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You know, I do worry about society sometimes. Everyone is offended by everything these days.

‘Why did you look at my soy milk that way’

‘You did a face like you were going to say something offensive’

‘You broke into my house and stole my car’

People are constantly on the hunt for new ways to engineer offence. It’s worrying.

Then I go to the Le Grove comments sections and you’re all brutally cutting each other down… and no one bats an eyelid.

You give me hope.

You know what else gives me hope? The young kids at Arsenal.

I don’t know where they’re going to end up this season, but for me, my disdain for the football style is hugely outweighed this season by the overall likability of the squad.

I know that sounds like a really bland thing to say. The sort of thing that comes from a purists mouth, someone that fondly remembers the 80s when you could have a pint and share a hooker with George Best after a game. But be honest with yourself, when was the last time you really liked an Arsenal squad?

2006? 2008? There haven’t been many. Even when we went close in 2016, the squad was very questionable. That would have been the least interesting league winning side we’ve ever put out (in my living memory at least).

Matteo G has great hair, lots of personality, and he’s growing with every game. I think he needs a bit more aggression and I think he still needs to find his flavour, but he’s a talent and the world really is his lobster

Joe Willock, what a find. He looks like he belongs. He was giving as good as he got against Burnley. He never shies away. He has a high ceiling and the fans already love him. Struggling to think of a young player in that role since Jack to cause such excitement?

AMN, he earns some bad reviews, but the guy gives his all. He’s playing at right-back when he’s a midfielder and he’s not complaining. Put that work rate and power into its correct position and we have a very handy player.

Reiss Nelson has come in for some stick. He hasn’t scored 5 goals in the opening two games. But he’s young, he’s learning a craft, and not everyone can be Jadon. He scored a great disallowed goal and I’m hoping that when this meteoric rise he’s dealing with hits home, he’ll calm down and take a more aggressive approach to his game. He has the tools, let’s see if he can activate them. I think it’s a confidence thing.

Then we have the pretenders. ESR, Saka, Martinelli, and Medley could all sniff out places this season.

It’s an exciting time to be an Arsenal fan. Move on Mustafi and I can live with all the players we have in the squad. Raul has shifted us on a long way in a few weeks, if Emery can execute his ideas effectively, it could be a really good season.

There will be bad games, no doubt. I will bitch and moan for absolute certain, but one thing I won’t complain about is the state of the squad or the kids.

This isn’t a transition year… it’s a top 3 attempt.

Let’s see where we land!

Podcast lands later! x

P.S. ORNSTEIN WITH THE BIG GOSS this morning… can’t believe I’m sleeping through it!


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  1. Danny S


    Your posts read like that of some insane oracle. I imagine some near corpse figure lying in the corner, suddenly sitting bolt upright and waffling some inane paragraphs before collapsing back into some kind of drug induced coma.

  2. raptora

    Wenger was a nothing manager in Europe.

    2000/01 – first knockout round loss to Valencia
    01/02 – 3rd in group
    02/03 – 3rd in group
    03/04 – quarter-final loss to Chelsea
    04/05 – first knockout round to Bayern

    Hugely incompetent to fail so badly with the phenomenal team we had at the time.

  3. raptora

    Luteo Guenreira: “Gentle reminder to many that Arsenal have not played beautiful football in many years, it’s not a new thing that just happened since Emery arrived.”


  4. Receding Hairline

    Luteo Guenreira: “Gentle reminder to many that Arsenal have not played beautiful football in many years, it’s not a new thing that just happened since Emery arrived.”

    How dare you!!!

  5. Un na naai

    Ah lads

    I’m not up for the balls deep debate today. I’m signing out on this note
    The league games were easier on papa tee and should have taken precedence.

    Beating Leicester wolves and palace may not be easy but 3 points against 3 of those should be a formality.

    Emery dropped the ball on this because his ego wanted a trophy in the first season

    Who does that remind you of

  6. Un na naai


    Oh come on!!

    We played beautiful football last season for a while and certainly while Sanchez was at his peak.

  7. Batistuta

    What exactly is this beautiful football because last time we actually played that consistently if memory serves me right was in 07/08 when we fell short, that season we played some absolutely brilliant stuff week in week out, have only seen it sparingly since then so what’s this beautiful football many are pinning for again

  8. Samesong

    Why don’t we just put it down to that one Brighton game. Winning and then concede a penalty. That was qualification right there.

  9. Marko

    To this day I’ve never seen any of the players get nearly as much blame for the season end collapse as the manager. I realize that comes part and parcel with the job but there were individuals significantly at fault for some of the games who frankly got passed over for criticism in lue of the manager. AMN at fault in the final for 3 goals an example Xhaka at fault against Brighton another. I seem to remember the away game at Everton where we fielded about as decent a side as we could get and the performance was absolutely shocking even in the run in our better performers like Auba and Lacazette were very up and down.

  10. Rich robbins

    Sometimes, no matter the learning curve, letting the young ones do the face plants while gaining experience, is the best path to success. It is at least exciting once again.

  11. Leedsgunner

    “Beautiful football” was just an euphemism to absolve Wenger of responsibility when he was so clearly off his game.

    Beautiful or not, results are what matters.

    Give me a string of gritty 1-0 to the Arsenal which leads to the EPL title and you’ll be hard pressed to find to complain.

  12. Batistuta


    Beautiful football from us was really a myth especially after Fabregas left, i really don’t care about anything asides results, don’t care how, just win the football match

  13. Luteo Guenreira

    Beautiful football from us was really a myth especially after Fabregas left, i really don’t care about anything asides results, don’t care how, just win the football match

    I wholly agree with this sentiment. Of course there have been moments of beautiful football in recent years, even last season under Emery there were probably a couple moments as Un has said. But if we’re talking about philosophy and beautiful football being part of Arsenal’s identity, that distinction hasn’t accurately applied to the club probably since before Cesc’s Barca DNA kicked in and he was still invested in being a Gooner.

  14. Luteo Guenreira

    RVP carried the club for a couple seasons with his left foot after that. It was fun to watch but that was hardly beautiful. Talking about Alex Song lofted balls into RVP like he was Pirlo or something. Yeah fucking right.

  15. Marko

    Absolutely agree by and large the football and style has been lacking since Cesc left. Which perhaps begs the question is style and substance dependant on one or two individuals rather than a manager persay? In that regard isn’t Raul and now Edu responsible for the philosophy and style of Arsenal much more so than the head coach? I mean you can kinda see it with Ceballos and a winger being first choice over say a CB

  16. Olumide

    “Are you saying you do not want to see a clear philosophy Batistuta ???”

    Winning is a philosophy itself. I’d rather win the Premier league with ugly football than how we played it in 2008.

  17. Batistuta


    I don’t know mate, I’m old school like that, I rather much prefer my team to win, had enough “philosophy” and “sexy football” without winning to last me a lifetime.

    The philosophy bit for for me will have to come from the suits upstairs.

  18. Batistuta

    If after Emery the guys upstairs go and hire say a Mourinho, then we’d know our philosophy first and foremost as a club is just to win and has nothing necessarily to do with the style of football itself

  19. Luteo Guenreira

    Ajax have to play a CL qualifier match?? They were in the semifinal last year.

    UEFA coefficients are a joke.

  20. Batistuta


    Yea that’s another part, the more games the players win as a team, the more that mentality and maybe “philosophy” is ingrained in them. Like many said yesterday,watching United under Fergie, it never used to be about any particular pattern really except through individual brilliance and then that mentality that they dare not lose, how they achieved that didn’t really matter i feel and that’s why he won the league with some absolute pant players and all that late late goals, they just kept going till the end whether the ball went in through a brilliant Rooney goal or a jammy Schools deflected shot

  21. Danialtos

    Luteo Guenreira: “Gentle reminder to many that Arsenal have not played beautiful football in many years, it’s not a new thing that just happened since Emery arrived.”

    I actually agree with luteo here.People here have a habit of distorting history especially just to prove a point that Emery is ‘bland’.During Wenger’s final years we played shit football,xhaka sideways passing were a common phenomenal,so I don’t understand the common theme here.

  22. Batistuta

    Guess to an extent it’s the reason why the rivalry with Wenger was so strong back in the day, in came this Frenchman with sexy football and all that philosophy talk to challenge United and their win at all costs style, Fergie did tweak it a bit after Arsene came, tried with his own version of flair players, the Veron experiment, the Rooney, Tevez, Ronaldo axis of torment, the difference though with Wenger was he always had a plan B which wasn’t too different from plan A which remained to win at all costs but with us, we could have Denilson and co keep passing that ball within them till the 90th minute then they’d start launching long balls to the giant that is Asharvin or Edwardo at the time

  23. Batistuta


    It goes further back , i remember that RVP season and the football that season was just plain drab, almost atrocious at times but he kept bailing us out

  24. Ustyno

    Beautiful football didn’t take us anyway,still remember when we had Cesc,Nasri,RVP and the others we won nothing,if Emery can play dirty,ugly and we progress as a team am game for it.
    I think first we need to instill a winning mentality into the team so all the players yearn for winning and not fancy football,when that has been engrained into our system then we can then talk of playing beautifully

  25. Receding Hairline

    This what Carragher had had to say about the much praised Lampard “philosophy” he has supposedly implemented in two hours

    Carragher told Sky Sports: ‘What would worry him [Lampard] most is that it’s like watching a basketball game. People keep talking about them being naive. They have got no organisation in possession.

    ‘Every clip I look at there is a 40 square by 40 square of space. They are not organised in an attack. It’s too easy to get out, that’s why it becomes a basketball game.”

  26. Valentin

    Some people really refuse to understand the concept of philosophy. Having a philosophy does not mean playing beautiful football. It means having a consistent, coherent way to approach football games.

    Ugly football such as ultra deep defending, kicking the opposition, playing counter-attacking football and hoofing the ball to the strikers is a philosophy. Tony Pulis and Sam Allardyce have a philosophy.

    Even England U21 manager Aidy Boothroyd has a philosophy. It just happen that he can’t even execute it properly and that is backward neanderthal football, but it is a philosophy.

  27. Receding Hairline

    “Tony Pulis and Sam Allardyce have a philosophy.”

    Unai Emery is the only manager without a philosophy ladies and gents

    “Ugly football such as ultra deep defending, kicking the opposition, playing counter-attacking football and hoofing the ball to the strikers is a philosophy.”

    But setting up to nullify the strengths of the opposition is not???

  28. TR7

    ‘Beautiful football didn’t take us anyway’

    This is not true at all. It was not our flamboyant style of football which came in the way of winning silverware. We didn’t win big trophies in 2005-2011 period only because we were short in at least 2 to 3 positions every season. If anything beautiful football helped us remain in contention for league titles but ultimately gaping holes in our squad cost us every damn season.

  29. Valentin

    Having a philosophy does not mean that your tactic on the day are correct.
    You can also have the right tactic, but the wrong players or one player let you down by moving in an incorrect position.
    Wenger and Emery had the same issue where Ramsey was tactically indisciplined, rushing forward leaving gap behind.

    Lampard issue are tactical and self inflicted. Yes his philosophy is to encourage his team to press forward, but he incorrectly setup his midfield. Once the opposition sussed them out, they keep exploiting the same deficiencies. Issue 1, Mason Mount will sometimes be too eager and like Ramsey for us leave gap behind. Issue 2, he is misusing Kante who should be in the middle rather than on the right.

  30. Marko

    If that’s the case then Emery has a philosophy. It’s based on an analytic approach to the opponent and a flexible game plan during the game. It has passing out from the back and it may or may not include a bit of a high press depending on who plays. If Ozil or Mhiki play no press if Nelson or Willock play for example then a press

  31. Marko

    It’s also based around wide attacking players hence the reason a winger was the first choice target this summer and hence the lack of a number 10 these days

  32. Ustyno

    ‘Beautiful football didn’t take us anyway’
    This is not true at all. It was not our flamboyant style of football which came in the way of winning silverware. We didn’t win big trophies in 2005-2011 period only because we were short in at least 2 to 3 positions every season. If anything beautiful football helped us remain in contention for league titles but ultimately gaping holes in our squad cost us every damn season.

    Maybe I didn’t think of top 4 from that perspective,I was actually looking at silverware like when we weren’t exactly playing beautifully but won FA Cups,I do want us to play beautiful football but winning games is my priority

  33. Valentin


    Setting up to nullify the strengths of the opposition is not a philosophy. It is a tactic. If team A play slow ball on the floor and team B play high intensity crosses with wingers, then the setup for Arsenal will be completely different.

    That’s the difference between strategy and tactic. Strategy is the overall plan and method to achieve your goal. Strategy is Macro, Tactic is micro.

    I have already explained why in the long run having a strategy is helpful for consistent, coherent style and level of play.

    Having no strategy but tactic is fine for ad-hoc games and is great for Cup competition. However for league position, players need stability and consistency. That’s when strategy comes in.

    Everybody including players such as RvP with no axe to grind with Emery keep mentioning the fact that Emery has no philosophy. You may keep denying it, but at the highest level having no philosophy is an hindrance.

  34. Luteo Guenreira


    No one is saying beautiful football is the only philosophy. Far from it. But if you don’t think a pocket of the critics aren’t jumping on the “lack of philosophy” angle because Arsenal have traditionally been known for beautiful football and we’ve lacked it under Emery, you are being naive.

    This was not even a discussion about Emery and the philosophy thing, I just mentioned the beautiful football bit because a couple posters in the first page alluded to that as part of their issue with Emery. Don’t need to watch the matches and whatever.

    But since you did bring it up: If you put it in those terms it just sounds like to some, philosophy is no different than an over-arching tactic or strategy for the team. If you want to say Emery is too reactive, which was Pedro’s criticism yesterday, I can see that. Then maybe being reactive is his philosophy. You can say it’s a stupid philosophy but you can say that about anything that doesn’t work well.

    My point is, I think it would be rather intentionally smug to say Emery doesn’t have a philosophy at all. You can say all you want that Emery has fully failed in implementing or imposing his philosophy, sure. But he’s said time and again he is about hard work. I don’t know what that exactly means, it means different things for different people, but like Batistuta just mentioned, Fergie was all about hard work too. Something as simple as that becomes a “philosophy” when you win like a legend. You say “hard work” is a philosophy about Emery and it becomes a joke and a debate.

    Like I said the other day, if the club were winning more, if every player kept their shape in defense and did their duties without ever switching off, if the goals were flowing from those short passes that start with the keeper…no one would be complaining about a lack of philosophy being an issue, even though the manager would be doing nothing different.

    You can speak to his effectiveness all you want and much of it will be justified, but this philosophy talk smells like it started with an agenda to me.

  35. Graham62

    For my sins, I listen to Drive on TalkSports, with Adrian Durham and Darren Gough.

    I’ve always liked AD’s take on everything Arsenal( I wonder why?) because, most of the time, he was 100% correct.

    Tonight he has been talking up Arsenal’s chances of attaining a top 4 position. He also thinks they should focus their efforts entirely on the league and use the EL as a secondary event. In other words not take it seriously.

    I actually agree with him. Play the youngsters in the EL along with the fringe first team squad players and see what happens. Protect those players that would enable us to compete in the league.

    I’m in agreement with Durham on this and feel that if Emery concentrates more on our league commitments, we can achieve our goals.

    Fingers crossed.

  36. Up 4 grabs now

    Ah the philosophy argument rears its ugly head again.
    Quick somebody mention Xg stats it’s been so long since we talked about that!

    Sexy football under arsenal went missing around the last decade.
    It occasionally flashes it knickers every now and again then disappears quicker than Wayne Rooney at a grab a granny disco.

    Give me winning football and trophies before we look at sexy football again.

  37. Eduardo

    I think “philosophy” is a bit of a misnomer in this conversation. We can blame Van Gaal and his inflated ego. A better would would be “vision”. Every coach has a vision for how they want the game to be played, and will normally set up their teams to play in accordance with that vision.

    I mean, philosophy, come on. It’s football, not Plato’s symposium.

  38. Marko

    It kinda begs the question why so many wanted Arteta as manager despite not knowing if he had a philosophy or not.

    I was actually thinking recently about managers like Vieira and Nagelsmann who are likely to be in with a shout for next Arsenal manager and sure Nagelsmann does have a philosophy not altogether geared towards good defending or great attacking football the numbers don’t add up but it’s a philosophy. Vieira on the other hand doesn’t really seem to have a particular philosophy. Maybe we should overlook him. Benitez was another one linked with the job and his philosophy is bland and boring. It’ll be interesting to see when Emery is gone if the same people will be so hung up on philosophy. I’m thinking probably not

  39. Graham62

    Love the fact that the Australian PM feels it is wrong for England supporters to be booing Steve Smith.

    Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot. I’ve been to Australia and sat in the stands and listened to the foul -mouth abuse dished out to the England players.

    Oh yeh and most of that abuse came from the Aussie players!!

    Don’t wish any harm on Smith but let’s not forget he will always be seen as a cheat, no matter where he goes.

    Suck it up Australia!

    Best wishes from a true Pommie Bastard.

  40. Valentin


    Yes you are right in that in my mind philosophy is the overall pattern of play a manager tries to instill to his team.

    I have already answered Receding regarding Fergie philosophy, however hard work is not a philosophy, it is a basic requirements of any professional footballer. Pep, Tony Pulis, Klopp, Sam Allardyce, Fergie, Steve Bruce, Emery all expect their players to work hard and follow their instructions.

    Maybe Emery failed to impose his vision because he did not had the players to do so, but right now like last year our attack relies on set pieces and individual brilliance rather pattern of play.

    Being reactive is fine, but never being pro-active is just stocking problems for when the going get tough. Like I have said before, adjusting your tactic for ManCity, Liverpool is just a smart move. However playing counter-attacking football against Brighton when clearly Arsenal has the better players in every position is just plain daft.

  41. China1

    Arsenal haven’t played particularly good football since about 2010

    Some time after that we fell into a really bland game of infinite possession but very little of anything resembling excitement. Very predictable, largely one dimensional and lacking in explosive players or dynamism outside of one or two players (cesc, rvp, Sanchez delivered)

    We had the odd big win and here and there a wonder goal, but a 90 minute match wasn’t that entertaining, made worse by the fact you never felt secure without a 3 goal lead

    We could be playing relegation fodder with a 2 goal lead in the 80th minute and we’d have the whole team bombing forwards and a lot of dross on the pitch and you never did feel like the games were won

  42. WengerEagle

    Marko not sure if that was satire but if you’re being serious Emery copped fuck all blame on here for the late season collapse, people on here were legitimately saying that he was working with worse players than mid table sides and bending over backwards to just put the blame on the players and away from him.

  43. China1

    Wengereagle loads of people criticized emery on here for the end of season collapse

    I for one said I’d have been glad if he’d been sacked after the EL defeat

  44. Marko

    That’s how you see things WE and unsurprisingly we know what side of the fence you sit on but by and large it was Emery’s fuck up and that’s okay to a certain point.

  45. Graham62

    Just love seeing Freddie( Mr Calvin Klein) pitchside.

    We definitely have the best looking assistant in world football. Most ladies/gents would agree. My wife certainly does.

    Looks aside, Freddie is a legend and I’m sure all the players have the utmost respect for the guy.

    Yep, Arsenal FC has the Patrick Swayze of football on their side.

    Has to count for something.

  46. Graham62

    We needed someone to come in and see what things were really like, not someone who had been a part of the the system and consequently knew the players and structure inside out.

    Arteta absorbed too much in his 6 years at the club and would not have been the short term solution to years of regression.

    Just an opinion.

  47. Batistuta

    I think Emery copped more than enough blame for the late season collapse and rightly so, again he’s probably not the man to take us forward and my main anger is the constant chopping and changing but he’s got just this season left and with much better players, you’d expect better this season especially with that our away form

  48. Pierre

    The quality of players at a manager’s disposal will mostly( not always)determine the quality of football that is played .

    However, if a manager doesn’t use those players correctly then the football can suffer.

    With regard to Emery this season, I think it is fair to say that with the excellent players at his disposal we should expect an improvement in the overall quality in our play.

    I have been admiring the quality footbal that Norwich play ( under Daniel Farke) for a couple of seasons .

    His team is made up of nobody’s and he has spent £1 million this window , he lost his best player Maddison before the beginning of last season and still won the championship.

    Arsenal I’m pleased to say have spent close to £200 million in a little over 12 months so should we expect Arsenal’s football to be of a higher quality than Norwich’s.

    I will put my neck on the line and say that Norwich’s football will be of a higher quality despite them having vastly inferior players to Arsenal.
    I will say their passing, movement and link up play will be a pleasure to watch, this is because their manager encourages his players to express themselves on the ball and does not want his players playing with fear.

    Of course, no one expects Norwich to finish in the top 6 but it wouldn’t surprise me to see them sneak into the top half of the table which will be a fantastic achievement taking into account their very limited resources.

    Will Arsenal fans expect Arsenal to play open expansive football ..probably not, they will want winning football above anything else.

    The manager has to find the balance between open football and functional football….he hasn’t found it yet but he has , without doubt , the players at his disposal to create a very exciting , winning football team .

    Rail and co have done their job , it is now up to the manager.

  49. Graham62


    It’s what we all felt Bob although some of us failed to accept(admit) it.

    Negativity and Predictabilty.

    No progression.

    Surely you remember?

    We all got infected.

  50. Luteo Guenreira

    I mean, technically you could say that our beautiful football died around the time Arteta came to the club. It wouldn’t be fair but temporally it wouldn’t be inaccurate.

  51. Graham62


    5 years?!?

    So for you it all started in 2012.

    That’s your POV.

    For me, it started in 2009 although after 2006 the wheels were already starting to wobble.

    I agree, now it’s up to Emery.

    Let’s see what happens.

  52. Bill

    “I seem to remember the away game at Everton where we fielded about as decent a side as we could get and the performance was absolutely shocking even in the run in our better performers like Auba and Lacazette were very up and down.”

    I was in the Top Balcony with Everton fans for that match (free ticket from a friend). They were laughing at Arsenal players, with special attention to AMN and Guendozi. I ended up in an argument with the guy next to me who kept shouting “you’re fucking pansies” to Arsenal players. Luckily it ended up with s laughing.
    It was a shocking performance.

  53. Bob N16

    I appreciate that mass hysteria does exist but not everybody feels like you Graham. ‘We all got infected’…you’re surely tripping!

  54. TR7

    I am expecting City, Spurs and Liverpool to occupy the top 3 places. Chelsea are unlikely to be in contention for top 4 places. It leaves us and United fighting for 1 position. If we pip United to the 4th position, then I reckon Emery will get another contract. I don’t think he will bother one jot about style and philosophy this season, pragmatic football to accumulate as many points as possible is likely to be his mantra.

  55. Marko

    I will put my neck on the line and say that Norwich’s football will be of a higher quality despite them having vastly inferior players to Arsenal.

    I’ll put my neck on the line and say dispite the recent victory and the supposed good football Norwich play that they’ll be in a relegation battle and likely to go down

  56. Graham62

    If I was an owner of a major company that had systematically regressed over the years, I would not hire someone who had been a part of that regressive process.

    Fresh face/ fresh start/ new ideas/ new methods will ultimately lead to greater changes from within.

    Stan may have been silent but he’s not stupid.

  57. Bob N16

    Why would someone need to be hired if they’re already part of the organisation Graham? You’ve been on the wacky baccy, admit it Graham.

  58. Samesong

    Interested about the Chelsea philosophy I always thought they looked almost robotic when they used to play obviously they had very good powerful players.

    This Chelsea team will still beat loads of teams this season.

    Isn’t this what Roman wanted some slick football?

  59. Akilan

    Emery has no philosophy?

    We play out from the back religiously for the starters.

    There’s no pattern of play? Really? Remember all those cutback fc jibe? Yes, we do have an attacking pattern. Tuck the winger in to take their FB inside to open up space for our own FB to exploit. Then cutback for a tap in. Clear pattern play that may look boring but it is still a plan,erm philosophy.

    We used to hoof it up to OG & then let the likes of Ozil, Sanchez & co figure it out. It was based on individual brilliance. Sanchez carried us & before that it was Ramsey for a year & before that RVP. Otherwise we struggled to even finish top 4.

  60. Valentin

    I don’t think that Norwich will be relegated either. But not because of pattern of play or philosophy, but because they have a goal scorer.

    Most teams that come up lack a player who can score on a regular basis for them. Norwich have one and if he can stay injury free, that should help them be better than three teams: Aston Villa, Newcastle and Sheffield United.

    Aston Villa and Newcastle looks like they will really struggle to score this season and as they don’t look tight at the back either I think that they will be relegated.

    For all the Sheffield United talk new tactical revolution of overlapping CB, I see them struggling once teams get used to their system.

  61. Marko

    Most teams that come up lack a player who can score on a regular basis for them. Norwich have one and if he can stay injury free, that should help them be better than three teams: Aston Villa, Newcastle and Sheffield United.

    Joelinton and Wesley should be looking at scoring more than Pukki

  62. Marko

    Also Pukki as well as he looks now really hasn’t been that great until last season. This is the biggest level he’s ever played at and he could still end up struggling.

  63. Valentin

    Joelinton looks like the kind of busy players that do not end up as good as they should. Hard worker, but who who misses a lot of chances.

    From last season and this season, Pukki looks like the kind of player not elegant but calm in front of goal, efficient with good technique, who does not snatch at chances.

    Also I don’t think that Newcastle will provide him with as much chances that Norwich will. Newcastle have lost Perez and Rondon who contributed a lot to Newcastle last season.

  64. Marko

    From last season and this season, Pukki looks like the kind of player not elegant but calm in front of goal, efficient with good technique, who does not snatch at chances.

    Yeah but prior to last season he was pretty much the definition of average and it’s only two games in. I’d go easy on the praise just yet or the predictions that he’ll keep them up

  65. chris

    I think Norwich should stay up.

    Newcastle rock bottom, will leave it too late to sack Bruce. What a poor decision that was, yet again, by Ashley.

  66. Marko

    Kay the merchentile on Dame street is where the Arsenal Dublin supporters group meets for games. Plenty of big screens in there too. Probably your best bet but get there super early otherwise it’ll be black in there and you won’t be able to throw a cat around. None of that really makes sense I know

  67. DaleDaGooner

    Goodness, we used to go all out and either lose large or whoop teams like Everton 6 nil… about we didn’t play sexy…. at the moment, Emery has no excuse, we have to either play sexy or win playing drab…the football is not sexy and we’re still getting punched in the gut by City and Pool….even the chavs had a nice day in the final.

  68. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    When we win we should play ,, unbelievable …by emf.

    When we lose … there ain’t no pleasing you by Chad n Dave

    Where is Marc with a c these days ?

  69. DaleDaGooner

    Drawing the Brighton game still has me fuming….all because that clogger couldn’t keep up and decided to foul their player in the box…what a dunce.

  70. DaleDaGooner

    As much as we love Auba here, he is also at fault, missing a penalty against the spuds was a big deal in context of making CL

  71. Graham62


    Arteta worked for Arsenal.

    He then left Arsenal.

    If he came back as manager, we would be hiring a new employee but an employee who had previously worked for us.

    Got it?

    Who’s on the “wacky baccy?”

  72. DaleDaGooner

    Lets not talk about Mustafi…..I’m glad he’s trying to get rid of him and keeping him away from the starting line up….is he injured or they’re just telling him to sod off?

  73. Graham62


    You always come across as one of those “middle of the road” sort of guys.

    Never really make a commitment to anything. Are you left…….no! Are you right………no! What side of the fence are you on? Confusing isn’t it.

    Come on, be brave!

    You must be a great poker play.

  74. Guns of Brixton


    His fall from grace was astounding.

    80 goals and 45 assists for us in 140 + games

    To whatever it is at Manure 4 or 6 goals in 2 seasons.

    Bloody shocking.

  75. Valentin

    I wonder if Alexis fall is permanent or temporary.
    I also wonder if the source is physical or psychological or maybe a combination of both.

    Hopefully he will rediscover his mojo in Italy away from ManUtd. From an Arsenal fan perspective Even better if ManUtd is paying for it.

  76. Jamie

    Does Inter have a sweet tune that Alexis can play on the piano during his unveiling? Utd can provide the piano and put it towards the 200k a week they’ll still be shoveling to Alexis while he’s in Italy. Banter.

  77. vickingz

    People really have time answering emery’s foot soldiers. We still have matches to play to justify whether or not he has a philosophy. We have played 2 matches already with 3 goals in the bag, however the ways and manners the goals came is already an indication as to our game. Miles intercepted a pass, ceballos intercepted a pass and laca’s goal just came somehow undefined. I guess that’s emery’s philosophy playing out.. Too early to start checking time

  78. HillWood

    For once I agree with Graham 62
    We should play our second string players in the Europa League ( The likes of Ozil, Mikhi,Elneny and the youth)
    Who actually gives a toss about the Europa League other than our incumbent manager
    Keep our powder dry for an assault on the Prem

  79. Guns of SF

    Alexis represents to me, what $$ can do to a once motivated hard working footballer.

    He is fat, dropped considerably since his big pay day, and does not know how to adapt to a new style or team. He had it great at Arsenal, but towards the end, I had my suspicions about him as well… seemed like his attitude was cancerous and now look….

    its he who is given a lifeline by Inter. he will be mediocre there. Trust me. They will buy him for about 8-10m thats it, if that.

  80. Guns of SF

    Pure Laca.. holding off the defender and trying to get his shot off.
    Guy is amazing… fights for that ounce of space to fire every time

  81. Graham62

    To be honest, don’t give a toss how Sanchez performed at MU.

    What I do know is that, up to a point, he gave it his all for AFC. Once though he realised nothing was ever going to change, he psychologically switched himself off.

    Still think he’ll switch himself back on again though.

  82. bennydevito

    Guns of HackneyAugust 20, 2019    11:48:07

    Wenger won 17 trophies.
    Emery has none.

    I am not Wenger’s biggest fan (since he went crazy) but he’s still better than Emery in every aspect.

    Emery is bland. Wenger was always brilliant copy.


    Lol! Emery has none. He won 3 EL trophies on the bounce and has won more European trophies than Wenger and Arsenal put together.

    He won the French cup double in his first season at PSG and won the domestic treble the next.

    At the time of joining Arsenal Emery had won way more trophies than Wenger had won.

    Get it right.

  83. Graham62



    No other striker in world football could have scored that goal.

    Defenders are scared shitless of him.

  84. Graham62

    I thought Wenger won ten trophies.

    Oh, of course, I almost forgot, I didn’t take into account all those Community Shields.

  85. Bob N16

    Graham, don’t forget that this a football blog, not real life.

    ‘You never really make a commitment to anything.’ How can you honestly say that about someone who you don’t know. Quite a big statement to make. I have very clear views.

    ‘Middle of the road sort of guys’ – your appear to want to pigeon hole me. I don’t see things in black and white…if that makes me middle of the road, I’ll take that.

    ‘Confusing isn’t it.’ No Graham , I don’t feel confused at all.

    Your having quite a day Graham, what’s going on?

  86. Bob N16

    Laca’s goal against Burnley, early contender for goal of the season.
    Don’t think it’ll make the goal of the month short list. Sorry to pick on you Graham but wtf.

  87. Kay

    Sure Marko. Cheers bud.
    Google maps to the rescue 😊

    Just hoping we win on the day so that I can end the day happily at the Porterhouse with my mates.

  88. Valentin

    I am with Bob on Lacazette’s goal against Burnley:
    A for Persistence
    B for Physical effort
    F for Beauty and any Artistic impression

    His goal was just sheer persistence and will to score, but it won’t win any beauty contest for sure.

  89. Freddie Ljungberg

    Pepe on Emery

    “It’s been really good because he speaks French and it has been much easier for us to communicate,” he told Arsenal Player.

    “I am new, the strategy and tactics are new and it really helps that I can get the coach’s assistance. Now I need to learn English and this is something he is helping me with also.”

    Maybe he should invest some of that money we’re paying him in an english teacher instead, going to be some painful interviews coming up otherwise.

  90. China1

    Emery is helping him with his English????

    Pépé wins MOTM against Liverpool. Post match interview starts.

    Good ebening


  91. China1

    Rvp claims arsenal didn’t even offer him a new deal and that he was pushed from arsenal

    I assume he wanted a bumper salary, tho considering he was better than most of our squad combined and we were rich I don’t see why we didn’t give it

    Probably arsene wasn’t enjoying having someone with opinions in the squad…

  92. China1

    Dale those 6-0s were not that common for an awfully long time

    The biggest single difference that makes emery’s Arsenal more bland isbthe 100 passes between FB and CB per game. In terms of the rest of the game, we haven’t regularly played ‘pure’ wengerball for absolutely ages and it was usually much of a muchness

    In the last 5 years did you really feel impressed or excited by our football on a week to week basis? It’s was largely a big dose of meh punctuated by well taken goals from Sanchez and pretty flicks from giroud if we were fortunate enough to win. The rest of the game was usually totally forgettable

  93. China1

    The days of arsenal tearing through teams with one touch passes, turning teams inside out and running them ragged ended probably around the same time cesc left

    After he went it was just individual moments or individual matches that were good and the remaining large majority was bland

  94. China1

    Even emery who had bland football last year had a few of those results and some wonder goals along the way. Still bland tho

  95. China1

    And the slow starts. Damn those eternal slow starts.

    Arsenal loved nothing more in the last 10 years than to take it easy for the first 20 minutes

    We always had the fans on their back by half way through the first half because nothing was happening

  96. Freddie Ljungberg


    I think our slow buildup is more down to how bad our defenders are on the ball rather than any instructions to keep passing it back and forth in the backline and back to Leno.

    Luiz should help with that, Holding, Bellerin and Tierney when they’re back are also better on the ball than their counterparts.

    Having Xhaka as our deepest lying midfielder for the last couple of years sure hasn’t helped either, slow, ponderous and terrible under pressure. Torreira and Guen better in those respects but I still think our main issue now should be to replace Xhaka with a physical monster that can ball( Sangare for me), would improve us more than anything else we can do right now, considering we already have a tall commanding CB in Saliba coming in.

    Would help us on set pieces and headers in the middle of the park as well.
    If we had those 2 against Burnley for example it would have been a lot easier to cope against their physicality. Would also help us enormously against teams like Wolves, Watford etc that just overpowers us in midfield.

  97. Mysticleaves

    Being in the Spotlight sometimes decides if fans see you as good or bad. I am sure it wasn’t picked up by anyone or the media but rewatch the conceded goal against Burnley and see how unaware Luiz was of his marker. He lost his marker without even trying. If that was Mustafi he would have been absolutely pilloried on here and the wider media.

    Still maintain Mustafi is equal or better than Luiz in defending. Arsenal fans will catch up to it very soon. His passing won’t cover it for long.

  98. Tony

    DM reporting we are negotiating with Guendouzi’s people to tie him up for 5 years on around £70K a week.

    DM says his value has risen to £30million.

    Personally I think he’s worth £50K a week with a review set for the end of each season with the view to set an increase due to performance and games played to a maximum of £70K a week.

  99. Bojangles

    The last 4-5 years of Wenger was slow, predictable football. Was excruciating to watch at times. Last year wasn’t a great improvement either but we had Wenger’s squad virtually, so I wasn’t expecting too much of a change. I expect an improvement this season though.

    If you think Mustafi a better CB than Luiz you’d make a great TV pundit. Sure, Luiz was off his man but nobody can defend a deflection. Mustafi creates problems for himself and the team. Name a defender that hasn’t made a mistake or two. Then name a defender who has made more mistakes than Mustafi.

  100. Tony

    Off topic for a moment, but if this is true, then I feel for British people who like me have to take several medications to stay alive.

    I have to take 7 different tablets a day for my coronary artery disease I’ve had since my mid 30s and includes one medication for my colon disease keeping it in remission.

    I pay around £150 a month for my meds here in Thailand, but in the UK if above happens, it would cost £1000s per month.

    As health insurance companies are quick to add recurring illnesses to the ‘Not Covered’ as being previous conditions, people are going to suffer, especially the elderly.

  101. Bojangles


    Maybe a visit to HCMC once every 6 months could save you money. I take 6 pills a day for my coronary artery disease, cost me approx 25 pound per month. Maybe my pills are different to yours though.

  102. MidwestGun

    but rewatch the conceded goal against Burnley and see how unaware Luiz was of his marker. He lost his marker without even trying. If that was Mustafi he would have been absolutely pilloried on here and the wider media.
    Say What? I think it’s you who need to rewatch the goal Mystic. … the entry pass ricocheted of Papa and deflected luckily right to Barnes. Had the ball continued on it’s path Luiz was in position to clear it.. As I said the other day it was a fluky goal with not real player at fault, it was a combination of things. You have several times on here tried to push your weird agenda that Mustafi isn’t that bad.. sorry but he is. I’m not even Luiz’s biggest fan as noted on here several times,.. but there is not one club in the world I can think of that would play Mustafi over Luiz.

  103. Tony

    Thanks for the heads up I’ll look into it.

    Depends whether you are taking generic or the main brand for meds. I mostly stick to the name brands as per my cardiologist’s recommendations.

    Have you had any stents yet?

    In Thailand for the top quality stent of normal size it’s around £5k if you need extra sized stents etc then it’s much higher.

    My last stent(s) a couple of months ago cost £11k because they used 3 balloons and extra long stents because an artery branch had to have a stents continuous from outside part of the branch then through the branch and then a safe distance down the RMA.

    The price also included an angiogram the previous day and various tests and they had to call in the country’s top interventionist specialist to do the op.

    In all I had 3 surgeons working on me for almost 5 hours with over 100 years experience with much of that gained in the west. They also had my surgeon and his team on standby in case they ruptured the artery and I needed emergency bypass.

    Don’t know how that compares to HCMC costs?

    I’ve had the same heart team looking after me for 9 years now, so I trust them and have their mobile numbers if I need advice or an emergency, so I’, happy with my care.

    My beta blocker (Concor) here costs 1THB per tablet but the best cholesterol tablets wit the least side effects are much more expensive. The Drs here give patients the choice of cheaper generics or the main brand.

    I don’t buy my meds from the hospital: I have a special deal with a Bangkok pharmacist because I buy in bulk twice a year when I have my check ups.

    If you ever come here for medical treatment, I’d recommend this hospital:

    It is equal first in the country with Bumrumgrad Hospital, which I moved from when they overcharged me for a stent operation 9 years ago.

  104. Dark Hei

    “Rvp claims arsenal didn’t even offer him a new deal and that he was pushed from arsenal”

    Who believes that BS after RVP’s public letter.

    Whatever deal Arsenal can come up with will not mean anything compared to the monster package he got from United.

    He left for trophies and cash, there shouldn’t be anything worth regretting, isn’t it?

  105. Receding Hairline

    Mustafi better than David Luiz

    We do have some weird opinions here

    Luiz has always been a warrior for Chelsea, a cult hero for a club that won trophies , big ones, Mustafi has been a punchline for a few seasons now.

  106. Dream10

    Mustafi should do better for a Milan or Roma. Slower pace, Serie A teams emphasize structure. His best game game for us was at home in the North London derby exactly two yrs ago. We played a back three. He dominated both boxes. He is a decent defender but limited. Not worse than Holding or Sokratis. Been in terrible form for a while and short on confidence.
    The fact we don’t have the capacity to control matches from midfield has exposed him even more

  107. Bojangles


    I have had stents but that was number of years ago. I haven’t needed to visit a specialist for 10 years now but still take meds.

    3 meds are brand and 3 are generic.

  108. Sid

    Sanchez is past it, its obvious his real age is much more than the one on his passport, Wanyama is another who is 35 or more