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You can chill those Heinz Baked beans, it seems that the deal to bring Pépé to Arsenal is basically done. Fabrizio Romano, who has been on top of this story even when it was a ‘OH DO FU*K OFF’ pipe dream, reckons the deal is done and the player is wetting his bed in excitement for the move.

I don’t need to continue to wax about this, but really, it’s the most exciting transfer of the last 10 years for Arsenal. We know he wants to move to us, he’s not a reject, his career is on an upwards trajectory.

… I still can’t quite believe it’s happening.

I’m also glad that this summer has well and truly seen the death of the ITK crowd. We’re back to journo’s knowing more. I much prefer things that way.

We still have our cuck fanbase praising Wenger for being part of the deal. Sure, Pépé wants to come to Arsenal, but be real, Raul having a relationship with Jorge Mendes is why this is happening, nothing to do with what we were doing 20 years ago. The pound notes speak and we’re finally dealing with the right agents that can make things happen.

Interestingly, Monaco are rumoured to be entertaining a €30m bid for Mustafi. Jorge Mendes has deep ties over there. He’s moved lots of names in and out of that club. It really wouldn’t be surprising to see us shift out players because we’re greasing the right sort of wheels with the Pépé deal.

I think moving on Mustafi would be the biggest deal of the summer. It would be absolutely unreal. I think I would write Raul a thank you note.

It’s been very amusing to watch certain Arsenal fans sanctimoniously slamming fans when it comes to his treatment. He’s a leach. He’s here because we make it too easy for him to stink out our defence. Why shouldn’t fans hound him out? To say it’s not Arsenal class to boo player just shows a lack of understanding of our history. I’ve been there when we’ve booed Eboue. Fans in the 80s were militant about moving on Terry Neil with protests. Away fans hounded Wenger at Stoke station. Arsenal fans were booing players as far back as the Chapman days. Fans were even booing in 2004!

Sure, it’s not nice. But this is elite sport. This isn’t dopey Dave the intern that keeps messing up the coffee run. He shouldn’t be given the choice to stay. He should go to Monaco and enjoy the good life. Then we should go out and sign someone better so we can crack on with a better defence.

If Gareth Bale can be shoved out a year after signing a new deal in Madrid after netting 4 European Cups, then Mustafi can be as well.

There is no class in accepting mediocrity.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments.

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  1. MidwestGun

    If we could sign a LB.. and a CB who could cover at RB… sort of like a Bac Sagna type.. I would be ecstatic especially if Mustafi is gone..

    Probably a pipe dream… but still would make me giddy.

  2. Receding Hairline

    Marc i am the opposite, always rated Lukaku. But 75m was daylight robbery, but it’s telling Chelsea and United were all willing to pay it. Now he is potential moving to Juventus. Tells it’s own story really

  3. Receding Hairline

    Pierre has nothing but resentment towards the current regime at Arsenal. He first off started the agenda that no flair players will be joining us after seeing how Ozil was treated. Now he just wants every thing they touch to fail.

  4. MidwestGun


    Repeat after me.. Arsene Wenger isn’t coming back and Ozil isn’t world class.

    ………………………Arsene Wenger isn’t coming back and Ozil isn’t world class.

    ……………………..Arsenene Wenger isn’t coming back and Ozil isn’t world class.

    Repeat this mantra every morning and breath deeply and everything will be ok..

    I promise you. Might help your golf game as well who knows…

  5. Elmo

    Interesting on Twitter (@behnisch / @tariqpanja) about how Pepe transfer will be dealt with / what is pretty common now:

    EUR 80m transfer fee over 5 years agreed between clubs.
    Lille will then immediately sell the right to the fee to a factoring company for EUR 70/75m up-front.
    Arsenal will pay EUR 92m in total, including EUR 12m to agents.
    Lille will receive EUR 70-75m.
    Somewhere between EUR 17-22m will leave the game (18-24% of the money paid out by Arsenal will end up with intermediaries or finance companies).

  6. Words on a Blog


    A psych test would rule pretty much every one on here out.

    You’d be left having informed and cultured discussions with Cesc.

  7. Words on a Blog


    Waiting for CG to come on in a minute to tell us about the rumour that Pepe’s medical tests showed that his biological age was actually 44!

  8. Leftsidesanch

    It’s amazing isn’t it, how can some people walk around consumed with such disdain and bitterness?

    I feel bad for you Pierre, for having such a shit name and having to carry around the weight of acidity on your shoulders.

  9. Leftsidesanch

    There are a few that are here to shake up the Legrove world, if everybody become fans of Ozil (hold your LOL’s) you can bet that Pathetic Pierre would go the other way, so would his mate CG, Thomas and GOH.

  10. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Marc with a c

    I rated lipukau when he had arsenal n Chelsea to choose from.
    An he choose them..

    To me he is just another whose hunger has been eaten up by earning too much money…

    The lad lost appetite .

  11. Marc

    I can’t understand how someone can get so invested over an individual manager over the club they support. Pierre’s old enough and I believe he did support Arsenal long before Wenger came.

    It’s like a form of Stockholm Syndrome.

  12. Words on a Blog


    Ah, Thomas…..I don’t think I’ve ever come across, whether in real life or in the virtual world, a more relentlessly and consistently negative person than Thomas.

  13. salpardisenyc

    “As for the Ozil thing, everyone loved Ozil’s signing. TR7 likes to standout, that’s his MO here”

    Or he just has a solid opinion, I may not agree with it all the time but he goes his own way. Refreshing in crowded field of sheep like yourself.

  14. Words on a Blog


    To be fair to Pierre, he’s done lots of tactical analysis of Pépé on YouTube (like the sterling work that conclusively proved that Ceballos played football just like Xhaka) and he has come to the reasoned conclusion that Pépé runs around uselessly like a chicken that’s just been beheaded by Emery. The problem is Pepe’s got no end product.

    Oh, wait.

  15. Marc


    He’s a unit but I’ve never been convinced he’s top level. Mourinho (before he went completely bonkers) thought the same but then went bonkers and spent a silly amount of money on him.

    I would say he’s a poor mans Drogba or Costa but it’s more a case of a slightly deluded rich mans version with the money he’s gone for.

  16. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Pierre n dismal

    Need to move on …

    Next home game go early sit on your seat and look at the pitch, see past game glories … then look to the bench it’s empty. He’s gone..

    He had more than enough chances in the last 8 years.

    He is doing well. Send him cards with empt6 signed cheques , he would like that.

  17. Henry Root

    Some of the puerile garbage that gets posted on here never fails to surprise me but to suggest that Pépé had failed his medical when he passed with flying colours this morning is a new low. Absolutely pathetic.
    It’s been nice to see some acknowledgement that a club that has been very behind the curve in terms of its planning is now developing some very interesting moves .
    Ceballos, Pepe and Tierney are all players that will improve the side . We desperately need a good CB and some shipping out of the dross. But this window looks like representing progress and we have a chance of moving upwards rather than downwards .

  18. Marc


    It’s like Pierre’s way of demeaning a player is to pick another player who isn’t popular and say player A is like him.

    If we were linked with a CB that he suddenly took a dislike to that player would suddenly be just like Mustafi.

  19. Words on a Blog


    18-24%of the Pépé (and other players) fees leaving the game and going to agents and financiers is pretty depressing, it has to be said.

    Under Arsene, old Arsenal would have taken a principled stand and refused to do the deal.

    But that’s football these days, and it shouldn’t be up to to the clubs but up to regulators (ha ha) to try to put a stop to it.

  20. Leftsidesanch

    Words lol that is hilarious, Thomas used to parade on here as Steve and is a known Chelsea fan..he is another who evades the bin.

    Pierre can string across a sentence together which sets him apart from CG but he is also a troll, here to wind everybody up.

  21. Marc


    I had that exact conversation with my brother earlier. We need rules to control how agents are paid etc but being the only club to make a moral stand and suffer because of it is crazy.

  22. Words on a Blog


    Yeah Pierre can put a sentence together, and when he’s talking about tactics, he can occasionally make sense, even if I usually disagree with him.

    But he’s like a religious fundamentalist whose worldview is totally shaped by the prophets Wenger and Ozil, peace be upon them.

  23. Marc


    Valentin is another one – convinced Arsenal need to employ a head surgeon as Auba and Pepe are going to keep on colliding and knocking each other out.

  24. Leftsidesanch

    I don’t even think he likes Ozil as much as he makes out Words. He decided to select the most maligned player in the team and align himself with them once Wenger left.

  25. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Marc with a c

    Lingerard will implode this season.

    No way is he international class.

    United young player well overrated

    Feel a bit sorry for welbeck no club yet.

  26. MidwestGun

    Got to get my creative juices flowing.. I rate Pepe on par with say Sanchez signing as far as impact… Given we don’t have any wingers on the first team. And if we decide to promote say a Nelson or a Martinelli or a Saha… in the next few seasons we could be set up for at least 4 or 5 seasons. Also won’t need to play Auba and Laca every single match. Anyhow, it’s up there in all time signings as far as excitement especially since it was looking like we were gonna get shutout.

    Need to address the defense but surely now CL looks more reasonable.

  27. Graham62

    Can someone please start a new blog for those folk on here who resent change.

    What it proves is that Pierre and his clan were never focused on wanting Arsenal to progress. They were far more concerned in protecting their master and tolerating the status quo.

    Pepe is a fantastic acquisition and promotes a positive sign that we are trying to move forward.

  28. Leftsidesanch

    I saw that Marc and I was happy with how you guys took him to task with that ridiculous notion, he goes out of his way to be critical too. I’d be amazed if he supported Arsenal.

    I mean, suggesting to sell Auba to Man Utd?! The nutters have really come out to play on LG this year.

  29. Words on a Blog


    You’re right about Pierre and Ozil, and if Mustafi ends up staying, that’s pretty worrying!

    We’re gonna have reams and reams of “analysis” about Mustafi’s defensive prowess and “chances denied”

  30. Leftsidesanch

    I reckon we’d have to drag Mustafi out kicking and screaming. He’s intent on staying at Arsenal and collecting his generous wage.

  31. Marc


    You can always spot the nut jobs by the way they respond when their comments are pulled up.

    I called Valentin a cheese eating surrender monkey after he said we should give in and let Kos go on a free and now I’m a xenophobic troll.

  32. Marc


    On a serious note Monaco has a crazy low income tax rate so it’s possible that he could “take home” as much / more than he earns at Arsenal even though his gross salary was less.

    It’s also not as he’d be moving to a shit hole.

  33. WengerEagle

    Are PSG allergic to signing top class midfielders or what’s the crack?

    Gueye another decent CM but doesn’t take them closer to the elite sides midfielders.

  34. Leftsidesanch


    I do think that if Monaco have real designs of adding Mustafi to their squad then it’s a deal that we will look to sanction. I don’t think he’s flavour of the month with Emery or the top brass at all.

  35. MidwestGun

    Red hot Chile Pepe’s?

    Never mind the Tottenham..
    Never mind the United fans.
    Never mind Scouser bans.
    Never mind the Chelsea scam..

    Cause we are the Red Hot Chile Pepe!!!!

    Hahaha I don’t know, like I said, lots of material to work with..

  36. Marc


    The guy’s had how many years to iron the fuck ups out of his game?

    The expectation level at Arsenal is only going to get higher and the fans more vocal towards the players who make mistake after mistake.

    Go to Monaco – nice life good money.

  37. Leftsidesanch

    Of course, that’s why I found it comical Marc when he said that he wants to prove himself, after all this time I don’t think the penny is going to drop. He needs to be as far away from the team as possible.

  38. salpardisenyc


    Pepe don’t miss solid.

    I’m always partial to the clash so:

    This is radio Pepe tearing up the seven veils
    This is radio Pepe using audio ammuntion

  39. salpardisenyc

    Zaha not going anywhere, killed this summers move with signing extension at Palace. Poor agenting right there.

  40. bennydevito


    After signing Pepe, provided it happens, nothing would surprise me or be beyond the realms of possibility for the rest of our window, especially with regards to signing this CB we’re supposedly after.

    If we sell Mustafi, Kos and Bielik for around £40 not only will we have recouped a good amount of money but we will be very light at the back in terms of experience, so any CB we sign will need to be proven, experienced and ready to hit the ground running.

    How does a mad last minute £80m bid for Maguire sound? We did bid £50m for him a few weeks back. Far fetched perhaps but then so was signing Pepe.

    It could happen.

  41. bennydevito

    After being stuck at Palace and having a shit season, who’s to say we won’t go back in for him next summer at half the price or even this January?

    That’s my prediction anyway.

  42. Leftsidesanch

    Derby County have won the race to sign Arsenal’s Krystian Bielik for around £10m. He had offers from Italy for €4m & €7m but he is joining Derby.

    Great if true

  43. KAY Boss

    Being linked to Boubacar Kamara of Marseilles. Valued at €20m. Has a year left on his contract. Looks OK for a player of his age 19.
    Value for money with home and Saliba. Pray it happens.

  44. Un na naai

    Leno, Jenkinson, Sokratis, Chambers, Monreal, Guendouzi, Ceballos, Willock, Nelson, Aubameyang, Nketiah

    Line up tomo vs angers I’m reading

  45. Un na naai


    Looks like emery wants to have a look at the 3 lads vying for his 3rd spot in the middle before Barca at the wknd and then he will play full strength

  46. Un na naai

    They’ve got 9 days to sign Pepe, Tierney and a centre half
    If they don’t at least add tierney then Pepe will not gloss over the failure to address the backline this summer
    Yes it’s an exciting transfer but if not one defender comes in then it’s emtirely wengeresque

  47. Pierre

    ” Pierre has come to the reasoned conclusion that Pépé runs around uselessly like a chicken that’s just been beheaded by Emery. The problem is Pepe’s got no end product.”

    Actually Pierre has come to the “reasoned conclusion” that Pepe is an excellent signing by Raul, Pepe will fill the void that Sanchez left , he will provide goals , assists and will get the crowds off their seats with his direct play (ala Sanchez) and most importantly ,help to improve our away form.

    Let’s hope Emery manages to set the team up in a way to get the best out of Aubamayang, Lacazette and Pepe …. They need the freedom to express themselves knowing that the midfield and defence is tight and compact …

  48. Cesc Appeal


    To be fair in terms of CB options he’s got nothing basically. It is good to hear they are apparently chasing a CB with a host of names linked to us, some good, some not so good.

    I guess it depends on what money we can make from sales because Tierney is likely to take up the last part of our budget.

  49. Marc

    “They need the freedom to express themselves knowing that the midfield and defence is tight and compact …”

    Well that leaves Ozil out then doesn’t it or do you see a way of putting him into midfield where it will still manage to be tight and compact?

  50. Pierre

    It’s so boring Le grove going on and on about how much we will get for this and that player , who gives a toss .

  51. Marc


    Oh dear!

    Good spot though but no I will not be signing that. It’s actually worse than when someone tried to push “So Nacho” as a song for Monreal.

  52. Pierre

    “Well that leaves Ozil out then doesn’t it or do you see a way of putting him into midfield where it will still manage to be tight and compact?”

    Maybe it does leave Ozil out , if we play a 4-3-3 then Ozil is out of the side as we will probably copy Liverpool’s system of having 3 solid midfielders , fine by me as I have been advocating for a long time that we need to control the game from midfield.
    We didn’t manage it under Wenger with the ill disciplined Ramsey in midfield and we definitely didn’t do it last season

    If it’s 4-2-3-1: then he may get the no.10 role with 2 holding midfielders..

  53. Words on a Blog


    And the call it Pépé love
    Just because they never know
    How a Gooner really feels
    When you’re tearing down the wing
    Skinning fullbacks just for fun
    And scoring all those lovely goals

  54. Marc


    I don’t think there’s that much difference between a 4-3-3 and a 4-2-3-1.

    It’s just how advanced one of the CM’s is and that player should still be expected to put a shift in. That can be tracking back or pressing from the front but the PL is just too competitive to have passengers.

  55. Freddie Ljungberg

    Of all the CBs that has been linked to us this summer, only really Konate, Upemecano and Kimpembe (not counting Umtiti here because that’s not happening) have all the physical attributes to be a success in the PL. Rugani too slow, Kamara too slight etc.

    Of those 3 I don’t think Konate is possible with 4 years left on his contract.

    PSG losing out on De Ligt might want to hold on to Kimpembe now.

    Upemecano was linked a couple of weeks ago and the reported price was 30m, even if it’s up to 40m I think we should be in there if we can get decent money for Mustafi and ship Kos and Bielik.

    Don’t want to see us signing another stop gap CB and bank our future on just having Holding and Saliba going forward, especially since Holding seems injury prone.

    Would also love it if Nelson and Saka has their breakout season and make that left wing their bitch, would save us a lot of money for other signings if we don’t have to invest there for the next 10 years.

  56. Pierre

    I thought my one year old granddaughter had an insight into what was going on at Arsenal as she excitedly kept saying ” pepe “.

    Then pepper pig came on the box and she shouted ” Pepe”….

  57. Pierre


    I don’t think we had the players( offensively) before Pepe arrived to plays 4-3-3 similar to Liverpool .
    Most of their goals come from the wide players with firmino providing the link , Aubamayang and Pepe could be as lethal as Salah and Mane in a 4-3-3 .
    Playing a 4-3-3 means our offensive players would defend from the front and not have to track back to their own box as the cover from the 3 midfielders will be there .
    This allows our offensive players to save energy for where they most need it ,in the final third.

  58. Pierre

    I would personally like to see a 3 man midfield of Willock Torriera and Guendouzi/Ceballos to compliment our front 3 .

  59. Un na naai


    You like the blues? Listen to Elmore James. The man is a legend. They say he invented the slide guitar with a mop bucket and other house hold items
    Dirt poor but the sort of genius you will never see the likes of again with this new shite they produce these days

    How many kids pick up a guitar or sit down with a piano or a harp or a sax??

    So so sad the way music has died

    I do like seasick Steve too.

  60. TallestTiz

    This Kamara guy from Marseille is a tad too short for a CB.

    I’d cringe watching him.

    According to what I’ve read, he’s not fast enough too.

    For someone under 1.8m, it’s worrying. No height, no pace to complement

  61. Freddie Ljungberg


    Willock and Ceballos are closer in position/style than Guen/ Ceballos.

    Don’t know where you’ve got this crazy idea that Ceballos is some kind of Xhaka clone, the guy is a top dribbler and has a burst of pace, pretty much the polar opposite to Xhaka.

  62. Sidtsw

    We will go for Ruben Dias. Benfica. Excellent DC. Young and already good. Can be expensive but thats the way we are going now. Prospects.

  63. Un na naai

    I wouldn’t go making assumptions on Ceballos just yet

    The same rubbish was spouted about xakha when he first came and played a few games scored a couple of beauties and then came the critics

  64. Freddie Ljungberg

    Like with all signings it’s possible that he doesn’t adapt to the pace and power of the PL, still doesn’t make him a similar player to Guen, or Xhaka, or Arteta like you claimed.

    I hope we see the early season form from Torreira and Guen during the whole season this year, the less we have to see of Xhaka the better.

    Also expecting Willock to get some game time.
    Hopefully Ceballos adapts quickly and Ozil can park his bleached ass on the bench.

  65. Pierre

    Sometimes fans look at new players through rose -tinted glasses and only see the positive side of new arrivals……I didn’t say he was a clone of Xhaka , or course he isn’t , you say he has a burst of pace , watching him live on Sunday I would say he doesn’t look to have the running action of someone who has a burst of pace, he can dribble but I will be surprised if he leaves players for dead with his “burst of pace ” …dribbling wise he looks more like a Joe Cole, hence he could play in a midfield 3 where he can use his close control to good effect.

    You think he is a polar opposite to Xhaka which means they should compliment eachother but I don’t see it ….I think they play at a similar pace and i will be surprised if he has this burst of pace that you are so confident we will see.

  66. Freddie Ljungberg


    I didn’t say he’s a speed demon, he clearly isn’t that, but he has the ability to dribble past players using trickery and pace. Joe Cole is probably a fairer comparison.
    I’ve given up on Xhaka so I don’t really think anyone can compliment him, he’s just too slow and full of errors, we’ll see though.

    I’m not judging him on a 20 min cameo in preseason in his first appearance for the club though.

  67. Un na naai


    I’ve only watched him for real and he seemed arteta like to me

    Arteta was a good player in his day too don’t forget.

  68. GS88

    Even though a CB is urgently needed, I’d prefer it if we only bought in a real top quality one.

    I’m hearing that Rugani is prone to mistakes. But the little that I’ve seen of him on YouTube, he seems decent, but no that quick, which is a worry.

    But a loan for him for one season until we get a real beast at CB.

    So next year go really big on say a Koulibaly or a Varane etc. Big shot, but it can be done I think.

  69. Un na naai

    Joe Cole is probably a fairer comparison.

    Not on your nelly. Joe Cole was a flair master. This fella passes more than he dribbles and he doesn’t have the same level as Cole of beating a man. No chance

  70. Caligooner


    A koulibaly signing next summer would be interesting as a copying Liverpool style signing. The attack is set. We will need a mid to replace Ceballos but a big shoot your wad for a top top defender im all in favor for. Champions league dependent of course.

  71. salpardisenyc

    Assuming we get Tierney and a CB that likely starts alongside Sokratis, whats our best starting XI?

  72. Freddie Ljungberg


    “Those technical qualities were apparent during this summer’s U21 Euros.

    As well as contributing two goals and two assists, Ceballos created more chances and completed more dribbles than anyone else at the tournament. He even made the most passes, attempting 375 with a 93 per cent accuracy rate across Spain’s five games. He has already won six caps for the senior side. It would be no surprise for that number to start rising soon.

    Only Neymar and Lionel Messi made more dribbles than Ceballos in La Liga that season – and that’s despite the fact that he was frozen out by Poyet for the first three months of it. His performances turned heads and his importance to Betis could not be understated. “This team is Dani Ceballos and 10 others,” said team-mate Ruben Castro at the time.”

    That’s from skysports about this summers u21 tournament and his time at Betis.

    Does a player that dribbles only slightly less than Neymar and Messi not sound like a flair player to you?

    If he gets the 10 role or plays as CM in a Santi role remains to be seen, think we might be too frail with Torreira – Ceballos – Ozil as a midfield but that’s mostly because Ozil offers nothing off the ball and not much on it either nowadays.

    You still searching for Cabellos on youtube?

  73. Nelson

    Last year, Emery wanted to win every competition. He didn’t rotate enough the starting 11. This year, I hope he plays youngsters and backups in those cup games and early round of the Europa Cup competition. It is important to keep the starting 11 always fresh.

  74. Un na naai

    So one of his u21 team mates talked him up? Big deal

    Countless people talked up jack Wilshere and you lot laugh him off but he was better at 19 than ceballos is now.

    You like him so good for you
    I hope you’re right Freddie
    For Arsenal’s sake

  75. Thorough

    Sal paradise.
    Willock Sokratis Rugani Tuerney
    Torreira Guendozi/Niles/Chambers
    Pepe. Lacazete Auba

    Yes I put Willock as the right full back and I think there’s one more spot in the midfield up for grabs.
    And I don’t consider Xhaka or Ozil as good enough.