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You know, I do worry about society sometimes. Everyone is offended by everything these days.

‘Why did you look at my soy milk that way’

‘You did a face like you were going to say something offensive’

‘You broke into my house and stole my car’

People are constantly on the hunt for new ways to engineer offence. It’s worrying.

Then I go to the Le Grove comments sections and you’re all brutally cutting each other down… and no one bats an eyelid.

You give me hope.

You know what else gives me hope? The young kids at Arsenal.

I don’t know where they’re going to end up this season, but for me, my disdain for the football style is hugely outweighed this season by the overall likability of the squad.

I know that sounds like a really bland thing to say. The sort of thing that comes from a purists mouth, someone that fondly remembers the 80s when you could have a pint and share a hooker with George Best after a game. But be honest with yourself, when was the last time you really liked an Arsenal squad?

2006? 2008? There haven’t been many. Even when we went close in 2016, the squad was very questionable. That would have been the least interesting league winning side we’ve ever put out (in my living memory at least).

Matteo G has great hair, lots of personality, and he’s growing with every game. I think he needs a bit more aggression and I think he still needs to find his flavour, but he’s a talent and the world really is his lobster

Joe Willock, what a find. He looks like he belongs. He was giving as good as he got against Burnley. He never shies away. He has a high ceiling and the fans already love him. Struggling to think of a young player in that role since Jack to cause such excitement?

AMN, he earns some bad reviews, but the guy gives his all. He’s playing at right-back when he’s a midfielder and he’s not complaining. Put that work rate and power into its correct position and we have a very handy player.

Reiss Nelson has come in for some stick. He hasn’t scored 5 goals in the opening two games. But he’s young, he’s learning a craft, and not everyone can be Jadon. He scored a great disallowed goal and I’m hoping that when this meteoric rise he’s dealing with hits home, he’ll calm down and take a more aggressive approach to his game. He has the tools, let’s see if he can activate them. I think it’s a confidence thing.

Then we have the pretenders. ESR, Saka, Martinelli, and Medley could all sniff out places this season.

It’s an exciting time to be an Arsenal fan. Move on Mustafi and I can live with all the players we have in the squad. Raul has shifted us on a long way in a few weeks, if Emery can execute his ideas effectively, it could be a really good season.

There will be bad games, no doubt. I will bitch and moan for absolute certain, but one thing I won’t complain about is the state of the squad or the kids.

This isn’t a transition year… it’s a top 3 attempt.

Let’s see where we land!

Podcast lands later! x

P.S. ORNSTEIN WITH THE BIG GOSS this morning… can’t believe I’m sleeping through it!


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  1. Tony

    Sounds like they did a good job with your stents.

    I have a stress echo treadmill test once a year as a precaution. Costs £200 here including 2 consults. It’s how they found the last problem, so I was in good shape having the procedure.

    Had it been left undiagnosed and unmanaged the RMA would have blocked at the branch leaving no option other than a risky redo bypass.

    My wife’s sister is a nurse so she takes my blood every 2 months at my house then brings the results back in the evening.

    Might sound like overkill but I have to keep an eye on my PSA as well. Only costs £180 a year so again worth the money.

    Anyway, be healthy.

    I still train hard 4 to 5 days a week in my gym, so all in all at 64 I’m happy with my health

  2. Graham62

    I think most Arsenal fans realise that David Luiz can be a liability on occasions but what he can give us as a team, more than compensates for his weaknesses.

    His composure, pace and skill level, especially with the ball at his feet, means he sees and does things Mustafi only dreams about doing. Considering that was his first game against Burnley I felt he did fine. His crazy pass across the goal though gave us all palpitations but that’s what you get from Luiz……..those unexpected moments.

    Mustafi though is a different kettle of fish and to say he is a better than Luiz is being slightly naive. Whereas Luiz can be a liability on occasions, Mustafi is a liability everytime he steps on the pitch.

  3. Un na naai

    Something just isn’t sitting right with Torreira
    These Milan stories repressed by his agent
    The fact he’s barely being used when he’s a new signing who took the the team so well.

    I’ll guarantee he will be back in Italy within two years. Or if not Italy somewhere warmer. Spain maybe. He just doesn’t seem settled at arsenal at all

  4. Carts

    Italians almost always never take up the option to buy; nor will ever commit to an obligatory option to buy unless said player is priced at Ospinas’

  5. Bojangles

    Anybody watch Palace on the weekend? Zaha was bloody woeful. Didn’t come close to beating anyone, looked bored and missed a penalty. He didn’t look close to transfermarkt’s 45 mil evaluation, let alone CP’s 80 mil.

  6. Un na naai


    Well there is a fine line to tread in the transfer market
    Palace heave every right to get what they can for any given player but in Zaha they got it so badly wrong. They could have had over £60m for him and now they won’t get close to that. To be fair he’s not worth that anyway. Not even in today’s market.

    I really think we over paid for Saliba and Pepe bout what we paid for was the potential. Zaha isn’t going to get much better than he is already. Maybe not at all.

  7. Bojangles

    Un na

    Agree with you on all counts concerning Zaha. Maybe about Pepe and Saliba. I’ll consider those two for a couple of years.. lol

  8. Freddie Ljungberg


    Torreira came back late to preseason, almost missed the whole thing because of the copa America. He’s not up to full fitness yet.

    Nothing fishy about it.

  9. Un na naai


    Oh. Right. Thanks for that. So because he’s not fully fit. What’s that got to do with him being unsettled?

    Did you read my post? I didn’t mention him coming back late from his summer exploits.

    I mentioned the fact he was used for half a season and then largely dropped while stories continue over him heading back to Italy.
    It all just seems a bit odd and too soon for someone who signed only a year ago and is largely supported and loved by the fan base.

  10. Freddie Ljungberg

    You said he was barely being used, I thought you meant this season obviously, it was clear to see he struggled when he ran out of steam second half of last season.

    Just because Milan wanted to buy him doesn’t mean he wanted to go, his agent never mentioned anything about that. I guess we’ll just have to see in the next few years. It’s possible he won’t adapt, which would be a shame based on his first few months at the club.

    Hopefully it will help this season with Ceballos doing his part in midfield, Guen more experienced and Willock in there now too. The less we see of Xhaka the better, difficult enough to come to the PL from the Serie A as a defensive midfielder as it is without having to do someone elses job too.

  11. Bojangles

    Arsenal were determined not to let Torriera go according to his agent

  12. Un na naai


    His agents seems to be feathering a nest elsewhere
    Read his words
    Anyway. Just an observation. I don’t expect you to see anything I see or agree with anything I say. As you were kid

  13. Un na naai


    Yes. Didn’t say anything of his determination to stay though did it? Just smells like smoke
    And there’s no smoke without fire as they say.

  14. Bojangles

    You’re right. We could lose him next year possibly. It’s better a player leave than stay if he doesn’t want to.

  15. Valentin

    I have absolutely no problem in selling Torreira next summer if the price is right. Better for everybody. Willock would have replaced him, a cheaper with more athleticism player who enjoys London life.
    With the proceeds, we could then reinvest in a dominant midfield to replace xhaka or buy Ceballos outright.

  16. China1

    Lol loving emery trying so hard to bin off mustafi and el neny

    In his latest interview he named them and used the words ‘they should leave’ probably 6 or 7 times

    If it works then good job. If not then fuck those two