Emery tries a banter too real to be funny

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“For us we don’t want to play against Liverpool ever,”

You F*CKING wot mate?

“We’d prefer not to play against them.

Oh, I see… just one of those joke things. SHEATH YOUR VERBAL SWORD.

“That is really our challenge, a good test. For the supporters, for all of us, going there with six points is good. Really our target is to reduce the distance to Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham and Chelsea.”

I have to say, I’m not looking forward to this one. Emery may have been bantering us harder than my dad does when he sees me wearing rolled-up jeans, ‘Look at those jack-ups you c*nt’, but be honest, the last thing we need at this stage of the season is a trip to Liverpool.

That said, there’s no better way to iron out the kinks and gain some focus in the squad than going to one of the best sides in the world.

I don’t think they are fully up to speed at the minute. I watched a chunk of the Southampton game and I tells ya, there could have been a very different outcome had Hassenhutl’s men taken a few of the very good chances they made for themselves.

Emery went into more detail about his plan.

“We are going to prepare first with the adaptation to them, their gameplan and individual players and after to impose our gameplan and capacity. We are going to prepare both defensively and offensively.

“I think first is to be positive in our capacity and then work hard. I know my past is to work hard, the present and future is going to be the same. After we can win, we can lose. But above all is be positive and keep moving ahead.”

Prattling on about hard work and the literal basics of setting up for a football game is all well and good, but this year, I’d love to see some of that research pay off during the games. How is the manager going to convert video analysis insights into something spectacular on the pitch?

Big questions are going to be had around the starting 11. Would he dare play Matteo and Willock against such a brutal side? Will he fall back on old faces, namely Granit Xhaka. Will he insist on playing out the back, despite the clear evidence the team struggles to make it work, even against shite teams?

Will we baton down the hatches? Or will we exercise some of that newfound mobility in the side?

There needs to be a progression of thinking this season. The squad has improved, the ideas have settled, so Liverpool should be the first chance to see if we’ve shaken the demons of the H2 of the Emery era.

One man who is dreaming big is David Luiz.

“In life you have to believe,” said the 32-year-old. “If you don’t try things you are never going to know if you can do it or not.

“My philosophy on life is to be positive and to be a dreamer. But understand to dream is one thing and to achieve your dream you have a lot to do.

“I can dream and we can fight for something big. That is always going to be my speech to everyone – it is possible for us and everybody.

“It is up to the team, the team is going to dream more, the team is going to prepare better, understand the game and that is it.”

David Luiz must be well aware that we have a very good squad this year, otherwise, he wouldn’t have joined. We have depth, we have quality and we have a few youngsters that could make the jump. Not title-winning, but for me, why shouldn’t we be challenging the top 3 with our squad?

We don’t have the Champions League to deal with like Spurs.

They tanked the back half of the season because of that trophy.

They basically have the same group of players.

With Chelsea fizzling out again after a good start and United looking limited, we really should be shooting for top three this season.


Am I being too aggressive?

Let me know in the comments you sexy beauties. x

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  1. TitsMcGee

    Also not looking forward to LFC. Should be an interesting barometer. If we get hammered that’s a bad sign I think.

  2. Leedsgunner

    Liverpool love ins… like Tottenham love ins are so boring.

    They can be beaten.

    We need to be disciplined, limit our turn overs to a minimum attack and defend as a team.

    Turn and face, never hide.

  3. Guns of Hackney

    Liverpool are the European champions and finished runners up in the league with the highest losing points total ever.

    They have an outrageous attack and a potential world player of the year in defence.

    They are at home.

    We have two queefs that have taken three weeks off because of a moped duo.

    Probably a thrashing.

  4. shaun

    That game was 2-2 if xhacka was playing , and that should an arsenal Fans big issue ……why is a coach who is supposed to be so tactical gonna put Xhacka straight back in the starting 11 against Liverpool , would be interesting to see other opinion as for me the guy makes a game changing error every game ……and what about Nelson has not bee setting the world alight as he is young and you can see he is being cautious as he appears to be concentrating on his positioning and defensive duties gotta a strange feeling he will make it but he needs an extended run of game , again what’s the opinion on Nelson ,also would like to see the Torreia , willock and Cellabos three man midfield working just concerned it is a little light weight physically

  5. Bojangles

    The three reports I read about what Emery said about meeting Liverpool all stated that he was joking when he said it.

    It would be great if Luiz’s way of thinking about football was contagious.. Auba, Laca and Ceballos are very positive just need the rest of the team to follow, especially those left over from the Wenger years.

  6. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Prattling on about hard work and the literal basics of setting up for a football game is all well and good,’

    What do you want Emery to say exactly?
    Do you want him to describe exactly how we’re going to set up.?

    Arsenal have a very difficult game to play against Liverpool but it’ s not a forgone conclusion.
    We should set up to play on the counter. With Auba there’s always a chance we can score.

  7. Pierre

    From previous thread.

    It shouldn’t be about how many goals a striker scores or if he scores one in 4 or 5 chances.

    A lot of strikers pad their stats up with meaningless goals when they knock in a goal or 2 when the game is already over.

    This season Aubamayang has scored 2 goals , both very well taken goals that have won us both games so are worth their weight in gold .

    Also, if you look at strikers like Aubameyang and Lacazette, to me Aubamayang will always have more chances because he is a natural striker and has a strikers movement in the box , he has the ability to find space in the box , unlike Lacazette .
    The goals Lacazette and Aubameyang scored at the weekend were typical examples of their forward play.
    I doubt if Aubameyang would score a goal similar to lacazette’s and vice versa.

    Because of his excellent movement and intelligence , Aubamayang will always have more chances, whether he plays as a striker or out wide , which means he will miss more chances .

    Aubameyang rarely gets involved in the physical aspect of the game unlike many strikers , consequently he rarely is injured.

    His game is all about finding pockets of space on the pitch so that when he receives the ball he can use his pace to great effect.

    You rarely see him go in where it hurts to score a goal in the box , I would say he has like an in built defence mechanism that instinctively lets him know when a challenge is coming…..Thierry Henry was very similar , he knew when to put his foot though the ball and he knew when to toe poke it to a avoid the challenge. .mbappe and Salah are also of that ilk.

    Other strikers such as Shearer or Ian Wright were always liable to contact injuries as they were prepared to go in where it hurts , which is not always the most wise thing to do.

    Harry Kane does occasionally get himself involved in the physical side of the game , I don’t believe he has that in built mechanism to feel when a dangerous tackle is coming , hence he will always pick up ankle injuries , similar to Jack wilshere.

    Aubamayang is a top level striker and we are fortunate to have him at the club , fans should focus on the positives in his game instead of the negatives.

    Strikers will always miss chances , it’s the best strikers who will keep getting into those same positions and be prepared to miss ( or score) that puts them above the rest.

  8. Sid

    Midfield Torreira, ceballos with willock further forward has the mobility to do the job, laca to drop in there when we dont have the ball. Gunners will win at worst its a draw you heard it here 1st!

  9. Sid

    Size doesnt matter against football playing teams its smarts that matter, size matters against the medieval football teams

  10. Pierre

    “also would like to see the Torreia , willock and Cellabos three man midfield working just concerned it is a little light weight physically”

    Physicality in midfield is probably not the most important aspect for the liverpool game.

    The liverpool midfield is nothing special , they area good unit and function well for the team .

    Personally, I feel it is important to stop the supply lines , and they are the full backs .
    If we don’t shut down that area it may be costly .

    Theres no point in putting Aubameyang and Pepe wide as they will be found out defensively against the 2 excellent liverpool full backs .

    Maybe go with a 4-4-1-1 at first to allow us to have 2 midfielders protecting our full backs ..

    Play Aubameyang up top to make runs into the space that the full backs have vacated , Ceballos behind him, he can also slot into midfield if we are under the cosh .

    I’m not sure we can fight fire with fire away to liverpool that’s why starting with a defensive line up could be the best option .

    Later on , can bring on players like Pepe , Lacazette , ozil , Mkhitaryan or Nelson when the game stretches out.

    Difficult game whichever formation is used….

  11. Cesc Appeal

    It’s going to be a tough game, we all know that.

    I personally like the joke, there seems to be a good feeling at Arsenal right now and it’s clear that has gone all the way to the manager.

    With Luiz and Dani Ceballos we’ve put some much needed arrogance into the team.

    It’s annoying that Holding, Bellerin and Tierney are not fit, the full backs particularly.

    That said, playing Liverpool this early might catch them when they are not quite up and running. What money on them coming to life in this game?

    Aubameyang and Pepe have to sit behind their fullbacks and in the space between full back and CB.

    I’d use Luiz whenever possible to totally bypass their press and play longballs into those channels. Van Dijk then has to choose whether to leave his central position to clear them up which leaves Lacazette in the middle.

    Also might make Liverpool retreat.

  12. Henke

    I have noe belief in a victory on Saturday. Liverpool don’t fit us very well in terms of how they play, and how we want to play. The defense is still really shaky, which Liverpool will be far better able to take advantage off than Burnley and NUFC.

    However, for the season as a whole, I have a big belief we will at least finish top 4, possibly above Sp*rs as well.

    My preferred team for this match is:

    Nelson is probably a better defensive player than Pepe, as well as very neat and tidy on the ball. However, he doesn’t strike fear into defenders hearts in the same way Pepe does. I’d probably start Nelson, and let Pepe get somewhere between 30-45 mins in this game.

    One last note, Auba is not a RW. He was awful in the first half against Burnley, and Liverpool will make it even harder for him.

  13. Bob N16

    Staying with some Liverpool supporting mates. They’re very negative about this weekend’s game. Hope their worst fears are realised but I would take a draw here and now.

    Liverpool may not be at their best but a game against Arsenal might just provoke them into form. Nick a draw and then spank Spurs. 10 pts after 4 games would be a fantastic start with a squad still in development stage.

  14. PhD2020

    Graham62August 19, 2019 09:33:34
    As I said, a very angry individual and a bit of a dick.Enjoy your day.
    Says the geriatric that bangs out 100 posts per day,with every other reference to Arsene and engages with another geriatric in the form of CG..

    I reckon Victor Meldrew-you walk around the neighbourhood wearing a tank top or tight t -shirt with ARSENE OUT emblazoned across the front in big bold letters.

    Probably walk your pet poddle wrapped up in a body and leg warmer with the same words”ARSENE OUT” emblazoned over the poor mitts body.

    Enjoy your day also-oh positive one..

  15. Lari03

    I was of the opinion that we should have played Chambers instead of Guendouzi against Burnley, that way we might have kept a clean sheet, but that’s history now.

    Against Liverpool I don’t fancy setting up defensively, I would rather start Martinelli and Pèpè alongside Aubameyang in a 4-3-3. Torreira, Guendouzi and Ceballos in midfield and the same defense fielded against Burnley.

    This side has a chance to match Liverpool pace for pace, then bringing on Lacazette in the 2nd half when the instruction should be to get runners shooting more shots on target.

  16. Words on a Blog


    You’re back in form – excellent analysis of Auba and other strikers, and I agree with your views on the midfield.

  17. Cesc Appeal


    Interesting. I thought we should have started Martinelli against Burnley instead of Nelson to see if he could step up. He has a lot of pace and a lot of directness.

    Alexander Arnold and Robertson are great full backs but they do leave a lot of space when they go forward.

    A good plan might be stifling Liverpool in the midfield as Spurs did in the UCL final which then means their full backs have to try and carry them into the game which will then leave even more space.

    A hard working midfield is what we need, highly mobile and pressing Liverpool to not give them a minute to try and link up. If we play Torreira he needs to be aware of when Firmino drops deeper because he gets that attack working.

    If we do that Liverpool will over commit their full backs.

  18. Spanishdave

    Keep pressing Liverpool like we did in our home game, if we let them have space that will hurt us.
    Pépé could keep them busy if he can show early in the game that he has to be marked that will stop the backs coming up too far.

  19. Nelson

    I have a nose for a good midfielder. For average midfielders like Willock and Guen , they go for a save pass. Against an organized defense, you can see the ball passing back and forth without moving the defense at all. That’s only ball possession, but the attack is slow and tedious.

    Ceballos tries to move with the ball through the gap. It forces the defense to move and becomes unbalance. It opens up space for our other players to receive his pass in a more advanced position. I can see that once he is fully bedded in with the team, his game will be even more effective.

  20. China1

    I don’t think you can call willock just a safe passer. He regularly goes for long xhaka style diagonal long balls. Those aren’t easy to pull off consistently

  21. Valentin

    I would keep the same midfield and keep Xhaka firmly glued to the bench. In the first two games, Guendouzi has cut out his risk taking and does not suffer from blind panic pass like Xhaka. In his short cameo, Torreira showed that he was still lacking physicality. He was brushed aside more time than Willock and Ceballos.

    Last season Aubameyang got a lucky goal against Watford by pressing them, but I would play Lacazette as he is more natural in this pressing from the front role. If Liverpool stuck to playing from the back, Adrian is a goal waiting to happen.

    Nelson may have had a quiet game going forward, but he was diligent in tracking back. I am not sure that Pepe is yet atune to that. There were moment late in the game against Burnley where he just stood and watched his opposite fullback run at AMN and create an overlap. Unless Emery decide that the best form of defense is attack, I would start with Nelson.

    My only change to the starting team would be to replace Aubameyang by Kolasinac and start with 3 at the back.

  22. Dissenter

    ‘I’d use Luiz whenever possible to totally bypass their press and play longballs into those channels. Van Dijk then has to choose whether to leave his central position to clear them up which leaves Lacazette in the middle’

    Liverpool will win most of those balls because they have defenders that can attack the ball aerially. They will win most of the aerial challenges against out forwards line. They also have the benefit of recovery pace from Van Djke and their full backs.

    Lacazette is looking out fof sorts. Emery is better off playing Xhaka along with Ceballos, Torriera and Willocks in a 4-4-2, behind Auba and Pepe/Nelson.

  23. China1

    Liverpool are an awesome team but it’s one game and we go into it with more confidence than usual and some dangerous new players whilst they’re yet to get 100% shark themselves

    I’d take a draw all day but we should go into this looking to steal a win. An early goal could work wonders as you’d hope we’d always be dangerous for a second and even more so if they push forward more

    Pépé or subs are going to bang in a great goal in the first 15 mins I’m sure of it. Then after 30 mins we’ll be 2-0 and anfield will be stunned quiet

    Whether or not we still go on to win the game I’ve no idea though haha

  24. Emiratesstroller

    Having watched all the top 6 teams play in EPL I don’t consider any of them significantly better than Arsenal apart from Man City.

    Yes Arsenal always struggle away to Liverpool and no doubt many of the pundits will rank us below them and no doubt they have in Van Dijk, Salas and possibly Mane three potentially world class players. However, there are weaknesses in their team most notably in midfield where they are average.

    Spurs are in my view a team difficult to beat because they are well organised,
    fit and play a pressing game. However, does anyone consider them an outstanding team? Frankly they are very lucky to have got a win and draw in
    first two games of season.

    Chelsea look a lot weaker this season in absence of Hazard. They start off strongly as they did against both Man Utd and Leicester, but they seem to
    lose momentum and struggle in second half of games. On present evidence
    I cannot see them finishing in top 4 this season.

    Man Utd had a great result against Chelsea. Let’s judge them after tonight’s game against Wolves. Personally I think that they will continue to struggle
    to score goals against strong teams as they did last season.

    Arsenal should improve this season with the addition of both Ceballos and Pepe. The major question which needs to be answered is how the defence will
    perform this season.

    The major tests will come in the next two games. I would like to think that we
    might get a draw against Liverpool and a win against Spurs. If we were to produce those results I do think that we are in the frame for a decent season.

  25. Graham62


    You obviously have a fetish for Victor Meldrew and some serious personal issues of your own.

    I tell you what, let’s not engage with one another. Makes perfect sense to me.

    You’re obviously still learning a few things about yourself and life in general.

    Good luck with all of that.

    All the best.


  26. Dissenter

    We need the hardest workers in the Liverpool game
    Something tells me Emery will tinker, rather than use the first two games as a foundation.
    He may start with Ozil which will lead to our obliteration from giving away the midfield.
    Xhaka played well against midfield. I think he’s a better defender than Guendouzi, even when you factor in his gaffes.

  27. Valentin

    Willock and Ceballos are not the same type of players.
    Ceballos is a dribbler who is trying to make thing happen via control in short space which can sometimes lead to mistakes. For all the good thing Ceballos did, his Aubameyang assist came from a tackle.
    Willock is a runner and first intention passer. Guendouzi shot came from him exchanging passes with Guendouzi from the edge of our penalty box to avoid Burnley pressing and the making a long pass to Ceballos in space. Same thing with Torreira shot, quick first intention cut back.

  28. Nelson

    Nowadays, every footballer has both offensive and defensive duty, except the GK. Granted, Reiss Nelson’s offensive output is disappointing. As early as in the Newcastle game, I have already complained that he kept moving inwards instead of beating the defender as a winger. However, his track back was solid. I am not so sure that Martinelli can do that.

  29. Wasi

    I dont believe its the worst tym to play Liverpool.
    Salah , Mane have returned late from international duties and like Pepe arent fully fit. And fortunately for us they are probably going to be without Alission in goal which sets them back offensively anf defensively. And with Pepe in line to start and Ceballos already integrated + Ozil back we have the firepower to match them offensively. Our defense and midfield needs to be focused and strong. Also if we sit back and play on counter we have Luiz to spray the ball to Pepe who is a menace in counter attacking situation and turnovers in possession. So its not all dark.

  30. Emiratesstroller


    Ozil is unlikely to play against Liverpool, but I can see him used in Spurs game.
    He played well against them last season.

    The only reason we lost games against Watford in past is because they are physically a strong and big team.

    They are very similar to Burnley. Somehow I think that Arsenal will be better
    prepared when we play them this season.

  31. Wasi

    If you watched martinelli in the preseason ud know that he is a very hard worker in the defensive side if the game too. His pressing is relentless and is not afraid to go into tackles. But he probably isnt ready for a Prem game yet.

  32. Dissenter

    Unan na
    Why is weak.
    Playing Laca, Auba and Pepe isn’t as great as people think. It’s foolhardy away from home at Anfield.
    I prefer Xhaka to Guendouzi defensively, even when you adjust for Xhaka’s penchant for errors.
    Having two runners [Willocks and Ceballos] along with Torriera and Xhaka should help us compete in the middle. We need to congest the middle.
    Playing a standard 3-5-2 just sets up their excellent FBs to decimate is.

  33. Wasi

    Yeah ozil could get some minutes against Liverpool but don’t expect him to start. It should be the same midfield or maybe torreira for willock if emery wants to protecc before attac.

  34. Wasi

    If pepe doesn’t start at Anfield its probably going to be Nelson. And Martinelli is not ready for big time yet and Emery might prefer mykhi over Martinelli.

  35. Dissenter

    Honestly, I’m not trying to start another ruckus with Pierre
    I just don’t know of any situation where I would play Ozil unless there were injuries
    There’s little need for about-to-be 31-year old attacking midfielders with three league assists in the preceding season who aren’t invested in the defensive aspects of the game.

  36. Cesc Appeal


    Nelson is far too timid. He seemed to shit himself playing Burnely at home, gave the ball away, weak in possession, weak mostly in the final third.

    Diligent enough getting back but that is a very basic requirement. If he surrenders possession to Liverpool’s midfield or defence as easy as he did Burnley it could be a long game.

    On the basis of pre-season Martinelli looks more ready than Nelson. Far more confidence, higher work rate and far more direct.

    Very ballsy decision if Emery plays him and a huge show of confidence in him. I just hope it’s not one of those decisions that ruins things for us.

  37. Dissenter

    I would start with Wilocks at ‘pool though
    His direct running and ability to cover the field will be disruptive to Liverpool. It may create problems for them. We can’t just be on the back foot most of the game.

  38. Nelson

    I am talking about the rule and not the exception. If we are in a fast countering situation where the opponent’s defense is already open up, every EPL midfielder can make a good forward pass.
    In the past, when we played against a parked defense, our attack looked slow and tedious. For example, the first half of the Newcastle game.

  39. Dissenter

    I agree that Nelson isn’t further ahead of Martinelli.
    Don’t let that 6 weeks purple patch of a season -long loan fool you. Martinelli is braver and looks like the more seasoned footballer. Nelson will be on the transfer market come June 2020. He looks like one being fattened up for a big fee.

  40. Champagne charlie

    “We are going to prepare first with the adaptation to them, their gameplan and individual players and after to impose our gameplan and capacity. We are going to prepare both defensively and offensively.“

    This is where I disagree and think he falls short, the first objective is always to look at the opponent. So we’re just a reactionary side trying to forever nullify the opposition. “Our capacity” is god knows what.

    I’d skip the jokes too, they don’t come off great. It’s one thing to joke like that about say a Messi, but joking you never want to play a domestic rival is beta Male stuff. Much rather hear these are the games we grow up wanting to play, the games we train for, the games that excite us the most. More of that and less about Liverpool being rub-worthy please.

  41. PhD2020

    Graham62August 19, 2019 10:58:33

    All good,bearing in my mind-you engaged me..

    Roger and out..

    Or rather Arsene out!! 🙂

    Do have a lovely day Victor!!

    All the best.

  42. Dissenter

    At worst, Martinelli defends as well as Nelson.
    He has that swagger about him.
    Ceiling-wise he looks like the better footballer, just my subjective opinion.

  43. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t think Emery should be too negative in the build up with the players, don’t want to send the message we just have to hold on there.

    Clear plan to stifle Liverpool but also we have to know that we can get at them and cause them real problems.

    The midfield has to be about mobility for us because that is all the Liverpool midfield is, mobility and work rate. There isn’t some CAM to watch.

    If Bellerin and Tierney were fit and sharp, if Pepe was up to speed I’d actually be quietly confident.

  44. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    Nothing wrong with it, our academy either needs to produce quality for the team or money from sales.

    We’re starting to do that now and it’s the exact right approach.

  45. shaun

    I don’t believe Torreia,Ceballos,Wilock will be to light weight against Liverpool but it would be a huge risk against Spurs who rely on physical power in the middle of the park , we all like to see ball players play but we also know the Prem requires the correct mix of ball players and physical prowess .As most Arsenal supporters can probably see we need a Nodembele type player to add to the arsenal squad or put another way …. the other CM we need but hey we will see. so is it back four or a three man defense against Liverpool ?

  46. Valentin

    Martinelli is part of the U23 team. He will be involved with the first team, but the first part of the season he is here to learn.
    Being willing to defend and commit fouls that lead to free-kicks means less than tracking and blocking passes and clean tackles which is what Nelson did against Burnley and Newcastle.

  47. PhD2020

    Champagne charlieAugust 19, 2019 11:24:07
    “We are going to prepare first with the adaptation to them, their gameplan and individual players and after to impose our gameplan and capacity. We are going to prepare both defensively and offensively.“

    Who said this?

  48. Dissenter

    I would also chill on this Tierney hype.
    When the lad becomes match fit, he still has to come to terms with the pace and quality of the premier league.
    He’s not coming to us premier league ready. The Scottish league that he dominated is shit quality [undoubtedly] . Playing in losing CL qualifiers against the champions of Latvia or Cyprus has to be flagged as CL experience.
    We have to be patient with Tierney. He’s not just going to waft into a starting position and dominate the league. Robertson did his learning at Hull city. Tierney may come good but that won’t be until the latter parts of the season.

  49. Lari03

    Reiss Nelson isn’t quite ready for Liverpool, he won’t rattle them and it would be playing safe with him.

    Martinelli on the other hand is quite the risk taker with direct plays and you can feel he’s likely to run his guts out to get results, defensively and offensively.

    We can’t have Õzil, Mhkitaryan or Xhaka.

    I look forward to seeing how Ceballos steps up at Anfield. Against Wjinaldum, Fabinho & Co, will he roast them or will they stifle him? It’s going to be a very good away game.

    No fear.

  50. Cesc Appeal

    Tierney learning will be a better LB than Monreal and Kolasinac, I’m pretty confident of that.

    He should only get better from there.

  51. Dissenter

    Martinelli is in the first team and will get his chances like anyone else once the league cup and EL start.
    At that point, either he or Saka will leap above Nelson on the pecking order of Nelson doesn’t take the opportunities that come his way.
    Nelson isn’t some exceptional prodigious talent that we will endure with no matter what.

  52. Lari03

    I reckon Tierney played 2 legs against PSG circa 2017 during the group stages when Emery was PSG manager, I may be wrong about the timing though, but it happened.

  53. Dissenter

    Emery will be wise to just approach the season with a mindset that gives Martinelli, Nelson and Saka an open audition.
    Don’t pick any of the three as ‘senior’ player because no one has earned it.

  54. Dissenter

    You’re right that Tierney played in both legs of the Celtic-PSG in the 2017 CL group stages.
    I believe they lost that 12-1 aggregate.

  55. Emiratesstroller

    I will be surprised if Nelson starts in preference to Pepe against Liverpool.

    Pepe showed enough in second half of game against Burnley to confirm that
    he is physically stronger of the two players and that will be required at Merseyside.

    If Xhaka is fit he well play in starting lineup. Ceballos will also play in midfield.
    The third option will be between Torreira, Guendouzi or Willock.

    I am doubtful that Ozil will be considered in starting lineup against Liverpool
    having missed the first two games of the season. My view is that Ozil will have
    to sit on bench before he will be considered in a starting X1 and will need to
    demonstrate when and if he comes on as a substitute that he is able to perform at the top level in pressing and high tempo game.

    I will be surprised if Emery makes more than two changes for the Liverpool
    game. Pepe will come in and Xhaka will be selected if match fit.

    What will be more relevant is who will be selected for the bench.

  56. Wasi

    Going from a talent to a first teamer is an up and down curve. You can’t say for sure which of Nelson and Martinelli has a higher ceiling. What can be said is that both have high potential. You cant compare their potentials and its going to change depending on how their development goes.

    Martinelli may be more vibrant and direct but Reiss is more mature. Id even say that Saka is more mature than Martinelli. And in terms of giving the ball away Reiss, Martinelli , Saka and even mykhi are gonna do that in their current states. Martinelli tries too hard and is still very raw. His passing is inconsistent and doesnt really know when to go or when to stay. He definitely is confident and a wild card but Reiss is a safer and better option right now imo. After Martinelli gets some good minutes in league cup and EL then maybe he can start challenging Nelson but until then i dont think so. Nelson is far ahead of him in many aspects of the game.
    And anyways throwing an inexperienced 18 yo against the likes of van dijk and co is never really gonna work in our favor unless the 18yo was someone as prodigious as mbappe or felix .

  57. PhD2020

    Champagne charlieAugust 19, 2019 11:24:07
    “We are going to prepare first with the adaptation to them, their gameplan and individual players and after to impose our gameplan and capacity. We are going to prepare both defensively and offensively.“
    Ok,I see it was Emery..In his defence-his English is somewhat limited.Maybe,he is somewhat unable to convey his true thoughts,or articulate them properly.

    That said,I’m growing a bit weary in terms of trying to identify our playing style.
    I just don’t see it,cannot put the pieces together,which for me is rather worrying.
    Given,we’ve had a season and some.

    Our defence needs to be sorted out-more of a unit and tight, we need to be more compact in midfield..We have the personnel of some sorts,a more enhanced first team,let alone squad this season.

    The offence takes care of itself.

    I just hope and pray to the gods,that Emery can extract the best out of what we currently have.
    I’m lacking some belief…But time will tell..

  58. HighburyLegend

    “we really should be shooting for top three this season.”

    But of course, the likes of CG, Guns of Hackney, Valentinenosebest, Rambo Ramsey, Don – just to name the most famous around here – will all tell you that it’s impossible…

  59. Cesc Appeal


    I completely disagree.

    If we’re going to throw a young player in at winger then for me it’s Martinelli. I have never really been convinced by Nelson and I think we’re severely limiting ourselves in attack from the off.

    If we do start in attack as we did against Burnley and Nelson and for that matter Lacazette have games like they did then it’s over before it begins.

  60. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal will go for experience on Saturday and not experiment against Liverpool with a bunch of teenagers as they did against Burnley and Newcastle.

    Anfield is a fortress so the priority will be to contain Liverpool as long as possible. Arsenal’s major weak link is likely to be on flanks where Liverpool are offensively strong.

    This is Arsenal’s achilles heel in absence of both Bellerin and Tierney. Maitland-Niles is not defensively solid, Monreal is 33 and struggles to last the
    pace of game for 90 minutes and Kolasinac is not a defender.

  61. raptora

    Disappointing of Emery to say what he did that he’d rather not play Liverpool this year. We are bloody Arsenal. I know we have not been a serious club for a long time, but we still have our history, our pride. I don’t agree with his comment and I think it’s bad to openly admit that you are afraid of your opponent as the captain of the Arsenal ship. He should instill confidence and belief. Unacceptable comment by him.

  62. Champagne charlie


    Very true, could be a level of miscommunication there in detailing his outlook. However, every suggestion to date has been how Emery fixates on the opponent and that’s my overriding concern about our approach.

    Personally I love the confidence of those that go to every ground with the intent to impose their game, obviously aware of the threat of the opponent. We don’t seem to have the balance right from where I sit, fascinated with the opponent leaving us to wonder what our actual game is all said and done.

    Answer me this, what are Liverpool (or any other) doing when they prepare for Arsenal to come to town? To me it’s a vague defence against dangerous talents like Auba/Laca vs any real system to disrupt.

  63. HighburyLegend

    @raptora : remember with Arsène ?? It was the exact contrary : telling the press and the whole earth that we are ready for fighting, that we are not afraid, they should be afraid of us.”

    We all remember those memorable results vs chelsea, liverpool, the chavs, manure and city…. (lol)

  64. Dissenter

    You take these press briefings and media fluff too seriously.
    What manager has ever disclosed the match tactics of a Saturday away game on the Monday of the preceding week.
    Reminds me of when you latched unto that fateful internal staff email Vinai sent after we lost in Baku.

    You know the guy can’t order a sandwich in English to save his life yet you expect him to detail his match tactics 6 days in advance to the media!

  65. Wasi

    I completely disagree too. You say you have never been convinced by Nelson. So what makes you think Martinelli is a better option. Martinelli has merely played in 4th division Brazil and preseason for us. And by that small sample what has he done to stand out more than Nelson. To add to that we dont know how much time will he take to adapt to the Prem’s speed of the game. On the other hand Nelson has prem + Bundesliga experience. He may have not been stellar but he’s got the upper hand on Martinelli who we have a very small sample size if. I doubt martinelli would even get a spot on the bench with Ozil and xhaka returning to the first team.

    Emery has shown the tendency to go for experience over youth. But the same cannot be said this season for him i think. The club has babbled a lot about the youth + Emery completely ousting mustafi for chambers + benching mykhi for nelson could be a hint of the things to come.

  66. Marko

    the clear evidence the team struggles to make it work, even against shite teams?

    Our passing out from the back isn’t that bad granted it’s not great but I dunno where you’re seeing bad.

  67. Receding Hairline

    When we played Liverpool last season. first game at the Emirates we matched them pace for pace, press for press and were unlucky not to win the game. At Anfeild we started very well offensively, took the lead then fell apart defensively

    I would rather take my cue from those two games than whatever is said at a press conference. Acknowledging your opponents strengths has never been construed as weakness so i don’t get this meal being made from saying we will prepare to nullify their strengths.

  68. Champagne charlie


    On the contrary you take everything written on here too seriously.

    Following the email from Vinai I literally posted a link and said “good grief”. A verbal eye roll at the impotence. You decided to latch on like I’d written chapter and verse.

    Same here. I just stated what approach I favour from managers, and I didn’t expect or demand any divulging of tactics. But again, in you rush to point a finger and claim some nonsense.

  69. Dissenter

    Actually, any manger that does not start by accounting for an opposition as good as City or Liverpool is already doomed.

    The Emery question is already determined – his contract expires this season. The minimum goals he has to attain to keep his job are obvious. There’s no need for drama really.
    No need to start over-weighing comments from a man who still starts conferences with ‘good ebening’.

  70. Guns of Hackney

    We wouldn’t make top three if there were only three teams in the league. Arsenal will always find a way to surprise you.

    As for beating Liverpool…they are scousers, 99% have an addiction of some description, a chip on the shoulder, the world owes them a living and they are thieving bastards.

    Alternatively, tell a scouser the Beatles are overrated and watch them implode. Cunts.

    Mancs and scousers. Yuck.

  71. Cesc Appeal


    Because I think Martinelli has a higher ceiling, has more pace, is more direct and has a better engine.

    I’d be more willing to give him time and roll the dice with him than Nelson.

    I’ve always maintained that Nelson for me is a mid-table squad player at best. I still think that will be proven true.

    I don’t feel as bad about Anfield as I did last year, if Nelson starts a lot of my confidence is drained unless a drastically different player turns up. We all know the issues with our full backs so our wingers ability to find space behind Liverpool’s full backs, to cause Liverpool to change their play and carry us forward is going to be critical.

    We’re never going to agree on Nelson because I wasn’t bowled over by his Hoffenheim loan. Started well as an impact player and then totally faded into nothingness.

  72. Marko

    Something tells me Emery will tinker, rather than use the first two games as a foundation.
    He may start with Ozil which will lead to our obliteration from giving away the midfield.

    Absolute nonsense honestly. If you think he’d start Ozil you’re having a laff. Stop with the predictions

  73. Cesc Appeal

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see Emery go with the same team as Saturday. The only question is whether or not Pepe is thought to be ready

  74. Dissenter

    Nope Charlie. You deduced that Vinai/Raul weren’t competent in their jobs because the letter written wasn’t decisive or meaningful enough. You with the Liverpool owner’s comments after they lost out of the league title. I believe you were enjoined to let their actions speak.
    Same here. You expect a manager to broadcast his Saturday match tactics or the preceding Monday.
    Who cares what a manager says on a Monday morning. Actually, Monday is still post-match analysis of Saturday’s game and recovery time for the team. They aren’t in full Liverpool mode yet.

    You get distracted by the seemingly sparkly lights way too easily.

  75. Dissenter

    ‘Stop with the predictions ‘
    Yes predictions are solely for your royal highness
    Like Tierney will be ready to play in two weeks? Lol

  76. Marko

    I would start with Nelson Auba and Pepe honestly. Nelson hasn’t done too bad and puts in a shift defensively and Pepe I think is needed especially with Robertson being such an attacking outlet for them. Win the ball back quickly and look to Pepe. No to Lacazette he’s not fit enough and every fucking time he plays they shunt Aubameyang out to accommodate him and it’s fucking stupid. And no to Martinelli I like him but you don’t start your first competitive game away to Liverpool. Interesting to see what midfield we go with. I think it’s a given Ceballos is going to start and after that I think he’ll go with Willock who he likes. He’ll probably go with Guendouzi who’s done well the first two games but I would personally prefer Torreira.

  77. Dissenter

    I can’t believe we ditched the Iwobi experiment [rightfully so] only to want to recreate it with Nelson
    That ‘at least he’s good defensively’ argument really doesn’t cut it.
    Start with Pepe, that’s why we emptied a bank vault to get him. Big games- big players.
    Take the fight to them. Keep their fullbacks occupied so they can’t hurt us.

  78. Marko

    Yes predictions are solely for your royal highness
    Like Tierney will be ready to play in two weeks? Lol

    I never said will be. Still though for you to bring that up after you spending the summer trying to convince us that he’d go to Leicester (after they sold Chilwell to City) to aid in their battle for a top 4 place is fooking hilarious. Keep it up mate I’m learning buckets

  79. China1

    I think people are too harsh on Nelson

    His two starts have been nothing to shout about but not every kid can deliver their best on day 1.

    Think how massive an occasion it is for players like him to finally make it to the team. Not all players are cesc and come in at 100%. Some need a little time to grow into it.

    I am not saying he should be starting at Liverpool or that he’s started the season brilliantly, but he’s been judged quite harshly which for a kid with 2 first team appearances under his belt is a bit much imo

    Give martinelli the chance as 3rd choice winger after Auba and Pépé by all means and let Nelson earn his minutes. But let’s not jump on the he’s not good enough bandwagon so quickly

  80. China1

    Also you can’t compare a kid who has only a 2 appearances with us to his name to iwobi. Iwobi was given about 3 or 4 years to produce.

    If Nelson is already being compared to iwobi then he’s not doing badly for his age and inexperience

    Some of you guys are brutal I swear

  81. Champagne charlie


    At what point were you apparently anointed with the gift of telling folk what their POV is?

    I just stated what I posted regarding Vinai’s email, it was you that then charged through the door in absolute defence and I indulged further why I felt the email so impotent. Days later John Henry delivered a rousing sentiment among the staff at Liverpool following a CL win NOT being reason for them to rest on their laurels. So spare me your ignorant recount.

    Even now, claiming I want match tactics divulged in a presser? Where have I said anything approximating that?

    Really rich to hear your take on some matters, you’re like a goldfish totally forgetting all manner of daft comments you’ve made along the way, and how utterly knee jerk you are with your appraisals. The least you could do is process what’s being said by others correctly.

  82. Receding Hairline

    Yes Valentin is trying to pull a fast one with the constant reference to one or two defensive contributions made by Nelson on Saturday
    He was pulled off at half time and everyone agreed with that call. He was ineffective and timid in possession, didn’t try a single take on nor run at the full back

  83. Champagne charlie

    “Like Tierney will be ready to play in two weeks? Lol“

    There you go again…

    Or how about like Tierney will be a Leicester player?

    Absolute goldfish.

  84. Marko

    I’d be more willing to give him time and roll the dice with him than Nelson.

    I do actually tend to agree with this. It’s similar to a conversation Paulinho and TR7 were having recently about Elneny not being that bad and why Guendouzi played so much more than him last season. It’s because playing the highly rated 19 year old instead of the 26 year has far more upside to it long term wise and that’s the same with Martinelli who is likely going to be a far better player than Nelson in the long term. But in saying that I would still start Nelson in this game

  85. China1

    Nelson is 19. What had Pépé achieved at 19?

    Most of you lot hasn’t even heard of Pépé until a year or two ago…

  86. Dissenter

    I’m not dissing Nelson though
    I just don’t think he should be guaranteed of the odd starting spot ahead Martinelli or Saka. I think the manager should let all three battle it out from an equal footing…and let the best man win.

  87. Jamie

    Does anyone think we’ll struggle against Liverpool in the same was Federer struggled against Djokovic pushing him to 12-12 in the 5th set during the Wimbledon final?

    Predictions are great.

  88. Dissenter

    I’m not saying I don’t get some wrong
    I’m arguing for equal opportunities to predict ], same as everyone else because we all get it wrong sometime.
    I’m fighting that selective amnesia that Marko has about some things he’s gotten wrong.

  89. China1

    Has Martinelli done more in his brief career so far than Nelson did in Germany last year?

    Like I say, by all means like what you’ve seen of Martinelli and be disappointed by all 2 of nelson’s senior appearances, but from the way some of the people here talk you’d think Martinelli had a great record in a major league and Nelson has done nothing by his mid 20s

    Nelson is a big talent who showed a lot of promise at hoffenheim. He seems to have been nervous in his two games so far. Drop him. Whatever. But don’t write off his talent.

  90. Champagne charlie


    You’re just arguing. The irony isn’t lost given you’ve just commented about my views today and gotten them wildly wrong. The selective amnesia stuff is becoming a bit of a go to for you too, used that on me recently about me ‘never admitting being wrong on anything’ or some shite.

    I’d arrange my own thoughts before trying to pass remarks left and right at others and their inputs personally.

  91. Marko

    I can’t believe we ditched the Iwobi experiment [rightfully so] only to want to recreate it with Nelson
    That ‘at least he’s good defensively’ argument really doesn’t cut it.

    (Shakes head) I’ll not comment on the experiment part cause it’s silly but literally our only options for the left going forward are Nelson, Martinelli and Saka unless you want a square peg in a round hole with Ozil and Mhiki.

  92. Marko

    I just don’t think he should be guaranteed of the odd starting spot ahead Martinelli or Saka. I think the manager should let all three battle it out from an equal footing…and let the best man win.

    He’s not. It is.

    Also I admit when I get things wrong but it’s generally rarely cause most of my opinions are based on logic and reason. I don’t tend to make any grandiose statements it’s all fairly simple stuff. Though I did say that I could see us nabbing Pepe early in the summer but it was more hopeful than anything expectant. Also argued that the delay in some of our signings was due to some of the tournaments in the summer. More luck than anything on that one

  93. Wasi

    Okay we may never agree on Nelson until he turns 23-24. But you cannot make a sane argument to start Martinelli over Nelson in a professional pov.It can only be done in a fan’s pov which is ur pov in this convo.
    And where are you getting all ur info about Martinelli. His speed and confidence are visible sure but you cant gush about his engine when we havent seen him play 90 minutes in a real match or even in a pre-season match.
    Remember Pepe was also a mid table squad player with flashes of brilliance until he turned 22.

  94. Dissenter

    What did it get wrong about your comments?
    Your penchant for jumping all over meaningless media fluff. You expected the manager to detail his approach to Saturday’s game on a Monday morning?
    You’re trying too hard to pretend you weren’t caught drawing conclusions based on nothing.
    I was hoping that this summer’s transfer business would have chastened your knee jerk approach to the new management team. I mean you’re running butt-naked out of the pool a la Archimedes, yelling ‘Eureka’ when in facts all you have are Monday ramblings of a non-English speaking manager.

  95. Eduardo

    We should make third this season for the reasons you describe.

    This is honestly the best time to play Liverpool. They are far from their best. Even if we lose it won’t be the hiding we got last time. Even with the suicidal tactic of playing out from Leno, the fact we have Luiz and Ceballos makes me feel much more confident.

  96. Marko

    Also dissenter I’m not actually telling you to stop with the predictions I clearly don’t have that power it clearly wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. If I did I would ask you to stop being a fanny on certain things

  97. Cesc Appeal


    Obviously it’s a fan point of view…I mean does that actually need to be said? That’s very pedantic.

    Where is my view on Martinelli coming from? Watching him play football. Same as with my view on Nelson.

    Nelson will not get to 24 at Arsenal if he doesn’t show something. If I’m right agreement won’t matter because he will be a forgotten footnote. I’m not into Nelson, never have been. Pretty much the end of for me. We’re talking prospects and I think Martinelli is a better prospect. Again, end of for me. You disagree, fantastic.

    It’s football and thankfully we will get to see what happens.

  98. Dissenter

    Is 23 years the magic number now?
    We can persist with Nelson until he’s 23 years old, same as we did we did for Iwobi. We can’t comment on Nelson because Pep didn’t take off till he was 22 years old?

    Nelson has real completion from Saka and Martinelli, that’s all some of us are saying. It don’t think he’s that much better than either of the two. He shouldn’t be sheltered from that completion because the ‘rivals’ aren’t played as much as him.
    That’s all I’m arguing. Give all three an equal opportunity to stake their claim. Nelson can show us what he has all season. We just wasn’t to see some more of the rest as well.

  99. Marko

    I mean Nelson hasn’t done too bad so far all things considered. I personally predicted another loan for him last season. Started off preseason poorly but then had decent showings against Lyon and Barca. Did well against Newcastle but was admittedly non-existent against Burnley. Very up and down but it’s worth pointing out that he’s playing LW and as far as I can tell he’s not used to that. Still though that’s his only chance to start otherwise it’s back up to Pepe.

  100. Champagne charlie

    “What did it get wrong about your comments?“

    Apart from everything you were spot on mate, kudos.

    “You’re trying too hard to pretend you weren’t caught drawing conclusions based on nothing.”

    Oh you’ve “caught” me have you? Someone’s in desperate search of a gold star. I commented on Emery’s press conference and pulled one aspect that I see being supportive of the idea he concerns himself with the opposition above all else – something I disagree with. But you’ve caught me or something.

    “I was hoping that this summer’s transfer business would have chastened your knee jerk approach to the new management team.”

    Knee jerk? We had nothing more than a decent summer last summer, then an abysmal January, then 6 weeks of no movement in or out besides expired contracts and you have the bollocks to claim that knee jerk dissatisfaction? From the same guy telling the club to sign Ceballos on a permanent after the first half of his home debut?

    Take your seat you melt.

  101. James wood

    A man met a beautiful lady and decided he wanted to marry her…
    She said,”But we don’t know each other”…
    He said,”That’s all right,we’ll learn each other as we go along”..
    So she consented,they were married,and off they went on a honeymoon
    at a very nice resort…
    One morning they were lying by the pool,when he got up of his towel
    climbed up to the 10 metre board and did a two and a half tuck,followed
    by three rotations in the pike position,at which point he straightened out
    and cut the water like a knife..

    After a few more demonstrations he came back and lay down on the towel…

    She said ,That was incredible?”.

    He said “I used to be an Olympic diving champion.
    You see,”I told you we would learn more about each other as we went on
    So she got up,jumped into the pool started doing lengths..
    After 75 lengths she climbed out of the pool ,layed down on her towel
    hardly out of breath…
    He said,”That was incredible?
    We’re you an Olympic endurance swimmer?”…

    “No “,she said”I was a prostitute in Liverpool but I worked
    both sides of the Mersey”…😅

  102. Pedro

    ‘You know the guy can’t order a sandwich in English to save his life yet you expect him to detail his match tactics 6 days in advance to the media!‘


  103. Danialtos

    All this talk about philosophy by the usual suspects..what is Legrove’s favourite tuchel’s philosophy?…How about Jardim?…Frankie Lampard according to some is playing Champagne football which has left them sitting at a massive one point so far…Monsieur Wenger’s philosophy left us at 6th….frankly speaking I don’t give a shite how we achieve top four this season….our so called philosophy of passing the ball sideways and then getting hit on the counter time and time again has left me scarred over the years.Infact at anfield I would love for us to go set up in a 5-3-2.

  104. Valentin

    Martinelli is part of the official U23 picture that has just been published, so Arsenal considers him primarily as a reserve player rather than a first team player. He will still play some games and be involved with the first team, but at least for the first part of the season, his main focus will be learning.
    He is still raw and throwing him against Liverpool is too great risk.

  105. Pedro

    Agree with the comments on Reiss.

    He looks a little bit overawed by the starting position.

    Versus Willock, who is trying to brutally impose himself on a role he believes is his.

    Reiss needs to take some tips from Jadon… or Gabriel!

  106. Bojangles

    FFS guys, what Emery said about facing pool was said pin a joking manner, even Pedro in a roundabout way stated that. Lighten up a bit.

  107. Marko

    Martinelli is part of the official U23 picture that has just been published

    I’m not sure but would that have something to do with the three years of training before he’s 21 and becoming homegrown? That’s what I assume because he’s very much been training with the seniors and on the bench since day one

  108. Pedro

    Danialtos, game has always been the same, that you don’t give a shit about philosophy is irrelevant to the realities. Major clubs are in a battle for TV audiences and sponsorships. That’s why owners are pressing for charismatic coaches and electric footballing philosophies. It’s also important to players who need something to believe in.

  109. Osasrobin

    Arsenal nd Liverpool games has always been an entertaining one, But I think at the end of 90mins they will no that this is not the Arsenal of last season. This is a team were the likes of Bellerin, Tierny, Kolasinac, Holdings, Xhaka, Ozil, Nelson, Miki, Chambers, Martinelli and Joe willock will all be fighting for their various positions. If u look at these bench, compare to Liverpool were u only have Chamberlain, Shaqiri, Orogi, Keita nd winadum. These bench cant win u leagues. They were fortunate to have the champion league after all, Leicester won the league coming from relegation after 100yrs. Remember, the so called title contenders single handedly lost the league by them self’s last season.

  110. Dissenter

    You got owned this morning with your hysterical over reaction to the rambling words of a man who still starts with ‘good ebening’
    Emery should have just presented a power point of his Saturday match tactics or ranted about diving a la ginger head.
    It doesn’t take much to rile you up, really.

  111. Batistuta

    Charismatic coaches and all that is just plenty talk, fans care more about results at the end of the day, I’m with Altos, i don’t care how we do it, we just need to achieve top4 at the end of the season and maybe a Europa league trophy to add… The philosophy bit will come later, the league is vastly competitive asides Pool and City.. Every game is super tough and very unpredictable, I’d much rather results than anything else

  112. Jamie

    Jadon is liquid. Is he still on the same terms at Dortmund as when he signed? If yes, huge offers will start flying in next summer.

    His development is miles ahead of Nelson’s.

  113. Valentin


    You really looking for arguments whenever you make a comment.
    If you had read all my comments, I did state that Nelson was timid in attack and never tried to beat his man on a 1v1. Pepe was much better on that front. However I also saw that Pepe got dispossed near our penalty box after trying an unnecessary dribble. I also noticed that a lot of Burnley crosses came from his side because he left AMN deal with two players. Guendouzi then had to help out wide leaving a gap in the middle.

    There is a reason why Pepe was dropped at the AFCON 2019 by the Ivory Coast, he was not helping his right back either.
    Against Liverpool, it would be suicidal to leave AMN on his own against Mane and Liverpool left full back. Guendouzi would not be able to help out because then Henderson would be free in his zone.
    So hence my suggestion that Nelson may be the better initial approach to weather the initial storm and then later hit them with Pepe on the counter-attack.
    Emery may decide that attack is the best form of attack, but then don’t be surprise if Liverpool score a few goals from that side.

  114. Dissenter

    I would rather castigate Emery on Saturday night if the team he sets up is shambolic and we get disgraced.
    Jumping all over him in a Monday Monday, 6 days before the match for comments made at silly press conference is rather dim and agenda driven.

  115. Emiratesstroller


    The only question is whether Emery will play against Liverpool a 4-3-3 formation as he did against Burnley on Saturday with Ceballos, Willock and Guendouzi in midfield OR

    He plays a 4-2-3-1 as I think that he is more likely to do against Liverpool. Player selections will depend on the formation.

  116. vickingz

    Trying to adjust to nullify the opponent may not always come out beautiful, why not concentrate more and perfect your strength? Just set the team up in a way that brings the beast in every player on the field and let the fans have a good game for 90 minutes.

  117. Marko

    Bati I agree. I could careless about seeing an Emery philosophy this season given he could let go in the summer. The only thing that matters is champions league in the short term worry about a long lasting philosophy in the medium to long term. FYI a Champions League budget would massively help Edu in that regard

  118. HighburyLegend

    “For us we don’t want to play against Liverpool ever,” he joked after Saturday’s 2-1 win over Burnley.”

    “HE JOKED”, ffs!!
    (Pedro, you’re anti-Emery obsession goes beyond sanity.)

  119. HighburyLegend

    “Jumping all over him in a Monday Monday, 6 days before the match for comments made at silly press conference is rather dim and agenda driven.”

    @Dissenter : I’m 100% with you.

  120. Champagne charlie

    “You got owned this morning with your hysterical over reaction to the rambling words of a man who still starts with ‘good ebening’“

    What in the fuck are you talking about?

  121. Wasi

    23 is no magic no. but that age is about tym u can make a more accurate judgement of a player imo.
    Some player take more time to shine than others. For example you can compare Two ex-Arsenal stars in Cesc and RVP. Cesc was already balling at 18 while RVP was a late bloomer but you can’t argue that RVP didnt fulfill his potential just because he didnt razzle and dazzle at 20 years of age. Plus attackers are usually take more time to develop their skills and fulfill their potential because the position demands of attacking players are far more superior and difficult than that of a midfielder or defender.
    Theres one more recent example for yall. Jeff. Man was a real hot topic at the grove for past days . We dumped him too early and now that he has realised his potential or close to realising his potential we mourn that we dumped him.

    We never gonna agree on Nelson i beleive . Only time will tell if he’s good enough. I Hope he does. Cheers.

  122. Moe

    Lpool’s offensive strength is in their fullbacks, Salah and Mane’s pace and directness, and a midfield that keeps coming at you all game. Maitland Niles’ goal at Anfield was a case of catching the fullbacks on a rapid counter which was a game plan.

    Absolutely nothing wrong with scouting opponents and attempting to neutralize some of their strengths. Mourinho was the master of that. However, unlike Mourinho I don’t think that will be Emery’s only game plan. A technical mf of Willock and Ceballos anchored by Torreira can match Pool’s and that along with dead ball proficiency may be the decider. Pepe and Martinelle out on the wings will pin their fullbacks a lot. Emery will be derelict to not plan to counter their fullbacks.

    Klopp will clearly adjust and keep his fullbacks disciplined, that is what good coaches do. Assume some of us miss our gung ho days of just bombing forward under the guise of identity…………..quite laughable seeing how astute teams capitalized and cut us to shreds in those instances.

  123. Receding Hairline

    Nelosn is not a defender Valentin…he did not make the team to help the fullback

    Helping the fullback is all well and good but what happened to running at the opposite fullback and take on’s???

    I don’t support Nelson starting at Anfield for whatever reason, he has not earned that. He was timid against Burnley and got pulled at half time for a reason. I would even Mkhi before i consider Nelson at this stage

  124. Wasi

    Barca finally dump Coutinho and Idk why but j get the feeling he is gonna come back to haunt them in the CL if he is not claused-out of the game.

  125. China1

    I really doubt teams care about philosophies because of tv money

    Ask any side outside the top 6 in England what their philosophy is and I think the answer with only a few exceptions will be find a win at the weekend.

    As for the top teams, they can afford to metaphorically and literally to build a style that they like and is also effective so the situation is condusive to it anyway. It’s not that big a deal

    What was man utd’s philosophy over the last few years? Don’t say attacking football with young players because nobody hires Mourinho and expects that

    What was chelsea’s TV friendly philosophy in the past 5 years?

    Do Liverpool really have a philosophy or just a perfect storm of a good manager abd good recruitment for once?

    City do, because sheiks dot want to invest billions and watch Mourinho football

    Arsenal haven’t

    Spurs maybe

    Leicester I guess

  126. Pedro

    Chitom, if you don’t understand something, just say. Denying this existence of something as basic as a football philosophy is flat-earthing.