What will Ozil do?

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Ohhhhh come on, still salty about that Jose comment? Forgive me, you know I only have eyes for the pristine haired one.


Two people have been charged for an incident at Mesut’s home. I hope it’s Fortnite related, you know what those gaming lunatics are like.

‘You stole my skin’

Ten minutes later, the flying squad’s at your damn door threatening to shoot. It’s called Swatting, Derek, look it up.

Jokes aside, this is no joke-able matter. The two names sounded very Turkish… which, call me mental, seems to weirdest thing to do. It’s like me finding UK based New Yorkers and terrorising them with really witty tweets. I just wouldn’t do it.

Anyway, whatever the weirdness is about, I hope the punishment is swift and strong. Like a Kolasinac left-jab.

Big question on everyone’s lips is this: Will the fracas make Ozil think twice about hanging around this year? Or will he take that move to Washington D.C.?

We’ll see. He’s a great player, hopefully, the good preseason form can carry us through the season. It’d be great to see him play in a system that’s loaded with pace and ball carriers. Kind of feel this is something a little like United fans thinking any player they sign is going to help unlock Pogba, but whatever, an on-form Mesut is a force. I would also hate to think anyone could be bullied out of London.

Auba, the greatest striker on the planet right now, reckons the partnership with Pepe and Lacazette is going to be crazier than Emanuel Eboue on the touchlines.

“I don’t want to compare it [to other strike partnerships I have been a part of] but it is going to be crazy,”

“Everybody is excited about that. We will have time to play together and we will see. I am looking forward to it.

“The next game we play at home [against Burnley on Saturday] and we will see what is the coach’s decision. It will be difficult for him [to fit us all in] but that’s the game. When you have a good team it is like that and you have to make choices.”


Get a threeway bromance going, it’s all the rage over here. You can do cool things like only go to bars with round tables. You share Lunchables and only eat one of the three-part snack. You can also do way fun Insta Stories stuff as well.

Key thing though… goals and assists. That’s what we need.

We also need more of Unai Emery living menacingly in a hood (trolling Mesut) cheering big JOE WILLOCK for making BIG BOY TACKLES on JONJO SHELVEY.

I’m welling up. He loves to PUT IT UP THEM. What a talent I think we might have.

Hard truth is this: We’re going to have to shut up and support the kids this season. Starting life in an unsettled team is tough for any level of player, but I think Reiss, ESR, Saka, and Willock could add a lot of value to our season, we just have to be prepared for some stinkers. Kids make errors, they swing in and out of form, but at some point, they come good.

I would love to have them as squad mainstays next season.

SHEESH, I’m forgetting the bag of crazy that is Gabriel. Outrageous pace, huge confidence and loads of rough diamond talent. Most exciting player since Anelka? Hold your horses… but maybe?

I’m pretty sure that’s me done. Why not tune into ANOTHER podcast because I’m crushing them out like a bloody MACHINE this season.

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  1. Marko

    Again that’s not true either Bob. Back in the good old times when we were competing and challenging there was only one other team. There was us and United and during that period we never won back to back titles or enough trophies. Once the oil money came into the frey we were already on the slide. Besides that’s not really much of an excuse when you see Liverpool and Spurs making strides while at the same time Arsenal were declining

  2. Bob N16

    Marko, no disrespect but it almost appears that you’re programmed to do all you can to limit any praise that Wenger deserves for those fantastic early years. The football we played, the invincible year, the respect for the style of football we played. For some there is always a yes but ‘ he inherited phis defence’, ‘it was only between us and Man U’ etc

    His legacy may be tarnished deservedly so by his ‘ myopic’ lack of self- criticism’ but in my lifetime of watching Arsenal, the first 10 years of Wenger’s have me more joy, particularly in the way w played, than at any other time 47 years of attending matches. There were obviously a lot of other great times too but also an awful lot of shite!

  3. Marko

    Bob you’ll notice I didn’t comment on the style or the football we played. It was strictly the idea that we overachieved. No back to back titles 3 in the best period of our history and one decent showing in Europe isn’t overachieving. We overachieved one season that’s it.

  4. Bob N16

    Exactly my point though Marko, you prefer to focus on something you can argue the case over rather than simply acknowledge that our previous manager had a positive period in our history. It’s the virtually automatic ‘yes but’ response. Favouring a negative rather accepting any sort of positive.

    Bit of a slow news day so we’re regurgitating the same old perspectives.

  5. Slade

    Just read your pathetic comment regarding my worship services towards Wenger….
    And you want me to show respect.
    Those of us that watch sports in the States really do not worship managers, instead we place our loyalty in the team and the athletes. If the manager gets the team motivated and provides a platform for success, well, great. If the manager is unable to provide this platform, replace: no hand wringing testament to some legendary status that is the playground of adolescents.
    Your precious comments regarding Emery are a direct result of hero-worshipping Wenger for years, falling out of love with him, and then projecting your notion that the new manager needs to be the second coming of your sauce-inspired Wenger attachments.
    But, yes, let’s demand a show of respect from those that aren’t disrespectful only disagree with you.

  6. chris

    Ouch, Pierre

    You’ve taken a pounding today lad, I’d switch the computer off for the day and settle in for Neighbours and Home & Away before you are made to look even more of a fool than you already are.

  7. chris

    Bob is right, Wenger has been gone over enough times. Our greatest ever manager refused to evolve and ultimately fell behind the times making extremely poor decisions that have set us back but we are now on the road to recovery from, and we will always have 2004 (amongst many other years and trophies) let’s leave it at that?

    Interestingly I read yesterday that last season was the first since 2012 that Emery failed to win a trophy. That is not too shabby eh?

  8. CG


    Re: Innovation.

    And lets look at how the wonders of Innovation are getting us post Wenger.

    The Clown, his clipboards, his videos analysis and 5 Club captians

    The Spiv. Our Danny Devito Double who cant stop doing deals ( bad ones; short term ones).

    The Teck Deck. Whose only thing of note to me- is to get young Edu on the AFC payroll and talk in embarrassing cliches.

    The MD. Vinny. ( x32 empty corporate boxes- say no more)

    As it stands.

    We have x 1 Exp. Keeper
    X2 Center Forwards
    And a first choice centre backs in Sok and Luiz.

    If this is innovation

    They can poke it.

    If you believe- we are on track and going anywhere but to midtable mediocrity with these muppets in charge you better borrow Grahams *medication.

    With the greatest respect.

  9. Guns of Hackney


    Le Grove isn’t a democracy. Also, there weren’t many people who didn’t have a love in for Arsene…it’s just that some realised as far back as 2008/09 that he went crazy, others took until 2018.

    But no one likes Emery. No one. He eats Dolphins, you know!

  10. Marko

    To be fair the topic of Wenger only came about because the two most idiotic trolls brought it up originally. They tend to ignore patient zero but for some reason have trouble with Pierre.

  11. Chitom

    “But no one likes Emery. No one. He eats Dolphins, you know!“


    What’s all this talk then about Emery’s fanboys and EKB movement pushed by Pedro himself.

  12. Guns of Hackney


    The fanboys is actually just Emery. He has multiple accounts across social media platforms that extoll his own virtues as a manager.

  13. DaleDaGooner

    OleGunnerAugust 14, 2019 11:22:31
    CGWhat did you think about our calf muscle index during the 8-2, 6-0 and 10-2 hammerings?

    I wonder how United have handled the 6-0 hammering by City, 5-0 hammering by Chelsea in 2000, hammerings by Southampton and Newcastle when Fergie was in his prime and countless other major hammerings……i swear Arsenal fans can be the worst when it comes to subjecting each other to ridicule.

  14. Chitom

    Couldn’t Erdogan spare some of his personal detail to protect Ozil, being his best man and all?
    These guys don’t fuck around seeing how they put a beating on peaceful protesters in Washington earlier this year.
    Isn’t Ozil kinda like Turkey’s ambassador to UK these days?
    He plays only when conditions are good and when he feels like it.
    He deserves a diplomatic status and his own detail.

  15. CG

    High Leg…

    Are you not concerned about the paucity of numbers in vital positions this season – especially with us being The Loosers Cup as well?

  16. DaleDaGooner

    Chavs have moved on from their recent arse drilling…had it been us, we’d still be talking about it 10 years from now. As if Arsenal hasn’t beaten anyone by 6 or more goals in a game or on aggregate….during Wenger era for that matter.

  17. Marko

    Chavs have moved on from their recent arse drilling…had it been us, we’d still be talking about it 10 years from now.

    Yeah sure. Big difference in Frank in his first game and the regularity in which Arsene suffered heavy and embarrassing defeats. But sure let’s move on let’s leave him alone so to speak

  18. DaleDaGooner

    LOL, Marko, are you making excuses for Fat Frank and the Chavs?? oesn’t matter, even with Special One, they got tumped and have moved on, they only talk about their accomplishments…trust me i know a lot of these chav fcktards.

  19. DaleDaGooner

    I wanted Wenger gone back in 2009, used to go on Yahoo Sports to sing it and use to get dirty looks at the ground back then….but he’s been gone and here we are, still talking about him…..

  20. DaleDaGooner

    Lets be clear, WE STILL HAVEN’T ADDRESSED OUR DEFENSIVE FRAILTIES….i’m surprised everyone is cool about that.

  21. andy1886

    Chris, re: “Our greatest ever manager refused to evolve and ultimately fell behind the times”

    I would argue the opposite. We did actually evolve post 2006. And that’s where he went wrong.

    During our period of winning trophies we had sides packed with pace and power, played fast counter-attacking one-touch football on a regular basis. Post 2006 Wenger opted for a possession based game using very technical and often diminutive players. This was his preferred style and he had enough credit in the bank to embark on this ‘project’ which was ultimately ineffective even if he refused to recognise it.

  22. Northbanker

    For Christ’s sake – Emery has only been with us 5 minutes and some of you are spouting like he’s the devil incarnate. The guy has a decent track record, won more than most ignoring the unlimited budget freaks like Pep, and has inherited a load of shite that couldn’t be cleared out immediately. He has had to make do with what he’s got. Yes he contributed greatly to the screw up at end of last season but let’s at least support him a few more months and see how this season pans out.

    We’re not Chelsea sacking managers on a conveyor belt basis and nor should we be. I would like to think everyone would have at least 2 years to prove themselves

  23. DaleDaGooner

    I’m all for keeping EMERY…Just not sure he is drastically going to be the winning manager we need. We still have the drosses, He seems to like Xhaka, He gave Iwobi 35 games (even with the fans disagreeing), he can’t fix the defensive tactics, he’s shipping as many goals as Wenger, his style is almost confusing…..I really want him to do well, but i don’t know how he will with the defense we have.

  24. MidwestGun

    Does he know the blog he’s commenting on?
    Slade clearly doesn’t know you Pedro… But to be fair you could ask the same question of CG he clearly has not read Le Grove for the past 12 years.. Everything he wants to debate again has been debated to death.. and we all know who was right and who was wrong… Seems like the AKB’s are hanging on for dear life fingernails screeching on the cliffs edge..

    To be fair though Peds you brought this upon yourself.. by allowing AKB’s to think they have a point because you both don’t like Emery all be it for different reasons.. it doesn’t matter to them because you have given them a platform to promote the be careful what you wish for agenda on LE GROVE of all places. I guess they don’t get the irony.

  25. Chitom


    And he only has a guaranteed contract till the end of the season.
    However one feels about him, if you can’t sit back , relax and keep your powder dry till at least when he loses a few, then you probably are too butt hurt from some internet induced trauma.

  26. Pedro

    Midwest, I have always had AKBs on this site. Was there a time where people were just all agreeing with one another? Absolutely not. This place has always been a mixed bag.

  27. Luteo Guenreira

    Fair point Mid. Someone can dislike Emery and believe he’s genuinely not the right manager for legitimate reasons, but that’s not nearly the same as denigrating Emery out of pettiness because of an old allegiance to a faded star.

    Honestly Pierre and company can go around pretending otherwise and tell themselves they’re fooling everyone but it’s kind of obvious which of those two examples they land on. There’s about a years worth of evidence at this point.

  28. Pedro

    There is no doubt that folk like Pierre have changed their tune… but if they are correct, can’t you just forget the past?

  29. Chitom

    To be fair though Peds you brought this upon yourself.


    Good post Midwestgun except the above line.
    It’s a win win for Le grove when posters like CG get encouraged by Pedro to spew their nonsense ad nauseam.
    Traffic, traffic, traffic.

  30. Cesc Appeal


    Great post.

    Became a cesspit at times. Willful ignoring of any and all context, total hypocrisy and thinly veiled agendas allowed to run riot from people who equated criticism with being a bad fan before. Suddenly they were all enabled.

    The internet never forgets.

  31. MidwestGun

    I know Pedro.. it makes for good debate… at times.. at times it seems like we are covering the same tired ground. and those times seem like trolling. What I’m saying though is you cant be surprised about being mistaken for somebody who wants Emery gone from the start same as the AKB’s. Them because it wasn’t Wenger.
    If you have just started reading Le Grove for the last few seasons it would be hard to tell the difference.

    People really don’t get subtlety like that if they aren’t tuned in or haven’t kept up. For example if you just started reading the comment section since last season. I’m all for diversity.. As I mentioned many of my Arsenal supporting friends are rabid AKB’s they keep telling me we will be relegated.. etc… Nothing like supporting your club by screaming the sky is falling.

  32. UTarse

    “I wanted pep”

    You visionary you.

    Let’s move on to Saturday, Burnley should be afforded Auba laca Pepe as a front 3….

  33. Cesc Appeal


    I think what is especially interesting is that after the best summer we’ve had in over a decade, with a positive feeling about the new regime, with a squad looking more balanced after a win and clean sheet away from home in the first game of the season with a vastly depleted squad the topic of discussion this week has been Mourinho replacing Emery and now a Wenger argument again.

    This is because of the shitbags who’ve been allowed to take root here.

  34. HighburyLegend

    “There is no doubt that folk like Pierre have changed their tune… ”

    He will never change of tune about wenger lol

  35. chris


    Agree with the point you made. I was thinking more of Arsene refusing to change his back room team, to move to a more modern model where he wasn’t all powerful etche was who he was until the day he left

    To be fair the Barcelona lite era produced some scintillating football at times, but at the cost of having a soft underbelly. If it had been supplemented with some players who were prepared to mix it I like to think it would have produced some trophies.

  36. Northbanker

    Chitom – agreed. It will though be interesting to see how the new Raul / Edu regime will tolerate any short term hiccups. I think by Xmas they will be making plans to replace if need be in the Summer. That will no doubt include a number of discrete conversations with potential candidates. I’d be quite happy with that but of course i hope it won’t be necessary.

    Will that also be influenced by his promotion and development of young players and Freddie’s input?

    Two years for me is the magic number to decide whether someone is the right person for the job.

  37. Northbanker

    I’m assuming that Edu’s role is really as right hand man and track suit version of Raul’s role. I can’t see otherwise that they have very different duties as Head / Director of Football and Technical Director

  38. Luteo Guenreira

    Like CA said, the saddest part is the negativity from a portion of the fan base when so much of it is looking good. I can imagine if Arsenal don’t get results against Liverpool, Spuds, United in the next six weeks and we’re midtable at that point it’s going to happen all over again.

  39. MidwestGun

    I think it’s possible to be positive about how things are going and still be critical of the manager and perhaps want change in that regard but it’s a fine line to walk when you still have many many people still burning a candle for the old manager.

    I suppose it was to be expected.. it’s not like people very often change their views.. especially when it comes to Wenger. He is a polarizing figure. That much I have learned over the last decade. For me the final insult of Wenger was not helping to leave us in position to dominate in the near future … For somebody who claimed to bleed Arsenal he had a funny way of showing It…. Becoming a mummy more inclined to do nothing… is not exactly great leadership and lead to our decline. At least the new dudes… are making moves and so far I think in a positive direction.

  40. Cesc Appeal


    That’s the thing, I thought the incompetence of Wenger and Gazidis was going to show for years, but the new regime have done really well this summer to clear a lot of it up quickly which makes me hopeful for the future especially if we add UCL.

    What some are trying to do and have been doing since last August is basically exculpate Wenger. Either by saying the situation he left wasn’t that bad or that we never knew how good we had it with him. They refuse to make any reasonable allowances for Emery or the new regime because to do so is an implicit criticism of Wenger.

    Then they desperately try to rewrite history to try and claim some objectivity and distance themselves from agenda. Yeah so what I defended 99% of what Wenger did and said, so what I said he should leave when he wanted, so what I argued for 7 years against the idea Arsenal’s standards were declining, so what I argued against the idea Wenger’s incompetence would see Spurs pass us, so what I argued against a DoF, so what I argued against the idea Wenger didn’t know how to work the transfer market, so what I brushed aside embarrassing results…I wanted Wenger gone as much as you and so everything I say is objective and truthful. Absolute horseshit.

    The problem is Pedro talked them up, banned people arguing against them and him all because he chose to ignore their past and agenda and simply focus on the fact they were saying the same things as him.