What will Ozil do?

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Ohhhhh come on, still salty about that Jose comment? Forgive me, you know I only have eyes for the pristine haired one.


Two people have been charged for an incident at Mesut’s home. I hope it’s Fortnite related, you know what those gaming lunatics are like.

‘You stole my skin’

Ten minutes later, the flying squad’s at your damn door threatening to shoot. It’s called Swatting, Derek, look it up.

Jokes aside, this is no joke-able matter. The two names sounded very Turkish… which, call me mental, seems to weirdest thing to do. It’s like me finding UK based New Yorkers and terrorising them with really witty tweets. I just wouldn’t do it.

Anyway, whatever the weirdness is about, I hope the punishment is swift and strong. Like a Kolasinac left-jab.

Big question on everyone’s lips is this: Will the fracas make Ozil think twice about hanging around this year? Or will he take that move to Washington D.C.?

We’ll see. He’s a great player, hopefully, the good preseason form can carry us through the season. It’d be great to see him play in a system that’s loaded with pace and ball carriers. Kind of feel this is something a little like United fans thinking any player they sign is going to help unlock Pogba, but whatever, an on-form Mesut is a force. I would also hate to think anyone could be bullied out of London.

Auba, the greatest striker on the planet right now, reckons the partnership with Pepe and Lacazette is going to be crazier than Emanuel Eboue on the touchlines.

“I don’t want to compare it [to other strike partnerships I have been a part of] but it is going to be crazy,”

“Everybody is excited about that. We will have time to play together and we will see. I am looking forward to it.

“The next game we play at home [against Burnley on Saturday] and we will see what is the coach’s decision. It will be difficult for him [to fit us all in] but that’s the game. When you have a good team it is like that and you have to make choices.”


Get a threeway bromance going, it’s all the rage over here. You can do cool things like only go to bars with round tables. You share Lunchables and only eat one of the three-part snack. You can also do way fun Insta Stories stuff as well.

Key thing though… goals and assists. That’s what we need.

We also need more of Unai Emery living menacingly in a hood (trolling Mesut) cheering big JOE WILLOCK for making BIG BOY TACKLES on JONJO SHELVEY.

I’m welling up. He loves to PUT IT UP THEM. What a talent I think we might have.

Hard truth is this: We’re going to have to shut up and support the kids this season. Starting life in an unsettled team is tough for any level of player, but I think Reiss, ESR, Saka, and Willock could add a lot of value to our season, we just have to be prepared for some stinkers. Kids make errors, they swing in and out of form, but at some point, they come good.

I would love to have them as squad mainstays next season.

SHEESH, I’m forgetting the bag of crazy that is Gabriel. Outrageous pace, huge confidence and loads of rough diamond talent. Most exciting player since Anelka? Hold your horses… but maybe?

I’m pretty sure that’s me done. Why not tune into ANOTHER podcast because I’m crushing them out like a bloody MACHINE this season.

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  1. Marc

    I’m pretty sure Marko’s right – City are still under a threat of being suspended from the CL over FFP.

    UEFA might be willing to fuck about on transfers but I think City are pissing off a few of the “major” clubs who have real pull. We might just see them get a ban.

  2. Dissenter

    UEFA needs to ban City.
    They were caught with their hand in the cookie jar.
    They are a club that can’t even fill their stadium on their biggest European nights.

  3. Gentlebris

    ‘We will have x 3 Central defenders and x 1 auxiliary one in C. Chambers.Who ,himself has not played there for 12 months.I shudder to think a Sok,Luiz,Monreal and AMN back line at Anfield…And then Spurs to follow..Does any one pay attention around here.(Man Utd have x7 centre backs )We are shipping a minimum of 6 in those two games.100% Guaranteed.Good news.
    Louise strikes a lovely long diagonal pass.’

    How many defenders did we have last term?

    We lost Holding so early, Bellerin was out for much of the season. Kos was in and out, ailing tendon and mind already on gratuity coming from France. Mustafi was Mustafi, Monreal ageing.

    Yet we beat United, Chelsea, Spuds and drew Liverpool. Only City scored maximum points against us.

    And now that we have signed a wonderful defender and leader in Luiz, bought Tierney, expecting Holding and Bellerin back; that’s when we must expect to lose it all?

    You don’t give up do you CG?

  4. Danny S


    I pointed out to him yesterday that the invincibles only had 4 CB. Cygan being one of them. Then 1 RB and 2 LB.

    It’s all about weather you main back 4 can stay fit.

  5. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Some times dismal can say good points then he gets involved with an argument with himself….

    Needs stronger doseage

  6. Nelson

    “Brilliant. In other news a panda in a zoo somewhere gave birth. Now there is more pressure on Emery to make top 4.”

    I can’t believe someone can’t see the connection. If MC is banned, a fifth place would make it into the Champions League. Besides MC, Pools and SPUDS, I can see that Manure can challenge for a top 4 also. A fifth place for us is almost given.

  7. Mark

    Apparently one of the City legal team sent an email saying 1 down just 5 of the bastards to go . This was in response to the death of one of the FFP investigators. Great banter , apart from the FFP team got to see it. A lot of the traditional Euro elite are not happy with the Emirates Sportswash job being done through City. Basically anyone taking on City is taking on a sovereign wealth fund. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them get a ban. That should make it interesting with Pepe.

  8. Pierre

    “CG“How did you feel back in August 2011 after we got humbled 8-2 at OT?”Never did get your honest feedback.Cheers!”

    We have liverpool coming up next week Graham so it may be wise to hold back a bit just in case it may be a case deja vu.

    CG is actually correct with his assumption that if we were to sell Mustafi it leaves us woefully short at the back .

  9. Un na naai

    Cesc AppealAugust 13, 2019 20:09:58
    Lucky for City there wasn’t a transfer ban, that would have been Guardiola off to PSG or Juventus.


    You know it
    And Jose always buys the titles I hear

  10. Graham62


    Don’t worry Pierre. If Arsenal lose 8-2 to Liverpool next week, remember it would only be after a year and 3 months of Emery’s tenureship. When we lost on that eventful day in 2011, AW had been at the club for 15 years.

    Emery may not last till Xmas, who knows? but Wenger carried on for another 7 years. Slight difference don’t you think?

  11. Pierre

    “Don’t worry Pierre. If Arsenal lose 8-2 to Liverpool next week, remember it would only be after a year ”

    Should I mention that we won the double in Wenger’s first full year.
    In that time he bought Vieira, overmars, petit, Anelka for peanuts.

    Emery has already spent close to 200 million in a little over 12 months.

  12. Danny S

    Lost 8-2 to a pretty weak Man U team as well….

    And just think, jenkinson was still at arsenal 8 years later! On 50k!!! Haha

  13. Brooklyn

    Tried watching Leed’s game. Got bored after 20 mins. Biesla did say that he will use this game to give time to new signing and reserves.

    All I want for is Biesla to teach Niketiah about the first touch under pressure and deliberate off the ball movement(those small 2-3metres one) in relation to his team-mates and opponents.

  14. raptora

    Freddie: “Not sure that we’ll go in for Upamecano again anytime soon with the signing of Luiz.”

    Just the opposite. It makes perfect sense to me. We want to find a long term partner to Saliba and Dayot is seen as the one. Papa Sok and Luiz’s contracts end in 2021 and in the summer of 2020 they’ll be on 1 year left of their contract. We’d be looking at selling 1 of them and keeping the other one for at least a year more depending on the season they are going to have I reckon. The one chosen by our backroom team will be used to help Saliba and Dayot in getting used to the EPL with their experience. I don’t really see a future for Chambers in the club so a decision on him will be made on him as well. Mavro is a wild card since nobody really knows how good really is he cause of the long term injuries he’s been going through in succession.

    Nacho has signed a contract until the end of this season but we have the option to extend it for a further year if we so desire but I’d hope we don’t use him as a CB.

    The three of Saliba, Dayot and Holding are considered long term Arsenal defenders imo. The others I see staying beyond this season would be 2 of Luiz, Mavro and Chambers. We would probably sell Chambers and papa Sok.

    5 defenders is a healthy amount of senior CBs imo.

  15. raptora

    Ofc all of what I wrote wouldn’t make sense if one of our young CBs (Holding, Mavro, Chambers) has a phenomenal year and we decide not to throw 80% of our budget on a CB when we are already settled in that area.

    Mentioned number for Upamecano in 2021 is 100m euro release clause down from 120m euro that was for this summer. It is a lot of money.

  16. Luteo Guenreira

    You’ve been here from 11 in the morning
    Non stop
    All dayGet a fucking life you loser. You got kids??? Bet your holidays are fun

    Un must be bored again. What else is new. Nothing so ironic as joining a civil discussion while hurling insults and advising others to get a life.

  17. Marc


    Players don’t have to be sold for their release clause. It’s one thing playing hard ball when a players got a couple of years left, completely something else when they’ve a year left and told you I’m off.

  18. Marko

    So cordial Don.

    Freddie disagree with you on perhaps the Upamecano ship has sailed I can see us move for him in the summer and I can see Sokratis leaving. Next summer he’ll be down to a year left on his deal.

  19. Unai


    “We have liverpool coming up next week Graham so it may be wise to hold back a bit just in case it may be a case deja vu.”

    If Emery loses 8-2 to pool hes gone, simple as that.

    Shame it’s taken so long for the club to grow some balls.

    – FFS pedro, can you approve my new moniker, I’ll support your views on Sven if you do, I promise!!!

  20. Marko

    Besides Luiz is on a two year deal and I doubt long term wise the club would be thinking of Sokratis and Luiz as options.

  21. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t think Upamecano is off the table at all.

    Of our CB options you’ve got Sokratis and Luiz who are getting on now and are not long term starter solutions.

    Then you’ve got Chambers who was almost sold this summer and is in last chance saloon, you’ve got Mavropanos as well who doesn’t really seem to be fancied and might be a fitness issue as well.

    Mustafi is going to be sold.

    Then you have Holding who will certainly be here.

    I actually think that Arsenal see Holding, Saliba and Upamecano as their long term CB options with one or both of Sokratis and Luiz in there to provide experience and options.

    If things go well with the buys we’ve made and we did manage to land Upamecano then the transfer focus becomes completely about our midfield and adding some physicality and athleticism there.

  22. Freddie Ljungberg


    Like I said, I think we’ll evaluate after the season and see how how our CBs are fairing. Upamecanos contract is up in 2021 so if they wait that long he leaves for nothing. I would love if we could get him and also upgrade the midfield in one summer (CM+ Cam)
    all I’m saying is the signing of Luiz gives us some breathing room. It doesn’t have to be the panic stations that would have been inevitable if it was Mustafi in his place.

    Honestly I just want to get rid of Xhaka so bad I would wait another year for another CB if we had to.

  23. Marko

    Mentioned number for Upamecano in 2021 is 100m euro release clause down from 120m euro that was for this summer.

    His release clause this summer was 90 million or 100 million euros or there abouts and next summer his contract will be down to a year so any sort of clause goes out the window cause they won’t risk him leaving for a free

  24. Cesc Appeal

    If Emery steps it up and manages to get us UCL football then next summer we could be in a great position in terms of having some players to sell and having the foundations of a very good squad to build on.

  25. raptora

    Yeah, I would expect Leipzig to put a 60m fee for Dayot. Possibly what we were giving them this Summer, but they decided to keep him for 1 more year and then accept an offer in that range. Maybe they didn’t like the way the fee was structured as well. But yeah, I’d guess that 60m should be enough.

    Why are you repeating what I already said!!!

  26. Freddie Ljungberg

    Ideal scenario for me is we get Sangare in January (don’t think Upamecano will be available then) and Upa and Saliba comes in next summer along with the best young CAM we can afford.

    If that is an expensive superstar signing like Havertz or someone a little more under the radar like Jesus, Hagi or Dominick depends on our budget.

    That would give us a team that is right up there in terms of first XIs, then it’s about fleshing out the squad but that looks good with all the youngsters coming through.

  27. Valentin

    Regarding long term CB, I would expect us to sign a left footed or a right footed who prefer to be on the let side (a la Koscielny and John Terry).
    Dayot can play some games on the left side, but I am not sure that he could and or want to move permanently to that side to combine with Saliba on the right.

  28. Wengaball

    Is anyone else puzzled at the ‘top 4’ target/obsession?

    We got that 20 years in a row but all we heard was how it was not good enough!

    How the standards slip 🙂

  29. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Is anyone else puzzled at the ‘top 4’ target/obsession?’

    Not really.

    It’s not an achievement in itself, its a means to an end owing tot he prestige and financial might it brings you.

    It’s a springboard to the…dare I say…’next level’.

    You don’t get UCL football then sit and around and pat yourself on the back. Yo get it, USE IT, set a target higher.

  30. Freddie Ljungberg


    With Wenger top 4 was the goal, now it’s a stepping stone, see the difference?

    We’re not going to go from where Wenger left us at 6th place with an old, weak, overpaid squad to win the league in one giant leap, it’s going to take a couple of years, top 4 is a step in the right direction but no longer the end goal.

  31. Un na naai

    WengaballAugust 13, 2019 21:10:30
    Is anyone else puzzled at the ‘top 4’ target/obsession?We got that 20 years in a row but all we heard was how it was not good enough!How the standards slip 🙂

    Real talk

  32. Un na naai

    We’re not going to go from where Wenger left us at 6th place with an old, weak, overpaid squad to win the league in one giant leap, it’s going to take a couple of years, top 4 is a step in the right direction but no longer the end goal.

    We are going to spend £70m on 5 new defensive players and get worse defensively and throw away 9 points in a row against mid table sides

    No wonder the sveeeedes are also rans at sporting level

  33. Freddie Ljungberg

    Don the bigoted bin man

    Because all the other big teams failed, was that the plan? Talk about revisionist. Time to crawl out of Daddy Wengers asshole now, he’s not coming back.

  34. Freddie Ljungberg

    Don the bigoted bin man

    If there was you would have bin banned ages ago for your daily racists rantings on here, you’ve been getting away with murder for a long time so quit the whining.

  35. Un na naai


    I’m sorry. I feel bad about calling you a rimmer. I’d like to take the opportunity to apologize

  36. Freddie Ljungberg

    Don the bigoted bin man

    I don’t see it as much of an insult anyway, it’s all your bigotry and attacking of posters countries that annoys me.

    You can keep on believing I’m an anus licker as much as you want because you lack reading comprehension, it doesn’t bother me. Just makes you look stupid, but I guess that’s what you’re going for on here so it fits.

  37. Emiratesstroller

    There are only two youth players in recent years who left the club and with
    hindsight merited a place in our first team squad. Those were Bennacer and

    Many of the other players such as Bielik and Reine-Adelaide failed to fulfil their potential at the club and left.

    We could discuss also the departure of Amaechi who left in similar circumstances to Gnabry. However, he did so out of “impatience” and not
    because Arsenal did not want to keep him. It should not be forgotten that he
    suffered a serious injury which kept him out of playing for some time.

    No club is going to get decisions right all the time but discussing the situation
    at the Academy with a journalist who follows our age group teams the feedback I got was that very few of the players who left the club would have
    been expected to make the grade.

    In recent years Arsenal produced a lot of technically gifted academy players
    but in most cases they lacked the concentration levels and physical maturity,
    which contrasted with their counterparts at Chelsea.

    Nevertheless you do have to ask why Arsenal failed to generate more transfer
    income out of those youth players who left the club. If you sell a player for only £1 million that does not probably cover the investment made in many of the youngsters during the time that they are at the club.

  38. Pierre

    Interesting that Arsenal committed only 7 fouls and received 3 yellow cards.

    Tottenham..13 fouls ..1 yellow.

    Nothing changes does it…

    One may think that yellow cards make no difference to a game of football ..they would be wrong.

    A player with a yellow card immediately is aware that he is one challenge from a red , whereas a team that can continue to foul in the knowledge that they will escape punishment , will have no reason to hold back .

    Watching Arsenal since Mike Riley has been in charge of the pgmol or whatever, it has been obvious that referees have been all too ready to dish out the yellows to Arsenal compared to other teams.

    VAR will make no difference as yellow cards are solely at the discretion of the ref so it is an easy way for refs to influence a game of football.

  39. raptora

    I’m with you on that. I raged so hard at our yellows while Newcastle got 1 yellow in 13 fouls, when they committed at least 2 yellow and possibly 1 red card offenses. Hopefully it changes in next games. Martin Atkinson is a cunt. End of.

  40. Pierre

    Remember Atkinson is not the only one, we are bound to get the usual suspects for the liverpool and Tottenham games.

  41. Pierre

    “Our standards slipped about 15 years wengaball.”

    Yeah, Cesc, rvp, hleb , adebuyor, nasri..
    I wouldn’t mind our standards slipping to the quality football they produced .

    We can only dream of watching anything remotely similar under the present manager..

  42. Pierre

    And the thing is we do actually have the players to play some exciting football

    Pepe, Aubameyang, Lacazette and 0zil are a dream quartet for a manager .

    If a manager can’t get those 4 purring like a well oiled machine then he is failing at his job.

  43. Receding Hairline

    Pierre we haven’t won a league title in 15 years no a European title. All those players you just listed forced their way out to win things elsewhere. We have been a joke in football for a decade now.

    Get over all that Wenger ball nonsense, football is about winning and he last won one of the big ones in 2004.

  44. Dissenter

    Do you now how to spell AGENDA?
    Jeez just give it up will you. Emery has only one year left on his contract. You never showed dissent when the last gut was stinking out the place.

  45. Freddie Ljungberg

    I’ll give Pierre one thing, at least he’s not Don. Only redeeming quality though, just as much of a troll.

    Pepe has played for 20 minutes in the premier league so far and Ozil hasn’t cared about playing football for 2 years now (spare me the stats I have eyes) no one is going to get him to purr unless they transform him into a cat.

  46. raptora

    You wanted holding midfielders for years bigging up spuds setup with dembele and wanyama or dier, now you speak about the cesc, rvp and co team. We had either Flamini or Song in that team. You want us to be more like spuds or more like that team we had?

  47. Dissenter

    It’s almost like Pierre wakes up every morning and cries nostalgic tears about Wenger..then comes here to play his banjo.

  48. Luteo Guenreira

    Early schedule is brutal when a lot of the expected first team players will not be fully ready yet. Beating Spurs and getting a result at United would really give us a head start toward top 4. Maybe too hopeful.

  49. Dissenter

    I fear that this security scare will push Ozil farther away from football. He was demotivated before all this unfortunate stuff happened.

  50. Receding Hairline

    We had aubameyang, laca and Ozil last season yet were still useless away from home. They can’t keep the ball so it keeps coming back to the defense, Ozil is useless away from home, auba really doesn’t do much but score, his all round play is below average, top poacher though. Lacazette isn’t really as good as many think he is but on his day is a far superior footballer to Auba, problem is inconsistency.

    You may be surprised that another manager will not consider those four a dream quartet. I don’t Pep or Klopp will ever field all four at once.

  51. Graham62

    Ozil thrown in the mix?

    Surely not!

    If he hadn’t been at the club last season we’d have got top 4. He was though and, because of that, we had to suffer the consequences.

  52. Doomngloom

    Pierre & Raptora,-Atkinson is indeed an Arsenal hater.The bar codes should have had at least 3 yellows.They got away with foul after foul.at least 3 clear shirt pulls & a studs up.Atkinson one of the worst.

  53. Pierre

    Emery has spent nearly 200 million on players in just over a year .

    No excuses ..

    He should be able to prepare a team that is well balanced, disciplined and with our offensive players ….exciting to watch..

  54. Leftsidesanch

    Pierre you really need to see someone its quite worrying the levels of bitterness you carry. Its more ironic when you title everyone else obsessives.

    You would hate for us to compete and win major trophies under Emery wouldn’t you?

  55. Dissenter

    “Emery has spent nearly 200 million on players in just over a year”

    Actually Emery hasn’t spent a farthing on players at Arsenal

  56. Pierre

    “If he hadn’t been at the club last season we’d have got top 4. He was though and, because of that, we had to suffer the consequences.”

    Strange that when he was marginalised from the team we lost 7 out of 14 games without ozil starting one of those games. so I’m not sure how you worked that one out.

  57. Pierre

    “We had aubameyang, laca and Ozil last season yet were still useless away from home”

    Are you forgetting that Ozil was deemed a liability away from home so rarely was in the starting line up.

  58. Luteo Guenreira

    It really takes guts to use that fact that he was universally deemed a liability and dropped AS A DEFENSE of the player’s ability.

    Or maybe guts is the wrong word.

  59. Receding Hairline

    Wasn’t he a liability???

    Even at home he drifts in and out, away he simply strolls round the pitch avoiding any responsibility.

    Anyway good night Pierre

    One day you will get over this Ozil obsession. The day he leaves this football club he will not be missed. I guarantee that.

  60. Distant legrover

    I can only see one outcome in this Ozil security saga. What would you do if a continental gang target you and tried to rob your car while you are with your newly wedded wife ? And then a few days later same gang shows up at your house ? Probably get the hell out of Dodge, i mean Brex-it.

  61. Wengaball


    With Wenger top 4 was the goal, now it’s a stepping stone, see the difference


    It was the goal and will remain the goal. Arsenal’s owners never did and never will provide the financial support to try and win the league.

    Kroenke is on record on this. He has clearly stated that targeting to win is not the way to run a club, it is the path to ruin.

    So let’s not get carried away. This year, the purse strings have been loosened, if they have been that is, because the target is to get back into the CL.

    If we ever win, it will be because things come together fortuitously. Not because we went out as a club and did whatever it takes to win. Like Chelsea did once upon a time. Or City. Like United keep doing every year even though they’ve done a bad job of it. Even Liverpool have gone out and done what they needed to become challengers.

    Our model is the Leicester model, like Gazidis said. Fortune plays a big part in that model, and in our case, it does not have the brave to favour, just the pragmatic.

    It is guaranteed that under current ownership, we will never better the 20 year run under Wenger. So bash him all we want, but we ain’t surpassing him.

  62. MidwestGun

    Wenger Fucked us over hard… end of..
    Emery is just a cog in the machine.. see the difference?

    Can’t believe you all want to re litigate this… This debate was settled years ago… For proof just read Swiss Ramble he documented with factual information how badly Gazidis and Wenger fucked us near the end. … and his last posts show how the current administration is trying to get us out…. by doing proper business.

    AKB’s are some strange bitter folks… You could literally write …. “Must protect Wenger’s legacy so”….. Blah blah blah blah before every one of their comments.

  63. Freddie Ljungberg


    It’s very possible we don’t surpass the last 20 years anytime soon, after all there is a lot more competition now and the last decade of mismanagement has set us back.

    Doesn’t mean we stop trying, and that’s what we’re finally doing now, building a team that can compete in a couple of years.

    We don’t have to spend like Man C or Man U, or even Liverpool to compete, if we have 1 or 2 windows like the one we had now we’re right up there in terms of first XIs.

    If we’re looking forwards:

    Our goalkeeper is set, left and right back set, 1 starting CB set.

    1 starting CM set, frontline set.

    just a couple of missing pieces left and they don’t have to all be 70m players either, maybe none of them has to be.

    Except for Auba, Laca and Leno the oldest players there are Pepe and Bellerin at 24 so if we complete the puzzle we’ll have years of them playing together and only needing a couple of tweaks here and there.

    That’s where Wenger failed again and again, never adding that 1 or 2 players we needed, not shifting on players that were not up to scratch, holding on to them for too long, raising their wages until we could only get peanuts for them when sold.

    If we get things right, and the signs are there, we can compete within the next 2-3 years and stay on that level.

  64. MidwestGun

    Must protect Wenger’s legacy so Ozil is amazing..
    Must protect Wenger’s legacy so Emery is shit.
    Must protect Wenger’s legacy so we will never win again.
    Must protect Wenger’s legacy so the past 10 years wasn’t that bad.
    Must protect Wenger’s legacy so the current administration can’t do better.
    Must protect Wenger’s legacy so our football is not pretty.
    Must Protect Wenger’s legacy so the Europa is the loser’s Cup.

    etc. etc. etc. ad nauseam

    How about we let Wenger’s legacy stand on it’s own and stop commenting with an agenda. Judge the current group based on their merits. or lack thereof at times based on what actually happens instead of predictions based on perceived realities which did not or do not exist anymore.
    It’s exhausting.

  65. Luteo Guenreira


    Been saying it since early last season, it’s almost as if some fans can’t wrap their heads around the fact that a manager won’t be a dictator. It’s just so foreign to some that they can’t even fathom it.

    It’s really not the condemnation that it sounds like, it’s just a fact and what many fans became accustomed to. Plus a decade of underachieving had us all jaded, so even the ones who’ve been able to look at things more objectively, for the first year I think all of us were rightfully skeptical even whilst the signs were hopeful. But now there’s real powder in the keg for the club to kick on from, and the timing of everything is only a coincidence if you willfully believe it to be so.

  66. MidwestGun


    No fan of Kroenke but the defeatist attitude some have is unreal.. They are basically saying we should all sit around and worship the Wenger era because that’s as good as we can do and bemoan not having an oil sheik with no ethics and an unlimited wallet like City.

    To me, as fans what we should be doing is holding the club accountable to doing all they can to improve on our position. I don’t know how you can look at what we are doing right now and not say we are trying to improve. If Emery doesn’t improve this season then.. call for his replacement… if the owner holds us back by not letting us spend what we make then call for his replacement like we did this summer.
    If we don’t sign high caliber type players and promote promising youth as well a then blame Raul.and Edu.

    But I fail to see how wanting us to improve to 4th place this season and setting that’s as a goal is some sort of an indictment on how we judged Wenger.. not even remotely the same situation.. in structure and power within the club.

    I know Pedro wants us to do well.. he just can’t get past the boringness of Emery and the bland football he produces.. at times. I tend to agree with that but for me it’s about results and are we moving forward. If we are then ok… we won our first match and he started talking about Mourinho… lol That set me off a little not gonna lie. Thank God he walked that back some today.

  67. MidwestGun

    Nelson –
    Yep.. I was watching with a friend of mine who lives in London .. on Skype.. That way we can see each other screaming at the Television. I don’t watch all the matches with him though. He is a raging AKB by the way… hahahaha Still a good friend. I try and overlook his faults. We all have them.

  68. Slade

    I think we will walk Burnley….I really do. Burnley will make every effort to slow play with late challenges,etc. There is no part of the pitch nor any one player that Burnley matches Arsenal.
    The anti-Emery crew will dissect the match to find that moment wherein Emery can be derided as a failure….it’s like clockwork.
    Finally, enjoy the match; it will be shown at 4:30 AM on MSNBC Saturday in the States.
    Be curious to read your impressions.

  69. Gentlebris

    This Wenger bug is occultism.

    Can’t this stupid stupid people leave it alone?

    Wenger is bad news, a man who kept on believing he was the best when the whole world knew he was done.
    He held on to Arsenal and brought the club down to his knees. He was eventually kicked out, and I actually really thought he would get gigs at some grade b club. He would have jumped at the chance of managing Monaco, but nobody would touch him, and I suspect nobody would touch him even in 2012.

    He left problems behind, signing wrong players, giving them criminal wages, cuddling the likes of Ozil and Kos until they thought they were absolute Kings and started oozing shit.

    And now some stupido comes here and try to say…….say what exactly?
    That Wenger shouldn’t have been sacked?

    CG seems to me a jolly good troll, he doesn’t believe what he says, but these other elements crying about Wenger should go support spuds, they would not be more anti-Arsenal than they are already are if they do.

  70. Tony

    Celtic get their TW karma being eliminated from the CL last night.

    Sounds daft but karma is something most Asians, especially SE Asians believe in more than many would admit.

    Is Ozil getting his Karma? Saed?

    Or is it the fact that Ozil and Saed have enraged Turkish factions by having dealings with them. maybe Saed is innocent of all this and Ozil brought on the gang problems by his friendship with the Turkish president and Saed was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    “Khaldoon Al Mubarak is an exceptionally shrewd businessman. He could eat UEFA for breakfast.”

    You were in fine comedic form last night Graham. Touch of the CG’s about you 🙂

  71. Pedro

    Slade, I was leading the Wenger Out movement when you were worshipping his poster on your bedroom wall. Show some respect.

  72. Freddie Ljungberg

    Reports from France that Bordeaux gave Kos a 5 year deal, wtf is up with that? Has to be as a coach or something for the last 3 years or something. The guy is 34 soon and injury prone, no way is he playing football until he’s 39.

  73. Tony


    Really? I never knew that 🙂

    I’ve always believed in karma in the UK or where ever I was in the world. It kind of kept my moral compass in the right direction.

    Are you an expat or Vietnamese?

  74. China1

    Celtic already out of the CL and it hasn’t even started LOL

    They can go back to feeling quality in their pub league now

  75. China1

    Sorry that was harsh, so I take it back – but the constant accommodating of wengers latter day BS is unbelievably tiring

  76. China1

    The weirdest part about the apologists is that they’ve declared some kind of life time loyalty to a guy who isn’t a member of their family and has done more negative shit towards them in the last decade than positive

    It’s just odd

  77. Tony

    Very true Dark Hei.

    Even Thailand is Buddhist in the central and northern regions, but the south is where the muslims live and oddly enough where most of the trouble comes from: bombings, murders etc

    Each to their own but religion is not for me in any form.

  78. Graham62


    Re: Ozil / Top 4.

    Thought you’d like that one.

    No liability to the team and club/no headaches/more commitment/no moping around/ no daily media hype/ happier squad/no accommodating an individual who flattered to deceive/ no more excuses etc etc

    I know, you and a couple of others blame Emery for all of Ozil’s failings. I don’t. His general attitude and persona stunk the whole place out and has done for some time.

    Whether he was captain, being substituted or being asked to fulfill a specific role, he remains a massive hinderance to Emery, the team and the club in general.

    You see it differently.

    Good for you!

  79. Tony

    Mr Bojangles
    Only been to Vietnam once: Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang business trip for my wife to HCM and we added 5 nights in Da Nang where we enjoyed our time there.

    Did the same in Thailand 20 years ago but stayed using the country as my base.

    Now retired and going nowhere.

    The only other country I fancied living in was Japan and was ready to leave 15 years ago then met my Thai wife to be and that was that!

  80. Tony

    You have to laugh at these things or you’d go crazy.

    I got your meaning, butI just can’t be arsed at what I can’t change, such as UEFA being run with no corruption or favors to oil money.

    Bet Chelsea are happy.

    Would you leave the UK again to live abroad? I know the area you live and it’s lovely, but it’s still the UK governed by disingenuous people like BJ.

    Knife crime (ok mostly in London) but will spread as time goes by. NHS where you take a life lottery ticket before you go to a hospital.

  81. Carts

    “Slade, I was leading the Wenger Out movement when you were worshipping his poster on your bedroom wall. Show some respect.”

    Pew pew pew

  82. Bojangles

    I’d like to see Japan but from what I’ve heard it’s very expensive.

    HCMC is ok so is Da Nang, although I only spent three nights in DN. Like NHA Trang though, although now it’s pretty much taken over by Russians and Chinese.

    Intend visiting Thailand after I go to Cambodia (about November.) Yeah I’ve heard about the problems in the south, I’ll stay in the north.

    They have a similar situation in the Philippines, it’s not safe for foreigners to travels to certain areas there, even if you travel with Filipinos.

  83. Graham62


    Most definitely I would leave the UK to live abroad.

    I love my country but hate what it’s become. Here, more than anywhere else in the , we’ve allowed far too much leeway in far too many areas. As you rightly say, “governed by disingenuous people” covering their own backs.

    My kids are adults and have lives of their own but I’ve always encouraged them to spread their wings. I won’t say anything bad against the NHS because, through personal experience, they have more than dealt my family a very good hand.

    Knife crime is everywhere now. It could be solved in one fell swoop, but my take on this is not for discussion on an Arsenal blog. Far too controversial.


  84. Emiratesstroller

    Following the departure of Wenger the Arsenal Senior Management made clear their long term strategy would be to build a team around youth.

    Listening to the interview of Mertesacker the club’s expectation and hope is
    that the Academy would produce at least one player every two years.

    The Academy would also prepare other footballers who did not make the grade with us to move on to other clubs suited to their ability as well as educating them to a level where if they did not become professional footballers they would be prepared for another career.

    Looking at the current crop of footballers coming through the system aged
    20 or younger we have currently FIVE players on the books who are rated
    good enough to join the first team squad either this or next year.

    These are:

    If all these players make the grade that will be a massive saving for the club and justification for operating the Academy.

    The major weakness in recent years has been of course the club’s failure to
    produce good defenders. Part of the problem there is of course that it takes
    much longer for these players to reach the level of maturity required to reach
    first team level.

    Realistically a reliable Centre Back or Goalkeeper is unlikely to become a regular first team player at a club like Arsenal before he reaches the age of
    25. That is why the club has struggled to keep young defenders who look
    promising and it probably applies to most other major clubs in EPL and other
    top European Leagues.

  85. Tony

    I understand what you’re saying. Happy that you have done well with the NHS – many haven’t including me and my family.

    It’s funny our daughter wants to go work in Germany for at least 5 years as an aerospace engineer, so we are encouraging her to do so.

    The world is a much smaller place these days from when you and I (40 years ago) set sail to work in far off shores.

    Don’t get me wrong I loved what our country stood for 30+ years ago, but ……

    Do you have a country in mind to live in?

  86. Tony

    Be careful in Phnom Penh a friend was relived of his Rolex by 4 guys on 2 bikes who when asking for the police was told they were the police.

    Obvious wealth attracts the wrong dangerous attention there.

    Bangkok is relatively a safe city; I’ve never had a problem there nor have any friends or MC brothers.

    Pattaya is dangerous where the horror stories are pretty much daily. Mostly girls spiking guys drinks but you do get the odd mugging.

    Hau Hin upwards is safe in Thailand, as are the main holiday destinations, such as the islands and Krabi.

    Depends what you mean by expensive regarding Japan. . You can do it on a budget if you need to.

    Singapore is more expensive these days.

    KL is a great city for singletons and families alike.

    Enjoy your travels.

  87. Graham62

    Vusited the States in 1982 with a college friend.

    Travelled around for 3 months in a rented, clapped out, Opel Manta. Stayed at youth hostels, no mobile phones, no social media. Such a fantastic experience.

    I was 20.

    Far more street wise back then.

  88. Bojangles

    Not bothered with PP… Just going to Siem Reap to visit Angkor Wat. Since watching a documentary about the temples there some years back, they have been near the top of my bucket list.

    I didn’t like Singapore. Too clean and pristine for me and being a smoker was a pain in the arse trying to find somewhere to have a quiet puff…lol

  89. Mysticleaves

    “There are only two youth players in recent years who left the club and with
    hindsight merited a place in our first team squad. Those were Bennacer and

    The irony because when they were with us they didn’t show they could play for us did they? I bet Bieliek and Reine will show in hindsight they merited to play for us too. Hindsight, what a beautiful metric

  90. chris

    Celtic exiting the CL in qualifying, does this mean they go into Europa League qualifying? I would quite enjoy being drawn against them and beating them again, and would be interesting to see the kind of reception Tierney would get from Celtic fans.

  91. Mysticleaves


    Which country are you from originally? Sorry I didn’t follow the charter above but it seems you really like Vietnam?

  92. CG

    Fact Checker

    Wengers array of attacking players and goalscoring threat when Arsenal beat champions Chelsea in the Charity shield

    (3 months earlier he won his X 7 Fa Cup.)

    Giroud,Sanchez, Lacazette, Walcott,Ox,Rambo, Welbeck,Ozil.

    Pace,Power ,Class.

    Roll on 2 seasons later

    We only have. X 3 attacking players.


    We didn’t make top 4 then with Wengers Lot

    We ain’t making top 4 with The Clowns Lot

    Just like Glasgow Celtic are garbage
    So are Arsenal currently garbage

    Why are the wonderful folk on Le Grove so unable to state the Truth?

    Ps. I hope Gentle Bris little one is settling in nicely.

    And I hope China is well too.(got a soft spot for him.)

  93. HighburyLegend

    Be careful in London a friend was kidnapped by 4 guys from a gang in a van who when asking for the police was told they were the police.”

    A real thriller movie!!