King Raul takes the summer from a 3/10 to an 8/10

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Lie back, take out an extra light cigarette attached to one of those extender things, spark up, and ask yourself how good that ride was.

Newsnow, we’ve never gone harder and we’ve never both finished a window satisfied.

Arsenal, I was thinking about you the whole time.

Ok, I am DONE with the sexy talk.

Arsenal capped off a mental window with a mad trolley dash for David Luiz (hopefully) and Kieran Tierney.

Tierney gives us outrageous pace and delivery on the left. He can defend. He has played in an invincible side. He is the full package. Celtic fans are devastated because he matters and they know he’s worth more than we paid for him.

I loved this from the .com.

I was actually down the park with my friends training. They play with their local team so I was down watching them and I got a phone call that I needed to go. I got to the airport and the flight was delayed two-and-a-half hours, with another hour’s drive for a hotel and I probably got zero sleep, so I was back up at half five today.

David Luiz is a real fence sitter.

Is he better than what we have? Absolutely.

Does his ability to play out of the back change the dynamic of our play and reduce the onus on Xhaka? Absolutely.

Has he won trophies everywhere? Yes.

Can he score against us and torment us this season? No.

He’s an up and down player. He has errors in him. But he can do more of the things Emery needs of him than Mustafi.

He’s also a bit of a c*nt.

What I’m saying is this… don’t turn your nose up at someone that isn’t Mustafi. I’d hire you mum if the chance arose. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that one of these last-ditch ‘character’ signings from Chelsea (or anywhere) finally pays off at some point.

Remember, we just need to get through this season… next  year we can go big for someone younger and hopefully Saliba will come back into the fold.

There are also very strong rumours that Iwobi is going to exit the club to Everton for £40m.

Rave-wobi has many positive attributes, but at this level and at his age, you need to be contributing more than sometimes solid dribbling and moving the ball between the lines. He doesn’t give many assists, he doesn’t score many goals, and his ability to strike the ball cleanly seems to a disappeared. He’s just not good enough for where we need to be.

I know the African Grovers will be furious, but it’s true.

A solid pro, and he’ll leave our most expensive ever sale at £40m.

Unreal biz from Raul.

I’ll be back with another blog a little later when everything is fully confirmed.

… but overall, as Matt pointed out earlier, Raul has moved the club further in 2 weeks than Ivan G did in 10 years.

What a great summer. x

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  1. Mark

    Karim makes a good point. In teams you get tipping points and it looks like it’s now in favour of the new boys and perhaps those who through injury or previous team cohesion have been blocked.
    Really down to Unai now because he had to grab that opportunity during the small window when it’s at its greatest. If we start reading about dissent in the squad around Xmas I’d say he’s doomed. If he gets the first team pumping then it’s no place for old men ( Luiz exception ) and the old Wenger Boys will be consigned to history and reserves.
    Exciting times ahead I feel !

  2. Un na naai

    I think united will be better in attack without Lu kaku
    Exciting line up for both teams
    Expect more from Pogba with a pact attack creating space for him too

    Don’t write these two off yet