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  1. Marko

    2 Centre Forwards ONLY in the squad Alert!

    Seems your knowledge of squads only goes as far as Watford’s you cretinous idiot. We have a back up keeper and a third choice one look it up idiot. And the forward stuff seems to stem from us loaning out Nketiah who made a handful appearences and one goal last season. We have John Jules, Saka, Nelson, Martinelli on top of the front 3. Basically we’ll find a way to replace the mercurial Nketiah as 3rd choice

  2. jwl

    Joke Friday (Steve Wright edition):

    – I bought some powdered water, but I don’t know what to add to it.

    – I almost had a psychic girlfriend but she left me before we met.

  3. jwl

    I went down the street to the 24-hour grocery. When I got there, the guy was locking the front door. I said, “Hey, the sign says you’re open 24 hours.” He said, “Yes, but not in a row.”

  4. Marc


    Unless one of Cheslea’s kids really step it up I can see them struggling. Lampard took over Derby in 6th and with the biggest wage bill in the Championship he finished 6th. Pulisic might do well but he’s got to replace Hazards 16 goals and 15 assists. Morata and Higuian got 10 PL goals between them last season – both are gone.

    It could be a collapse from them.

    ManU have strengthened their defence but the mid field I’m not sure about and if Pogba stays you just know he’s going to blow up at some stage and cause problems. Upfront lots of options but how many goals?

  5. Marko

    Marc some of these pundits have real problems objectively judging some teams such as Spurs United and Chelsea but never us. In their minds Spurs are capable of challenging for the title (they’re not) United have done brilliantly with signing Maguire (their attack is based solely around Rashford now which is awful) and Chelsea just with the addition of Lampard are in a good place. Basically they’re all over the place

  6. T

    Podcasts are great but ffs learn to speak in complete understandable sentenses… It was frikin painfull to listen 3 guys shouting random words over each other 😨

  7. Leftsidesanch

    He’s not even worth it Marko I hate intentional idiocy with a passion and little G embodies idiocy. Imagine a new poster coming onto this site and reading the SHIT he types, he’ll run ppl off here before long.

  8. Receding Hairline

    Hope they are aware Lampard is coming to coach and not play. Lampard the player we all know, Lampard the coach is still a bit of a mystery. 74 points in the championship isn’t a big deal. Norwich finished with 94 and are one of the favorites to go down

  9. Marc


    It seems to have gone under the radar but I think there could be problems behind the scenes at the Spud’s.

    The Poch doing this whole “don’t call me manager call me head coach” his job title was changed at his request a little while ago. If you’ve got a problem with your DOF doing deals have a private conversation don’t make sarcastic comments to the press.

  10. CG


    “””And the forward stuff seems to stem from us loaning out Nketiah who made a handful appearences and one goal”””

    Yes, that was last season

    This,is this season- and what with a buoyant pre season under his belt- he would have been a Very Useful asset for Loosers Cup fixtures, etc.

    Loaning him to Leeds – a totally incompetent decision when you have the workload we face and only Laca and PEA to compete with.

    Great coup for Leeds ,mind.


  11. fsaf

    I read about it by several different media journos already. The manager of the big 6 they expect to not finish the season is Poch. No idea if they have insider info or something, but to say that when Manure and Chelsea have managers they have is pretty bold. Even Emery is not that stable imo.

  12. jwl

    I have not listened to podcast but I’m guessing Pedro is happy gooner again going by title and terrific summer of transfers we had.

    First time i’m looking forward to a season in long while, I am most excited to see new boys Pepe, Ceballos and hopefully Martinelli has enough talent that Emery will use him for 20 minutes at end of each match to fire a rocket at opposing team just as they getting tired.

    I can’t believe we going to be balanced, normal team again.

    Oh to be a gooner!

  13. bennydevito


    You are so predictable.

    You were on here praising Crystal Palace for signing Gary Cahill who’s 33, a year older than LUIZ whilst also criticising the signing of Tierney

    You’re now criticising the signing of LUIZ which is essentially the same as signing Cahill, which we were forced into doing because of Koscielny, and because we couldn’t get a deal thrashed out quick enough for Upamecano.

    Your agenda is boring and very transparent; Luiz wanted to come here having worked under Emery before, Cellebalos chose to come here because of Emery over Pochettino, Pepe too chose Arsenal as soon as he knew Arsenal wanted him, over Liverpool, Utd and Napoli.

    We are a draw, players can see the project taking shape very quickly and want in. Raul has made us Elite in the TW because of who he is and his time at Barcelona and the agents he knows.

    We’ve got our David Dein back and then some, and you mark my words; within 2 years all the top youngsters and Elite players will want to join us or be linked with us, we’ve got a great history, a great stadium, a great location in a great city in a great country – what’s not to love?

    We will finish above Utd & Chelsea and I think we’ll finish above Spurs too. We will finish 3rd and not 8th like you think.

    Let’s get excited as we’ve got 5 new players in the first team plus despite your incorrect statements we’re also going to see a lot of our own youngsters coming through, isn’t that what you wanted?

  14. Words on a Blog

    Three people suck the joy out of being a LeGrove-reading Arsenal supporter:

    1) CG

    2) Thomas

    3) Danny.

    Sadly, for some reason they are as unavoidable and ubiquitous as birth, death and taxes.

  15. fsaf

    Fact is we lost Nketiah and Welbeck as capable Europa League CF options.

    I think Martinelli will be used as a CF in some Europa League matches. Even Mkhitaryan should do well in these games.

  16. vickingz

    Xhaka said: “I would be delighted to be the first Swiss player to captain a Premier League club.

    “It would be something special, and a dream come true for me. It would be a recognition of my performances for Arsenal.

    Please what performances is xhaka talking about?

  17. Plato

    Anyone who isn’t satisfied with this transfer window should just join the scouts or something. Clearly, football is not your thing.

  18. Emiratesstroller

    I have made a conservative estimate of revenues which the club are receiving
    from sales EXCLUDING add ons.

    The figures rounded up are as follows:
    IWOBI £28 Million
    BIELIK £7.5 Million
    KOSCIELNY £4.5 Million
    BENNACER £4.5 Million [30% of sale to Napoli]
    OSPINA £3.15 Million
    AMAECHI £2.25 Million
    JENKINSON £2 Million
    ASANO £1 Million
    THOMPSON £1 Million
    £53.90 Million

    The transfer fees for Iwobi and Thompson can rise to £34 Million and £3 Million respectively with add ons.

  19. duvee


    “Your agenda is boring and very transparent”

    A troll only has one agenda, to annoy the fuck out of people regardless of thought or reason.

  20. fsaf


    Elneny should be leaving 99.9%. Then one of Kolasinac and Mustafi would be my guess. I don’t think that we’ll be able to sell Ozil and Mkhitaryan.

  21. Graham62


    CG will find a negative in everything, that’s his main reason for being on here.

    Deep down he’s still hurting that his beloved master has left the building. It’s still eating away at him. His personal vendetta against Emery and the new regime is though, rather pathetic.

    Considering where we were and where we were most definitely going under Wenger, I think we can be thankful for what has been achieved in a relatively short period of time. Of course CG won’t see it that way. He never does.

    Earlier today CG said he was not delusional……………Lol!!!! I think we can all agree he is probably one of the most delusional posters le-grove has ever seen. Not only delusional but, more significantly, in total denial as to why Arsenal Football club are where they are.

    He wants Emery to fail based on one year of drastic change. Infact, we all know CG wanted Emery to fail from day one. Didn’t he want Ancelotti? I can’t remember. The thing is he still can’t see what a monumental cock up his master made of things.

    The toxic atmosphere and total breakdown of the infrastructure , created by years of neglect and mismanagement would be too much for most managers, so credit to Emery for holding strong.

    Even though mistakes have been made and we didn’t qualify for the CL, which we should have done,at least we all know that decisions are now being taken to benefit the club, the team and, significantly, its fans.

    CG has his own agenda and will continue on his merry way, irrespective of what happens on the field of play. We’ll continue to absorb his garbage rhetoric, because that’s what he wants us to do. The madness in his methods are there for all to see.

    Sit back and ignore or respond to his madness.

    Your choice.

  22. Left testicle


    I’d keep Kolasinac.

    1 Who would you have to back up Tierney? I don’t trust Monreal
    2 Who’s going tell him he’s leaving?

  23. Un na naai

    We are a draw, players can see the project taking shape very quickly and want in. Raul has made us Elite in the TW because of who he is and his time at Barcelona and the agents he knows.


    Not so sure ceballos or Pepe chose us for the “project”

    London, money, historically playing good football and the chance to walk into the first team with ease would strike me as more primary reasons to begin with

    When ceballos signed we only had martinelli so I’m not sure what project we had to sell at that stage and when pepe joined we only had martinelli and an as yet unproven ceballos won loan.

    Not that I’m not delighted that we’ve secured what we have in one window.

    Just not sure the “project” would have been a big selling point at that stage
    Providing emery doesn’t drop the ball now it certainly will be a selling point in future

    We look like the most exciting team in the league for me now. Who wouldn’t want to jump on the Sanllehi Express

  24. Emiratesstroller

    Left testicle

    Yes I suspect that we will offload Mustafi and Elneny as well. However, they may
    land up as loans this season.

    Let’s assume that we are spending this summer:
    Pepe £20 million [1st instalment]
    Tierney £20 million [1st instalment]
    Luiz £8 million
    Ceballos £5 million loan fee
    Martinelli£6 million

    So our expenditure this summer is almost certainly under £60 million. It is
    therefore quite probable that we have not actually used most of our net spend
    budget of £45 million this summer.

  25. CG


    When you walked out in The Molineux Rain some months ago- witnessing another 3 goal demolition- I bet you would never have thought in a million years 32 year old David Luiz would be the only defensive recruit.?

    (If you are comparing Cahill to Luiz- they are totally different footballing animals.)

    One defends properly
    One doesn’t.

    Dont listen to The Deluded
    Listen to me.

    Because you know ( deep down ) I am right.

    We are in Big Trouble.

    Note with interest.

    2 x CF( only)
    1x Exp. Goalkeeper (only)
    1x £80 million winger with huge pressure to perform ( and never played in UK before)
    1x inept coach
    Very pedestrian midfield
    No strategy
    No tactics
    Lots of Looser Cup Soccer in the way
    No pacey defenders
    Horrendous body language ( you told us, remember)

    But the Good news is – we do have x 5 captains

    Anyone have a clue what the tactics, team captain and line up for this weekends game?

    Because if we are confused
    The players will also be confused.

    Keep it simple
    It’s only football

  26. Emiratesstroller

    I omitted the £5 million we have reputedly spent as a first instalment on Saliba

    Nevertheless our net spend this summer is not £45 million.

  27. Emiratesstroller


    Emery in an interview last season said that he would remain at Emirates a maximum of 3 years. I suspect therefore Arsenal will commit to that time frame
    whatever the outcome this season.

    Arsenal are not in a habit of breaking contracts.

  28. Marc


    “Earlier today CG said he was not delusional……………Lol!!!! ”

    After reading months of his posts and seeing him get more and more out of touch with reality I can’t make up my mind whether CG is some sort of David Koresh nut job or one of the retards who follows him.

  29. Marc


    Emery’s contract finishes at the end of this season with an option of a years extension.

    If he doesn’t perform he’ll be moved on.

  30. Cesc Appeal

    Emery being moved on depends on his performance but I also think it depends on how Sanllehi and Edu feel about the squad and club.

    I think they see Emery as safe and the next manager will be a bit more of a risk, like Vieira etc, and they will want to be confident the squad is there for that and the club can survive it.

  31. Valentin

    According to Arsenal.com, Tierney is expected to go back to full training in 4 to 6 weeks. That means he should be able to be considered for first team activity in 6 to 8 weeks.

  32. Jamie

    CG begging le-grove to “listen to him” like a crazy drunk hobo on the side of the road telling passers-by the apocalypse is nigh.

    Yeah, most people don’t listen to smelly old hobos.

  33. Receding Hairline

    David Luiz was one of my favorite non Arsenal players

    Seeing him in red and white yesterday was weird for me

    Talking to Chelsea fans at the office today who went overboard to rubbish him was satisfying. Apparently Fikayo Tomori is a better player….LOL

    A Nigerian Chelsea fan is the most annoying human on planet earth…on par with CG

  34. Valentin


    You forgot the income received for Iwobi.

    However If you add the agent fees that are not part of a separate budget, this summer net payment transfer may well be around £40~45 millions.

  35. jwl

    “A Nigerian Chelsea fan is the most annoying human on planet earth…on par with CG”

    Receding Hairline – I live in Canada and my neighbour is an manure supporting Englishman and I bet he would be close competition for most annoying human on planet!

  36. YellowBelly

    Ceballos & Pepe both having amazingly quick feet and technical ability. Going to draw a lot of fouls & free kicks. They are going to be kicked all around the park. I hate VAR but may end up a blessing in disguise.

  37. Alex Cutter

    “CG begging le-grove to “listen to him” like a crazy drunk hobo on the side of the road telling passers-by the apocalypse is nigh.

    Yeah, most people don’t listen to smelly old hobos.”

    You and everyone else here that enables him certainly seem to.

  38. fsaf

    As Lennon said we could expect Tierney if all goes smooth to be match ready in the middle of September. Which would take him out of the games vs Newcastle away, Burnley home and two really big games for us away vs Pool on 24 August and home to spuds on 1st of September. He could/should be back vs Watford away on the September 15. Reasonable injury imo. Not transfer breaking.

  39. Pierre

    August 9, 2019 16:31:04

    “Left testicle”

    I just had a vision of stroller sitting on his ancient computer typing ” left testicle” and his Mrs walks by looks at the screen and says ” on dear, are we having problems down there “..

  40. fsaf

    From arsenal.com

    David Luiz
    Expected to participate in full training ahead of Sunday.

    Kieran Tierney
    Groin. Will continue to receive treatment and assessments. Hoping to integrate into full training in 4-6 weeks

  41. CG


    “””” Tierney could/should be back vs Watford away “”””

    If Tierney does make his debut against Watford away- he will be in for another hernia op- against their physical attack

    He needs to be nursed gently back on to the pitch.

    He has only played 9 games in 2019!!

    Probably returns in the SPL-deadline day August 2020.
    Probably on loan.

    An utterly appalling waste of money.

    Should have kept the young left back- we sold to Brentford.
    And recruited elsewhere.

  42. Un na naai


    Yes I’m the sting the injury can’t be that bad if he passed the medical. As in no longer than a few weeks…..

  43. Un na naai

    Security issues? Really? How pathetic.

    Well to be honest it’s best ozil doesn’t start away at Newcastle
    Looking more likely willock gets his start

    Told you ozil and willock won’t play at Newcastle together

  44. Micheal

    “Security issues? Really? How pathetic.”

    Polcie saying it relates to “further security issues” following the recent attempted robbery.

  45. fsaf

    In my understanding you can still be considered as passing the medical when the buying team is aware of the injury of the player and in their tests the medical team is okay agree on the approximate length that the player will be out due to the known injury. If everything is expected – aka known injury is as the selling team told the buying team, and the medical team of the buying team haven’t found any new problems, then the buying team basically buys what they expected to buy.

    I assume it’s what happened to Tierney.

  46. jwl

    “Ozil and Kolasinac not in squad for Sunday because of “security issues”

    Michael – I was going to make joke about knife wielding geordies but then I googled what you talking about and it sounds like those two players were attacked again. News articles make it sound like criminals are beefing with either Ozil or Kola but who knows what happening.

  47. fsaf

    “News articles make it sound like criminals are beefing with either Ozil or Kola but who knows what happening.”

    I hope they are well. But if they want to change city or country I wouldn’t mind all that much.

  48. Valentin

    the injury can’t be that bad if he passed the medical.

    Kim Kallström passed his medical, so you never know. Lol

    For a professional athlete a medical should really be a non-event. Usually the medical fails when they look at X-rays or scans to assess the damage caused by previous injuries.

  49. Valentin

    Looks like the video of Kolasinac confronting the would-be carjackers is causing Özil and Kola some grief. Those thugs are now the butt of joke in their hood and they want revenge.

  50. Un na naai


    Yes. That’s what a medical is for. To diagnose any potential issues further down the line. Had they found anything serious they’d have jettisoned the deal

  51. fsaf

    Wonder how many goals will Pool score tonight. I know they are a top team, but no way Salah plays another full season with 0 serious injuries?! And for a longer period of time, it would be felt.

  52. fsaf

    While Man City became champs last season without KdB and Ben Mendy. Two of their best players. And they won the league. What a team they have. Two almost equally top players in every position.

  53. Pierre

    yep,You were right .

    The problem is , this could set a precedent in that opposing supporters could target top players from the opposition a few days before the match so they are pulled out similar to Ozil and Kolasinac…..

    It’s feasible

    and I’m not saying Ozil and Kolasinac are top players before all the know nothing’s jump in .