Arsenal make hay in the sun, but a storm is coming

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Unai Emery reversed the fortunes of last season’s openers with his second win in two games. For a brief moment, we are/were top of the league.

The game boasted lots of positives as the club looks to settle a squad of new players. David Luiz and Dani Ceballos earned starts, Auba moved out wide with Lacazette through the middle, Reiss and Willock retained their places.

The first half was pretty bland from a footballing perspective, but ultimately, I think you just have to accept that Emeryball is never going to get you off your backside. My main critique of our style is that we’re very predictable, more so than last season since the club added better ball players to the squad.

We are militant about playing out of the back even when it’s not working for us. Burnley penned us in our own half and it felt like were constantly turned the ball over needlessly. Liverpool will eat up that sort of approach if we don’t put a bit more variety in our build-up play.

The second slight bugbear is the lack of urgency in our game. We give the opposition all the time in the world to reset as we meander the ball forward from wide positions. I don’t think there’s an excuse for slow and methodical in year two.

That said, we’re more interesting when we do click into gear. David Luiz certainly has a lot more authority in defence than we’ve seen over the last ten years. He’s an attacking threat and the opposition knows it. His passing wasn’t elite today, but there’s a lot of variety in the balls he plays. He’s no 5 yard pass merchant.

I thought the passes that came off were excellent. Additionally, he’s a talker and an organizer. When you’re up against it, say what you will, but I’d rather him on my side… and I’d certainly rather him over Mustafi.

Back to the game. The deadlock was broken by Lacazette. He picked up a front post corner, used his weight to lean into those around him, then slid the ball into through Nick Pope’s legs when he was falling to the ground. Very Lacazette.

Something that’s very Arsenal, conceding sloppy goals. Ashley Barnes, the new Kevin Davies, managed to squirm between Luiz and Guendouzi to poke home.

The second half saw an immediate change, the manager introduced Nicolas Pepe. His introduction gave us a little more control out wide and a lot more know-how.

The football sped up a little, generally driven by the hugely impressive Dani Ceballos. He serves two purposes for me, firstly, he does all the things Mesut Ozil doesn’t want to do (turn up to work). He presses, he pesters, he tackles and he makes himself known. He dropped 7 balls recoveries and attempted 5 tackles. Secondly, he’s a better technician than Aaron Ramsey. He’s grown up thinking about the game differently, so hopefully he can give us a little bit of the best bits from both players. I have to say, I am super impressed how quickly he adapted to the pace. He touched the ball 97 times and created 4 chances.

It was the Spaniard that shut down a counter with an aggressive press, Auba picked up the ball, drove at goal, drilling a low shot past the impressive Pope. Our striker really is one of the most potent forces in world football at the minute. He looks so confident and so fit at the minute.

I’m not sure Emery’s defensive subs did much to calm the game. We looked nervous and it gave Burnley a bit of wind in the last twenty minutes. Bernd Leno had a very poor game, he was targetted with high balls into the box all game and it affected him. For me, if you’re going to flap at a ball with a single fist, don’t do it half-hearted. He’s usually so calm, the game reminded me of when Bolton were shooting from corners at Fabianski. I hope his coaches can nip this in the bud and it’s not an ongoing issue.

Mike Dean gave the game an extra 1 minute 40 and that was that, 3 points and an excellent afternoon in the sun for the fans.


A largely positive day at the office. I think we’re in for a shock against Liverpool next week if we don’t button up. We’re still shaky in defence and I think some of our play of the back has a touch of the kamikaze about it. Against rapid opposition with clinical finishing, we could be in a spot of bother. They haven’t been great against Southampton, but they have some many players that can decide a game in a flash.

I’m also hoping we can start to offer a little more variety to our play. If the gameplan is clear, it’s easy to counter. When we have great central players, why not use them?

The positives… Willock looked very good today. He’s rough around the edges, but you can see he’s going to be a very important player for us over the next few years. He created two chances today. Reiss has to impose himself a little more in games. It was notable how much more of a threat we were when Pepe came on. You have to take your chances, he has to keep pushing forward. That said, I thought his tackle early on was great and he was a shoulder away from a good goal.

Also, from a numbers perspective, we created chances. We had 9 shots on target, a huge improvement on last week. Dani Ceballos found an Arsenal player from all 6 of his corners (wow). Pepe, Willock and Ceballos had 11 successful take-ons between the… we’re running at players. Great to see.

Big week ahead…



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  1. vickingz

    This is why Pepsy doesn’t cut it in the Champions League these days.Pretty football, class, domination don’t matter. Only end result.

    Noooo, he’s unpredictable. Unpredictability wins you matches

  2. Ishola70

    How much luck are Spurs going to get against Man City.

    This handball stuff is getting silly.

    Is it too much for these fools to distinguish between intentional and non-intentional handballs.

  3. Guns of Brixton


    Hes referring to an earlier foul by lamella which should if been a penalty .

    I think they went to VAR but still ruled it out.

  4. Ishola70

    Spurs defended well last quarter of the match but they had something to hold onto and defend.

    Man City shouldn’t have allowed Spurs to be in that position in the first place given their prior dominance in the match.

    It looked like Jesus had made the result more realistic in terms of who should have won the match but alas the intentional and non-intentional handball ruling is being put in the dustbin because it’s just too hard for these idiots to seperate the two.

    Great result for Spurs.

    Man City will be very angry that they didn’t win the match and the fall out with Pep and Aguero was an indicator of that.

  5. izzo

    This makes our win even better in the short term. I’ll take winning games in unspectacular fashion until the team clicks around September/October. That’s when we’ll see the best of A-L-P-C.

  6. Dissenter

    “Man City will be very angry that they didn’t win the match and the fall out with Pep and Aguero was an indicator of that”
    what are you talking about?

    Pep and Aguero almost kissed at the end, such was the man-hug they gave each other.

  7. Ishola70

    Ceballos showed up a lot of players that have been hanging around the club for too long now.

    He showed a player can contribute both offensively on the ball and off the ball as well including defensively.

    Man City show this overall as a team as well and that’s why they have won multiple titles now.

    Players like Ozil, Mhiki and Xhaka are too one dimensional in this respect and this is why any self-respecting Arsenal fan should wish to see these players binned.

  8. Valentin


    Aguero and Pep had a tiff on the bench.
    Aguero was angry of being substituted.
    Then Jesus his replacement scored and everything was forgiven, hence the hug. Then VAR invalidated the goal.
    What are their feeling now?

  9. TR7

    Robin Van Persie on Arsenal: “It’s difficult to say because if you look at the teams under Wenger, Wenger’s teams always used to play from his philosophy. You see the same happening with Klopp & Guardiola at Liverpool & Man City, but with Emery I don’t really see his philosophy.”

    Van Persie on Emery: “What is his philosophy? He’s changing a lot, he’s changing tactics a lot. It looks to me he’s changing his playing style based on the opponent. You need to form a basis from your own strengths.”

    One of my primary concerns regarding Emery. Not going to diss him right now though.

  10. Ishola70


    “Pep and Aguero almost kissed at the end, such was the man-hug they gave each other.”

    I saw them hug when they thought Jesus got the winner.

    Why do you think they had that ruck in the first place? Do you think they would have had that ruck if Man City were 3 or 4-1 up?

    And what’s this tripe about Spurs being “up there” as you put it? Finishing 27 points behind Man City last season is being “up there” is it?

  11. Ishola70


    “Not going to diss him right now though.”

    lol you have though haven’t you by putting the article up.

  12. Dissenter

    I honestly don’t know.
    I think we fans underestimate the amount of agros that goes on behind the curtains. At the end of the day, they [players and manager] are paid to do a job.

  13. Dissenter

    You can tell from the way Pep interacts its with Poch that there is a truly mutual respect.
    Few managers in the league can match Pep, Poch and Klopp are probably the exception.

  14. Dissenter

    “Why do you think they had that ruck in the first place? Do you think they would have had that ruck if Man City were 3 or 4-1 up?”

    They disagreed because Aguero wanted to keep playing and didn’t fancy Pep berating him about a corner kick position when he was coming off.

    If you read my comment about Spurs being up there, it was specific to the fact that Spurs matched city today. They played them Mano a Mano and earned a point. Can they find the consistency over the season?, only time will tell.

    Klopp and Pep have both commented that they see Sours as title contenders, I’ll take their word above yours.

  15. Receding Hairline

    Mutual respect?? What does that have to do with the fact Pool and City are several steps ahead of Spurs??? What does that have to do with the fact this is Pochettino’s 11th year as a manager and he hasn’t won a thing?? Even he has admitted he needs to win something.

  16. Ishola70


    Pep and Aguero wouldn’t have had the ruck if Man City had the game wrapped which by their dominance they could have done.

    The circumstance of them being held by Spurs when really they shouldn’t have been showed sparks flying and only natural.

  17. Sid

    Van Persie on Emery: “What is his philosophy? He’s changing a lot, he’s changing tactics a lot. It looks to me he’s changing his playing style based on the opponent. You need to form a basis from your own strengths.”

    Winning> playing style

  18. vickingz

    Robin Van Persie on Arsenal: “It’s difficult to say because if you look at the teams under Wenger, Wenger’s teams always used to play from his philosophy. You see the same happening with Klopp & Guardiola at Liverpool & Man City, but with Emery I don’t really see his philosophy.” Van Persie on Emery: “What is his philosophy? He’s changing a lot, he’s changing tactics a lot. It looks to me he’s changing his playing style based on the opponent. You need to form a basis from your own strengths.” One of my primary concerns regarding Emery. Not going to diss him right now though.

    Rvp hasn’t heard of being unpredictable? RVP is missing in action.

  19. Ishola70


    Spurs didn’t “match” Man City at all today overall.

    Man City dominated for large spells and had enough chances to put the game to bed.

    Spurs didn’t impress in either defence, midfield or attack for three quarters of the game. They were being over-run.

    Where Spurs did get better was defensively in the last quarter of the match when they could see they had something to hold onto and they could see the finishing line.

    What I would give you is that Spurs could be seen as a bit of a hoodoo team for Man City now but that’s not the same as matching them.

  20. Ishola70

    “This new handball law is going to be interesting.”

    It’s disappointing that it seems intentional and non-intentional looks to be abandoned now.

    Used to be about whether a player purposely handballed the ball to gain an advantage purposely being the optimum word.

    Now it’s whether a player handballs and it doesn’t matter if the player did not intend to or had purpose to.

    Should make it easier though for decisions because they have dumbed down the ruling.

  21. Ishola70

    I can say Spurs are a handy team.

    But putting them on the same pedastal as Man City and Liverpool is just clearly over-rating them.

  22. vickingz

    They want to tell us another story o. Rvp said he was never offered an extended contract. We read how Wenger told him that he ain’t part of his plan but the itk headmaster is asking why RVP left. It seems they know what even RVP didn’t know about his transfer ooo. It’s gotta be an exciting piece I can’t wait to read.

  23. vickingz

    You can compare [me being at Arsenal] to being married. Me and my wife – Arsenal – were married for eight years.

    “After eight years, my wife, possibly got a bit tired of me. Those are the facts.

    “If Arsenal are not offering you a new deal… you can have different views on things but the fact is Arsenal never offered me a new deal.

    “Then you have a look around. I was ambitious. I still wanted to win the league. That is life.

    “I ended up having three options. One option abroad disappeared quickly. Then it was City or Manchester United.

    “One of the main facts was that Arsenal got tired of me. That was the starting point – they didn’t offer me a new deal.”

    Here’s your answer mr unpredictable

  24. Receding Hairline

    So the gist is RVP valued playing philosophy more than the one league title he won with a legendary manager who did anything to win. Cool story

    Wenger told RVP he wasn’t part of His plans anymore and his only two options were the Two teams going head to head for the title….. Another cool story

  25. Un na naai

    Van Persie on Emery: “What is his philosophy? He’s changing a lot, he’s changing tactics a lot. It looks to me he’s changing his playing style based on the opponent. You need to form a basis from your own strengths.” One of my primary concerns regarding Emery. Not going to diss him right now though.

  26. Un na naai

    Anyone ever listen to Alan Watts? The philosopher? Jesus Christ it’s just beautiful. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s had a rough day. Soothes the soul instantly. A real visionary and a man bride his time. A man bride our time even.

  27. Nelson

    The way I see it. Man City’s team depth is way deeper than all other EPL teams. Once the schedule gets tighter with Champions League and the Cup games, MC’s dominance will show.

    If you just count the starting 11, MC and Pools are equal while SPUDS is slightly weaker. But with some luck like today, SPUDS can earn a point against MC.

  28. MidwestGun

    Very happy with the 3 points today… seems a lot want to nitpick the shit out of it.. With a little better finishing it would have been 3 or 4 to 1. It looked like progress to me.. Willock, Matty G and Nelson will only get better. Put it this way.. No Ozil,No Miki, No Mustafi and NO Xhaka.. No Axis of evil ..Didn’t miss them in my opinion at all.. Good result.. You can see when Pepe and Ceballos settle in.. we will be a much smoother team.. Still have vulnerability down the flanks letting crosses in… and Leno on high inswinging balls.. but these are things that are fixable. Especially when Tierney and Bellerin are fit. That’s all I can ask is progress, playing youth, and phasing out all the Old Wenger players who had peaked seasons ago. It’s going to take time this season for all the new players to settle as well.. so at times it will look bad. especially on the road. If Emery doesn’t deliver results… he will go.. it’s that simple.. So I’m definitely not stressed about any perceived lack of flair.

  29. G8

    Those VAR calls were really attrocious,
    Not rewarding a stonewall penalty for the mancs in the first half and then disallow a good goal at the end like that is definitely not why the system is introduced in the first place.
    At the end of the day there is a still some kunt who is in charge of making those VAR decisions, and on today’s game I heard it’s someone who was deemed not good enough to officiate in the PL, and was demoted to the lower leagues.
    You couldn’t make it up!
    It’s not Michael Oliver’s call.

    Someone from the useless PGMOL definitely wants the dippers to win the league it seems.

  30. TheBayingMob

    I’m not sure VAR is going to kill the game … but it is going to have a dramatic impact. One of the things that sets football apart is the utter delirium of that 93rd minute goal … the unadulterated joy … that will go away to some degree as more and more goals take 58mins to review while everyone shuffled off to grab a bovril and hot cancer pie. I think it’s right to have video replays. The game has needed it for years. There’s too much cheating going on in the game and it’s been passing the refs by for some time now, bit it will definitely change the landscape for the players and the fans.

  31. TheBayingMob

    On the game itself, I thought there were positives but we looked a shambles in defense at times.

    Overall I thought we were more Burnley’s level than City / Spurs, so if we still consider ourselves to be in the ‘Top 6/Big 6’ then we are fighting it out for the bottom two spots in that table IMO … Liverpool will make mincemeat of that defense.

  32. MidwestGun

    Lol Nelson thanks.. I had a high school reunion I forgot about last night and me and some of the old boys shut the place down.. no way was I getting up… I did manage to record it though. Somebody told me the score ahead of time though.. kind of ruined it for me. It want as close as the score though really we should have scored a few more.

  33. Champagne charlie

    “What was Fergies philosophy by the way“

    Wow. First Man City are poor defensively, and now Fergie didn’t have a philosophy.

    Paul Merson appears an intellectual against that kind of input.

  34. Champagne charlie

    The handball ruling (whatever the fuck it’s descended into) is appalling.

    Nothing unnatural about having your arm six inches from your side when you’re trying to stick your head on it. Sterilises the game with that dogshit.

  35. Nelson


    If you read the live blog, I thought about you when the game started.

    We had a few shots saved by their GK. With a bit of luck, one of those could get in. Enjoy the replay.

    I think Emery was already thinking about the next game at the Pool. He played a 3 5 2 formation at the end of the game. That is a good formation for the next game. As for the three midfielder, Ceballos and Willock are a must. Guen and Xhaka are a toss up. Defensively, Xhaka is better than Guen.

  36. Ishola70

    “Have always praised his football ability , his ability to keep possession and his passing ability and I have always said I liked and rated him.”

    Pierre this isn’t true and you know it.

    Before the competitive season you kept comparing him to the Suarez loan deal even though it was explained to you that Ceballos was nothing like Suarez as a player bit you kept on with that line.

    You were also keep putting him on the same bracket as Willock when it is abundantly clear Ceballos is several levels above Willock.

    You were belittling him basically.

    As said before I hope his performance today has been a humbling experience for you.

  37. MidwestGun

    Klopp is about as charismatic as they come.. Hell I’m old and haven’t played professionally since 1990 but I would lace them up and play for him. He is kind of a goofball as well.. which I actually like. Radio and I were discussing though he runs like a lunatic and very awkwardly though so he might want to consider more of a walk-off celebration.

  38. Receding Hairline

    Charles man city defenders now Kompany has left the building are really nothing to write home about individually. The fact the team keeps the ball and takes pressure off them is what works not their individual prowess as defenders.

    You didn’t state what Fergies philosophy was by the way, just went off as usual after quoting something you didn’t have an answer to. I noticed all the praise Ceballos got during the game didn’t go down too well with you either, it was one snide remark after another.

  39. Champagne charlie


    Some things aren’t worth the effort to rely to. Have a look at Pep’s history as a manager and you’ll see defensively his teams are absolutely top draw, you’re desperate when you claim they’re only good because they keep the ball.

    I won’t even go there with Fergie, that’s just plain laughable to suggest the most successful manager England has ever seen didn’t have a foundation in his approach to the game.

    On Ceballos, what was the snide remark after snide remark? I said he had a good home debut. I also scoffed at the overreaction by some in their praise of him. He was also largely at fault defensively for the goal we conceded. Sorry if that doesn’t fall in line with the circle jerk.

  40. Receding Hairline

    He wasn’t at fault for the goal, that’s just nitpicking. And calling appreciation of his game “a circle jerk” kind of proves my point. Nor did I notice any overreaction, Burnley is as physical as they come in this league and he ran circles round them and was also superb defensively. That you got it into your head he should have stopped an aimless shot someone deflected into the part of an unmarked Striker inside the box also proves my point.

    Also it is equally laughable to suggest a manager on his 7th coaching position doesn’t not have a foundation in his approach of the game, very laughable indeed.

  41. Batistuta

    Seems it was probably just the players at his disposal at the time but Jardim is doing a dogs poo of a job at Monaco, so so poor

  42. MidwestGun

    I actually thought their goal was a bit of a fluke.. Don’t really hold any one person responsible. Amn didn’t track back fast enough… Ceballos missed a tackle by over committing and the ball was on a laser track that somehow stuck to Barnes foot .. Luiz or Matty G couldn’t react fast enough.. On a normal day .. I think one of them makes the play. It wasn’t like any of them really switched off though or made a bad error. They were just physically beaten on that sequence of events. it happens.

  43. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Dani’s celebration at winning back the ball for the second goal, was priceless
    Shows he loves his football the young lad …

  44. Bob N16

    The goal was just one of those things but didn’t you feel that it was too easy for Burnley to get crosses in, not enough speed/ anticipation in closing down?

  45. Receding Hairline

    I don’t know how anyone watches that game today and says Ceballos was largely at fault for the goal. But then again people go to great lengths to appear different. Doesn’t wanna be in our “circle jerk” you see

  46. CG


    Arsenal 2 Burnley 1.


    Burnley 18 attempts on the AFC goal.
    (Equates to 1 every 4.5 minutes.)

    PEA= goalscorer supreme.
    Apathetic crowd

    Club miles behind the big hitters.

    Will concede 10 in the next 3 games.

    VAR will kill the game

    No idea if Jose attended…?

    Klopp, Poch and Pep continually making The Clown look like The School Dunce.

    PedRo still writing a terrific FREE blog.

  47. Champagne charlie


    We conceded fortuitously, but the shot itself should’ve been either prevented or pressurised and the chance would never have occurred. That’s not nitpicking, it’s called being detailed in your analysis.

    The players that should be getting spoken to are Nelson for his powder puff loss of possession, AMN for not closing the left winger quicker, and Ceballos above all for being a cone which allowed a free strike on goal that lead directly to an equaliser. Whether you agree is irrelevant, had Ozil or Xhaka offered that same protection they would’ve been utterly shredded.

    And again, another opinion of mine is that the praise was exaggerated for Ceballos today. It was the best performance from a midfielder in 5 years, better than anything Ozil offered last season, and we should buy him already et al. Just a lot of point scoring rubbish imo. Seems nobody can be content with a very promising home debut, it has to be taken to the bank to push further POV. So I say circle jerk in reference of that because apparently any measured praise of him is seen as “snide remarks”.

    Emery doesn’t have a fundamental approach, you never offered one last season, never knew what sort of players were needed to realise it this summer, and now you’re back to default defence because you love yesterdays Paella so much. Always sniffing out some aggro on here, but you don’t catch yourself because you think it’s absolutely standard to claim Fergie didn’t have a philosophy. Can only surmise you never saw his teams play.

  48. Receding Hairline

    Burnley had 10 attempts in total, 7 off target

    Arsenal had 13 attempts on goal, 9 on target

    But I was not heavily sedated during the game so I missed those 18 attempts Burnley had on our goal.

  49. vickingz

    RH, learn to respect yourself. How is my choice of words your concern? Arguing gives you some feelings of fulfillment obviously so you enjoy it, it gives you orgasm and no one ain’t stopping you from it. If my choice of words is your problem now, then your problem has just started.

    If i’m indeed silly, what should we call you responding to the so called silly man’s post that’s void of your mention? Why not just read and pass or better still, scroll past my comments?

    You are like a fellow who wasn’t given attention while growing up and you are now desperately trying to gain it. You can stop responding to my comments henceforth. Find your mates and argue with them.

    Go argue with rvp instead.

  50. MidwestGun

    Yeah like I said earlier our defense makes it too easy for crosses to come in… That particular goal though wasn’t really even a cross.. more like a lucky through ball.

    If I had to assign blame ..for our shaky defense I would say our fullbacks are too easily beaten too often. Mostly in behind them in the space to the corner flags and that pulls our CBs out of position trying to cover. . so I’m hoping Bellerin and Tierney at some point stabilize that.. And Leno was very shaky on high balls today.. Hope he works on that..

  51. Receding Hairline

    Charles I have posted on more than one occasion detailed analysis of Emery’s approach from different sources. Paulinho has also been gracious enough to explain it himself. That you chose to plough on with your claim he has none is a personal matter and one I will no longer indulge.

    So now you want to rope in Nelson and Niles for the goal, I thought it was all on Ceballos.. Make up your detailed mind already.

    That Paella nonsense is stale by the way, but I notice that’s your go to rubbish when you run out of points.

    If posters want to praise Ceballos let them, no need to call them jerkers or throw in snide remarks, but then again its you.

  52. Pierre

    “Before the competitive season you kept comparing him to the Suarez loan deal even though it was explained to you that Ceballos was nothing like Suarez as a player bit you kept on with that line.You were belittling him basically.
    You were also keep putting him on the same bracket as Willock when it is abundantly clear Ceballos is several levels above Willock.”

    .You can keep on this track (trolling)if you want but you won’t find a comment to substantiate your claims .

    Comparing the deal is not the same as comparing the player as you well know.

    I have already posted previous comments on my feeling towards Ceballos and I’m pleased to say that he confirmed what I originally thought of him.

    A good technical footballer who is very good in possession of the football , a neat and tidy passer of the ball and a good team player.

    Just my type of footballer and he will be a crowd favourite.

  53. The backpass


    I believe the right question should have been “style of play” not philosophy.

    Saying that,I would love for someone to please explain Fergie’s philosophy for those of us new to football.

  54. Receding Hairline

    Lol attention from an anonymous guy on a football blog who thinks playing for Derby county is a big thanks I will pass.

    You can continue writing like an illiterate.. Nothing to do with me I agree

  55. Champagne charlie

    “So now you want to rope in Nelson and Niles for the goal, I thought it was all on Ceballos.. Make up your detailed mind already.“

    I said “largely at fault” for the goal, I didn’t say it was on him entirely. His part was telling, and any denial of that is because it’s Ceballos and not Ozil or another. Precisely the sentiment Weagle noted earlier too.

    “That Paella nonsense is stale by the way, but I notice that’s your go to rubbish when you run out of points.”

    No it’s a go to for mocking your incessant defence of Emery. The lengths you go to are embarrassing, Fergie getting dragged into the mix is levels of banter.

    “If posters want to praise Ceballos let them, no need to call them jerkers or throw in snide remarks, but then again its you.”

    I’ve no issue with posters praising him, I happen to think the over the top praise at the expense of Santi, Rambo, even Ozil is worthy of pushing back against. Be nice if you worried about your own input instead of trying to police mine and others.

    Conversely if posters want to critique Emery why can’t you let them do so without your incoherent badgering? You’re all over the show. Have you reached out the RvP on social media for his take on Emery’s philosophy? Drop him news about Emery managing 7 clubs so it’s laughable to suggest he doesn’t have one. Go on, you tell him mate.

  56. Ishola70

    You are shameless Pierre.

    You were openly questioning the loan deal of Ceballos on here before the competitive season began which equates to questioning the player himself.

    And why did you do this? because obviously Ceballos has links to Emery and Emery had the temerity to take over from your beloved Arsene.

    We know Emery was paramount in bringing Ceballos to the club this season and now that you highly rate Ceballos all of a sudden I hope that you give Emery his dues on this now.

  57. Receding Hairline

    The backpass anytime we played united under Fergie we had no idea how they were gonna approach it but they knew exactly how we would play. The latter games were particularly gruesome, we weaved intricate patterns while they just sucker punched us.

    Ferguson had no real philosophy in the same way Pep or Klopp do. Anyone who tells you he did should explain it to you, but you will be waiting a long time.

  58. Receding Hairline

    Over the top praise at the expense of Santi, Ramsey and Ozil…good grief!!!

    Oh now I remember, you were one of those pouring cold water on his signing because you didn’t know his game,seems you are threatened by anything you don’t know, like Emery’s approach to football.

    I have no business with RVP, he was a footballer not a sports analyst. He can be forgiven for not knowing Emery’s approach to The game, its not the big deal you are making it out to be.

    Anyway enough from you for one day, you are still boring.

  59. bennydevito

    Fuck Wenger’s philosophy and fuck RVP. Good fucking riddance.

    Wenger’s philosophy was pretty but impotent trippy tappy crab football with a suicidal high line and a set up that completely ignored the opposition and a set up.where the opposition completely knew how to nullify.

    Thank god we’re no longer being served up that drab depressing football.

    Ceballos was excellent today, like Ozil and Ramsey rolled into one and really showed Ozil up for the lazy overpriced squad blocker that he is. Mk too. For me, today showed that Ozil, Mk, Xhaka and Mustafi should be next out of the door.

  60. Danialtos

    Those thinking we should steam roll Burnley need to to calm the fuck down.I am now convinced Burnley is the modern day stoke city,a team which thrives on making the game ugly.Even the mighty Pep subbed in two defenders last season while hanging in to a 1-0 lead….something I have never seen pep do in his entire career

  61. Champagne charlie


    I said I know nothing of Ceballos and as such I’m not giddy about his signing. Is that pouring cold water in your eyes? Bit of a daft cunt aren’t you in that case?

    I was encouraged by his performance today, it’s an exciting sign of things to come I can hope. What it wasn’t however was better than anything Santi, Rambo, or Ozil delivered in an Arsenal shirt. Not sure why that view has your flaps twitching.

    Santi was glorious for us, Rambo had some unreal games, and even today’s whipping boy Ozil has delivered world class displays for us – even last season vs Leicester. So again, the hyperbole was something to behold.

  62. Pierre

    “You were openly questioning the loan deal of Ceballos on here before the competitive season began which equates to questioning the player himself.”

    Does it really?

    Now you starting to struggle aren’t you . I will humour you for a little longer as I am beginning to feel sorry for you as I know you are becoming a little desperate to make a point.

    Actually no , I can’t be bothered…find some one else to troll .

    I am just going to enjoy the victory today and the very good performances of Ceballos and Joe Willock who put in a very mature, disciplined performance in centre midfield.

  63. Champagne charlie


    Oh and like I said, here you are telling folk to let posters give praise and say this or that. But the second someone raised a question, or posts something asking a question of Emery you’re burning a hole through your keyboard.

    Stay consistent. More like ‘say what you want as long as I agree with it’. Allow me to kindly reject that premise you absolute gobshite. Stick to what you know, Man City are shit defensively and Fergie had no philosophy. Professor X over here.

  64. Receding Hairline

    Lol…go to bed you sad little man.

    Defending the honor of Ozil, Santi and Ramsey…priceless. Their awesome performances must not be forgotten.

    Either state Fergie’s philosophy or shut up about it.

    Also if you don’t understand what was said about City shut up

    Sad little man.

  65. MidwestGun

    I always thought Fergie’s Philosophy was to intimidate the refs into giving his team an extra 8 mins where his teams superior fitness and class would win out. Lol But that’s just me.. I’m sure it was more complicated then that..
    Giggs and Scholes won him a lot of matches in midfield as well.. so Basically his style was never give up because our players are more fit and skilled then yours so eventually we will win. Not sure those tactics would work anymore.. with the amount of money in the game.. everyone has better players and fitness trainers it’s not just limited to a few top teams. But it certainly worked for Fergie’s time and he certainly was a motivator.

  66. The backpass


    Exactly, Fergie would use Anderson to disturb any sort of “philosophy” Wenger and Fabregas planned. Honourable mention to Ji sung Park who Fergie relied on during big matches..

    Fergie is arguably the greatest manager of all time, but i can’t really pinpoint his philosophy like Pep, and that is why am asking those who say otherwise to kindly explain this philosophy.

  67. Receding Hairline

    Today City started the game with Walker and Otamendi in defense

    Otamendi is a good but average defender, I mean no one will list him among the top center backs in Europe

    And since you hang on every word ex pros utter, Rio Ferdinand is on record referring to Walker as a defensive liability.

    Spurs were outplayed for large spells, two shots on goal..two goals.

    Same thing happened last season in their champions league tie.

    No one said they were shit,just that individually there were not the best defenders but Pep makes it work because the forward players put a lot into ball retention and closing down.

  68. Valentin

    Today Nelson had a bad day. He was diligent in doing his defensive work (a few great tackle comes to mind), but going forward he offered nearly nothing. He nearly always refused to beat his opponents. He shirked any opportunity of 1v1.
    Pepe was the opposite, a little bit too eager to go. Some of his failed attempt at dribbling thirty yards from our own goal put the team under necessary pressure, but hopefully he will learn when to do it and when not to do it.
    I don’t think it is a question of ability for Nelson, more a question of confidence. He needs to assert himself on games otherwise next season he will play for Everton or Watford.

  69. Receding Hairline

    The backpass Ferguson was a winner, he wasn’t into all this philosophy talk. He hits teams where they are weak by any means open to him.

    I like yourself also await a detailed breakdown of his philosophy. Don’t hold your breathe though. I will expect more nonsense like “gobshite” and “paella”

  70. Champagne charlie


    Nothing to do with defending the honour of anyone, it was a reaction to over the top commentary. Or as you like to rebrand it…. “snide remarks”. Put your hi-vis jacket away you bellend, policing the comments on here isn’t a second job of yours no matter what you tell jobseekers.

    You think I’m going to waste my time unpacking Alex Ferguson because some whopper with dial up is defending questions of Emery by name dropping him? Do me a favour 😂

  71. MidwestGun

    Agreed… Nelson .. played more like a midfielder then a winger .. elected to cut inside too much.. rather then to play to width.. Sort of regressed a bit.. I thought he played the same last match as well. Room for improvement for sure.

  72. Receding Hairline

    So you don’t know what his philosophy was then… Good to know.

    Let me not distract you from defending the honor of the fantastic three from blasphemers who say Ceballos was great today.

  73. Valentin

    Fergie’s philosophy:
    Constant pressure on the opposition and the referees. Quick interchange between players and great wingers to put crosses strikers scored from. And no possession for the sake of possession, vertical play, no repeated lateral passes like in Handball.

    Only time he ditched his philosophy was against teams he knew he would lose in an open flow game.
    Against Arsenal he made the game a war of attrition knowing that none of the English referees would have the courage to send off any of his players. He also knew that Arsenal could not handle quick counter-attack, so he let us have the ball.

    Against Barcelona he tried his low bloc approach, but Messi just destroyed them anyway.

  74. Champagne charlie


    Deliberately ignoring what’s posted and arguing the opposite. Militant Emery defender and troll, what a lad.

  75. Ishola70


    Man City attack as a team and defend as a team.

    You mentioned it there yourself when you stated closing down as well as ball retention.

    Walker can be iffy defensively but already in these first two EPL matches he shows that he is a weapon offensively and anyhow so many fullbacks now are seen as being suspect defensively because of the added onus on fullbacks to attack now. But overall he is on board with the pressing as a team Man City do when they don’t have the ball.

    This is where Arsenal have fallen down. Having indiviualistic players that are inept at off the ball stuff that is necessary. This is why I find it kind of confusing that you seem to still have time for a player like Xhaka. He is too individualistic as well in how he plays. No different to an Ozil or Mhiki but I think you are more prone to criticise these two than Xhaka. They are all in the same boat in being a hindrance to the side overall.

  76. Ishola70

    Arsenal also need to start getting in players that own the flanks offensively.

    It’s quite clear that Man City’s and Liverpool’s main offensive strategy and strength is offensive play predominately from the flanks.

    Another thing that Arsenal lack at this time.

    Pepe is hopefully a start to remedy this.

  77. The backpass


    Lol, if that is the case, then every manager has a philosophy….heck we saw Sean dyche philosophy today if that were the case… I think the right word or term would be “style of play” and not philosophy.

    That is my opinion anyway.

  78. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Got to persist with Nelson
    He will come good.

    Willock had a subdued game but did what he needed to do,

    Long uphill battle for xhara to get back into team…

  79. vickingz

    @ Valentine, Ferguson’s philosophy mirrors the Scottish temperament, mixture of dynamic pace, creativity, flair, he instilled winning mentality into his players and he demanded nothing less than 70% performance ratings from his players. He played to win, to impose his game on the opponent, a gutsy attacking side, aggressive, dominant, resilient, he just wanna win at all cost by any means whatsoever.

  80. Valentin


    Everybody who watches football know that all the top managers have a philosophy. They may adjust or even ditch it for specific games.

    There is nothing controversial in stating that. You just need to watch a Klopp team to know it is a Klopp team. Same thing with Pep. Same thing with Mourinho. They have a signature approach.

    There is also a difference between philosophy and tactic. Tactic can change over time while still fitting the same philosophy. The number of tactics Pep used is just proof of that.

    What RVP is alluding to is that if a manager has no philosophy, then it is more difficult for a team to achieve consistent performance. Also usually when under pressure, teams revert back to their basic principles. If you have no principles, then you are more likely to get random play and crack.

  81. Ishola70


    “Long uphill battle for xhara to get back into team…”

    Wish that were the case but I fear that we will see him at Anfield.

    Something about “knitting” the midfield together. No matter that he is so limited in his overall play.

    Willock was tidy today rather than standout. Will have to see him play a standout match to be really into him like others seem to be. Still think he will struggle to see that much first team football as the season progresses as the options ahead of him seen to be quite a few.

  82. Kay

    For god’s sake, we were really predictable for the last 20 years. The strength and skill of the players we had in the 1st 10 years saw us somehow manage to win things.

    We were longing for wenger to change stuff according to opposition and now we complain when the sameis done by Emery.
    We Arsenal supporters are one miserable bunch.

  83. vickingz

    What RVP is alluding to is that if a manager has no philosophy, then it is more difficult for a team to achieve consistent performance. Also usually when under pressure, teams revert back to their basic principles. If you have no principles, then you are more likely to get random play and crack.

    This, one would expect shouldn’t be difficult for fans to comprehend but surprisingly, it’s difficult for some to understand.

  84. Champagne charlie


    Bang on. But of course that’s met with resistance by those who are wedded to a manager of their choosing. Then laughably you’re told that there’s no worries because if we don’t achieve then the manager is out, like that absolves the current attachment. Odd few

  85. Ishola70

    One of the good things about Willock today even though he didn’t have a standout match is that he kept going for the 90 minutes. He made a few dangerous runs right near the end of the match which can be seen as a good sign.

  86. Cesc Appeal

    Just watched MOTD and the stats at the end of the City game…how did Spurs come away with anything from that?

    They really are the jammiest fucking team in existence.

    City can feel especially salty as for some reason Llorente’s handball goal in the UCL last year was not ruled out and it was a blatant movement of arm to ball.

    Really did not think Spurs look like anything special for the second game running. They just seem to have a way of stumbling to a result. Like a drunkard in a bar fight knocking someone out by collapsing forward and headbutting his opponent.

  87. Valentin

    I think that this season will be Willock break out season. Right now, he looks like the go to man for Emery.
    Need somebody with bite in a midfield two to protect the defense behind Ceballos, here is your man.
    Need a CAM in front of a midfield of two with Torreira. Here is your man.

    Hopefully today’s midfield performance would have convince Emery that we do not need Xhaka as a starter anymore.

    The player who looks like losing out with his emergence is Torreira. Because against Liverpool, if Xhaka is reinstated the player most likely to be dropped is Guendouzi (who had a good game today): Xhaka-Willock behind Ceballos.

  88. Kay

    What wenger achieved between 98 to 2004 was even bigger in my opinion when compared to what Pep has done at citeh.
    Pep has spent a fortune to implement his ideas. I would even rate Klopp higher than pep based on last season alone.

  89. gnarleygeorge9

    Just a quick oversee from a ‘tourist’ Gooner. First half was same old crap, went to sleep after scoring, but 2nd half was very encouraging. Last 10 minutes was a bit nerve racking, but my stream constantly freezing probably didn’t help!!!!

    The fans didn’t sound like an audience, they sounded like they wanted to dust off all their old song books & sing it loud & proud. Well done to everyone involved.

    Only one thing tho, I hope fixture list hasn’t paired The Arse with Liverpoo too early during the gel period. But hey, I must admit its going to be exciting to find out. Up the Arse!!!!

  90. Ishola70


    I still think it’s a case of players not being quite ready in why we see Willock.

    Him playing the first few matches of the season was no secret. It was publically announced that Willock would see game time before the competitive season begun primarily because of Torreira needing “rest” after Copa America.

    Obviously now Ceballos after today is ahead of him and I still see Guendouzi and Torreira ahead of him in the pecking order. And also unfortunately Xhaka. Nothing against the boy but just what I think is reality.

    Mind you I was wrong earlier today about Willock when I thought Willock would be ACM today like he was at Newcastle.

  91. Ishola70

    I would actually be for Willock in the first team if it meant no more Xhaka.

    But I think this can be achieved anyway with Torreira, Guendouzi and Ceballos available.

  92. MidwestGun

    Pretty much .. like I said.. I’m pretty much not concerned with winning with flair for the moment Ill just take winning.. And if Emery doesn’t take care of that business then we will replace him… Not very concerned about philosophy and playing style… let’s get the new players bedded in and the youth some starts so that they become veterans. Then we can work on patterns of play and balance after that.. and when that point gets here if Emery’s playing style doesn’t match the vision of Edu and Raul.. well same thing.. think he will go. For me, if Emery continues to play Ozil, Miki , Mustafi and Xhaka.. I will be upset if he doesn’t I will be happy… hahahaha Pretty simple breakdown for me.

  93. Valentin

    I thought that today the balance of the midfield was great. Willock full of bite in midfield. Had some run forward but nothing unreasonable. Guendouzi also had a professional game, no unecessary risk. I would like more decisiveness when he goes forward, but at least he is more solid under challenges than last season.

    Ceballos had a lot of very good touches, but he needs time to adjust to his teammates. The timing of some of his final passes was off.

    Burnley goal explains why Ceballos is unlikely to play as a 6/8 for Arsenal. Willock and Ceballos have just interchanged position with Willock running further up. Ceballos lost the ball and despite his lunge failed to retrieve it. Straight away Burnley is in the middle of our defense and score.

    This is the kind of mistake by both players that against teams with better players could see us lose or draw a game that we fully dominated and controlled.

  94. Kay


    Exactly, i just dont care about the style of play as long as we get CL football. If Emery gets top4 he stays else he will have to be shown the door.

    Just don’t want to see the Axis of Evil (courtesy of you) in the starting 11 again.

    Rather lose the game against pool with Willock playing in Mid than Xhaka.

  95. Eduardo

    Ceballos is a diamond and will be our most important player this season. Totally showing up the senior coasters in our MF already (Ozil/Xhaka/mkhi). Ceballos guen torriera has the making of a solid three.

    Thought Willock was largely anonymous today, still don’t understand the hype. Tidy player but nothing special YET.

  96. Ishola70


    “Willock and Ceballos have just interchanged position with Willock running further up”

    Yeah said before the match that we could see Willock and Ceballos interchange positions and as you say sometimes it can go slightly wrong.

  97. Guns of Brixton

    You know what I missed today?

    A classic Xhaka backpass.

    One where its a proper heart in mouth moment bcos its got our backline pedalling and the opposition players charging down our throats.

    I ve grown so accustomed to the regularity of seeing those backpasses by Xhska that not seeing one here today makes me feel like i ve missed something. As if the experience isn’t completed yet

    #Xhaka backpass 4 lyfe

  98. vickingz

    For god’s sake, we were really predictable for the last 20 years. The strength and skill of the players we had in the 1st 10 years saw us somehow manage to win things.We were longing for wenger to change stuff according to

    It wasn’t that we were predictable that stalled us under wenger, there were lots of factors that contributed to it which could be summed up as wenger’s quest for power. What’s unpredictable about Liverpool? What’s unpredictable about Chelsea when they were winning? What’s unpredictable about Ferguson’s man utd? This confusion called unpredictability is why pep hasn’t won CL for long now since he started his madness.

  99. Godfather

    That red haired clown whining about diving when he has the biggest scum bag in the game since Kelvin Davis, in Ashley Barnes. What an entitled ginger prick. The fool plays Route 1 hoof and hope football that only Pulis would be proud of and then has the gall to whine when his goons foul more talented players.

    Notice he didn’t complain of anything tactical but rather that players didn’t stand up and take the knees in the back and the clutching and grabbing of his rugby players in football unis.

  100. Pedro

    Jamie, footballing philosophy has been around for years. It’s not a new thing. It’s always sat at the heart of the game.

  101. Pedro

    … and tbf, RH doesn’t understand the term philosophy in relation to football. We’ve been here before. No use trying to explain it.

  102. Nelson

    I was surprised by Pepe’s nutmeg today. All of a sudden, he ran further up with the ball while the defender was as confused as me????

  103. Nelson

    I just read that Manure offered over €90m for Pepe but was conditional on the departure of Romelu Lukaku. Since Lukaku sale was delayed, Lile accepted our bid.
    Manure ended up too late to sign a Lukaku replacement.
    Imagine if Manure got Pepe, they would have a better chance to get the top 4 spot.

  104. Bojangles

    I can’t believe I wasted 20 minutes of f my life reading some of the comments written during the game. Get your nose out of your phones and watch the game, might actually see what’s happening.

    Agree with Pedro and another comment on here about Leno’s game. He doesn’t instill confidence when a high ball comes into the 6 yard box.

    Nelson shouldn’t be selected against pool or spuds. Have reservations about Willock for those two games too.

    If all our players had Ceballos’ energy and technical ability top 4 would be a shoe in. Just hope he can maintain today’s standard throughout the season.

  105. peanuts&monkeys

    Emery can’t yet bring out even 90% from this talented squad. He has couple of months’ time on his side though.

    Sorry… but his days are numbered. There’s no way you can justify an F2-standard driver in a super-efficient, super-expensive F1 beast.

  106. raptora

    Have you guys not thought about RvP being the massive c*nt he’s always been (and a phenomenal striker) wanted to stir drama in a team that is on the rise?! He became an anti-hero for half of our fan base, his shirts burned on media etc. I appreciate the player he was, but he did not leave on good terms and that’s why he will never be one of our own. Anyone actually believe him that the club didn’t offer a contract to his best player at the time? The guy that scored 30 goals in the EPL in his last season for us? Get out of here. I call bollocks.

  107. Receding Hairline

    Pedro if what Valentin explained with respect to Ferguson is footballing philosophical then I believe you struggle with the concept. Pep is the only manager with a standout philosophy. Wenger came close too. Funny how champagne jumped on what Valentin said, the backpass gave a perfect response to that.

    Van Gaal used the word philosophy through out his time at United yet the football was drab and his players didn’t know what they were doing half the time.

  108. Un na naai

    There certainly were styles and philosophies long before van gaal
    Graham has his in the late 80s
    Fergie had his in the 90s
    The England team of the 70s
    The Leeds team of the 70s were brutal
    The Brazil team of the 70s were out and out flair
    The Holland side of the 70s and 80s and total football.
    These teams all played a certain way to a certain philosophical blueprint.

    I don’t understand what all the morning is about
    We should have scored more but we have 8 new players in the first team
    9 if you include Martinez
    It’s the second game of the season
    It’s going to be a little disjointed
    Luiz and Ceballos look at home and comfortable
    Nelson was highly impressive for me yesterday
    Our defence really were in control all day
    Their goal was fortuitous.
    Once we are sharper around the goal and in our build up we will score more. We look more solid. Don’t forget at this stage last season we had conceded 5
    Liverpool next week. I think we can take them and their high line.

    No more clowning around emery
    We’ve had enough humiliations last season
    5-1 Liverpool
    4-1 Chelsea
    9 goals in 3 games to palace, Leicester and wolves