NO DEFENDERS AND WE SELL ONE – What’s in Raul’s magic hat?

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Cheerio Laurent Koscielny.

Was lovely to have you.

The best of a terrible bunch of players.

One of the few standouts in a banter era.

But ultimately, he’s the sort of defender the cucks loved. Or the fans that were unfortunate enough to come of age during the Wenger decline.

So often at the heart of terrible moments during our seasons. I’ll still remember that league cup final. The red cards. The penalties. And finally, going on strike.

He wasn’t captain material. Behind the scenes he’s been described to me as a difficult character and high maintenance. He also came for the easy life, which so many viewed as the ‘he loves us’ path. You saw in the end what mattered most to Laurent… Laurent.

Raul and Edu have done a great job. They’ve brought in a fee, they’ve moved on a disruptive figure, they’ve avoided Arsenal having to rely on a 33 year old that’s past it.

Now we have to bring in a defender.

It is getting silly now. We’re 48 hours from a deadline day melee. We have signed ZERO defenders. It’s getting so bad, Neil Lennon is trying to sell us on the fitness of Tierney. Upemecano is on then it’s off, then it’s on. Rugani reports read like a Mustafi shaped nightmare. Then there’s literally no one else causing smoke.

I am LOVING that we are still being linked with Coutinho, but that doesn’t solve our problems. We’re like the Fast Show guy.

‘Did you get me a left back and a sturdy centre back?’

‘Even better than that. I have Coutinho!’

‘You are fucking kidding me’

Not that anyone turns down a player of that genius, but come on, once the HYPE settles and we’re left with the same defence as last season with Xhaka as our captain, reality is going to bite… we just lost our minds this summer.

Still, we’ll be fun to watch.

Let’s see what today brings. The ITKs are out in force trying to see if they can get one over the paywall crowd… I truly HOPE someone has something right. We need a big centre back. We need a left back with pace and power. We need to do something to help a manager who is going to need all the support he can get this season.

Fingers crossed. See you on Twitter. x

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  1. Marko

    David Luiz made more through passes than any player in the premier league last season. I can see Pepe loving his balls…yeah you heard me

  2. Goonah

    I believe the £28M for Iwobi

    £40M would be crazy like u say. But whatever…he’s gone

    Oezil to DC United as Rooney replacement?? Is it a no go??

  3. Marc

    “We should have kept Welbeck. He could play left wing, central forward as well as right wing.”

    What do we do between mid October and the end of the season when he injuries his knee again?

  4. Vintage Gun

    “When Arsenal Knock, it’s a different kind of knock” – (Raul Sanllehi-2019)

    I’m guessing Iwobi got a knock on his door this morning.

  5. Dissenter

    ‘Despite Dissenter dissenting about the sale of Iwobi , the signing of Pepe for 72 million and getting 40 odd million in return for Iwobi ,making an outlay of 32 million is a superb piece of business and will improve the team immeasurably.”

    Iwobi leaving is good for Iwobi
    Iwobi leaving is good for Arsenal. We have his replacements already.
    Iwobi leaving is great for the Arsenal academy which finally came of age.
    I wish we received offers for the great Mesut Ozil like we did for Iwobi.
    Stop making stuff up.

  6. CG

    If The Clown plays any of our 3 Heavy Duty Forwards In The Loosers Cup on those horrendous pitches and one, two or three get injured for any length of time

    We will be in a relegation battle.

    Remind me, why Welbeck and Eddie were allowed to leave again?