Celtic fans braced for big loss + Edu in talks to shift defender

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Well, things are moving at a pace now…

Pépé will be announced in the next 48 hours. The picture from above is a leak from the Arsenal studio. The player was snapped getting his Arsenal merch yesterday. He’s well and truly a done deal. What a moment!

Arsenal is willing to spend £25m on Tierney. The Celtic left-back now looks ever more likely to move. I think the hope that fandom would keep him from moving to the bright lights was always a bit hopeful. I’d imagine the young player has just seen what happened to Zaha, a player that was one moment heading for a rebirth as a star at Arsenal… and is now having to move to Merseyside. Regardless of how rich Everton are, that’s hardly a step up. If Tierney doesn’t make this move now, who is to say a major club will come for him next season? Take the chance when it’s presented to you.

Edu has met with Rennes to thrash out a deal to move on Laurent K. This is smart. Keeping players against their will never smart, again, let’s see how the Zaha thing pans out for Palace if they dig in. I think this situation could have been even more problematic because of the seniority of the player. Also, he’s past it, we’d be holding onto someone that’d be injured all season and far from useful. Let him go.

Mustafi has multiple suitors looking at him, which should be pretty obvious, he’s a World Cup winner. He wants to stay and prove himself, but I’m assuming a double NO from Raul and Edu has the 27-year-old considering his options.

We’ll move for a centre back, no doubt. I’m not quite sure we’re going to get the blockbuster player we’re looking for, but hey, what the fuck do I know, I didn’t think we had a chance in hell of landing Pépé.

Daniele Rugani of Juve has been linked in and out this summer. Lots of people are clambering for Konate or Upamecano. Whomever we choose… it’ll be a huge upgrade on the accident prone sack of potatoes we have at the club at the minute.

ALSO: The hot take ‘analysts’ on the internet trying to paint him as a good defender show you the exact dangers of judging a player by a spreadsheet with limited data. A single data point cannot be used to judge talent, just remember that.

There will still be holes in the squad, no doubt. The fact that Xhaka is anywhere near being our captain is a huge worry. Ozil is still in the mix. Sure, he’s showed up for preseason, but we know exactly what’ll happen to him when the weather starts to fade. There are going to be major question marks over Emery this season. Even with new players, his approach to the game is unlikely to move us up a level.


It feels like we’re finally at ground zero. Most of the problems are being solved, and it’s starting to look like there’s a north star emerging for the club. A football club never solves all its problems, but attacking the most important ones is definitely a move in the right direction. In fact, just having a direction is nice.

Having Stan K running your club is always going to be a problem if you think you need the owner to be poring over details. However, it’s difficult to deny that he’s invested in the club. His biggest weakness has always been who he has let run the show. He gave Wenger and Ivan too much trust and they blew it.

Now he’s put the power in the hands of Raul and Edu.

Early signs indicate that’s at the very least a more exciting direction.

Let’s see where the season takes us.

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  1. Up 4 grabs now

    Evening all,
    I thought the last ivory coast player we bought was gervinho.
    I know we would all like to forget him, but just saying!

    Top marks to Raul for getting in pepe, just need to sort the defence out now.

    Tierney looks next. Then a centreback and you can stick Xhaka on the bench, or a hole as long as he’s nowhere near the first eleven in the league.

  2. Pierre

    “I don’t think there’s a way back for Kozz anyway.The fans have really turned against him, quite rightfully, and it might not be nice for him if he plays again.”

    rubbish.. If Kosielny does stay at the club ( which I doubt) he will be welcomed back by the fans as they value the service he has given to the club .

    Le Grove is a poor barometer when judging a player …

  3. salpardisenyc


    I was thinking something with a pulse in terms of Mustafi replacement, anything beyond exceeds expectations there. Now that Koz is likely off, think they will have to delve a little deeper, those wages freed will help, that said Rugani looks unlikely.

    State of play, sounds like LB, CB is whats left. As for that Khedira rumor makes zero sense to me and those running with Zaha still potentially on? I’d say stay off the sauce but then I never thought Pepe was possible so WTF do I know.

  4. TR7

    Hopefully we see some improvement in our attack with Pepe and Ceballos added to our squad.

    Defense still a massive area of concern for me though. Pre-season games are never a good indicator but we saw our defense fall apart in those games exactly the same way it did last season. Still no signs of Holding and Bellerin coming back early. Monreal and Koss look well past their best. Mustafi and Xhaka still in there. In fact, it seems Xhaka is one of the trusted lieutenants of Emery. Kudos to Raul for making the most of our limited budget but I am still very apprehensive about our chances of making top 4.

  5. Up 4 grabs now

    Not bothered about koz going.
    More bothered about bielik, think there’s a good player in there at centreback or defensive midfielder.

  6. Gentlebris

    ‘Likewise i can make a joke about Nigeria to a fellow Nigerian’

    Especially on a blog full of people from other countries and especially on a subject of corruption.

    The more you type, the more I feel something is half-baked in your education.

  7. Cesc Appeal

    Great signing.

    Great work by Arsenal.

    The absolute mood Sanllehi is going to be in at the next Q&A, ‘well, well, well fuckers. What you saying now?’

  8. Pierre

    “We’ll probably score loads of goals but also concede just as much.. Might as well brace yourselves up for scorelines like 5-4,4-3,3-3 and the like,which BTW is Emery’s preference..hahaha”

    Recently ,I remarked about the similarity of the way the set up of the present Arsenal team to the Tottenham team managed by Ardiles back in the early 90’s…top heavy with attacking players ….klinsman, Sheringham, Dumitrescu, Barmby and Anderton…the famous 5 they called them.

    Ardiles was gone by November .

  9. Marc


    With Saliba coming in next season and Holding looking a decent player it’s all about this season rather than long term planning.

    The good news is at least we have less than a week now to worry about it.

  10. Un na naai

    Mainstream reporting on football is so far behind the curve these days (just like all the mainstream media) I can’t even bear to read their coverage any more
    I actually get better and more in depth coverage from Le grove

  11. TR7

    Arteta-Ramsey axis in the midfield although not spectacular lent good balance to our midfield in 2011 season and helped our defense maintain a good shape and balance. Hoping any two out of Torreira/Ceballos/Guen/Willock/AMN become our Arteta-Ramsey for this season and help our defense out. If Pepe clicks he will make the job of our RB a tad easier.

  12. Marc


    Having some proper width means the RB and wide player of the opposition can’t gang up on our RB so easily.

    We’re not going to be able to tell for a month or two but it’ll be interesting to see what our first choice line up is.

  13. Leftsidesanch

    Marc you and I, this is a time for optimism. I’m expecting Tierney to come in, if we bring in a competent CB I won’t complain as we’ve already done business there for the future. The side will look more balanced as a result.

  14. Gentlebris

    The days are gone when we signed Sanogo!

    We look to be doing business now……ala Madrid…..ala Barca!

  15. Cesc Appeal


    He’s shown he certainly knows how to work the transfer market and that he’s very good at talking to players. Like he was saying with the whole’ when Arsenal knock, it’s a different knock’ thing.

    Imagine what he can do with UCL football.

  16. jwl

    Cesc Appeal if you still here, what did you read about statistical analysis that said Arsenal having winger would help defense a lot? I read your previous comment and I am curious how they would determine quality winger is as important as centre back.

  17. Marc


    I don’t want to get silly but you begin to feel that all the promises that were made about what moving to the Emirates would mean for us could be about to start.

  18. Marc


    Actually the more interesting story is the link at the bottom of that piece. Arsenal sold Pepe a vision that includes a return to the CL this season.

    Emery’s gonna have to perform or he’ll be gone at the end of the season.

  19. Pierre

    The midfield and how it is set up is crucial to how we perform this season ..It does look like that Emery is asking the full backs to be a little more restrained in their overlapping, which is a positive.

    I would say that the key word should be DISCIPLINE, we have 3 quality strikers that need to know that behind them they have protection..if the midfield and full backs are disciplined and remain disciplined for the whole game then our defence will be able to cope with the opposition.

    If however, our midfield and full backs over commit then expect the same as last season , gaps through the channels leaving our centre backs exposed.

  20. jwl

    Thanks, Freddie Ljungberg, I find it fascinating that clubs use algorithms to determine future strategy. It makes sense to me adding world class winger would improve our defense but didn’t know clubs calculate that kind of thing.

  21. Gentlebris

    Poch gave Levy the treatment and now they have gone after Fernandez, aiming to succeed where United seem to have failed.

  22. Freddie Ljungberg


    I have no problem with that, as long as he gets the tools to succeed. Our squad is starting to look much better now, just need Tierney and a competent CB in and there’s no excuses.

    Won’t be a walk in the park though, Spurs have basically the same team + Ndombele so they won’t have that many players adapting, they could get someone else in too. Chelsea are worse off than last season but Man U are going to throw money around until the window closes and they don’t have a 3rd season Mourinho there blowing shit up.

    We’re right up there now though, haven’t felt that in a couple of years at least, and we’re finally moving in the right direction. Not missing Sven in the least either.

  23. Pierre

    “Cesc Appeal if you still here, what did you read about statistical analysis that said Arsenal having winger would help defense a lot? I read your previous comment and I am curious how they would determine quality winger is as important as centre back.”

    Was it my statistical analysis that you are referring to .😇

    I have consistently made the point over recent months that we do not possess the fear factor, especially away from home , so bringing in a winger like Zaha/Pepe immediately provides the team with the fear factor .

    I also made the point that the Opposition will no longer be able to attack us with impunity due to the fear of being caught on the counter .

  24. TR7


    Agreed. Theoretically I prefer a formation which gives the front 4 players total freedom to attack while the rest play with discipline and within themselves. So if we have Laca, Auba, Pepe and Ozil playing with total freedom with two defensively aware midfielders behind them, then it makes the job of our defense a lot easier. Of the two full backs, I prefer only one of the two to venture forward at a time. Let’s see what has Emery up his sleeve this season.

  25. Cesc Appeal


    That was it, the thing FL posted.

    Is interesting.

    I think the pace and the ability to carry the ball will be a big help in away games. Just the threat alone means oppositions have to give us more respect.

    That is something Tierney can also help with, pace, width and a counter threat.

    Too easy for the opposition to look at Arsenal and think there’s no width and no pace outside of Aubameyang which means they can sit up on us.

    Not anymore.

  26. andy1886

    “If Koscielny does stay at the club ( which I doubt) he will be welcomed back by the fans as they value the service he has given to the club .”

    Yeah, just like they showed their appreciation for Cashley…..

    He tried to f*ck us over in order to line his already well loaded pockets. He can do one and good riddance to bad rubbish.

  27. Kay

    Its coming to a point where certain posters best be ignored.

    Every cat and dog should now know that Emery will be out if he doesnt get us the Tr4phy.

    This is applicable for players as well. Perform or get lost. The likes of Ozil and Mikki should count themselves lucky to be still there at Arsenal due to their wage being bonkers.

    Genuinely excited now after a long long time!!

  28. Marc


    Another reason Ceballos looks a good signing – we’ll have a midfielder who can carry the ball as well.

    Just stops the bloody ball coming back at us so quickly so often in counter attacks.

  29. TR7

    If Spurs get Fernandes, Celso and Nodombele in and sell Erikson who is not a top class player in my opinion then Spurs will have done very well for themselves.

  30. Kay

    If we do manage to grab a decent CB as Mustafi s replacement and get Tierney, I will be over the moon irrespective of this season’s outcome.

  31. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, we had…feels great to say had…a real lack of people who can carry the ball.

    The inability to carry the ball, lack of pace and lack of width really is not a good look.

    As long as Tierney comes in we should start to look far more balanced this season.

  32. Pierre

    Would love to see a front 4 of pepe,Aubamayang, Lacazette and Ozil , but will Emery recognise the importance of having 2 holding midfielders( similar to the Tottenham set up) .

    There is nothing that I have seen so far that would suggest that Emery would want 2 disciplined midfielders protecting the centre backs and that is why I believe he may go for a 4-3-3 system instead of 4-2-3-1/

  33. Gentlebris

    United seem undecided, uncoordinated and stressed.

    If they miss it again this year, their brand would take a big knock and it seems they are sharply aware of this.

    So aware that they have lost their usual starch. They now tiptoe around the market, unsure of anything.

  34. Marc


    The deal with Chevrolet is up in 2021. If they don’t get their act together they’ll see a real dent in their commercial income.

    I’m surprised we haven’t see more panic from them.

  35. Marc


    The problem there is what is Emery’s definition of a disciplined CM. We could be looking at Xhaka and Torreira as the 2 with Ceballos or Ozil as the more advanced player.

  36. Thorough

    I think Lille just signed the next big thing out of Africa to replace Pepe. Victor Osimhen – mark that name.

  37. jwl

    Pierre/Cesc Appeal – I’ve long believed best defense is a top quality offence but did not realize that clubs gamed it out to see if it true. I’m getting really excited about this season, Pepe and Ceballos should help us a lot to look/play like a regular top tier team.

  38. Receding Hairline

    Gentlebris frankly I’m surprised you can spell education. Nigeria is a nation where you can go round the rules through”gifts” isn’t news to anyone.

    Just post what you have to say and leave the lectures alone, no one needs you to tell them what to post or not to post.

  39. Pierre

    Boring I know and not everybody’s cup of tea , but Nzonzi would fit the role perfectly …a proper disciplined defensive midfielder who is tidy on the ball , reads the game well, good in the air and is more than happy to play the role of protecting the defence so would not be continually drawn out of position…

  40. Freddie Ljungberg


    Give up on the Nzonzi nonsemse already, we’re clearly building for the future now, how does a soon to be 31 year old DM fit into that? He wouldn’t come cheap either and he’s not top quality so what would be the point exactly?

  41. MidwestGun

    I have consistently made the point over recent months that we do not possess the fear factor, especially away from home , so bringing in a winger like Zaha/Pepe immediately provides the team with the fear factor .

    Pfffft … Come on Pierre you certainly were not the first one to tell anyone here we needed a freakin winger. with pace. . People have been talking about that for ages… Since your boy Wenger ignored it for about 7 or more years and decided he would rather play with midfielders on the wings instead in the form of Santi, Ozil, Rosicky, Arshavin, Even Ramsey, Even Wilshere and the list goes on.

    Closest thing we ever got was Theo Walcott in recent memory. Even Sanchez was not really a winger and wanted to play as a #9. Absolute banter that you think you informed us.

  42. CG

    Angers 1 Arsenal 1

    Calf Muscles…..
    He ain’t got any calf muscles!!!

    Zaha has Calf Muscles. Big Bulbous ones.

    Compare and Contrast.

    ps. Didnt take Edu too long to Jump on the Bloody Gravy Train

    Edu Junior already on the AFC payroll!

    Learning quickly from The Spiv!

    Must Dash

    Bad Signal!

  43. Chris

    Midwest Gun

    I am still having nightmares about Bendtner on the wing.

    The point is valid though, it’s going to be great having that fear factor back again.

  44. Valentin


    I don’t think that Emery’s preferred tactic has a place for that kind of player.
    He wants his two man midfield to press high but still play a deep laying midfielder.
    It is a mix of high activity of Klopp and slower more measure approach of Guardiola. The problem I see with that approach is that we don’t have the combination of players to do it well.

    Torreira can’t be the all action defensive midfielder as he does not have the stamina to cover Xhaka lack of mobility.
    Xhaka can’t be the deep laying midfielder spreading pass because he does not have the mobility to shield the defense.
    Guendouzi does not have the defensive awareness to play deep.

    That is why a diaciplined Ramsey was so important in that system.

  45. MidwestGun

    Pierre clearly forgot about the 4-1- Messi formation… Wenger employed for a few seasons. All we talked about on Le Grove was getting some actual wingers who could cause problems and add width… but no we were given Oxlade Chamberlain.. and Joel Campbell and Iwobi. All players who wanted to play as an attacking midfielder so yeah sure… thanks for clueing us up that we needed a player who can scare opposition.. with power, pace and goal scoring from a wider position. Don’t know what we would do without you.

  46. Jamie

    Pepe! Nice! Hope he hits the ground running.

    Now Tierney, and if we’re being sensible, a CB to replace Mustafi/Kos.

    Realistically, we can’t expect more from this window. Shame that Ozil, Mkhi, and Xhaka still stinking the place out. All would be forgiven if we grabbed a CL spot for the 2020 season.

  47. Marc


    The window for outgoings to the continent doesn’t close until the 2nd September. Now I don’t think we’ll lose Ozil or Xhaka yet but Miki is a possibility.

  48. Chris


    I had false expectations with Chamakh because I always used him on Pro Evo 2010 and he was really good!

    Only took a few games on reality for the penny to drop!

  49. Nelson

    Arsenal is suddenly more attractive for other players to join. People may even accept an add on tying to us making the Champions League in the next 3 years.

  50. Chris

    CG appears to be obsessed with Ceballos’ calves so probably won’t have time to whinge about Pepe.

    For his sake I hope he is being ushered back into the warm, padded room with a biscuit and the nurse telling him everything is alright.

  51. Words on a Blog


    Yeah, really looking forward to informed comparative analysis from CG on Zaha (“look at the meaty calves on him”) vs. Pépé (“spindly legs and hasn’t got a clue”)

  52. Leftsidesanch

    They really need to deny as much access to a smartphone, laptop as possible in there. CG needs saving from himself.

  53. Freddie Ljungberg

    The best performing players statistically in Europe last season according to Whoscored:

    1. Lionel Messi (Barcelona) – 8.48

    2. Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain) – 8.00

    3. Teji Savanier (Nimes) – 7.89

    4. Eden Hazard (Chelsea) – 7.81

    5. Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus) – 7.68

    6. Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich) – 7.65

    7. Alejandro Gomez (Atalanta) – 7.64

    8. Nicolas Pepe (Lille) – 7.62

    9. Raheem Sterling (Manchester City) – 7.61

    10. Thiago Alcantara (Bayern Munich) – 7.59

    11. Kerem Demirbay (Hoffenheim) – 7.59

    12. Luis Suarez (Barcelona) – 7.57

    13. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) – 7.57

    14. Marcel Halstenberg (RB Leipzig) – 7.56

    15. Sebastien Haller (Eintracht Frankfurt) – 7.55

    More than 50 data points taken into account, some pretty decent names in there and our boy Pepe is nr 8 on the list, can’t see Zaha on there though.

  54. Words on a Blog


    Who needs analysis and confusing data points when you can just judge a player by the size of his calves?

  55. Freddie Ljungberg


    In CGs defence it must be mighty lonely in there, so if the meaty calves of Zaha keeps him sane, oh wait, never mind.

  56. MidwestGun

    If I was bored I would change my name to Spiv so I could be mock offended by all his comments.. But sadly I don’t have that Le Grove creative free time anymore.

    Those were the glory days.. hahaha I remember when we all changed our avatar to a picture of Pedro so we could call out the Akb’s who didn’t know how to do it.. There was about 4 pages of comments of nothing but Pedro’s head shot.. and we were trying to get Pedro Knows Best trending on twitter. 😀

    Ahhh the good old days.. Really excited about Pepe feels good to get a player that everyone would want. And who will add a quality we didn’t have and he is still young.

  57. Valentin

    Zaha is not a striker, but due to Benteke being abysmal he was used there. 5.94 as a striker, ouch.

    That rating in that position drop his overall rating. That is still a very respectable 7.21. In his preferred position, left midfielder Zaha scored a creditable 7.49.

    Zaha is not as shit as some keep stating and not as good as some others think.

  58. Jamie


    Yeah, you’re probably right. Replacing Mustafi would be great, so hopefully before the end of August like you said.

    What it the of Mkhi though? Surely he has to be wondering how many minutes he’ll be getting this season with Pepe’s arrival.

  59. Graham62

    My take on Koscielny is very simple.

    A good player who, although spending 9 years at the club, never really convinced me that he was up to the task. His demeanour and attitude often portrayed an individual who was never totally committed to the cause and was accepting of the Wenger ways.

    Koscielny typifies the sort of player we grew accustomed to under Wenger. Not a leader, non-confrontational, set in a comfort zone, accepted the status quo. If you like, your stereotypical post 2006 Arsenal player.

    Maybe I’m being too harsh on someone that has served us for so long, but would I welcome him back with open arms after his actions of recent weeks?

    Probably not.

  60. Guns of SF


    I agree he is a typical wenger relic
    Not what we need

    Rid ourselves of all of them
    El neny

  61. Thomas


    Still on the out list

  62. TR7

    #Breaking: Reports confirm that #Saudi offical decrees will be announced tomorrow that grant #women 100% full equal rights as men starting tomorrow.

    No more male permission for #travel
    nor for anything.

    A huge and historical leap for #gender #equality in the Kingdom🇸🇦.

  63. CG


    “””Dismal, You come across as a whingeing git,..:”

    Just had time to look at some clips of this Pepe Chap.

    Reminiscent of A.Sanchez . But without the class.

    We will witness Some pockets of good play from him ( lack of calf muscle, aside)

    But – he will lose possession in dangerous areas. ( easily to read- comes in from the right – gets on to the left foot!)

    If he plays in a front 3 – with the the immobile Torreira and Cebollas and Xhaka – we will be leaking goals on an Industrial Scale.

    There is not an ounce of logic in this Pepe signing.

    The only people happy are Spivvy agents and easily pleased artificial fans.

    The name of the game is to win trophies or achieve Top 4

    Pepe for £80 million- won’t achieve either.

    His signing is the equivalent of receiving a Puppy for Christmas.

    Hunky Dory for the first 2 weeks but by
    By mid Jan- he will be off to the animal sanctuary.

    Truth Hurts.

  64. Guns of SF


    Why you such a buzz kill? You never have anything positive to say

    Living in yesteryear gets tiring after a while

    You might relish being the lg antagonist but seriously? Pépé is awesome and the team is moving in the right direction

    What will you do when we get cl?

    Find more reasons to criticize ?

  65. CG

    Guns of SF

    “””Pépé is awesome and the team is moving in the right direction”””


    The fee for Pepe is awesome ( especially for Lille)

    The team is moving in the right direction?

    Is it?

    We ain’t got Team,man!!

    But We do have a collection of disparate players…( and more to come ,by the sounds of it)

    Team ?

    Chelsea 4 Arsenal 1
    Brighton 1 Arsenal 1
    Angers 1 Arsenal 1
    Arsenal 1 Lyon 2

    Some team this Guns!


  66. kristoman

    AFC is not this i do no wrong by my players. Your player ran to saying he would like to go back home cause he is feeling the effect of the game getting to him. We accepted that if a decent offer is made. Then he can go. Fast forward to now. A club make an offer only to them my transfer fee is what nobody will pay in world football. basicaly you are forcing me stay without saying the words.

  67. andy1886

    ‘Hypocrate’??? WTF are you talking about? Both sides at fault? Based on what? Only one guy here trying to break a contract for his own financial gain. Yes he gave us some good performances – and some less than stellar ones too – for which he was paid extremely well. Before AFC he was a small fish at a small club. I’d say he did pretty well out of AFC so a bit rich to play the victim now.

  68. kristoman

    Kos wanted out for a small fee say 2~4m, we wanted 10m and above of which KOS basically know its virtually impossible cause no one is paying that amount for him anytime soon.

  69. andy1886

    We agreed that he could go if we got a decent offer did we? Where did you get that information? Actually if you were paying attention he doesn’t want to be let go for ‘a decent offer’ – he wants to go on a FREE after willingly signing that contract. If he was that desperate he could have bought out the last year of his contract but he didn’t because he wants to screw the club and make as much money as he can. Bollocks to him.

  70. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Your not..

    Never took ownership of the defence like what was expected.

    Wengers lieutenant who was more wet than fish..

    Lob him out n save 5/m a year

    Fuck the fee ..

  71. Ivan

    Kos was really good servant to the club. Good defender too. Most of time being paired with partner of far less ability so he looked worse than he really is sometimes.

    I see this contractual issue more of old arsenal vs new arsenal. Back in the day Ivan and Arsene would sanction such a moove while today he is made example. Sad part is that he got the stick, and far worse playes had their way on the past.

    And some small part in this situation is Mustafar. Him being unselable liability amplifies club stance/need to either cash in on Kos, or sell him for smh in order to finance replacment.

    Im actually happy that Arsenal finaly grow some balls and took transfer bussines serious, a bit sad for Kos but that is cost of progress.

  72. kristoman

    oh please dont tell me you are this gullible, kos never asked to go on free. Cause he knew he is under a contract. but if you say he did please give me a proof of it

  73. andy1886

    Kristoman, he’s after a three year contract at the best wages he could get which in total is probably more than he would earn if he saw out the last year of his AFC contract. It’s been suggested that the contract he signed was front loaded so he earned a higher wage for the first two years and a considerably lower wage for the last optional year. So he took the money when it was good and now wants to get out of the last year where he earns less. And expects the club to roll over and let him. So this is absolutely about financial gain.

    If it’s not about the money then why doesn’t he take a lower wage so his new employer could afford the transfer fee? Your initial argument was false which you haven’t acknowledged, he wants to go on a free, not for a modest transfer fee, because he wants to maximise his earnings at the expense of the club that paid him so well for many years. Then we could go into how utterly unprofessional his actions have been regardless. He’s throwing his toys out of his pram like a spoiled Wenger child.

  74. kristoman

    were is the proof that he said he wants to go on free. these are media lies to make look good. if not why its is 10m when AFC knows nobody will pay that amount. And why only french team are linked KOS

  75. gnarleygeorge9

    I spose its understanding why people of Birmingham chatter, chatter like frustrated baboons & wave yellow bog roll in the air. The city doesn’t have a PL club. Ha Ha Haaaaaa.

    P.S no wonder their arses are red!

  76. andy1886

    Okay, let’s play your game. Show me the evidence that these are ‘media lies’ to ‘make Arsenal look good’. So far you’ve provided zero evidence to back up your claim whereas they are multiple reports to support the alternative view. The first report was from L’equipe in the French media – why would they want to ‘make Arsenal look good’?? You’re giving opinion based on no evidence whatsoever. The facts are the Kos is contracted to AFC and has attempted to break that contact. He’s in the wrong. Shall we let all our players just walk away for free when they feel like it? What kind of weird logic is that?

  77. kristoman

    that is why i said both parties. KOS hoped that he could let to go for free or at very very small fee. Arsenal is having non of that. Just they short on cash they want to milk every drop of it from any pontential suitors thus 10m valuation. Now kos thought even if you dont want me to go on free, why such outragous fee

  78. andy1886

    Well at least you’re admitting that he wants to go on a free now. What he should have done is gone on the tour and continue to negotiate. It’s clear that it’s not just that he wants to go home, if he wanted to do that then he could take a very modest wage and his new club could offer a compromise fee. Ten million has been banded about but there’s no evidence for that either. Players agents can play the media game just as much as clubs can. By taking the action he did he’s tarnished his reputation which is sad. Personally I don’t think that he’s up to regular PL football anymore but the club cannot simply let players walk away and break contracts.

  79. Peter12

    I don’t know why we are not considering giving Cahill (who is free) a chance on a one-year contract (particularly as Kos will be leaving). Cahill has bags of experience, physical presence, probably better than Kos, and no older. He would be invaluable particularly while Holding is still recovering and (hopefully, hopefully) Mustafi gone. Likely, we would get, say, 10m for Kos, more than paying Cahill’s wages as well. Win-Win, I would say. This is my view!

  80. KAY Boss

    Kristoman or whatever, I dey beg u paaaaa…. We dey good mood. Make u no spoil am for us. Weytin happen for your brain. Today’s Pepe Day.
    If you are much smooched into Kos, like a certain into Ozil, just allow us this day to enjoy the Pepe Day.
    Kos has been a good servant, no doubt. But he wanted to be released from his his contract and this regime said no, end of it. Whoever is interested should sit with the club and trash out the fee required. They know what to do. Stop moaning about a spilt milk.

  81. Pierre

    “That is why a disciplined Ramsey was so important in that system”

    Ramsey and disciplined.

    Now there’s 2 words that I would never thought I’d see in the same sentence.

    Let’s not rewrite history on Ramsey’s career at Arsenal…he played without discipline for the vast majority of his ten years at the club .
    Even under Emery it was only for a brief period ( about4/5 games) when he and Ozil were reinstated into the side after the Bate defeat did Ramsey show that he could play in centre midfield without charging upfield.

    There is a narrative on here that Ramsey had a stand out season under Emery .

    Emery tried him as a no.10 without success.
    He was then benched for 9 consecutive league games.
    He had a very good ( though short) period in centre midfield
    He was injured and missed the run in .

    That was his season , started about 13/14 league games so let’s get a little perspective on what he achieved last season.

  82. Leedsgunner

    Watch Aubameyang thrive next season – we’ve bought for him another, more refined version of Dembele…

    We have enough deadwood that if we work consistently and methodically we can sell them to recover the Pepe transfer fee.

  83. andy1886

    “let’s get a little perspective on what he achieved last season.”


    Ramsey PL stats 18/19: Minutes 1331, Goals 4, Assists 6. Average 133.1 minutes per goal or assist.

    Ozil PL stats 18/19: Minutes 1742, Goals 5, Assists 2. Average 248.9 minutes per goal or assist.

    Seems to me that Ramsey was far more productive than Ozil on about a third of the salary. No wonder he thought he deserved a better deal.

  84. Cesc Appeal

    When you watch the videos for the new signings I like seeing how Sanllehi interacts with them. Very informal, very friendly and like he’s excited they are part of the club. As if he already has a good relationship with them and has personally come to welcome them.

    You can see he’s very comfortable with agents as well. Very much this is his world.

    Great news for Arsenal.

  85. Valentin


    That was my point. A disciplined Ramsey was very good for a few games. It showed that this system could work with the right personnel. As soon as Ramsey was injured, the system fell apart.
    Incomprehensibly Emery stuck to the same two central midfielders system without having the personnel to make it work.

  86. Nelson

    Checking a player’s status can be misleading. If a player plays all the time and the coach tasks him to perform his best position, his status could be very different if the coach asks him to play a few games here and there and ask him to play some shitty task.

  87. Words on a Blog


    No one is trying to rewrite history. Other than a couple of standout seasons (2013/14 CM partnership with Arteta comes to mind), under Wenger Ramsey was very often a frustrating and undisciplined player, liable to be absent (stranded upfield) from defence just as much as he was pretty effective with his late runs and goals.

    Emery tried him out as an AM, and you’re right it didn’t work out.

    But when he was then moved back to be part of a midfield two, he was told to be disciplined in his positioning, and was just as effective in his defensive play as in his offensive play and late runs into the box. When he got injured, Arsenal’s form and results suffered.

  88. Valentin


    Of course Raul is comfortable with agents. They all love him. He is willing to pay over the odds.

    According to reports, Arsenal is willing to pay between 10 and 16 millions of commission fees for 12 agents! No wonder they love him. He is Father Christmas.

    FiFA recommendation is that any side agent should not received more than 3.5% of transfer in commission and the total commission paid to agents (sum of all three sides) should be less than 10%. For this deal, some reported the agents fees to be up to 23%.

    If reports are correct that Pepe has two agent, Lille had two agents, that means that Arsenal needed 8 agents to get Pepe. That make you wonder, why we are paying him, why not directly hire Jorge Mendes and put him in charge of our transfers like Wolves did.