Arsenal make hay in the sun, but a storm is coming

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Unai Emery reversed the fortunes of last season’s openers with his second win in two games. For a brief moment, we are/were top of the league.

The game boasted lots of positives as the club looks to settle a squad of new players. David Luiz and Dani Ceballos earned starts, Auba moved out wide with Lacazette through the middle, Reiss and Willock retained their places.

The first half was pretty bland from a footballing perspective, but ultimately, I think you just have to accept that Emeryball is never going to get you off your backside. My main critique of our style is that we’re very predictable, more so than last season since the club added better ball players to the squad.

We are militant about playing out of the back even when it’s not working for us. Burnley penned us in our own half and it felt like were constantly turned the ball over needlessly. Liverpool will eat up that sort of approach if we don’t put a bit more variety in our build-up play.

The second slight bugbear is the lack of urgency in our game. We give the opposition all the time in the world to reset as we meander the ball forward from wide positions. I don’t think there’s an excuse for slow and methodical in year two.

That said, we’re more interesting when we do click into gear. David Luiz certainly has a lot more authority in defence than we’ve seen over the last ten years. He’s an attacking threat and the opposition knows it. His passing wasn’t elite today, but there’s a lot of variety in the balls he plays. He’s no 5 yard pass merchant.

I thought the passes that came off were excellent. Additionally, he’s a talker and an organizer. When you’re up against it, say what you will, but I’d rather him on my side… and I’d certainly rather him over Mustafi.

Back to the game. The deadlock was broken by Lacazette. He picked up a front post corner, used his weight to lean into those around him, then slid the ball into through Nick Pope’s legs when he was falling to the ground. Very Lacazette.

Something that’s very Arsenal, conceding sloppy goals. Ashley Barnes, the new Kevin Davies, managed to squirm between Luiz and Guendouzi to poke home.

The second half saw an immediate change, the manager introduced Nicolas Pepe. His introduction gave us a little more control out wide and a lot more know-how.

The football sped up a little, generally driven by the hugely impressive Dani Ceballos. He serves two purposes for me, firstly, he does all the things Mesut Ozil doesn’t want to do (turn up to work). He presses, he pesters, he tackles and he makes himself known. He dropped 7 balls recoveries and attempted 5 tackles. Secondly, he’s a better technician than Aaron Ramsey. He’s grown up thinking about the game differently, so hopefully he can give us a little bit of the best bits from both players. I have to say, I am super impressed how quickly he adapted to the pace. He touched the ball 97 times and created 4 chances.

It was the Spaniard that shut down a counter with an aggressive press, Auba picked up the ball, drove at goal, drilling a low shot past the impressive Pope. Our striker really is one of the most potent forces in world football at the minute. He looks so confident and so fit at the minute.

I’m not sure Emery’s defensive subs did much to calm the game. We looked nervous and it gave Burnley a bit of wind in the last twenty minutes. Bernd Leno had a very poor game, he was targetted with high balls into the box all game and it affected him. For me, if you’re going to flap at a ball with a single fist, don’t do it half-hearted. He’s usually so calm, the game reminded me of when Bolton were shooting from corners at Fabianski. I hope his coaches can nip this in the bud and it’s not an ongoing issue.

Mike Dean gave the game an extra 1 minute 40 and that was that, 3 points and an excellent afternoon in the sun for the fans.


A largely positive day at the office. I think we’re in for a shock against Liverpool next week if we don’t button up. We’re still shaky in defence and I think some of our play of the back has a touch of the kamikaze about it. Against rapid opposition with clinical finishing, we could be in a spot of bother. They haven’t been great against Southampton, but they have some many players that can decide a game in a flash.

I’m also hoping we can start to offer a little more variety to our play. If the gameplan is clear, it’s easy to counter. When we have great central players, why not use them?

The positives… Willock looked very good today. He’s rough around the edges, but you can see he’s going to be a very important player for us over the next few years. He created two chances today. Reiss has to impose himself a little more in games. It was notable how much more of a threat we were when Pepe came on. You have to take your chances, he has to keep pushing forward. That said, I thought his tackle early on was great and he was a shoulder away from a good goal.

Also, from a numbers perspective, we created chances. We had 9 shots on target, a huge improvement on last week. Dani Ceballos found an Arsenal player from all 6 of his corners (wow). Pepe, Willock and Ceballos had 11 successful take-ons between the… we’re running at players. Great to see.

Big week ahead…



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  1. China1

    Giroud was a very decent player but he should’ve been a second striker to an elite first choice

    If you have two up front, auba and giroud for example would’ve been very effective potentially, or you use your elite forward and bring him on as a second half battering ram when things aren’t working and you need a goal

    It was wenger fault for letting the burden of replacing rvp fall on a player who wasn’t that level. That made him a very frustrating player as he was a focal point of a team and wasn’t elite. But again, that wasn’t his fault. If we had bought suarez and kept him as second striker/backup he would’ve been extremely valuable to us

  2. Graham62

    One gets the feeling that Ceballos isn’t the sort of character to shy away from a challenge.

    The way he celebrated after Auba scored showed us all that this kid has fire in his belly.

    I love him already.

    Mesut who?

  3. Dream10

    Wenger Eagle

    Mandzukic is a very effective player who is on successful sides. Don’t enjoy watching him play. Dzeko has had a good career. His goal for Roma against Chelsea in the CL was sooool good. Ridiculous hit that was.

    Sarri wants to sell Emre Can. Bayern and PSG interested. Decent technique but doesn’t excel at anything.

  4. jwl

    Dissenter – I am not notorious but my hatred for Giroud burns as brightly as ever. For whatever reason, L’Oreal represents the banter years of Wenger era for me and I’ll never forget that face he would pull when he once again missed an easy shot from eight yards out.

  5. Dream10

    Ceballos was quality yesterday. Decent celebration, but not a patch on Frankie Coquelin when we beat Man Utd 3-0 at the Emirates.

  6. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I disagree that we are predictable,
    I think dani offers good variation.
    Pepe will take time To bed in, but we look a far better prospect.

    Will take the draw next week.

  7. Un na naai


    She did like rvp though. She had a Dutch ex boyfriend who was the fucking spit of him I found out later through a bit of Facebook investigating. Swear to god. Twins. As much as I tried to dislike rvp after that he won me over.

    Remember watching the World Cup right her in 2010 (when she’d pretend to be ok
    With football for obvious reasons) and we were watching holland and all she did was go on about how good looking Dutch men were!!

    Well I’ll try to be more fuckin Dutch future!! Shall I get more orange in my wardrobe?

  8. WengerEagle


    Na Dzeko was better for me, always smoother on the ball and had more pace than Giroud. Very similar besides that with Dzeko being the more efficient finisher and Giroud edging the link up with the midfield.

    His goal against Barcelona a year back was a goal that Giroud could have never scored, just didn’t have the legs to get in behind like that.

    Dzeko put up five 25+ goals seasons between 3 different leagues in the Bundesliga, PL and Serie A. Scored so many clutch goals for City as well in those title wins.

  9. Un na naai


    You’re the stats man. And you watch far more Euro football than I do but fromhis city days I don’t recall him offering as much as Giroud.

    Giroud was a lot better with tikka takka players around him too. He was at his best then intnhe interchange.

    In space he was awful. We should have had two up top. He and Theo would have been an interesting duo, albeit with plenty of missed opportunities

  10. Graham62

    Actually feel sorry for Zaha.

    Not his fault that Palace were holding out for £80m.

    Still feel he is an exceptional talent that is going to waste.

    Being held in a straight jacket by CP is going to affect both parties.

  11. WengerEagle


    Yeah Mandzukic is one of those CF’s that over the course of a season will frustrate you beyond belief if he’s your main CF because he’s never been a 30 goal guy but he’s capable of scoring goals against absolutely anybody on his day. Scored in two CL Finals and that all important WC SF winner vs England.

    Have always preferred Dzeko who to me was a much smoother operator and had vastly superior technique and balance but Mandzukic is the guy you’d pick for versatility and to play as a foil to your 30+ goal a season man over Dzeko who needs to be pandered to.

    Never been a big advocate of Emre Can. Said as much on here a while back that he was a jack of all trades and master of none, weird kind of player. Bayern signed a similar one in Sebastian Rudy and he didn’t work out for them at all.

  12. Un na naai


    How the hell do you know? They’ve outplayed United and Liverpool in the first two weeks if the season

    He’s implemented a plying style in 6 weeks as opposed to emery who’s failed on that front in nearly 70 weeks.

    I’d actually rather Frank Lampard than emery on current viewing.
    He’s got a team of juniors, no new players and lost eden fucking hazard

  13. jwl

    In na naai – watching world cup or euros with half interested females is different, that for sure. My mrs always comments about how handsome the Italian and Swedes are.

  14. Un na naai


    They don’t like it reversed at the Olympics though. Allow me to share something amazing with you. Give me a minute. This girl is just lovely

  15. Graham62



    With respect, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  16. Un na naai


    She was on it mate. Sneider, Van Der vaart

    Mate we don’t need 50 shades in our house I just put on Holland’s greatest goals, stick an orange shirt on and I’m in there
    She calls it my lingerie.

    (Disclaimer. This is all a joke and can’t be used to insult me in further arsenal based debates)

  17. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The Leicester centre back who replaced Harry, ain’t he the one we were looking at sign8ng couple seasons back ,

  18. Dream10

    Bullet header from Ndidi.
    Çaglar looks like a decent player. He was on Mislintat’s list. Wonder if we will go back for him next summer. Konaté/Gimenez/Upamecano may be out of range in 2020.

  19. Sid

    Graham62August 18, 2019 17:54:35
    know what you’re talking about.
    England not known for great football coaches, dont take it to heart

  20. Un na naai


    I know
    Sitting with a couple of (really friendly) Chelsea fans. I celebrated Leicester’s goal like Aubameyang just buried one. Thankfully they aren’t fat and bald with a swastika tattooed onto their face or I think I’d be home already. Or in an ambulance.

    Over my dead body!!!

  21. Un na naai

    Graham62August 18, 2019 17:54:35
    Sid?Young/Intelligent/Streetwise/Tough/Respected.With respect, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Graham all over sid nonsense

  22. Un na naai

    Last 3 comments to me.

    Further proof that le Grover’s prefer transfer season than the actual football.


  23. jwl

    “They don’t like it reversed at the Olympics though.”

    Un na naai – spot on, it is female privilege while men at early age learn to keep their mouth shut about attractive women when they are with their partner.

  24. Up 4 grabs now

    Don’t wanna tempt fate but all our top six rivals dropping points this weekend, barring the bindippers.
    Don’t get a weekend like that very often especially as we did our job.
    Let’s hope manure get stuffed tomorrow as well.

  25. Un na naai


    Haha. My Mrs actually has quite a good sense of humour. She’d have to with me. I could not suffer me if I weren’t me so she takes most of it In good fun. Most….of….it……

    But yeah. I remember watching this film with James gandolfini and that bird from twilight. What’s her name again!? I’ll look it up

    Kirsten Stewart that’s it
    Anyway she was a stripper in this film
    And I have to say, her arse was amazing. I reacted. Positively.
    It didn’t go down too well.

    Thankfully she doesn’t pretend to have the capacity to suffer football any more

  26. Dream10

    Yep Maddison is quality. Doubt he has the intensity to play as a #8 at the highest level.
    But, but he has end product. That covers up other flaws

  27. jwl

    Un na naai – I don’t know if you joking but I think Pedro wrote a few weeks ago Le Grove views and comments increase in summer when all gooners are daydreaming and then cold hard reality of season starts and then we not so enthused.

  28. DUIFG

    Auba gets stick here for being wasteful, fuck me giroud needed 3 – 5 big chances to get a goal without even talking about how is lack of pace was a huge limiting factor.

    Giroud could never score aubas goal yesterday. Tbh he could not even have scored Lacas goal as he created it for himself where giroud could not. If he got quality service he could get 15-20 goals a year, not good enough for anybody serious.

    He stunk out the WC as well.

  29. Cesc Appeal

    Chelsea very fortunate to get a point.

    So much space in the midfield for teams to exploit against Chelsea.

    Leicester will kick themselves when they watch that back.

  30. WengerEagle

    Lamps very lucky to come away with a point there, Leicester all over them and had chances galore.

    Chavs as I predicted struggling big time to score goals or even create chances. They were virtually a one-man band last season with Hazard.

  31. Valentin

    XG is not flawed, it is just that a lot of people seems to misunderstand what it means.
    It is the number of goals that on average a team with the same opportunity is expected to score or concede.

    Of course as players individual ratio of taken chance will not be the same, the same number and quality of opportunities will not result in the same number of goals.

    In short, the xG measure the number and quality of chance, but of course if the same chance is given to Aubameyang and Wellbeck the result will be different.

    Very few strikers would have scored Lacazette goal. Same with Aubameyang goal, very few strikers would have the ability of movement and shooting skills to score his goal. On the other hand, Ashley Barnes goal would have been scored by the vast majority of premiership strikers.

  32. Batistuta

    Said Chelsea would struggle this season, maybe too early but looking exactly that way, Abraham, Giroud, Batshuayi are just not good enough and William is a waste of space these days, unbelievable Chelsea didn’t fleece Barca and run when they submitted that bid couple of seasons back

  33. Batistuta

    Also funny that a fan of a club that had Giroud miss sitter after sitter for years thinks that Auba isn’t an elite striker because he misses sitters.. Funny fanbase

  34. Moe

    Holy Christ, Emery is the coach and he’ll be the coach if the team can continue scraping out wins, at least to the end of the season. Why all this anti Emery agenda?

    What better philosophy than matching your opponents to win games? Or maybe he shouldn’t scout the opponents like the old toad used to have us play Do you guys really believe that Emery was just introduced to top flight football? C’mon please give it a rest.

    Now if he doesn’t deliver after 10 games or so, this debate would be justified. For now, on to Pool.

  35. Batistuta

    Got to deny pool on the wings next week, can’t have their full backs running at you at will, a recipe for disaster really. We’ll get chances there, just hope we take them and not defend like we did there last season

  36. WengerEagle

    Their RB is class, Pereira. Doubt he’ll be there for long.

    Portugal really do have some outrageous options at RB in Cancelo, Rciardo Pereira and Nelson Semedo.

    Bernardo Silva and Bruno Fernandes in midfield, Joao Felix and Guedes as forwards options

    Bet Ronaldo wishes he was 10 years younger.

  37. Marko

    On his day he can be great but that wasn’t today some of his decision making was awful.

    Chelsea are going to struggle big time this season. Fits and bursts but generally lethargic and really lacking a goal source.

  38. WengerEagle

    Willian is such a strange player, absolute world beater on his day but near shite way more often than not.

    Find it mad that Chelsea have persisted with him for this long when it’s clear he doesn’t have it in his locker to perform on a weekly basis.

  39. Marko

    I was crying out for Pereira when he joined them. 20 million and we moved for Lichtsteiner instead absolute braindead decision. I’m hopeful though when Paddy comes that he brings Atal with him.

  40. WengerEagle


    Nope didn’t but seen it was 4-4 and Villarral bottled a 4-2 lead. Gather it was a wild one.

    Going to watch Atleti later on, have to admit I’m on the Felix hype train.

  41. Un na naai

    SidAugust 18, 2019 18:03:24
    Graham62August 18, 2019 17:54:35
    know what you’re talking about.
    England not known for great football coaches, dont take it to heart

    Alf Ramsey
    Bobby robson
    Terry venables
    Glenn Hoddle
    Brian Clough

    Name 5 managers from anywhere in the world who are better?

  42. Marko

    See Marko I prefer when we’re friends.

    Ah don’t be going soft on me nemesis. I mean it’s easy to agree on obvious talented players who would absolutely improve us.

    I see Monaco lost again miserably last night. How long before Jardim gets the chop. Still a fan but he’s risking his sauce on the shambles that is Monaco

  43. raptora

    No way that Pulisic could replace Hazard. Not this season, not ever.

    Eden should be considered as the best player since his arrival if you count contribution, success, quality and for how many years he was always at least 8/10 in almost every game.

  44. WengerEagle

    Costa was huge for Chelsea.

    He wasn’t as prolific as an Aguero or a Kane but he was Drogba like in the all-round chaos he brought to the lone CF position, kept both the opposition CB’s busy all match long and opened up so much space for Hazard and co.

    Also scored his fair share, 20 PL goals each season they won the PL with many matchwinners in there.

  45. Marko

    Yep last season one man more than made up for the lack of a decent striker and now he’s gone the shit strikers just seem that little bit shitter.

  46. WengerEagle

    Hazard was the best player in the PL for half a decade, since Suarez left in 2014.

    You don’t replace that, much less with a 20 year old kid. Although I think Pulisic looked really good against Liverpool there midweek.

  47. MGooner

    You can’t say Chelski do not have the personnel –

    When Giroud was our main striker, we used to make it to the top 4.

    They have lost Hazard but he was not really shining last year apart from a few matches towards the end of the season.

    Their main issue is that they have a rookie as manager. Lampard was a great player fro them, but being a successful manager s something else. Just ask TH14

  48. WengerEagle

    Still can’t quite believe that Chelsea only a few years ago had Eden Hazard, Fabregas, Oscar, Willian, Schurrle, De Bruyne, Salah, Costa, Courtois, Filipe Luis, Matic, Thorgan Hazard all on the books.

    And now they have Tammy Abraham leading the line with Mason Mount their no.10.

  49. WengerEagle

    Jadon Sancho is a phenom.

    Literally the best teenager on the planet and it ain’t even close right now, only Felix is in the conversation and he’s still a season away from where Sancho is.

    He’ll go right to the very top, a Real Madrid or a Barcelona.

  50. Jamie

    I’m not a huge fan of xG either. Probably why I don’t work in football data analysis.

    I didn’t watch the City game. Did they dominate Spurs? xG from that game says they did: 3.23 vs 0.11, game finished 2 all.

    Liverpool lower xG vs Southampton, won 2-1.

    The Chelsea Leicester game just finished, reading the comments Chelsea were up against it the 2nd half, drew game, but Chealsea’s xG was higher than Leicester’s. Doesn’t seem to marry up with what they were seeing in realtime.

  51. Akilan

    Lampard taking Derby from 6th to 6th is really average considering 3 teams got promoted and the relegated PL sides were mostly shite.

    People who are praising him for Chelsea’s build up play should consider that they get knackered around the hour mark and get absolutely hammered from then on. He could very well become elite but just haven’t seen anything special from him yet.

    Leicester had a lot of 3v3 & 2v3 near the center circle and bottled every single 1 of them. Those cunts used to score from everyone of those situations but today the likes of Madison & Tielmans made horrendous decisions.

    Chelsea officially belong in the midtable bunch among the likes of Leicester, Wolves & West Ham.

  52. Marko

    WE imagine when he was leaving City we were interested in him but either Arsene couldn’t convince him to join guarantee him enough mins or was scared off because another team was interested in him and he went there. A monumental fuck up if there ever was. London lad who’s best mates with Nelson too. Shame because he’s a worldie

  53. Sanmi

    Wolves will expose man utd for the fraud they are tomorrow.
    Lampard keeps making mistakes conte made just to accommodate Jorginho. Kante should be a DM not B2B

  54. Pedro

    Jamie, xG is there map underlying performance… because football has a lot of luck involved.

    Liverpool hired Klopp partly because their data science team marked his last season at Dortmund as one of the unluckiest in Europe at the time… using xG.

  55. Graham62


    Chelski under Lampard have played three games.

    Lost 4-0 to MU but were unlucky and were the better team for long periods.

    Lost after PSO to Liverpool but once again played the better Football.

    Drew with Leicester, who had a free week. Look jaded at the end.

    It is far too early to pass judgement on Lampard.

  56. Jamie

    Pedro –

    Fair enough. I guess like seeing Luis Suarez during his first season a Liverpool. Once he stopped hitting the post, he scored 30 goals a season.

  57. Sanmi

    Lampard is not Chelsea’s problem.
    The players are. A front 3 of pulisic, Giroud and Pedro is not match for any of the other top5.
    Midfield of kante,Jorginho and mount, is not match for any5.
    The 2CBs, are no match for even porous Arsenal.

  58. Marko

    Only a club as stacked as Citeh could be nonchalant about letting a player of that potential leave on the cheap

    Brahim Diaz is another. Denayer is captain of Lyon now

  59. WengerEagle

    ‘ Once he stopped hitting the post, he scored 30 goals a season.’

    Funny you should say that, was the same for RVP.

    Scored a stupid amount of goals in 2011/12 but really he should have smashed the 40 goal barrier because he hit the woodwork so many times.

    He’s out in front by a mile with the PL record for hitting the woodwork with 44 efforts, 2nd in the list is Rooney on 29.

  60. Batistuta

    xg is shire, doesn’t matter how you dress it up,lots of variables not taken into cognisance.


    Jardim returning to Monaco was a stupid decision, haven’t really seen what the fuss with him is though to be honest asides that 1 year where it all fell into place for them.


    It was mad, Chikwueze running at defences is a sight, I’d blow the Zaha money on him, kid’s going to be special

    Hopefully Atletico Madrid can find some sort of consistency this season but wouldn’t bet on it, they lost the spine of the team from last season but they’ve still for Costa and Morata and now with Felix there, you’d expect they’d bang them in but might not be so strong at the back. Caught the Madrid highlights yesterday, looked convincing even after the Modric red card

  61. Marko

    People who are praising him for Chelsea’s build up play should consider that they get knackered around the hour mark and get absolutely hammered from then on.

    This is very true

  62. WengerEagle


    I seen his interview with Nelson not too long ago, the one where they were shooting the shit answering q’s. Didn’t realise that they were best mates, makes you wonder what our scouts were up to at the time alright. Arsene’s eye for talent deserted him over a decade ago, Nasri was the last gem he poached from abroad at a young age.

  63. PhD2020

    Not entirely convinced by Lampard..More so when he has Jody Morris as his No.2.Smh..Says it all really..!!

    Though Chelsea terrorised Manure last week in their opening spell,were all over them.The lack of finishing(or lack of quality strikers) and defensive ineptitude cost them.Or rather the manager’s tactical nous or naivety cost them.Going away and losing 4-1 in your first game of the season for Chelsea FC is a bit of a crazy score line.Especially to the opposition,who weren’t really that good or imposing.

    Granted,you can put that down to bad luck. Roll forward a week later-Chelsea started off brightly, blitzing Leicester, putting their defence on the back foot.
    Created chances , were only able to convert one.

    Second half,Leicester put Chelsea on the back foot,tormented their defence,scored from a set-piece and Leicester overall were very unlucky not to come away with three points.

    In summary,if your attacking options are few and far between,and there is a defensive weakness in your set up,then there has to be a way the manager sets up the team to circumvent these weaknesses.

    You can’t just set up shop ,hoping to blitz teams in the first twenty minutes,for every game of the season till June 2020.

    You need to have more variation in your tactical locker.More street smartness,more subtly.I don’t see this from Frank.Beggers belief he has Jody Morris as his No.2.It would be more beneficial for Frank to have a more experienced continental No 2, next to him, to impart one’s wisdom, knowledge and expertise in how to set up against different teams..

    Sometimes,it is playing a more slow,patient waiting game,then waiting for the opening,to swiftly cut open the opposition and thrust the dagger in.Then closing shop.

    In summary,Frankie seems one dimensional in his managerial approach,no variation in his in-game tactics or from game to game.

    Begs the question of how much longer can he rely on Kante,Willian,Pedro et al.
    The more the results don’t go their way,the less belief the team will have in his methods,or approach,hence leading to a crisis of confidence in Frank and his No.2’s managerial abilities.And the more pressure will be on the team as a result to find solutions,albeit sack him or make examples of some of the more senior players in order to show that Frank has not lost the dressing room.

    Quite telling Luiz was the first casualty to be shown the exit door,I suspect he won’t be the last.I think Frank is an egotistical stubborn,limited coach,won’t be long before the excuses get rolled out about the UEFA ban,injuries,etc,in order to mask his deficiencies as a coach.He already rolled out the above-mentioned excuses in his post-match interview last week,following the defeat to Man Ure.Expect more of the same.

    At this juncture,for me,it’s not looking good for Frank.He needs variation in his tactics.Too one dimensional.

    And why would you have Jody Morris as your No.2?

    No Makele/Ballack/Drogba/Terry as your No.2..?
    I question his overall judgement and managerial acumen..

  64. WengerEagle

    Even though he’s a former Spud I’m rooting for Bale to have a killer bounce-back season just to see the see the rapid U-Turn the pathetic Madrid fanbase and media pull and to see Zidane back pedal on his exclusion of him from the get-go.

    Played very well yesterday, great assist for Benzema.

    The disrespect he’s received is unprecedented for a 4 time CL winner, 2 of which he was directly responsible in helping them win with crucial winners in the Final.

  65. TR7

    Most of the Chelsea players are used to long kicks from their GK in to the opposition half as the first step in the build up play. No surprise they get knackered in 60 mins having to work hard building the attack up from their own box.

  66. Marko

    To be fair Real just took a slightly more extreme approach to their own Ozil type problem. They have someone on extreme wages arguably not contributing enough and they want rid. Can’t blame them he’s had 12 separate injuries the past three seasons 5 last season alone.

  67. Graham62


    What was your dissertation on at Uni?

    Observational research?

    Forgot to mention that Leicester had one week to prepare. Chelski had only 3 days plus a wee bit of jet lag to contend with.

    Yeh right, Lampard is shite……….after just 3 games!

    Bloody hell wants wrong with you people.

  68. WengerEagle

    Special mention to Jaoquin who is still starting for Real Betis tonight at the wrinkly old age of 38 on the right wing.

    Guy has literally been a top level winger now for close to 20 years.

  69. Akilan

    Don’t think Sarri played hoof ball mate. With Luiz & Jorginho, whom Sarri bought exclusively to play out from the back, this is nothing new to Chelsea neither is pressing high up the pitch. Its either they’re reckless or the players are still getting their fitness levels back up.

    No team presses high throughout the season, not even Liverpool. So, its a planned decision from their management to get to those levels way too early in the season.

  70. Sid

    The football chelsea is playing is agricultural the blame is on the manager. So many tactical weaknesses as highlighted by posters above wont even bother point all of them out.

  71. Akilan

    *May be* it’s a planned decision from their management to get to the peak fitness levels way too early in the season.

  72. PhD2020

    Graham62August 18, 2019 19:57:58

    Reading comprehension seems to evade you it seems.

    If you read my post,the crux of it, was Frank Lampard,seems limited in his managerial approach/tactical nous.He seems a bit one dimensional so far.
    Basically, blitz the opposition in the first twenty minutes,and if that fails,bring on the subs and hope they bail him out of a situation.

    Furthermore,having Jody Morris as your No.2,is not really the ideal assistant to have in your corner,especially at a big club like Chelsea,more so in your first big managerial position.

    You would really want an experienced veteran of war,who knows the intricacies of management,who can advise,impart and sometimes act as a counter to your novice approach to the game.Not having your pal as your No 2,who is unlikely to challenge your authority or question your decisions…I question his judgement calls on both fronts.

    Did not say he was shit(your words),said he appears limited and one dimensional.
    It’s just my opinion,I might well be wrong,but on the evidence so far,I don’t see anything to change my opinion.

    Anyway,it’s better than reading you drone on monotonously everday about Arsene,along with your exchanges with CG.

    What was your university degree in-“A life without Arsene Wenger?”

  73. Akilan

    Yup. Not making my mind up either way. Hope he’s taken the job way too early in his career. Would absolutely be delighted if Chelsea finished around 10th.

    After the EL final,I’m not sure even that is enough. May be they’ll drop down to the EL and we batter them on our way to the trophy with David Luiz scoring the winner may help ease the pain a bit.

  74. MGooner

    RM had Hazard injured. They are also working on getting Eriksen after missing out on Pogba

    Had they signed Pogba, Bale would have been off. His salary is on the high side even for RM. He also wants the team to play a different way. That;s not happening as he may be a big shot in London, not so much in Madrid.

    Zidane calls the shots – He vetoed the Neymar deal – one of the best players in world football atm.

  75. MGooner

    @ RSPCA

    Was 2 good games without a full squad available.

    Pool game tough so early but we look better than last year.

  76. Elmo

    If Chelsea get their transfer ban shortened on appeal so they can deal in January, we should be looking to flog them some shite if they’re struggling and looking to bring in some “experienced PL quality.”

    Remember they bought Drinkwater for £35m as a deadline day panic buy. Elneny might be just what their midfield is looking for.

  77. Marko

    I’m not sure I’d class Chelsea as very very tough in all honesty. It’s still a very good squad he’s dealing with and he had some good loan players returning. The only real hindrance he’s had is he hasn’t been able to spend a couple hundred million in the transfer market.

  78. Valentin

    Derby the season before Lampard failed to be promoted via the play-off after finishing 6th.
    After buying Lampard mates and friend, Derby failed to be promoted via the play after finishing 6th. So despite the money spent, Derby were not better off with him.

    Maybe he is a rooking manager who will get better, but right now he is a manager who can’t extract the best of his players.

    For somebody who worked under Mourinho, his teams have been surprisingly susceptible to quick counter-attack. His midfield is good going forward, but clearly not up to speed off the ball at defending transition.

    I genuinely thought that he would better at organising things especially the defense. In view of the success Jody Morris has had with Chelsea academy, I wonder if at this time Jody Morris would not be a better manager.

  79. WengerEagle

    You do have to sympathise a little with him having no goalscorer to call on though.

    Chavs in 2013/14 would have won the PL if they had got Diego Costa a year earlier. Eto’o did ok for them up front but he was long past his best at that stage.

  80. Akilan

    Also if I were Chelsea’s manager, I’d look to build my team/style around Kante, the only WC player in their squad and their best player by a country mile. Sure, its not limiting him as he’s still WC but its not built around him either.

  81. Graham62


    Don’t worry, I read your post.

    No doubt you are experienced in monitoring “limited and one dimensional” managers.


  82. Marko

    I see RVP has been caught lying on TV. Saying that we never offered him a new deal and wanted rid dispite him years ago stating that he turned down a new deal when he announced that he wanted to leave. Little shit.

  83. Valentin

    RvP was not explicitly lying, but he was selective in his description of the fact and their timing.
    For years, RvP had been crocked and unable to have a full season. When injured his agent attempted to renegotiate a new deal. Arsenal refused.
    Of course the following season, he is not injured and has a full season. In fact his best in Arsenal colour.
    By that time, pissed off by our precious season refusal, he engineers a move to ManUtd. Arsenal woke up to that possibility too late.

    The funny thing is that he left for ManUtd thinking that their manager was there for long term. Fergie left the following summer and Moyes came in. His big move became a big disaster. He moved to club in Turkey for money, but never recovered his mojo. Now he readily admit that if he had known that Ferguson were to leave after a year, he would have stayed at Arsenal. Too bad.

  84. Akilan

    Chelsea’s defense look just as bad as ours if not worse. Azpi is getting destroyed week in week out. Zouma, AC decent but with obvious flaws, Emerson meh. Rudiger & James may improve them but as of now, its bang average.

  85. Akilan

    Atletico’s LB looked excellent in some of their pre season games. Interesting how he does in LA Liga. Quietly unearthing gems from South America again.

  86. Valentin

    Rennes have a 16 years old in central Cavaminga!
    He just had an assist against PSG.
    I wonder how much he would fetch in two years time.

  87. karim

    Rennes overcoming PSG again tonight after winning the french cup in spite of a 2/0 deficit last May.

    Camavinga bossing the Rennes midfield at the age of 16 !

  88. WengerEagle

    PSG are such a weird one. Obviously the front 3 is as good as anyone’s [when Neymar plays] but they’ve built a fairly ordinary side around them. Plenty of uninspired big money signings like Paredes, Kehrer, Gueye that don’t add much in the way of elite quality to the side.

    You look at City and they are miles ahead in every other department of the pitch besides the front 3.

  89. Marko

    PSG have very workmanlike midfielders. Not enough creativity. Ffs they play Marquinhos in there just for the fuck of it. Should have kept Lo Celso. Should have added Ceballos

  90. PhD2020

    TR7August 18, 2019 20:09:09
    Let us not forget Lamps has walked in to a very very tough job and he is still a rookie manager.
    This was of his own choosing and reckoning.He knew what constraints he was facing or working under.That said,I’m surprised by his direct style.I mean it’s pretty to watch,but so far it seems to not engineer any end product. One point from six.With five goals conceded in two matches.

    Given the plethora of managers, Lamps has worked under during his glittering player career from Ancelotti,Hiddink,Mourinho,Capello et al,one would assume that he would somewhat marry their managerial approaches/styles wedded to his own managerial style.

    I think where he was exposed at Old Trafford,he might have opted for a more Mourinhesque cautious style against Leicester,before unloading the ammunition in the latter stages of the game.Taking into account,their mid week excursion in the UEFA Super Cup.

    Smacks of naivety,if I must say so.As you and I well know,the EPL is a steep learning curve,and you don’t get many chances to right second mistakes, especially at a big club like Chelsea.

    I get the feeling,he is in a hurry to accumulate as many points as possible from the get go,with this one dimensional style.In the hope, it galvanises the young players through belief and confidence, quietens the senior dissenters in the team,gets the fans buying him more time and the media off his back.More short-term thinking,than a long term approach.I mean where is Plan B,when Plan A goes wrong.?

    He still has a decent nucleus in that squad,with which to work with.Just needs more of a multi-strategy approach ,at the very least to compensate for some of the weaknesses in defence and upfront that are glaringly obvious.

    I see similarities between Henry at Monaco and Lampard at Chelsea.Albeit different circumstances,but not going to end well for Lampards.One crucial difference is Lamps has the convenient excuse of the UEFA ban,the owner not embarking on a spending spree anymore-self funded,injuries and whatever other excuse you can throw out there to distract from his naive managerial approach on the pitch.