Matchday song revival causes MASS OUTRAGE

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There is FURY on the website messageboards…


I really have to say that the thought of that song entering the musical lexicon again really fills me with sadness.

Where has that idea come from?

Wasn’t it Ivan Gazidis that brought that song back?

It’s awful. Utter shite. Doesn’t get anyone excited. I swear, every time it came on, people bitched and moaned about its existence. The song reminds me of Denilson falling on his face, not something I want to be reminded of.

I grew up with ENTERTAIN YOU by the magnificent Robbie Williams. Great build, electric, sung by one of the great pop ROCK stars of my childhood. I genuinely lost my mind listening to that song before it came on at Highbury.

I was a kid so don’t judge the taste levels… actually, fuck it, you can’t be too cool for this song, it’s a great track. I won’t have anyone deny me. You can still like Beach House and appreciate Robbie.

Another classic Arsenal tune we could revisit is Fatboy Slim, Right Here, Right Now. I still get Arsenal chills when I hear that song, a bit edgier, everyone knows it, there’s even a hint of Ian Wright in it.

Wonder of You? I don’t care about its history. I don’t care that it’s a classic. I don’t care that your grandad knocked up your grandma to it. It’s a shite song and has absolutely no place at the club.

We could roll with something a little more contemporary? Foals – Providence is a great track.

I know Kasabian are Leicester fans, but come on, Underdog? SYMBOLIC.

You know you’d be pissing in your plastic cup and lobbing it at Steve Bruce if this came on… because that is how we enjoy gigs in London. I told American’s that what happens and they refused to believe me.

Which tune would YOU want to hear?

Mesut Ozil rumours reached the Washington Post… I was quite excited to hear what they had on offer, sadly, all pointers indicate to a deal being for next summer. Probably better for our squad if I’m honest. I’m not sure we can lose too many more players without taking on massive risk to our experience balance. Still, at least they’re making moves for next year.

Chelsea lost in the Super Cup on penalties, but again looked far better than the result suggested. Frank Lampard has had a tough start, he’s going to have to hope he has strong motivational skills otherwise he’s going to have problems this season. Jury still out, but Kante is an absolute powerhouse, he’ll always be worth 10 points a season.

I was having a debate with some grown adults trying to convince me that mobile phones in grounds when the games are going on is acceptable. ‘It’s a Generational thing’ apparently like mobile communications devices started last year.

Can’t have it.

They’re a blight on gigs, the cinema, stand-up shows, dinner dates, funerals, after-sex-chat, and it’s simply bad manners. You’d be lying to yourself if you think it’s just the young, if anything, this behaviour is just as prevalent in older folk. Tommy Robinson can’t even go to court without filming himself and he’s 36.

Here is Donald Glover, one of the hottest contemporary artists on the planet (I know some of you needed that), making a great point.

“I think telling people to put their phones away really forces a person to be present.”

Amen Donald, spoken like a true pro. We could all do with a little less phone time in our lives because it’s a sad indictment of humans when there’s a market for addressing the problem.

I like the generation that the ASHBURTON ARMY (@ArsenalChants) is from, the average age there is probably sub 23. Their Twitter page is starting a fan movement to make loads of noise at the home games. They look like they have a lot of fun, they make up great songs, and they’re getting a fucking drum.


Finally, new Lacazette song.


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  1. Batistuta

    Convinced someone to go for a win or draw for Herta Berlin and he owes me a pint tomorrow, Bayern look like they’ll drop a lot of points this season. Barcelona also dropping points, such a useless team without Messi…

    I’d also advice avoiding Madrid tomorrow especially looking like Hazard may miss that one…

    Lots of potential good teams to pick up a win tomorrow though

  2. vickingz

    Is anyone having a feeling that barca will suffer really this season? Arsenal fans ain’t even know what suffering is again, it’s become our fabric

  3. Marko

    Do you think Messi, Suarez, Dembélé and Griezmann isn’t enough ???

    Nah not really. No real LW and questionable fitness over one or two players and over 3 positions too.

  4. Valentin

    Do you think Messi, Suarez, Dembélé and Griezmann isn’t enough ???Nah not really. No real LW

    Where does Messi play these days?
    I was under the impression that he played on the left of midfield.

  5. Marko

    Definitely not on the left. More floating around the middle. I’ve seen them play Griezmann on the left and Dembele on the left and it just doesn’t seem to work. If they were smarter this summer they would have gone for Lacazette instead of Griezmann and most importantly Oyarzabal.

  6. China1

    Some good jokes from you jokers yesterday. A few to remember for sure!

    Re our academy, we all want lots of our own kids coming good at the top level with us, but I think if we can get just 1 or 2 players integrated into the overall squad per year we’ll be doing well.

    At the top level of football very few clubs are able to churn out youngsters good enough for the top of the game from a young age

    But what we do need to do is make sure there is a pathway for the best of them into the squad and that they will get some chances for minutes on the pitch. Just as or more importantly tho is that we need to turn our academy into a cash cow the same way Chelsea have.

    Most of the kids aren’t gonna make the grade sadly, but I remember a few years ago Chelsea made about 40m in sales ebtirely from random youths no one had heard of who were out on loan in Belgium and wherever. That is an incredibly useful chunk of change to get from players who were contributing nothing to the squad, didn’t have a clear future.

    But we do need to make sure our kids are getting loans to clubs where they will be first choice and we also need to be inserting sell on clauses.

    If we had a summer like Chelsea did that time flogging random youths, we’d have easily had the money to cover buying upemecado by now.

  7. China1

    I dislike the idea of just buying as many star names as possible and dumping them on the pitch and hoping it will be magicike Barca, so I wish them a season of great disappointment

  8. Bojangles

    Trolls thrive on response, if you don’t respond their reason for being is nullified.

    I have built up a list of commenters I scroll past without reading their post. Not saying they are trolls, I just think they talk a lot of shit. Those I read I don’t always agree with but their comments are usually considered opinions.

    Everybody is entitled to write what they want here it’s your decision as to how you want to respond and up to Pedro to decide if anyone goes ott.

  9. Tony

    Emery says in the DM:

    ‘I don’t know,’ Emery said when asked if he has a better squad than last season. ‘Our idea is to improve on last year, to improve our work, improve our players, improve our challenge, to improve in achieving our target but I don’t know if we are better or not.’

    Tongue in cheek or just plain stupid comment?

    As long as we get 3 points against Burnley I don’t care how ridiculously vague Emery’s comments are or if the DM is playing with emery’s words.

    Proof is in the winning for me!

  10. Freddie Ljungberg


    Yeah brah, we’re now an unstoppable juggernaut and will crush all our opponents like the filthy maggots they are, no one can stand before us, tremble before our might you unworthy heathens!

    As much as that would be amusing to hear from Emery it’s just the usual manager talk, not putting too much pressure on the new signings before they even play for us.
    It’s the same with almost all press conferences, mostly platitudes, with some notable exceptions from Mourinho and Wenger etc thrown in sometimes.

  11. Freddie Ljungberg

    Going to be interesting what happens to ESR this season, he got 60 minutes for the u23s last night and scored, he’s still one of, if not the most highly rated youth player we have. Too bad he missed last season because of injuries.

    Let’s hope he can take a big step forward this season and claim a place in the squad, think there will be more than a couple of slots open in midfield next year, with Mikhi, Ozil, Xhaka all hopefully moved on and Ceballos probably not here.

  12. Dream10

    Barça looked very average. Credit to Aduriz for the winner.

    A Friday where Bayern didn’t win followed by a convincing win by The Arsenal on the Saturday??? This is what we want to see!

  13. Tony

    I hadn’t considered that way of thinking with Emery deflecting pressure off the team. Makes sense but I don’t see other teams and their managers falling for it.

    Why be silly and negative? Why not just say how well the new players are fitting/settling in and the many new options they give the squad where the confidence of the squad is becoming stronger each week?

    Or positive words to that effect.

    ESR I like him a lot from what little I’ve seen of him so far.

  14. Freddie Ljungberg


    Think it’s more a case of settling down fan expectation and take the pressure off from the media, not necessarily other teams, it’s standard press conference stuff. His english is also still limited so I don’t expect much, it’s still pretty garbled.
    Some managers are more open than others too, it doesn’t really matter to me if they talk a good game or not, it’s what the team show on the pitch. I’m sure he knows the squad is much stronger this season.

    Unnecessary to talk up the new signings too much before they’ve had time to settle and adapt, some fans are already expecting all of them to hit the ground running or are waiting for something to pounce on to justify their agenda.

  15. Tony

    If you feel posters should restrain themselves when posters are being trolled, then isn’t it your responsibility to bin trolls and those writing insane comments?

    The banter can be really fun reading when RH, Marko, Freddie, Charlie and many others are in full flow.

    Trolling and mind numbing posts from Pierre and CG are just pathetic and add no value to the blog other than to give the blog more traffic, which is ok for you, but not the many posters here that offer thoughtful insight to the team, tactics and general knowledge of players around the globe. such as Luteo, CA and ES plus so many more most of us find really interesting.

    I’d say this that, if you binned trolls and people like CG then you probably find the likes N5, Romford Pele and quality posters who have left the blog would come back where not only would the traffic be good for you, but I’d hazard a guess that the quantity of posts would be similar to the troll driven posts, but the quality would be much higher and enjoyable.

    How about ensuring quality over mindlessness going forward where we don’t have to keep skimming posts, which seems to be needed more and more these days.

  16. Dream10

    Nah Pierre is decent on the blog. He’s not disrespectful to anyone. No racism or homophobia from him. Just a different viewpoint on players and managers. Many have agendas and biases.

    With Xhaka not playing, I think Emery will start David Luiz later. The captain has his faults, but he does offer progressive passing. Luiz offers that from the back. First appearance of the back three this season.

    Chambers Luiz Sokratis
    AMN Torreira Matteo Nacho (C)
    Aubameyang Lacazette Özil

    Pépé is closer to a start. Not this week tho.

  17. Gentlebris

    I will make a case for CG though.

    Guy is something close to Mahatma Gandhi.

    Punch him all you like, he would never return fire, he would just stubbornly keep on typing his strange thoughts.
    Odd fella that one, obviously hated by most here but can’t see why honestly.

    If a man believes Wenger to be the best football coach in the world in 2019 and such a man wouldn’t be persuaded to believe different, then leave him to enjoy his weird belief.

    CG is a troll for sure, but with some class, he doesn’t even fight dirty.

    Leave him be for entertainment.

  18. Gentlebris

    Pepe should start today. No fun having our chance of winning weakened.

    Who knows what Liverpool does to us when we meet.

  19. China1

    I think we’re paying burnley too much respect with 3 CBs


    Our defense is better than their attack. Our midfield is better than theirs and our attack is much better than their defense. Plus we’re at home

    I don’t think we need to be so reactive to change our formation to accommodate burnley at home

  20. Dream10

    Yeah forgot about Nelson. Solid performance last week

    Chambers Luiz Sokratis
    AMN Torreira Guendouzi Monreal (C)
    Aubameyang Lacazette Nelson


    AMN Chambers Luiz Monreal (C)
    Torreira Guendouzi
    Aubameyang Özil Nelson

  21. Tobs

    Gentlebris- not entirely true re CG. He uses a lot of abusive words- dogs, fools, idiots and so on in describing other posters. It just generally gets buried in his repetitive rants. He is a troll and is no Arsenal fan.

  22. TR7

    Arsenal-Burnley and then City vs Tottenham – Sumptuous Saturday

    AMN —Holding—Sok—Monreal
    Torreira —Guendouzi
    Pepe/Mikhi —Ozil —PEA
    ——-Laca ——-

  23. Graham62



    In what respect?

    By openly promoting over and over again that Mourinho should be Arsenal manager…………on an Arsenal blog!!

    I’m sorry but your definition of class falls way short of my own interpretation.

    Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m over reacting.

    The irony in all of this is that we have a poster(CG), who supposedly loved and respected Arsene Wenger, promoting Jose Mourinho, who openly mocked and ridiculed him and the club over the years and then you have me!! I know irony to the extreme.

    Pedro’s blog, Pedro’s rules. Who am I to question his motives? Then again, if you want to stir it up a wee bit, why not say a ludicrous thing on your own blog to spark a reaction?


  24. Leedsgunner

    I personally would consider each game on its own merits.

    We have to resist the urge today’s game as some sort of warm up for Liverpool and Tottenham. It’s still three points and we still have to take it seriously. Confidence in sport is a fragile and fickle mistress and just because you keep your powder dry in one game because you’re keeping your eye on a future match… it doesn’t always work out the way you expect.

    Remember last season? On paper, we had the “easiest” run in among the top six clubs and top 4 was firmly in our grasp. Then Emery badly underestimated Everton, Crystal Palace and Brighton and we threw away valuable points which could have secured Champions League football… by one point.

    So in turn we were forced to put all our hope into winning the Europa League final instead of having it as an insurance policy. How did that work out?

    Burnley won’t be underestimating us. They are coming off a great win versus Southampton and they will be eager to keep their momentum going. If we take our foot off the gas we’re in danger of throwing points away.

    I would play


    AMN — Chambers — Luiz — Kolasinac

    ———— Torreira ——————————

    Pepe ——————————————————— Mkhitaryan

    ———— Özil —————————————-

    Lacazette— Aubameyang

    Subs : W.illock, Monreal, Sokratis, Ceballos, Guendouzi, Martinez, Martinelli

  25. Danny S

    I don’t know why people are still pushing a back 3.
    That formation has had its day, we shouldn’t be using it again… ever.

  26. TR7

    Mikhi was heads and shoulders above Nelson against Newcastle. He was everywhere. Nelson on the other hand was totally ineffective. Much prefer players who commit mistakes but try to impact games to those who play error free regulation passes.

  27. Bob N16

    Leeds, a bit Guns ho….six changes. Feel Emery has got lots of tight calls to make in all outfield areas. Too many changes could be detrimental.

    Luiz needs minutes but an argument for keeping back 4 the same. Xhaka out, so Torreira in seems right but who plays CAM…..Willock, Ceballos or Ozil? I would definitely like to see Pépé, Laca and PEA up front but how integrated/fit are they?

  28. KAY Boss

    I don’t get this. Mhki had an atrocious first half but came back better than Nelson. Mhki over Nelson is my pick. I feel we’re underating Burnley. We’ve got to go for the 3points today. It’s better we solve the problem of winning today than trying to have a solution of a game in future (Liverpool /Spurs).

  29. Tony

    Good morning Graham
    Agree with your reply to Gentlebris.

    I’m going for 3: 0 today but as long as we get the 3 points I’m ok.

    Hoping we beat Wales in Cardiff this afternoon after the early Burnley game.

  30. Dream10


    Don’t think Pépé will start this week, maybe next week. Emery said he is getting closer every day. Still believe he is trying to protect him.

  31. Leedsgunner

    Bob N16

    Burnley will try to close up shop and try to nick on the break… longer the game goes on… the more confidence they will game.

    So my thinking on the line up was play our most potent offensive players first and try to grab an early goal or two to force Burnley to come out of their shell…

    I can see Pepe combining well with Luiz as he launches pinpoint passes from the back for Pepe to run on to and Laca and Auba to exploit in turn… if it goes well our strikers could bag a few. If we do the stadium will be rocking hopefully Burnley will completely lose their heart and go into damage limitation mode.

    Then with the game in the bag we can park the bus of our own by bringing on an extra defensive midfielder and an extra defender in the last 15 minutes and see the game out on a clean sheet… 😉

  32. Tony

    Why park the bus Leeds we have the fire power to get plenty of goals to see off Burnley.

    Hated when Wenger tried to close out games with extra defensive players.

  33. Leedsgunner

    PEA and Laca can’t always bail the team out. Özil and our wingers need to get their fingers out and supply them!

  34. Leedsgunner


    I agree but I don’t see the harm in parking the bus in the last 15 minutes… our defence is porous enough to concede a few too (unfortunately)! Clean sheets will do our defenders plenty of good for their confidence.

    Confidence breeds cohesion team spirit and momentum?

  35. UTarse

    Why am I nervous today ?!…… expectation I guess, for once in a very long time I have positive expectation that we can start our road to recovery and being contenders for champs league and then hopefully for the title itself….

    Haven’t felt nervous for an Arsenal game in donkeys years.

    Up The Arse.

  36. Tony

    Fair enough if it’s just for the last 10 minutes but we’re more likely to ship a goal inviting pressure and playing the odds game.

    I think we need to start worrying teams with relentless attacking and retaining the ball in midfield and their final third.

    We need to start installing fear and creating defensive doubts in opposing teams. A clean sheet by virtue of that is the bonus for our defensive unit.

    No Mustafi and Xhaka negates giving goals away by stupidity and lack of concentration.