Coutinho deal talk electrifies summer

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I’m not sure where the rumour has come from. I’m not sure if it’s true. But sometimes, you just have to embrace the madness and roll hard in the belief that the harder you hit F5 on Newsnow, the more likely the deal will come to fruition.

It looks like this all started with SPORT telling the world that Barca will be looking to move the Brazilian off the wage bill (to make way for Neymar), likely in a loan move, and likely to a Premier League club.

It’s not exactly tough transfer algebra, we can all see how we’ve landed with this sexy story.

Brazilian player + Barca + Raul + Technical Director that is exBrazil Technical Director and Brazilian + IWOBI ON THE LEFT

I’d embrace the deal.

Coutinho / Auba / Pepe in your front line is pretty fucking lethal. No more Iwobi clogging up and down the wing looking for a ball to stumble over. We’d also minimize Ozil or motivate him to play to a more consistent standard.

However… I am sceptical.

£27m in loan fee seems outrageous considering what our budget is/was. There are some other papers falling over themselves for a lower loan number with a view to a perm move next summer, all guess work. His wages also fall into an elite bracket, and without moving on Mikhi or someone like that, you do wonder how we’re planning on course-correcting our Champions League budget this summer?

  • We haven’t sold anyone (have Auba or Laca signed their deals?)
  • There is hardly any smoke around any of our problem players
  • We still haven’t moved on a defender, so the summer isn’t finished

This feels like we’re putting all our money on RED in a spin of Champions League Qualification roulette.

… but like any fiscally prudent Republican in America would say: when a widening of the deficit is brewing but it’s for things you want, who. gives. a. fuck.

Why should I care? Let Swiss Ramble take care of the bad news because at the end of the day, money is just in our imagination. Right?

Vinnai looks like he knows his way around a spreadsheet. Stan wouldn’t let us do a madness if he was going to lose out. Raul seems trustworthy.

This is basically a tax break for a minority group of fans who have been brutally bantered by the footballing gods for over 15  years. We deserve this. We really do.

YOU had to deal with Ashley Cole being swapped for William Gallas.

YOU had to watch Nik B sit on the right-wing because no one would buy out his £52k a week deal.

After 12 years of Wenger-prudence, YOU had to watch him blast £100m on Mustafi, Perez, Xhaka, Elneny and Asano… and you clapped it, you fucking clapped it man, and your hot take was the deals looked ‘smart.’

Kallstrom’s broken back, Sanogo vs Bayern Munich, the Santos panic buy, waiting 2 summers for Chamakh, Ryo Miyachi from high school, Wellington Silva’s pizza habit, Dick Law chasing down Joel Campbell while Wenger shit his pants on Juan Mata, Gervinho instead of Hazard, a £4m bid for Cahill, Park Chu-young, passing on Hig for £32m, £40,000,001, Wenger’s Nearly 11, the epic cash pile, the ‘if we find something special’ players, Wenger knows what’s up he’ll sort it, STFU it’s only June, STFU it’s only July, STFU it’s only August… IT IS WHAT IT IS SUPPORT THE FUCKING LADS.

It’s all over my friends, Raul is here to stroke your head and make it right.

This is YOUR moment to choke out the internet with smug. Put that ‘STAN OUT’ banner back in the box. Cancel that idea you had for a Youtube Channel. No more protests. We’re turning a corner and we’re behaving like a real club.

Did you say build a statue for Raul? I’m in. Get the petition going. Let’s have the parade bus out and roll it through London during rush hour.

Back to transfers.

If we are in Barca this weekend, I suspect there will more likely be talks about Sammy Umtiti. I would also imagine that Manchester United are more likely to be in the driving seat for Coutinho if Paul Pogba leaves them for Madrid. We’ll see though, footballers are always fiercely loyal to their old clubs… right? Plus, Dybala doesn’t fancy a move there, so I’m unsure why Coutinho would see it as a great move.

Bad news on Tierney, the injury-prone left-back is apparently injured again. His manager reporting that he has chronic pain when he kicks a ball. Not great news. I always worry about bringing in players with a poor fitness record to a far more intense league. Pepe is a monster. Plays over 3000 minutes a season and rarely breaks down, this Scottish lad has had a very poor year.

We’ll see though… the 1-5-5 formation we’re lining up with so far this season feels innovative if nothing else.

There’s a video doing the rounds that Emery is going with the multi-captain option this season. I really don’t like that approach. Shared leadership is such a fucking myth. Sure, you want everyone to be a leader, but that doesn’t literally mean sharing out the role. A leadership role halved / quartered / eigthed is a role that is diluted. When everyone is responsible, no one is responsible. We are hierarchical beings, there needs to be one-point of bollocking, otherwise, you end up with what we’ve witnessed for 15 years.

We should just put it all on Hector Bellerin. Well behaved. Iconic. Loves the club. Embraces the culture. Looks mean in a pair of jeans his mum made him. Speaks up for all the right things. Elite right back. I love him, he’s the one.

Right, Barcelona game tomorrow, we’ll see how that defence has improved for real!

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  1. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Agreed stroller

    Ulmiti also has injury problems…

    We should be looking at thinking outside the box…
    Left field thinking.

  2. HighburyLegend

    All that money falling from the sky is wonderful – although a bit disturbing, as Arsenal fans, we aren’t use anymore to live that kind of summer – but what about the new defenders ?

  3. Un na naai

    We need defenders
    We have 5 days left
    The only defender we’ve brought in is Sokratis in two seasons, I’m not counting lich

  4. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    We would be better takin* a punt on
    Ryan sessogon for the 25m we were going for Tiranay

    Or Brentford Rico Henry ..
    He would be lot cheaper good defender who has good passing ability.

  5. KAY Boss

    Rspc, we never paid 15m for Ceballos neither any club is going to pay over 20m fee for a loan. It ain’t happening. Barça won’t put such amount for loan. That amount gets u a descent player. The media are just winding us all up. All these reports are from unreliable sources. End of.

  6. Gentlebris

    ‘LenoBellerin Sokratis New CB Tierney Torreira New CMPepe Coutinho Zaha Aubameyang’

    You shouldn’t stop at Coutinho and Zaha, you should add Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar.

  7. Leedsgunner

    As a good player Coutinho is, he’s an unnecessary luxury player for us now, unless Barcelona was to take someone like Özil or Xhaka from us. We should be pushing hard for either Barcelona’s best youngsters or their defenders… not necessarily Umtiti (he’s injury prone) but what about any of the others?

  8. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    There has to be a big fucking German cl somewher3 out there that fits our criteria …
    Bout 20 m quick strong and a ball player

  9. Words on a Blog


    You still want us to get a defender?

    You’re so, so last year.

    Who needs a defence? We’re going all-out attack and expect to win our matches with tennis scores, you know 6-4, 7-5 etc.

  10. Words on a Blog


    Remember that match when Arshavin scored 4 against Liverpool at Andield and we still ended up drawing the match 4-4?

  11. Words on a Blog

    For years, the only people scared and intimidated by an Arsenal defence have been the Arsenal fans……

  12. Nelson

    I have the feeling the board has become a gambler. It’s all in to get the champions league qualification this year. If we fail, we’ll be fired by KSE.

  13. Sid


    I actually think Pedro deserve credit to come around about the new management than to find fault to justify his earlier position.

    Truth be told before last week we had seen very little and though now we know that there was a lot brewing behind the scenes, Pedro initial impressions were based on the lack of activity.

    Though his view on any contacts based transfer being inherently worse than a data driven one was a bit of a doozy.

  14. Pedro

    Sid, gotta love Dissenter.

    ‘Previously entrenched’ is an oxymoron when the original critique was that I’d changed my mind.

    Not sure anyone paying attention two weeks ago was sitting here thinking Stan K was an attentive owner and Raul was bossing the summer with his contacts game.

  15. Mr Serge

    Lol so true Pedro I really want to see us press on with a proper CB to play alongside the Greek before we entertain the notion of Coutinho
    We can all change our mind two weeks ago I was crying in my soya based latte rather that then drink it

  16. Pedro

    Serge, thought I’d love to see Coutinho at Arsenal just for the spectacle, I’d imagine if we’re hunting down anyone it’s Umtiti on loan with a view to a deal next year.

    Can’t see how we could foot the bill for £27m in loan fee!

    I have been rolling with steamed oat milk in my coffee… can hardly tell the difference… but the tears do gum up the flavor.

    Wonder if there’s anything in Rugani?

  17. China1

    Belle tin as captain no thanks

    He still hasn’t proved he’s good enough as an option long term and he hasn’t demonstrated that he’s a leader on the pitch at all

    There aren’t really any serious long term candidates so far imo

  18. China1

    Given a choice between umtiti and coutinho I’d take umtiti all day every day this summer

    Putting coutinho on the wing is a waste imanywah imo. If he were to come he should be taking ozil’s place in his best position at AM so we can keep auba laca pepe on the pitch

    Unless the plan is just to overload the attack with big names players and somehow force them all on at once lol


    In all honesty, if you have two elite CBs (we don’t) + a fit Tierney and bellerin this gung ho line up would probably win you 90 points a season. You’re scoring 12 goals a game so who cares if you concede 6 haha

  19. China1

    We still haven’t got any defenders over the line which are a key priority so I’m holding off a little on the praise for Raul so far

    -The Pepe deal was magic
    -Ceballos looks like a very good deal
    -Martinelli looks promising but no real comment so far

    But we haven’t got Tierney over the line yet and our CB situation still sucks.

    We also haven’t managed to shift out any of the dross whatsoever. Reports that we just put our defensive dross on the to sell list are nuts because we should’ve been shipping them around Europe looking for buyers 3 weeks ago rather than waiting until it might be too late

    My feelings are if the summer ends as is, it would be a mixed bag one. 7/10ainky just due to Pepe

    If we sign one good defender it will be 8/10 and I’ll be very pleased

    If we sign a cb and a left back it’s a 9/10

    If we sign both and also ship out one or more of our bellends it’s a straight 10

  20. China1

    Supposedly Bordeaux are in advanced stages of talks to buy kos

    If they’re offering anything over 3m just take the money and run

    Thanks for the memories kos see ya.

  21. Moray

    Good post, Pedro. I would add “thank you for the interest in our affairs” as a particular low point for me.

    Im surprised it’s proves so tough for us to find a defensive signing, though. There’s a few decent defenders gone already this summer. My suspicion is that Kos was seen as the transition to Saliba and a new Sparkly CB coming in next year to play alongside him with Sok and Holding. Or a LB/CB. Well, he’s fucked that up and that’s why we are struggling with our budget to plug the GAP.

  22. Pedro

    Moray, it is odd… but we thought the lack of a elite winger was odd, then Raul dropped Pepe. Maybe there’s something going on?

  23. Leedsgunner

    Won’t Leicester now be looking at defenders to replace Maguire? We have a few defenders like Mustafi and Mavropanos… why not offer them those two to see if they will bite?

    With £85m now burning a huge hole in their pockets I can see them now trying to buy Tierney with Brenda being a huge fans of the boy…

    Here’s a thought…

    Let them have Tierney.

    Offer them Mavropanos and Mustafi for Chilwell plus £10m cash.

    They get their Maguire replacement and we get a LB for a minimal outlay… especially they bring in Tierney because they will want to move Chilwell on.

    Too optimistic?

  24. Leedsgunner

    What about Tarkowski as a CB option? Apparently he has a £20m release clause… although Burnley is trying to increase it with a new contract extension…

  25. Leedsgunner

    We really need to sell off our remaining deadwood.

    Jenkinson £5m
    Mustafi £20m
    Elneny £10m
    Mkhitaryan £20m

    That’s £55m just from deadwood.

  26. Emiratesstroller

    I am puzzled as to why Arsenal have not pursued Matthias Ginter the German
    International Centre Back.

    Spurs and Athletico Madrid are apparently pursuing this player.

    Perhaps we could do a part exchange deal with Mustafi going in opposite direction?

  27. fsaf

    “Harry Maguire’s potential move to the North West would likely prompt a bid from Leicester for another England defender, Burnley’s James Tarkowski – although the Foxes may baulk at the £50m release clause in his contract.”

  28. Travel Agent Tony

    The football world is going mad £27 million for a loan?

    Is counting an elite player? Not for me!

    £27 million for a CB is what we should be looking at.

  29. China1

    I’m not sure it’s really that hard for us to get defensive signings, we’ve just been very casual about it

    We’ve been haggling over Tierney, a player we can certainly afford since day 1. We only appear to have made a concrete offer for any CBs (loan option for rugani) as if a few days ago

    Seems like we’ve put all our energy and efforts on our midfield and offensive options so far this summer

    If we get defensive signings over the line I won’t be complaining but as with only just now putting our dross on the market, we do appear to have been a bit complacent about this part of our summer

  30. China1

    Yeah if we can spend 27m on a CB, then we should be putting that as an upfront installment for a serious CB rather than looking at offensive players

  31. China1

    Part of me would love to see arsenal pull out of this Tierney deal if we can get a good alternative

    Celtic think they’re all that, so I’d love us to walk away and leave them hanging with an unsettled player when they return to their shitty pub league

  32. Toniboy

    Still think we need an athlete in the midfield….that can cover ground and tackle….to cover for Xhakanigans…Torrie is too small. A CB and a proper effective body that can screen the defense…Arsenal are the onely team without one

  33. China1

    Instead of going all in for Tierney then lacking funds for a CB, why not put all those Tierney funds towards installments for a top CB and let Celtic cry when Tierney’s value drops with never ending injuries and him being unsettled

    Screw Celtic, let’s get a CB

  34. Toniboy

    2 Eastern Europeans will do the trick….tidy, no nonsense, no frills players…a Vidic and a young Matic, Kovacic type player….that can chase down attackers

  35. China1

    Isn’t asking the club to replace one of its better players who we bought one year ago (torreira) also unlikely and wishful?

  36. China1

    Torreira also did a very good job of supporting xhaka in the first half of last season

    It was after injuries and coming back and having more box to box contributions that saw his form drop off. It was also his first season adapting to England

    I don’t see the value in dropping him even if xhaka plays

  37. Leedsgunner

    Are we saying that there’s isn’t one player (or two) in the lower leagues that can’t improve our back line?

    After all that’s where Maguire and Robertson both came from… they were both picked up from Hull…

  38. Leedsgunner

    For our defence we need to start with baby steps… we don’t need world class right away just better than what we have now.

    Man United is going to regret blowing £130m on two decent players at best.

  39. peanuts&monkeys

    Barca and Arsenal seniors meeting this weekend, Barca and Arsenal not competing each other all thru this year, both needing mutually exclusive enforcements. I’m quite sure there’s going to be business.

  40. Moray

    I’ve gone off Tierney.

    I like the player and I like his attitude.

    But with our history we should be keenly aware of signing injury prone players. Having these in your squad just disrupts and breaks up runs of games and partnerships.

    Plus Celtic can go fuck themselves.

  41. Leedsgunner

    Another option for Tierney

    Perhaps we should approach the deal for Tierney like the Saliba deal.

    With his injury problems tell Celtic he can recover and stay there on loan for the next five months… give them a minimum fee to secure the player… say £500k and they pay his wages. To reflect the fact we can’t have the player right away tell them we will offer them a reduced fee of say £12m. If they reject it, we walk away.

    However if they accept it, we must say he needs to recover sufficiently to our satisfaction. If he doesn’t Celtic has to return the money. If he does, we buy the player in January.

    Celtic think they are all that and they have been allowed to bully us for too long. They already have signed Tierney’s replacement so they will want to get him off their books.

  42. chris

    I say give up on Tierney (whilst giving Celtic the middle finger) and try and turn Sessegnon’s head. With the right guidance this kid will be dynamite in time.

    Alternatively stick with Kolasinac for one more year and use remaking funds for a CB.

    Either way, let’s forgot Tierney, clearly a crock.

  43. Leedsgunner


    I also think Sessegnon is a good alternative plus it would annoy Spurs as they think they have him in the bag… it would be priceless if we pulled it off.

  44. Pierre

    We could/ should have bought Tyrone Mings and Nzonzi for a combined total of 45 mil and we would be sorted.

    Two 6ft 5in defensive players , one shielding the defence and one playing alongside Sokratis /Holding .

    Both physically imposing , both good enough on the ball , both commanding in the air , both have premiership experience and both would improve the team defensively and for what you get , they wouldn’t break the bank , plus we could have got them in early enough to integrate them into the team .

    What we have now is any new signing will possibly/probably take a while to settle in , will probably ease them in to the side in the Europa cup , this will mean they are likely to miss tough early games v Liverpool , Tottenham and United as it would be risky to throw any new signings into such high profile games , especially defenders ….

    The worst scenario is that we may be playing catch up after just half a dozen games

    It is vital that we win our opening couple of games v Newcastle(away) and Burnley (home) as the run after that is tough, though we are capable of taking points off anyone as proved last season.

  45. Pierre

    Just watched the Ceballos Real Madrid highlights on you tube and all his work is done in centre midfield .
    The highlights normally show you the best bits so unless they are keeping something back ( which I doubt) , I would say he is a player in the Xhaka mould who keeps things ticking over , keeps it simple and has a very good pass completion rate (92% or thereabouts) .

    There was no suggestion in the highlights that he likes playing one twos around the box or will take players on with mazy dribbling skills though I would say that he is more than capable of getting out of tight situations with quick feet .

    I like players who take care of the ball so yes , I can see him sitting in centre midfield dictating play and wanting the ball from our defenders and feeding the ball into the strikers or Ozil ..Ceballos may actually benefit Ozil as he looks like a player who can feed the ball into feet between the lines .

    Here are his highlights…

  46. Un na naai


    Sessegnon is not what we need
    A 19 year old full back who isn’t very good defensively just have someone is a waste if money.
    We already have kolasinac
    We need a left back who can defend
    Shame though as I really like Tierney

  47. Tobs

    I think we are a bit more ambitious than Tyrone Mings or Nzonzi. At the start of the window we were linked with ( and happy to sign) players like Ryan Fraser, Alexis Claude Maurice, Brahimi, Carrasco, Praet, Andersen.

    Our recruitment however doesn’t appear to be focused on average or make do options.

  48. Pierre

    I was expecting Ceballos to be of a similar mould to Wilshire with clever one twos around the box .
    He is definitely not a Ramsey replacement as he rarely ,if ever , enters the opposition box, which is not a bad thing as discipline has always been an issue over the last 5 years in Arsenal’s midfield.

    He could actually be a replacement for Xhaka as he likes to collect the ball from the keeper or defenders and is much more comfortable with his back to goal and getting out of tight situations , unlike Xhaka .

    Of course he is also much more progressive than Xhaka in bringing the ball forward from defence ,it remains to be seen if he is defensively switched on or strong enough.

  49. CG

    Thanks for the link, Pierre

    Cebollas is simply a more polished version of Elneny.

    Looking at him- he looks a tad anaemic too.
    Very bony.Very pale.

    Hardly an upgrade for us – we have those ‘Ray Wilkins’ types by the bucket load at the club.

    Didn’t need him. Simply The Spiv doing just another expensive needless deal..

    (Another agent earning at our expense )**

    Willock is better. He should be play instead of him.

    ( off course he wont)
    Spanish Mafia and all that.

    We have youngsters
    Let’s play them
    Stop this loaning cobblers.

    That’s for third rate clubs – whose only aim is short term survival.

    Am I right or Am I right?

    ** every time we sell a younger- that will end up paid out as agents fees.

  50. Un na naai


    Maybe a xakha replacement but seeing as he’s a considered on here as a ball carrier and xakha looks to release the ball as quickly and as forward as possible I’d say he’s been brought in as an ozil/no10 replacement. With the no10 being brought back into midfield to pay as an actual trio rather than as a 4231 but a 433

    Let’s see. As everyone well knows I was a massive Wilshere fan so if ceballos can play in that style effectively for us then he’d have himself a big fan here

    The matches In which I’ve seen ceballos I thought he was bland and lightweight. Clearly got a good touch but didn’t seem to have any drive.

    Let’s see.

  51. CG

    Players like Grealish, Zaha,Dunk,Keane were the players we should have tried to attain this summer.

    But if it ain’t what the Spiv wants.
    We ain’t getting.

    He ( not Emery ) is now in complete control of The Arsenal.

    He has More power than Gazidas and Wenger put together

    Shameful and will end it tears.

  52. Pierre

    “Our recruitment however doesn’t appear to be focused on average or make do options.”

    I get that and ideally someone like Umtiti would be perfect if we can get him..we have also just spent 26 million on a player who we loaned back and is not a guaranteed success.

    My worry is that although we are stronger offensively with the arrival of Pepe , we will be found out in the defensive midfield position and at the back

    If Ceballos does play in central midfield alongside Torreira ( which is a possibility) it will leave us very weak in the air and will put the defence under even more pressure .

    Our best header of the ball in midfield is Xhaka ( and he’s not that great) …So if he is left out of the side we could be left with a choice of Ceballos,Torreira, Guendouzi who are all weak in the air.
    This would leave us very weak from dead ball situations and as we know,premier league teams are very strong in this department .

    That’s why I would like an Nzonzi type midfielder .
    If he could perform like he did v man Utd in the champions league at old Trafford I’m sure any Arsenal supporter would be pleased.

  53. vickingz

    Ismael bennacer moves to AC Milan yet we have folks who keep claiming these guys ain’t good enough for arsenal but i’m sure guen is, ceballos?

  54. Tobs

    Vickingz we are much better than Milan currently. That being said, there’s no transfer team that doesn’t make mistakes. The only mistake with Bennacer was not getting more money for him. We made up for that with a sell on clause. He’s done ok, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over him.

    Now if you mention Gnabry, that’s a different proposition. That was very badly handled.

  55. Tobs

    vickingzAugust 4, 2019 09:44:11
    If players don’t come at a cost, they ain’t good enough. Smh

    On the contrary, there’s nothing fans love more than an academy player coming good, or a player bought very cheaply blowing up.

  56. Receding Hairline

    Tobs the idea every single player from our academy is good enough for a career here is not funny. Every club has an academy, how many of them fill their first team squad with players from that academy?

    Once in a while a good player breaks through, the rest move of to careers all over Europe. Was Bennacer supposed to stop playing football because he wasn’t deemed good enough for a first team place at Arsenal? Of course not, he dropped to Serie B and worked his way up. Congrats to him.

    Auba was once deemed not good enough for Milan. Some think every single player that goes from our academy to make a career for himself elsewhere is an indictment of the club, I consider it a success for the Arsenal academy that players trained there go on to have a career in football.

  57. Un na naai


    Nobody thinks that every player at the acadamey is good enough to have a career at arsenal

    Bennacer certainly was better than many of our midfield options last season.
    We have some highly talented and highly rated youngsters coming through now. Perhaps the best since the days of George Graham. Maybe better. We would be foolish not to mine that talent and harness it. Wether it’s for our own team or through profit from sales.

    We’ve been missing tricks for far too long and need to look at chelsea as an example in that respect.

    Even if half the lads being discussed make it at arsenal long term then this crop will be considered a resounding success

  58. Savage

    Bellerin “speaks up for all the right things” – if you’re far left. For the rest of us, he’s a typical know-nothing millennial.

  59. Gentlebris

    It should be fun watching United vs Chelsea next Sunday, tearing at each other, both managers desperate to prove something, OGS of course more desperate.
    If United lose against Chelsea, and got beat at Wolves,OGS is as good as gone. The two losses would put him on the hanger, and it would be a matter of time before he’s fired.
    If United win both matches, OGS is set for success.

    That’s the terror element in football coaching, two matches can make or damage you.

    Lampard however has an alibi in place should things begin to go opposite of north.

    Our own Unai will cruise, guy not under immediate pressure. His mandate is top 4, and if he stays close to the objective, he has a whole season of pleasure.

  60. Un na naai


    I wouldn’t be so sure on emery
    If we concede goals and throw games he will get it over the defence

  61. chris


    I wouldn’t want Sessegnon just for the sake of it, he could be our left back for the next decade and beyond if we were to handle it in the right way. He is rough around the edges defensively sure (maybe that is being kind) but I think he can improve to a high standard if looked after. Together with his attacking prowess he could be beastly, our version of Marcelo perhaps.

    All highly speculative obviously but would love to see us mug Spurs for him. Make our interest known and I am sure he’d plump for us over that mob.

  62. Gentlebris

    And here comes the season of truth for Liverpool.
    But for the luck on their side, Spuds should have won the CL.
    When they played us at home, nothing special, we matched them. We went there and scored first, before our very weak backline fell to pieces.

    Liverpool were hyped and their opponents bought it(our defence line inclusive)……fear factor… worked wonders for them. Even Barca was clearly scared of a Liverpool come back in the second leg, it happened.
    But Poch didn’t believe the hype no more after playing them in the return leg of the Prem and saw that his team matched them.
    He went for them in the CL final, it was Spuds’ to win, but Spuds are natural bottlers.

    And Liverpool now seem tired, I see them crossing the 4th line but just that.

  63. Gentlebris

    ‘I wouldn’t be so sure on emery
    If we concede goals and throw games he will get it over the defence’

    I don’t follow, Un.

  64. Gentlebris

    Pep is out before the jury, he knows it.
    He has a great team, but they have always come short of CL glory. The rich Sheikhs must be getting bored of bossing the Prem now. They want to be seen in this same light as Real, Barca, Bayern. Impossible without CL glory.

    Pep understands the silent demand, he will go after it with all his focus, he will miss yet again. Put your money on Barca or Alt Madrid for CL glory this term, old Pep G!

    And so because Pep has his focus on CL, City might come second in the EPL. Or third. Or fourth. Of course against the expectation of every Arab and his sister.

  65. Un na naai

    Well Bris you claim emery will have it easy but if we don’t plug the gaps at the back then I’m not so sure he will have a free ride.

    Gooners are getting sick and tired of the same old problems
    We have 5 days now to bring in two defenders before the window closes and if we don’t and continue to throw games against mid table sides then hianhead will be on the chopping block

  66. Un na naai


    With no Ronaldo at real and the chaos they are operating under I wouldn’t expect much of a threat from them and Barca/Messi are on the wane
    Once he’s gone then I expect them to go quiet for a while

    For me it’s the premier league sides who are set to dominate in the upcoming years
    4 English teams in the finals last season would qualify that suggestion. I expect juventus to be a force this season in the champions league though and the biggest threat to PL sides. Barca still have so much quality but their players appear to be getting pissed off over there.

  67. vickingz

    @ un na nai, you really have time responding to RH. Jeez, that guy just speaks from whatever side of his mouth. Just 2 days ago, he was saying if bielik was ever good for arsenal, he wouldn’t have to drop down to fetch a club for playing time and today, he’s saying bennacer did a good thing by dropping down to work his way up. Now that he’s worked his way up, he’s good for arsenal? Bennacer on his worst day is way better than guen and zhaka, same as willock. Bielik as a dm is better than zhaka and as a CB, he’s better than mustafi. Bennacer won the most valuable player at afcon at age 21, yet he’s not good for arsenal but elhneny is, zhaka is, guen is. I don’t need answering people who just can’t see for themselves cos they’ve been blinded with ego of never being wrong.

  68. Gentlebris


    Reinforcements at the back or not, we will play better than last year upfront. My bet is this is Lacazette 20 plus goals season. Add that to Aubameyang’s 20 plus and Pépé slotting in 18.

    We will fake our way to the top even with a shitty defence.

    Emery will always be in or around top 4, he does that, he has a season of pleasure, no sacking until May at least, and that’s if he misses the top 4 target and loses Europa again.

  69. Un na naai


    Yeah I agree mate. Bennacer was well worth keeping.

    The problem is that these lads aren’t getting the game time and development they need. We have two perfect competitions in which to use them in the Europa and the league cup so why not? I wouldn’t worry too much about early stages of either competition and post Xmas when the first team may need a rest or are picking up niggles then we know who is knocking on the door as a reserve for first team players

    Yes RH does flip flop but if you don’t respond to people who talk rubbish then you’ll end up never posting on Le Grove.

  70. Un na naai


    I wish I shared your confidence and optimism and yes we are looking very healthy going forward but Liverpool were falling well short until they addressed their backline.
    There’s no guarantee our forwards will return the goals you’re expecting and IF the defence continues to throw games then emery will not be getting a free pass

    Not with that high line and not if he persists with Mustafi as a starter in games we need to win.

  71. Un na naai


    Yes athletico look good this season but their new boys need to bed in. I did forget about them though and right now I’d say they could be a good shout for La Liga if the problems at Barca and Real persist.

    They’ve dominated due to two unbelievable players playing at such levels for so long. They have not and probably can not replace either of those two as players like that pop up well, never really.

  72. Gentlebris

    And so to my ultimate(laughable?) assumption:

    If we bring in a tough guy into our CB and Holding comes good again, and we get a young hungry dude(not Tierney)to work at LB.
    And Ceballos comes good, and Pépé even raises his game and Xhaka and Mustafi are not allowed anywhere near the EPL first 11;


    Dare to dream.

  73. Gentlebris

    ‘Yes RH does flip flop but if you don’t respond to people who talk rubbish then you’ll end up never posting on Le Grove.’


    Now you are in trouble for the whole day and more, Prince Yellow will come for your skin!

  74. vickingz

    Yeah I agree mate. Bennacer was well worth keeping.The problem is that these lads aren’t getting the game time and development they need.

    Thank youuuuu. This is what i’ve been saying which is difficult for some itks to comprehend. All these young players we are signing/running after, would we have known or heard about them if they weren’t given play time? Or promoted by their clubs? It irks the likes of Amaechi and players at the reserves who know of a truth that they can’t on their bad day be worse than the players we are parading yet they are being considered not good enough when they haven’t even been played.

  75. Gentlebris

    Bennacer was in deed a monster at AFCON, but so were James and our very own Joel Campbell at the 2014 world cup.

    Some players suddenly find form in a tournament, it doesn’t amount to much.

    Wouldn’t you have considered it deceiving that Bennacer won player of the tournament in a competition graced by Zaha, Pépé, Ziyech, Mahrez and others?

    It doesn’t amount to much.

    Let’s see what the guy does at Serie A.

    And against popular opinions, I don’t rate Gnabry either. He had his chance here and failed. Most of all he does at Bayern is muscle work. He won player of the season because Bayern was really poor. Gnabry, in my book, is still lesser than Ox.
    And we were all happy to sell Ox.

  76. vickingz

    Another player who generated interests of Barcelona, bayern and co but according to le-grove award winning delusionally infallible RH, since amaechi didn’t go to any of these big clubs and went to Hamburg for game time, he ain’t good for arsenal. A round of applause for his royal highness.

  77. Un na naai


    But Bennacer has shown very good form for club and country for longer than just a summer tournament, hence the £16m move to AC Milan.

    While we are sitting on Mohammed fucking elneny and a half fit Torreira in a new and powerful league.
    We had a buy back option too.

  78. Un na naai


    No doubt Ox is a better player than Gnabry but both were/ are valuable
    We sold one for £3m and the other for £35m

  79. vickingz

    @ gentlebris
    Wouldn’t you have considered it deceiving that Bennacer won player of the tournament in a competition graced by Zaha, Pépé, Ziyech, Mahrez and others

    Deceiving??? How much of his games have you watched? We started talking about him before afcon and you honestly think milan got him only because he had a good outing at afcon? He’s everything our midfield lacks. And on what premise have we signed ceballos? Deceiving indeed

  80. vickingz

    If it does appear that i’m pushing an agenda, lemme state it clearly. Our reserve players aren’t as bad as most people make them to be. Give them game time, expose them to the development they need instead of spending money on their fellow counterparts from other clubs because their own clubs give them exposure and play time. And since we have a coach we have been told he loves working with young players, we should be alright. Sell the deadwoods not the prospects.

  81. Valentin

    The main problem in England with the youth system is that there is no pathway from U21 football to first team football. That especially the case for any of the top 6 clubs where standards are higher.

    Championship and lower league football plays in a style so alien to premiership football that most loans end up in failure. There is also a culture of preferring physical players over more technical ones. Bellerin, Gnabry were deemed not going enough at Watford (in the Championship) and WestBrom.

    Players leaves Arsenal without being any chance to show they can make the grade. They move abroad where they are given a chance and then they shine making a mockery of the decision to release them. While we continue with journeyman mercenaries.

  82. Un na naai


    Couldn’t agree more. Now is the time to capitalize on the generation coming through. All of them look promising. In fact they look better than most of the first team when played. Let them inject some fresh and fearless play into the side. Some youthful exuberance tempered by our master tactician of a coach.

  83. Gentlebris

    Deceiving??? How much of his games have you watched? We ‘started talking about him before afcon and you honestly think milan got him only because he had a good outing at afcon? He’s everything our midfield lacks. And on what premise have we signed ceballos? Deceiving indeed’

    Pipe down bro, you really seem to rate Bennacer beyond his ability.

    And Milan is an average team these days, anything average would attract them. Who else went after Bennacer?

    I’m not saying the guy is awful, just saying it’s not a big deal that we turned down an opportunity to sign a player from serie B.

  84. Gentlebris

    ‘But Bennacer has shown very good form for club and country for longer than just a summer tournament, hence the £16m move to AC Milan’

    Club being a serie B club, country being Algeria. Average.

    Milan of 2019 can sign him on those ground, but not us, not while we compete against City, Liverpool, United, Chelsea and Spuds.
    If we have guys who are not as good as Bennacer, we will push them out soon don’t worry.

  85. Un na naai

    The main problem in England with the youth system is that there is no pathway from U21 football to first team football. That especially the case for any of the top 6 clubs where standards are higher.Championship and lower league football plays in a style so alien to premiership football that most loans end up in failure.

    Val. This simply isn’t the case. The championship and lower leagues are played to a similar blood and thunder, combative style. But say you were right. Then what’s the point of loaning our players to European teams who don’t play to Arsenal’s “style” whatever that is these days??
    Surely it benefits a young player to
    1) get first team experience either way
    2) for that experience to differ from what they are used to in order to challenge them and enhance their education towards something more well rounded thanthey are receiving at their parent club?

    Also, why could willock, nelson, Saka and ESR not receive more gametime at arsenal last year? Iwobi, ozil and Mkhitaryan were utter dog shit and guendouzi managed 40 odd games. Why not split game time with willock? Why not use nelson wide when clearly Mkhitaryan and iwobi were playing badly? Why not let Smith-Rowe have 20-30 mins every time ozil fucked around pretending poorly that he was a £350k pw no10?

    There is no rational answer for a team sorely lacking wide men and attacking mids

    Nketiah I get. The others are just perplexing. He’s been told this year anyway which is why Freddie was brought in and we we are now seeing us gear towards that talent at our disposal

  86. Un na naai


    Bennacer is a country mile better than Elneny. He’s better than guendouzi right now and Joe Willock. All three are understudies at arsenal
    All three are getting game time
    Don’t tell me Bennacer wouldn’t improve our midfield options now.

  87. Gentlebris

    ‘No doubt Ox is a better player than Gnabry but both were/ are valuable
    We sold one for £3m and the other for £35m’


    I concur.

    £3m was ugly, we could not have been dreaming of fetching £35m for him at that point, but we should have gotten an immediate £7m and get a sell on clause inserted into the deal.

  88. Un na naai


    Or kept him and developed him until he was worth more. He’d just had a great summer with the German Olympic squad where he was the standout performer.
    His star was high. He was playing well when selected for us. Offering us the width we didn’t have in the team at the time due to injures.
    What a mess

  89. Gentlebris

    ‘Bennacer is a country mile better than Elneny. He’s better than guendouzi right now and Joe Willock. All three are understudies at arsenal
    All three are getting game time
    Don’t tell me Bennacer wouldn’t improve our midfield options now.’

    Do you want the fact?

    I don’t know your trade, but I’m into marketing communication and other gigs. I have never run a football club, you too I presume.

    We have guys who are experts in these things, we can come here to comment and pretend we know better, but you don’t believe you know better deep down if you are not thick.

    Raul and Emery must have done some assessment of the Bennacer situation and decided against it for good reasons.

    And that’s why if we sign Tierney today, despite the fact that I see no sense in it, I would assume they see some sense in it, and wait and see.

    These guys run football clubs for a living, you and I don’t. FACT.

  90. Un na naai


    Yes this is my opinion. Football is a game if opinions. Managers make mistakes
    Emery in his short time as arsenal manager has made plenty already as did wenger before him.

    It was a mistake to let Bennacer leave, clearly.
    It was a mistake to keep Elneny clearly.

    I don’t need to be sir Alex to spot an obvious fuck up so please spare me the “you’re not an elite coach” diatribe

    We could all see the mistakes being made by the previous regime and those who aren’t being dishonest with themselves will see the ones being made by emery.

    You don’t need your gold coaching badge to know that Bennacer is a better cmf than elneny.

  91. Gentlebris

    ‘You don’t need your gold coaching badge to know that Bennacer is a better cmf than elneny.’

    It’s like thinking you know more about surgery than a qualified surgeon just because you saw one make a mistake. Or like you think you can do better in a court than a qualified lawyer just because you saw one lose a case.
    Thick, very thick people think that, are you thick, Un?

    All these our ‘Wenger did that’ it’s just a matter of amateur opinions. The most terrible wrong Wenger did was Ozil’s contract and i like to beat him with that stick just for the fun of fandom.
    But if you are a top guy at anything resembling business management in real life, you would understand why Wenger/Gazidis gave Ozil that contract. As of then, after Alexis left, Mesut was the only big brand we had on board, and he was threatening to leave. In football, if you don’t have those big brand players, you don’t have no marketing edge. And if you think we bought Laca, Auba, and now Pépé in quick succession just because of footballing reasons then you are dumb. All this work is first and foremost to give Vinai the edge he needs to do business, then after to succeed on the field again first for Vinai and then for the fans.

    But those narratives are not fun to us fans, myself inclusive. So we come to a place like this to raise dust and make sure we are entertained on the field. And so we apply theories that fit our narratives, and honestly, it’s fun! But if you believe it too much, little bro, then you are dumb.

  92. Emiratesstroller

    un na naii

    Actually there is now a pathway from U23 to Senior Team based on a recent interview of Per Mertesacker the Academy Manager.

    Arsenal recognise now just how difficult it is for U23 players to make transition so the plan is now to send players to Bundesliga in Germany.

    His view is that the Budesliga is a slower paced league and therefore younger
    players has more time to adapt to higher and more competitive league.

    So we can expect more of our Academy to follow route of Nelson and Smith-Rowe.