and scoring in front of The Kop!

    Nonsensical call- to loan him to Leeds Utd.

  76. Un na naai

    To call the man a total idiot is nothing short of idiotic in itself
    Wake the fuck up
    Most club’s fans dream of such an 8 year period. It’s our most successful period in our history

    Get some perspective. He may have dropped the ball but he’s no idiot. Anyone who thinks so is an idiot.

  77. aces


    “Pedro told that fucking imbecile to reign in it and he was quiet, and now he’s got you all on this futile point about us having two strikers. How many strikers do Liverpool and Tottenham have, or United for that matter. Let’s throw in Chelsea and City”

    -you +us

  78. Graham62


    Because he’s a part of the blog whether we like or not.

    It’s up to him to respond. 99% of the time he won’t or can’t.

    Other posters saying “ignore him” won’t stop him.

  79. Luteo Guenreira





    Is my guess for tomorrow for Anfield

  80. Graham62


    Got my response.

    Although you think it’s not humanly possible, it actually makes CG look even more deluded.

  81. CG


    “””””LenoAMN/Sokratis/Luiz/MonrealWillock/Ceballos/GuendouziPepe/Laca/AubIs my guess for tomorrow for Anfield”””””””””””

    #Torn to Shreds#

    Liverpool will be five up within an hour!

    the most pedestrian team AFC have ever put out in the Prem ( front 3 excepted)

    Double Digits coming our way!

  82. Cesc Appeal


    I think you’re right.

    Torreira doesn’t look quite up to speed and Emery slowly introduced him last year after a summer tournament. Really is a big year for him in terms of finding out whether he can meet the physical demands of the EPL.

    The only question mark with selection is the forwards. Will he start Pepe? Will he start both Lacazette and Aubameyang?

    We should play a really simple game, tell Willock and Guendouzi to just sit and shield that defence, use Luiz to spring counters with long balls to our pacey players, we can use Dani Ceballos and his ability to move the ball under pressure to do the same and beat Liverpool’s press.

    Very simple counter game is what I would go for.

  83. Pierre

    I just think the nketiah loan is a little pointless .
    If he starts more than 10 games before Christmas, I will be surprised .

    With Arsenal he would have started the Europa and league cup games at the very least ..8/10 games and that’s without any injuries to either of our strikers.

    Not a big deal either way .

  84. Un na naai

    There’s a reason why Theo was always considered as potential and gnabry is considered legit. And there’s a reason why Walcott found himself a bit part player at an average PL side whilst gnabry was player of the year in a title winning Bayern team


    Because one was a winger and one was a striker deployed on the wing. Theo was ruined by wenger. I know I’m considered something of a wenger apologist (falsely) but the man ruined the Britain generation because he assumed they were similar in mentality and durability to previous generations

    They were not Henry they were not vieira. They were not pires or bergkamp.

    The modern generation needs micro managed.

    That’s why josenand peobbeacame so successful
    They grasped it
    Such a waste of talent

  85. Luteo Guenreira

    I blame Wenger for a lot but blaming him for Theo’s failure to succeed as a striker is not one of them.

    He just wasn’t good enough to play there at the top level.

  86. Luteo Guenreira


    Yeah I don’t think Emery will start Torreira for those same reasons, have to think he’d still be first choice if fully fit but think he’ll go with a pretty conservative selection. I just don’t think he’ll want to tinker too much this early in the season, esp in a big away match.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Pepe didn’t start either, honestly. But I hope he does, the pressure will be there to start him. Why spend so much on a player not to play him, fans will get anxious if he doesn’t start considering who the opposition is. And not sure who would play if he didn’t. Nelson? Martinelli gets his first action away at Liverpool? Nothing else really inspires.

    Play a smart, conservative game and try to counter w/ the speed of Pepe and Auba. Don’t know why but I feel a draw coming, 2-2.

  87. Graham62


    Sorry my friend but I think it’s because so many posters on here totally ignore him, that he keeps biting.

    He’s programmed to sensationalise and antagonise. That’s his remit. Logic doesn’t register in his world.

    Keeping quiet makes no difference.

    Blame me if you want though.

  88. Valentin


    Learn to read the complete comment instead of doing your usual selective point scoring.
    I explicitly that the number of appearances is not statistically sufficient to be valid.
    I also stated “But if you want to be facetious”, of course the 1 goal in 62 minutes is ridiculous but so is the 1 goal in 8 appearances.

  89. Normski

    Danny the moron

    Ever heard of something called a timeline? After impressing in your first season you get offered a contract extension but it still has an expiry date. If they don’t resign after that the ship has sailed.

    Not difficult to understand if you have a brain.

  90. Northbanker

    It’s a simple fact of football life that if you want to develop a player then that includes use of the loan system

    Eddies appearances will quite clearly be under the microscope and the new regime have already demonstrated that they expect nothing less from the loanee club that they have a plan to develop him

    Can’t see why this is difficult for anyone to comprehend

    We have a number of players that can play in forward role inc Pépé, Nelson John-Jules and Martinelli

    Suspect the latter will get quite a lot of game time this year and by the end of the season could even be pushing heavily for a first team place