Captain quandary + Guess who is sick?

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Our first Saturday match of the season has landed and it feels good. Enjoy it, they’re going to be few and far between.

So what’s new?

Ozil has been ‘sick’ again, lolz, there are people that have eaten directly from a nuclear reactor with stronger immune strength than him.

Arsenal ditched the captain’s notes. Xhaka is the ‘Voice from the dressing room’ in the matchday programme… it’s like Arsenal is in its early twenties at a fancy University, we’ve just met an older student that’s running side classes in wokeness called Kale-isthenics, and we’ve just learned that the captain’s armband is actually social construct and is basically a form of oppression.

Emery hates it. He can’t wait to tell the captains of other clubs that they’re contributing a vicious cycle of captain-archy that’s directly contributing the anxiety of naturally weak people.

Good for Unai, but I can’t help but think a team that really lacked leadership when the chips were down last season should perhaps be making one person accountable for being the go-to for dishing out meaty bollockings.

Checklist for the captain:

  • Make sure they’re not injured
  • Make sure they’re going to play the majority of games
  • Make sure the fans and players like them
  • Make sure they are good at football
  • Make sure they can battle knife crime with their BARE HANDS

Probably going to be Xhaka… guy can handle the spare key though, so who am I to sniff?

Burnley at home shouldn’t be a problem, but if we play like we did against Newcastle it might be.

They’re capable of putting the wind up us and they have some speed in their ranks… Ashley Barnes can be a bother at times and I hate playing shit-kickers with an unsettled starting 11.

Our defence put on a great show against Newcastle, our full-backs played with more discipline, which looked like a tactical decision based on ability. It’ll be interesting to see whether that holds up tomorrow. I’m also waiting to see how Emery treats Chambers now David Luiz has been with us a couple of weeks. We are one week from Liverpool, Luiz making his debut against them is a scary proposition… so is Chambers starting against Firmino, Mane or the ruthless Origi.

We need a big performance, lots of energy, lots of chances and a bit of a statement.



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  1. Ishola70

    Big Papa with an important header from their 2nd corner.

    Torreira initially got knocked off the ball too easily leading to their 1st corner. If he can’t defend his own goal not much point in him being in there.

  2. karim

    A bit disappointed after today’s performance but we’re very much a work in progress.

    With 6 points in the bag now !

    Ceballos was fantastic and Pepe slowly grew into the game although he should have assisted Auba better to kill the game.

    Be patient with Pepe, he will come very good imo.

  3. Paulinho

    TR7 – My problem is that his ball retention and continuity in terms of possession disintegrates as the game goes on. He starts hiding a little bit, looks laboured physically, and ends up just being there not doing much. He has one gear and can’t match increase in intensity.

    Still can’t get that pathetic tracking back against Rennes out of my head., when Ramsey overtook him despite being thirty yards behind him when the Rennes counter started.

  4. TR7


    Does Fernandinho have ‘penetration’ in his game ?

    P.S : Not comparing Guen to Fernandinho but looks like some of you have set the bar too high for him when it comes to judging him.

  5. Nelson

    Once we got our two FBs, the team will function even better. Willock has a lot to learn to reach Ceballos level.

  6. Cesc Appeal

    Still a lot to work on. That game needn’t be as tense as it was. Some good work from the Burnley GK to be fair. Burnley’s only real spell of pressure in the second half was the last 30 seconds of the game.

    Dani Ceballos was brilliant. Played 2 games in the EPL and already is doing his off the ball duties and getting involved in the physical stuff to a greater extent than Mkhitaryan and Ozil ever have.

    I thought Pepe looked lively, very quick feet and adds a clear threat. Still doesn’t look totally up to speed but that is to be expected. When he’s fully up to pace he should be something.

    I feel better about the team with Luiz at CB, very assured, talks to his teammates etc.

    Lacazette looked well off the pace which is worrying for Anfield. If he plays like that we’re in trouble.

    Nelson, just yet to be convinced at all by him.

  7. China1

    Ceballos had the best performance I’ve seen from an arsenal CM in 5 or more years.

    Was a threat to goal, ran himself into the ground. Made the second goal. Was involved in everything, all over the pitch. Barely put a foot wrong. Turned his man inside out relentlessly. Was a great link between midfield and attack and had some real stand out moments

    Fabulous looking player. Pogba go to Real Madrid already ffs

  8. Marko

    Who said that he was going to pay me a beer if Emery played with a back 3?

    That was Marc though technically it was in reference to you stating that we would start with a back 3

  9. vickingz

    Maybe the pass was short but a good striker would bury that ball. Auba is playing in epl not the weak German bundesliga. He’s just so wasteful for a striker

  10. WengerEagle


    No but he asserted himself on games for Citeh and was much better defensively than Guen is.

    Off the ball Fernandinho did most of his work for Citeh whereas Guen is a non-entity off the ball.

    Also sloppy in possession at times, he played a hospital pass to AMN midway through the 2nd half where he was a very lucky boy that AMN is rapid and just about got his foot to it to boot it clear.

    He looks smooth on the ball and picking those short passes/darting into a few yards of space but Elneny offered us this and it wasn’t nearly enough.

    He’s still quite young but I’m just not seeing much upside to his game as of now.

  11. Ishola70

    Luiz decent debut, Pepe showed a few flashes but undoubtedly Ceballos stole the show with a very good debut.

    Burnley gave it a fair go tbf.

    Guendouzi has to improve in the air. Got beaten a few times too many today in headed duels in dangerous areas.

    Next up first real test at Anfield.

  12. Steveyg87

    Provided he can stay fit and disciplined off the field, Cebellos is going to be huge. I just hope Real Madrid don’t recall him during the course of the season

  13. LegendMax

    I think we’ll realise just how good our transfer window was as the season wears on.
    All four key transfers ( ceballos, Pepe, Luiz, tierney) are major improvements on their positions.
    We still need to buy zaha tho…..for that left side. Auba not a winger….rotate him with laca upfront

  14. TR7


    ‘Ceballos had the best performance I’ve seen from an arsenal CM in 5 or more years.’

    Come on now, great performance from Ceballos but best performance in 5 years ? Santi against Man U when we beat them 3-0 at home was a sensational performance and there were a few more great performance from him. Ramsey in FA cup was superb. Diaby against Liverpool was mindboggling although not sure whether that’s been more than 5 years.

  15. vickingz

    And emery isn’t a coach to take us to the promise land, walahi. He just enjoys complicating issues. Of what importance was kola sub when he could have added a winger to push Burnley back but he opted to open that flank up to Burnley instead

  16. China1

    I think people need to be more patient with RN

    He has gone from kids football and Germany to playing for arsenal in physical PL matches. Some kids rise to that challenge very naturally and quickly. Some never rise to it at all. But many won’t rise to it in one or two matches alone. RN should be our 4th choice winger this season so with injuries, suspensions, cup games and resting players he’ll get plenty of minutes.

    He doesn’t look like an overnight sensation but he has quite a bit about imo and it’s the manager’s job now to coax it out of him.

    But let’s not forget he wouldn’t even be on the pitch if we had a full strength team.

    The same is probably true of willock, though again willock contributed a lot more than Nelson

  17. Marko

    As for the game we were significantly better second half but still wasteful. You can tell once we’re properly up and running how important Ceballos and Pepe are going to be. Still some worries thought the 10 shots from Burnley in the first half wasn’t good enough but they started well last week. But we gotta do better with the chances we create because we sometimes struggle to create really good chances.

  18. WengerEagle

    Not a world beating performance by any means but 6 points from 6 is all you can ask for after the way we started last season especially.

    Would like us to start at Anfield with Leno, AMN, Chambers, Sokratis, Monreal, Luiz, Toreirra, Ceballos, Pepe, Aubameyang, Lacazette although Laca looked really off the pace today.

    Would still have him in there because I’d trust him to come up with a goal over anyone else that we have available.

    If we have Guendouzi or Xhaka in CM we’ll really get exposed and it will be ugly.

  19. Ishola70


    “Guen is a non-entity off the ball.”

    That’s an unfair comment really. He does a lot of tracking during a match and his pressing and the effectiveness of it was really evident at Newcastle where he was very noticeable. Today not so noticeable though.

    Really people forget his young age because he has seen so many first team matches at Arsenal already.

    He has to improve in direct physical challenges though especially aerial duels.

  20. Cesc Appeal

    What’s great is Burnley are a very physical side and Dani Ceballos took to it really well.

    Very positive sign. No hiding, no cowering away from the rough stuff.

  21. China1

    Yeah I’m quite open to Luiz at dm with torreira and Ceballos in front of them against Liverpool

    It’s not a bad idea imo

  22. Marko

    I can see Guendouzi is just going to be one of those players for fans to rag on. On the one hand I would much prefer to see Torreira more than him sure but he’s clearly improving. Clearly. Less headless chicken better ball retention and release

  23. WengerEagle

    Did Santi not assist all 4 goals in a 4-1 win against Wigan at the Emirates that all but sealed a CL spot for us in the 2nd last game of the season in 2012/13?

    He also bagged a PL hat-rick away to Reading.

  24. Elmo

    If we don’t sort out our defending of lofted balls into the box, we’re going to be losing away to Brighton, Burnley, Watford, Palace, Everton etc. again this year.

    Ceballos a revelation today. Luiz was fine; not always in the right position, but combative and better than what we have on the ball (I was wrong to criticise his signing). Pepe not quite on it, but looks like he has the beating of the man every time he is isolated 1v1.

  25. Ishola70

    Torreira needs to show a really big game soon.

    Having doubts about his real worth to the team after being initially positive when he first signed.

    He got brushed off the ball far too easy in the lead up to that flurry of corners from Burnley at the end there. If he fails at that aspect of the game then difficult to see his worth.

    Hope to see a real big performance from him soon.

  26. China1

    Actually I think guen did well off the ball today and last week

    He’s doing better in that regard than last season tho ofc has room for improvement.

  27. vickingz

    He looks smooth on the ball and picking those short passes/darting into a few yards of space but Elneny offered us this and it wasn’t nearly enough.

    I’ve said it countless times, guen is just elhneny v2

  28. vickingz

    Yeah I’m quite open to Luiz at dm with torreira and Ceballos in front of them against Liverpool

    Luiz as dm against Liverpool???? With what legs & positioning??

  29. China1

    Torreira is a bit unlucky to have not had a full preseason and he’s come in for 10 mins here and next up is Liverpool and spurs

    Not sure we can expect him to be at 100% off the back of this, though we don’t need his help

  30. Northbanker

    Burnley team built like rugby players- they will give a lot of teams problems this year and we should see this as a good win even if there are defensive doubts

  31. Dream10

    Wenger Eagle

    Guendouzi is a guy that should specialise in playing behind the ball. Good engine, quality on ball. Needs to bulk up and improve off the ball. He doesn’t have the ability to play ahead of the ball and in the final third.

  32. Jeff

    And….we’re back in the room. Caballos, master stroke signing. I hope we can keep him. Not sure of the situation. We haven’t had a flare player like that in ages. Pepe also did some very wonderful things towards the end. That two against one situation should have been 3:1 though but Auba sometimes just hasn’t the brains or the character to finish off vital situations. Anyway, first time we’ve won to opening games in 10 years. Defence looks better with Luiz. We’ve 6 points and temporarily top. Overall, a brilliant Saturday, and well done to all. Very happy.

  33. WengerEagle


    Re Toreirra, he’s just so damn tiny. And he’s not a stocky 5 foot 6 guy like a Medel or a Tevez that can take the many knocks that come your way in the PL, he’s very slight.

    Good footballer but I agree, not sure if he’s suited to PL football long-term. May end up selling him back to a club on the continent sooner than fans expect.

  34. Marko

    Guen is a non-entity off the ball

    That’s actually a load of bollox respectfully. His positioning has been better these first two games than anything we seen last season less walkabouts. Actually seen him drift off and contest headers where the RB and LB should have been today

  35. Kay

    I did see Burnley midfield getting sucked in too easily on few occasions when we played out of the back and at times gave Ceballos lots of space to work out.

    We are definitely not there yet, but it does give me some confidence.

    Ceballos shits over Xhaka all day long. No way Xhaka should play ahead of Ceballos or Torriera.

  36. BacaryisGod

    Forget about the score and the performance for a moment. Can’t we just celebrate the fact that Mustafi has almost certainly played his last game in an Arsenal shirt?

    I can’t see how being frozen out for a year is going to help his long-term future as a player so I think he just has to take the loan deal.

  37. TR7

    Non-entity off the ball ? Not sure about that. He covers a lot of ground and moves a lot to make and receive passes. That we manage to play out from the back is largely down to Matteo. I take Paulinho’s criticism that he has only one gear and agree with you both about his not top class defensive ability although he seems to be getting better at it but can’t help but bar is set too high from him. Torreira doesn’t get any criticism from people but I am not sure whether he has done any better than Matteo since he has joined us. And his level drops too as the game progresses and at a faster rate than that of Guen.

  38. raptora

    Now we should relax with Dani C. He’s my boy and I’ve been bigging him all summer long, but not every game will go his way. I hope he is as influential as he was today in every game we play, but let’s not go overboard with him. Fantastic game by him but we can have a decent opinion on if he’ll be that star player he was today on the regular only after he’s played for us for couple of months straight.

  39. WengerEagle


    I thought he played ok for 30 mins against Newcastle and then faded into the background. Not sure what he is supposed to bring to the table after so many times watching him, could do with a loan to really determine the kind of player he is at a lower level because he’s too passive and green for a PL club chasing a CL spot.

  40. HighburyLegend

    Feels good to see Freddie on the bench seconding Emery, instead of the useless Bould.
    Feels good to see that, without some great saves from their goallie, it could have been a tennis score for us.
    Some adjustements need to be made, some balance to be found, but 6 points after our first 2 games, so CYG!!

    (Mustafi and Ozil in the stands, dressed as tourists. Coincidence ?? lol)

  41. Cesc Appeal

    That energy that Dani Ceballos brought today should be the game plan at Anfield, that energy on Fabinho all game long. Don’t give him a moment, drive at him with the ball, press him when he has the ball.

  42. WengerEagle


    Not much good is it when he can’t win a header to save his life though.

    He doesn’t put in tackles, gets beaten for fun in the air, is sloppy in possession and with the timing of his passes and what does he offer beyond the half way line?

    I don’t care how young he is. It’s bizarre that he’s given a pass on here when Nelson is getting killed week after week now and people look the other way on Willock too.

  43. HighburyLegend

    Still an amazing numbers of anti-Emery trolls… today our pal vickingz – aka “games of thrones”‘s biggest fan – is leading the band, strongly seconding by Rambo Ramsey.
    Keep it up guys, this is so more usefull than support the team.

  44. Cesc Appeal

    Big call for Emery though is whether he starts Lacazette, he looked way off the pace today.

    Do not want to see Nelson starting at Anfield.

    Interested to see how we line up in attack.

    Could it be the first time we see ALP?

  45. Paulinho

    TR7 – There are some aspects to his game I like.

    In the first half, Ceballos played him a ball just outside the area that would’ve left Xhaka would’ve been panic-stricken, but Guendouzi waited and slipped a nice three yard ball back to Ceballos who had made a little dart forward.

    Just think that game would’ve been an absolutely horrific watch without Ceballos. That midfield plus the ugliness of Auba out wide, and Nelson passive as ever.

    We really needed Coutinho.

  46. TR7

    Burnley are great in the air. Not winning headers against them is kind of expected. And sloppy on the ball – where does that come from ?

  47. WengerEagle

    It’s not being a smart arse.

    Would you rather Xhaka in there with them steaming through him at will on the counter?

    Or Guendouzi/Willock doing their best rabbit in the headlights impression.

  48. HighburyLegend

    “Next up, a spanking at Anfield”

    And of course, there’s only one team which will be spanked at Anfield this season… lol

  49. Cesc Appeal

    The thing is I think we all know we need to add physicality and athleticism into the midfield.

    That is something Sanllehi, Edu and Cagigao should be looking for now.

  50. Champagne charlie


    Yea, Ceballos has played 70 mins at home in the prem and already that’s him eclipsed Santi, Ramsey and even Ozil for midfield performances of the last 5 years. Mind blowing.

    It was a good home debut, but typically knee jerk stuff from some on here. Points are most important early doors and thankfully we have them, the performance levels need a sharp and steady rise however because both games have been painful at times.

  51. HighburyLegend

    GoH, vikingz, Rambo, CG and all their pals (fuck me, they are so many!!) wants Arsenal to be as impressive than Citeh or Liverpool…

    But still, they’re proud to be Gooners.

  52. Dream10

    Next week what I think Emery will play

    Sokratis Luiz Monreal
    AMN Willock Ceballos Xhaka Kolasinac
    Pépé Aubameyang

  53. WengerEagle

    ‘And sloppy on the ball – where does that come from ?’

    Under-hitting a basic 10-15 yard pass out to AMN in our own 3rd that nearly gifted them a dart at goal, luckily for us AMN is rapid and just about got there.

    It’s a common enough feature of his game, under-hitting or misplacing simple passes to the fullbacks.

  54. DUIFG

    Nice to get the points and see ceballos being a baller with bite.

    Again though why no intensity first half? Another half time sub to add some energy. Why do we need to get into a pickle before picking it up.

    Actually liked willock, nice touches and got his foot in.

    Guen is a write off for me, 50 games for us and he’s never played above a 6 out of 10.

    We can’t play out of the back for toffee

  55. Cesc Appeal

    Guys the acronym has to match up with how they line up on the pitch.

    Unless you want Lacazette out wide I will have less of this LAP talk.

  56. Marko

    Not much good is it when he can’t win a header to save his life though.

    I mean he was contesting them so no still not a nonentity. And I think I think that the reason he gets a pass is because he is showing improvements and he’s still young. Maybe temper your expectations a bit perhaps? Young 20 year old midfielder in his second season of top flight football who’s still ultimately a squad player. Perhaps go easy on any definitive statements on the lad

  57. TR7

    From next time onwards, I will keep a pencil and a piece of paper with me when Arsenal play and note down minutes when Matteo contributes to forward play, shows poise on the ball and helps our defense out with his running all over the pitch so that baseless tags such as ‘rabbit in the headlights’ and ‘sloppy’ can be countered with actual precise instances. From what I see I find him contributing to our attack and help our defense out by always being near to the ball.

  58. Nelson

    As for the selection of CM, it depends on the opposing team. Against a team playing mainly high balls to the box, we’ll need a taller CDM like Xhaka. Against the Pools with fast attackers, Torr and Guen can do the job.

  59. vickingz

    Still an amazing numbers of anti-Emery trolls… today our pal vickingz – aka “games of thrones”‘s biggest fan – is leading the band, strongly seconding by Rambo Ramsey.
    Keep it up guys, this is so more usefull than support the team.

    Supporting the team? How does whatever we say here affects the team? Oh, I forgot emery himself is in here reading and deciding what to do based on our opinions and comments. Shout hail Mary from now till thy kingdom come, no way arsenal fc is gonna notice you and if you can’t see that emery ain’t a coach to take us to the promise land, that’s your thing. You may want to explain to me what positives did kola’s sub bring

  60. Freddie Ljungberg

    Some terrible comments during the game.

    Auba is not an elite striker? Show me a striker that scores on every single attempt please.

    Nelson should have been sold, Willock will never make it etc etc, they just got promoted to the first team this summer ffs, give them some time, infinitely better than enduring elneny or Mikhi.

    Some of the same posters complaining about us losing Jeff/Gnabry/Bennacer because they didn’t get playing time. Smh

    Ceballos brilliant, been saying it since we got him that Ozils days are numbered. Not very Xhaka or Arteta like now eh Pierre and Don?

    So refreshing to have a midfield full of mobility and running, and not having the mistake machines Xhaka and Mustafi in the team made a giant difference, guaranteed one of those clowns would have gifted the ball for Burnley to score.

    We were never going to match Burnley physically, their whole game is based on bullying the other team and scoring on set pieces, their whole team is made of slabs of meat, no shame in losing the physical battles/headers here, as long as we won the 3 points.

  61. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Santi venturing into LAPland anyone.’

    I will arrest you in a minute.

    Santi skiing in the ALPs I would except.

    Santi causing an ALP avalanche I would except.

  62. Nelson

    “help our defense out by always being near to the ball.”

    That’s it. He is near the ball. But he loses most the one on one challenges, especially high ball. He is good when we have the ball.

  63. WengerEagle


    Not sure where the improvements are supposed to be. What’s he gotten better at exactly?

    Look I know he’s young but he shouldn’t starting games if he’s not ready and he doesn’t look it. Could do with a loan to really impose himself on the game.

  64. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    They don’t quite look like the team they were last year. That could change of course, but interesting to see how they get on.

    That said, Burnley beat Southampton 3-0 last week.

  65. DUIFG

    Torreira caballos willock mid for me.

    Plenty of bite mobility and technique.

    Don’t want xacka or guen clogging it up

  66. vickingz

    GoH, vikingz, Rambo, CG and all their pals (fuck me, they are so many!!) wants Arsenal to be as impressive than Citeh or Liverpool…

    Seems we are already as impressive as the clubs you mentioned in your own eyes hence you see every other contributions outside what you are seeing as some fans demanding to be MORE impressive than citeh or Liverpool

  67. Ishola70

    “Im sort of thinking I’d like to see next week Chambers and Luiz. Perhaps Sokratis is our problem. ”

    Big Papa wasn’t a problem today.

    Won some important headers in his own penalty area.

  68. TR7


    I liked Elneny and I remember you too preferred him to Xhaka. Strange that you had time for Elneny but not Matteo who is definitely better than Elneny.

  69. Marko

    According to whoscored Guendouzi has 1.5 tackles from 2.5 attempted in his first two games and has three clearances and one blocked shot. Won two of the 6 aerial duals he’s faced.

  70. Cesc Appeal

    If the pattern remains we really need to look at a Partey, Doucoure etc type buy for the midfield. Perhaps a gamble with a young player like Sangare?

    We’ve got some good young talent but none I would describe as really physical in there. Willock has athletic attributes but he’s not a physical presence with it, same with Guendouzi, same with Torreira.

  71. Ishola70

    “Ceballos is both silky and a scrapper.
    He’ll be the end of ozil for sure”

    Nah he is not really easy on the eye. Runs with a gait. Not pretty on the ball but who cares when he has such an impact on the match. Has enough talent and attributes.

    We have seen silky players with not enough substance = Mesut Ozil.

    Time for players with substance and irrevelant in whether they look silky.

  72. Edu me a favour

    Nobody bar city and maybe pool , will wipe the floor with Burnley this season. As the season wears on people will realise just how important this win was. We will get a lot better too , a lot of negativity on here after the win which is really unnecessary considering the start we had last season. Pépé has some great touches , let the guy settle ffs , guendozi has clearly improved and added to his brilliant ability to drive the ball forward. Yes there are areas to improve upon , individually and collectively but we’re moving in the right direction. I think patience is the name of the game here , things will not happen over night , we all know this so I don’t get comments like “Pépé – a £72 million dud “ , because of 1 bad lay off ? – complete crazy talk

    We have struggled with early kickoffs over the years , great win today , performance will improve

  73. vickingz

    Auba is not an elite striker?

    Is he? Well maybe to you. His all round play is meh, he scores 1 out of possible 6, can’t dribble to save his own life. An elite striker offers more just than scoring and being indecisive

  74. WengerEagle

    Your boy Xhaka had a better season rating on Whoscored than Henderson, Milner, Wijnaldum and Fabinho so pinch of salt and all that.

    Mustafi too had a great rating.

  75. Paulinho

    TR7 – The more time goes on the more I think Elneny is actually better.

    At least the Elneny of 2016 that was looking to impress, and playing somewhat regularly.

    Elneny was actually capable of 2nd phase play. Good shot, nice vision in the final third. Remember his lovely play for Welbeck’s goal at CSKA.

  76. Marko

    It’s a common enough feature of his game, under-hitting or misplacing simple passes to the fullbacks.

    FYI according to the stats he has 2.5 accurate long balls compared to 1.5 inaccurate long balls. His short passing is 54 accurate to 5 inaccurate. His passing success rate is 89%. So no misplaced or underhit passing isn’t a common enough feature

  77. Radio Raheem

    Give it 12 league matches before deciding who goes and stays. The team needs to settle but some are impatient.

  78. TR7


    Nah man. Haven’t really liked an Arsenal player since Rosicky and Santi left but have defended staunchly players such as Ox, Laca and Guen who in my view got rough end of the stick from some people.

  79. Ishola70

    “Loterally zero need for Xhaka if we’re being honest,now”

    He’ll be back for the match at Anfield unfortunately.

    Just wait for it.

  80. TR7


    ‘FYI according to the stats he has 2.5 accurate long balls compared to 1.5 inaccurate long balls. His short passing is 54 accurate to 5 inaccurate. His passing success rate is 89%. So no misplaced or underhit passing isn’t a common enough feature’

    Yes, a lot of undeserved criticism.from WE.who generally has a fair take on most players except Neymar who he always overhypes to high heavens.

  81. Cesc Appeal

    Xhaka is only really decent when we have time on the ball deep in midfield, with that being the case the passing ability of Luiz negates any need for Xhaka.

    Xhaka and Elneny being sold in the future to fund a move for a big, athletic, powerful CDM/CM has to be the way forward.

  82. WengerEagle

    Again, Xhaka’s passing stats on Whoscored would make you believe he’s the 2nd coming of Alonso.

    Did neither of you see the crap hospital pass to AMN or something? Played a similar one after winning the ball last week at Newcastle.

  83. Pierre

    Guendouzi already looks a much more mature player in the 2 games so far this season compared to last .

    It is nit picking to highlight one weak pass.

  84. WengerEagle

    Ceballos did look top drawer today.

    Forced a good stop out of their keeper too but it was his imagination and comfort on the ball that set him apart.

    Pepe had a mixed bag, really good dribble that ultimately led to nothing because he couldn’t sort out his feet, put Auba through with a great reverse pass and should have waited to play a longer hit pass onto Auba at the end there to seal it.

    Looks a few weeks away from his sharpest.

  85. Ishola70

    “Those press evasions are pure silk mate.”

    He comes across as a rugged player on the pitch and I like that because he has the tools on the ball to be really effective and a good fotball brain.

    I think this rugged image is just a reflection of his overall character as well.

    He is certainly not the archetypal smooth looking technical player ala Wengeresque type.

  86. TR7


    So you are saying Emery has got it totally wrong playing Matteo every single game and pushing Elneny out of first team contention ever since he has taken over from Arsene ?

  87. WengerEagle

    Just find it strange, AMN gets killed on here for example when he makes a mistake to the point that people ignore his quality going forward, all important assist for Auba last week.

  88. DUIFG

    Let’s be honest ozil is yesterday’s man now. Would be a disgrace shoe Horning him in after caballos has showed in 1 start more guts than ozil has shown in 5 years

  89. Eduardo

    Ceballos is absolute class. Best player on the pitch today. Really puts into perspective how lackluster our ‘engine room’ has been for the last three years.

    None of our other CMs are on his level, but Guendouzi and Willock should learn a lot playing with him.

  90. Danny M.O

    I would rather play nelson on the rw where he can drive at defenders and whip balls in.
    Right now he is as predictable as iwobi was.

    I cnt wait until bellerin and tierney are back.kolasniac bless him was a bit of a liability today.

    We need to keep ceballos at all costs. o would rather sell xhaka and keep him.Im just glad to not losr my rag at looking at the team sheets when it contained xhaka and mustafi.

    a draw vs liverpool is enough for me. We need to keep picking up points.

  91. Paulinho

    Pepe will be great when he dispenses with the pleasantries and shows a bit of healthy selfishness. You can see he’s trying to look for others and it’s inhibiting his game a touch.

  92. DUIFG

    Of all the signings Luiz could be the most important. I thought all this chat about his character was tosh but looking and listening to him post game the guy is a winner. He has a set of intangibles we have been missing, kos was a good player with abysmal intangibles. It hurt us.

  93. Ishola70

    Pepe had a really poor piece of play in the match though.

    He tried to dribble past an oponent far too deep in his own half, lost out and Burnley countered because of that and right on the Arsenal penalty area.

    He’s got to cut that out right away.

  94. Freddie Ljungberg


    AMN has made some very costly mistakes, losing us points, was at fault for 3 of the goals against Chelsea in the EL final, that’s why he’s getting stick.

    Guen is not the finished article but I think you’re being too harsh on him. I’d play him over Xhaka anyday of the week.

    Hope we’re going to see a Torreira Guen Ceballos midfield in plenty of matches.

  95. WengerEagle

    Ceballos will love playing here, fans already adore him and he is clearly a class above anything else we have in midfield. Expect his goal/assists stats to drive up because he’ll be taking on such greater responsibility and we have other playings in the front 3 for the opposition to worry about which he didn’t have at Betis giving him more freedom to impose his game.

  96. Eduardo

    Danny M.O I agree Nelson reminded me a bit of Iwobi today. Especially giving the ball away in a good position which led directly to a counter attack and Burnley’s equaliser. That was peak Alex.

    He’s young though, hopefully his decision making will improve.

  97. WrightIsGod

    Some of the commenting on this site has degenerated year after year.

    Most critics on here are unable to pass the ball 5 yards in a straight line and yet are so visceral in their opinion you would swear they’ve played at the highest level for 20 years and have a pocket full of UEFA coaching badges.


  98. Paulinho

    “So you are saying Emery has got it totally wrong playing Matteo every single game”

    Yep, but Elneny isn’t the answer long term either, so it’s not really anything be up in arms about.

    Guendouzi is younger, and is seen as the next big thing. Elneny is 27 and seen as an Egyptian journeyman, so it’s no surprise the club are putting their eggs in the Guendouzi basket, especially when you look at the daft valuations being mooted around about him.

  99. Freddie Ljungberg


    Sangare would be my pick for that physical CM, can ball and is 6’3. With him and Saliba in the team we won’t get bullied as easily and teams like Burnley can’t just lump it into the box and expect to win every header.

  100. Paul Kelly

    Great win and all the new signings are settling in nicely.
    Have to say I was impressed with Burnley and expect them to have good season.

    The ozil fiasco needs to be sorted out… thankfully we don’t need him but he is becoming a distraction

  101. Ishola70

    AMN has made far too many individual mistakes that have proved costly to the team to see him getting excused any time soon.

    He needs plenty more moments like the Newcastle assist to get him even with his previous misdemeanors.

    Never thought he was useless though like others. Saw he had some talent but if he doesn’t get his head properly sorted and proves it over an extended period will not matter how much talent he may have he will useless as marked down by others.

  102. Marko

    Again, Xhaka’s passing stats on Whoscored would make you believe he’s the 2nd coming of Alonso.

    When it comes to an overhaul assessment of a player you can’t just throw stats at someone you have to look at him play I’ll give you that. But when you’re talking about misplaced and underhit passing being common and him being a nonentity player then I’m afraid stats alone are enough evidence that you’re wrong.

  103. WengerEagle


    AMN rightly got hammered for the EL Final but it’s convenient to ignore whenever he makes a positive contribution like last week, that was huge and he created that goal from nothing giving us all 3 points. Barely heard a peep about it on here afterwards.

    Nelson had a forgettable game and gets hammered too even though he was Monreal’s clefty foot away from scoring a great left footed finish.

    Certain players in Guendouzi and Willock seem immune to criticism because they are more cultured/busy type of players.

  104. TR7

    It’s like a thumb rule now – any midfielder who has played for Spain national team can’t be bad.

    Iniesta, Xavi, Alonso, Cesc, Santi, David Silva, Mata, Busquest, Alacantara, Ceballos, Senna etc. all quality midfielders.

  105. Paul Kelly

    I was a little concerned that. Mourinho said that Ceballos was too similar to Ozil.

    What he really meant was that he is similar to the Ozil of 5/6 years ago

  106. SUGA3

    I think we have got replacing Koscielny with Luiz right. One year younger, not broken by Wenger’s overplaying, been there and done that, won stuff. Seen a few no-nonsense moves from him we have been lacking.

    Freddie on the bench makes a great change too. Seems more involved.