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You can chill those Heinz Baked beans, it seems that the deal to bring Pépé to Arsenal is basically done. Fabrizio Romano, who has been on top of this story even when it was a ‘OH DO FU*K OFF’ pipe dream, reckons the deal is done and the player is wetting his bed in excitement for the move.

I don’t need to continue to wax about this, but really, it’s the most exciting transfer of the last 10 years for Arsenal. We know he wants to move to us, he’s not a reject, his career is on an upwards trajectory.

… I still can’t quite believe it’s happening.

I’m also glad that this summer has well and truly seen the death of the ITK crowd. We’re back to journo’s knowing more. I much prefer things that way.

We still have our cuck fanbase praising Wenger for being part of the deal. Sure, Pépé wants to come to Arsenal, but be real, Raul having a relationship with Jorge Mendes is why this is happening, nothing to do with what we were doing 20 years ago. The pound notes speak and we’re finally dealing with the right agents that can make things happen.

Interestingly, Monaco are rumoured to be entertaining a €30m bid for Mustafi. Jorge Mendes has deep ties over there. He’s moved lots of names in and out of that club. It really wouldn’t be surprising to see us shift out players because we’re greasing the right sort of wheels with the Pépé deal.

I think moving on Mustafi would be the biggest deal of the summer. It would be absolutely unreal. I think I would write Raul a thank you note.

It’s been very amusing to watch certain Arsenal fans sanctimoniously slamming fans when it comes to his treatment. He’s a leach. He’s here because we make it too easy for him to stink out our defence. Why shouldn’t fans hound him out? To say it’s not Arsenal class to boo player just shows a lack of understanding of our history. I’ve been there when we’ve booed Eboue. Fans in the 80s were militant about moving on Terry Neil with protests. Away fans hounded Wenger at Stoke station. Arsenal fans were booing players as far back as the Chapman days. Fans were even booing in 2004!

Sure, it’s not nice. But this is elite sport. This isn’t dopey Dave the intern that keeps messing up the coffee run. He shouldn’t be given the choice to stay. He should go to Monaco and enjoy the good life. Then we should go out and sign someone better so we can crack on with a better defence.

If Gareth Bale can be shoved out a year after signing a new deal in Madrid after netting 4 European Cups, then Mustafi can be as well.

There is no class in accepting mediocrity.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments.

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  1. Emiratesstroller


    I am beginning to believe that Arsenal’s net spend this summer could well be £45 million as previously discussed.

    Net spend is not the same as financial commitments. Our budget based on current evidence may well be something like £135,000,000 when you factor
    in transfers of Saliba, Tierney, Pepe, Martinelli and a potential loan fee for

    However, Arsenal have been negotiating instalment payments on almost all these players so our actual commitment this summer may be no more than
    £60-65 million.

    So far we have sold Ospina and Amaechi and received a further £4.5 million for
    a third party sale. So we are receiving this summer already £10 million.

    In other words we need to make only additional sales where we receive physically perhaps £10-15 million to achieve the net budget figure.

  2. Nelson

    I read that Pepe’s agent will pocket €9m. On top of that, Jorge Mendes must receive something too for his trouble. I have to give Raul credit for making this happen. I can imagine that Josh must have given him the backing recently.

  3. Receding Hairline

    This is the type of deals we normally walk away from because our “values” is against paying agents outrageous fees. Same values encourages us to pay sub-standard players a kings ransom to cost us points.

  4. HighburyLegend

    “I think moving on Mustafi would be the biggest deal of the summer. It would be absolutely unreal. I think I would write Raul a thank you note.”

    If Mustardi leaves, I send to Raul a box of chocolate with the note.

  5. Pierre

    The pepe deal is very good news for Arsenal football club in many ways .

    Besides being a very potent player, It shows the football world that Arsenal have ambition and this could help entice other quality players to the club..

    The signings of Martinez and Ceballos will do very little to improve the team….they may even have a detrimental effect on the progress of Saka, Nelson and WIllock .

    Martinez and Ceballos are decent players but it remains to be seen if they will get game time , is Martinez a better footballer than Nelson and Saka , I’m not so sure .
    Martinez was given 25 minutes v Lyon and did very little ….that game time could and would have been given to Saka if Martinez was not brought in …Saka must have left the Emirates disappointed.
    Will this continue in our league cup and Europa cup games , will Nelson and Saka only get limited game time in those games due to the arrival of Martinez.

    It could be a similar situation regarding Ceballos and the development of Willock and also Guendouzi.
    Ceballos , is not too dissimilar to Xhaka in the way he plays the game , he has more flair but the pace of his game looks the same . I hear a lot on Le Grove about his dribbling skills but he is no Cazorla that’s for sure ….Xhaka and Ceballos in midfield doesn’t look a good combination.
    Again , he may be taking up important game time that Willock and Guendouzi need and deserve.

    Let’s remember that Ceballos and Martinez are not Emery’s choices , we were told countless times that Emery had no input to the Suarez loan …..hence he didn’t play him .
    Could we have another Suarez situation with Ceballos in that our manager regards the players at the club to be of better quality than players brought in by Raul.

    So far we have only seen a fraction of what Willock can do , if given the chance he could transform our midfield with his drive and energy …Guendouzi will also be another year older another year stronger and with another year’s experience .

    So I say , let’s buy players that we truly need, in positions that will improve the team/squad ..A quality left back and a quality centre back would immediately improve the team …Let’s go for it .

  6. Emiratesstroller

    A probable explanation for Arsenal’s decision to switch from Saha to Pepe is the instalment payment plan. The rumour is that Arsenal are paying Lille only £20 million up front. Most probably Crystal Palace and Man Utd would have expected at least double in the first instalment.

    Also the delay with Tierney may also be because Arsenal want to pay by smaller instalments up front than what is being demanded by Celtic.

    My guess is that Arsenal have been historically reluctant to make commitments on transfers which are not being discharged within a couple of
    years. That has changed under new management regime.

  7. HighburyLegend

    I will be totally convinced by the “new management regime” only when our defenses problems will be fixed.

  8. Jamie

    Pierre, it’s Martinelli, not Martinez.

    Agree with your last paragraph – a LB and a CB would be great. I’d swap Xhaka for a strong, mobile CM as well, but that’s for next summer.

  9. Emiratesstroller


    You need to look at overall picture and not at the acquisitions in isolation.

    Arsenal will be much stronger in midfield and in the forwards this season.
    The club will have not only Pepe in forward options, but also possibly Nkietah,
    Martinelli and Nelson as well.The only departure was Welbeck who was out
    injured for a large part of season.

    Our midfield will be also stronger because Cabellos plus Willock combined
    adds more options than loss of Ramsey. Even if we were to lose Elneny the squad would be stronger, because he played very rarely in the team.

    The one area where the club has still not improved is the defence. That is still
    a concern.

  10. Receding Hairline

    It’s only here i hear people saying academy players should have a free run at the first team, no need to earn it.

    If Saka and Willock are indeed better options than Martinelli (who is 18 and was brought in for the future) and Ceballos (who frankly your low rating of his talents at this point Pierre seems a tad bit personal) they should prove it over the course of the season with whatever chances they get.

    Competition for places should never be discouraged

  11. Leftsidesanch

    Mustafi absolutely must be shown the door. He’s probably somewhere pointing at one of his teammates for his mistakes as usual right now.

    Otherwise he would have happily winded down his contract with an easy life at Arsenal. Those days are hopefully over.

  12. Receding Hairline

    It would be negligent not to make a center back addition this summer all things considered. Kos is no longer an option, Holding should not be rushed back and personally if Mustafi is sold we need to add two not one center back

  13. Receding Hairline

    Left most of what he says is laced with an agenda, He has had it in for Ceballos right from the off probably because there is a real possibility he effectively limits the need for Ozil, can’t for the life of me pin point what he has against Martinelli who i think is an exciting prospect. Some posters want us to make a path to the first team easy for the academy players, they have to earn it.

  14. Just Another Customer

    This way of paying pissant upfront but yuge installment is literally how I do business in Football Manager with smol budget thought it’s just some exploit that won’t realistically work that well IRL footy due to other variables.

    With more options for Emery to play with I’m expecting more fluidity of him turning the games around. Just that don’t start with the dross anymore as it will just negate everything that they are trying to rectify.

  15. Chris

    The club themselves have stated they are looking for a CB this summer and I believe this was after the Saliba signing. I would be quite surprised if we didn’t add a CB before the end of the window as the present need is dire in terms of numbers and quality (Ksocielny not likely to feature much and touch wood, the waking calamity Mustafi is on his way out)

  16. fsaf

    To be honest, Auba playing on the left flank doesn’t mean that much, since our LBs always go super deep in the opponent’s half. This way Auba could move in the middle whenever he wants to. It’s just that his starting position will be predominantly on the left, but he will still end his runs in the middle of the pitch.

    I definitely see our team with Auba and Laca changing positions, Pepe dribbling on the right, Ceballos, Torr and one of Xhaka and Guen in the middle of the pitch. I don’t see Ozil and Mikki in our best 11 at all. The highest earners in the club mind you.

  17. Peckobill

    I think it did come down to what was paid upfront regarding Pépé/Zaha especially when you factor in utd’s cut . Utd probably wanted their cut in full upfront so palace would probably have very little on first payment . Utd probably played hardball as not to do us a favour and force us out of buying Zaha an this keeping us weaker though Woodward is such a dullard ironically he forced us to purchase the better player and superior purchase in Pépé .

  18. Pierre

    Martinelli ,I have nothing against , he may turn out to be an asset to the club but we have 2 potentially quality players coming through the academy who will be denied game time ( as Saka was at the weekend ) by the arrival of Martinelli.

    I was at the game at the weekend and Xhaka and Ceballos were quite difficult to tell apart ….the comparison was more to do with the pace of their play and ability to recover ground in midfield.
    Ceballos has more tricks on the ball and is more progressive in his play but due to his lack of pace I can’t see him breaking between the lines unlike Willock who ( if given game time) will show in the coming years the ability to break with pace and strength and also have better recovery speed.

    I believe our academy players have what it takes and would have to see a missed opportunity by bringing in players who are no better than what we have .

    You basically confirmed what I was saying …

  19. Jules


    Never read such rubbish and you have the name wrong! Ceb will be a great addition and completely different player to Zhaka.
    And also, why do the media and people still go on about a 45 million budget when the club have actually never stated that is the case!?

  20. Chris


    I think Willock will see plenty of game time this season, Emery clearly thinks highly of him.

    I don’t see anything wrong with having that competition between Saka, Nelson and Martinelli. All clearly very talented and is good for the club. Mistakes in the past were guaranteeing youngsters games as such and they never took it to the next level.

  21. karim


    You could also give a little time to Ceballos, who’s more proven than any of our youths.
    I liked Reiss though.

  22. Freddie Ljungberg


    Martinelli is a striker that can play on the wings, nice to have a succession plan in place for once if he gets to a certain level as Auba starts losing some pace and maybe gets sold.

    We still really only have 1 senior winger in Pepe so both Nelson and Saka should see plenty of playing time, if they can’t displace Iwobi on the left they’re not worth persisting with anyway.

    Ceballos is nothing like Xhaka you lunatic. Judging his supposed lack of pace on his first 20 minutes of a pre season friendly is just mind boggling if it didn’t come from you.

    I stopped reading your post at that point because you’re so predictably boring and full of agenda.

  23. Pierre

    “Left most of what he says is laced with an agenda, He has had it in for Ceballos right from the off probably because there is a real possibility he effectively limits the need for Ozil,”


    Why wouldn’t I want Ceballos to be the midfielder we really have needed over the years , he is a good footballer without a doubt,( as Willock is ) but will Emery play him ….he didn’t sign him , he had no say in him coming to the club …..I know this because the know nothing’s on Le Grove repeatedly told me so after the Suarez fiasco.

  24. Mr Serge

    Pierre you have obviously not seen Ceballos play otherwise you would not be saying these things
    He is far and above better than anything we have as you will see
    Stop being so pessimistic ffs

  25. Emiratesstroller

    The major problems last season were not just the weakness of our defence.

    We lost four players last season with longterm injuries and four other players
    seldom played, because frankly they were not good enough.

    So the club was dependent in second half of season on 16-17 players and over dependence on these players cost us almost certainly a top four finish.

    Once Ramsey got injured towards end of season we were certainly struggling
    in midfield and our defence was also waifer thin. Our resources were particularly exposed in that department, which is why it is imperative that
    we recruit at least two new players in that department.

  26. Receding Hairline

    “I don’t see anything wrong with having that competition between Saka, Nelson and Martinelli. All clearly very talented and is good for the club. Mistakes in the past were guaranteeing youngsters games as such and they never took it to the next level.”

    I fail to understand what Pierre has against competition. It’s like the Wenger days when we passed on great targets so as not to “kill” the development of players. Players will not develop unless they face competition, a first team place should not be handed to anyone. Iwobi was practically guaranteed to play last season and we all saw how he “developed” as the season progressed.

    Also you have no Idea what sought of player Ceballos is Pierre so maybe stop commenting on him

  27. fsaf

    “Ceballos , is not too dissimilar to Xhaka in the way he plays the game.”

    ?!?!?!?!?! 3rd most successful dribbles in his last full season only behind Messi and Neymar.

    Ooops, forgot that Xhaka is a spectacular dribbler…

  28. karim

    Fabrizio Romano
    Nicolas Pépé is in London with his agents. He’s having first pictures as new Arsenal player – the deal will be official soon.

  29. Edu me a favour


    So , in a nutshell , you’re saying that we shouldn’t have laid out for Martinelli or Ceballos ?

    How much about Martinelli do you really know , to compare him to Saka and nelson ? And how can you compare Ceballos to Xhaka after a 20 minute cameo ? Wouldn’t it be better for us to wait until at least 2 , at a push 3 months to see how it all pans out ? You’re literally the only arsenal fan who hasn’t rated Ceballos after the game at the weekend

    We have a history of not really having competition for places in our squad , a comfy life for the kids – most notably nelson , who would rock up for training late or miss it all together under wenger – and answer his Phone during training ffs – maybe now his place is a little bit threatened he will be fully focused and we can see the best of him – strength in depth means competition for places , which means (hopefully) better performances all round , really simple concept

  30. Receding Hairline

    He simply has no idea what sought of player Ceballos is, rather than admit it he is comparing him to Willock. Come back to me when Willock makes a 100+ first team appearances for any team in the Premier league. I am sure you thought Craig Eastmond will be the bomb too

  31. Jamie

    RH –

    “I fail to understand what Pierre has against competition.”

    He’s against any player brought in during the new regime who might ‘kill’ a Wenger signing [hello, Mesut]. Saka and Willock are red herrings.

    I genuinely believe Pierre would become a Spurs supporter if Poch moved to Real/Utd and Wenger took over from Poch. Imagine his first move was to bring Ozil over..

  32. Left testicle

    Please forgive me if I’m wrong but I thought you were an analytics man over the agent contact approach?

  33. Edu me a favour

    And didn’t Ceballos say he spoke to emery on the phone ? (If I’m wrong please correct me and I’ll hold my hands up )

    But wasn’t it emery who guaranteed him more playing time ? That’s why the spuds tried to spin their failure to land him into him being on work experience with us ( pretty funny )

  34. Freddie Ljungberg

    “Shkodran Mustafi wants to stay at the Emirates Stadium next season despite Arsenal wanting to offload him in the ongoing summer transfer window, according to the BBC. ”

    Apparently we are in negotiations with several clubs because we want to ship him out but Mustafi wants to stay.

    This is why booing him is ok, even encouraged ffs, he needs to get out. Time for Raul to step up his gangster moves.

    The knife attack and dead body didn’t seem to work on Ozil and Elneny so fuck knows how far he has to go with Mustafi.

  35. Receding Hairline

    Arsenal in talks with number of clubs over Shkodran Mustafi exit. 27yo (contract until 2021) wants to stay + prove himself. But #AFC want permanent or loan departure. Also hope to bolster central defence pre-deadline & retain interest in Celtic left-back Kieran Tierney #CelticFC

    — David Ornstein (@bbcsport_david) July 30, 2019

    It’s the hope that kills you

  36. Dark Hei

    Edu me a favour

    Honestly, I would have been really, really, really, uncomfortable if Cabellos was our marque signing.

    I don’t think he is that super awesome. But his presence would motivate the likes of Willock.

    I only hope Emery has the balls to bench Cabellos if Willock rises to the challenge.

    He is going back to RM anyway so it is not like we owe him anything. If he wants his promised 40 games, let him earn it.

    Given that we are signing Pepe, I can understand the Cabellos signing as stretching our dollar for the time being.

  37. Left testicle

    The knife attack and dead body didn’t seem to work on Ozil and Elneny so fuck knows how far he has to go with Mustafi.

    Nice one FL. 🙂

  38. Walking Wounded

    I like the transfer window this season, and we are potentially rebuilding a great squad here, a lot of youth prospects. However we, as fans, need to look at the bigger picture here and we are effectively loading up the credit card here. We are going to have a much reduced budget for the next few seasons as we are paying effectively £15 million a season for Pepe, £5 million a season for Tierney, buying Saliba next season for this seasons prices, possibly a commitment to purchasing Rugani next season. That could be £75 million spent next season for one new player.

    However loaning a player like Rugani with the option to buy will mean we are only integrating one new CB each season, but there is a team her for four years.

    I sense we do need Champions League qualification this season to make this work.

  39. Left testicle

    Arsenal in talks with number of clubs over Shkodran Mustafi exit. 27yo (contract until 2021) wants to stay + prove himself. But #AFC want permanent or loan departure. Also hope to bolster central defence pre-deadline & retain interest in Celtic left-back Kieran Tierney #CelticFC— David Ornstein (@bbcsport_david)

    Feels good to be a gooner again!

  40. Receding Hairline

    “I sense we do need Champions League qualification this season to make this work.”

    Yes, i can’t see too many excuses for Emery now, maybe the defense but i expect that to be rectified in some way, He has had his bedding in year, now he must finish top four or leave. Simple

  41. Freddie Ljungberg

    Why is so hard to spell Ceballos? Even Arsenal did it wrong in the match program against Lyon.

    Coincidence that it’s the posters that spells his name Cabellos that thinks he’s similar to Xhaka or Arteta? Must have watched the wrong youtube highlights.

  42. Cesc Appeal

    I am going to be so impressed if Arsenal manage to move Mustafi on.

    He’s not very good and his attitude, like Elneny, is I’d rather sit on the bench earning my wages while living in London than move clubs. Not an easy sell.

    In terms of quality he’s not what we need and we don’t need that kind of attitude either.

    If somehow Arsenal do manage to sell Kozz, Elneny and Mustafi and get a decent amount of money for them this summer it could mean we can throw it all at a CB as Tierney is likely the last thing coming out of the budget we already have.

  43. Freddie Ljungberg


    Agreed about CL qualification, it’s a must if we get these signing over the line.

    Feel this new team will actually use that platform to take us forward instead of patting them self on the back and call it job done like Wenger used to do.

    If we can get an excellent young CAM and CM in next summer we’re well on the way to competing for titles again.

    Would be quite a transformation from our old, weak, overpaid, unathletic, underperforming squad in just 3 years.

  44. HighburyLegend

    “old, weak, overpaid, unathletic, underperforming squad”

    Correspond to 3 words in the dictionary : “Ozil”, “Xhaka”, “Mustardi”.

  45. fsaf

    We can’t fuck off Mikki and Ozil this summer, but I could see Mikki leaving in the winter, and Ozil leaving next summer. Get top 4 and fuck those 2 away, we’d have the base of something good going on.

  46. Freddie Ljungberg

    Yeah, that’s why I didn’t want to list all of Wengers babies, too much typing.

    Reports from Italy that we’re in talks for Khedira on a 2 year deal for 70k a week , if true it shows we think Xhaka is a problem, (or he’s the Elneny relplacement)but we don’t have the money to replace him now, not sure Khedira is the answer though since his legs are apparently gone.

  47. Receding Hairline

    “Would be quite a transformation from our old, weak, overpaid, unathletic, underperforming squad in just 3 years.”


    Although i am not sure everyone agrees the squad has under-performed or that we needed additions anywhere but in defense if certain comments are to be taken literally.

  48. Edu me a favour

    Dark “Honestly, I would have been really, really, really, uncomfortable if Cabellos was our marque signing. I don’t think he is that super awesome. But his presence would motivate the likes of Willock.”

    Yep me too , but we don’t have to worry about that now , thank Raul , his contacts and his anti arsenal values 😉

    Yeh I’d much rather a Willock motivated by a highly rated Madrid loanee than a Willock who settles into his place knowing full well he has no one to come in and displace him – I really hope Willock becomes an arsenal legend , it seems he’s a bit special , it’s about time our academy produced a genuine baller. My preference would be , nelson esr Saka and Willock all become first team mainstay’s but I’m happy we beat a few other teams to the signings of Ceballos and now Pépé , the kids will want to prove themselves even more now ..

  49. Freddie Ljungberg


    Well in some ways they are right, the squad hasn’t really underperformed, this is their level, which is why they need to be replaced if we want to move forward.

    I know that’s not how they feel though, it’s all on the manager 1 year into the job…

  50. CG

    Will The Clown play Pepe in The Loosers Cup Group matches on those dodgy pitches in The Old Iron Curtain Countries?

    Or will he protect our £80 000 000 asset and rest him for The Real Soccer at the weekend.?

    Pepe doing his ligaments on a dodgy pitch against Sheriff or Quarabag would be unforgivable…..

    Can The Clown Man Manage Pepe Correctly?

    I think we all know the answer to that…

  51. Drey

    “I think moving on Mustafi would be the biggest deal of the summer. It would be absolutely unreal. I think I would write Raul a thank you note.”

    Forget Pepe, this is the real deal, if we can sell him for actual money i would be over the moon

  52. Batistuta

    Would be madness to sign 32 Yr old Sami Khedira on a 2 year deal unless it’s a way of phasing out Xhaka and means the end of El Neny…

    That midfield would need it’s own surgery next summer.

  53. Marc

    People need to remember that if it was up to Pierre we would have given Ramsey whatever he wanted to stay. Wouldn’t Ramsey be blocking youngster’s path to the first team?

    Pierre approaches everything with a pro Wenger and Ozil agenda. He’s knocking Ceballos after a handful of minutes yet will defend Ozil who stank the place out last season. During a couple of early matches last season Emery tried playing Ramsey an a no 10 who would press and close down the opposition, thing is Ramsey isn’t a no 10. Ceballos is described as having the attributes to do this.

  54. Marc


    Elneny played so few minutes last season that I don’t think we need a replacement player – the youth players should be able to cover his contribution and much more.

  55. CG


    “””””Pierre approaches everything with a pro Wenger and Ozil agenda. “””:

    Amd you approach everything with an Emery and Raul agenda


  56. Spanishdave

    It won’t cost Mustafi anything to go to the airport as many of us here are willing to take him!
    This transfer would be the highlight, with Miki next.

  57. Mr Serge


    “Ceballos is not to dissimilar to Xhaka”

    What an absolute joke of s comment you should never voice your opinion on players if this is your opinion what a joke stop posting a blind man can see they are chalk and cheese

  58. CG

    High Leg

    “”””Tick Tock…. how are you CG ?? Still psychotic ??”””

    I am well thanks.

    Do you think Pepe will ever play a CL match in his career?

  59. GoonerInNY

    It’s a supporters right to boo a player, especially if he’s been so bad for so long (making such idiotic mistakes). Mustafi ruined my one chance to go to the Emirates last season (the April loss to Palace). To hell with him.

    And there are clubs that want Mustafi but he won’t go? So why is he getting game time in preseason? He should have been told to pick his club from those making offers, and if he won’t pick one, he can train with the academy kids. Arsenal has to be more ruthless.

  60. Leftsidesanch

    Mustafi wants to stay and prove himself? Get out of here if he took any pride in defending or himself he wouldn’t regularly make as many mistakes as he does and then have the audacity to never take accountability for it.

    It doesn’t matter what we do uptop when you have a clown like him at the other end ready to undo all the work.

  61. Leftsidesanch

    According to Ornstein:

    Arsenal technical director Edu met with the Stade Rennes president + the representative of Laurent Koscielny in London yesterday. Talks between #AFC & suitors continue in a bid to resolve Koscielny’s future. The 33yo captain does not anticipate playing for the Gunners again #SRFC

  62. Nelson

    “Why wouldn’t I want Ceballos to be the midfielder we really have needed over the years , he is a good footballer without a doubt,( as Willock is ) but will Emery play him ….he didn’t sign him , he had no say in him coming to the club”

    Just to let you know that you are dead wrong this time. Emery personally phoned Ceballos to convince him to join. He had also promised him game time. Otherwise, he could have joined Spurs since they offer Champions League football. Ceballos told reports that he decided to come to Arsenal after talking to Emery and Bellerin.

  63. Un na naai

    Moving on Mustafi for €30m euros would be incredible. I still don’t like the booing though. I’ll never agree to it. Booing eboue doesn’t make it any better that it’s being done now. Poor eboue didn’t deserve that.

    One thing that does concern me is that we are looking at anothe rslow defender with the high line we have. Can rugani and holding/chambers/sok play a high line with or without quick full backs who defend properly? It doesn’t mesh well for me

  64. Freddie Ljungberg


    The guy is actively refusing to leave when the club and 99% of the supporters wants him to leave, he’s standing in the way of our progress, boo the shit out of him at least in preseason and if that fails leading up to the january window.

    Any other time than that it’s pointless I agree.

    This has the potential to be the best 2 weeks in Arsenal transfer history and the moment that wakes a sleeping giant. If Mustafi is in the way of that then get rid any way possible.

  65. Marc

    The trolls are really hating the business we’re doing at the moment. The club is really getting it’s shit together and the vibe around the club is so so positive.

    The atmosphere at the first home game is going to be fantastic. I can’t remember the last time there was this much positivity around the fan base.

  66. Freddie Ljungberg

    Moise Kean almost done for Everton, seems like Zaha is staying put then. Let’s see how that works out for palace.

    I would like to thank them for their greedy demands and Zaha for his high wage demand, it made us go for the superior player on lower wages with far more potential.

  67. Mr Serge

    Agreed Freddie Pepe has a great eye for goals we will be far more dynamic away from home with him in the team
    Bring in Tierney and Rugani and I will be a happy gooner

  68. Wasi

    Its Martinelli . You dont even know his name what do u know about his game.In the little game time he’s got this pre-season he has been good if not spectacular. Its totally a new culture,place, language, people, climate, teammates , coach for him. What did you expect from him? To come and fix our winger problems . Give him a year or two and then we’ll see.
    Cabellos and Xhaka are two polar opposites. If yiu would describe them simply. Xhaka- defensive midfielder and. Cabellos- Attacking midfielder. And Cabellos is the closest we’ve come to replacing Cazorla. And as others say if you are worried about Ozil them you shouldn’t be as Cabellos is the catalyst that can bring the Real Ozil out like Cazorla did. His dribbling, unpredictability , vision and passing combined with the movement of Pepe, Laca anf auba upfront Ozil is going to have acres of space in the final third to work his magic . And if he doesnt surely someone else will.
    Emery didnt want Cabellos? . Cabellos is here only thanks to Emery. He said this in his first Arsenal interview.
    Arsenal fans letting Mustafi know they dont want him might be unclassy but can definitely work in Arsenal’s favor. Im not a fan of booing your won players but when its someone like Mustafi who is being touted to other clubs and is still persisting to stay and not let the club progrey I can actually get behind it. Anything above 20 mil for him and ill be very happy. But id even take 10 mil if no club is willing to stump up the cash. Honestly Mustafi needs to leave to rejuvenate his career. He has got the ability just not the mindset. And his mindset is only gonna get worse when he sees gus own fans bookng him, his teammates liking Insta posts linking him to an exit(it was probably a joke between them) and the countless Mustafi memes on the Social media.

  69. Alex Cutter

    “It’s a pity koscielny has chosen for it to end this way, big shame.”

    Yes. Because he would have left such a stellar legacy otherwise.

  70. Pedro

    Lol Marc, the fans have been booing players all preseason and last week the supporters attacked the execs at the Q&A.

    Not sure i’d classify this as a moment of having our shit together.

  71. Receding Hairline

    “Yes. Because he would have left such a stellar legacy otherwise.”

    Stellar is a strong word, but he would have left a legacy as a hard working defender even if error prone.

  72. Marc


    You want to tell me the transfer business we’re doing this summer doesn’t compare to getting our shit together?

    When was the last time you remember us going into summer with a plan and pulling it off?

  73. HighburyLegend

    @Mr Serge : please, feel free to continue as long as you want.
    It should become an obligation, even for the fans.

  74. Freddie Ljungberg


    I would say last year is the only other year in recent history, our targets was just worse and we didn’t go for any top players like we’ve done this window.

    Good enough window compared to before but nothing like this one if we get our reported targets.

    So much for missing Sven.

  75. Guns of Brixton


    Love the way a little bit of positivity has crept back into the Arsenal fold and we got guys already stamping it out 😂 .

    Gotta be positive, despite History telling us otherwise. WE GONNA WIN THE PREM WOOO!!

  76. fsaf

    The reality after a Transfer Window like the one we’re having, would change the status quo quite a bit.

    Last year we almost finished in top 4, and although we fked ourselves in the last weeks of the season, it still felt like we were punching above our weight you know. Literally 100% of the pundits and basically everyone thought we’d finish the season 5th or 6th.

    Now top 4 wouldn’t look out of place when you look at our squad. Lots of excitement to be had and it feels like we leapfrogged a Chelsea without Hazard. United will have the same problems they’ve been having ever since Fergie left, and spuds might as well have an off season finally.

    I sincerely expect us to finish in top 4 minimum and possibly 3rd. Which would be a good, steady progress and a big bravo to everyone in the club trying their best to bring us back among the elites of Europe.

  77. Mr Serge

    HL I made all the people around me join in mostly tourists that thought it was funny to boo him
    When they announced him the substitution on Sunday they showed his number and name and everyone booed him. But another player came on so every one cheered instead and then he came onto the pitch and people started booing again
    He defo knows we hate him

  78. Biggles

    Whilst I’m really excited about Pepe, for me the most important transfer in recent years was Aubameyang. Reason for this was that Lacazette wasn’t exactly setting things on fire at that point, so to go out and sign what could have been a replacement was a proper statement of intent. And to go out and spend big money on a player that was widely considered one of the top strikers in Europe and who was certainly one of the most prolific, was completely unexpected for Arsenal.

    Pepe could well go on to be a much more important player for us in the long term than Auba, but as statement signings go, Auba pips Pepe.

  79. Receding Hairline

    Nah Biggles Pepe is the signing

    Many dismissed it on here as beyond our reach

    A 24 year old making who has burst onto the scene, with interest from all leagues in Europe, i didn’t think we will pull it off.

    This is not a player forced out of Barca or Madrid choosing us or a player in the Germany who has missed his big move to Madrid settling for Arsenal

  80. Un na naai


    I want him gone. I just don’t like the idea of going to a match a booing a player who needs to keep his confidence and concentration levels up.

    It’s not for me.

    Half he’s on his way though
    What an awful transfer he was. Shame because as cc pointed out he has the making of a good defender when he’s on his game

    Maybe needs to be in a proper defensive system with w coach who can iron out his lack of awareness and alongside better defenders you may see a marked improvement. Not at arsenal
    We ruin defenders.

  81. Receding Hairline

    Something fishy about Juventus moving Moise Kean on so fast, don’t even have a buy back or sell on clause on the contract.

    We should do the same with Iwobi, with the AFCON and appearances last season we should get a good fee.

  82. China1

    In all seriousness only a handful of wengers expensive signings can be called a success

    Mustafi, xhaka and ozil were a combined 120-130m

    Sanchez was value for his contribution. Auba and laca appear to have been too tho I’m not sure if he was really involved in Auba or if he’d lost his power by then

    If we think back a bit farther, Jeffers was a relatively expensive flop. Wiltord wasn’t cheap either relatively I think tho I don’t remember and he was most definitely good but not elite

    Wenger got some absolute bangers on the cheap mind. Some straight BANGERS

  83. Marc


    Yeah – last summer was a bit different because we were finally rid of Wenger so the feel good factor was over a mix of reasons. This summer it’s purely players we’re signing.

  84. CG

    Laca £50 mill
    PEA £ 50mill
    We are still out of the CL.

    if pepe help gets CL – he is arguably worth the hype!
    if pepe don’t get you CL- he is just ultimately just Eye Candy!

  85. Marc

    Doesn’t Monaco have really low tax rates?

    It’s also a pretty decent place to live.

    Even if they can’t match his gross wages Mustafi will be paying 50% income tax.

    It should be a good move for him.

  86. China1

    I don’t like the idea of booing mustafi and wouldn’t do it myself as I like wenger and Gazidis etc, I don’t think he’s guilty of anything other than not being good enough

    Like I think he gives 100% every game, he’s just not able to concentrate properly and we suffer the consequences every damn week

    But despite not being willing to boo mustafi myself, I believe this kind of message may be the only way to get through to the management that it’s not ok to play such tat players week in week out

    Arsenal fans are so soft it’s really no wonder that the owners and management took complete advantage of us all this time. A passive fan base got passive management. Makes a lot of sense in all seriousness.

    So when you see mustafi still getting game time, xhaka being talked up as a captain etc and the management not appearing to recognize how much that pisses off the fans, I think fans are left with very few avenues to get through to the club.

    If it works we’ll be all the better for it. We need to get past this ‘arsenal values’ bs where we accept shit players on our books just because we’re too nice to bin them off.

  87. China1

    Unlike wenger*

    My point is I don’t think there’s anything cynical about mustafi. I imagine he’s really nice. He just isn’t good enough for us

  88. China1

    And in all honesty, if the fans hasn’t started shouting wenger out, bringing banners, dropping attendance figures and flying planes, arsene would still be here now on a lifetime contract

    It’s ljterally true that the only actions the club have taken in the last 10 years have come as a direct result of fans expressing displeasure. The club isn’t proactive so it needs telling.

    So be it

  89. Marc


    I want to see Ozil, Miki and Xhaka gone as well. It’s not a personal attack on them, it’s you don’t perform at the level that’s good enough for my club.

    Nothing personal and good luck in the future but please fuck off!

  90. CG


    “””Yeah – last summer was a bit different because we were finally rid of Wenger so the feel good factor”””

    Exactly- then out of nowhere- we got fostered upon this Clown- that not want One Arsenal fan in the World wanted.

    And that will always be a Disgrace!

  91. Marc


    I’m beginning to find his panic amusing. The better things look the more irate he is and his posts are getting more and more detached from reality.

    I’m beginning to think he might be in a mental hospital or something – it would explain his disappearance the other week for a period – obviously had his internet privileges removed.

  92. China1

    Lol Marc

    I loved it when he randomly started complaining about reckless spending earlier one day after implying we were missing out on the capture of legendary elite winger zaha for 80m

  93. fsaf

    It’s crazy how big players are on the market this TW. Normally teams would fight to sign a top player and now several of top players are all but kicked out by their teams, still there is nothing official just yet.

    I’m talking about Neymar, Bale, Coutinho, Dybala, Lukaku, Zaha.. I’m probably missing some..

    Feels good that sometimes transfer fees do matter in football and teams have to think twice before throwing a truck of money to buy a player.

  94. China1

    I think even though most of us are willing to have a good football/political argument on here every few days, a le grove would be a pretty awesome and fun pub crawl.

    If we weren’t such a geographically detached group I’d actually propose it because even the arguments would be jokes offline rather than negative as they sometimes feel on here

    CG tho… I dunno man. Either the life and soul of the party and funniest guy in the room or he’s actually being serious on here every day lol

  95. China1

    This lukaku + 15m for dybala talk cant be real surely

    What are juve thinking if so? Utd should be biting their arm off if it’s real

  96. Leftsidesanch

    “When he isn’t here some actually miss him….hence the interaction.“

    They must also be trolls.

    He’s not witty, funny, doesn’t offer up any viable points and types in such an incomprehensible fashion that I doubt he is all there mentally. What’s even worse is that Pedro has all the restraint in the world with him.

  97. salparadisenyc

    Curios whose on the list of potential incoming CBs, Rugani going to be a tough nut to crack contracted with Juve until 2023.

  98. Leftsidesanch

    I give it to him though he provokes reaction from everyone where ppl like Guns types his shit jokes then leaves, and Steve/Thomas is just flat out ignored.

  99. Leftsidesanch


    Chiellini is also suffering from injury so Rugani will be used as cover I reckon. I have no idea who the CB incoming will be, and I hope its not Gary Cahill.

  100. China1

    He reminds me of this guy on a game I used to play when I was 15 called rune (not runescape)

    It was a brilliant Viking hack n slash built on the original unreal tournament engine with a massively dedicated online deathmatch scene and really skilled player base

    And there was this one guy who would join your high level death match with the only character dressed as a woman. He’d throw little swords and axes at people from a distance to disturb their battle without killing them but simply run away every time you chased him. Sooner or later as you chased him someone would kill you and you’d get so fucking pissed off. Then you’d start ignoring him as your score falls behind to focus on other people and get killed by one of his shitty little axes thrown at the back of your head from behind a pig trough


  101. fsaf

    “This lukaku + 15m for dybala talk cant be real surely”

    Dybala apparently went from 23 goals and 5 assists 2017/18, to 10 goals and 4 asissts in 2018/19. Maybe he doesn’t fit what Juve want if they want to shape their team around CR7.

    Going for Lukaku of all though… Very, very questionable.