Emery tries a banter too real to be funny

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“For us we don’t want to play against Liverpool ever,”

You F*CKING wot mate?

“We’d prefer not to play against them.

Oh, I see… just one of those joke things. SHEATH YOUR VERBAL SWORD.

“That is really our challenge, a good test. For the supporters, for all of us, going there with six points is good. Really our target is to reduce the distance to Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham and Chelsea.”

I have to say, I’m not looking forward to this one. Emery may have been bantering us harder than my dad does when he sees me wearing rolled-up jeans, ‘Look at those jack-ups you c*nt’, but be honest, the last thing we need at this stage of the season is a trip to Liverpool.

That said, there’s no better way to iron out the kinks and gain some focus in the squad than going to one of the best sides in the world.

I don’t think they are fully up to speed at the minute. I watched a chunk of the Southampton game and I tells ya, there could have been a very different outcome had Hassenhutl’s men taken a few of the very good chances they made for themselves.

Emery went into more detail about his plan.

“We are going to prepare first with the adaptation to them, their gameplan and individual players and after to impose our gameplan and capacity. We are going to prepare both defensively and offensively.

“I think first is to be positive in our capacity and then work hard. I know my past is to work hard, the present and future is going to be the same. After we can win, we can lose. But above all is be positive and keep moving ahead.”

Prattling on about hard work and the literal basics of setting up for a football game is all well and good, but this year, I’d love to see some of that research pay off during the games. How is the manager going to convert video analysis insights into something spectacular on the pitch?

Big questions are going to be had around the starting 11. Would he dare play Matteo and Willock against such a brutal side? Will he fall back on old faces, namely Granit Xhaka. Will he insist on playing out the back, despite the clear evidence the team struggles to make it work, even against shite teams?

Will we baton down the hatches? Or will we exercise some of that newfound mobility in the side?

There needs to be a progression of thinking this season. The squad has improved, the ideas have settled, so Liverpool should be the first chance to see if we’ve shaken the demons of the H2 of the Emery era.

One man who is dreaming big is David Luiz.

“In life you have to believe,” said the 32-year-old. “If you don’t try things you are never going to know if you can do it or not.

“My philosophy on life is to be positive and to be a dreamer. But understand to dream is one thing and to achieve your dream you have a lot to do.

“I can dream and we can fight for something big. That is always going to be my speech to everyone – it is possible for us and everybody.

“It is up to the team, the team is going to dream more, the team is going to prepare better, understand the game and that is it.”

David Luiz must be well aware that we have a very good squad this year, otherwise, he wouldn’t have joined. We have depth, we have quality and we have a few youngsters that could make the jump. Not title-winning, but for me, why shouldn’t we be challenging the top 3 with our squad?

We don’t have the Champions League to deal with like Spurs.

They tanked the back half of the season because of that trophy.

They basically have the same group of players.

With Chelsea fizzling out again after a good start and United looking limited, we really should be shooting for top three this season.


Am I being too aggressive?

Let me know in the comments you sexy beauties. x

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  1. Pierre

    “If Pepe keeps nutmegging people then he better be ready to ride some rough tackles, some of it will be deserved.”

    Totally disagree

    Looking at it from a different stand point, once you have nut megged a defender they are reluctant for it to happen again.
    Consequently, the attacker has got the defender right where he wants them .

    The defender will be reluctant to make the same mistake again so he immediately stands off the attacker …job done.

    If he decides to kick him it’s a red or yellow so is a win win situation all round.

    Why not humiliate them , it’s what the crowd want to see.

  2. Pierre

    “if you don’t wanna be nut megged close your legs, ”

    Once the defender closes his legs he is not fully balanced and Pepe can waltz around him…

  3. PhD2020

    TR7August 19, 2019 18:21:10
    Dissenter‘I think nutmegs without any end results is disrespectful. If you’re nutmegging another player to get a better show, no problem but if it’s to draw an applause line then it’s disrespectful to the opposition. If a deft pass can beat the player then by all means pass the ball.. not humiliate him.’What are you talking about ?
    When you bang out x100 posts per day,you just end up talking out of your anal rectum,or recycling statements previously said.
    Better still,you find comments in other poster’s and misinterpret them deliberately and instigate a verbal war.

    Then.when it get’s heated after a few heated exchanges,pull back and say”It’s a blog of love,” after the drive-by smearing campaign has been done on his behalf.

    It’s his modus operandi!! Tried and tested..

    He’s a troll.End of,not to be taken seriously.Just likes to flash his camel toe for public consumption.You should know that by now??

  4. Silverhawk

    PSG have lost 5 of their last 6 away matches in Ligue 1:

    L | 5-1 vs Lille
    L | 3-2 vs Nantes
    L | 3-2 vs Montpellier
    W | 1-2 vs Angers
    L | 3-1 vs Reims
    L | 2-1 vs Rennes

    Tuchel is way over hyped.
    Funny how the ‘French expert’ on here kept going on and on about Emery’s away form last season but not a word from him re Tuchel.

    I’m sure he believes that Emery is responsible for global warming too.

  5. PhD2020

    SilverhawkAugust 19, 2019 18:34:14
    PSG have lost 5 of their last 6 away matches in Ligue 1:L | 5-1 vs Lille
    L | 3-2 vs Nantes
    L | 3-2 vs Montpellier
    W | 1-2 vs Angers
    L | 3-1 vs Reims
    L | 2-1 vs Rennes

    Are you serious??Never knew that.

  6. Silverhawk


    Tuchel is doing a much worse job than Emery did but no one is saying anything because apparently he has sauce.

  7. Dissenter

    You mean you’ve never seen players kicked off the field because they got too flashy?
    C’mon man.
    I thought some of Pepe’s nutmegs were kind of peurile. If you’re Leo Messi and you can nutmeg three players to score a goal then fine but in the middle of the field … leading to nowhere?
    I may be too old-schooled though.

  8. Dissenter

    The only joker who thinks I’m a troll is you… the archivist of Legrove.
    typing your moniker as PhD makes me flinch. You obviously don’t know what a troll means.

    You’re not going to bully me off the site like you did Nasri’s mouth, that’s for sure.

  9. Dissenter

    Dissenter : “Nutmegs are considered somewhat disrespectful. ”

    CC’s extrapolation within 30 secs ; “Nutmegs are disrespectful. ”

    This is what happens when people are invested in winning internet arguments.
    Today, it came with a cool emoji, tomorrow it’s elevated to Dissenter said nutmegs are disrespectful.

  10. TR7

    Believe me Dissenter I don’t even want to counter your ‘nutmegs are disrespectful’ comment. Next you will say it is disrespectful to beat a team 5-0 just for the show when 2-0 can also get you 3 points.

  11. Dissenter

    Very well, we disagree … in peace.
    Ask around professional circles, there’s a visceral reaction to being nutmegged which is usually to foul the dribbler, often time violently. Players who are deemed too flashy usually end up being kicked out of the game. Maybe that’s why Zaha’s send so much time complaining.

  12. PhD2020

    DissenterAugust 19, 2019 18:49:31

    I think you have a complex.Not bullying you off anything.

    Just calling out your incessant bullshit.

    The fact,that you take slight on any form of criticism,says a lot.
    You dish it out in your subtle ways,but when it comes back, you spiral out of control like a ballerina on LSD..

    You are a joker..
    So, continue as you were Ms Sandy-Camel-Toe flashing your wares for public consumption, attracting the adoration you so desire.As,it’s not me,banging out x1000 posts per day.The floor is yours.

    Kisses Princess.

    Have a good day ballerina.xxx

  13. Luteo Guenreira

    There’s a difference being shown up and being disrespected. Yes it’s slightly humiliating to have a ball dribbled through your legs. It’s not disrespectful in the slightest though.

    Can’t help but notice that this difference gets lost on many around here, especially in the face of debate. If you’ve offered a ridiculous take and get proverbially nutmegged in an argument…that doesn’t mean you’ve been disrespected. Let’s not have such low standards for ourselves.

  14. Luteo Guenreira

    Ask around professional circles, there’s a visceral reaction to being nutmegged which is usually to foul the dribbler, often time violently. Players who are deemed too flashy usually end up being kicked out of the game. Maybe that’s why Zaha’s send so much time complaining.

    I am not so lucky to be able to have conversations with professional athletes about stuff like this but without their personal insight, I would think that reaction is more because they’ve got their pride hurt from being embarrassed, not because they’ve been morally wronged or disrespected.

  15. Hal

    If we were not already looking at Eduardo Camavinga from Stade Rennais before this weekend then we definitely should be now.

  16. Dissenter

    Even in training older players hate it when the young ones nutmeg them.
    I wasn’t suggesting an established rules or anything just the mores of the game. I hope Pepe is quick enough to evade rough treatment and hope the referees will stand up for him.

  17. Sanmi

    Man utd fans are upbeat about their chances tonight. Boldly claiming a 2-0 win. I don’t know where that confidence is coming from.

  18. Leedsgunner

    Why is Nketiah playing for Leeds United U23s?

    I thought we moved him there to experience first team football week in week out? That’s disrespectful to him and to us especially when we had other teams pursuing him.

  19. karim


    97 % passes completed many of them rather risky
    Player who suffered the most fouls
    And other impressive stats last night.
    Not a fan of stats usually but these ones are rather telling imo.

  20. Guns of SF

    get Eddie out of Leeds
    He doesnt need that and ultimately we do not need that either… if he is to play for us

  21. Dissenter

    I’m happy to pass on the loose-screw dude to you, any day.
    I’m trying to shake him off my tail. It feels like he wants to do a kamikaze on me.

  22. karim

    What’s really extravagant about Pepe is his balance. He’s stronger than he looks and rarely falls down actually.
    Have another look at those YouTube vids from last season.
    Defenders couldn’t even foul him, it gets unreal at times.

  23. BacaryisGod

    Just for a little fun, if Emery were to fail this season, which former Arsenal players would have a shot at the job.

    Here’s my top 5 plus a few that didn’t make it.

    Missed the Cut:
    Tony Adams (repeat managerial offender), Sol Campbell (would be haunted by his walk-out but clearly has managerial ability. Maybe assistant job would be a fit?), Thierry Henry (many of us predicted his ego would prevent management success. He proved us right), Steve Bould (we’ve all had our fill of him on the touchline, I think), Dennis Bergkamp (fired by Ajax for causing unrest and of course has the flying downside).

    5) Per Mertesacker-we love him but too soon to jump from Academy
    4) Freddie Ljungberg-No first-team management experience
    3) Sylvinho- off to a flyer at Lyon. Might be great combo with Edu
    2) Mikel Arteta-sitting next to Pep is great but needs to succeed on his own first.
    1) Patrick Vieira-he just looks the part and started out strongly as a manager.

    None of them would match the non-Arsenal player I would have as a true no-brainer for our next boss, Julian Nagelsmann. How about this quote from his former player Serge Gnabry: “Julian Nagelsmann fascinated me. Before that, the season before I had played against Hoffenheim and in the second half of the season… well… we took a real hiding, but their style of play appealed to me, it was so attacking’

    Doesn’t he just sound like a perfect Arsenal manager? Let’s hope he doesn’t go Owen Coyle on us.

  24. Freddie Ljungberg

    I wouldn’t be to worried about Eddie at Leeds, it’s only been 2 league games since he got there and the first one came too soon. Apparently there’s a penalty clause in the loan contract so they have to pay more if they don’t play him. He will get plenty of minutes there.

    Already scored in the league cup and for their u23s in the 2 games he had, it’s a long season.

  25. Moe

    Don’t think we’ll see any meaningful back 3’s till both Tierney and Holding return, there’s no cover at LWB and CB. Monreal doesn’t have the legs for LWB and Mustafi is clearly not in Emery’s plans.

    433, it’s gonna be on Saturday and Laca will be on the bench this time. Ceballos, Willock and Xhaka in the middle. Emery, like his predecessor, likes Xhaka as well. Maybe Xhaka isn’t as bad as Legrovers make of him.

  26. Tobs

    HalAugust 19, 2019 19:12:42
    If we were not already looking at Eduardo Camavinga from Stade Rennais before this weekend then we definitely should be now.

    16 years old and absolutely bossed the midfield. I thought they’d take him off in the second half but he played the full match. Pray he doesn’t get overplayed, we’ve seen what happens with too many games at too young an age. He was absolutely impressive though.

  27. Tobs

    I think we should just stick to a back 4. We are not more secure defensively with 3 CB’s and it stymies our attacking flow.

  28. Cesc Appeal


    I think Vieira has to be the first choice of former players.

    I want to see how Nagelsmann gets on with Leipzig this year, he is certainly at the top of my list.

  29. Dissenter

    This game will show what United are made of this season, same way away at Anfield will show how strong we truly are.

  30. Samesong

    I remember writing a 10 ten list of people not to get into arguments with and PHD is up there.

    There’s certain posters that will own your ass give it back to you and own your ass once again.

    Nutmegs are a violation on humanity. Always thought left footers were the best at megging people’s.

  31. Dissenter

    United have a good pool of rotating central defenders that appears to have a leader in Maguire.
    This and the athleticism of Wan-Bissaka just means they have a very good chance at 3rd – 4th.

  32. karim

    Always thought left footers were the best at megging people’s.

    We’re the best at everything but don’t tell the right footers lol !

  33. Samesong

    Tbf though all PhD offered up was an opinion on Lampard and people starting getting. All protective loooool.

  34. karim

    One to definitely watch if we don’t get Ceballos on a permanent deal is Houssem Aouar.
    Scored a beauty last night and his assist for Memphis was something else.

    Won’t come cheap though

  35. Guns of SF

    Nice to see wolves losing, despite my liking their counter attacking play.
    I still think they tie this one up

  36. Marko

    We’re the best at everything but don’t tell the right footers lol !

    Hey death to all left footers. In all seriousness some of the best most skillful players are lefties

  37. HighburyLegend

    “I have Rashford on my fantasy team”
    “Nice to see wolves losing”

    @Guns, no manure fans blog available tonight ??

  38. Guns of SF

    hahha no

    I did end up with 4 Man U players on my fantasy team via draft…
    SO that is why Im only asking.

    I hate that team with a passion…. dont ever forget that mate.

  39. Dissenter

    I think the referee should still make the final call.
    Have the ref go over to review the video. That’s how it was done at the world cup and other major leagues.

  40. Danny

    If a ball is played to a forward and he’s waved offside, he should play on, bury it and then demand VAR.
    Great shot by Rashford there!

  41. Marko

    United are going to be very predictable this season. Literally everything goes down their left hand side whether it’s Rashford or Martial drifting out there or Pogba and Shaw in support.

  42. Dissenter

    This Adama Traore lad has so much muscle mass, you wonder it’s it’s impeding him on the field. An Olympic weight lifter will die for those biceps.

  43. MidwestGun

    We’re the best at everything but don’t tell the right footers lol !
    What’s up ladies..? I’m unnutmeggable. Made that word up… It’s all how you stand and awareness. That said I know I could nutmeg Karim.. Lefties tend to stand with their left foot …back.. giving an easier wicket to aim for… for the righties. 😀

  44. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Hello gringos…

    Feeling l8me we got our arsenal back..

    Am I alone in thinking msguite is overrated .

  45. MidwestGun

    I’m issuing a fatwa to kick the sh*t out of all nutmeggers
    Hahahaha Ok Diss.. I’m too lazy to read the comments back.. very far.. so I’m just going to assume there was the usual back and forth. Debating nutmegging is pretty hilarious banter though…. not gonna lie.

  46. MidwestGun

    Damn… if we can get any kind of result next week.. there is going to be some pretty mad trolls up in here.. I’m really not expecting much given our injuries and new players who haven’t had the playing time yet.. but if we do… I’ll be happy as I can be.

  47. MidwestGun

    Yep.. United are ripe for a banter year… Well If I can’t nutmeg you on the football pitch … I know I can cross you over and shoot the fade away on the hardwood. Either way I’m scoring trash talk points… It’s how I roll.

  48. karim

    Damn haven’t watched basket-ball for ages but I still play now and then.
    Well, all I do is shooting as my achilles won’t let me run for long unfortunately.

    Miss my early twenties.

  49. MidwestGun

    Yep… same here really.. I helped my brother do a little coaching with my nieces .. U-14 football squad. And the stamina those kids have is unreal.. But I’m good for at least 10 secs of world class moves.. Kind of like Chelski this year… 10 mins then done. 😀 Enjoying the PL table at the moment… too bad its not December.

  50. PhD2020

    Almost 400 comments today..Princess Camel Toe-has no doubt contributed to a 1/3 of the comments.Over 100 posts..His job is done for the night.Flashed his camel toe all about the place.I reckon he’s earned his pay packet for the nigtt..Till tomorrow,same again..The lying sack of wine.

  51. Leedsgunner

    Camavinga? Any of our French Grovers know him well? He seems to be attracting a lot of plaudits just at the moment…

  52. Emiratesstroller

    We have now seen a number of controversial decisions where VAR has been applied after a goal has been scored.

    In game between Man City and Spurs Jesus goal was disallowed after the ball
    brushed the hand of another player. I doubt that a Referee would have disallowed the goal if he had SEEN the handball action last season.

    Similarly the Wolves goal today was reviewed by VAR not withstanding that the officials were in a good position to judge whether the player crossing the
    ball was in an offside position. Such decisions should only be reviewed if
    the official is uncertain and has requested it.

    Football is not an exact science and if you are using referees and officials their
    judgment should be the main arbiter.

  53. Batistuta


    Wherever you are, i hope you didn’t stake a whole lot on that game, stupid luck that the scoreline is opposite of what was actually predicted

  54. Luteo Guenreira

    I doubt that a Referee would have disallowed the goal if he had SEEN the handball action last season.

    This is irrelevant as the rules have changed this season, any goal set up by even an accidental handball will be disallowed. The decision was correct based on the changes to the rules. You can argue whether the rule is stupid or not, but according to the book they got it right. If not for that, then even with VAR the City goal would have probably been allowed to stand.

  55. Sanmi

    It’s stupid arguing that decisions made are too correct.
    As long as it’s the correct decisions, your feelings are irrelevant. Deal with it. It doesn’t matter if the goal will save a baby whale in the Pacific ocean, if it was wrongly scored it should be disallowed even if you are only offside by your fingernail.

  56. Sanmi

    As for those claiming it takes away from the excitement, I’m wondering what’s more exciting than the suspense when the VAR is being checked. Now that’s more exciting

  57. MidwestGun

    I don’t like VAR.. other then to call goal lines, side-lines and offside.. That said… it’s kind of a catch-22 you want the referees to get the calls right because everyone at home can clearly see the glaring errors on replay but you don’t want it to destroy the flow of the game.. Like pretty much every sport who uses it now it won’t ruin the game it will just make it different. The players and the fans just have to adjust.

    If I had my way Id rather not have it on subjective calls… or not at all… but you can’t deny technology and you can only hope it will make the refereeing get better.

  58. Sanmi

    It’s not even used on subjective calls only on blatant errors in subjective calls. For example, not only shirt pullings during set plays will be penalized except the obvious ones. If the refs doesn’t give a penalty and it’s a slight touch, it won’t be recalled. If the ref gives a penalty and there was zero contact, that’s when it will be recalled. I don’t get the anti-VAR brigade
    How many times have arsenal played a big game and Mike dean decides who wins.

  59. MidwestGun

    Sanmi there is still a VAR ref who decides based on the replay.. he won’t get it right either… at times. Blatant call in itself is subjective as to what is blatant and what isn’t. I’m not really anti VAR either . More like you cant stop the inevitable. I just know it won’t solve all the problems either. Pretty much every sport that has initiated VAR has had to adjust the way they do it and it will never be perfect, there is still a human element to it. So it then becomes a matter of how much does it improve the calls compared to before. Hopefully it will be better and in a timely manner.. If it takes too much time that in itself means it probably wasn’t blatant.

  60. Bojangles

    VAR is the right way to go for me. The decisions given so far have been correct. Maybe the game slows a little but it’s worth it to get the correct result. I guess it will depend on how much it affects your team. Spuds fans probably love it while citeh fans not so much.

  61. China1

    I’ve never really understood the tricky showboating type skills can be disrespectful logic

    When Nani was running doing kick ups in that 8-2 game fans were crying disrespect but Henry used to do it all the time and when he did it it was just cool

    If you do any tricks and they work, as long as it was actually effective, you should come out of it with an advantageous position

    Who cares if the defender is butthurt if you nutmegged him and collect the ball from the other side?

    Either it will put doubts in his mind for next time which is also advantageous for you or it might draw petty fouls which if you don’t get injured is also advantageous assuming they pick up cards and the free kick is in a useful position

    The only time skills are disrespectful is if you like nutmegged someone then didn’t even try and collect the ball and just stood there pointing and laughing. In any normal circumstance this is just part of the game.

    People are upset way too easily

  62. Luteo Guenreira

    The first time I ever got dunked on it felt like disrespect. Nothing less fun than wearing some dude’s nuts for a hat.

    It wasn’t though. Maybe it was disrespectful of me to think I could stop him.

  63. Dream10

    What a player Joao Mourinho is. Been playing at this level for a decade. We should have signed him to replace Fabregas.

  64. Dissenter

    I played defense [at a much lower level] and cracking nutmeggers was fair game. I may be approaching it mainly from a defender’s perspective
    I remember one incident in the premier league where Jamie Carragher whacked Nani’s shin after he nutmegged him. Nani in particular used to get smashed a lot because he was fond of doing circus tricks.

  65. Tony

    “Arsenal offer Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang huge pay rises if they can get club back into the Champions League”

    Arsenal plan pay rises for Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    Strike duo to be offered new deal with incentives for Champions League success

    The Gunners hope qualification would help pay for the substantial bonuses

    So reports the DM.


    Loaded bonuses are ok, but Ozil like deals: NO!!

    They are part and parcel of the game. There is no gentlemanly conduct in football per se (soccer for you Dissenter) as there is in cricket and rugby.

    Those players, such as Saha, Pepe and other fleet-footed skillful players are going to get kicked off the park because they are more skillful than most 6+ foot defenders – not just nutmegs. They use their skills to gain free kicks and penalties -Shocker!

    Those who support that nutmegs are distasteful and disrespectful should follow another sport – not show their unbelievable lack of knowledge about football, especially here where they will be shredded ALA Dissenter by PhD.

    Dissenter put up and give PhD a run for his money or shut up and admit you’re wrong.

    Your modus operandi here is to put up a contentious issue or just have your contrarian police hat on here and when you get fired salvos at, you quickly try to back pedal looking even more ridiculous than your original earth shattering revelation, such as nutmegs are disrespectful.

    You’re amusing I’ll give you that.

    That said, I’d rather marvel at your football insight, such as your compadres Sal, Guns of SF, Midwest and others offer who obviously know the game inside out.

    Maybe the kids you look after can teach you more about the game then you wouldn’t have Charlie extrapolating (you do love using big words) or PhD on your big fat tail.

    Don’t ever referee a game Dissenter, especially on Hackney Marshes as you’d probably get lynched.

  66. Dissenter

    It’s 10.29ET so I’m still up watching a movie
    I didn’t say there was a gentleman’s agreement, just that be prepared to have your shins kicked in if you’re going to be nutmegging people.
    I don’t remember saying it’s not part and parcel of the game either.
    The rest of your monologue…I really don’t understand to be honest.

    You ought to know there are people who like the defensive arts and some who marvel at stuff like nutmegs. I’m in the former category.

  67. Tony

    The movie can’t be that good if you’re still reading comments here.

    Do you check the comments during sex, too? Hope you don’t nutmeg your wife/GF too often whilst reading Legrove or you’ll be in the shit! Fact!

    You do make me laugh and I thank you for that. 🙂

  68. Dissenter

    Have you lost your God-forsaken mind. What is wrong with you?
    You’re glibly dropping abuse on me for nothing
    Behave yourself.

    You made a comment about me, I replied you as respectfully as I could and still yet you unloaded
    WTF is wrong with you?

  69. Gentlebris

    Nutmegs are disrespectful…. very disrespectful especially against an elite defender.

    I think players should write a personal letter of apology to defenders they have nutmegged, stating their acute regrets and making promises never to do it again.
    As well, FIFA must see to it that junior players who nutmeg senior players should be punished with a ban even if it has only occurred during training, and coaches who encourage nutmegging should be recommended for immediate dismissal. An agent who represents players with nutmegging tendencies should have his license terminated. Parents who produce children who nutmeg elderly defenders should be questioned by relevant football authorities.
    Nutmegging is disrespectful just like racism and should be kicked out of the sport pronto.

    Dude, that stuff you use it’s definitely too strong for your head. Maybe you should return to the basics…… marijuana perhaps? I

  70. Guns of SF

    Neymar is a nutmegger.

    All the elite dribblers… its part of the game… sucks for the defender but for the attacker, just another means to get a goal.

    I would say that Pricks like Neymar do tend to sometimes go overboards. Doing a rabonna when its not necessary and dumb shit like that….

    Doing Maradonas for no reason when just normal dribbling will suffice

    Nice on the eye but somewhat useless….

  71. Sanmi

    The same.people that are against nutmegs are the same that cry against cultural misappropriation, and the same people that will want socialism.
    Grow up! Equality of opportunities is what is fair, equality of outcomes is madness.
    Even if you can nutmeg the entire team, go for it! It’s not your fault that they ain’t skillful. If you want to cry over nutmegs don’t play football. Simple!.
    Life is not fair, tough luck. Deal with it

  72. Bojangles


    Can you inform me as to where equal opportunity exists in the world?

    I am not looking for a diatribe against the left, just a simple answer will suffice.

  73. Wenker-wanger

    Emery 2 from 2….. But even now has massive critics…..absurd !,and in the aftermath of the biggest footballing fraud of all time.. arse Wenger, some fans apparently can’t see the massive upgrade in manager.
    If we get a good result at anfield…and it’s not impossible……I really hope we see more praise coming his way.

  74. Thorough

    In anfield where we should defend and wait to counter then Martinelli, Auba and Pepe looks the best trio. However, considering Lacazete is prolly our best player in most of these huge games then he’s got to start.
    You people may debate who’s better between Martinelli and Nelson all you want, but the player I’m expevting to storm the epl this year is Saka. He’s gonna be huge. He’s going to blow all our youth prospects out of the water if/when he gets his chance. Mark my words!

  75. Receding Hairline

    Batistuta nah …I only stake money I can loose without noticing. I truly only go big after I must have won with a smaller stake. Like last night I bet 200 naira which isn’t up to a dollar. Betting is just mostly fun for me.

  76. Graham62

    Nutmegging an opponent, although a skillful act, has become far more prevalent in the game due to defenders standing off from players and allowing them the time and space to make the manoeuvre.

    Defenders rarely take the dribblers out, as they did twenty/ thirty years back, and consequently it’s far easier for the tricksters to perform their skill.

    The better playing surfaces(even in practice sessions) has also enabled these players to perform these tricks.

    Not all nutmegs are “disrespectful”,whilst some are just pure luck.

  77. China1

    What on earth is the connection between crying about nutmegs and crying about cultural appropriation???

    That’s the most random statement ever

  78. Carts

    “This Adama Traore lad has so much muscle mass, you wonder it’s it’s impeding him on the field. An Olympic weight lifter will die for those biceps.”

    Impeding him in what sense? The guys is probably top 3, if not thee, quickest – short medium & long distant- runner in the league.

    The seemingly excessive muscle mass he carries, even if reduced, won’take him faster or technically improved

    It’s just Genetics

  79. Graham62

    Making Football “too perfect” will kill the game.

    Unlike other sports where stoppages are more natural(ie- Rugby/ Cricket/ NFL etc) football has a flow and rhythm that, if restricted, will nullify it and make it frustrating to not only play but also to watch.

    Instinctive reactions to situations is what the game thrives on and more significantly, makes it what it is.

    The human element on VAR also stagnates things. The sooner we have a computer overseeing incidents instead of the frustratingly long process of Norman in the studio analysing a replay, the better for everyone.

    I’m with TalkSports Alan Brazil on this. I also felt like chucking my TV out the window last night when Wolves sensational equaliser was being reviewed.

  80. HighburyLegend

    “Emery tries a banter too real to be funny”

    lol can’t get enough of this one!! Pedro really HATES Unai.

  81. Graham62

    I know VAR is here to stay but the authorities have to understand that unless certain changes are made, the game will lose its appeal for the vast majority of fans.

  82. Graham62

    One thing with the disallowed goal at the Etihad on Sunday. If the ball had struck a Spuds players arm( in the same position and incident) would it have been a penalty to MC?

  83. Guns of Hackney

    VAR is necessary. Rugby and cricket adopted the same thing although I believe it had a detrimental effect on cricket.

    Football fans are never happy. No VAR, they complain. VAR they complain.

    They just need to speed up the decision and leave the referee out of it. Let the person watching the replay make the call and move on.

  84. HighburyLegend

    @GoH is never happy : Wenger in charge ? He complain. Emery in charge ? He complain.
    Any player of our squad playing ? He complain.
    We win ? We lose ? He complain…. again.