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Day one of the season is about to start. This year it’s exciting. The major worry on my mind is that despite having a very good window, we had a very late one. The majority of our BIG signings aren’t match fit and all of them will need more time to integrate.

Additionally, it’s going to be a bumpy few months as the team gels and a new style emerges*

(*prays there’s a new style emerging).

Unfortunately, we don’t really have time on our hands. We have a beastly opening 6 weeks, Liverpool and Spurs are the two really tough games, but we also have to deal with Burnley and Watford away. There’s a huge Manchester United game at the end of September, that one really will be a tone-setter for the top 4 race this season.

Tierney is going to reintegrate into training in 4-6 weeks, so our left side is going to be a bit of an issue. Hopefully, David Luiz can start a little sooner having had a full preseason with Chelsea.

Looking at the squad, the only new player we’re likely to see start tomorrow is Dani Ceballos, and even then I’m not totally sure of it. If we’re rolling with the same players from last season, there’s a risk it could be a bit of a grim start as others work on their fitness.

What I am FASCINATED about is which young kids are the chosen ones. You could argue that Iwobi was a useful player that we didn’t really plan to lose, so, therefore, don’t have a backup for. We are certainly looking light for experienced players upfront.

So who takes his back-up role? Will we see ESR this season? Will Saka land some minutes? There must be an anointed successor because Pepe can’t play all the games.

I also really hope that Willock is a regular fixture this season. He looks ready, he had a great preseason, and I think his mobility and attacking threat could be very useful.

It’s also a big year for Mesut Ozil. He has a great squad of players to work with now and he appears to have put his EMERY OUT banner back in his Fortnite rucksack (did you see the kid that won the world cup of Fortnite earned $3m?). We know he can be the best in the business when he wants it. What will we see in November? Fannying out of challenges? Or racking up assists to feed his militant army of believers?

The exciting thing about this squad is we have an entirely new dynamic built around pace and an attacking threat… even our new centre back drops big game chances. It’s a tantalising thought that a defender like that will reduce our reliance on Xhaka.

A lingering problem that Emery is refusing to address is the captains’ armband. The group captaincy approach really is an odd way to think about leadership, especially after it worked so badly against us in the last campaign. The current group sits at three, Emery assuring us he’s going to wait and see who exits the building in the next 20 odd days before he decides.

“At the moment we have three captains: Xhaka, Mesut and Nacho, and I want to take two more because my opinion is the same as it was in the pre-season with five.

“I want to be with my squad clearly to have two more. At the moment we have three captains and I think they have the capacity to give us possibilities as captain.”

Even the most ardent Emery fan must be scratching their head at that list. You have one of the most error-prone players in the team on the list, someone who can’t go to big away games, and a left-back that is a true warrior, but also getting on a bit and quite injury prone.

David Luiz looking like the most standout figure when it comes to the armband, even if he is green to the club. #5 should probably be Hector Bellerin. He’s everything you want from a leader and I think there would likely be universal approval for a move like that.

Broader point… a leadership shared is a leadership that is NOT respected. Hierarchies in sport and business are important, this hippy commune approach to a badly damaged institution at Arsenal seems more about not making a decision than anything else.

At the time of writing this, the season has started and it appears Liverpool and City will be good this season. Some great goals in both games, the real concern early on is the way the Premier League is implementing VAR.

‘YOU WANTED ACCURATE FUCK WE’LL GIVE YOU ACCURATE’ is maybe a touch too extreme when it comes to the enforcement of the rules.

In the City game, every goal was checked, the keepers footwork on the penalty and the fouls inside the box. All the decisions were correct, but the time lag was inappropriate. Calling an offside for millimeters felt petty, but again, correct.

A few thoughts on this.

If we’re going to get militant about decisions, we have to bring the fans along. That waiting screen is the equivalent of internet buffering when you’re trying to watch your AV videos on Youtube… just show me the fucking Dreamliner stupid internet. Show the fans what the refs are looking at, give a little transparency, otherwise the in-ground experience is going to drive people away.

I also think cross-checking every single goal is a bit extreme. I don’t know how you get around that. There’s no middle ground when it comes to fact. I wonder if they work a Hawkeye sort of system where managers get two calls a game? I also wonder why they’re still allowing humans to manage the process. Shouldn’t IBM have Watson looking at these decisions? Why do we need a layer of officiating over the game? If we’re going black and white, let AI work it out.

I will say that the penalty save from Fabianski was rightly called back. For me, it’s baffling that refs and linesmen almost NEVER call the encroachment out of the box. But again, why did we need to wait so long to call it, the player left the line, you don’t even need a video ref to call that out.

All in all, we need VAR. Too many big decisions have been incorrect over the years. They just need to be flexible in ironing out the kinks. They also need to address them rapidly, let’s not wait a year to deal with the elephant in the room. If it’s laborious or boring to get to ‘right’, then the argument will be that maybe we should just accept injustice.

I truly believe they will find a middle ground. Well, I hope they do, otherwise the game is in trouble.

Right, I’m off to watch the MIGHTY VILLA spank Spurs this afternoon.

See you in the comments x

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  1. Leftsidesanch

    Likewise Vic same to you

    I can’t wait till we are in full flow and our strongest team is out there, it will be interesting to see how we fare. We got to praise the good work of the club, before the summer we were clearly 6th best in squad quality. Now we’re probably at least 4th. Hopefully the only way is up.

  2. CG

    I want to win the league
    I dont want to win an ugly 1-0 against hopeless Newcastle.

    Enjoy the Loosers Cup with The Clown
    Thursday 1800 GMT

  3. Leftsidesanch

    CG I think it is best for everyone if you leave this blog and escape with a strapping young lad with great teeth and big bulging calves.

    Supporting Arsenal clearly provides you with no joy as you can see the good in every other club outside your own. You’ll be blessed and better off that way.

  4. Gentlebris

    Spurs are streets ahead of us
    To say they are not – is total delusion’Yeah CG, considering they tore us to pieces in the two league games against them last season.And kudos to the dude hyping Mustafi over Luiz, how I envy your knowledge of football.Then shit show today from Arsenal, no speed of passing, no ability to open up Newcastle at the back, no superiority in possession. You would have been forgiven if you had thought we had no pre season.Mikki seems like something needs to be screwed properly in his brains. One moment he is brilliant, the next moment he’s totally despicable.

  5. Ishola70

    It’s like people don’t listen or want to see on here.

    Today the Arsenal CBs were not busy. They were tidy. The Newcastle striker Joelinton was isolated throughout the match and didn’t get in the game. Newcastle were hardly an offensive threat until that Maxim winger came on.

    The problem with Chambers and has always been the case is he can struggle with direct physical challenges. Today in between sweeping up tidily at the back he had two real direct physical challenges in the match and he lost out on both. First he lost out in a headed duel with Joelinton in the first half where he had an attempt on goal, second one he lost out on another header when the Newcastle keeper launched a hail mary near the end of the match and the ball was headed into the penalty area.

    The midfield was more notable than the CBs today and Guendouzi’s pressing off the ball and his overall play off the ball today was more noteworthy than any CB performance.

  6. Wengaball

    ”Sarri was absolutely going to be sacked by Chelsea. It was everywhere. If he didn’t receive the letter then it’s because he left before they gave it to him.”

    And gave up a few million pounds that he would receive if he was sacked? Very noble of him.

  7. fsaf

    After OGS was assigned he was in a 12 game streak of 10 wins and 2 draws. ALOT of these games were won by luck.

    Then we ended their streak by beating their asses and OGS signed a contract. Including the loss vs us, they went on to lose 5 games, draw 2 and win 2 in their final 9 games of the season. 5 losses in 9 games. That’s a form of a bottom 3 team.

    What I’m saying is that their team isn’t better than last year, and OGS isn’t a top manager. They are a form team and I wouldn’t say they will upgrade much on their last season.

  8. Emiratesstroller

    Graham 62

    How can anyone be annoyed with CG when we read CGs pearls of wisdom analysis of Chelsea in his post at 17.27 today.

    This was of course posted before Chelsea lost the game 4-0 to a very average
    Man Utd.

  9. Champagne charlie


    You’ve got a cheek to claim I’ve a hard on for David Luiz simply because I recognise his competence having played for Chelsea, PSG, and Brazil at the highest level.

    Here you are trying to rewrite Calum Chambers who’s greatest career achievement to date is POTY at Fulham… a central midfielder.

    He’s played 100 PL games and you’re still going to bat for him being ‘untested’ and ‘given no chance’? Lol what are you on about mate haha.

  10. Bill

    ”Sarri was absolutely going to be sacked by Chelsea. It was everywhere. If he didn’t receive the letter then it’s because he left before they gave it to him.”

    Err and where did he end up?

  11. Emiratesstroller

    Ishola 70

    The one concern I have about Guendouzi is that needs to be subbed around
    70th minute. His performance levels tends to decline in last 20 minutes as
    was case today.

  12. Guns of SF

    Guen’s minutes need to managed this season

    He is a gung ho type player and burn out is always a concern

    cant wait for Luiz and Guen to play together. Most will be quite confused

  13. Guns of SF

    Im not sure how to describe CG except that CG lives in his own universe
    Lives by CG rules
    Has only CG hopes and dreams

    CG is the king of his created castle

  14. fsaf

    on bringing his new signings off the bench rather than starting them…
    “I explained yesterday that the circumstances are different. David Luiz did pre-season with another team and he is okay to play physically but he only trained completely with us yesterday. On Friday he did 30 minutes with us. I was thinking to give them confidence to work together because they were working well together, Sokratis and Chambers. Nicolas Pepe came one week ago and physically he needs to get his best fitness to be ready to play 100 per cent for 90 minutes. I think that today 20 minutes is good for him. And Ceballos is in the middle because he came before Pepe but he got an injury and he stopped training.”

    So Pierre can be at peace knowing why Emery didn’t play Ceballos that much during preseason.

  15. Ishola70


    Guendouzi got through a lot of work today.

    He was the busiest Arsenal player on the pitch so him tiring somewhat could be seen as understandable.

    He showed promise today in that his off the ball play was pretty good compared to a lot of last season but he still looks like he has mistakes in him but there is hope that he can be a midfielder that is actually going to be adept at effective pressing which the Arsenal midfield has lacked for a good while.

    Considering he’s only 20 years old there is hope of an effective midfielder for Arsenal there.

  16. Emiratesstroller

    Ishola 70

    I was not a fan of Guendouzi last season, but I agree that he had a decent game today.

    However, his performance level does decline in last 20 minutes of games and for that reason he should be subbed when that happens.

  17. Un na naai

    UnaaiYou’ve got a cheek to claim I’ve a hard on for David Luiz simply because I recognise his competence having played for Chelsea, PSG, and Brazil at the highest level.

    Na you clearly admire him. Good for you. I’m not trying to change your mind. And you won’t change mine. I don’t even think he’s that awful. See how it goes
    I think it would be unfair to drop either centre half just yet though unless their performance level merit it. If either slips up or Luiz clearly plays better than either when deployed then drop one but if they keep getting clean sheets and handling opposition then I’d say it would be harsh
    Early days
    Game 1

  18. TheLegendaryDB10

    Un na nai

    Yes he did.

    For me anyone praising that slimebag that is Rhys is should ashamed of himself.

    I remember reading that post that he put up before he got banned.. It was direct slander vs Pedro. He was an AKB through and through and Pedro did the right thing of banning him as he started to encroach on his real life and pestered Pedders.

    So spare any praise for Ryhs.

  19. TheLegendaryDB10


    I am not even surprised that he has done that. I still remember that long never ending post of his before you binned him for good. It was shocking to the core to see such a hate filled man. The reason for which we are totally vindicated of (the TW at least, Raul pulled a blinder; Unai still meh for me until he proves otherwise).

    Fuck bullies.

  20. Carts

    Just to return to Arsenal’s performance and team selection, this afternoon.

    I felt the lineup was a little bit meh but it held together against a very quite limited Newcastle.

    At full strength you’d also imagine that Willock and Nelson drop out, though I was rather impressed with Willock tenacity on a few occasion; and when he lost possession but won it back from Shelby

  21. Cesc Appeal

    Glad to start the season with an away win and a clean sheet away from home.

    Not too fussed about the level of the performance or analyzing tactics in that side because frankly I think out of all of them by the time everyone is available only Leno, Sokratis, Xhaka and Aubameyang will likely be starting from that side today.

    Really looking forward to seeing this team when Bellerin, Luiz, Tierney, Torreira, Dani Ceballos, Pepe, Lacazette etc are all fully fit.

  22. Guns of SF


    Perhaps in a few weeks we will see what the style and personality of this team will be… right now too early

    I do hope Mustafi leaves… with Holding on the mend- Luiz,…. the writing is on the wall.

    We are stuck with Nozil unless he gets pressure from his wife perhaps to move somewhere else….

  23. HighburyLegend

    Important win.
    Manure, the spuds, city and pool all won, but a) they were all playing at home, b) their squads are already fit.

  24. CG

    Un ai

    “”””Jose not a big admirer of ceballos””””

    It is no surprise – he is of that opinion.

    Cebollas looks like an extra in that film Dallas Buyers Club.Or something that the cat has brought in.

    Why do we persist in recruiting such flimsy and feeble looking players?

    We have learnt this summer- that Raul loves the limelight. ( just a tad- hahahahahaha)

    will he turn to Jose – when Emery is sacked?

    If he can sell you Luiz
    he can sell you Jose!

  25. Valentin

    David Luiz was not fit. It was explained before the game that not only did he miss 10 days of Chelsea training, he had been ostracised by Lampard and trained with the kids.
    Added the fact that he had only one proper training session with the team, it was logical not to start with him today.
    Who starts in two weeks time will give us a better view of who Emery considers as his first pairing. Chambers may also play well enough or badly enough to force Emery’s choice.

  26. Cesc Appeal

    Guns of SF

    Some weird stuff going on with Ozil and Kolasinac, I think there’s more to this than it seems.

    The stories now are that they are caught up in gang rivalry or something.

    I would imagine Arsenal will investigate and if either have associated themselves with less than savoury characters I would imagine they will be far from impressed.

    That’s Emery’s first choice LB until Tierney is fit and our highest paid player unavailable because of ‘gang complications’.

  27. Graham62

    “I want to win the league”


    All I want is a club I have a connection with and are making an effort to progress. At this stage, that’s all I ask for.

    In A.D. 2018, we were left in an absolute shithole by a regime that had fcuked us all big time, bled the club dry and taken us all for fools. No, it didn’t all happen after 2015 as some want us to think. The foundations were laid in A.D. 2006.

    Here we are just over one year later winning a game at mighty Newcastle with a new team, a new philosophy and a new mindset. Bedding in youngsters and new players that we all, bar one or two of us, want to succeed.

    It’s not about winning the bloody league. For crying out loud, it’s just about getting my(our)club back and feeling a connection as a fan. Who gives a shite about winning the league?!

    Let’s be fudging realistic!

    I’ll take a mundane 1-0 away win at Newcastle rather than a “pretty” 8-2 embarrassment at OT all day long.

    Wouldn’t you?

  28. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    We won’t win league for sure.

    But to fin in top 3 will be a gigantic leap .and show much for next season.

  29. Graham62


    A.D. 2011.

    How was everyone feeling after that pretty display?


    Any constructive input from your side?

  30. CG


    “””””All I want is a club I have a connection with and are making an effort to progress. At this stage, that’s all I ask for.”””””

    x 3 league titles
    x 7 Fa Cups
    x 7 Charity Shields

    Connect with That!

    you will be dead ( and so will I ) before we add to that tally

    You Old Goat!

  31. Freddie Ljungberg

    Emery on Chambers and the defence:

    “They played him as centre-back in a three, in a two and they played him as a midfielder. From pre-season, he deserved to play today in the first XI and he was very focused and with Sokratis was also very serious.

    “I want to have very competitive players in each position. With David Luiz, with Holding when he is coming back to help us, with training regularly and playing with the under-23s because he will play again tomorrow.

    “And with Hector Bellerin, one month more. Today we also had Sead out and the injury to Kieran Tierney.

    Not one mention of Mustafi, he’s definitely in the ice box if he doesn’t fuck off, happy days.

  32. Bob N16

    Agreed Freddie, Mustafi is getting further and further away from the starting 11. If we never see him again in an Arsenal shirt, that would be for the best.. Mhiki and Xhaka next…..a new dawn!

  33. TheLegendaryDB10


    making an effort to progress

    I was speaking to a couple of Gooners at the Gunners pub before kick off, and, when i mentioned this, they both agreed. Our consensus was that what Raul pulled off in the TW was definitively the right step in the right direction.

    Now it’s all in Emery’s hands. He better not fuck it up lije5 he did (and the players) at the end of last season.

  34. Nelson

    I can see that it’ll take at least two more games for Ceballos and Pepe to establish more chemistry with their teammates. Willock didn’t disappoint. He has a good engine. Reiss should play like a winger. Instead, he kept moving inside and played as an inside forward. He could play himself out of the starting 11. Guen is a good runner. He had a lot of the ball. But defensively, he was weak. I feel much more secure with Torr or Willock playing his position.

    Our game moved faster once Ceballos was introduced. It is expected that a few of his initial passes didn’t reach their targets. I am sure that it will improve.

    I hope David Luiz will be ready for the Pool game. Chambers will be outclassed by the Pool’s attack force.

  35. Graham62


    You NEVER EVER have an answer!

    Hiding behind the chair again are we?

    I asked you a very simple question.

    How did you feel after that 8-2 debacle?

    Come on, let’s be honest. How did you perceive things back in 2011 after that result? Were you a happy bunny?

    What direction did you think the club was going?

    Oh yeh and by the way, you forgot to include the Emirates Cup wins in your listing.

    You only seem to get agitated when you’re cornered. Why is that? In denial? Refusing to accept how bad things really were?

    Starting to think you have a selective memory problem. You know, blanking out all the shitfests and only remembering the good old days.

    From the “old goat” with an artificial hip, a gammy back and a fallen down shed!

  36. Danialtos

    CGAugust 11, 2019 16:46:31
    Lampard Jnr. has Chelsea more fluent in 2 months ( and with a transfer ban) than our Clown in 2 seasons.Striking.

    I’ve only been back to Legrove for 5 mins and I can see CG is still in top form

  37. Un na naai

    Throughout the transfer window the dick heads couldn’t stop posting through the night, such was their excitement

    We play
    We win away
    Keep a clean sheet

    Fucking dead
    Transfer windows are more important Sri certain posters than the football itself

  38. Graham62

    I get it, I get it, I get it!!

    You accepted the 8-2 because we were bound to progress under Mr Wenger. Is that right? You had faith in the master. Am I correct in this assumption?

    You accepted the fact that we were becoming a laughing stock because you genuinely believed and trusted in the regime to sort it all out. You tolerated abject misery for a few community shields( glorified friendlies) and , for the most part, some devalued domestic cup wins.

    The league wins were pre-A.D.2006, so don’t count

    Super-duper! Bravo! Give yourself a wee pat on the back.

    What a great supporter you are.

  39. Freddie Ljungberg


    Yeah, it’s back to the old sellable assets thing that CC and Don likes to bring up just because Everton did a madness and overpaid for Iwobi it doesn’t prove anything. He was a player we would have preferred to keep but the offer was just too good. I’m sure we could have sold Auba, Laca and Torreira too if we wanted to but we don’t.

    The problem is the players we want to ship out, they’re the unsellable ones, unless we sell on the cheap and even then some of them looks unlikely to leave because they’re on ridiculous money compared to their talent/output.

    Ozil, Mikhi, Mustafi are very difficult to sell while also getting money to replace them along with all the other business we needed to do this window.
    Not sure why Elneny hasn’t been sold yet though but surely he has to be on the way.

  40. Henry Root

    My understanding is that Ozil and Kolasinac have been targeted as wealthy Eastern- European connected individuals by gangs who operate out of tha5 area. There is no suggestion they are involved in the gang warfare themselves.
    I believe Ozil’s wife is pregnant so he will be very conscious of wanting to ensure she is properly protected. Kolasinac’s wife has already left the country .
    Both players might be deemed surplus to requirements and might be allowed to leave, in the circumstances

  41. fsaf

    And CC’s MacBook got stolen. To be honest it’s always like this in life. Arsenal had a top transfer window and just won their first game but life’s gonna find something else to keep you away of full happiness. Then your personal life is gonna be fine and Arsenal will lose/draw. It’s how it works sadly…

  42. fsaf

    Just had the most retarded idea in the world.

    Imagine if Don Raul came up with a plan how to get rid of/sell/give away Ozil and Kolasinac. Taking the ruthlessness to a whole new level.

  43. UTarse

    12 year old

    “Welcome back utASS..Been a while hope you doing good mate”

    We gonna be friends this season mate ?!

    Up the Arse.

  44. Leedsgunner

    Before this summer, Kolasinac’s previous club Schalke was looking to take him back for £25m. If it is true that his wife has gone back to Germany due to safety fear… it will be very difficult to keep him. I expect one of the Bundesliga teams to make an opportunistic move before September. Remember before he joined us he was the left back of the year over there…

    Shame, he would have been a decent player to fill in until Tierney was fit…

    Joel Lopez, the former Barcelona trainee is very young…

    I guess it will have to be Monreal for now.

  45. Champagne charlie


    Just so you’re aware mate, the fact Arsenal sold players and recouped good money is the literal proof of the claims we…..could get money for the players on the books and “wages” was a pony excuse in all but a couple of cases.

    Window still open for us to trim further, ergo we have sellable assets. It’s like us finishing 1 point behind 3rd place last season, finishing level on points with 4th, and some folk talking absolute rubbish about us not having a squad to compete for top 4. You can’t argue reality, but here we are and some still try to.

  46. Pedro

    ‘It’s like us finishing 1 point behind 3rd place last season, finishing level on points with 4th, and some folk talking absolute rubbish about us not having a squad to compete for top 4. You can’t argue reality, but here we are and some still try to.’


    CC, what you thinking about this season? Can Emery unlock the special sauce?

  47. Freddie Ljungberg


    Can’t remember anyone claim that Iwobis wages was a problem, he was one of the few players left on reasonable wages by the old regime. I’m sure there was plenty of other players we would have sold before Iwobi, he actually contributed to the team last season and is still young, homegrown and has the potential to improve. The unsellables doesn’t.

    Everton going mad proves nothing.
    We hardly got any massive fees for anyone else did we? Bielik the only other high fee and he’s also a young player with potential on low wages.
    Is the proof that our overrated, overpaid wasters can be moved on the 2m we got for Jenko? Ok then.

    No one has claimed we couldn’t compete for top 4 either, what people have said is we had the 6th best squad last season, which we did. We still came close, well done the manager. No one sane expected us to end up 3 points away from 3rd.

    Now we have probably the 4th best squad although still glaring weaknesses like Xhaka in the team. Now top 4 is expected not only hoped for.

  48. Champagne charlie


    I’m encouraged by the summers activity, we’re firmly 3/4th best squad in the league now – a whole level above Chelsea and United for me.

    Spotlight is firmly on Emery, I’d like to think he’s capable and we’re going to go from strength to strength but I don’t see it. We’ll be better, but i’d be very surprised if the season ends with us believing in consensus that Unai is the one to take us up a level.

    Maybe he himself can rise to the challenge and earn another season? if he does then he’ll deserve it and I’ll say nothing negative about it. He’s just a level below what we aspire to imo, keeping the dugout warm.

    Also, I’m interested to see if Emeryball manifests now we have the talent to accommodate. I think some defenders of last season will be searching for new lines of defence on that one outside “players”. It’s top 4 or bust for us this year, with United’s awful summer, and Chelsea banned, this is a rare season where the excuses are thin on the ground for failing to secure that tropheee.

    What are your thoughts?

  49. Valentin

    The funny thing with that new ManUtd team is that it would be a perfect Mourinho team. Set to defend deep and counter-attack at pace and in numbers.
    They even got Maguire that he so desperately wanted last summer. To add insult to injury, they pay more for him than they were willing to pay last summer.

  50. Freddie Ljungberg

    admittedly from the Sun but still:

    “Things have got so bad for Ozil that his wife fled to Germany saying she would never come back.

    They also state that two men were arrested outside Ozil’s house at the weekend as they threatened to rob him of everything.

    Things seem to have escalated between rival gangs as a rival gang of Eastern Europeans have branded the duo as being off limits and any further attacks on the players will not be tolerated.”

    Say what you will about Ozil but this must be terrible for him, Kola and their families. Can see both of them moving on in the next couple of weeks because of this for their own safety, crazy.

  51. Champagne charlie


    Yea, see you can hide behind gash like “Everton going mad proves nothing”, but again, when the question is whether the squad has talent to turnover for money to bring new talent in…..its a really daft counter to dismiss a literal example of said talent bringing in said money.

    Elneny can still be sold, Mustafi can still be sold, Xhaka could’ve been sold to Inter if we wanted to entertain it, Kolasinac can still be sold. The whole bluster about us having players who can’t be sold because of their wages is literally about Ozil and Mkhi.

    And folk most definitely said we had no real chance of top 4 last season, in fact several argued Leicester, Wolves, Everton had first XI’s with better players than ours in the last few weeks of the season. So don’t give us it, the claims were made.

  52. Valentin

    Lampard really disappointed me today. I understand that he was dealing with lots of injury, but his setup really played into ManUtd hands.
    Teams that has enjoyed success against ManUtd have been team that have man mark Pogba out of the game. No more easy floating long balls for an onrushing Martial or Rashford.
    Going to Old Trafford and think that you can outplay ManUtd is hubris and or stupidity. Chelsea are not ManCity or Liverpool. Especially without Hazard to create magic out of nothing. Defend deep and use Abraham pace and strength to create opportunities.

    Tammy Abraham will have to learn to better use his physical height to draw fouls and better link-up with his teammates. He was way too easily handled out of the game by Maguire. Because if he does not, it will be a long and painful season for Chelsea.

  53. Pedro


    I love the new squad. I think we’ve made some very sharp signings. Really excited to see how the team develops, and really… whether Emery can move things along.

    I’m not sure he has it in him, but United and Chelsea look so bad, top 4 should be a given.

    Question is, if we make top 4 with drab football, will they keep him on?

  54. Freddie Ljungberg


    You don’t seem to get it, it’s the players we actually wants sold that are difficult/impossible to sell. Selling Iwobi for good money doesn’t prove anything. The wasters are still here.

    yes there is a possibility that Elneny, Mustafi and Mikhi will leave, it won’t be for decent money though. Because they’re overpaid and a bit shit…

    It’s also possible that Kola and Ozil will move on now with the troubles they’ve had, without that they would have stayed. I don’t actually want us to sell Kola since we’re light in LBs until Tierney is back and has adapted though.

    On the day we faced them some of those teams had better starting 11s than us, that’s just how it is. At the end of the season we lacked fullbacks, wingers, and any sort of power and pace in midfield, our central defence was also shite. Most of that has been fixed now. So I’m expecting better.

  55. Pedro

    Freddie, you think they’re going to run away?

    Have my doubts. They earn fortunes, they’ll just pay for protection.

  56. Freddie Ljungberg


    They apparently have 24 hour protection now but their wives has still left, that’s no way to live even if you’re making good money. It’s not like they’ll be penniless if they move somewhere else where they won’t get harassed in their daily lives and puts their family in danger.
    We’ll see, before this latest news I wasn’t expecting either of them to move this window, now I’m not so sure.

  57. Champagne charlie


    I’ve thought about that outcome, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Emery get his third year activated, because perhaps the new setup will feel it delivers some continuity, and some competence (albeit limited), and they’d be able to further fatten the squad to elite levels without any unsettling.

    Then maybe we’ll see season three be the summer of new direction for the club with them prioritising a new manager after putting a squad together that can feasibly challenge for a title or thereabouts.

    All I know is that on the face of this summer we are trending in the right direction as a club, and future windows will be seen more as opportunities rather than empty voids of no hope. It’s encouraging stuff, now to stimulate that and not quash it with sub par returns.

  58. Nelson

    All these incidences about rival gangs and biker gangs will definitely give London a black eye. They better clean this up ASAP.

  59. China1

    I thought AMN and guendouzi both had fabulous games yesterday

    That’s the first time I’ve seen AMN play like he’s hungry and he was next level. In the first 20 minute she misplaced a few passes and I thought here we go again, but after that he was brilliant and his contribution for the goal typified it. More of that please!

    And guendouzi completely controlled the game, especially in the second half when he started carrying the ball more and Link defense and midfield

    Great stuff

  60. Champagne charlie

    “It’s also possible that Kola and Ozil will move on now with the troubles they’ve had, without that they would have stayed“

    Nice and convenient that.

    You’ll have to remind me how many clubs sell their dross for mad money. We got 35 mil for Iwobi, yet here you are talking like we’ve had to sacrifice a limb to earn a bit of coin. Iwobi was a squad player, he won’t be missed.

    Again, who are the players we’re unable to sell because of their wages outside Ozil and Mkhi? You’re skewing the argument by going on about us getting good money or not for Elneny and co.

  61. Valentin


    I must admit that I really thought that we were going to end up with just Pepe at an inflated price. The transfer window has been decent.

    I like Pepe even if people are likely to be slightly disappointed because he is really a counter-attacking machine and against compact defense he will have to change his game.

    I like David Luiz, because his distribution is great. His long ball to the wingers is majestic and is an improvement on Mustafi misplaced 5 yards paases.

    Ceballos will improve us on Elneny, but I cannot see him being here next season.

    However contrarily to you, I don’t think that there was a grand master plan. For example, clearly selling Iwobi is something that we lucked because Everton were desperate for a left winger.

    I also have doubt in getting into bed with super agents. There is a reasons why Mendes had to get deals with Wolves instead of Real Madrid. Their greed means that they act for their own self interest and clubs are marking them. If you sleep with dogs, you wakes up with fleas.

    At last now, Willock is given the opportunity to show to some flat earther, what he can do. Same with Nelson. Despite the words from Raul, I see that as a consequence of having to tighten the belt.

  62. Freddie Ljungberg


    “Nice and convenient that”

    I doubt the players and their families agree with you on that.

    Kola is on 120k , Mustafi on a 100k, do you think we will get good money for them that will allow us to replace them?

    Also Ozil and Mikhi and their wages are the 2 biggest obstacles for us to progress, imagine if we had a top quality Cam and winger instead of those 2, do you think any money we could get for them gets us decent replacements?

    convenient to leave those 2 out of your argument.

    Elneny isn’t on massive wages so hopefully we can get an ok fee for him, clubs aren’t exactly slamming down our doors to get him though.

    Stop running defence for the old regime and all the massive blunders they made in the transfer windows and with wages, it will take time to fix, either because of wages or because we’re not going to get adequate funds if we sell some players to replace them, but you keep denying that fact.

    Iwobi was our 3rd best attacking player last season behind Auba and Laca, and I don’t really rate him very much. Everton went mad and overpaid, of course we have to take that for someone that should only be a squad player. That still doesn’t prove anything about our deadwood. He was not one of them.

  63. Pedro

    Valentin, yeah, the super agent thing is nice when it’s players like Pepe, but I worry about what’s going on there.

    A great window, remains to be seen if Emery can activate the players before we’re 15 points behind the league leaders

  64. Champagne charlie

    “convenient to leave those 2 out of your argument“

    I’ve left nobody out, I’ve said the argument about our players being overpaid and unsellable is bogus predicated on Ozil and Mkhi. Nobody else fits in that remit at all, and it is a lazy stick used to beat the old regime with. Not to mention it was a further appeal at pity for the new lot.

    Mustafi is on 90k, nowhere have I seen it noted as 100k so kindly provide the source on that, and if you’ve seen this argument rehashed previously you’ll be aware that Mamadou Sakho was sold for 26 mil to Crystal Palace when he was the same age as Mustafi, earning 85k at Liverpool, and had just had a very public falling out with Jurgen Klopp. To sit and pretend we can’t recoup good money for Mustafi is nonsense.

  65. Bojangles

    To say this is a lively blog is understating it in truth. There’s nothing wrong with having different points of view and defending them when we think we are right (and we always think we are right) but there seems to be genuine hatred here between some posters, maybe it should be reserved for spuds and un**ed supporters. But I guess personality clashes are inevitable when two or more homo sapiens gather.

    Anyway back to football matters. As already stated here last night’s victory was not pretty to watch but I don’t think anyone expected 5-0 with the team we were pretty much forced to play. There were some positives to be taken from it though. The young guns came through it ok. The defence held up fine admittedly against an underwhelming attack. NU, in the second haif, only managed a few shots from outside the box. Aruba scored a top drawer goal to become Arsenal’s highest scorer in first 50 games. Add 3 points and no gunner should be disappointed this morning.

  66. Freddie Ljungberg

    Ok, so it looks like it’s 90k, only 60k too much then for someone of his qualities.

    Good for Liverpool that they managed to get good money for one of their players, could you kindly provide me with a link to us refusing 26m for Mustafi?

    The only link for an exit for him is a very flaky report that Monaco were interested.

    Emery has even had to state publicly that we want him to leave now after telling him twice before, still no clubs putting in a bid for him.

    It’s no an appeal at pity it’s an appeal for realism.

  67. Freddie Ljungberg

    Oh, so close, that article was from 2017, guess what genius was in charge of transfers then?

    Do you have one from this season because that’s when we want to sell him, the new non deluded manager has even been forced to state it publicly because he refuses to move.

    You think the squad left behind by Wenger was good enough (for what I’m not sure) for me only 4 players of that 25 man squad are good enough going forward, Bellerin, Holding, Laca and Auba.

    That’s a lot of turnover needed, some will be done internally but the rest needs to be funded from somewhere, I would be delighted if we could get good money for players we actually wants to shift on but that’s not what reality shows us, therefore it will take some time until we have a truly competitive squad again.

    You and a couple of others think we just need a sprinkle of managerial sauce to turn us around, I think we needed to redo the whole fucking kitchen. It is what it is.

  68. peanuts&monkeys

    What do we do with AMN?

    IMO, he was Arsenal’s MOTM. While attacking, and when he is concentrating, he is 50% more creative than FashionMonkey Bellerin. Defensively, he is 50% more stronger than FM Bellerin. He tackles as well, or as poorly, as Bellerin does. Yet, RB is not his natural position.

    What do we do with AMN?

  69. Champagne charlie


    There’s you moving goalposts again. The argument was whether Mustafi was impossible to sell on his massive wages, Inter Milan wanted him two years ago on the same wages for 27 mil.

    This window he looks to be negotiating a move away, so it would appear the idea about him being unsellable is pure nonsense. Who would have thought.

    “You think the squad left behind by Wenger was good enough (for what I’m not sure) for me only 4 players of that 25 man squad are good enough going forward, Bellerin, Holding, Laca and Auba”

    Uhh, good one? The squad was good enough to compete for top 4 with a couple of additions. Not sure what other drivel you’re alluding to, neither do you after reading that passage – just keen to argue something.

    “You and a couple of others think we just need a sprinkle of managerial sauce to turn us around”

    More half-baked noise. I think a manager with special sauce is a necessary and fundamental element to us competing again. Proper head scratcher that one I know, wild take,

  70. Freddie Ljungberg

    Moving goalposts? Sure, we just need a time machine to accept Inters bid then. Again, it’s now we want to sell him, not when Wenger deemed him good enough to start for us.

    I have seen nothing about him negotiating a move away, but if he is all the better because he is clearly not wanted at the club, rightly so. Still have my doubts we’ll get a decent fee for him.

    Isn’t the goal to compete for the league again? How are we supposed to do that if we are either forced to keep overpaid players or not getting enough money for them to replace them? Keen to argue my ass, that’s your whole reason for living, smh.

    Sure, special sauce is the final ingredient we need, no use if we put it on last weeks garbage though. That’s enough noise for you?

    If Emery doesn’t meet his targets now that he has a top 4 squad he’s out, there will be no tears from anyone if that happens, but the squad will be in a better place for whoever takes over. Progress.

  71. Moray

    That was a pretty turgid game yesterday. But the weather and the fact it was the first game of the season helped deliver that up.

    Much of our first XI was missing, so it was always going to be about getting the result away from home, which we did.

    What have we learnt? Not much about our own side yet, but we’ve seen that Liverpool and City are carrying on where they left off. Spuds, Man U, us and Chelsea for the CL places again – if Emery embeds the new players in and we keep key players fit (eg Leno) through cleverer rotation that was the case last year, I think we are better than all of them.

  72. peanuts&monkeys

    Weren’t we after that Almiron chap kast year? He was a threat yesterday from the start. Physicality apart, he is an excellent find by Newcastle.

    Now, is our Nelson no way near to Almiron. IMO, if you let Nelson play from a bit deeper ( as he had started in the 2nd half), even he can play with lethal incision. If there’s a player with exceptional ball-skills, its wasteful to be position him upfront.

    Isn’t Pepe supposed to deliver performances like Almiron?

  73. peanuts&monkeys

    “but i’d be very surprised if the season ends with us believing in consensus that Unai is the one to take us up a level.”

    Agree. He is good. Hardly ever brilliant.
    Emery is no Wenger 1.0. Arsenal got to standby a manager of class of Klopp/ Favre.

  74. China1

    I’m so glad about AMNs performance. Firstly he was excellent which is always very welcome, but as importantly he looked hungry from about the 20th minute onwards

    The first 20 mins of the game can just be summarized as Monreal and AMN endlessly playing the same pass back to their CB partner which is the world’s fullest strategy and an emery classic lol

    But something happened, whether it was instructed by emery or otherwise, and AMN and guendouzi started trying to make this happen and it made a world of difference

    That FB-CB endless passing has to be the most irritating thing ever. Monreal made about 200 passes yesterday and 195 of them were to Sok. It’s fine to keep the ball and all but seriously this tactic when rinsed relentlessly carries very little value. It slows the game down to a crawl, it doesn’t ask any questions of the opposition at all, it’s ebtirely predictable and to top it off it’s eye wateringly boring

    Sometimes even when there was a forward pass on he’d turn back as if he’s been instructed to never play a forward pass, deary fucking me lol

    Even a sideways pass would be more useful than the endless backwards passes

    Anyway they cut that bs out in the second half and it made a world of difference. We don’t need to respect most teams that much. Get our wingers and CMs on the ball (not xhaka) and have them look up and or try to make something happen. Guen did that brilliantly yesterday and AMN as well

  75. China1

    Guen’s positioning and organization was vastly better yesterday than we are used to seeing

    Not sure if it’s just a one off, or he’s been coached on it, or he’s just improving his awareness himself, but it was clearly better and made a significant difference

    I feel a whole lot better seeing arsenal play with two DMs. Last season far too many times the xhaka/guen or xhaka/tor partnership ended up with one way too far forward. We need them both on defense first

    The biggest challenge for our midfield is the defense sometimes drops very deep when doing the endless crab passing of doom which leads to the DMs having to drop very deep to support, but our wingers and strikers don’t drop deep and stay up

    Because of this you get these big gals between the defensive and offensive unit and our defenders and xhaka aren’t easily able to transition it forwards over those distances, thus the endless crab passing between fb and cb are they are out of ideas to do anything else

    The solution is either we need wingers and AM to drop back a bit and support the build out or we need guen to do what he was doing yesterday and regularly switch between keeping it simple and beating one man before playing a forward pass into the newly created space. The FB as well should occasionally try to switch it up as AMN rightly did on occasions

  76. Rambo Ramsey

    China man,

    “Almiron has one of the world’s most irritating faces.He looks like a ventriloquist dummy”

    How about that from the classy guy who is full of respect for others.

    Oh the intolerance

  77. Mysticleaves

    Guendouzi showed everything we know he can show to be fair. He has energy. He always shows for the ball. His positioning wasn’t really in question much because we controlled Newcastle very well. When they started pressing us we lost shape and couldn’t hold the ball. It didn’t help that Ceballos wasn’t up to the pace of the game.

    However the few forward passes that Guendouzi tried to make were misplaced/intercepted. He has his uses and could end up a very good player for us though. But I like to see Willock start from deep (if the option is Guendouzi) for a few matches.

    AMN was very good too. It helped that Maxim played central more because we know AMN can’t defend against dribbling wingers. He should be okay till PL’s best RB, Bellerin comes back. I am chuffed.

  78. Un na naai

    China1August 12, 2019 04:13:28
    Almiron has one of the world’s most irritating faces.He looks like a ventriloquist dummy

    China!!! I thought it was just me. He looks like a teenage girl who’s transitioned into a boy after some testosterone supplements

  79. Emiratesstroller


    There is no question in my opinion that Willock is the most effective young player in the first team squad.

    Guendouzi works hard around the pitch for 60-70 minutes. My concern is that
    he runs out of gas in the last quarter of games and frequently loses the ball or
    makes poor tackles in dangerous positions.

    Emery should have replaced him with Torreira when that occurs.

  80. Un na naai

    Was impressed my self with Guendouzi defensively yesterday. He still offfers very little outside of tidy play though and is very unambitious with the ball most of the time.

    As it stands xakha is still the man from midfield to really search out our attacking players and get us on the front foot as quickly as possible. Looks a yard sharper too. I think we could see xakha further improve on last season with the additional protection afforded to him from his midfield partners and improved defenders behind him.

  81. DivineSherlock

    Judging by the game , I know people think Guendouzi had a good game but I thought his passing was still weak . Ofcourse having Xhaka besides you doesn’t help much. Willock, Chambers were the standout players for me . And that AMN assist wow. All in all it looks as if we will use youth players more. In Europa and cup games maybe

  82. Un na naai


    Let’s hope so. They are starting to show that they are better than many arsenal fans on this site believed them to be but with a little encouragement and game time they can really grow into quality players

    AMN has a little of the modern day ray parlour about him for me. He’s never going to be first name on the team sheet but when called upon van deputies very abley in a number of positions for us.

    Guendouzi- yes again he doesn’t offer much going forward and until yesterday same defensively but his positional sense and anticipation of danger we’re better and he seemed more willing to make challenges for the ball than before.

  83. Leedsgunner

    Luiz is a master at pinging the ball to marauding wingers from the back… once this happens, Xhaka will be even more exposed for the very limited player he is.

    Great range of passing and a thunderous shot from outside the area… atm that’s about it.

  84. Un na naai

    I actually really want ozil to stay this season
    I want to see what he can do with these new players around him. To okay off, who’s runs to find. It would satisfy me to see him finally be the Mesut ozil he can be for us throughout a whole season

    I wish him and kolasinac’s family well and hope they are safe whatever happens and if they feel they are no longer safe in London, like many of the people who actually live here then I hope to see the best of him. It’s a shame this happneded because he looked to really be up for this season.

  85. Un na naai


    He was a certain starter until Freddy came in.
    Then it was
    Freddy Vieira Edu/Gilberto Bobby

    Not to discredit parlour. He never ever let us down wherever he played. Anyway, I think AMN could perform a similar role forarsenal
    Not quite first name but always capable of offering a 7/10 and doing a job

  86. Un na naai

    Un na naaiAugust 11, 2019 13:59:22
    Everyone needs to calm down
    They’ve got two players
    The rest are bang average
    Their defence and midfield are ponyOur kids should be winning this match let alone the senior PlayersI’ll guarantee their fans are more worried of Aubameyang Nelson and willock

    This was in response to Paulinho, Rambo and fsaf slating our team before a ball was kicked

    The constant sniping at our own players is getting boring. You’re not even giving them a chance to play. Many of these lads will be reading social media and get the impression the fans are on their backs already.

    No wonder they lose their confidence so quickly at arsenal.

    Wasn’t wrong though was I?
    Newcastle spent a lot of money and brought in a lot of attacking talent but behind that they are horse shit really and our defence handled everything thrown at them without issue. The entire back four is considered back up for their positions too so all in all crest where it’s due from me.

  87. Graham62

    Is there an EOB blog for those previous AKB supporters who have zero understanding and zero tolerance as to what’s going on at our club?

    As you all know I was a hardcore WOB advocate but at least I had an idea that we were being taken to the cleaners for 12 years or so.

    Where’s the comparison? Is there a comparison?

    Please tell me if I’m wrong.

    Then I can go and sort out my shed.

  88. HighburyLegend

    That’s original…

    A “nicknames mix” in homage to Podolski, Rosicky, David Seaman and Rocky Balboa.

  89. Gentlebris

    ‘Almiron has one of the world’s most irritating faces.He looks like a ventriloquist dummy’

    But with a good football brain you may add.

  90. Goobergooner

    August 11, 2019 16:46:31
    Lampard Jnr. has Chelsea more fluent in 2 months ( and with a transfer ban) than our Clown in 2 seasons.Striking.

    Pipe down please you clown

  91. Un na naai

    He’s right on shaw though
    Lazy fucker
    Was a good little player at 18 though. Bad attitude fucked him

  92. Gentlebris

    Our first eleven should not be bothered in the Europa until QF.
    Our young dudes are more than capable of clearing out those half baked dancers we are sure to encounter before QF.
    Same goes for Carabao, leave it out for City’s greed.
    Go all out on the PL, spare some powder for the FA cup.

  93. CG

    Re: Jose

    20 Major Trophies
    (Inc 8 League Titles)

    We have Charismatic, beguiling, coherent, out of work Jose and we still continue to persist with The Clown – who can’t speak a word of English and nominate a captain.

    He clearly wants The Arsenal Job

    And The Spiv clearly loves a big name and the limelight

    Both are in the pockets of slimeball agents.

    Looks like to me – an inevitable marriage.

  94. Guns of Hackney

    Did Arsenal win a game against a pedestrian and woeful Newcastle or beat Barcelona 12-0 in the champions league final?

    Just checking. Some of the hyperbole on here after yesterday is staggering.

    1. We won. Fine.
    2. That was a struggle.
    3. Play like that against city, Tottenham, Liverpool and United, they will inflict bum damage.

    We have to play our best team. That wasn’t it.

    Other than that. Fine.

  95. Guns of Hackney

    Luke Shaw has an upper body to leg length ratio 80/20. Not good. He’s like a fat chimp who eats pizzas instead of foliage.

  96. HighburyLegend

    “Play like that against city, Tottenham, Liverpool and United, they will inflict bum damage.”

    That won’t be the same Arsenal line up, you stupid.

  97. Mysticleaves


    Re Willock, that’s a view I also share. He should be the real deal if all goes to plan. I mean if he constantly performs like Delli Alli without the theatrics, we have a player on our hands.


    Xhaka was also good yesterday. Even last season, he plays some of his best football and was at home with how we wanted to play. Organisationally, something happened to the team around January that affected everybody. The style was gone, play was gone, usual mistakes started creeping in too. We started relying on Auba and Lacazette.

  98. Graham62

    So CG wants to see Mourinho at our club. This statementshould warrant a lifetime ban from le-grove in itself.

    No true Arsenal supporter would want JM anywhere near the club.

    An utter disgrace.

  99. Un na naai

    GoobergoonerAugust 12, 2019 09:00:55
    Also un na, You are a proper cunt. But seeing you as a more positive cunt is great! Keep it up mate

    Erm…..thanks???! I guess.

  100. CG


    Chelsea may well have been walloped in the end.
    No one – who watched that game OBJECTIVELY- can state they were not fluent.
    They were.

    They hit Wood x2 in the first half
    Different game then.
    But Defensively they were vulnerable

    The Clown has been here 14 months – and we are turgid to watch – with not an ounce of fluency.

    A great goal scored yesterday
    But on the back of an inept Newcastle misplaced pass.

    We ain’t Fluent
    We ain’t Very good
    And we ain’t making top 4
    So Face Facts.

    We have all seen enough soccer this weekend to know that.

    Game 3 at Anfield
    Game 4 against THFC

    Will be season defining.

    I shudder to think- how some on here will react when these games are complete

    Abacuses at the ready!

  101. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal have as Alan Smith pointed out yesterday for the first time in many years a strong squad.

    Yesterday’s starting X1 contained only 4 players who you would expect to be
    regular first team players i.e. Leno, Sokratis,Xhaka and Aubameyang.

    When Bellerin and Tierney return to fitness I would expect them to replace
    Maitland-Niles and Monreal in flat back 4.

    I would expect us to start with Xhaka, Torreira, Ozil or Ceballos in midfield.
    Willock and Guendouzi will be given game time.

    It is inconceivable that we are not going to start with Aubameyang, Lacazette
    and Pepe as a forward line once match fit and in case of latter adapted to EPL.
    Nelson and maybe Martinelli will be given game time when our forwards need
    a rest.

    I think that Messrs Mustafi, Elneny and Mkhitaryan have very limited time left before they are offloaded. Mustafi and Elneny are probably on the way
    out in next 3 weeks if a club can be found to buy them.

  102. Graham62

    Defoe still looks sharp.

    I know it’s the SPL but still a class act.

    Even at 36, he’d still score goals in the EPL.

  103. Goobergooner

    Hahaha un na,

    I mean the more I read what you say the more I can tell you’re a bit of a lad. We may not agree all the time but we do need some of your aggression as fans. Arsenal over the last however many years has got too soft, even for our standards.

    All I mean is good to see you a little optimistic

  104. Bob N16

    ES, summed it up well. This season may should be considered in two phases; our first 8-10 matches when our new players are bedding in and our injured starters are unavailable and then for the rest of the season when we can pick our strongest line up (injuries aside).

    Our expectations have to be tempered in this early part of the season. Hopefully Emery gets it right more often than not. We possibly should accept that Liverpool will beat us and if we can manage draws against Spurs and United, we’ll be around the top 4 with our best yet to come.

    Hyperbole like ‘season defining games’ will be more ridiculous than usual in these first few weeks.

    Hopefully Torreira is up and running for Burnley and Pépé and Lacazette can start instead of Nelson and Mhiki. These three will massively improve our team.

  105. Un na naai


    Was and am usually optimistic. If you’d read my previous ramblings pre emery and while Sanchez was smashing it for us I was still quite optimistic
    Was only once he downed tools that I became despondent.

    Still not a great lover of emery but it’s his team now really and I’m happy enough with the squad
    Was always of the opinion that we were good enough to attain champions league last year we just threw it away and it rightly pissed me off.

    It’s down to him this year and his tactics and his ability to motivate and keep the boys and keep the team spirit on the level.

    Plenty to be optimistic about on the whole I’d say

  106. TR7

    Guendouzi will get only better from here onwards. So many people last season started writing him off as his form dipped towards end of the last season. Good to see those guys acknowledging what was a good performance from him yesterday. AMN is a highly talented player too and he got far more stick than Guen. He will get better too with time.