Iwobi explains motives + THE JEFF and his legend lives on

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Alex Iwobi has SPOKEN.

‘I always had that youngster tag at Arsenal, so hopefully with this move I am able to make a name for myself in the Premier League and create history with Everton.’

Football often imitates normal business.

You climb the ranks at an agency as a young whippersnapper, your title might jump, but your pay often doesn’t. People still set your stapler in jelly, wedgie you in the toilets, and remind you of the time you vomited in a plant pot outside a Covent Garden pub.

You have to leave to earn that BIG money and RESPECT you deserve.

I feel you Iwobi. Fuck the system and fuck Craig in IT… he has no right to do that to you in the bathroom.

The legend of Jeff continues… the enigma of a man we all loved for no other reason outside his superb name… has moved to Lyon for UP TO £28m deal.

Unreal business from Angers.

‘HE’S SHIT HE’LL NEVER AMOUNT TO NOTHING’ has a great ring to it, but I’ll be honest, I think Lyon has a pretty good record of unearthing value in the market, so one would suspect they know what they’re buying here.

I’ll have no complaints about this miss if we sell Mustafi to Monaco. Surely the German can’t love his deal so much he’d be willing to sit on the bench for a season? Have a bit of pride.

Burnley is the next HUGE game that is up. I am interested to see whether Emery continues with Callum Chambers who did a decent job against Newcastle. We had a bit of a wait last season before he moved onto the new boys. Petr Cech had to land an injury and it felt like a while until Torreira was acclimated to the first team.

My personal view is we should push for David Luiz in the first team ASAP. If we don’t, he’ll not be fit for the BIG games that we have coming up. Really wouldn’t fancy Callum rolling against Spurs and Liverpool.

Hopefully, Pepe and Ceballos can ramp up their fitness as well. We’ll need to put in better performances over the next few weeks if we’re to come out the other end with a mighty fist full of points.

Check out this tweetstorm on Arsenal’s summer. Epic and very complicated.

Short one today. See you in the comments!

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  1. Alex Cutter

    “Shit decision never a pen”

    Unless you have access to a camera angle that no one else has, shut the fuck up.

  2. WengerEagle

    Top quality match, Fat Frank lad has these playing some proper decent ball.

    Mane with another super finish. Guy’s a top 5 wideman in Europe no question.

    Pulisic really bright match as well, was opening Liverpool up at will.

  3. Alex Cutter

    It’s nice to see Ox has found greener pastures.

    They subbed him too soon,

    I wonder if he’ll be the first EPL player to come out of the closet.

  4. izzo

    Whats the point of the Super Cup anyway. Just pissing away money with an extra match. Both teams should’ve played their reserves.

  5. WengerEagle

    True that.

    I still don’t think that they are a serious threat for that 4th spot but they’ve put in two really high quality performances in spells of both matches even if they go on to lose this.

    They don’t have enough goals in them and I’m not convinced that they have a player that can make the step up and be a 20+ goal guy this season. Also give up too many chances at the other end.

    Create a while host of chances though and are playing some really entertaining football.

  6. Radio Raheem

    Turns sex has nothing to do with refereeing ability? Wonder if men would be allowed to officiate major women’s matches now.

  7. vickingz

    You look at what lampard has done with these players, you shouldn’t have problem vying for vierra or arteta as our coach.

  8. Luteo Guenreira

    Whenever I watch shootouts I can’t help being reminded how shit Arsenal have been at penalties.

    Lol Kepa taken off guard by Fabinho.

  9. Luteo Guenreira

    Holy shit Abraham looked like he was gonna miss it the whole way. This kid cannot find the back of the net for the life of him.

  10. vickingz

    I enjoy the way Chelsea swiftly switch from defending to attacking, you can tell they ain’t in for the useless side way passes our midfielders are accustomed to. With the blend of players we have now, how I wish a good coach handled them.

  11. Leedsgunner

    Adrian should not be underestimated… but with Alisson out, we have an excellent chance of getting three points when we face Liverpool shortly. We pressed them really hard to a draw in the corresponding fixture last season… and we are wiser much stronger than last season.

  12. Marko

    I do agree that Chelsea have played some nice stuff the first two games of the season but I’d like to remind people of OGS and his start. They usually flatter to deceive at the beginning. We’ll know more about him as a manager around December through February

  13. Ishola70

    Man United will just continue to be a counter team and overall that isn’t going to be enough for them. That’s if they want to get back to real glory.

    They will get more from Pogba though in the deeper role in midfield.

  14. raptora

    Never wanted Klopp as our manager. Where people supposedly see charisma, I struggle to see it. These gestures on the touch line… Emery has “pashun” without being disrespectful, same as Conte. Klopp’s celebrations are just plain cringe with the his fists in the air and face like he’s strangling somebody…

  15. Bojangles

    Not sure how you don’t see Klopp as being charismatic, the dude oozes charisma from every pore. But I do agree with you about his celebrations being a tad over the top.

  16. Pedro

    Like calling Jim Carrey dull.

    You might not like someone, but some things can’t be argued. He’s one of the most charismatic people in sport.

  17. Caligooner

    Just let people celebrate things as they want to.

    Sports is emotional if people want to celebrate then go ahead. How does it effect you?

    Some say it disrespects the game but to me celebration is just about showing your joy. If that makes you uncomfortable then get over it.

    Unless it’s a situation like Giroud wasting time to celebrate a goal with scorpion kicks when we need to hurry up and try to win the game. That was inexcusable.

  18. Bojangles

    I disagree Tony. Well as far as Özil’s concerned anyway. Let me first day, Özil has never been a favourite of mine even before he became an Arsenal player. I always saw him as being a lazy sod. However, I think he can still do a job for us. He is still one of our most creative players. I thought he had a good pre-season, he looked as though he had started to get his shit together, although I’m not sure how this recent incident will affect his head. Anyway, that’s just my opinion

  19. Freddie Ljungberg


    Preseason games are made for Ozil, no real intensity, no pressing, not played at the same frenetic pace as PL games. Wouldn’t read too much into how he performed there, we all know he has it in him if the conditions are just fight for him. They rarely are in the league though.

    In saying that I’m still hoping he can do a job for us until January, we’re a bit light in midfield.
    After that it’s best for all parties if he moves on and we bring in the best young Cam we can get.

  20. Bojangles


    I respect your opinion and agree that you can’t put much store in pre-season games usually. I just felt the pre-season this year was much more competitive and played with greater intensity than in previous years. Yes, we’ll have to wait until he plays a few games to see whether it’s the same old Özil or a new invigorated one.

  21. Freddie Ljungberg


    Nothing would make me happier than Ozil performing consistently for us this season, then we might actually get someone to pay a fee for him.

    But we’ve seen it happen before with him, showing up in a couple of games a season to then wilt away when the pressure is on.

    We did play better opposition overall this preseason than normally but it’s still far off the intensity of a PL away game or playing Spurs or Pool for example. We’ll see I guess, just hope the security issues gets resolved first for his and Kolas sake.

  22. Gonsterous

    Ozil is creative but for the kind of money he’s on, he disappears far too often during the season.

    I thought the Wenger debate was hilarious last night. And as much as I doubted klopp he’s really made liverpool into a force.
    His celebrations are a bit wild but if fans are allowed to be passionate and go crazy after a win, I think the players and managers are entitled to it as well.

  23. Bojangles

    Agreed, Özil does disappear to often, I guess it’s up to Emery to manage his playing time…and I don’t want to start a debate about the manager with that comment.

  24. Tony

    Ozil undoubtedly has great skills, but as you say he’s lazy. Cherry picks his games and days to be ill and have back problems.

    I’d rather Emery played our better youth players who will give their all for Emery.

    Ozil’s stats last season were pitiful so why take a chance. Ozil couldn’t even muster a decent performance in the EL final, so I stick by what I say and want him out the club.

    I can’t help feeling this gang trouble is self inflicted in part or whole by Ozil for various potential reasons and not least having Erogan as his best man at his wedding.

    If the gangs had been targeting other PL stars, such as Kane, Ali and Kante and the other chavs, I’d think differently but the gang attacks seem to be solely focussed on Ozil with Sead being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Let’s see how it unfolds and maybe a miracle will happen and Ozil will hit 10 goals and 10 assists, but I’m sure pigs will fly first or Graham will never mention Wenger again on this blog or Pierre will lose his agendas and support Emery to the full and all the players. Guess hell will freeze over first.

    Doubt we’ll ever find the real reasons for the trouble.

    I agree with Freddie’s post above as well.

  25. chris

    I think Klopp will always be remembered as one of the biggest characters in football, he is fantastic on the sidelines and in interviews. I remember he also did a top class photo bomb on Reus & bis wife I think, back in the Dortmund days.

  26. Tony

    As a club we need money more than Ozil’s & Sead’s contributions.

    Even if Ozil goes on a free and we save the £18m a year we pay him it’s a win for us. Equally we should get a few million for Sead and save a further 4.6m on his wages.

    If Emery proves himself this season, we don’t need Ozil and Sead to get CL qualification, as we have a squad including youth to be top 4 (not a trophy) or 3rd, which was my original prediction before the season started.

  27. China1

    Loool is charismatic, but more importantly, he’s an excellent manager – and clearly better than emery.

    Good luck to emery tho. He’s ours for now so I hope he has a great year and we’ll see what arsenal do about him in the summer

  28. Bojangles


    Deep down in the far reaches of my mind I’m sure you are right. Just have this feeling that he wants to prove his doubters wrong. Just wait and see. Maybe he won’t get the opportunity to do that anyway. If there’s any truth to the DC rumours he may be off across the pond soon. I doubt it though.

  29. China1

    Klopp comes across as very down to earth and genuinely all the time – so if his celebrations are OTT it probably means he’s just that over excited.

    Showing off, disrespecting others and so on isn’t in his regular character so why would he force those celebrations?

    It’s a bit OTT but he’s emotional and his goals mean a lot to him

  30. Carts


    For a poxy £3m or whatever nominal fee they’d offer? I wouldn’t bother.

    Take a view in jan, maybe .

  31. raptora

    Read several media quotes the sell on clause was for 10% of the future transfer. So around 2.5m. It’s still money.

    Re selling Nacho. Big no. We saw that he could still play on a decent level vs Newcastle. Imagine if Tierney’s injury comes back to bite him and we’re left with only Kolasinac and Xhaka as 2nd choice LB… God no… We need him this year for sure. There will be European and cup games as well. Not sure if we have an up and coming good prospect LB from the academy so we are dependable on Nacho as we saw vs Newcastle where he had to play.

    And there’s the problem with Ozil and Kola that could, even if the chance is remote for now, that could make them ask for an out of the Arsenal. Then Nacho will become integral.

  32. Freddie Ljungberg


    Looks like we’re getting 2.3m:


    A lot of small fees and sell ons this summer, adds up to decent money in the end but hopefully we can be smarter about things in the future and get a bigger original fee by loaning out or holding on to the top youth players a little longer and give them more senior minutes before selling.

    Still, a broken system will take time to fix, we’re heading there.

  33. CG

    Absolutely Disgraceful when one sees the continued brilliance of Klopp – that we persist with our Looser Emery.

    It’s like comparing Frank Sinatra to Frank Spencer.

    Adrian- also showing the virtues of having a heavy duty experienced no. 2 keeper.

    If Leno breaks a finger or a metatarsal – we are left with just Martinez.

    His chequered C V – tells me he is not top drawer

    ( but he may surprise)

    Ps. Had we not been thrashed in Baku- we would have played last night- probably with a W. Zaha in the team.

  34. Bojangles


    I could have used great or fantastic but went with good.

    We seem to do well when he’s in charge of our games… I think it was 5/5 last season. And certainly a step up from Atkinson

  35. CG

    I am hearing training is starting and finishing early at the training ground today.

    X 32 Loosers Cup matches on TV later.

    The Clown wants to get back home and watch them all.

    Edit some tackling snippets to his video collection.

    How any poster can have optimism with this Clown we have in charge – when we have the likes of Pep,Klopp and Poch as direct rivals is totally bewildering.

    But each to their own.

  36. Gentlebris

    ‘X 32 Loosers Cup matches on TV later.The Clown wants to get back home and watch them all.Edit some tackling snippets to his video collection.’


    I don’t know your age bracket and I don’t know if Wenger had a mistress in South Africa, so I can’t really say.

    But it does seem….. well, good morning.

  37. CG

    Hello GBris

    Good morning

    How is that little one?

    Enjoy these times.

    Lots of fotos.

    Dont leave it too long- get him down for good school.

    London is violent, I am hearing.

  38. Pierre

    “Pierre will lose his agendas and support Emery to the full”

    Like you do ?

    The know nothing’s on here think that it’s a personal thing regarding Emery and that some of us won’t support any new manager out of respect for Wenger….of course that is rubbish.
    The full support for a manager will come when they deserve full support.

    Emery is not a bad manager , he’s hard working, enthusiastic and keen to impress but he is never going to be elite level is he.

    This season he has a golden opportunity to prove to his doubters that he can harness a very talented squad into a formidable team.

    I have my doubts but will be more than happy to be proved wrong.
    No one is expecting Emery to win the league though it would be nice to at least have some hope going into the new year that maybe we could pull off a shock.

    After last season , I believe most of his doubters would be happy to see the team set up better defensively , have a more consistent approach to tactics ,selection and formation , the team to play with more expression , without fear and excite the fans.

    These are, of course, basic requirements but they were requirements that were missing under Emery last season.

    It does concern me that our manager has little or no input to signings as he does appear to like a certain style of player .

    For instance, would he have preferred to have kept iwobi over mkhitaryan and Ozil….probably.

    Is Ceballos and Pepe his type of player .
    Will Ceballos turn out to be another Denis Suarez and be surplus to requirements.
    Is Pepe defensively switched on enough to play wide in Emerys preferred 4-2-3-1 system.

    I am hoping that Emery does get the basic requirements right, this will give the team a greater chance of competing at the top level.

  39. Bob N16

    Bojangles, last season may have gone alright but most people I know detest Dean’s officiating over many seasons. He is the only ref that has made me look up the rules about retirement age for refs to know when we can look forward to him never officiating one of our matches again. Last season must have been an aboration- he gets more verbal stick than any other ref…..

  40. Bob N16

    You’re right Pierre, there are justifiable question marks over Emery. Even though the incomings are not necessarily his picks, if he’s good enough he should be expected to get a tune out of them.

    Whether his preferred style of play matches Edu’s, I’m not so sure. I could be wrong but if Edu and Raul have a clear vision of how they see the team playing, it’s hardly a jump to assume that they may have a coach in mind who is more suited to this style than Emery.

    If Emery gets us CL football and playing in a way that gets the support excited, I’m quite sure he’ll be able to get another decent club to manage if he is replaced.

  41. Bojangles


    Then I guess the fans of our opposition in the games he officiated for us must have been looking up the rule book. Hope for the same this season.

  42. Tony

    Bob Emery has it all to prove this season, but he at least deserves everyone behind him while he proves he can cut it in the PL, which he grossly underestimated last season.

    Wholehearted support sans agendas is the right way for fans this season; however, if it is clear from results that Emery is not going to achieve the minimum of CL qualification, then the club needs to act decisively to ensure we stay on the projected trajectory.

    Twelve weeks should tell us all we need to know.

    I would imagine you are looking forward to going to games much more than of late.

  43. Bob N16

    Bojangles, I think the best refs are the ones you don’t notice , Dean loves being the centre of attention. I imagine supporters of most clubs find him obnoxious.

  44. Bojangles


    I agree with that. But as long as we continue to get results with Dean, I’ll treat him as a lucky charm. Lol

  45. Bob N16

    Almost always look forward to attending games Tony. I’m happily in Spain on holiday right now but am gutted to miss the first home game of the season.

    The only point I take issue with from your post is the 12 weeks judgement time scale. I’m pretty sure we won’t be able to select our best team until around October, when crucially both our full backs will be available after long term injuries. When they’re fully up and running, no excuses.

    He probably got his selection right against Newcastle but I’d be worried if on Saturday, Torreira, Pépé, Lacazette don’t start and Luiz doesn’t get minutes. The jury is definitely still out on Emery but the home crowd on Saturday will be right up for it.

  46. Tony

    Wouldn’t disagree with you but I was probably being a bit vague with the 12 weeks.

    The lateness of players being available has to be taken into account when assessments are made.

    Let’s hope Emery does well for the sake of the club and fans.

    Enjoy your holiday

  47. Valentin

    Radio Raheem

    Looks like we have a 15% sell on fee on Reine-Adelaïde. Depending on if the add-on are included in the fee, we should be entitled to between €3 to €4.5 millions.

  48. Radio Raheem

    Away from football for a sec. Andy Ruiz has become an annoying fat shit. Knuckle down beat AJ again then you can do whatever you want.

  49. Valentin


    I don’t think either that Emery’s style of play fits Edu’s favourite style. However I don’t think that they have another coach in mind for the moment.
    Emery is a reactive coach. Try to block the opposition rather than trying to mostly impose his style.
    I doubt that Viera is coming soon, because Nice is being bought over by a company willing to spend some money. He has brought the Grimster (one of best friend in football) to become the DoF. He is building the club that he wants. In the meantime, he is learning how to manage in a European setting.

    In 2 to 3 years time, when the Nice project stalls and hit a plateau, he may want to leave to reach higher. With PSG funded by a country, Nice is never going to win Ligue 1, and are also unlikely to win any European competition. However qualify Nice to the Champion’s League or Europa League may be a possible target.

  50. Valentin

    Radio Raheem,

    It is nice, but properly manage it could have been a lot more.
    Emery had a few sessions with Jeff and decided that he was not ready for first team action at Arsenal. He was them sold to the first team who made an offer.
    If we have had a proper DoF, he would have said. No we don’t sell him right now. A loan in Ligue 1 or Bundesliga would be more beneficial to his development. One year later, we would pocket the full transfer fee or we would have a player ready to play for us instead of having to loan Ceballos.

  51. Bojangles

    I doubt there is a manager in football who hasn’t let a youngster go only to regret it later. What’s done is done, nothing can be done about it. Everybody can be an expert in hindsight.

  52. Bob N16

    Valentin, I would be amazed if they haven’t already discussed preferred future coaches. Whether these coaches are available or not isn’t really the point.

    Personally I would have thought that it’s dereliction of duty if they are not contemplating future coaches. Emery has this year and possibly next. Obviously timing is crucial for appointing coaches. You mention Vieira, he may have an existing project but if Edu approaches him in March and says ‘ Do you fancy it?’ Who knows what he’d say?

    Not sure f you can back up your’I don’t think they have anybody in mind’ statement.

  53. Silverhawk

    Valentin is here again with the insights.

    Jeff never trained with arsenal while emery was here. He was injured, on his last year and wanted to leave. Damn.

  54. chris

    At least now we have the set up in place to potentially retain more of our talented youngsters in the future , by loaning instead of selling etc.

    The club is in a much more balanced state in terms of management across the board than it was a year ago.

  55. Valentin


    Strangely enough in his first interview for Angers, Jeff said exactly the opposite.
    He trained with Emery who basically had already made his decision regarding players.

    Unfortunately as most of Emery’s initial opinion on players turn out to be wrong.
    Jeff not worth to keep on the fringe.
    Ramsey, Özil, Nelson, Willock, Suarez.

  56. Valentin


    Yes the club is more balanced, but it is a shame that it took a full year to realise that, when it was obvious that bad decisions on players were being made.

    Even Raul had doubt, otherwise he would not have fought so hard to not have an obligation to buy Suarez.

  57. Silverhawk

    Okay. We get. Emery is one bad bad coach that lucked his way into coaching.

    Can we let it rest now? If he performs, good for him and for us. Of he doesn’t, he’s out the door real quick.

    Don’t think anyone on here is attached to him in any way. We all just want to see arsenal do well.

  58. Bojangles

    There are some Arsenal supporters who, no matter what, will always find fault in whatever Emery does simply because he wasn’t their choice of manager to clean up Wenger’s mess. Most of those supporters seem to be on this blog. The thing is, he is the manager, like it or not. The club management decide who is to be manager, not the supporters. Sure you are allowed an opinion and if your opinion causes you to hope the team fails just so you can say ‘i told you so’, you shouldn’t be supporting Arsenal. There are enough supporters of other teams hoping we fail without you guys joining them.

    Emery may not be the manager to take us forward, time will tell but in the meantime you should drop all the fucking negativity and get behind the team, irregardless of who the manager is.