What will Ozil do?

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Ohhhhh come on, still salty about that Jose comment? Forgive me, you know I only have eyes for the pristine haired one.


Two people have been charged for an incident at Mesut’s home. I hope it’s Fortnite related, you know what those gaming lunatics are like.

‘You stole my skin’

Ten minutes later, the flying squad’s at your damn door threatening to shoot. It’s called Swatting, Derek, look it up.

Jokes aside, this is no joke-able matter. The two names sounded very Turkish… which, call me mental, seems to weirdest thing to do. It’s like me finding UK based New Yorkers and terrorising them with really witty tweets. I just wouldn’t do it.

Anyway, whatever the weirdness is about, I hope the punishment is swift and strong. Like a Kolasinac left-jab.

Big question on everyone’s lips is this: Will the fracas make Ozil think twice about hanging around this year? Or will he take that move to Washington D.C.?

We’ll see. He’s a great player, hopefully, the good preseason form can carry us through the season. It’d be great to see him play in a system that’s loaded with pace and ball carriers. Kind of feel this is something a little like United fans thinking any player they sign is going to help unlock Pogba, but whatever, an on-form Mesut is a force. I would also hate to think anyone could be bullied out of London.

Auba, the greatest striker on the planet right now, reckons the partnership with Pepe and Lacazette is going to be crazier than Emanuel Eboue on the touchlines.

“I don’t want to compare it [to other strike partnerships I have been a part of] but it is going to be crazy,”

“Everybody is excited about that. We will have time to play together and we will see. I am looking forward to it.

“The next game we play at home [against Burnley on Saturday] and we will see what is the coach’s decision. It will be difficult for him [to fit us all in] but that’s the game. When you have a good team it is like that and you have to make choices.”


Get a threeway bromance going, it’s all the rage over here. You can do cool things like only go to bars with round tables. You share Lunchables and only eat one of the three-part snack. You can also do way fun Insta Stories stuff as well.

Key thing though… goals and assists. That’s what we need.

We also need more of Unai Emery living menacingly in a hood (trolling Mesut) cheering big JOE WILLOCK for making BIG BOY TACKLES on JONJO SHELVEY.

I’m welling up. He loves to PUT IT UP THEM. What a talent I think we might have.

Hard truth is this: We’re going to have to shut up and support the kids this season. Starting life in an unsettled team is tough for any level of player, but I think Reiss, ESR, Saka, and Willock could add a lot of value to our season, we just have to be prepared for some stinkers. Kids make errors, they swing in and out of form, but at some point, they come good.

I would love to have them as squad mainstays next season.

SHEESH, I’m forgetting the bag of crazy that is Gabriel. Outrageous pace, huge confidence and loads of rough diamond talent. Most exciting player since Anelka? Hold your horses… but maybe?

I’m pretty sure that’s me done. Why not tune into ANOTHER podcast because I’m crushing them out like a bloody MACHINE this season.

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  1. Leftsidesanch

    The two imbeciles arrested were probably the same two/or affilliates of the two people who tried to rob Ozil and Kola. I can’t imagine that everyone seeing Kola fend them off unarmed and the reaction around that would have gone down well with them.

    Whatever the case, they need punishing and Ozil and Kola need to be able to perform the duties they are handsomely paid for – wherever that may be.

  2. Graham62


    “Forgive me, you know I only have eyes for the pristine haired one’

    Or, in the case of IG, the bald headed coot one!

  3. Spanishdave

    The money Ozil is on he should buckle up and get on with it.
    The amount of time he has had off over the last two years for one thing or the other is not acceptable.
    If he has his way we won’t see him for a month.
    Meanwhile he gets his fat cheque

  4. Leftsidesanch

    Adidas have smashed our kits this year but I reckon the third kit which i do like is neck and neck with the navy and green one Puma did a couple years ago. Both look nice.

  5. Wasi

    Fired up Ozil with a point to prove to the Unai and The World that he is here to stay in London would be a dream. Beleive it or not we lacked creativity on Sunday we missed Ozil . Willock is a wonderfully gifted player but he is better off playing in a deeper position imo.
    ESR is back ,played for the Under 23s yesterday . Just hope that niggling injury doesnt come back. He can truly play in the advanced midfield position unlike Joe and Ceballos who are makeshifts there.
    But Emery loves a makeshift #10.
    I dont want to get carried away but where are all the “chambers is not good enough”. He definitely is. Worked hard last 4 seasons to get into the Arsenal team but it was pure circumstance that gave him his chance. Maybe he is destined to play for us. He was SoLiD.
    Anyway what about the outrageous stats Balogun has been putting up for the under 23s and 18s. Hope we get a glimpse of him in a meaningless EL game.

  6. Guns of Brixton


    I cant wait to bin Ozil. And i think thats thr general consensus we have on him after he ll vanish in the big games when we need him most.

    Hope somehow , in Jan that Barca still feel that they can loan out Couthino and we can get him for the final half of the season.

  7. Pierre

    “But Emery loves a makeshift #10.”

    I’ve always maintained that the manager holds more importance to what a CAM/N0.10 does off the ball than on the ball and the video above showing Emery celebrating willock ‘a tackle sort of confirms that…

  8. Pierre

    My fear is that because willock is good at the pressing and tackling aspects of the game then Emery will continue to play him behind the striker/s ..

    He has much more to his game than just closing down opponents and I hope he is used in a way that will get the best out of him.

    He has power, physique, pace, technique , aggression and a fantastic attitude to the game.

    If he doesn’t make it at Arsenal then I will be amazed.

  9. Danny S

    I think it’s better to have a #10 who chases down balls and tracks back, and we nick 1-0 wins, than it is to have one that waits around for the ball to be delivered to him, may or may not create a chance and we draw 1-1 or lose.

    I’m hoping once the team is fit, we will be relying on the forwards feeding off balls from deep to get our creativity. Not hoping some bog eyed little twat decides he fancies a game that day.

  10. Wasi

    Yes but the final product is still that of a central midfielder. He has everything to make it at Arsenal and I beleive he will do just that. He’s got stiff competition though. And in the wake of willock did we all just overlook the powerhouse Guendouzi was against Newcastle. His positioning was better and he did all the simple things to perfection.

  11. Crimson

    Great to hear Holding and ESR getting back on the pitch for the U23s. Another couple of weeks and they should be up to speed. Just wish there was a way to watch the youngster’s. Balogun getting a hattrick of penalties. Will he get any minutes for the first team?
    Will Emery loan out ESR to the bundesliga? Maybe he’s waiting to see what happens with the crazy awful worrying situation that Ozil is dealing with.

    Mustafi obviously being pushed out and he must realise that he has to go after being left out of the squad completely.

  12. Wasi

    If Mustafi has even an ounce of pride left he’ll leave no matter where the destination is. Hearing rumour that Roma might be interested in a move . Why though I completely dont know. If he can take this setback seriously and develop his mental side of the game he can be a real force.

  13. Uwot?

    Get your votes in.sky sports.com-asks who was the better striker ..shearer or Th14.? Silly question really? Anyhow can’t have shearer winning it ffs!

  14. Danny S


    I thought Geun had a cracking game v Newcastle, ran for the entire game.

    My only criticism is towards the end he went a bit headless chicken. Also ducked out of a few headers. But he never stopped pressing and his play was tidy.

  15. Cesc Appeal

    This youngster Folarin Balogun should be the next one the club looks at moving up next summer during pre-season to the first team.

    Seems to be an immense talent.

    Hopefully with players like Nelson, Saka, Balogun, Smith Rowe, Martinelli etc we won’t have to invest so heavily in forwards when Aubameyang and Lacazette need to be played less/moved on. It might actually coincide quite nicely.

    The academy and whoever is scouting youngsters needs to keep this up.

  16. Uwot?

    If Gwen Dozy could beef up a bit ,say another half stone,get a little bit more aggressive ,particularly in the tackle & a bit more adventurous in his passing we’d have a potential superstar on our hands.time will tell…

  17. Wasi

    I believe if Guendouzi can control the “headless chicken” part of his game then we can successfully remove Xhaka from the first team fold . Slow and Steady. Torreira/willock/guendouzi and ceballos as deeper options would be incredible. Fast,mobile, tenacious, skillfull.

  18. Dream10

    Atlético Madrid signing Rodrigo from Valencia for 60m Euros. Big fee. We should tried to sell them Lacazette. A better player for a bigger fee.

  19. Wasi

    The academy scouts should also focus on some defensive players . We been only producing good attackers since some time.

  20. Savage

    Re the podcast, Pepe, Ceballos and Tierney wouldn’t have been available so the timing of the transfers was irrelevant.

  21. Dark Hei

    If Ozil do leave, it should be on the right terms.

    It should be because of footballing reasons; freeing up his wages, getting first team football, having a compromise with the club etc.

    Not due to the fear of his family getting knifed at some point.

  22. vickingz

    Guen hasn’t done a thing different from what he exhibited during his first days, always running, dodging tackles, a little adventurous with forward passes, and doing the basics. He’s just for now elhneny v2. Amn will never be a solid RB, i’m afraid he’s gonna be wasted playing RB same as my fear for willock playing behind the striker. Emery did this shit with torreira last season by moving him up higher than his natural position. Just do the normal, ehn emery. Play these players to their strengths and not making them average utility players, whatever that means.

  23. Atid

    The Chinese window re-opens in November, I see that as our best opportunity to get money for ozil and miki, whilst they might be able to match their wages.

    I would still like to add a striker on a bosman. With perhaps Dean Sturridge being the only viable option remaining. Used sparingly he can do a decent job.

  24. Pierre

    Willock and guendouzi as a midfield duo could be the future ..

    Would be good protection for Ozil who of course just stands around waiting for the ball to come to him and never puts in an ounce of effort so having a couple of kids to do his dirty work would be perfect..

    He wouldn’t even need to break sweat .

  25. vickingz

    I’m beginning to think there’s more than meet the eyes to these ozil & kola attacks. Has someone actually taken it upon himself to get them out of arsenal for good? Is there a political game to this? Hope neither of them have embarked on a journey of no return with some gangs

  26. David Smith

    Did read something saying the police stated the 2 Turks or whoever they are arrested outside Ozils house – it was a public order offence and not linked with the car jacking.
    Perhaps just Turks/Kurds who , like the rest of the world now know where Ozil lives thanks to Sky/The Sun, who are protesting about Ozils friend Erdogan?

  27. vickingz

    Willock and guendouzi as a midfield duo could be the future ..

    What future? In how many years time? I bet ozil is ageless

  28. Bob N16

    Good point Vic, but I think it’s often Ben the case that youngsters get given game time where there is space in the starting line up which isn’t always their ideal position.

    For years it feels like that we’ve had square pegs in round holes. Hoe this is coming to an end.

  29. HighburyLegend

    “Like a Kolasinac left-jab.”
    His next target : Maureen.

    The truth about Mesut : he already does not need much to be totally destabilized, on or off the pitch… to resume, he has always been far too emotional and fragile.
    And you really believe that he will recover from what happens to him right now ??
    C’mon people, let’s be serious, he already was very little concerned with football during the last few seasons, and so the better for him and (mostly) for us would be a move in the MLS.
    (fingers crossed)

  30. Marc

    “Atlético Madrid signing Rodrigo from Valencia for 60m Euros. Big fee. We should tried to sell them Lacazette. A better player for a bigger fee.”

    Why – we’ve just had the best window in memory and look like we’ll still move on some of the dross. There’s also talk Kolas wife has left London and refused to return so he might look at alternatives. We could still make £40 odd million out of sales but you want to sell an important first team player when we can’t replace.

    What the fuck is wrong with some Arsenal supporters?

  31. China1

    Yeah let’s sell dross and squad players before considering selling one of our best players when we don’t need to

  32. Cesc Appeal


    Just seems to be some who no matter what we did it was like ‘yeah, but…’

    Pissed me off yesterday, greatest transfer window we’ve had in a long, long time, an away win and a clean sheet away from home in our first game of the season and we’re having a discussion about Mourinho as manager.

    Fair enough if it’s getting to the end of the year and Emery has fucked up, but jeez, have a word with yourself on 12th August.

  33. HighburyLegend

    What’s wrong with Maureen ?? That could be funny!!
    The only bad news for Pierre is that Ozil will – again – called a “coward”.

  34. Marc


    It wasn’t just that Pedro (no agenda there!) started a conversation about a new manager so early in the season it was who he picked.

    I’m actually beginning to worry about Pedro.

  35. Siddharth14

    I think most of the people who suggested selling Auba or Laca did so in view of the budget restriction of 45m which Arsenal managed to propagate successfully.

    We all agreed on strengthening the team but with just 45m, it was simply not going to happen. Hence the idea of selling one of our strikers. No need to get hyper over this thing and start questioning the sanity of people. It is after all just an opinion. It may be right or wrong. Don’t make an issue of it.

  36. HighburyLegend

    We are not sure yet that Pépé will blow the roof, and so we should not sell Laca or Auba. Better get rid of Mesut “fish eyes” Ozil.

  37. Nelson

    I like Ceballos’s game. He is someone who can be a leader in the midfield. He can organize the attack. For now Guen and Willock are just water carriers. The first half, we played like a mid_table team.

  38. OleGunner


    Yup Balogun looks IMMENSE.
    A pure ultra modern striker; goal machine, massive dribbling ability, exquisite link up play and demonic speed.

    Very excited about the lads future!

  39. Marc


    Adidas has blown Puma out of the water with all 3 kits this summer. It’ll be interesting to see what difference there is in sales figures.

  40. Words on a Blog


    The Mourinho thing was a sly bit of Trumpian agenda setting/controversy making on the part of Pedro, and stoked by controversialist poster in chief, Un.

    Everybody (including me) fell for it.

  41. Dream10

    Jeff Reine Adelaide to Lyon for 25m Euros + 5m Euros bonuses. Very good move for him. Had a goal and 9 completed dribbles on the weekend. Step up from Rennes to Lyon. Hope he does well.

    It’ll be interesting to see what team Emery picks for Burnley. Luiz, Ceballos, Torreira and Lacazette had little or no game time on Sunday. Need the three points, but players also need minutes for Liverpool away. Luiz and Ceballos are nailed on to be in the XI imo. Reckon Emery played it safe with Lacazette and didn’t want to risk him on a slick pitch. Torreira needs minutes if he is to start at Anfield.

  42. Siddharth14

    From what we have seen of Emery, it is going to be a daunting task for him to improve the performance of the team. And I’m not even talking about the defence !

    Did you look at Edu and Raul during the second half. They did not seem happy at all. If it were not for the mistake from Newcastle, it would have been a drab away draw.

    Edu and Raul need to start planning for the future right now. It cannot be Emery even if we get top four. Arsenal at this point need a complete makeover of their mentality. Jose Mourinho is an annoying prick but he is ELITE level. Something Arsenal have not even made an attempt to imitate.

    How ironic would it be if it was Mourinho to restore Arsenal to the elite status after Wenger had us firmly in a deep hole.

  43. Dissenter

    Regarding Ozil; What preseason form are you talking about?
    The only difference is that he dyed his hair. Last season he had Laca and Auba and did fcuk nothing, even Iwobi posted better numbers.
    Hopefully he sorts out that mess in London. Washington DC Metro isn’t safer than the greater London area, maybe he can live in Virginia and carry a Glock.

  44. Jamie

    Balogun looks like hot sauce. Hits it with both feet too.

    Loan move for ESR? Kid definitely needs games this season.

    Would be great if we can move Ozil out this month. Kola can go too if he wants. Almost £2m a month off the wage bill. We’d be stuck with Mkhi though, who’s more useless than Ozil at this point, and Ozil isn’t even playing.

    p.s. Everyone knows Raul organised the carjacking.

  45. Freddie Ljungberg


    I’m sure Edu and Raul are smart enough to realise that it was the first game of the season, with rusty players and about 7 starters not available. All that mattered was the 3 points, we’re notoriously slow starters and have been for years.

    If Emery doesn’t meet expectations he’s hopefully gone by the end of the season but keep that cunt Mourinho as far away from the club as possible. Shouldn’t even be allowed in the stands if he paid his own ticket.

  46. Dissenter

    The media needs to stop showing snippets of Ozil;s house.
    They might just make the place a tourist attraction. Tourists seek the most bizarre places to get a selfie.
    I just saw on twitter, the lines of Chinese tourists in NYC trying to take selfies in front of Jeffery Epstein’s upper east side mansion.

  47. Dissenter

    Emery talked about the immense pressure to win games this season.

    ‘“[It was] good. They are young, they need to get confidence, to get experience, but we need to be winning. We are helping them but pushing them & our demand is a very big demand“

    I think he’s under the cost thismseason

  48. Freddie Ljungberg


    Of course he is, and with this squad we should get top 4, that’s the expectation now, not so much last season.

    We can let him go at the end of the season for free so if he wants that extra year the team has to perform, it’s that simple.

    Spare me the Mourinho bs though, not having it.

  49. Dissenter

    ‘p.s. Everyone knows Raul organised the carjacking’

    Be careful not to use humor to approach the Ozil situation.
    There are people lurking behind their keyboards ready jump all over you for not approaching it with 100% seriousness.

  50. HighburyLegend

    The way Edu and Raul are working together, it’s so good to witness, after all those dark years we are finally reborn as a football club.

    (Thanks again to wenger and gazidas for all those years lost as fans.)

  51. Dissenter

    ‘We lacked creativity- we missed Ozil on Saturday’

    Did another London gang put him on house arrest last season nor something because he was absent but for one home game against Leicester.
    Where does creativity come from….certainly not Ozil. We have to seek it elsewhere.

  52. CG

    Rather than cheering to The Rafters because a player has tackled someone- crikey The Clown is easily pleased.

    May – he should concentrate on the job in hand. And look at the squad numbers.

    We have 5 games in 14 days over the Christmas Period.
    We have only two centre forwards.

    Are Laca/PEA going to be playing every match?
    Has The Clown not even heard of squad rotation?

    Sturridge. Dean Sturridge. Not a fan – but can score a goal.

    Out of Contract.

    Maybe he could be of some use.

    Jose- would never in A MILLION years go into a exhaustive season with only X 2 strikers.

    And supporters don’t want him.?
    What a delightfully eccentric bunch of fans we have.

    Dont want Wenger!
    Dont want Jose!

    But want The Clown

    its a sickness.
    an ingrained sickness- thats what this is…….

    There is no tick tock with Jose and I off course thank PedRo for his post.

  53. Marko

    Adidas has blown Puma out of the water with all 3 kits this summer. It’ll be interesting to see what difference there is in sales figures.

    I’d say the bruised banana one alone has blowned up

  54. Cesc Appeal


    Also having ‘gun’ in his name, the headlines are just waiting.


    Just really not a nice narrative to set after the first game of the season, if we’d lost I’d have still thought it was way out of line all things considered but would have at least been a bit more understandable.

    Great summer, great first result with a vastly depleted team and the topic if discussion is who replaces Emery.

    Frankly ridiculous.

  55. Bojangles

    Maybe we should sell everyone and bring in the under 23’s. So far, the suggestions are to sell Mustafi, Özil, Michi, Kola and Xhaka. The tw is over, where are all the replacements coming from? You suggesting we play the season with a squad of 20?

  56. Dissenter

    The Arsenal academy has been absolute crapola in producing decent defensive talent.
    All not decent talent we have are in the attacking aspects of the game.

    What’s your theory about this obvious problem I think you’ve mentioned it before.

  57. Marko

    I can see Mustafi going and hopefully one of Mhiki or Ozil but I wouldn’t like to see Kolasinac or Monreal go cause we can’t replace them. I’ve always wanted Ozil to go just not because his Mrs is living in fear and frankly I’d consider letting Mhiki go for a handful of dirt he’s that shocking these days

  58. Words on a Blog

    Bob N16,

    Great link to The Swiss Ramble thread.

    Conclusion: Under Josh, Raul and Vinai, the club took a little more risk with the use of its cash balances and still managed to achieve a great transfer window broadly within budget. So there should be no adverse impact on the club’s profit and loss account.

    Excellent creative management off the football field to improve the squad.

    Now it’s up to Emery to show similar creativity and success on the football field.

    If he doesn’t manage to do so, then I’ll happily get behind Pedro in his campaign to replace Emery.

    As long as it’s not Mourinho.

  59. Dissenter

    What else are they left with?
    The Raul-is-shit campaign fell flat on its face.
    Over to operation Emery-can’t-cut-it.

    The difference this season is that those of us that defended the manager because last year’s squad wasn’t good enough know that the recent additions have taken away that defense.

    I wonder why those who argued all of last season that the squad was good enough spent all summer moaning for additions, especially in defense.
    Liverpool and City squad- that’s what you call ‘good enough’ and they didn’t need to add more.

  60. Marko

    The Mourinho stuff isn’t going to happen. It was an offhand remark by Pedro taken up by the usual trolls. Literally no connections or possiblity that it could happen. Especially the angle of Jorge Mendes who helped us with one single deal if anything Mourinho’s more likely to be Wolves manager considering Jorge has that club in the palm of his hand. And he won’t be Wolves manager cause they don’t have a bottomless pit of money to spend.

  61. Dissenter

    I think we need to revise that Myhki performance on Saturday
    He was shit in the first half but improved a lot in the second half. I just wonder why he can’t create anything for Auba given their history together at BVB.

  62. Siddharth14

    Talking about our expenditure, Celtic have announced to the stock exchange that they have received 25m payment in full from Arsenal.

    So this 20m and add-ons bullshit is over.

  63. Dissenter

    I’ve read their fans describe the £25 million as a ‘windfall’ and ‘bounty’.
    They are thinking of using it to fund 3-4 transfers before their window closes.

    Obviously English clubs and SPL clubs operate in different planets.

    By the way, I still think we were right to squeeze out every bit of discount from them because the player is not ready to play for us in the medium term.
    They have a guarantee of being paid 25 million…doesn’t mean we paid them a lump sum. A guarantee of £25 million [without clauses] is same as 25 million in the bank.

  64. Marko

    I think we need to revise that Myhki performance on Saturday
    He was shit in the first half but improved a lot in the second half

    Probably because he could not in fact get any worse than he was in the first half. He’s awful. Perhaps take up a different cause for the day cause you’re fighting a losing cause on Mhiki

  65. Freddie Ljungberg


    I read that too but his whole premise falls apart because he’s calculating Tierneys fee as 10m this season. When in fact it was 25m cash upfront. Celtic made it public today on the stock exchange.

    Good breakdown on how transfers work nevertheless.

  66. Marko

    because the player is not ready to play for us in the medium term.

    You mean short term. He’s already in training and reportedly out for around 4 weeks. And he’s on a five year deal.

  67. Words on a Blog

    One other thing about the new regime: it is much more ruthless.

    We have known for some time that the club wanted to get rid of Mustafi for quite a while, but never succeeded in shifting him. The trouble is Wenger and then Emery kept playing him, so had no incentive to leave.

    Leaving him out of the squad altogether in the match against Newcastle, when he’d had a full pre-season, really makes it clear to him that if he wants to play regular football (as opposed to”doing a Winston Bogarde”) he’s got to go.

  68. Words on a Blog


    Haven’t read the announcement, but it is still possible that the £25m cash payment was received from a financial intermediary rather than from Arsenal.

  69. Dissenter

    I believe the Tierney estimate is 4-6 weeks. You keep trying to bring it forward, why is that?
    You jumped all over me when I said he won’t be ready till autumn…turns out I was more right than you.

    It’s been proven that Lennon wasn’t being very truthful.

  70. Dissenter

    Surely a contractual agreement with Arsenal for £25 million is as good as cash in the bank so long as it is devoid of clauses.
    They wanted more cash in the first installment.] and didn’t want any of the owed money contingent on any clauses. That’s what Celtic got.
    We didn’t pay them 25 million cash. We just removed the money dependent on performance of buying club and put more money in the first installment.

  71. Champagne charlie


    Don’t question Dissenters knowledge of Scottish football and its players. He’s a keen observer of the 20th ranked league in Europe I’ll have you know.

  72. Wasi

    If we do want elite coaching rn Allegri is still out there . I read somewhere that he was gonna take a year off before starting to coach again. That coincides with Arsenal perfectly. If Emery really improves the team Don Raul can give him one more year for further improvement and if he cant we can get Allegri. He’ll have a young and talented squad to work with and a club as big as Arsenal shouldn’t be easy to turn down. As Raul’s knock is a different knock.

  73. Dissenter

    Thanks for that myth bursting info
    All the ‘reports’ we read were wrong then. It seems they always wanted it all in one lump sum.
    Happy to be proven wrong.

  74. Crimson

    Oh dear I see Cunty Git is back to drag this blog down again. His vagina is infected now and starting to grow to his cerebral cortex. = Dean Sturridge? He is 46 years old. 🤣

    Good luck to Eddie tonight. Hopefully he starts tonight against Salford and gets some goals.

  75. Bob N16

    Agree Crimson, will be watching Leeds and St Etienne this season with much interest assuming Nkketiah and Saliba are playing.

    In defence of Swiss Ramble Freddie, he did acknowledge that he was not party to absolute details but approximated with figures which appeared in the papers. A useful analysis all the ame.

  76. Champagne charlie

    UEFA coefficients, what a time to be alive.

    The same coefficients that have Porto as a better team than Liverpool, Chelsea, United, Spurs, Roma, Dortmund…

    But hey, if it’s written in ink, or posted on the web, that’s gospel.

  77. CG

    Note , pay attention and Observe Le grove fraternity and Weep.

    x 1 Experienced Goalkeeper



    x 4 Central Defenders

    Sok (31)
    Luiz (33)& in a Back 4 ?
    Holding- injured badly.
    Chambers – a centre back??
    x 2 Centre Forwards

    PEA (31)
    X 1 Clown

    throw in x 14-16 Loosers Cup fixtures

    and you think thats gonna get Top 4?

    in your Dreams. Deluded today – Deluded in May


    Truth Hurts.

  78. Valentin


    The issue with Arsenal not producing any defensive players (I include CB and defensive midfielders) of note for the last twenty years is because of the Academy coaching staff priority.

    Some academies prioritise physical attributes over technical ability. Stoke, WestBromwich, Wolves (but that is now changing) used to have big neanderthals who could kick hard but not pick a passe. We prioritise the attacking side of the game and the defense is an afterthought.

    Because of Arsenal location, we end up with lots of inner city kids who have learned their trade playing 5 a side on concrete jungle against bigger players. Those are exactly the kind that Arsenal prioritise pacy, not necessarily tall technical players.

    Most of our defenders are in fact converted midfielders converted. Winger into fullback. Defensive midfielder into CB. So they start learning the position 3 to 4 years later than the rest of the world.

    Instead of discarding tall 14 years players who can’t dribble, Arsenal should convert them into CB and coach them at that age the position.
    Why do you think that France is suddenly producing lots of tall CB defenders of great potential? Because any tall 14 years old who can’t make the grade as a striker is not immediately discarded, but retrained as a defender from that age.

    The result is that when they reach 21 years old, they have been playing CB for 7 years, not 2 years.

  79. Marko

    I believe the Tierney estimate is 4-6 weeks. You keep trying to bring it forward, why is that?

    Because he’s been training already for the last couple weeks. Besides even if it was 6 weeks it’s less than the 8 you tried to push before and it’s still short term not medium term.

  80. Dissenter

    Like I said, do you have a better measure of domestic league strength?

    When is the last time any SPL club other had a good run in Europe?

    Give us a better measure. I won’t hold my breath awaiting a reasonable answer from you though.

  81. Chitom

    Pedro, you sly bastard .
    Look what you’ve done now by planting the Mourinho seed in poor CG’s head.
    I mean , it’s not as if Jose just lost his job and became available over night, but thanks to your reckless behavior his name will be used ad nauseam in CG’s posts from now on right next to clock noises and players calve size indexes.


  82. Bob N16

    Freddie, I’ll have to admit I only read it once and towards the end my head was beginning to complain. Suffice to say, the £45m figure was for the most part specious and certainly simplistic.

  83. CG

    Blinkered Bob

    You cant handle the Truth.

    Live in your bubble.

    Thursday’s night for you , sunshine.
    1800 GMT


  84. raptora

    Swiss Ramble quotes a loan fee of £5m for Dani Ceballos. Whoever kept mentioning £15m and actually believed it, it’s an idiot and a half, and whoever just said it to stir the pot, is also an idiot. Like Arsenal would ever give £15m loan fee and for an unproven yet talented player. Now if it was say Coutinho – the number could have been right. But Ceballos’ worth is far from Coutinho’s at this point of his career.

  85. Valentin

    Jeff Reine-Adelaïde, who according to some here was at best a League 1 level player is now joining a Champion’s League club Lyon for €25 millions plus €2.5 millions add-ons.

    My statement (so controversial for some) that he was on an ascending path, but that Suarez had already peaked, seem to be confirmed.

    It is a shame that he was discarded without having been offered the chance to showcase his talent, as he may be the kind of player we will buy at great expense in 2~3 years time.

  86. Dissenter

    Thanks Valentin
    That really was a very thoughtful answer. A lot of kids in our academy are from immigrant families who are more exposed to those ball-playing five-a-side approach.
    . It may be that we need to scout from up north, they seem to have a better stock of defensive talent.
    I’m not trying to start a crazy argument about anything other than football. Just wondering if we are recruiting everywhere that matters.

  87. Champagne charlie


    So Porto are a better side than those mentioned? Sevilla too?

    Because ‘give me a better measure’ and that. You’re doubling down because you’ve no actual clue about the SPL outside of google.

  88. Marko

    Let me know if you have a better measure of the strength of a league.
    They enter hope Gerard gets Rangers back to a place where they can push Celtic.

    I don’t think that will help with their coefficient ranking. Coefficient ranking is based off of club performances in European competitions and not the quality of football in said league. Scotland is always going to have a poor coefficient ranking because they’re never going to go far in European competitions and at best they’ll have one maybe two in European football.

  89. Dissenter

    Valentin is not an idiot
    In fairness, he’s been proven right by the day about some of his most contentious claims
    Arsenal just banked some moola from the Adelaide deal.

  90. Silverhawk


    The coefficients are about as good as you can get regarding the rankings.

    And no, Uefa doesn’t rank Porto as a better club than say Liverpool for example.

    It just happens to be that Uefa changed their rules to accommodate the winners of the top 8 leagues in the champions league before adding other clubs.

    If you’ve been following the results of the ongoing champions league and Europa qualifiers, you’ll see that the ranking is fairly accurate.

  91. Marko

    My statement (so controversial for some) that he was on an ascending path, but that Suarez had already peaked, seem to be confirmed.

    Woah calm down there fella you said that a 21 year old footballer is on an ascending path while a 25 year old on his 6th club may have already peaked? That’s some clairvoyant shit right there. I salute your brave prediction sir

  92. Dissenter

    You asked for when I got my claim from. I gave you and yet you’re still arguing.
    So now google is bad…you didn’t think of google everything you used it to source ‘facts’ for your argument.

    I don’t watch the SPL because it is trash. I would rather watch the championship , Greek league, Turkish league, Brazilian or Argentine football.
    Good luck trying to prove the Scottish league is quality.
    The only team of note currently in the SPL is Celtic and they really reduced to transfer dealings in the range of £2-4 million.

    What better way to measure a league than coefficient because it measure the interactions league teams have when competing with one another.

    Give me a better way of measuring league strength and stop trying to prove that I’m arguing coefficients are perfect.
    Better still where do you rate the SPL in Europe?

  93. Crimson

    Not confirmed yet. But anyone know if we have any sell on % in the Jeff reine-adelaide deal? If we haven’t then another piece of horrendous business done by the previous set-up. Gazidis has so much to answer for.

  94. Marko

    Also I’m assuming that we’re not going to be needing the likes of “the Jeff” in 2-3 years the hope being that one or two of Martinelli or Saka or Nelson or John Jules continues their ascension and natural progress as young talented footballers

  95. Dissenter

    I’m just hoping CC admits to getting something wrong…for the first time ever.

    What better way to measure league strength?
    No ands, ifs or buts.

  96. Pierre

    “Like Arsenal would ever give £15m loan fee and for an unproven yet talented player. Now if it was say Coutinho – the number could have been right. But Ceballos’ worth is far from Coutinho’s at this point of his career”

    If, as you are suggesting that coutinho is a far better player than Ceballos then wouldn’t it have been better to pay the extra 10 million to bring coutinho to the club who is without doubt , proven in the premier league (unlike ceballlos)…

    coutinho’s attacking stats blow Ceballos out of the water.

  97. Valentin



    I don’t think that we need to recruit in different places, just that we need to give consideration to the defense.
    Fulham, WestHam are producing decent defenders, so in my mind it is more a question of proper defensive coaching.

    Last season and this season before, Arsenal had to buy youth team players for defensive positions just to make the numbers. Some of those players had already been released by lower academies (Reading, …), So it should be clear that they have no chance to make the grade at Arsenal. Why the need to buy a defender who has failed at Reading? No disrespect to Reading academy, but We should be able to produced players of at least that level.

  98. Marko

    Arsenal just banked some moola from the Adelaide deal.

    Dissenter just confirmed that we had a sell on clause for Reine Adelaide

  99. Champagne charlie

    “You asked for when I got my claim from. I gave you and yet you’re still arguing.“

    I asked no such thing.

    I mocked you for casting aspersions over something you’ve never witnessed, just made you sound a grade A tit.

  100. raptora

    According to Swiss Ramble from cash payment perspective (cash money in this TW we payed minus money we received) we’ve spent £22.5m NET this summer. Imagine we sell Elneny and Mustafi (I assume we would sell both) we could end up winning money in this summer while having much better/talented footballers.

    We’re already reduced the wages by £200k less pw or more than £10m saved per year. Which would drop our cash NET spend to something like £10-12m.

    Not bad gents.

    Hurts like shit that we could have make smart business for yeaaaaars and yeaaars. But we didn’t. We would have been so far ahead.

  101. Champagne charlie

    “I’m just hoping CC admits to getting something wrong…for the first time ever.“

    You’ll have to point out what I’ve claimed, other than you never having watched a moment of the SPL?

    I’ll hold my hands up on that if you have, but seeing as you’ve stated you haven’t I’d be inclined to call you a liar.

  102. Marko

    Rap credit where credit is due there was criticism for letting this player and that player leave for free this summer and last but the reduction in the wage bill has been a huge help and will be a huge help going forward. Value for money from here on out. I think Pepe might have been the only one to get more than a 100,000 a week

  103. Valentin


    You were the one who argued that Suarez would have a better career than the Jeff. I told you that we should revisit that statement in 2 to 3 years. Not even six month later, the Jeff a so called League 1 level player join a Champion’s League club.

    None of Martinelli, Saka, Nelson or John Jules play in the same position than the Jeff.
    So their progression is irrelevant.
    Even Barcelona despite having Messi and Dembele still need a Rakitic/Iniesta.

    Say what you want of Un, he really has you spot on. Suffer from little man syndrom who need to swing it big to make himself more intelligent and important than he is.

  104. Emiratesstroller

    Swiss Ramble has as usual produced an analysis of Arsenal’s finances in the
    transfer window which demonstrates clearly how well planned and professional the business has been delivered this summer.

    It demonstrates that for the first time in a decade Arsenal have become once again a serious heavyweight player in the transfer window.

    The best news is that Arsenal are also bringing down the wage bill to more realistic levels, because many of our players have proven unsaleable.

    It is inconceivable that a player like Ramsey at the age of 28 with a transfer valuation of £40 Million will be allowed to run down his contract and leave on
    a Bosman.

  105. Marko

    You were the one who argued that Suarez would have a better career than the Jeff

    I think that was Receding and not me. Though it’s worth pointing out that Suarez has actually played for the likes of Barcelona and Spain while Jeff Reine Adelaide is about to move to Lyon. Perhaps let’s revisit this when he actually has a good career.

    None of Martinelli, Saka, Nelson or John Jules play in the same position than the Jeff

    Oh okay so in the case of your rigid argument we might regret missing out on the Jeff because he can play RW. Got it though worth noting that Nelson and Martinelli can play RW.

    As for the other stuff about my character you’re just upset that I had you pegged as a liar and a bullshitter from the get go and haven’t been able to let it go since. Steve Rowley…back at Arsenal indeed.

  106. raptora

    Coutinho to Ceballos is day and night. As much as I sympathize Dani he is not proven and we’re trying to help him as much as we need the help ourselves. It’s a symbiotic relationship and hopefully both sides win in the end.

    Now Coutinho would have came and light up the stage from minute 1. No need to acclimatize or anything. Much better player and his obscene transfer fee was there for a reason. He probably became available way too late in the window when we were already over with our business in the attacking positions of the team.

    Phil would have cost us imo around £20m loan fee for ONE season that is which is pretty absurd. His salary would have been 4 times that of Ceballos – £240k to £60k or ~£10-11m pa for Phil ~£2.5m pa Dani.

    It reaches a ridiculous difference of £23m total that Phil would have cost us compared to Dani.

    As a fan I’d pick Coutinho any day of the week. But maybe Coutinho would have been an overkill. This season our goal is top 4. Squad is good enough for top 4. We have a solid manager and top talents. Was it going to be worth it to go for Phil even if we had the chance by the time we picked Dani? Imo it’s too much of money. Now if we wanted to attack the title – then £20m difference for a shot at the title – certainly yes. But we had to have a monster of a squad already to constest City and partly Liverpool. Which as things stand we are not even close to.

    Maybe a couple of more Raul + Edu magic summers and after Pep moves on to another challenge, we could start thinking about attacking the title. Not this season though.

  107. Edu me a favour

    “Atlético Madrid signing Rodrigo from Valencia for 60m Euros. Big fee. We should tried to sell them Lacazette. A better player for a bigger fee.”

    Why would we sell one of our best players for absolutely no reason ? No offence but this is a strange thought process.

    Laca pea and Pépé – absolutely deadly – and not to mention a pretty galatico looking front line that’s what we want at Arsenal no ?

  108. Marko

    little man syndrom who need to swing it big to make himself more intelligent and important than he is.

    That’s you mate. Not to mention makes up shit too. Tell us again about that time you were stuck in traffic in hamstead whatever at 4 in the morning and Carlos Vela and party goers started handing out champagne for the trouble and conveniently your Mrs was driving so it was okay for you to drink. I really liked that story.

    There’s a character in season 5 of the wire that is you all over he’s played by Tom McCarthy and he basically embellishes and sometimes outright lies about some stories. Great quote by the guy who calls him on his lies too:

    “You ever notice that the guys who do that, the Blairs, the Glasses, the Kelleys, they all start with something small, you know. Just a little quote that they clean up. And then it’s a whole anecdote. And pretty soon, they’re seeing some amazing shit. They’re the lucky ones who just happen to be standing on the right street corner in Tel Aviv when the pizza joint blows up and the human head rolls down the street with the eyes still blinking!”

    That’s you Val

  109. Leftsidesanch

    ‘Why would we sell one of our best players for absolutely no reason ? No offence but this is a strange thought process.’

    He’s wanted Lacazette and Torreira sold all summer and will fit it into every conversation where possible.

  110. Emiratesstroller

    I don’t want to dwell further on the Ozil saga.

    However, I was reminded of a discussion I had several years ago with a Director of Arsenal who described most footballers as having limited brains above the waste.

    The one exception to the rule was at that time Liam Brady who became one of the world’s highest paid footballers when he joined Juventus.

    Brady despite his considerable wealth chose to live in a modest rented flat in Turin and bought a second hand Fiat 500 rather than display his new found wealth. Most of his money was invested apparently in Switzerland.

    I suspect that Flamini who is by reputation one of the cleverest footballers has
    adapted a similar lifestyle.