How have we moved things forward?

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Oh man, it was totally an accident, I was wandering around the supermarket trying to find something that resembled healthy that could be cooked fast… and I accidentally bought something called Better Than Rice and a curry jackfruit pouch which is a vegan chicken substitute. I swear guys, this is NOT who I want to be…

Tasted pretty good though. Have to admit it. Also, I do feel smug because I’m pretty sure I just saved the planet with one meal? What did you eat? You fucking culinary terrorist.

Anyway, outside saving the world, I was thinking about the impact of Stan taking Arsenal private and Josh K telling us to all ‘be excited’ the other week.

Give it to him, he f*cking delivered hard. He even made Emery change his teeth, harsh, but that’s America people.

I wonder how they’re setting the club up financially now? Are they merging all their sports teams like some sort of mega content network? How is this summer working? How is Raul making the numbers continue to work? Or did everyone just get thrown off because Arsenal spent all season leaking they had no money to spend?

Everything the club is doing makes sense. They’ve invested in players before they’re out of our price range. They’ve taken a huge punt on someone that could be worth £150m in 2 seasons time. They’re trying to promote youth as a cost-saving measure. They’ve reorg’d around a serial winner.

From a business perspective, it would be a bad thing if we slinked into mediocrity. There’s no value in being shite in the world of democratised football content. This all makes total sense. But I feel uneasy, because Arsenal are finally doing things that make sense? What’s the catch?

I feel like one of those boys that went to Pleasure Island with Pinnochio. I’m out here, swigging citrus pale ale, smoking cigars, shooting pool with a puppet that has gender issues… but where’s the catch?

This just, you know, doesn’t feel very KSE.

Well, I guess that’s unfair. As we’ve constantly penned, Stan spends money, just not very well. The difference is KSE is now making good ‘soccer’ decisions. Maybe it took Josh to open his old man’s eyes to the utter corruption (legal) that was going on at the club. Everyone getting fat off over-generous pay packages, underserved long deals working in a no-pressure lifestyle. The opposite of an elite performance culture.

Now things have changed. There’s an urgency to the problems at hand. Let’s be more specific, there’s been an urgency in the last two weeks. This summer, if analysed in a debriefing, would still be classed as a bit of a mess.

I think the calmness from the fans has come from the realization that Raul seems to be a mafia-style killer in the world of football. We’ve not had someone ruthless before. Arsenal is on his terms.

The Nokia 3210 vibe of yesteryear is dead, we’re now dialling in on space phones. It looks great, we just need to see it move a little quicker because at the minute, we’re still fucked going into this season.

We’re still desperately under-resourced in defence. Jenkinson is in the squad for next year, Koscielny and Mustafi are still here and Nacho is now a captain and our first choice left-back.

Edu and Raul can pepper in as many exciting attacking players as they like, but reality will always bite in the Premier League if you don’t address the glaring realities. If you have a defence that collapses under pressure, you will be punished over and over again.

We are 7 days away from the Newcastle game. They are a terribly run club and they’ve let an elite manager slip away from them. They shouldn’t be a problem, but again, Emery and away form have not mixed well so far. I’ve read some people reverse engineer rationale for Pepe being so important because the club think our away form issue was a lack of pace going forward… could be… but that reads flimsy.

We’ll have to see what happens there.

This is a huge week for Raul. Does he pivot from Tierney after reading about his hip problems? Very worrying to read Adrian Clarke tweet that he had the same injury when he was young and it took a year to clear.

Who is the centre back? Raul is in Barca and we know they are desperate to move on Umtiti because… you know… he has a chronic knee problem. An outrageous talent and a World Cup winner, but no good to us if he’s taking 2 months off in December.

The Barca game today will give us some indication as to what to expect this season. La Liga for the Blaugrana starts on the 16th, so they’ll be fairly fit. Things we’ll need to be looking out for is who starts in defence and midfield. Is it going to be Xhaka and Mustafi again? If so, will Emery have done anything in preseason to address their glaring issues? Will Willock be a regular, adding more athleticism? How will Ozil be used? Will Ceballos be able to deal with the butchers in the league?

My big worry is preseason has looked pretty much exactly the same as last season. I also expect we’ll realise that most of the kids we’re purring over will not be features this season. Willock, Reiss and Martinelli are the big bets. I do like ESR, but he wasn’t exactly drowning in-game time at Leipzig.

Let’s see what today looks like… a 3pm kickoff for me for the first time in a while! I think London has to wait until November until they get their first one… sad times, fuck Europa.

See you in the comments! x

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  1. Leftsidesanch

    GOH why do you bother? Coming on here frequently to moan about something that clearly provides you with no joy?

  2. Akilan

    Glad to see the Le Grove hasn’t changed much.

    Anyway can’t wait for the season opener now. Hope it is a lot better than last season.

  3. Graham62

    Although chucking the Europa would not be seen as a positive move, I personally feel we should blood the youngsters and give them as much game time as possible in this competition.

    If, and that’s a big IF, we can get in a defender before the deadline and offload a couple more players, we should then put our focus of attention on the league.

    It will then be all up to Emery.


  4. Pierre

    “But what the hell was emery thinking in deploying a midfield 4 ofOzil Guendouzi xakha Mkhitaryan”

    He did a similar thing v Real Madrid a few weeks and cost us the game ..

    I criticised the manager’s game management and was shouted down on here by the know nothing’s.

    I said at the time that players sitting in the changing room after the game would be buzzing if they had heat Real Madrid( or Barca) , instead they would be sitting there after another game that they couldn’t see out the 90 minutes ( due to poor decisions my the manager) demoralised and questioning their own ability.

    Will add that Ceballos will not offer much of a goal threat whatever they try and tell you on here…

    He is a player who likes to take the ball in deep positions off defenders and drive forward( if possible) , he rarely ventures into the opposition box and doesn’t look for one twos around the box.

    He is very good in possession and personally I would like to see him take Xhaka’s spot in the side as he can get out of tight situations very well and rarely gives the ball away or loses possession .

    The question is , will Emery use him or not…..we were told enough times on here that Emery had nothing to do with the Suarez loan so was blameless , so I assume he had nothing to do with the Ceballos loan deal .

  5. Alexanderhenry


    ‘How is Raul making the numbers continue to work’

    The Pepe transfer – €80 million – is being paid off in installments, over five years I think.

    It’s a smart tactic but still means Arsenal will stay within their budget of about £40million.

  6. Un na naai


    Good one that. I’ll have to borrow it for one of our apprentices. Goldfish brain the lads are calling him now.

  7. Chika

    “Don’t forget guys, the whole idea of preseason is to assess your options so that you’re ready for the real stuff.”

    Yeah Emery is trying to assess Mhki’s game when deployed in other positions.

    It would be far easier to accept failure with Nelson/Saka/Martinelli/Willock playing than with proven calamities like Xhaka or Mhki.

  8. Un na naai


    Yes I have the same reservation on ceballos myself but he did create a chance last night for martinelli via Saka on the left with quick feet around the area

    Busquets was hacking and grabbing him a lot
    Can’t stand that cunt. Would love to clatter him, the little worm. He doesn’t get it enough.

  9. Un na naai


    We’ve got serious talent to try out yet we persist with that absolute waste of space

    Just get rid
    Him, Mustafi and elneny are not fit to wear the arsenal shirt. They’ve proved as much over the years
    These aren’t kids we are talking about feeling their way into the elite professional game.

  10. Guns of Hackney

    I don’t know why we aren’t closing deals for defenders???

    Our attack, although a bit powderpuff, was okay…but our back line has more holes than France in 1940.

    Leno is good but that’s it. Sure, Papadopuloulis chucks himself about a bit but we need better. Holding and Bellerin are coming back from serious injury, Mustafi isn’t a footballer, Kos is on strike and shit, the LB is finished.

    £72m on an attacker is great but…

  11. Chika


    Please, don’t remind me of Elneny’s presence.

    Our best midfield three should consist of Torriera/Ceballos/Ozil/Willock.

    I’d like to see Iwobi moved to CM, I really want to see actual wingers on the wings, the difference/impact is so crystal clear.

  12. Chika

    It’s quite sad watching AMN do that shit to himself. He has the physical attributes and flair to make it to a decent level. I wish we’ve got our RB well sorted, I’d certainly take him above Guendouzi for a CM role.

  13. Pierre

    I would say United and Arsenal are in similar situations at this present time

    Both are strong offensively, both are weak defensively …

    United have focused on improve their defence .
    Arsenal have focused on improving our offense.

  14. Un na naai


    I agree
    He does so well then in one moment ruins it for himself

    He’s not RB though and shouldn’t be deployed there
    Either try him in midfield or back up winger or let him go where he can get game time
    I’ll guarantee when he leaves arsenal he will make the England squad wherever he goes

  15. China1

    At the end of the day I don’t think AMN being one of our own really matters

    We don’t have the luxury of messing around with players who don’t improve us or have the right attitude as a bare minimum

    I would love nothing more than AMN to become a beast and be a legendary figure at the club and so on, but it’s up to him to make that happen, not the club or fans to excuse his lack of serious effort

    If he is half arsed now as a kid coming through at arsenal imagine him in a few years when he’s on a bigger salary.

    My love for arsenal is greater than my love for a single guy from the academy who isn’t really showing that he understands the scale of the opportunity at hand or how hard he should be working to take it

    If his mind is elsewhere, he probably should be too. Unless someone (emery) can take him to one side and make him understand in no uncertain terms that he needs to wake up and give 100% rather than day dreaming around for half the game

  16. China1

    On a side note, willock, RN, saka, Eddie all look like they’re giving 200% to take their chance so I’m quietly optimistic that our academy will lead to some first team players sooner or later

  17. China1

    ‘Mustafi isn’t a footballer’ this made me lol and it’s funny that it’s true considering he’s a bloody World Cup winner!

  18. Globalgunner

    We fans dont owe AMN anything. If he sucks, he should be dumped not encouraged. Thousands of other kids busting a gut for just one chance at the big time and here we have a kid who plays the game like he is on the verge of retirement. Do you think Messi or David Silva would suck if asked to play RB. This is how we carried that numpty Walcott for 10 years and that dribble into a brickwall nutcase, Wilshere for almost the same time. AMN things he is already in the big leagues and it shows every time he plays

  19. Un na naai


    I don’t see him as half arsed but maybe a little to over confident. Cocky even.

    This mistakes are the mistakes of someone who thinks he’s sure of what he’s doing but he’s not. He needs to be moved away from our goal. I also think the manager is instructing them to take their time with the ball at the back to play out from the back

    Look how many times and how many of our players were playing risky footballat the back recently. He ramped it up in pre season by the looks of it. This wasn’t an accident last night that so many of our players were at it last night. It’s by design.

  20. Un na naai

    . Do you think Messi or David Silva would suck if asked to play RB.


    Stupid stupid comment…
    Of course they would suck at RB. Especially for arsenal.

  21. Un na naai


    You don’t know your football
    I’ll take your ramblings with a wheel barrow of salt next time.